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by Megan Law

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Storycodes: M+/f; cowgirl; blackmail; sold; brand; harness; bond; toys; chastity; outdoors; piercing; drug; bodymod; leash; reluct; XX

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“Now, 43, about your renewal…”

Master stopped at the stall door, the clipboard full of documents in his hand, looking at the tablet attached to the back and smiling. Across from us, the new girl twisted and stamped, the chastity crushing her, the motion of the tormentor between her legs moving the intruder raping her ass and the plume of her tail constantly. I could hear but not see my sisters in the surrounding stalls, trying to move as little as possible, making no noise that would incur his punishment.

“Let me show you what thirteen has been up to. I assigned her a new boutique opening this year.” He showed me an image on the tablet screen, a boutique shop selling the sorts of things that attracted pre-teen and teen girls: earrings and other inexpensive but actually fairly well-made jewelry, makeups in bright palettes, and of course consultants to assist the girls in learning “how to be pretty,” the store’s motto. Unspoken but known to all of us was that there was a paired store in another part of town that sold “adult toys,” lingerie, bondage gear, magazines, and DVDs, and in some cases even had peep shows where it was legal.

As I watched, the view of the shop zoomed out until I realized it was in Leesburg. My Leesburg. The place I had never admitted being from.

He touched the picture, another image swam into view. Even without my glasses or contacts, I recognized it instantly, recoiling “No!”

He slapped me hard across my left breast. “Do not forget yourself! Comportment!”

I stopped, leaning back hard against the snaffles, the bit digging into the roof of my mouth. As an experienced pony I of course did not have a rubber training bit, but rather a severe spade bit, as I was branded as not fully broken.

“Thirteen’s recruiting effort has been most commendable, this is her current employee of the month. She has demonstrated quite an aptitude for sales among her peers, and seems to be a conscientious and dedicated employee already.”

My little sister, just turned sweet sixteen. How could he have possibly found her?

“We’ve also found a job for your step-dad, a good paying job, but unfortunately it’s 3 hours away. There is a dorm at the work site, so he stays there during the week, and drives home on weekends.”

I stared up at him, now stock-still. My sisters on either side of me were unmoving as well. The new girl still struggled across the barn, other sounds came from further away.

“In fact, she is such a promising employee, she has been nominated for our college scholarship this year. Thirteen has taken her in and feels she could be an asset to our business in many ways.”

I regained my posture, standing with my belly out and back arched in proper pony posture so the backstrap was no longer tugging agony on my anal intruder. My hands, always restless in the elaborate hoof-gloves, stilled, pointed properly outwards. There had to be a catch, there always was.

“As you know, she has two years of high school left, then four years for a degree. That’s six years, unless she takes a gap year, in which case it will be seven.”

Now I was frozen. I got it. This is why all of my sisters are still here.

“If you will commit to extend your service until she graduates, the scholarship is hers. You know my word is my deed.”

He stared at me.

“We will pay her tuition, books and fees, and room and board at any college or university in the country she is accepted to. We will provide tutors in any subject she wishes to tackle during her Junior and Senior years, to make sure she is accepted to the school she wants. She will be allowed a gap year if she chooses, once she has been accepted.”

He touched my breast again, gently this time. “If she fails or drops out, or does not graduate in the allowed four years, her entire bill will be added to your service, to be paid back in lieu of your salary.”

He watched as I did the math. Since he deducted exorbitant costs from each of us for our care, our effective salary was minuscule. The annual four-week retreat to the ranch alone cost so much more than my salary it took nearly three months to pay back the excess. Not that I had any choice in coming.

“Your salary will be escrowed, as it is now, at the committed rate.”

I tried to remember what the committed rate was. I recalled thinking during recruitment it was enough higher to seem like a good idea, but knowing what I now knew, it couldn’t possibly be enough.

“If you choose to not accept, and you are free to do that if you wish, I think we will have another position entirely for your sister. Soon.”

I nodded, the tiny bit I could, straining against the farthingale to lift my head, then against the chin cup on the collar to lower it.

“Very good, 43. I will need you to verbally confirm this by saying simply ‘Yes.’”

With this, he unclipped the bit from both sides of my bridle and pulled it from my mouth, the first time in nearly four weeks I was able to open and close my mouth freely. I cleared my throat and said “Yes,” croaking a bit. He smiled and said “Again, please.”


“Very well, that will do. Now that you are committed to us, I have another role for you. You have matured quite a bit this year, so I’m going to move you to a cow role.” I hadn’t met any of the cows, though there were whispered rumors when the girls thought they could get away with gossiping.

The vet appeared again, I instantly knew what was in store next. Master watched my eyes, smiled as he saw realization and then acceptance cross my features. As the vet began stirring in yet another bag of tricks, this one mercifully small, Master removed what looked like a flattened rubber cork from his pocket. As he lifted it to my mouth, I opened nervously. He put it part-way in and said “bite down.”

I heard a small “pop” sound and instinctively tried to look at the source of the sound, the collar and bridle preventing any effective movement. He said “Look at me,” so I did, looking straight into his eyes, those pale blue unreadable orbs. I felt a searing, stabbing pain behind my left hip, squealed into the rubber stopper.

He grabbed the farthingale, pulling me into him, pulling me off-balance and tensioning my entire harness, from back strap to chastity to both intruders. “Breathe, in through your nose, pause, out through your mouth, pause.” He took a deep breath, I followed. After three breaths, I again tried to look. “You’ll see later tonight, when you are moved to the cow shed. For now, just concentrate on your breathing.”

Master took a key from around his neck and handed it to the vet, who knelt with the key and began unharnessing me at the thigh straps. Detaching the agitators from the intruders seemed to involve quite a bit more wriggling around than was necessary; I breathed through it trying not to respond to him.

To my surprise, he stayed down there and began removing my left hoof-boot next. A stable hand showed up with another large bag and pulled a replacement boot. This one, rather than the jet black leather of all our pony gear, was white with russet-brown spots and a cloven hoof. He handed it down to the vet, who laid it out on the straw, wiped my foot with a dry cloth, and began lacing me into the new hoof. I immediately noticed it wasn’t as wide as my horse hooves had been, walking was going to be even more perilous.

Once laced, zipped, and locked into my new cow hooves, my arms came next. These two were similar to the pony hooves, but white with russet-brown spots and cloven hooves. Rather than a sturdy handle to grab inside, the vet formed my almost-atrophied fingers into a kung-fu punch, bent at the first and second joints, then slipped into pockets in the hooves, thumb tucked into the other half. No straps were needed to keep my arms up, the hoof-gloves had a still support along the top that pulled my arms up as the gloves were laced past my elbows. I noted with interest that the gloves did not cover my elbows, separate sets of laces, zippers, and locks applied to my forearm then upper arm.

Next my corset/harness was removed. I nearly screamed as the two intruders dropped from me, managed to bite it back to just a gasp. Master grabbed the farthingale dangling from the bridle, where it had been unclipped from the harness, and pulled me forward against the snaffles. “Comportment, 43!”

He continued to hold my head high while the vet removed my scarlet plume from my bridle. When he turned back around, he had a cowbell in his hand and a grin on his face. “I’m sure you want to do the honors yourself, Sir?”

Master smiled and took the bell, turned to me, and clipped it to my collar. “There you go, little cow.”

The vet handed him another wad of leather and straps, a replacement for my corset and harness. This too was white leather with russet-brown spots. It was quickly wrapped around my middle, lacing in the back and buckling in the front. After a full year of corsetry, I expected it to be tight and unyielding, but this was different somehow. Unable to look, I had to experience it by feel as they strapped, laced, tightened, and locked me in place.

Next, the vet handed Master a tail. Different from my horse tail, this was white with spots, like the rest of my outfit, about the thickness of a garden hose, with a tuft of my colored hair at the tip. He held up the intruder and wiggled the ring the tormentor attached to, the tail wiggled! Next he held the intruder in front of me; it was quite a bit larger than my previous one, and had what looked like an enlarged head on the top. He unscrewed the head and spilled out a handful of batteries.

Oh no, I thought, this cannot be a good development. He replaced the batteries, then pointed out two shiny rings circling the shaft of the intruder. He held these rings against my breast, where I felt a slight tingling sensation. I bit down harder on the rubber plug.

Master handed the intruder to the vet, kicked my feet backwards, so I had to move my head forward and down from the snubbers. Once I was near his waist, the vet pushed the intruder past my cheeks and firmly inside me until I closed over the narrowing neck, then Master brought me back to my feet.

The vet next handed Master a new vaginal intruder. This one, to my surprise, was smaller than the original, in diameter at least. It was shaped rather oddly, with a tilted hat or ring near the top.

Master pointed out the silvery rings encircling the shaft, the two wires protruding from the bottom, and the hat at the top. “This is a cervical monitor. It will monitor your cervical temperature, and the quantity and thickness of your mucus.” Not really understanding what that meant, I watched as the vet donned fresh gloves, then placed the intruder and his finger inside me. I felt him grope for something inside me, then turn and twist the intruder until it met and just passed his finger, which he removed.

Master passed the chastity strap down my front; I noted an odd lack of pressure over my sex, replaced with quite a lot of pressure as he laced the strap through the ring on the anal intruder and tightened it. Once he had it locked in place, Master reached and tapped my covered sex with his fingers. “A protective shell. Breed cows are kept in need so they will be fully willing participants when their time has come.”

Wait! What! Breed cow? My eyes must have bugged.

Master brought up the tablet again, and touched an app. A screen with a few pieces of data swam into view. “Let’s see, 36.3 degrees, dry. Just what we’d expect to see shortly after your period. That was three days ago, right?”

The vet murmured “Yes Sir. It will take the sensor 24 to 48 hours to sample accurately as well.”

“Very well, all in due time.” With this he touched one of the two sliders near the bottom of the screen and I felt ants crawling through my vagina. He smiled and touched the other slider; my anus went from ants to not-quite-painful shocks, rising and falling in intensity.

“The muscle trainers will help keep you fit and strong. A strong pelvic floor is a must for breeding.”

The vet bent and hung agitators, longer than my original ones with weighted balls on the ends, quite a bit heavier than the originals as well, from the intruders, threading them through the rings between my thighs. I stood as still as possible, my ass and vagina both vibrating from the shocks. The intruders tinkled and danced against the rings. Behind me, I could feel my cow tail waving back and forth, I tried to imagine how I would ever be able to walk like this.

Thinking I might be done, I tried to focus on Master. He smiled and clipped the farthingale to my cow-harness, once again holding my head firmly in place, then stepped to the side and grabbed my hair on the top of my head. The vet approached me with a tool that he threaded into my nose, then an unimaginable pain exploded in my head. As I stood there huffing into the rubber plug, he calmly placed something on either side of my septum, placed another tool in my nose, and there was a small click.

He removed the tool, brought something up to my nose, which he placed up high inside my nose, then another click sounded. Next he came forward with a large piercing needle. I watched numbly as he pinned his fingers against the bridge of my nose, I could feel the thing moving inside, then rammed the needle through, piercing me at the bridge of my nose. He threaded a small rod onto the end of the needle, pulled the rod through, removed the needle, and threaded a small ball into the end of the rod.

The vet stepped away, Master came back into view of my teary eyes. “Very good, Cow 43. This will take 8-10 weeks to heal, so we will just monitor your progress. You have pleased me greatly today.” As he was saying this, I felt a sharp pinch at my right nipple, then a weight. Compared to the pain in my nose it was almost unnoticeable. Master shifted in my vision, then I felt another pinch at my left nipple.

The vet placed some tools back in his bag. “Did you want to begin lactation right away, Sir?”

“How long will it take for the nipples to heal?”

“Six weeks, no more, with proper care, which she will get.”

“And how long to start lactation?”

“Eight to ten weeks, unless you want her an emotional basket case.”

“No, no, not necessary, in fact that’s perfect timing. Her nose will be ready just as her udders are, right?”

“Yes Sir, give or take a week.”

“Let’s get her started then.”

The doctor removed two syringes from his bag, and two small vials. Looking at the clipboard Master held up for him automatically, he muttered numbers under his breath, drew the two syringes. Master moved to the side, out of my view, his hand still in my hair. I felt the vet stab the first syringe into my right breast, felt a knot in my breast, then repeated with the left breast. He kneaded both breasts, his hands surprisingly soft.

The vet stepped away and Master moved back into my tear-stained vision. He took the rubber plug in his fingers and tugged, I released my bite. Curling his hand, he dropped the plug into the bag hanging from the stall without taking his eyes off me, then he kissed me.

He really, really kissed me. It was the first time he had ever kissed me without a bit or a gag in my mouth. I kissed him back eagerly, I put all of my fear of him, my eroticism about him, and the considerable pain of this evening into the kiss. He brushed the nose ring with his lips, I saw stars but kissed him harder. In his kiss, I felt… wanted. Lusted after. Perhaps even something more.

Then he withdrew. With a gesture, he called one of the stable hands. “Take her to the cow shed. Thirty-three will train her. Light feed tonight, and see to her nose.”

“Yes Sir.”

With this Master disappeared from view. The stable hand, an abusive prick who was never kind, snapped a lead to her collar, dropped the snaffles from her bridle, and tugged on the lead. “Get moving, stupid cow.”

I started forward tentatively, wobbling on the hoofs and nearly writhing from the amount of motion in my ass. The more-active agitators, combined with the motion of the tail, would be a force to be reckoned with. It suddenly occurred to her that she might be kept as a cow like this for the entire six years of her new contract. Her hoof slipped under her and she fell to the floor with a loud thud. The farm hand laughed and wrenched her back to her feet by her collar, growling “I can’t wait until I can get a lead on that nose ring.” With this, they set off to the cow shed.


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