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Puppy Inception

by Mythik

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© Copyright 2022 - Mythik - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; outdoors; petgirl; hum; collar; leash; reluct; X

Jenna sits, nervous but resolute, waiting in the dog park as he approaches. It didn't matter what he said online, she is determined to be resolute. Being in public would help with that, she’s sure.

“Even if it would be fun to submit,” Jenna thinks to herself; “but I can't let him think I’m not capable of resisting. He'd never let me live it down.” And why was that thought so hot? Anyway, not this time. Be strong. If he's everything he says, plenty of time later.

"Hi there," he says as he reaches the bench, eyes roaming to take in all of her. "Let me say straight out, you're even more stunning than I thought you'd be." The confidence just rolls off him in waves - he is so sure of himself, there's no hesitation there, and he looks at Jenna with a glittering smile full of promise.

Jenna gives a nervous laugh, "O-oh, thank you. Umm, it's nice to meet you. I'm…"

He cuts her off with a gesture swiftly. "No need for names. Not yet anyway."

He leans to give Jenna a hug in greeting, and it's such an intense experience, feeling him hold her. Not just pulling her into him with his arms, his whole body seems to encapsulate hers, with such firmness of purpose. He really wants her to feel every bit of it; feel safe, warm, and wanted. He rocks against her gently as he pulls her in, and Jenna stays that way for several seconds before he relaxes the pressure, and they spill apart.

Jenna’s knees give a traitorous wobble as they separate, and she finds herself having to remember to keep firm. It's not going to happen. Not yet.

Jenna sits quietly, and he looks at her intently, waiting to see what happens. A minute or so of what feels like awkward silence passes between them, and yet he shows no sign of being awkward - he's completely comfortable, even as Jenna is becoming a squirmy mess.

"So, umm, did you get in OK? How was the flight?"

He chuckles lightly.

"Small talk? Are we just going to ignore the fact that you're pretending to us both now? That your brain isn't screaming at you to become empty, give yourself to being dumb?" The intensity of the eye contact lingers, and sends shivers all the way down her body.

He abruptly leans back, smiling to himself. "Very well then. What would you like to talk about?"

And waits. Waiting for Jenna to think, to say something, to prove to herself that he wasn't right. And treacherously her brain refuses to cooperate. So she sits there, drinking him in. That confidence oozing off him like a wave, reassuring that it didn’t matter how empty and dumb you wanted to be there was no judgment.

Eventually Jenna lets out a small whimper and drops her head, unable to bear looking at him any longer. “M-Maybe, I, um….” She trails off, having nothing. She feels him shift closer and whisper into her ear.

“Oh you. Yes, we’re going to have some fun. You’re going to give me everything aren’t you? Everything you have, everything you are.” He reaches out and cups her chin, turns her head so he’s staring straight into Jenna’s eyes. “Until there’s nothing left – nothing in that head of yours. Words won’t have meaning. You’ll exist as a thing, to be used, to be enjoyed. Because that’s all you are worth – just give it all away and exist for me.”

Jenna whimpers, need coursing through her body. “Please, please…” She trails off.

He smiles that confident smile back in her face. “Please what?”

“Please do it. Take me. I’m nothing but a dumb slut, use me, take me, I want it so bad.”

His smile broadens into a predatory grin, eyes glinting with desire, and flicking to his watch quickly. “Ten minutes? Is that it? You’ve just begged a complete stranger, from the internet, to make you into his plaything after only ten minutes after meeting him? You complete hussy. Wanton little slut. You need someone to keep you, otherwise there is absolutely no telling what you would do, what kind of depraved situations to which you’d subject yourself. Very well, I accept.”

Her whimper becomes a full moan in his face. He grins again. “So I can only imagine why you wanted to do this meeting in the dog park. Before we go back to your place, you need to pay an entry fee; a tribute to me for giving you what you want, what you need. Get down on all fours now and bark cutely. Then take your underwear off and hand them to me, you won’t need them anymore.”

Oh god, no – he’ll know how much she wants this, craves it. He already knows, whispered a voice in the back of her head – that’s why he’s doing it. Slowly Jenna slips off the bench, and drops to all fours. She’s acutely aware of others in the park going about their day; the soft dampness of the grass under her hands and knees; but can’t seem to take her eyes off of him.

“Yip, yip..Yip..Grr.” Jenna makes the cutest noises that she can while tippy tapping on the spot, and he smiles at her appreciatively. God why does that smile hit her all the way down there? He looks at her expectantly – right. She reaches back, under her skirt, and slowly peels off the cute pink thong Jenna swore to herself just this morning that he wouldn’t see today, glistening with all the proof anyone could need that this was always going to be the right decision.

She holds them out to him, and he takes them gravely. Very obviously, and maintaining eye contact, he rubs his fingers on the damp patch gently; smiles to himself and tucks them into his pocket.

“Keep barking for me puppy, and with every bark, let all the thoughts you have leave. Understand that this is better, giving it all away like the whore you are.”

As Jenna continues to bark for him, he starts playing with her like the puppy they both want her to be – shake, roll over, tummy rubs. She is still aware of the others in the park, but finds she is able to drown them all out. Playing fetch with a stick he found on the ground, when she ran to fetch it was like they had the park to themselves. The heat between her legs as she trots back and forth helps diminish her world view, until he and his need for her are all that exist.

He retrieves a pink collar and leash from his backpack, and Jenna sits in front of him. She begs when he doesn't immediately put it on her, panting and pawing at him. As he reaches forward to place the collar on her, Jenna has two distinct thoughts. That they matched the thong she had worn for him was innocuous, and not really a concern. The other – that he’d come prepared with both a collar and a leash, spoke volumes to just how certain he was that she’d give herself to him straight away.

Why can’t she stop dripping at that?

“Let’s go home now. We can discuss names on the way.” He looks down at the very pleased, empty panting, and chuckles. “Well maybe it might just be me doing the discussing. Look at you, so far gone already.”

Puppy doesn’t understand – what are the sounds he’s making? But as he walks off, puppy pads along beside him, taking comfort from the sounds he makes, letting it fill them with fuzzy warmth.

Eventually through some trial and error he discovers how to get into puppy’s phone, and gets directions back to her home. Walking from where they were playing to the park entrance drew some stares from other dog owners, but he paid them no mind and puppy just didn’t see. Puppy was too busy focusing on him, wagging its tail, barking happily to him, and bouncing around his feet. In the end he had to keep puppy on a very short leash just to make any progress out of the park; but he was smiling all the way, and puppy definitely noticed.

Leaving the dog park, he gently brings puppy back to standing on two feet, and immediately some of the light comes back into her head. “Don’t – wanna keep dumb,” Jenna manages to get out, shaking her head against the intrusive thoughts she wants no part of.

“Shh puppy, only until we get back. Then you can be as brainless as we both want you to be.”

The train ride home was intense, more people around than was to be expected; but he kept an arm firmly around her, and Jenna took comfort that he was there. In quiet moments he’d caress the curvature of her body, reminding her that this thinking was temporary, whispering nothings in her ear. Literal nothings; how she can’t think, how he’s going to take away all her thoughts. How she’s going to give up everything to him, to be blank, and empty.

She couldn’t wait to become puppy again.


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