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The Lapdog

by John Bannergram

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© Copyright 2021 - John Bannergram - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; petgirl; bond; cuffs; costume; collar; prison; electro; oral; leash; toys; mittens; slave; reluct; nc; X

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Chapter 2: Petgirl at Work

Lisa sighed as the guard walked her through the cellblock. She had thought that her problems would be over after she'd been freed from Miss Davenport.

"Can't you take these handcuffs off? It's hard to walk with my hands behind my back."

The guard laughed and slapped her ass. She had a mean glint in her eyes that made Lisa nervous. “Better get used to them, honey. Now that they've finally caught up with you for insider trading, you're going to be in here for a long time. You're going to spend a lot of your sentence this way if I have anything to say about it! I bet you wish that rich lady still owned you.”

Lisa held her tongue. It was no use trying to explain that Carla had treated her like a dog, literally!

The guard smirked at her. "Oh, we're short on space, so I hope you don't mind having eight other cellmates."

She opened the door to a small, crowded cell and pushed Lisa inside. The door slammed shut behind her. As Lisa looked around anxiously at her new cellmates, something hit her.

"Hey, wait a minute! Aren't I supposed to get a prison uniform?”

"You want a uniform?” The guard began to laugh. “You're already wearing it!"

Lisa looked down. To her horror she saw that she was still dressed in her poodle girl outfit! Her skimpy costume and pink-dyed skin looked even more ridiculous when compared to the prison jumpsuits worn by her cellmates. The tight handcuffs held Lisa’s arms behind her back, leaving her helpless and forcing her to thrust out her chest, putting her cleavage on display. Everything about Lisa’s appearance made it clear how vulnerable she was. Her costume revealed more than it concealed, inviting the leers of the other convicts. One of them grabbed the leash dangling from her collar.

"No, wait! You can’t just leave me in here like this!"

The guard merely smiled and watched in silence.

"Well, well. We must have done something right, ladies. The warden gave us a present. A little bitch just for us!"

One of the prisoners shoved Lisa against the wall. She felt their hands all over her body. "Help! Someone! Miss Davenport, please make me your pet again!"

She awakened with her plea for ownership still echoing in her head. The morning light was streaming through the bedroom window. After her nightmare, the soft white walls of her pet bed seemed like a comforting shelter. Lisa felt secure here. Safe at her mistress’s feet.

Lisa shook her head in an attempt to clear her thoughts.

Stop it, she thought to herself. You're not a poodle. You’re never going to figure out how to win your freedom back if you start thinking of yourself as a pet.

That was what had happened yesterday, Lisa told herself. She had been talked into cooperating with her own enslavement. She couldn’t afford to fall back into that attitude. Lisa wriggled around in her pet bed, pawing at herself in another attempt to remove her costume. That would at least make a statement that she wasn’t going to just submit to whatever Carla had planned for her. But she was no more successful than she had been the day before. Her paws made it impossible for her to get a grip on anything. Even when she tried pulling on the costume with her teeth it wouldn’t budge. Despite her best efforts, it looked like she was going to stay a silly pink lapdog for as long as Miss Davenport wanted. Her only hope was that once the novelty had worn off Carla would come to her senses.

Lisa’s stomach growled as she climbed out of her pet bed. Carla had turned her voice back on last night, but she was sure that waking up her mistress would be a bad move. Maybe she could get herself something to eat downstairs. Her slippers tapped quietly on the hardwood floor as she carefully tiptoed to the bedroom door. But when she got there, she realized that there was one thing she hadn’t thought of. Lisa couldn’t turn the doorknob. Her paws just slid over the smooth metal surface. She was trapped in Carla’s bedroom until her mistress let her out.

There was no chair, leaving Lisa with nowhere to sit but the floor. She stared up at Carla’s bed. As she waited, she thought about how totally dependent she was on her owner. She couldn’t even turn a doorknob. Even if the door had been open, with her paws she wouldn't have been able to get herself a meal, or even a drink of water. Lisa had always been a self-sufficient woman, but now she had to rely on her mistress for everything. Carla even decided when she was allowed to cum. Lisa tried to ignore how exciting that idea seemed.

I'll assert myself. I’ll show her, Lisa thought. I'll wake her up and tell her I'm hungry.

But in the end, she didn't do any of these things. She gave herself some flimsy excuses about winning Carla’s trust, but the truth was that she felt too timid and small to disturb her mistress. Lisa sat on the floor and stared up at the bed, watching for any sign that Carla was awake.

After waiting for what seemed like hours, her mistress woke up with a stretch and a yawn. Lisa scrambled to her feet. The last thing she wanted was for Carla to see her sitting on the floor looking up at her like a dog staring at its master. Her reaction wasn't quite what Lisa had hoped for.

Carla scratched her behind the ear. "So eager! I'll bet you're a hungry doggie!"

Lisa looked down at the floor. "I-ah-I could eat."

Carla put on her bathrobe. "Well, let’s not keep either of us waiting then. Come along, dear."

Damnit, how can anyone look that glamorous first thing in the morning? Lisa thought. There couldn't have been a greater contrast between them, the elegant mistress and her obedient pet. Carla walked to the kitchen at a brisk pace while Lisa scampered behind her in a desperate attempt to keep up.

Carla's personal chef had already finished making breakfast. She was heavy-set, with an impassive face, and didn't seem at all surprised that Carla was accompanied by a woman dressed like a poodle. Lisa suspected that she'd seen a lot working for Carla Davenport. In any event, the cook knew her job; the bacon and eggs smelled delicious.

Carla turned to Lisa with a plate of food in hand. "Beg."


"Good doggies beg for their food. On your knees, hands in begging position."

Lisa was outraged. "Carla, that's ridiculous. I'm not-ahhh!"

She squealed as a mild shock coursed through her.

Carla gave her a stern glare. "You'll beg or you'll go hungry, and be punished besides."

If there was one thing that Lisa didn't want to do, it was to beg like a dog. But she didn't have a choice. She was starving, and she certainly didn't want to be punished with more shocks from her collar. Reluctantly, Lisa got on her knees, and put her "paws'' in a begging position. She couldn't believe that she was doing this. Carla continued to look down at her expectantly, while keeping her food just out of reach. Clearly Lisa hadn’t done enough. Desperate to get something to eat, she widened her eyes in a puppy dog expression and gave a whimpering noise like a hungry pet.

Carla smiled. "Good girl. Eat up!"

Then she pushed Lisa's food into a dog bowl on the floor. Lisa gave a sigh of resignation. There was no point in arguing. It wasn't like she could pick up a fork anyway.

Maintaining her dignity was impossible. Denied the use of her hands, Lisa had to eat like an animal. Her round ass bobbed up and down as she chewed, the little tail bouncing with it. She could feel Carla's eyes on her as they ate. Lisa ended up with eggs all over her chin, which Carla cleaned off with a little towel. It was a gesture that was both humiliating and strangely affectionate.

After breakfast Carla sat back and had her coffee. Lisa would have liked some coffee too, but she didn't want it badly enough to drink it out of a dog food bowl. There was only one chair, so Lisa took the hint and sat on the floor next to her mistress. Carla stroked her head gently while she sipped her coffee. Lisa was able to talk, but she found herself remaining as silent as her mistress. It felt right to just be, to put aside her frustrations for the moment. Eventually Carla finished her coffee and it was time to begin the day’s activities.

"Well, time to go to work. Come along."

After Miss Davenport had gotten dressed, Lisa followed her to a well-appointed home office.

Now this, I know, thought Lisa. Carla's setup was similar to the one that Lisa had had at her office-a large, comfortable desk chair in front of a computer with two monitors displaying stock information in real-time. A brightly colored dog blanket had been placed next to the chair. Carla sat down and began to work, with Lisa by her side on the floor.

Things were looking up. Maybe if Lisa helped out Miss Davenport with her work, she’d see how useful she could be as an assistant. This could be her chance to graduate from being a poodle to something more dignified. Lisa watched carefully as her mistress worked. Even from her position kneeling on the floor she could still read the monitors. It wasn't long before she saw her chance.

“Um, Miss?”

“Mmm?” Carla said distractedly.

"Those ADX shares look like a good buy. It reminds me of-yip yip!"

Lisa couldn't believe it! Carla had shut her up again. Lisa waved and pointed at the monitor with her paws, but it only made her look ridiculous, like a spoiled dog trying to get her owner’s attention.

Carla hooked her finger through Lisa’s collar and looked down at her. "I do the thinking. You just sit there like a good girl and cheer me up. And keep the barking down-or I'll give you something to bark about."

Utterly defeated, Lisa stared down at the floor and nodded.

Lisa sat quietly, still watching the monitors as Carla went back to work. Nothing could have done more to reinforce her loss of status than this. She had to sit on the floor, watching in silence as her mistress did the job that she used to do. With nothing else to occupy her thoughts, she kept looking at the stock quotes, and thinking about what she would buy or sell only to remember that she wasn't allowed to do that anymore. Carla was the important one. Lisa was just a silly pet who was there to amuse her. From time to time Carla would absentmindedly reach out and stroke her head or kneed one of her breasts. The feel of her fingers through Lisa's fur bra left her with feelings of arousal and submission that she found difficult to understand. At the same time, she found that her owner’s touch brought her an odd kind of reassurance, a sense that her mistress was looking after her.

Lunch came and went. Carla ate at her desk, while Lisa ate from a bowl on the floor. Lisa did a better job of begging this time, although she wasn’t sure that was an achievement. Miss Davenport placed the dog bowl in front of her chair, so that Lisa ate at her feet. Carla had turned Lisa's voice back to normal, but with her mistress looming over her she felt very small, and stayed mostly silent while they ate.

Halfway through the afternoon Carla turned to Lisa, who was across the room looking out the window. "I know how you can help your mistress. Come here."

Hopeful that she might be given something important to do, Lisa started towards the desk.

"No. Not that way. On all fours."

Lisa hesitated for a moment, then got down and crawled on her hands and knees to her owner. She looked up at her mistress, unsure what she was supposed to do next.

Carla hitched up her skirt, revealing her naked pussy. "Get to work, pet."

Lisa squirmed awkwardly. This wasn’t something she had expected. "Mistress...I..I mean, I've never..."

"There's a first time for everything."

"But I don't think..."

"There’s your mistake,” Carla explained gently. “You’re a pet, you don't have to think. I do the thinking, and the worrying, for both of us from now on. Just do as you're told, and I’ll take care of everything else."

Still hesitant, Lisa crawled under the desk and got on her knees in front of her mistress’s chair. Miss Davenport pulled on her collar and attached it to a thin chain hanging from her seat. Instinctively Lisa tried to free herself, but she was tethered to the chair by the short chain, trapped between her mistress's thighs. With no other choice, she began to lick.

"Let's give you some incentive." She heard a click from Carla's remote, and felt the electrodes in her panties start up again.

Lisa had no experience in pleasuring another woman with her mouth, but the possibility of an orgasm made her eager to please. After the denial and teasing that she had experienced the previous day her aching pussy begged for relief. Hopes of going back to her old life were forgotten. All that Lisa could think of was serving her mistress and satisfying her own desires.

"Oh yes...that’s just perfect..."

Chained to the chair, all that Lisa could see was her owner's pussy. It was the only thing that mattered right now. Carla held on to the back of her head, holding her in place like a living sex toy. As Lisa licked and licked, Carla turned up the current in her panties. Nothing was in her mind other than pleasing her mistress and receiving pleasure in return. Her tongue finally sent Carla over the edge, and as the panties did their work, Lisa soon followed her. Both pet and mistress sat for a moment, totally spent. Her eyes half-closed, Carla stretched her hand down and caressed Lisa’s cheek.

“Good girl...”

Having finally gotten an orgasm, Lisa came to her senses with an abrupt feeling of shame. She was suddenly aware of what she had done and what had just happened. She'd been turned from a respected businesswoman into nothing more than Carla’s sex toy, a kind of living vibrator. It was true that Lisa herself had finally gotten to cum, but it had felt like a reward, a treat given to a faithful pet who had performed for her mistress. Carla pressed the little button, and Lisa came on cue. It was a reminder to her that she was no longer in control of her own body. Lisa had had few sex partners, but masturbated whenever she felt like it after a busy day at the office. But her pleasure was no longer a matter of choice. It was something to be given or withheld by her mistress.

Carla sat up straight in her chair and got back to work. She gave no sign that anything unusual had happened, except that she seemed to conduct the day’s business with new energy. Lisa expected to go back to sitting next to her mistress, but instead Miss Davenport kept her chained to the chair. Carla pulled her leather skirt back down, trapping Lisa in total darkness, pressed between her thighs. Unable to see or hear anything, Lisa’s only focus was the smell of her mistress's still-wet pussy. Being stuck in this position made her feel both humiliated and turned on. But somehow it also made Lisa feel secure. Under Carla's skirt, Lisa didn't have to look at the office that reminded her of the life that she had lost. She was able to, at least for the moment, forget everything and focus on the raw pleasure that she had just experienced. It felt easier to sink into her submission than to dwell on ugly memories. It was like her mistress said-she didn't have to think. So Lisa didn't. She just let the darkness and Carla's scent envelop her.

After work and dinner Carla sat down to TV as before, with Lisa on her lap. Lisa got turned on all over again as her owner stroked and played with her. As her mistress’s fingers found their way between her thighs, Lisa found it increasingly hard to remember that being Carla’s pet wasn’t the life she wanted...


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