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Puppy Food

by DonnerTie

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© Copyright 2014 - DonnerTie - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; petgirl; cage; crate; sold; owned; collar; punish; feeding; display; reluct/cons; X

The rancid smell made her want to gag. It overwhelmed her senses. Unable to help herself she drew another deep breath of the putrid food. She fought desperately to keep from being sick. Bailey tried to pretend that it was something else, anything she thought other than the stale dog food before her. The loud grumbling of her stomach filled her ears. Cramps from the hunger pains wracked her small frame. She had no choice, dog food or not she had to eat.

Bailey tried to picture a warm plate of spaghetti, her favourite meal in a past life. Eyes clenched closed she lowered her head to take the first bite. It was definitely not spaghetti. She fought to keep from choking. The taste was horrible. It was like eating dry chalk. How could he expect her to eat this? It wasn’t meant for people!

As disgusted as she was hunger drove her to try and eat. A task made difficult by the ever present O-ring gag securely fastened between her teeth. The cruel device made chewing or moving her mouth impossible. Bailey was forced to stick her tongue out and try to lap up the pieces of dry dog food. She whined in despair, as she struggled to eat.  

The events leading to her current predicament started three days ago. On that fateful morning she had waited like every other morning since she had arrived to be fed. Except this time when the man placed her bowl on the ground she was horrified to see disgusting dog food filling it to the brim. Up until now he had been feeding her cereal, which was bad enough, but now he expected her to eat dog food!

At the time Bailey had given one good look at the stinking pile of kibble, and had turned her nose up. Even confined as she was, her dignity and modesty taken from her, she would not stoop so low to eat kibble. She was not an animal, despite how he treated her! She had hoped futilely now she saw, that he would have eventually given in to her refusal to eat. If only she refused long enough, he would have to give her human food to eat.

Bailey had expected to be punished for her disobedience. In her short time in her new home she had already learned to fear the sight of the rolled up newspaper. Or his outstretched hand. Worst of all he might make her sleep outside again. The memory of that sleepless night, spent freezing and shivering out in the cold was still fresh in her memory. It had worked though as ever since Bailey was very obedient scratching and whining to be let outside to do her business. She shuddered, the fear of possible discipline made her almost give up her vain defiance. 

Instead of punishing her, the man ignored Bailey going about his normal routine as if nothing was wrong. He took no notice of her refusal to eat at least none she could tell. At first happy pride had filled her. For the first time she was finally fighting back against her captor. She was determined that he would not break her so easily. That she could make it through this. The first day she had tried to keep busy or at least as busy as a puppy could be, soon though the ever present hunger filled her mind. Her afternoon nap was interrupted by her grumbling tummy, and even crawling around the house did little to help. If anything the growling had increased. Exhausted she was soon forced to lie back down. The rest of the afternoon she drifted into and out of unconsciousness.

Bailey was awoken from her sleep. She sniffed the air. A musky delicious aroma was filling the house. She was drawn to the kitchen, her grumbling stomach leading the way. The sight made her mouth water. It must have been dinner time as her owner was sitting at the table. On trembling paws she made her way toward him. All thoughts of defiance were pushed from her mind, only the need to eat filled her. She could now see his plate. It was filled with garden vegetables, potatoes and even a thick juicy T-bone steak. Her mouth salivated at the sight, drool running down her open muzzle.

Bailey couldn’t help herself the delicious smells were too much for the girl. Her stomach audibly grumbled. She placed her head on the man’s thigh. Much like a dog would. A part of her screamed not to do it, that she wasn’t a dog! As degrading as it was Bailey did not care at the moment her hunger was overwhelming her. She let her tongue hang out of her mouth, her big puppy dog eyes looking up at him. Bailey tried to give him her most convincing begging look. A quiet whine escaped past the gag in her mouth. It was humiliating, but she didn’t care as the sweet aroma filled her nose.

Her efforts were in vain as the man continued to eat, he did not even look down at the begging pup. By the time he had taken the last bite, the drool from her mouth had dampened his pants. Bailey had to fight back tears as she watched him clean up the dishes. She had degraded herself and for what? He wouldn’t even give her the table scraps. Hunger pains still wracked her belly. Her head hung in shame. Eyes staring longingly at the bowl of dog food, she had to force herself to crawl away. Before her hunger made her do something she would regret.

On day two Bailey couldn’t help herself. Her hunger now kept her from napping to escape the pain. So instead she sat staring at her food bowl. It was still filled with the disgusting dog food from yesterday. Surely it must be going mouldy by now she thought. There was no way he could expect her to eat that now, or did he? As she sat there waiting her stomach continued to grumble and groan. Each time it did her resolve cracked just a little bit more. Driven by desperation she was ready to try anything. She crawled around the kitchen nose pressed to the floor, looking for any crumb or morsel of food. Her search was fruitless. She whimpered in despair.

Next Bailey tried to dull her hunger by lapping water from her bowl. At first it seemed to help. Although the process was tediously slow, and her tongue was soon tired from the effort. Nevertheless the water soon filled her stomach, easing the hunger pains she felt. But soon the inevitable happened and she was whining to be let out to relieve herself every half hour. Annoyed the man picked up her water bowl placing it out of reach on the counter. Bailey could no longer try and drink her hunger away. She was only able to whine pitifully as the growling of her stomach increased.

That second night of not eating found her lying awake. She was desperate to try and rest if only to escape the starving feeling. Despite her best efforts she was kept awake. Hunger pains were causing her stomach to cramp and spasm. She continued to toss and turn. Locked in the small traveling crate, the small space did not allow her to relax or move around. Unable to stretch to try and relieve the cramps, Bailey was forced to endure the agony all night long.

She was waiting for him when he finally came to let her out in the morning. She did not hesitate, as soon as the gate was open she got out of the crate. Her abdomen still contorted in agony she quickly crawled to the kitchen. With shaking legs she scrambled across the hard wood floor. She could feel his presence as he followed behind her. Bailey didn’t care who was watching her, she needed to eat. Stopping so that her food bowl was between her forelegs, she looked down. The three day old kibble did not look any more appetizing then before. If anything the days of sitting out on the floor had not done it any favours. At that moment though, as far as Bailey was concerned the dusty dog food in front of her could have been prime rib.

She at first tried to use her tongue to scoop up some of the food. But that was easier said the done, as the dry pieces moved out from under her tongues probing. Her tongue felt uncoordinated as again and again it failed to pick up the pieces of kibble. The taste of the dog food on her tongue was disgusting. Fortunately for the girl there was nothing left in her stomach to have to keep down. Her tongue was useless. She had given in, what more did her want? Bailey wanted to eat the kibble she really did, and yet even now she could not. Bailey despaired unable to eat she sat back on her haunches. The smell from her bowl was over empowering and it was taking all her effort to keep from dry heaving. Her stomach continued to twist and knot adding to her discomfort. She panted her tongue sticking out of her mouth. The powder from the dog food had made it feel heavy and dry. The kibble was like licking sawdust.

Bailey turned her head to look over her shoulder. As she had known even before she had looked. There he was leaning against the counter watching her every move. How she despised that man, her tormentor the one who called himself her owner. She wish she knew his name if nothing else so she would have something to think of him by other than her owner. Unfortunately she had never heard his name and he certainly had never told her it. Even when he had come to the pet store her former mistress had never referred to him by name.

That had been a humiliating affair she remembered. Bailey had been paraded out at the end of her leash to be shown off to the leering man. Like a show dog she had been forced to perform tricks in front of him. Commands and quick tugs of her leash had forced her to do the usual dog tricks like sit and stay. Her degradation furthered as she was rewarded with a cracker for each successful trick. Although humiliating for her to endure, it was hardly the worst part.

After she had run through all her normal tricks, the woman had made her show off her special tricks. At the command of ‘Inspect’ Bailey rolled over onto her back. This left her belly up, paws dangling in the air. In this vulnerable position the woman was able to show off her puppy’s more intimate areas. Probing fingers made Bailey yelp and cry out. She was panting hard by the time they were done with their inspection. The ‘Beg’ command had her sit up on her haunches, tongue lolling out of her muzzle. Big blue eyes staring up at the man, while she used her forelegs to paw at the man’s bulge hidden beneath his pants.

On cue from mistress she gave her best needy whine. She received a scratch behind her ear for the performance. At the command to ‘Present’ Bailey dropped her chest until breasts were pressed into the ground, while her bottom was thrust straight up into the air. Her tail wagging slowly back and forth causing the plug to bounce around inside of her. He must have liked what he saw, because soon after Bailey found herself inside a doggy crate on her way to her new home.

Her time at the pet store seemed like a distant memory. A happy time compared to the nightmare she now faced. Bailey slowly looked at the man. His presence seemed to loom over her. His cold eyes betrayed no weaknesses as he met her gaze. He was her owner and she was his puppy. She let out a pitiful crying whine in hopes he would have mercy. He did not move, his eyes never leaving hers. Defeated she turned back to stare at her bowl. Her head hung in shame. He wasn’t going to give in, she knew that now. It was ether eat dog food or slowly starve.

Bailey’s mouth felt dry as if all the moisture had been soaked up by the kibble. Her tongue felt like sandpaper, as it stuck out of her muzzle. Bailey had no choice she shoved her face down into the bowl, sending pieces flying as they fell around the bowl. Unable to work her mouth Bailey’s only hope was to shovel the disgusting dog food into her open muzzle. It was humiliating. She felt her cheeks crimson as her chin sunk into the bowl. The sinking aroma filled her nostrils.

She was finally able to get several pieces past the gag and inside the confines of her mouth. Unable to chew the Bailey gulped frantically trying to swallow the kibble whole. This went on for several minutes. The sounds of her snuffling and snorting filled the kitchen as she ate. The only pause came when she stopped occasionally for air. Panting as her lungs worked to gulp down the precious oxygen. Bailey was exhausted she had been frantically trying to eating for what seemed like hours. Yet looking down she saw that barely a dent had been put into the large bowl still piled high with kibble. The process was mind numbingly slow. It was agony for the starving girl.

Bailey was concentrating so hard on eating that she did not hear the snap of the leash to her collar. She was just about to swallow another mouthful when she felt the yank of her leash. The hard pull of her collar forced her head up and out of the bowl. Bailey began to choke on the half swallowed food. Her forelegs started to lift off the ground pulled by the force being exerted on her neck. Her collar was gradually constricting her airway as he held her lifted off the ground. The half swallowed dog food was still stuck in her throat. Unable to swallow or to cough it up the kibble further blocked her airway. Bailey’s front legs kicked in the air as she fought to breathe. Her collar was gradually choking her. Thankfully the pressure around her neck slackened, and she was able to breathe again. Her paws finding purchase on the ground again. A great wracking cough shook her body. Drool and half swallowed kibble flew out of her mouth.

“I think you have eaten enough for today girl. We don’t want you getting fat now do we? The vet said a healthy puppy is a happy puppy.” She felt his hands running down her back. His slow petting made her shudder. “Now be a good girl Bailey, and listen to your owner. ‘PRESENT!’ ”

Conditioned by her training Bailey reacted to his command instinctively. “Good girl, press those tits into the ground. Get your ass up in the air, that’s right wag that tail for me girl.” His hands came to rest on her bottom. “Good girl Bailey.” She whimpered as his fingers ran up her thighs. “You are such a horny little bitch, do you know that?” She let out a yelp as his fingers pressed into her. “Good news Bailey, I think you might be in heat girl. Don’t worry though your owner has just what you need.” She whimpered as his hands grasped her hips.



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