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Puppy Play

by Chastepansub

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© Copyright 2022 - Chastepansub - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; puppy; chastity; electro; training; buttplug; tease; denial; cons; XX

Puppy play story I was asked to write.

Mistress texted me that she had a surprise for me. I was to be shaved all over and to be at her house Friday at 5 p.m. sharp to spend the weekend and to be sure I was wearing my chastity cage (as if I could take it off when she has the keys).

I took off work early to make sure I had enough time to get freshly shaved and be there on time. I got there just a few minutes early and rang the bell, she opened the door almost immediately and seemed excited to see me.

"Come in pet and get rid of your clothes, stand for inspection with your legs spread and hands behind your head in the middle of the room while I get the surprise ready."

I did as instructed, turning off my cell phone and carefully folding my clothes and placing them in the storage bin beside the front door as usual before getting into position as ordered. I waited for quite some time as I heard her moving around somewhere in the back of the house. My muscles were beginning to ache from holding my position and I started to zone out and just closed my eyes and concentrated on my pose and breathing. My cage was tight from the excitement and the couple of weeks I'd been locked up.

I barely heard her come back into the room but I did smell the strong scent of leather and felt the air move on my bare skin as she walked past.

"Good pet, keep your eyes closed."

I heard her footsteps circle me as she inspected her pet. I felt her cool fingers on my shoulders, nails lightly scraping the skin on my back as she traced my spine, then a smack on my ass and she chuckled as I tried not to shift position from the impact. Next I could feel her body heat as she stood very close in front of me. I longed to open my eyes to look upon her beauty but knew better until I was released. She placed her hands on my chest and rubbed them over my hard pierced nipples and I couldn't stifle a moan as she pinched them between her thumbs and forefinger.

"Awww do you like that baby?" As she squeezed harder and twisted them a little.

"Yes Mistress," I whimpered.

She kept playing with them with one hand and the other lightly made its way down over my stomach and grabbed my cage. Her palm cupped my balls and her thumb rubbed the tiny tip of sensitive flesh pressed against the bars on the front of my cage. My body jerked and I felt a drop of precum escape from my caged cock and couldn't stifle my moan.

"Oooooh these are so full and you're sooo needy you little slut, it's a good thing I keep you caged isn't it" as she gave my balls a squeeze and used the precum as lube to rub my sensitive tip. I could HEAR the sadistic little smile that I knew she was wearing.

"Yes Mistress, thank you for keeping me locked up"

"Mmhmm, get down on all fours legs and arms spread, this weekend you are going to become a real pet"

I dropped to the floor and saw before me a bundle of leather straps and things and Mistresses gorgeous feet and legs and I throbbed in my cage.

"You're going to become my little puppy slave for the weekend, let's get you dressed up. Right arm first. Make a fist and bend your elbow all the way"

I did as ordered. Mistress slipped a mitten over my fist and I realized I couldn't open my hand, next she raised my arm up and slid a leather sleeve up it that had some kind of padding at the elbow and buckled it tight with a couple straps after checking that it wasn't too tight. She quickly did my left arm next then moved to my legs where again she had me bend my knees all the way until my heel was pressed to my ass before lifting them and slipping on sleeves with thick pads on the knees.

"Awww this is turning out so good, you're going to be a cute puppy slave"

"Yes Mis--- SMACK SMACK SMACK her hand struck my ass and exposed balls repeatedly

"Puppies DON'T TALK"

I cowered, wanting to apologize but not daring to, I couldn't run away and wouldn't if I could, I rolled over with my "legs" in the air and tried my best to give a good imitation of a puppy whimper.

Looking down at my pitiful condition, Mistress couldn't help but laugh. "I can see you're going to need some EXTRA special training aids, on your feet"

I rolled back over and struggled for a time to get back on my "feet". Mistress reached into a bag and pulled out a leather hood with dog ears. It had a hole for my mouth and a posture type collar to buckle it on and several snaps on it. She placed it on my head and wiggled it around until everything lined up and buckled it tightly around my neck. The eyes were some kind of plastic that obscured my vision somewhat and the collar held my head up high.

"Allllllmost done pet, FETCH"

She reached into the bag and threw something down a long hallway. I clumsily made my way after whatever it was, the hood making it hard to see and walking on knees and elbows was a challenge and humiliating. I made it to the end of the hallway and searched and found what she'd thrown, a buttplug with a puppy tail sticking out of it. I groaned and throbbed in my cage.

"Hurry up pet, I said FETCH"

Being unable to use my hands the only way to pick it up was with my mouth and it was unbelievably hard to get low enough and keep my balance on my bound limbs but I was finally able to get the tip of the tail between my teeth and pick it up and hurried back to Mistress.

"Good puppy, but you picked it up from the wrong end, I want you to carry it with the plug in your mouth NOW FETCH." She threw it again

I started after it again and it was a daunting task to turn it and get the huge plug into my mouth before crawling back with the tail waving around and trying not to gag on it. Mistress laughed, "Do you like having that in your mouth or would you rather have a cock in there?" I throbbed again and my face was bright red under the hood. She pulled it out of my mouth and patted my head and threw it down the hall again, half a dozen times I fetched it back to her while she laughed at me and talked to me in baby talk like I WAS just an animal. Walking on my ‘legs’ was getting a little easier although I could tell I'd be sore later, not that I could complain as Mistress pulled my "toy" from my mouth and replaced it with a ring gag and snapped a lifelike dog snout onto my hood over it.

"Time to put this where it belongs, pet, turn around, ass up!"

Slowly I turned around and pushed my arms out in front and lowered my chest to the floor and spread my legs as wide as I could hopefully to ease insertion of the plug. "The way you spread you must be eager for this, slut," throbbing again from the humiliation I nodded as best I could with the collar tight on my neck.

I felt the tip wet from my saliva gently probe my hole and I clenched and winced. She rocked it from side to side and I moaned and tried to relax then pushed, I yelped and moved forward away from it.

"Aww just hold still pup, I was just joking, I'm going to lube it up I don't want to hurt you, YET."

Mistress put on a rubber glove and I felt something cool being dribbled into my crack, then a finger spreading it around and gently probing my hole. First one finger part way in then out, back in and rotation from side to side gently opening me up a relatively pleasant. I felt her other hand gently and rhythmically squeezing my balls as she worked two fingers and then finally three in and out of my ass. It started to feel AMAZING and I couldn't help clenching and started to push back to meet her thrusts. My cock was sooo hard in its cage and I was dripping a lot. As I moaned and started to feel my legs shaking and it almost felt like I was going to cum Mistress said, "Uh oh I think my little bitch is in heat and wants to be bred," as she abruptly withdrew her fingers and squeezed my balls HARD. I yelped again and felt my almost orgasm subside. She held them firmly and pressed the plug against my now relaxed and very sensitive hole, twisting it from side to side and rocking it up and down. It stretched me out even wider than her fingers had. I was starting to moan and push back when the widest part finally made its way in and the plug was sucked in seemingly of its own power. Mistress giggles and turns it so that the tail is straight up.

"There just as it should be pet, you really enjoyed that I can tell, I'll have to watch you around any studs my slutty lil pup, now try to push it back out"

I tried to push and it moved just a little before settling back in held tight by my stretched muscles, (I knew then that I couldn't remove it on my own).

"Perfect," says Mistress, beaming a big smile. "No, no, stay in position pet, one more thing yet."

What more could there possibly be? She rummaged around in the bag again and brought something over and got behind me again. The collar kept me looking forward and my position meant I could only see the floor before my eyes but i FELT her hand wrap around my balls again and pull them away from my body and wrap something around them and then let go. I couldn't tell what it was but could feel more than the usual weight of the cage hanging there.

"Ok pup, stand up."

I eased up onto my elbows and tried to look back between my legs to see what the weight was but the collar wouldn't allow it. I felt the tail move around caused by my body movements and that caused the plug to move inside me in a surprisingly pleasant way.

"Oops almost forgot a few things." Into the bag again she returned with some small padlocks that she quickly snicked into the straps holding the sleeves on my arms and legs and two small but heavy weights that she reached under and put on my nipple rings. "Now wag your tail, bitch."

I wiggled my ass and the plug started to almost vibrate again and the weights pulled deliciously on my sensitive nipples and my cock regained as much of an erection as it could get in its cage.

"I think this is going to work very well for the weekend pet,at least for me. Now that you're all secured we need to talk about my plans, well I'll talk and you'll listen like a good doggy."

"I've had this fantasy for a long time and I can tell from your body's reactions that you are into it too. For this weekend you will be my little doggy bitch. You will do EVERYTHING I command when I command it and if you dont I will of course discipline you as I see fit. You know I can use whips, crops and floggers but since you're a puppy now I thought it appropriate to use a puppy training device."

She held up a small remote device with a few different colored buttons and a dial on it.

"This is state of the art in training circles. Of course it does nothing by itself, it's the shock collar around your balls that it controls that does the real work."

I could not believe my ears or eyes. Surely she couldn't be serious. I whimpered and started to back away.

"Now don't worry pet, you know if you make me happy I won't punish you USUALLY, and you know I wont seriously hurt you and also that I will reward you VERY well if you are extra good. The range on this remote is a mile, so backing away in my living room won't do you any good anyway. Don't you want to be a GOOD BOI?"

A million thoughts ran through my mind. Everything she said was true, bound and gagged as I was. It wasn't like I had much of a choice anyway until Mistress decided to let me go. I looked through the lenses in my hood into her beautiful eyes and tried to nod yes but the collar held my head up.

"You need to learn to communicate like a puppy if you don't want punishment, wag, bark and whine. For this weekend you WILL do everything as a dog."

I wag and again the devious devices she's placed on and in me give me small bits of pleasure, so I wag harder.

"Sit, bitch," she points at the floor, I drop and groan as the plug is pushed in, to its limit.

"Now I think you need a demonstration as to how this works." I whine and try to shake my head no. She ignores me and goes on "As you can see there are several buttons on the remote that I can use to modify your behavior to suit me. This one will reward you" as she pushes a green button and I jump as I feel a slight vibration from the collar wrapped around my balls. It's pleasant but doesn't last long. "This one is for extra good rewards," as she pushes a blue one. Instantly I feel a much stronger pulsing vibration that actually travels through my chastity and makes the whole thing jump and pulse and my whole cock is alive with pleasure and painfully tight in its confines. It ends all too soon and I whine and lift my ‘paws’, begging for more. "No slutty pup you'll have to EARN more... Now comes the part that you aren't going to like so well.”

I tremble as she presses the red button. I YELP and jump as a small quick jolt of electricity jumps from the electrodes held tightly against me. It actually didn't REALLY hurt and it was over almost as soon as it started but it was extremely uncomfortable. "That's just the attention getter setting for small infractions like not moving fast enough when given a command. if you willfully disobey, like refuse a task or jump on someone or I catch you on the furnishings like a bad doggy I can turn the knob up and it does THIS!" Again I yelp but this time I involuntarily turn in a circle frantically trying unsuccessfully to escape the agony as electricity seemingly arcs from the electrodes and jumps from point to point all over my cage, it feels like I'm being stung by a dozen bees all over my cock and balls. It lasts longer this time too but as soon as it's over the stinging stops right away. "I'm sorry baby but you need to KNOW what your punishment will feel like if you displease me." She turns the knob up again and quickly hits the red button again.

I SCREAM this time and run blindly around the room trying to escape the WHITE HOT PAIN, I feel as if I'm on fire and it seems itll never stop. I collapsed in a heap at her feet panting with my tongue hanging out like a real dog.

She gives me a few moments to recover softly stroking my head and back cooing nonsensical baby talk to me until the raging pain subsides.

"Now you'll be a GOOD BOY for me the rest of the weekend won’t you?" I pant and whine softly and try to lick her hand as she pets me softly


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