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The Pony Revolution

by Daxter

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© Copyright 2023 - Daxter - Used by permission

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Continues from

Chapter 7


Any thoughts of freeing myself faded away to the monotonous life of staying within the walls as I started to adapt. I no longer thought about breaking out. Instead, I obediently followed the walls.

There was one change though: When I was shackled to a carriage, I lost all vision and hearing. I was driven entirely by the reins, and stinging slaps to my buttocks if I reacted too slowly. My world started shrinking. My entire life was now between the shackles of the carriage or the walls of the AR system.

They drove me really hard all day, and when I was led back to the stable in the evening, I just collapsed into a dreamless sleep. I had no idea if it was night or day. I suspected they were manipulating me by letting me experience days and nights that had nothing to do with the passage of the sun. But then I had no way of knowing.

I kept trying to think of clever ways out of my predicament but found none. I had also realized that even if I made it through two years, I had no guarantee that I would be freed. But much as I looked for opportunities for escape, I found none.

One day my narrow corridors lead me to a contraption that I had not seen in a very long time, one that I had no desire to ever see again: The rape frame. It was a simple thing, feet stretched far out to the sides, victim bent at the waist, hands cuffed together and pulled up behind the back, and the head locked in a claustrophobic box close to the floor. Secured on the frame, both my holes would be spread open, ready for vaginal or anal rape. Memories of days spent on the frame came flooding back. I totally freaked. I squealed and threw myself at the limiting walls to try to get away. Electric shocks cursed through my body. I did not care, I pressed on. The shocks were getting stronger. I had to relent. I fell to my knees and screamed inside my hood. The shocks continued, I managed to get my feet under me and got back into the tunnel between the walls.

The shocks stopped, but the wall behind me started moving closer to me, forcing me towards the dreaded frame. I knew what I had to do. I walked right up to it, spread my legs and bent forward. Hands came through the walls and secured me in place. My helmeted head was pushed into the box. I was barely able to breathe. I felt nipple clamps biting into my buds. Soon after I felt weights attached to the clamps. I had problems getting enough air and started feeling dizzy.

Without warning, I felt something noticeably big pushed into my rear entrance. It had been years since I had anything in there, and the pain was unbearable. Then the fucking started. I screamed in pain and terror. I cried, I cursed – but to no avail. I was well secured and had no option but to endure.

I have no idea at all how long the ordeal lasted. I do know that when it was over, I slumped to the floor, and could not get my feet to carry me. Hands came through the walls and dragged me over to a very small mesh cage that I was forced into. They had to sit on the lid to get it closed. It took mere minutes before the cramps started and not much more time before they became unbearable. But there was nowhere for me to go. No relief. I screamed and cried but suspected that very little could be heard outside the helmet. I passed out, woke up, passed out again. I have no idea how long it lasted.

I woke up on hay. The cage was gone. My butthole and my pussy were raw. My joints and muscles ached. My nipples were throbbing. I got on my feet with some great difficulty. The walls started moving in around me. I had to move forward. Soon I saw that hated frame again, and I was driven towards it. I threw myself at the walls. I was forced to surrender. Soon after I was secured, and the torments started. But this time I was paddled hard in addition to the penetrations.

I realized that they were breaking me. I realized I could not prevent it. But there was still a tiny fragment of rebellion in me, a part that for some reason just refused to give up. But that part was quickly disappearing.

The third time I was brought to the frame, I meekly just walked up to it and assumed the correct precision. I had realized that no matter what I did, I would end up on the frame – then in the cage. Any protests just added to the pain. I was shaking as hands from unseen persons secured me. This time I passed out on the frame and woke up in the cage in blind panic trying all I could to somehow get out.

They stopped the treatments on the frame after that, and I was back to as normal a pony life as you can have surrounded by and driven by ever-moving walls. I pulled carts – deaf and blindfolded of course. I walked. I saw some other ponies – but I also realized that my virtual world was shrinking. They kept bringing the walls closer and closer to me, forcing me to react extremely quickly and move with the greatest precision. They also kept me running longer and harder than before when shackled to the wagons.

I screamed inside the hood. I cursed. It was no use. I kept falling more and more apart. Soon my only focus was the walls. I lived by their commands – and reins and whips commands.

Many days or maybe even weeks later, I was brought to the rape frame again. This time I just walked up to it without hesitation. I cried inside the helmet, but nobody cared.

Either the ordeal was shorter, or I managed to zone out this time. When I was released, I was allowed to walk to the mesh cage, and I squeezed into it myself, despite cramps starting as I was kneeling down inside it. I was still awake when they released me. I just wished that I was not.

The following day I got my helmet off after being secured on the handling frame. I had been undressed and washed before since I got into the helmet, but it must have happened after I was passed out or drugged. The daylight was very sharp, and I could barely see anything beyond the stable, as all outside was too bright. The two grooms that handled me were unknown to me. They washed me thoroughly. I think they used some iodine on my back and my butt because I felt the sting and smelled iodine solution. I felt grateful in a strange way. I tried to speak with the helmet and the bit off, but I could not form coherent words. They inserted something in my mouth and held my jaw closed. I felt whatever was in my mouth harden. Soon the only sounds I could make were horse-like squeals and snorts. It seemed that the humiliation would never end.

Soon thereafter my corset, chastity belt, armbinder, straps, bit and that cursed helmet was back on and I was released with a stinging slap on the butt. The walls forced me to move out into a big field. On the opposite side I saw a well-known figure. I squealed with joy at the sight of Brian, but hesitated to move closer, remembering the earlier warnings about us ever getting close together again.

The walls started coming in around us. I kept close to the wall on my side, but they drove me towards Brian. I could see him struggling likewise. But we got closer and closer, and soon the shocks started. I tried to press through the walls, but a zap from whatever was in my mouth sent tears to my eyes and made me reconsider trying to defy the walls. I was in very strong pain, and so was Brian. But eventually we were forced so close together that our bodies touched. The pain was absolutely terrible, but not as bad as the pain from defying the walls. Then the walls moved out. Brian and I ran away from each other.

They kept playing this cruel game for a long time. I understood the purpose: To have me associate Brian with pain. Despite my understanding I had to admit that it was working. You should have seen us both running away from each other the moment the walls moved out. By the end of the day the mere sight of Brian sent me waves of terror, and I could see the same reaction in Brian. This was conditioning on the most primitive level, but it worked.

It was at that point my mind and resistance started breaking all the way down. I struggled with logical thinking. I could barely remember what happened seconds ago. All my focus was on the gear that kept me captive and the reins when they were clipped on. I went into some strange state where time no longer mattered. All that mattered was blind obedience. I was broken. All my fighting spirit gone. I was no longer observing and analyzing. I was just living in the moment. Focused on the next sensory input. Making sure I knew where the walls were at all times. Running as if my life depended on it when pulling the wagons. Faster, faster and faster. I had become a pony. A fully controlled animal.

They had won.


It took me a long time to get my bearings, because nothing was like it had been before. The first thing I registered was that the helmet was gone. So was the rest of the pony gear. I was on a bed. It smelled nice. My hair smelled fresh. But my hands and feet were secured to something beyond my vision. I was tightly tied down in an X on a very large bed. The awful insert in my mouth was gone. I was naked but did not care. The room was silent. This had to be a dream. It turned out it was not.

I drifted back to sleep. Woke up again. The shadows from the windows were long. The sun must be about to set. Finally, I heard someone enter.

“Good morning – or should I say good evening sleepy,” I heard a voice say. I tried to respond, but only managed to make some croaking sounds.

“I bet you have a few questions, and I will answer them a few at the time,” the voice outside my view said. “This is no cruel trick. You are back in your own room in the mansion. Excuse the restraints, but there is no telling what you could have done had we just set you free. We have seen plenty of what you and Brian have been able to accomplish.”

I croaked. There was nothing preventing me from speaking, except that I had not spoken in a long time.

“First of all - in case you wonder – your enforced pony life is over – unless you wish to return to that life again for a brief period or something longer. You are back to being a human again. Secondly, no it has not been two years. We simply did not have two years to prove our point. What point you may wonder? Well, I have to admit your and Brian’s resistance against the prisoner deal caught us a bit off guard. Keeping prisoners in maximum security is really profitable. It is even more profitable to do so if you barely have any costs for the imprisonment. Enter Nowhere Island. We wanted to prove a point, but you and Brian would not let us.

We spent quite a lot on perfecting the pony equipment. You have felt that. We needed to prove to you that the new equipment was escape proof. You helped us prove that. Having hardened criminals all ponied up and keeping them under control would be easy. As you experienced yourself, once they hit their breaking point, the rest is easy. We manipulated your sense of time by giving you a six hour day cycle. Three hours of sleep, three hours of activity. Meals adapted to the day cycle. You went through two years in just 6 months.

It took us two weeks to fully break you and another week to break Brian. That hearing was of course just playacting. You needed to believe in every fiber of your body that it was real, so you would use all means possible to escape. We all know how that worked, although I did lose a bet here, I believed you would be broken in a week.

We managed to keep you and Brian captive, to control you and to have you obey the walls without question – for you in two weeks, for Brian in three. The prisoner concept has been proven to work.”

I tried to say something again, but my vocabulary was still limited to groans and croaks.

“You and Brian made some excellent points about security; points we had obviously given insufficient consideration. This island – and 300 km out from the island is now a no-fly zone. On sea it is a restricted area too. The official reason is radiation hazard due to some nuclear test detonations in the fifties. All a lie, but it justifies the zone. With some help from the military, the no-fly zone can be effectively enforced with the use of very advanced surface to air and land to sea missiles. Only fired after due warning of course. To get in here with a boat or a plane, you must be pre-cleared.”

I tried to say: “You are off your rockers,” but it sounded more like “er ah oh yah acks”.

“Okay, I understand that it is a lot to take in, you must have a hundred questions – but you need something to eat – and some water for that dry throat.”

She came over to the bed, and held out a leash that she clipped to a steel collar that I just now realized I was wearing.

“For the safety of us both, you need time to digest what I have said.” I saw her face for the first time. It was the same one that had been presiding over the hearing half a year ago. Her name was Priscilla.

“Just so you know, the collar is a shock collar, more than capable of disabling you for a while. It will also shock you if you pull on the leash.”

That led me to abandon my “plan A”, probably extending Priscilla’s life by decades. As I had no plan B yet, I let her untie me from the bed, accepted the robe she gave me and followed her obediently out of the room.

The meal was fantastic. Well, in all honesty, anything but pellets and pony mush would have tasted fantastic, but this was like really fantastic. It also served another purpose; it dampened my hostility several notches. Towards the end of the meal, Brian came into the dining room. I got to my feet and started to move away.

“Relax, pony. You can hug him now. There is no problem anymore. Brian recovered a few days faster than you – sleeping beauty needed two extra days,” said Priscilla. I wanted to run to Brian, but instead cautiously approached him step by step. I got no shocks, and soon I was in his arms, sobbing almost hysterically. He stroked my hair and spoke quietly with me, no words, just calming sounds. Priscilla handed him my leash and quietly left the room.

The Deal

It took me three days to get my voice back and return to the ranks of the humans. I spent those days with Brian. The prisoner project made sense with some modifications. It was not easy for me to admit that, but I gave in as I realized that there was no way to break out of the pony gear. I also realized that any violent traits of the prisoners could be effectively curbed, even by a small woman.

They showed me around the new lab in the main building. There was a row of “Total Pony” gear, the name they had given the equipment, hanging on a rack by one of the walls. I recognized it all, the bit, the helmet, the body straps, the chastity belt, the armbinder, the tail. I decided to make a leap of faith and baffled everyone when I asked them to put me in one of the pony gears – for just an hour. The staff shrugged, and for the first time, I got to wear the pony gear without being forced into it.

It was as restrictive as I remembered it, and they let me have the full experience by moving the walls around me. This seemed like an impulse to the staff, but in reality, it was a planned move, one that Brian knew about and had reluctantly agreed to.

They did have some fun during that hour, but the second it was over, they started freeing me from the gear. They had passed the test. I could see Brian loosen the grip of the small automatic I knew he had concealed in his right jacket pocket. He would have dropped them all had they not kept their promise to free me.

They showed me the operation center where a huge map of the island on a screen showed each pony and the limits to their eyesight. Later I looked at the stables. Unknown to me they had been upgraded and now looked like a stable for million-dollar racehorses.

We took a ride in a pony cart to the southern harbor and inspected the facilities where new prisoners were processed. For the first time ever, another pony was pulling the cart and I was in one of the passenger seats.

We gathered in the main hall in the evening. I agreed to go ahead with the prisoner program, much because of the financials I had seen that clearly showed that without the income from the prisoners, there would be no way to keep on running, even if we doubled the number of voluntary visitors.

I did look at the records and discovered that Priscilla was long overdue for her month as a pony, something I brought to the attention of all present. Despite Priscilla’s protests, she was ushered to the lab and fitted into pony gear. I did not forget her mouth insert either. For some reason it seemed like she was not happy, but she really had no excuse.

Just before I shut her helmet, I said: “See you in a month or six!” – Then I shut her up before she really understood what I had said, and seconds later, moving walls in her AR helmet had her leaving the house. I did not intend to keep her longer than the mandated month, but she had no way of knowing that, especially since I set her day length to 12 hours. No reason not to give her some of her own medicine. It seemed like everyone enjoyed Priscilla’s very just predicament.

Brian pulled me aside. “I have two gifts for you,” he said.

The first was an engagement ring, that I eagerly accepted. For the next gift, he walked me up to my room. In a corner there was a strange contraption.

“It is an automatic device for putting on your pony gear,” he said. “I noticed how you insisted on doing the leap of faith, and I also saw the disappointment in your eyes when they freed you. They have been working on this to make the dressing more efficient. This suit is one that only I can unlock. You just place your feet…”

He was much too slow. I had dropped my clothes as I walked across the floor and was already standing on the foot marks. The contraption sprang alive. I opened my mouth to receive the mouth stuffing, and soon I was as tightly done up as I had ever been before. The contraption released me. I saw the walls moving away, giving me passage to my bed. Soon I was laying on the bed with Brian next to me. I felt the chastity belt pop open, and Brian’s fingers started working me to a high I could not believe, only to stop and close the chastity belt just before I peaked. I screamed and trashed, to no avail.

“Did I mention that, when this issues the gear, it locks for a week?” I could hear the chuckle in his voice. Now be a good pony and get out in the stall where you belong. I will see you in a week.”


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