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A World of Difference

by dianag

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I just can’t believe how innocently this all started. My name is Honey Fleming. I’m 5’ 7” tall with short blonde hair and when this all started, I was 22. I’ve been told I’m very attractive, but I found that I prefer my own sex. Possibly this is due to the fact that I was nearly raped when in my teens and since then I find myself avoiding male company.

My parents were killed in a car accident when I was 15, and as I didn’t have any other relatives, I moved in with a neighbour. With no parental guidance, I lost interest in my education and left school at age 16. After a variety of menial jobs, I found myself working in a shoe shop in Carlisle. Depending on the customer, the work was by turns enjoyable, frustrating, annoying but mostly boring. The change in my life started on a Friday afternoon. I had finished work early and had the Saturday off so rather than stay in my small and dingy flat, I knew I just had to get out for a while, so I decided to go for a drive, even though it was a late March afternoon, it was raining and starting to get dark. I had no destination in mind, just wanting to get out, so I found myself driving along a country lane with a 4 x 4 in front of me. Suddenly there was a bang and a cloud of debris as the rear tyre on the car in front blew out, causing the car to swerve and slide off the road into a tree.

I stopped, ran over and helped the woman driving as she shakily got out of her car.

“Well, that was a surprise,” she said as she turned and surveyed the damage. Wanting to get out of the rain and make sure she was alright, I urged her towards my car and settled her in the front then climbed in and sat next to her. She looked to be about my age with long dark hair, but when I looked into her eyes, I had the impression that she was a lot older than she looked. While I assured myself that she hadn’t been hurt, she pulled out her phone and proceeded to call her breakdown service. She looked and sounded remarkably calm considering what had happened. Finishing her call, she turned to me.

“I’m sorry. You must think I’m terribly rude. Thanks for stopping and coming to check on me.”

“It’s the least I could do.” I replied. “Are you sure you’re OK?”

“Oh yes, I’m fine. Just a little shaken.” Looking through the windscreen at her vehicle she went on, “It would appear that my tyre blew out and that tree jumped into my path to stop me!”

We both laughed and then settled down while waiting for the recovery assistance she had phoned for. She said her name was Amanda and that she lived just a mile or so along the road. During our conversation, I found out that she had a private income, but wrote short stories as a hobby. Without my realising it, Amanda turned the conversation to me and I ended up telling her about myself.

“Do you enjoy your job?” she asked, and when I told her that I had been looking for another job but without success, she responded, “I may be able to help you there. Let’s wait until we get back to my place.

It was about an hour later that a recovery vehicle arrived and removed Amanda’s car. Insurance details dealt with, Amanda directed me to her home which turned out to be a large isolated house accessed by a small stone bridge over a fast flowing stream. It had once been a farmhouse before the farm had been sold and incorporated into a neighbouring farm. Attached to the house was a large barn, accessible from the attached garage. Amanda told me that she had modernised the property when she bought it, including the barn. “I enjoy the privacy,” she told me, but didn’t mention why she had kept the barn.

We entered the hallway and Amanda took my leather coat. “Nice dress,” she commented. I was wearing a knee length blue woollen polo neck dress with long sleeves and knee high black leather boots with a 2” heel. Amanda hung my coat up alongside her own and we went into a nicely furnished lounge. “Coffee?” asked Amanda and I agreed. While Amanda was making coffee, I wandered around and on a bookcase I saw something intriguing. There were two bracelet-like bands made of a bronze coloured metal joined by a link of chain. I picked them up just as Amanda came back into the lounge.

“Oops. Thought I’d hidden all my kinky stuff away” she said with a laugh.

“What are they?” I asked.

Taking them off me, Amanda replied, “They’re slave bracelets for keeping my prisoner under control.” With that, she snapped them round my wrists. “Just like that!”

I stood looking at my bonds. The bracelets were about 2” wide and ¼” deep. Looking closely I couldn’t see any way to remove them, but before I could comment, Amanda simply said, “Coffee’s getting cold.”

I sat on a leather sofa drinking coffee with my hands cuffed together while Amanda explained, “I told you that for a hobby, I write short stories. What I didn’t say was that they’re bondage and fetish stories.” I just sat and looked at her as she went on. “Several years ago, while doing some research on the Internet, I came across several sites dealing with bondage. One thing led to another and my research sort of expanded into those areas. Then, just for a laugh, I entered a short story contest and came second. Since then I’ve written a few more.”

She stopped talking and looked at me. “I’ve been waiting for you to ask me to take those cuffs off.”

I lifted my bound hands, looking at the restraints. Strangely, I didn’t feel any fear, worry or nervousness. “They’re rather unusual,” I replied, “I thought handcuffs were narrow and uncomfortable.” I looked up at her and grinned. “Wouldn’t stop me running away,” I said.

Amanda laughed. “True. However it’s cold and wet outside and it’s about five or six miles to the nearest neighbour.” She paused. “Maybe I should make sure you can’t run away.”
Oh? How?”

“Don’t go away.”

I sat examining my restraints while finishing off my coffee when Amanda returned carrying what appeared to be more of the bronzy coloured chain.

“Stand up,” she commanded, and putting my empty coffee mug down I complied. I was more curious than anything else as I waited to see what Amanda was going to do.

“I call these my transport chains,” she said with a smile. “The idea is that the prisoner can walk around but her movements are always restricted.” Kneeling down, she locked similar metal cuffs round my booted ankles and I felt my legs being clasped in their tight grip and I found that I could only take a step of about 15”. She then locked a chain round my waist, linked it to a chain from my ankle bonds and then locked my cuffs to the waist chain. Amanda explained that the chain from my ankles served two purposes. “It helps stop the chain between your ankles from dragging on the floor, and I can secure your wrists further down it if I want.” I also found that my step was slightly reduced as the link chain lifted and shortened the chain between my ankles.

“I must get some paperwork done,” Amanda said. “Feel free to have a wander around. As soon as I’m finished, I can start making dinner.”

Leaving me in the lounge, Amanda strolled away and I stood shaking my head. Here I was, in a stranger’s house, shackled hand and foot and the woman who had locked my chains on was acting is if there was nothing out of the ordinary! I spent the next hour or so shuffling around the lounge and the large modern kitchen before finding myself in a small room that was obviously being used as a library as the walls were covered in shelves filled with books.

With my hands secured at my waist, I couldn’t touch anything, let alone take a book down, but reading the titles showed that most of the books dealt with human nature, relationships, politics and philosophy. All way above me, I thought. However, lying on a table was a catalogue for bondage equipment and with a bit of effort, I was able to open it and look inside. I was both shocked and amazed at the variety of items on sale. There were handcuffs, leather restraints, bondage furniture, cages and some things whose purpose I would never have worked out if they hadn’t been shown with someone, always a woman, I noticed, secured in them. I was still engrossed in the catalogue when Amanda entered.

“Hope you haven’t been bored, my dear?”

“Oh no,” I replied, dropping the catalogue back on the table.

“Fascinating, isn’t it?” Amanda said as she slid the catalogue back towards the centre of the table. “Right. Let’s get dinner going, shall we?”

In reply, I wriggled my bound hands. “If I don’t get to a loo, then I’m afraid you’ll have a puddle on your floor.”

Amanda laughed, came over and did something at my wrists and the fetters came free, although they remained secured to the waist belt.

“Loo is down there, on the right,” Amanda said, pointing. See you in the kitchen afterwards. As she didn’t offer to remove any more of my restraints, I shuffled down to the loo and did what was needed. Getting my panties and tights back in order with a chain tightly secured round my waist was a minor struggle, then I washed my hands. Just before leaving the bathroom, I stopped to examine the cuffs that dangled open at my waist. There didn’t seem to be any way they locked and I could see no sign of anything that would allow them to be released. Also, although they lay open, I could see no sign of a hinge. Intrigued, I slipped one wrist into a cuff and closed it. There was a faint click and I found my wrist locked back in the cuff. Try as I might, I couldn’t open it again, so I decided that as I had gone that far, I may as well go the rest of the way and secured my other wrist as well. Now re-secured, I shuffled back down the hallway and into the kitchen. Amanda turned as I entered and her gaze went to my bound wrists and she smiled.

“Dinner’s almost ready. Just settle yourself on that seat there,” she pointed. The seat was at the kitchen table and was right next to another one. In fact the seats were touching, and I soon found out why.

I ate dinner while chained, hand and foot. Amanda never released my chains so every bite of food and every sip of wine came from her hand. While we ate, Amanda and I talked of a number of things, mostly what I thought of the world. Its politics and the various conflicts going on in it before Amanda subtly changed the subject round to what I thought of my life, relationships and attitudes to a number of things.

Eventually, we went back into the lounge where I settled in a comfortable chair, still shackled, as Amanda settled herself opposite me.

“You said that you had been looking for another job?”


“What if I could offer you a position here?”

“Doing what?” I asked.

Amanda smiled. “Officially, you would be my companion.”

“And unofficially?”

“Well,” here she paused. “I told you that I write bondage stories?”

I sat looking at her but said nothing as she continued.

“I sometimes have difficulty imagining how someone should be tied up,” she said. “Also, what effect the bondage and the clothing, or lack of it, feels for the person.” She paused, looking at me, but I continued to sit silent, making her continue, although I had an inkling of what was coming.

“I would like you to be my bondage dolly!

I couldn’t stay silent any longer and burst out laughing. Amanda smiled and went on,

“The fact that you laugh rather than express disbelief or worse is a good sign. Also, apart from needing some freedom to use the toilet, you have made no attempt to get your restraints removed. I think you’d fit in well.”

I sat thinking about it. The whole idea seemed absurd yet it also fired my imagination.

“Would I have any free time?” I asked.

“Possibly,” was the surprisingly prompt reply, “but understand you may be in some form of bondage for long periods of time. I would also need you to write some form of report on how effective your restraints were. Whether you were able to move around and how much. How you felt, things like that. I would probably spend time questioning you as well in order to amplify things.”

She then added, “You have my word that I will look after you, care for you and make sure no harm comes to you. However,” she paused and smiled, “if you are disobedient or rude you will be punished. Have a think about it and decide in the morning.”

I hadn’t realised that I was staying the night, but considering my restraints, it was rather obvious that any decision was out of my hands. Amanda did release me from the restraints and led me to a bedroom when I was given a full length blue satin nightie. However, I was told to use the toilet and when I returned, my ankles were locked back in those strange fetters and the connecting chain secured to the foot of the bed. My wrists were locked in cuffs with about 12” of chain between them, then a collar of the same material was locked round my neck and it too was secured with a chain to the top of my bed. I lay looking up at Amanda and grinned at her. She laughed.

“I think it’s a good sign that you don’t object, Honey. I interviewed a couple of girls a short while ago but the thought of being kept restrained made them refuse. One of them practically ran out of the house. The thought of me securing them like this would probably result in a bout of hysterics. Good night.”

“Good night Amanda.”

“Ah.” She stopped at the door and turned. “One more thing. If you decide to stay, I will require you to address me as Mistress, at least in private. Good night.”

She turned out the light but as she closed the door, I called out, “Good night Mistress,” and heard her chuckle through the closed door. I then heard a click and realised that as well as being chained to my bed, I had also been locked in my room. My reaction was to smile and settle down for a sound night’s sleep. I didn’t stir until Amanda came and released me from my bed the next morning. Although I was released from my bed, my fetters weren’t removed and I had breakfast while shackled, and it was obvious to Amanda which I soon confirmed, that I was agreeing to be her bondage dolly.

Some details needed to be sorted out. I had to give one week’s notice to quit work and also had to tell my landlord that I was moving out. The shop manager complained bitterly that I was leaving, and then gave me a week’s pay in lieu so I didn’t have to work my notice. Leaving my flat was even easier. When I informed my landlord that I was leaving, I found that he was planning on moving away and wanted to sell the property my flat was in. I still had six months of the lease to run and I was the last tenant scheduled to leave so the building was going to be sold and probably demolished. As a result, I was able to pack up and move out the very next day with no worries about losing any of my deposit. It was promptly refunded and I didn’t have to pay the remainder of the rent that was due, so on the next Tuesday afternoon, I was back in Amanda’s house.

I spent the remainder of the week in fairly simple bondage. I wore a knee length dress of royal blue latex and ankle boots with a 3” heel. I was secured in the chain arrangement Amanda called her transport chains but with the addition of a 1” deep metal collar in the same material as my cuffs. She also added a small refinement to my restraints. It was a small device that locked like handcuffs but went round my thumbs and I found that the simple act of locking my thumbs in this rigid metal device really hampered any attempts at using my hands. I was made to follow Amanda round the house and if she sat down, I was supposed to kneel beside her. If we went into her office, which was always kept locked when not being used, I was made to kneel and my collar was secured to a fixing in the far wall by a three foot long chain. I was also gagged “to stop causing any distractions,” she said!

At night, I continued to be chained to my bed and locked in my room as well and I noticed that my collar was never removed. It didn’t bother me, and when I looked in a mirror, I always thought that it looked like a fashionable necklace, even with a swivel ring in the front of it! On the Friday, Amanda had to go into town to check on the repairs to her car. I was left in transport chains but minus the thumb cuffs and told to “feel free to wander round and explore.” As Amanda left the house. I wandered around, finding, not to my surprise that I was locked in and all the windows were locked as well. I went into my bedroom looking for something and as I went to look out the window, found that my bedroom window was a triple glazed sealed unit that didn’t have any way of opening! With the door being locked, there would be no way of escape even if I wasn’t chained to my bed. Strangely, the thought of escaping never entered my head.

I spent some time watching TV but quickly became bored and wandered round the house, finding, as usual, that Amanda’s study was locked, so I decided to have a look in the attached garage, assuming the connecting door wasn’t locked too. It wasn’t and I had a look around. At the far end of the garage was a wooden door and I opened it to see an empty cupboard. From the garage I went through another heavy wooden door into the barn. The only windows were set high up near the roof and most of the space was a hard earth floor. However, along the far wall of the barn were three stalls that I thought would be for horses, but when I looked inside, I saw that they were only about eight feet wide by eight foot deep. Along one side of each stall was a raised padded platform, about three foot wide and about two foot off the ground. Each platform or bench had numerous leather straps but I couldn’t work out what the purpose of these benches was for. Looking at them, I thought that they would be unsuitable for even a small pony.

After a time I wandered back through to the kitchen to make myself a coffee and then noticed that Amanda had left a thick notebook sitting on the table. Thumbing through it, I found that it was filled with ideas and scenarios for bondage. Some were simple, like the chains I was wearing through to elaborate scenes like burying someone alive. I might have become worried about that but her notes also included things like ‘Suitable actions to ensure long term safety and wellbeing of subject’. Reading through the notes, I found my breath coming in short gasps and there was a definite damp patch between my legs. I sat staring out the window. Why was I becoming so excited about the bondage I was reading about? A week ago, I had never imagined anything like this, now?

I returned to the lounge where I sat writing up my thoughts and feelings about being kept chained up all the time, not something that was easy to do with my hands cuffed together! This was something Amanda asked me to do for her research. In the evenings, after eating we would go back to the lounge, Amanda would settle herself in a large leather chair and I would kneel at her feet. She would then often proceed to feed me snacks while asking my opinion on all sorts of subjects, from fashion through to politics, the environment, and did I agree with this person’s view or that person’s ideas. The choice of subject was varied and I couldn’t really say very much on most of them. While writing up my thoughts on the Friday, I commented that I felt like Amanda’s pet, not her companion. I couldn’t work out the expression that crossed her face when she heard that, but she turned and looked down at me kneeling beside her and quietly asked,

“Do you really feel like my pet?”

“Yes,” I replied, then went on, “but a well cared for and pampered one.”

Amanda laughed then reaching down, started to stroke my head, starting from behind my ear and down onto the back of my neck. I found myself leaning into her caress and thinking of what I had just admitted to her, remained kneeling and purred like a cat, which produced even more laughter from her.

On the Saturday, Amanda announced that as I was now officially her pet, I would not need any clothing and I then spent my days naked and shackled. My collar became a permanent fitting as it was never removed. I was led around the house on the end of a leash and I also had to eat my meals, which were still excellent, from a dog’s bowl. During the week, I would now sleep in a cage in my mistress’s bedroom but slept in my own bed on Saturdays and Sundays, although I was still chained to my bed and the door locked. Strangely, the changes in the way I was now being treated didn’t bother me, that’s how relaxed and trusting in Amanda’s presence I had become.

I also met Amanda’s friend, Samantha. I was embarrassed at first as she just walked into the house one day as I was kneeling, naked and shackled in front of Amanda. However, her first comment startled me out of any confusion or embarrassment.

“Am’da, you’ve got yourself a pet at last! Well done.” She came over to me and started stroking my hair as she turned back to Amanda. “Oh she’s beautiful. What’s her name?”

Amanda smiled and replied, “Sam’tha, meet Honey. Honey, meet my friend Samantha.”

I looked up at her and Samantha said, “Oh you really are beautiful. Stand up and let me have a good look at you.”

I looked at Amanda, who just smiled, so I rose to my feet and turned towards Samantha, who exclaimed, “Beauty and grace.”

Amanda then ordered me to kneel again and told Samantha to make herself comfortable while she went to make some coffee. When she had left the room, Samantha leaned over, and while gently stroking my neck said in a quiet voice, “Even if Am’da hasn’t noticed, I can tell that you’re in love with your Mistress, aren’t you?”

When I shyly admitted that I was indeed falling in love with Amanda, Samantha smiled and said, “It’ll be our little secret until you decide to tell her.”

I met Samantha quite often after that and discovered that she had a pet of her own whom I would get to meet one day. When we were alone, Amanda told me that Erin, Samantha’s pet, was going through a difficult time. Only later did I discover what she meant. She and Amanda would often hold a conversation while completely ignoring me, and I figured that was deliberate to see if I would be a well behaved pet. Instead of being annoyed, I found the situation amusing and often just knelt listening as they discussed everything from politics to philosophy and many things in between. However, on two or three occasions, I would be out of the room and would overhear them talking in a strange language. It had a musical quality to it but I couldn’t work out what language it was. When they became aware of my presence, they would switch back to English.

Months passed and I found myself in various bondage situations, some simple like my transport chains and some uncomfortable like the time I spent what felt like hours in a strict hogtie. However, Amanda was as good as her word and although sometimes uncomfortable, I never felt that I was at risk of being injured. I never felt forced or pressured into trying something. Amanda would suddenly say, “Can I try something?” which usually meant a new bondage situation.

One day, she asked, “Want to try something different? It might be painful.” My trust in Amanda was complete and I didn’t even hesitate in agreeing. I was led into the barn and my wrists were strapped into what Amanda called suspension cuffs designed to support the weight of my body without putting a strain on my wrists. My hands were in front of me and Amanda connected my cuffs to a hook and slowly hoisted me into the air until I dangled about three foot off the ground.

“I’m not gagging you this time Honey,” she said, “as I want you to be able to tell me to stop. Your safe word is ‘Redline’. Understand?”

I understood all right, but wondered why I would need a safe word. I soon found out as Amanda proceeded to use a flogger on my back, buttocks and thighs. It stung, but not to the point of making me cry out. After about a dozen or so strokes she stopped and asked, “Are you still OK?”

When I answered, “Yes Mistress,” the flogging continued, but harder this time. Each stroke seemed to drive the breath from my body and interspersed with the flogging came Amanda’s fingers stroking between my legs and then my clit. As the flogging continued, the pain I was experiencing gradually changed and I found myself becoming more and more excited until after a particularly hard stroke across my backside, I came in a welter of bursting stars and fireworks.

When I eventually took notice of my surroundings, I was lying on the floor with Amanda’s arms wrapped round me as she gently stroked my face, neck and down to my breasts. When she saw that I was aware of my surroundings, she gently laughed.

“I wasn’t sure what your reaction would be, but from my research, I thought it could lead to you having an orgasm. However, I certainly didn’t expect it to be so …” She paused, looked down at me and smiled, “… explosive!!” I couldn’t help but laugh and I lay there enjoying a post orgasm languor as Amanda continued to stroke and cuddle me.

After a while she said, “Right. Let’s get you back into the house. I’ll settle you while I get dinner going then we can have a talk about your feelings. By the way, would you be prepared to have me flog you again? You would probably be gagged next time.”

“Yes Mistress,” was my reply. There was something in our relationship that encouraged me to simply submit to her and I continued. “Mistress, I’ve said that I feel that I’ve become a combination of your pet and bondage dolly. I’ve allowed this to happen and I don’t feel any desire for it to end.”

Amanda’s response was to hold me tightly, bend down and kiss me full on the mouth and I found myself responding. However, Amanda quickly ended our embrace by getting me up on my feet, cuffing my hands together and leading me back to her bedroom where I was locked in my cage. My ankles were chained to one end of the cage and my wrists to the other, keeping me in a kneeling position, to stop me trying to rub my back or legs, was what Amanda said, and I was left like that while she went to make dinner.

I was strung up and flogged several times after that, usually gagged and I found that the pain quickly turned to pleasure. A strange thing to say, but these sessions almost always ended in a crashing orgasm. These sessions didn’t happen often, but there were numerous sessions when all Amanda wanted to do was talk about me. My childhood, education, likes and dislikes. One conversation started by Amanda asking me if I wanted to have children, and when I said that I didn’t, the questions turned to my sexuality and why I didn’t like being in male company, which led to me reliving the time I was nearly raped and that led to me being cradled in Amanda’s arms as she soothed and comforted me.

I discovered that there was great variety when it came to gags as Amanda happily experimented with them, using me as her model of course! I found myself wearing everything from a simple ball gag, through various penis gags, inflatable gags, combination types and full head harness types, sometimes supplemented by miles of tape being wrapped round my head over whatever gag Amanda fastened on me. One day however, Amanda approached me with a different type that I hadn’t seen before. It had a full leather head harness, but the part that fitted my mouth was made from several pieces of shiny metal. As I was chained to one of the walls, I simply stood and watched as Amanda sorted the various straps.

“That’s an unusual one,” I ventured.

Amanda smiled. “Yes pet. I found something like this online and had this made to my own specifications.”

I examined it as Amanda held it up for me. “Looks more like a horse’s bit and bridle,” I said and Amanda smiled.

“Oh well done pet. That’s exactly what this is. Once it’s on, I can make you my very own little pony.”

I laughed, thinking Amanda was joking, but as she fastened it round my head I realised that she wasn’t joking. Amanda buckled the harness round my head, and I found that there were two large flaps of leather that blocked out my peripheral vision. Everything was tight and when Amanda put the bit into my mouth and tightened up the fastenings, my mouth felt uncomfortable. There was a curved piece of metal that sat under my tongue as well as a bar holding my tongue down. Attached to the bar was a flat metal plate which also helped hold my tongue still. There were two rings attached to the metal pieces on each side of my mouth and Amanda attached reins to these, released me from the wall but not my hands, which were locked behind my back, and gave a gentle pull. She guided me round the house and I discovered that as long as I obeyed the reins, everything was fine, but if I tried to resist, the metal plate swivelled up into the roof of my mouth and other pieces, that I hadn’t noticed, pressed into my tongue and also into the sides of my mouth.

Amanda smiled and explained, “If a pony, in this case you, behaves, everything is fine, but any resistance will cause discomfort and if the pony continues to fight, the discomfort quickly becomes painful.”

Having experienced the discomfort, I had no desire to find out what ‘painful’ felt like.

“Right then, let’s get you fully kitted out.”

I was led into the barn and there I saw a number of leather items and a pair of boots. I had seen photos of the boots. They were knee high, laced up at the front and had no heels. Instead, the sole resembled a horse’s hoof, complete with metal horseshoe.

Amanda turned to me. “Want to be my pony for a while?”

I laughed, although what emerged was more of a snort. I had already accepted that I was Amanda’s bondage dolly and toy. I trusted her and remembering one of the stories she had written, I lifted one leg and stamped down once. Amanda laughed, put her arms round me, hugged and kissed me. “Oh Honey, you’re so precious. It’s no wonder I want to keep you.”

While I pondered that comment, I was stripped and the harness was fitted onto me. There was a heavy leather corset that came from just above my hips and supported my breasts but left them exposed. Two straps ran from the front of the corset, through my legs and buckled at the back. The corset was tight but strangely, didn’t seem to affect my breathing. My metal collar was removed and replaced by a wide leather collar that was tight enough to notice, held my head up but didn’t interfere with my breathing. I found though, that I couldn’t turn my head to either side and could only slightly nod my head. Before it was fitted, I saw that the collar had a large O ring securely riveted to it and when the collar was fitted, the O ring sat at my throat. The posture collar, combined with the blinkers, meant that I was now only able to see what was directly in front of me. My hands were then put into leather mitts, rendering them totally useless, before my arms were drawn up behind my back in a reverse prayer and secured there. My shoulders and biceps started to ache, but Amanda produced a bottle containing some kind of thick lotion, rubbed it into my shoulders and arms and any pain or discomfort disappeared.

I was made to sit while Amanda laced the pony boots onto me. Once they were laced up, a flap was zipped up that covered the laces and I felt a click as the flap was locked. I was already feeling completely helpless but the click of the locks felt like a sign of permanence. I was helped to stand and quickly found that I could move about in the pony boots with no trouble.

“Honey, you look as if you’ve been wearing pony boots all your life. Now let’s finish fitting your tack.”

Finish? I thought I was finished, but Amanda then produced another leather item and my eyes widened when I saw it. A broad belt went round my waist and attached to the back was another narrow belt that would pass between my legs and be secured to the front of the waist belt. Attached to this crotch belt was a realistic tail and when the strap was secured, the tail would look natural. However, what really got my attention was the dildo that was part of the strap. Amanda smiled as she secured the strap tightly, but the dildo had been lubricated and slid in easily. As Amanda led me round the barn I quickly forgot the intruder inside me. It was no different to the tampons many women, including me, have to use on a regular basis. It was only later that I found out how different it was.

Once harnessed up, my introduction to being a pony girl was having my reins attached to a device that ran round the inside of the barn. Amanda explained, “It’s my own version of a pony walker.” She went over to a panel in the wall, tapped away on it and I suddenly found myself being pulled along. The pull of the device was too strong for me to resist and also, any resistance I did try to put up caused the various pieces of my bit to expand. Controlled by a machine, I walked round the barn twice before Amanda did something to the controls and I found myself moving at what could be termed a trot. I was halfway round my second circuit when the dildo started to not only vibrate, but twist around. Amanda later showed me the video she had taken as I had an orgasm while trotting round the barn!

When Amanda finally stopped the walker and released me from it, I was a wreck. I was shaking, sweating and still in an orgasmic haze as I was rubbed down and placed in one of the stalls. The door was bolted closed and I was left as Amanda returned to the house. As I slowly recovered, I looked around my stall. The rear wall was concrete but the sides were wooden planks, spaced closely together. The planks continued round the front of my stall ending in a simple wooden door that was in two halves. The bottom half had been closed by Amanda but the top one was left open. I stood looking at the padded bench and wondered if I would soon find out what it was for. The ground was covered in what looked like straw, but I found that it was very soft. Later I found that it was artificial and meant for human ponies to lie on without scratching or annoying them. With nothing else to do, I peered over the top of the closed door and looked at the simple bolt that held the door closed. Simple, but in my current state, impossible for me to open and I thought of just how helpless I now was. I could do nothing for myself. I couldn’t talk, or even utter any intelligible sounds. I even had to rely on someone else to feed me. For what was probably the first time since agreeing to become Amanda’s pet, I came to realise just how dependent on her I had become.

Time passed slowly. There was nothing to do and even less to see. Eventually Amanda returned, opened the door and entered my stall.

“How’s my little pony?” she asked with a smile as she stroked my cheek. “Hungry?”

In response my stomach growled and Amanda laughed as she produced a large bottle with a spout. She put the spout into my mouth and gently squeezed the bottle to force a thick paste into my mouth. It was completely tasteless and it took me a little while to master the art of swallowing without the use of my tongue. Amanda was patient and gentle, encouraging and stroking me. Eventually, I finished the contents and then Amanda brought out another bottle, but this time filled with water and encouraged me to drink. Once I had finished, she left me locked in my stall telling me that she would be back after she had eaten her dinner.

She returned as it was starting to get dark. She carried a leather leash which she attached to my collar and led me out of my stall. She stopped, wrapped the end of the leash round a post and wandered over to a cupboard near the doorway. I looked at the simple but utterly secure way I had been secured. I didn’t feel any fear or worry, just amusement. Amanda returned with a set of hobbles made from the same kind of bronze coloured metal as all my other restraints and secured them round my ankles. I could now only take a step of about a foot as taking my leash, Amanda led me outside. It was dark and there was a cold November wind blowing. Amanda had wrapped up nicely, but I was naked.

“Now then pony,” Amanda said, “the sooner you tinkle, the sooner you’ll be back inside your nice warm stall.”

Despite shivering in the cold, I thought, ’Yes, I’m a pony and ponies don’t use toilets!’ With that I let a stream of pee flow onto the ground, and as soon as I had finished, I was led back into the barn and back into my stall, relishing the warmth of it!

I wondered what would happen next as Amanda followed me in. First, my arms were released from the reverse prayer, brought up to my chin and my wrists locked to my collar. I was then made to lie on the padded bench and the various straps used to secure me there. There were straps at my ankles, above my knees, across my stomach and finally above my breasts. Amanda stepped back, looked at me and in a soft voice, said, “Oh you are definitely the one.” She leaned forward, kissed me then left, closing both stall doors and I heard the sound of the bolts being shot home. Shortly afterward, the lights went out, leaving only a dim red night light glowing near the back wall. I lay there and wondered what Amanda meant by ‘the one?’ I also found myself wondering why I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort in my arms. After being held in such a stringent bondage position for so long, there should be something, but there wasn’t even any stiffness. Still pondering these things I fell into a dreamless sleep.

The next day, I was woken up by the sound of the bolts being undone. Amanda gave me a cheery “Good morning pet,” as she released me from my bed. My arms were immediately taken back into the reverse prayer and my leash attached, but with a difference. The leash split into two parts. One was clipped to my collar and the other was attached to my bit, and I soon found why. I was led towards the barn doors and remembering how cold it was last night, tried to stop myself being led outside. However, the pain in my mouth brought immediate obedience to Amanda’s pull and I was led outside while it was still dark, and in the cold morning air emptied my bladder. Amanda took me back into the warm barn then attached my bit to the pony walker and I spent an unknown time walking, trotting and at the end, galloping round the barn.

I was then taken back to my stall where a chain, attached to the back wall, was clipped to my collar and I was left as Amanda went back to the house, returning shortly afterward with another bottle of the tasteless paste followed by more water. I was allowed to rest then taken back out of my stall and led over to what was a single seat, lightweight buggy and secured between the shafts. Amanda settled herself in the seat, then called out “Kala!” and I received a stinging crack across my backside with a whip. Startled, I leapt forward and before I realised it, I was pulling the buggy round the barn. We stayed at a walk as I learned to obey the reins and Amanda kept calling out how good I was. I started to settle into a rhythm when I received another stroke from her whip as Amanda called out “Deevo!” I had no idea what this meant but as I received another lash from the whip quickly realised that it meant I had to increase my pace to what was a trot.

Again I learned to obey the subtle instructions of the reins as Amanda guided me round the barn and I soon came to recognise the various words of command. Kala meant walk on, Deevo meant trot, Hadda put me up to a gallop and Shalto meant stop. It really meant ‘whoa’ but I wasn’t in a position to discuss grammar and syntax! After being driven round the barn for ages, I was unhitched from the buggy and returned to my stall, my collar again clipped to the wall chain and I was left until feeding time. After, I was again left until it was time to be taken outside, empty my bladder and then be returned to my stall where my hands were again locked to my collar and I was strapped down on my sleeping bench.

This was my routine for an unknown number of days as I quickly lost track of time. It dawned on me that I was being trained as a pony girl as Amanda used a whip to encourage me as well as the dildo, which I found, could also deliver a painful shock. Every now and then I also had to empty my bowels as well as peeing. Amanda would bring me back into the barn and clean me before returning me to my stall. I was kept busy during the day with exercising and buggy pulling but finally, as I lay bound to my bed I found myself thinking over a number of puzzling things that had either happened or I’d experienced. What finally brought matters to the front of my brain was one particular incident two days earlier.

I had spent the night listening to a fierce storm raging outside, and in the morning as Amanda came into the barn I could hear her on her phone.

“No it’s okay, sergeant, I’m fine. There wasn’t any damage other than a couple of trees uprooted and some loose items scattered around the yard. Yes, I heard on the radio that the bridge had been damaged. I went down to have a look and damaged is an understatement! It’s completely gone. No, there’s no problem. I’ve everything I need so it doesn’t matter that I can’t get out for a couple of weeks. No, I’m fine. Don’t worry, if I need anything, I’ll phone. Thank you. Bye.”

The sergeant she had been talking to was from the local police station and I knew that the only way to reach this house was over a stone bridge that had apparently been washed away in the storm. I was released from my bed and my routine continued as Amanda said nothing to me about any storm damage. In the back of my mind I thought, I’m just an animal. I don’t need to know these things, and carried on as one normally does as a harnessed animal!

However, late in the afternoon, I saw a bright flash that slowly subsided. Because of my blinkers I couldn’t see the source nor could I turn my head, but suddenly I heard Samantha’s voice addressing Amanda. My buggy was halted, Amanda dismounted, pulled the reins over my head and tied them to a pillar in the barn in such a way that I couldn’t turn to see anything. She walked away and I heard them conversing in that melodious language. I was left standing there wondering how Samantha could come to the house if there was no bridge, then shortly after, I thought I saw the reflection of another flash before Amanda returned, loosened my reins and carried on as if nothing had happened. That night I let the thoughts flow through my mind. I had never believed in little green men or flying saucers and thought all those stories of UFOs were the result of overactive imaginations or too much to drink. Now, however…?

I was woken from a disturbed night’s sleep by the sound of the bolts being drawn. Amanda came in and undid the straps holding me to my bed. However, instead of the expected trip to empty my bladder, Amanda made me sit on the bed and she proceeded to remove my pony boots. I was told to stand and did so, finding to my surprise that my feet and legs felt more or less normal, with only a slight stiffness in my ankles. While pondering this, the rest of my tack was removed until I stood naked and for the first time in ages, no restraints. The only part of me that seemed affected by being kept as a pony was my mouth and I found it difficult to speak.

“Don’t worry my pet,” Amanda reassured me, “Your voice will return very quickly.” With that she took my hand and gently led me back into the house where I discovered that it was now into the first week of December.

I was told to go and have a shower then join Amanda in her study. I went into the shower feeling strange, but then it hit me. I was walking about with no restraints, not even a collar and I felt incomplete! Still trying to work out why I felt this way I used the facilities then enjoyed a nice hot shower in Amanda’s en-suite. Just before leaving her room I saw a set of the bronze coloured restraints lying on her bed. The hobbles would allow a step of about 15 inches but the cuffs had a 2 inch bar between them which would effectively hinder any wrist movement. I picked the shackles up and held them for a moment, then before I could change my mind, bent and locked the hobbles round my ankles. Having taken that step I picked up the cuffs and after a slight struggle, succeeded in locking my arms behind my back.

Naked and shackled by my own hand, I entered Amanda’s study. She looked up as I entered and gasped, then standing up, she walked over to me and wrapped her arms around me.

“Oh Honey, you are a gem, you really are. No wonder I want to keep you.”

Her comment startled me, but thinking back over the past few months, I didn’t feel any fear or even discomfort. Instead I felt a warm glow inside. For the first time in years I felt loved.

“Now,” Amanda said as she stepped back, “come over here.”

She led the way to a comfortable sofa and sat down, but instead of sitting beside her, I knelt at her feet. Amanda’s response was to lean over, stroke my cheek then gently kiss me. I found myself responding to her kiss and I felt a warm tingle between my legs, but Amanda slowly sat back up and, reaching around, switched on her tape recorder.

I then spent the next two or three hours being quizzed by her. How had I felt at being kept as a human pony? What did I feel about the harness, and boots? What were my feelings about wearing such a restrictive bit and being unable to speak, or even make an intelligible sound? Amanda also spent time asking me how I had felt at being left alone at night, not only locked in my stall, but strapped down for the night as well. She also wanted to know how I had felt at being made to pull a buggy, and my reaction to her using a buggy whip on me. She also wanted to know my feelings about being taken outside to pee and poo. The questioning went on for some time, and I recognised that she would ask me the same question numerous times, but phrased in a different way each time. Eventually, she said, “Well, I think that’s all I need for now. Let’s go and have some lunch.”

Amanda led the way into the dining room and I was made to kneel next to a low table while Amanda went into the kitchen, returning a short time later with a tray of food. As my restraints were not removed, I once again received every bite of food and drink from Amanda’s hand. During the meal we chatted about all sorts of inconsequential things. However, as the meal finished, my eyes were drawn to a collar sitting on a table near where I knelt. Amanda saw me looking at it so picked it up and brought it over for me to examine. It was made from the same metal as my shackles but unlike the collar I had previously worn, looked thicker and had what looked like a strange pattern engraved in it.

“I would love you to wear this,” Amanda said.

I looked up at her and replied, “Fine Mistress. I’m your pet, so it’s up to you what you lock on me.”

“Oh no, Honey, not this collar. You must ask me to lock it onto you.”

I was about to reply and tell her that she could when she held up her hand.

“No, Honey, just wait. Wearing this particular collar would mean a complete change in our relationship. It would also be a permanent change.”

I knelt there, silent, wondering what she meant as she sighed and continued,

“You see, when you ask me to lock this collar onto you, you are committing yourself to me for the rest of your life.”

I knelt stunned at this as she continued. “By wearing this collar; by asking to wear this collar, you would be saying that you agree to renounce your status as a person and become my property. You would submit yourself to being my possession, allowing me to do with you whatever I chose, without asking your permission. In fact I wouldn’t even have to explain anything to you, I could just do it.” She paused and cupping my face in both hands said, “My promise to you to look after you, take care of you and keep you safe from harm would still apply, but you would have no say in what I chose to do with you. Do you understand?”

I understood all right. If I asked Amanda to lock that collar round my neck, I would be acknowledging that I was a thing, a possession and Amanda would no longer simply be my Mistress, but my owner. I would have no more rights than the sofa she was sitting on. I would have rights, but it wasn’t until sometime later that I found out about that.

“Would I be permitted to make suggestions, Mistress?” I asked.

Amanda laughed. “I can’t imagine you not making suggestions, providing you were in a position to talk that is,” was her reply. She went on, “I don’t want you to say anything more on this subject until you have had time to digest all I’ve said.”

We spent the rest of the day listening to music or watching TV. Amanda made a late dinner and again I was hand fed before being taken to my bedroom, chained to my bed and locked in for the night. However, instead of going to sleep, I lay thinking over what Amanda had said about wearing that collar. Thinking back to before coming into this house, I couldn’t remember a time when I had felt really happy, or even safe. I realised that since my parents had died, I had never really experienced real love or affection until meeting Amanda. I felt deep inside, that even if I allowed myself to be reduced in status to a thing, a mere possession, I could trust Amanda to look after me. Even bound or chained, I felt safe, safer than I had ever felt since I was 15. With that thought, I drifted off to sleep.

Next morning, I was released from my bed, wrists cuffed in front of me and ankles hobbled with a 12” chain and followed Amanda into the kitchen where I had breakfast. All the time, my mind had been working overtime so when Amanda led me into her study I had decided what I was going to do. As Amanda turned to me, I knelt before her.

“Mistress, I have thought long and hard and have reached a decision.”

Amanda stood with a smile on her face as she replied,

“And what have you decided, my pet?”

Taking a deep breath, I replied, “Mistress, I wish to wear your collar. I submit myself to you as your possession.”

Amanda knelt down in front of me and took my face gently in both hands.

“Are you sure about this Honey? Once that collar is locked round your neck, there will be no going back. Think carefully.”

“Mistress, I’m sure. Since I came here, I’ve never experienced such a sense of peace. I feel safe with you.” I laughed. “For some reason, the more I am restrained, the safer I feel.”

Amanda sighed, a long deep sigh and smile. “Honey, you don’t know how happy you’ve made me feel. I have been dreading the time you would want to leave and to hear you now..” She stopped talking, pulled my head towards her and kissed me deeply. When she broke the kiss, I was feeling breathless and knelt there as she stood up, went out of her study and returned a few minutes later holding the collar. I lifted my head as she slipped the collar round my neck, the metal feeling cool against my skin. There was a moment’s hesitation as she looked down at me then I heard and felt the click as the collar was locked shut.

For a moment, nothing happened then Amanda simply said, “Stay,” and left the room.

I knelt there looking around me but made no attempt to get up off my knees. I could just see a digital clock on her desk and I watched the time slowly pass. I knew I was being tested but the two hours I knelt there seemed much longer before Amanda returned holding a cup of coffee. She sat at her desk looking at me and drinking her coffee but said nothing. Knowing that this was also a test of some kind, I remained silent. I let my gaze wander round the room but always, out of the corner of my eye, I watched my Mistress as she read through the notes she had taken of our talk the day before. Eventually she turned to me.

“From what you said yesterday, you didn’t find being helpless frightening.”

“No Mistress,” I replied. “You’ve said that you would look after me and care for me, and I trust you.”

She smiled, then producing a leather leash, clipped it to the ring on the front of my collar. “Come,” was all she said and I hurriedly struggled to my feet and followed her. I spent the rest of the day being led around by Amanda, but that night, instead of being taken to my room, I was led into Amanda’s bedroom. However, instead of locking me in my cage, which is what I expected, Amanda indicated what appeared to be a leather sleeping bag lying on her bed. It lay open and I saw that it closed by means of a full length heavy duty zip, and I saw that the zip could be locked when fastened. My restraints were removed and I was told to get into the bag.

Firstly, I found that there were separate sleeves for my legs, then as Amanda pulled the sack up my body, I found similar sleeves for my arms, Amanda pulled up the full length zip and I found my legs pinned tightly together and my arms were pinned to the sides of my body. I lay there as Amanda locked the zip then proceeded to tightly secure straps round my body, at my ankles, above my knees, round my waist then above and below my breasts. I was unable to do any more that wriggle as Amanda climbed into bed with me and pulled the duvet up. She looked down at me, softly caressing my cheek and whispered, “Sleep now my pet. Sleep and grow.”

I wondered what she meant, but as she stroked my face I felt myself becoming sleepy and feeling secure in her embrace, drifting off to sleep.

Blackness. I lay unable to move. I could see nothing, feel nothing and I found myself wondering, ‘Why am I not panicking? Am I having a dream?’ Then faintly, I heard Amanda’s voice.

“Rest my pet. I will look after you and care for you. Sleep and be healed.”

Healed? Why, what was wrong with me? Amanda’s voice continued, “Let me read to you my pet and pass the time.” The time did pass, but I couldn’t tell if it was minutes, hours or days. I lay there, totally relaxed, despite how I was. Sometimes I lay with random thoughts running through my mind, and often came the voice of my Mistress, reading to me.

The light streaming through the window woke me. I lay there and realised that I was in my own bed. I had gone to sleep strapped into a leather sack, or had I? Confused, I got out of bed to head for the bathroom and immediately noticed that I wasn’t restrained in any way. I did what I had to do then went to wash my hands. Looking in the mirror, I saw that my collar was still locked round my neck, then with a shock saw that through my nose was a 1 inch diameter metal ring. An inspection soon found that the ring, made from the same material as all Amanda’s restraints, wasn’t removable and also that putting any pressure on it hurt like hell. Now I understood why bulls had rings through their noses.

Still shocked by the sight of the ring through my nose, I started to notice other things. A childhood accident had left me with a scar on the inside of one arm, but now it had disappeared and my skin was smooth and clear. In fact, my skin felt so smooth and clear over my whole body. I became aware that I seemed to see things more clearly and my hearing had also improved, so much so that I heard Amanda quietly entering my bedroom. I practically ran back into the room to find Amanda sitting on my bed.

“What have you done to me? Who are you? Where do you come from?” All the thoughts and ideas that had been running through my mind came tumbling out in a jumble of words.

Amanda simply patted the bed beside her and I came and sat next to her. She took my hand in her own and smiled.”

Let me answer your questions in an orderly fashion,” she said, then went on, “Will you submit or will you fight me?”

“What about your promise to look after me and keep me safe?” I asked.

“I will continue to look after you and keep you safe, Honey. I do not break my promises. However, I must remind you of your promise when you asked me to lock that collar round your neck.”

I sat looking at Amanda who calmly sat looking back at me. My mind was in a whirl, but one thought came clearly to the front of my mind. I had accepted that I was Amanda’s property and had agreed that she could do with me whatever she liked. I fingered the ring through my nose then slipped off the bed to kneel before her.

“Forgive me Mistress.”

Amanda bent down, cupped my face in her hands and gently kissed me. “I take it that answers the question about the ring?”

I actually laughed. “Yes Mistress, but may I be allowed to ask about everything else?”

Her answer came as a shock. “Do you remember when I first took you into the barn and turned you into my pony? I nodded. Your arms were secured in a reverse prayer position and I rubbed a thick cream onto them which eased any pain or discomfort. That cream contained numerous microorganisms. The closest I can come to describing them is, do you know what nanites are?”

“Yes Mistress, microscopic machines that can be programmed for various functions.”

“Close enough. These bioprobes are an extremely advanced type of nanite. These can not only heal any injury or cure any illness you could suffer from, but they also prolong the lifespan of anyone who has them in her body.”

I remembered the first time I had met Amanda, thinking she was older than she looked. “Mistress, just how old are you?”

She sighed. “The answer may shock you.”

I fingered my nose ring and stroked my arm. “I think I’ll survive,” I replied.

She looked down at me. “In your own time measurements, I’m 860 years old.”

I don’t know where the thought came from, but I looked up at her and replied, “You wear it well!”

Amanda laughed. “Oh I’m just a baby. The oldest person we have was among the first to receive the bioprobes. She is, “Amanda stopped and thought. “She would be about 19,000 years old.”

I just knelt there stunned. What were our ancestors doing then? Still living in caves?

“Where do you come from Mistress?” I finally asked, then as the thought occurred to me, “And why are you here?”

“We call our world I’shara,” she replied. “It is about 86,000 light years from here.”

“Why are you here?”

Amanda smiled. “Not to do any harm. We have been observing this word for a long time. However, we only started to put people onto the planet in what would have been your 18th century. Any earlier and we could have run into problems with superstitious beliefs. Nobody wanted to end up being burned at the stake as a witch!”

“However, in recent years,” she continued, “your technology has started to interfere with our remaining unobserved. We think some of your governments suspect our existence. Initially we had ships in orbit, then we had to move behind your moon. Now we have to hide behind the asteroid belt. Even then, “she paused and laughed, “Our ships have to keep dodging all the probes you keep sending out.”

“Can’t you shield or something?” I asked.

Amanda laughed out loud. “Oh Honey, you’ve been watching too many science fiction programmes. Yes, we have stealth technology that makes your efforts look primitive, but we can’t make our ships invisible. We don’t want to be detected by a satellite’s cameras or even somebody’s telescope. For this reason, we are withdrawing most of our people.” She stopped and looked down at me with a smile, then went on, “and of course, we’re taking our pets with us.”

I knelt there, trying to take in all Amanda had said, when she rose and simply said, “Come.”

Rising, I obediently followed my Mistress, or rather started to follow her, then stopped, staring out the window. The sun was shining brightly and the sky was a cloudless blue. My last memory was looking out the window at the snow falling outside! I turned to see Mistress standing with a smile on her face.

“In order to allow the bioprobes to fully repair any damage to your body, you had to be kept still and quiet. You were placed in a cocoon that sustained you until the probes had completed their work.”

“My dream of being in a dark place and unable to move wasn’t a dream, was it?”

“No my pet,” she replied. “I spent many hours reading to you while you lay there.”

Looking back out the window, I asked, “How long was I in the cocoon?”

Amanda’s smile broadened. “It is now the middle of August.”

As I stood there, she then asked me, “While we’re talking, have you actually listened to yourself?”

Puzzled, I wondered what she meant. “Sorry Mistress, what do you…..?” I stopped suddenly as I realised that I wasn’t speaking English.

“While you were in the cocoon, we took the opportunity to teach you I’sharan.”

Feeling shocked, I followed Mistress into the barn and stood silently as I was fitted out in pony tack. However, just before my bit was fitted, which would have rendered me dumb, I had to ask,

“Mistress, are you, you?”


Taking a deep breath, I replied, “Mistress, are you human or are you some kind of shape-shifting alien?”

Mistress Amanda laughed, then responded, “Oh pet, I’m as human as you, just greatly enhanced.”

“Oh good,” I replied, and continued, “It would be kind of awkward to find myself falling in love with someone who was green with tentacles!”

Amanda looked at me then smiled, leaned forward and gently kissed me.

“Oh pet, I knew you were the one for me.” Before I could respond, she slipped the bit into my mouth and firmly secured it in place. Then she led me over to one of the stalls, gently urged me inside then closed and bolted the door.

“Sam’tha will be bringing her pet here, so you will have company. However, I’m afraid you will have to keep your bit in for the next two weeks until we leave this world.” she told me. After telling me this, she left me alone to ponder all that had happened to me.

I wandered round my stall with questions running through my mind. What would happen to me? What was their world like? Somehow, I knew that we would not be harmed, but the questions kept running through my mind until I was distracted. Mistress Amanda, or Am’da as I now knew her name was, came into the barn at the same time as a bright ball of light suddenly appeared in the middle of the barn. It was about the size of a tennis ball and floated about 3 feet off the ground. As I watched, the ball changed into a single shaft of light that stretched from the ground upwards about 7 or 8 feet, then seemed to split into two and separated until they were about 5 feet apart and I found myself looking through what I can only describe as a doorway framed in light. Through this doorway came Samantha leading another female figure, attired like me, as a ponygirl. She too had a ring through her nose and Samantha was leading the girl by a leash clipped to her nose ring.

They both came towards where I was as the doorway collapsed back into a small ball of light before disappearing, and I now knew what the bright flashes of light were that I had noticed last time I had been here. Am’da and Samantha greeted each other and then the other girl was led over and brought into my stall.

“Honey, meet Erin, Sam’tha’s pet. You can get to know each other and I’ll get you both something to eat in a while.”

Samantha leaned in and gently stroked Erin’s cheek.

“Try to relax my pet,” she said. “I know how confused you are, but there is no way I could ever consider letting you go, even if I didn’t love you.”

The two women left and I turned to look at Erin who was looking at Sam’tha’s departing back. She had a look in her eyes that I couldn’t describe. Her expression was like a mixture of longing and confusion. However, as she turned to me, her eyes showed laughter and her lips would have smiled but for her bit. She moved closer and nuzzled into me and I returned the caress, noticing as I did so, that she didn’t wear a collar.

I wondered what Sam’tha meant by her comment about letting Erin go, but I wasn’t in a position to ask. The rest of the day passed slowly. We both spent most of the time lying down next to each other with brief interruptions when one or both of our Mistresses appeared to feed us or finally, settle us down for the night. Because there were two of us in the same stall, the sleeping platform had been removed and we had to settle down in the straw. I must admit, I found the presence of Erin comforting and going by the way she snuggled into me and went to sleep, she must have felt the same way.

We spent two weeks in Mistress Am’da’s stable. We were exercised regularly and we also spent time pulling our mistresses – or owners – round the barn in the buggy. By the end of that time we were both responding automatically to the various commands. “Kala '' then “Deevo” then as the pace increased, “Hadda”. Several times round the barn at a gallop before a gentle but firm pull on the reins and the call of “Shalto”. The translation of this last one was ‘stop’ but in our situation it really meant ‘Whoa’.

We also learned a new command. ‘Reesha’ meant ‘down’ but as ponies, we were meant to kneel. I found it difficult to get back up again. ‘Yat’ meant ‘Up’ and trying to rise while still harnessed to the buggy was harder than it looked, however, I soon learned how to rise. Erin made me slightly envious as she seemed able to kneel and rise again with an effortless grace. I found the time to be a pleasant one, which some might think strange considering my circumstances. From the expression on Erin’s face, I saw that she too wasn’t unhappy. I wondered at the mystery of why Sam’tha kept caressing Erin and saying things like, “Soon my pet you won’t have to worry about divided loyalties. Do you love me?” Erin would nuzzle into her Mistress and nod.

It was at the end of the second week when our Mistresses came into the barn looking excited. Leashes were clipped to our nose rings and we were led into the middle of the barn. I wondered what was happening and what Erin’s reaction was, but my tack prevented me from turning to look. Suddenly there was a flash of light and one of those ‘gates’ appeared. We were gently led through the shining portal and immediately stumbled. However, our Mistresses and several others wearing some kind of uniform held us and helped us steady ourselves.

“Sorry pet,” said Mistress Am’da as she turned to me, “I forgot about the gravity gradient. It’s slightly greater than your world, but you’ll soon adapt.”

Her words told us that we were no longer standing on our familiar Earth, and looking at our surroundings, convinced me that we were on some kind of transport vessel, a fact that was confirmed when Sam’tha turned and told us that we were now on an I’sharan transport about to take us all to I’shara.

Erin and I were led along a passageway and into an area that seemed to be full of large cages made from some transparent material. We were led into one, our bits were removed and then the door was closed and locked. As it immediately became quiet, it was obvious that our cage was soundproof. There was another occupant in our cage who was the same height and build as Erin and I but with jet black hair and I saw that she was wearing an owner’s collar, and like us, had a ring through her nose. She grinned at us.

“Welcome to the Ritz,” she said. “I’m Raven.” She nodded towards some nozzles mounted on the metal wall at the back of our cage. “Have a drink. It’s just water but it’ll help get your tongues working again after wearing those bits.”

We availed ourselves of the water which was cold and fresh, then turning to Raven we introduced ourselves. It was when Erin mentioned her surname that memory came flooding back. Just after I had agreed to become Amanda’s companion, the news was filled with stories about a young policewoman who had gone missing. She had been reported chasing three teenage girls along a clifftop pathway. Extensive searches had failed to find her but there was evidence that she had fallen into the sea, and it was suspected that her body had been swept out to sea by the current.

Able to talk, Erin told us what had happened.

“I was catching up on the three of them but as they were passing a house near the path, there was a flash of light.”

“Dimensional portal,” explained Raven.

“Yeah,” replied Erin. “Know now what it was. Anyway, the girls stopped and a woman stepped through. Turned out it was Samantha, or Sam’tha I suppose I should call her. The girls started to run away but something, several somethings, came through the portal and chased the girls who just collapsed. Next thing I know, one of these machines comes up to me and the woman called out that if I didn’t try to run, I wouldn’t be knocked out.” She laughed. “Short story. I became her pet pony girl.” She stopped and stared into space then went on, “the trouble is I’ve become really fond of Sam’tha but my duty should be to try and escape and report things.”

Raven came over and suggested we all get comfortable so we sat down on the soft floor of our cage. She then turned to Erin.

“Your duty is to protect the public, right?”


“Then think about this. If you had been able to escape and report what had happened, a quick blood test would reveal the bioprobes. Now my Mistress has said that they think some governments are aware of their presence, or at least suspect something. You would be the proof they need. Now, do you think you would be allowed to just wander about? You would more than likely ‘disappear’ into some government lab. It wouldn’t be long before word got out and despite what politicians like to think, the media would soon get an inkling. Then what. Can you imagine the headlines? ‘Eternal life! No more illnesses. Everyone healthy and immortal!”

“But we don’t know that,” exclaimed Erin.

“Do you think that would make any difference in peoples’ minds?” responded Raven. “I imagine governments would want to control this technology for their military. There would be riots and how long before it came to fighting, either on the streets or all-out war?”

We sat silently thinking through what Raven had said until our thoughts were interrupted by the door being opened and someone in a uniform brought in three large bowls of food. Setting them down, the woman turned to Erin and said, “I’ve been told to treat you as if you are collared. I hope you will behave as if you are.”

Rising to her feet, Erin gave the woman a slight bow and replied, “I will.” Then went on, “If it is possible though, I would like to speak to my Mistress. Can you inform her?”

The woman agreed then left, locking the door and leaving us to enjoy what was a rather delicious meal, even if we had to eat with our arms still secured in the reverse prayer.

After eating, we continued to share how we came to be where we were. I told my story and Raven responded,

“At least they’re consistently honest with us.”

“How do you mean?” asked Erin.

“Well, I was cold, wet, and hungry and saw this isolated farmhouse so decided to break in as it didn’t seem to be occupied.” She stopped and laughed. “I was happily raiding the fridge when the light came on and I found myself looking at this woman. My first impression was that she was very beautiful. She just stood there with a smile then asked if I would like something hot to eat. She left the room and came back with a dressing gown and suggested I get out of my wet clothes while she made me something hot. I suppose I was in a dream. I’d been caught in someone’s house and instead of screaming at me to get out or threatening to call the police, she calmly sat me down, fed me and asked me who I was.

Once she found out I didn’t have any family she offered me a deal. I could stay the night under certain conditions and in the morning make my choice.”

“What choice?” Erin and I both asked.

“If I wanted to leave, she would provide me with clothing, £500 cash, take me to the train station and buy me a first class rail ticket to anywhere in the country. However, she then said that if I chose to stay, it would be as her possession. Not a slave or a pet, but an object. She said that she would look after me, care for me and keep me from harm, but I would belong to her.”

Erin and I sat and looked at each other. With differences because of the way we had met our Mistresses, the conditions were practically the same.

Raven went on to describe how her first night was in the cellar of the house, handcuffed and chained to the wall. She described the sleepless night before deciding to take a chance with the woman and how she then went to sleep to find she had been ‘asleep’ for almost a year, was told who her Mistress was and why she was here and eventually accepted her collar.

“The rest you know,” she concluded.

We sat in silence for a while then Erin said,

“You have a very unusual name.”

Raven burst out laughing. “My parents gave me the name Cynthia. I hated it and when Mistress suggested that Cynthia wasn’t really a suitable name for a pet she went through a list but didn’t like any of them. She had been reading a book of poetry and one line caught her eye, something like ‘hair as black as a raven’s wing’ looked at my hair and decided on Raven.” She paused and went on, “and I find I quite like it!”

Our conversation was interrupted as the lighting suddenly dimmed.

“Sleep time,” said Raven who then proceeded to lie down on the ground. Despite the floor being made from a soft material, I didn’t think it would be all that comfortable, nevertheless, Erin and I also lay down. We were just trying to get comfortable when I felt a strange sensation as if I was floating, then realised as Raven giggled, that I was.

“I don’t know how they do it,” she said, “but we’re suspended just above the ground.”

Once I became used to the sensation of having nothing underneath me, I settled down. It was warm and I found that the three of us had cuddled up together as I drifted off to sleep.

We were woken as the lights came back up and we were gently dumped on the floor as the force field or whatever was switched off. We struggled to our feet just as there was a rattle and the metal trough was filled with bite sized pellets of something.

“Breakfast” commented Raven as she bent over the trough and started to eat, quickly followed by Erin and myself. The pellets had an unusual but pleasant taste and I revelled in being able to eat solid food again after two weeks of what were essentially thick milk shakes.

Breakfast over, we stood wondering what was going to happen next, when the door of our cage opened and Sam’tha came in followed by two other women.

“You wanted to speak to me?” she asked Erin.

Erin walked over to her mistress, then kneeling down before her replied,

“Mistress, I submit myself as your property and ask to wear your collar.”

“Heard and witnessed,” called out the two women practically in unison, as Sam’tha knelt and embraced Erin.

“I really hoped this was what you wanted to see me about,” Sam’tha said as reaching behind her, produced a collar, similar to those worn by Raven and myself, and with a loud click, locked it around Erin’s neck. Standing, she pulled Erin to her feet, hugged her then went on,

“Now pet, I, along with the other people who were on your planet, have to spend some time giving reports. You’ll be looked after by Ra’tha.” She turned and indicated one of the women. “She is the head trainer for our district back home and will be in charge of all the ponies here. Just be your normal self and I’ll see you when we get to our destination.”

There was a final hug and Sam’tha left. We then had our bits refitted, then producing a short whip, Ra’tha called out,” Come along ponies, time for your orientation.”

Were led out of our cell and along a passageway. Ra’tha would sometimes just touch us with her whip but nothing more, but as we approached the end of the passage we could hear the sound of whips striking flesh together with cries. We entered a large open area and looking round I saw about twenty women harnessed and bitted like us, as pony girls. Erin, Raven and I were led to an elevated platform at the back of the room and told to kneel. Ra’tha left us and as I looked around suddenly realised that maybe being collared was something special. We three were the only ones collared, and we were not secured to anything. Every other pony girl was fastened to a metal bar by a chain attached to her nose ring. We three exchanged looks and Raven raised her eyebrows then we gave our attention to Ra’tha who was mounting a small dais in front of us.

“Attention,” she called in a loud voice, “My name is of no importance to you. If you are granted the privilege of speech, you will address me and any other person as ‘My lady’.” She paused and looked around, and her gaze settled on us. I simply bowed my head and from the corner of my eye, saw Erin and Raven doing likewise. Ra’tha gave a little smile and continued,

“If you haven’t already realised it, you are no longer people. You are Oashak Mel, intelligent livestock.”

There were moans and cries from some of the kneeling women, muffled by their bits and a few tried pulling against their nose chain, something that they quickly stopped doing as Ra’tha continued.

“Some of you don’t appear to be very intelligent. Perhaps you will not be so foolish in future to resist your nose leashes.”

There was some more instruction, mostly dealing with how a pony girl was expected to behave and we were told that there would be a regular exercise routine until we arrived at I’shara where we would all be transferred to Ra’tha’s stable for training.

“There are some of you who have accepted their position and are now collared. They will be trained until their Mistresses come for them. The rest of you will be trained to a sufficiently high standard where you will be offered to any who wish to have their own pony.”

There were more cries and moans and at least two of the girls lost control of their bladders. Ra’tha merely turned to one of the others and said, “Get them cleaned up and put them back in their stalls.”

As the others were being released and taken away, one of the crew walked past us and told the three of us to stay where we were, and soon we were the only ones there in a deserted chamber. We looked at each other and Erin shrugged as best she could with her restraints but apart from looking around, we all stayed where we were. I had no idea how long we knelt there, but there was a sound and we turned to find Ra’tha standing behind us. She looked down at us and smiled,

“I am impressed. When I was told how you three came to be Oashak, I had a feeling you would be a pleasure to train. We were told to stand and reminded one stamp was yes and two was no.

“Are you going to be obedient ponies for your Mistresses?” She laughed out loud when all three of us stamped once, almost in unison. She caressed our cheeks, then our breasts before we were led back to our stall and locked in again, with our bits still fitted.

We quickly settled into the routine. Woken and fed, then exercised for a time then returned to our cage. There were facilities for us to use in one corner, but due to the bioprobes working in us, we never felt the need to poo, just urinate. Because we behaved ourselves, and didn’t fight our trainers, then for the first few days, when we were returned to our cage, we were allowed to talk to each other until the second feed of the day. Erin was in a happy frame of mind when she found that the three girls she had been chasing were also here, but weren’t enjoying the experience. When Ra’tha found out about Erin, she had Erin brought to the training area to watch the girls being trained. Recounting the trip afterwards, Erin said that,

“They’re not having a good time. They keep fighting and refusing to follow simple instructions but all they achieve is sore backsides.” She paused. “I can sleep easy now. Justice has been served!”

Life quickly settled into a routine. Woken up, fed then exercised before being returned to our glass cage. We would be left to relax for a time before being taken out and exercised again. When returned to our cage this time we would be fed once again. As we were being taken to and from our cage, I saw that Erin, Raven and I were the only ones being kept together. Every other cage held only a single occupant and there was a chain secured round their necks and attached to the rear wall. It appeared long enough to allow the person to wander round but prevented them from reaching the entrance to their cage, and I wondered why we were being treated differently. Throughout this time, our bits were never removed, so although we were together, the three of us were unable to communicate in any meaningful way. Shortly after eating, we were taken back to the large exercise area for what we were told were orientation lectures.

We learned about what would be our new home and in general, what everyone could expect to happen to them. There was a lot of crying and moaning, but with bits still securely fitted, moaning was all that could be expressed. We also found out that we were covered by I’sharan law that stated that all Oashak had to be cared for and not cruelly treated, although the law also provided for someone to be punished for any misdeed, the severity of the punishment depending on the level of the offence. I did think that harnessed and secured as we were, there wasn’t much that any of us could do. I was wrong. One day we were taken into the training area to witness one of the pony girls being whipped. She had kicked one of her trainers, and then tried to stamp on her head. When Erin, Raven and I were allowed to talk, we all agreed that the stupid girl deserved whatever she got. Nobody else misbehaved.

We were also told something of the history of I’shara, its laws and customs, at least as they would apply to us as pets and therefore property. We were also told a little about the development of the bioprobes now swarming through our bodies, keeping us healthy and promising an exceptionally long lifespan. For me at least, one benefit of the bioprobes was that I no longer had to worry about periods and the associated discomfort and pain. Every now and then I saw Raven with a puzzled look on her face, but because we never had our bits removed, I couldn’t ask her what was wrong.

Eventually, we arrived at our destination and we were all taken through one of the dimensional gates and found ourselves on a large stable complex surrounded by a large expanse of grass with a wooded area in the distance. I received a further clue as to our status when I overheard two of the crew referring to us as ‘the latest herd’, so finding ourselves in a stable shouldn’t have come as a surprise.

We started training the next morning. It was a mixture of being taught how to walk, step and prance, then learning to pull a buggy and respond to the reins. Thanks to the time I had spent already, I was actually able to enjoy myself. Most afternoons were spent in a large field and there were often people walking past who would stop to look at us, stroke us and even talk to us. There were even children, all girls, and I came to enjoy listening to them. They usually asked the same question, “Can we get a pony?” to which the adult would reply that they had to wait until they were old enough. I wondered what age that would be, when they were about 100?

Erin, Raven and I were stabled separately from the others, because we were collared and therefore already owned. Our stalls were arranged in a U shape so when, after a two or three days, our bits were removed in the evenings for a while, we were able to talk to each other and compare notes. Often, Ra’tha would come and spend time with us as well, and the first time she came, Raven asked the question we had all been wondering about.

“Why don’t we see any men?” she asked.

Ra’tha pulled up a stool from nearby, then sat down before replying. “When the bioprobes became effective, which took about 200 years, we found a flaw.” She paused. “The probes were only effective in females. Males would continue to live, but only for a normal lifespan of about 100 years. However, as time went on, their lifespan grew shorter and shorter until it stabilised at around 40 years. That’s I’sharan years,” she added. As an I’sharan year was about 1.4 times an earth years it meant that males would live, on average, for about 55 years. Ra’tha continued. “As well as the deterioration in age, intelligence also diminished so now we have males that are on average much shorter than us, and have to be kept like dangerous animals.”

“What about males from Earth,” Erin asked. “You must have acquired a number of them?”

“Yes, we have. Again, the bioprobes don’t work on them. We keep them in a separate facility where they are looked after and cared for. Sadly, probably because of their age and too much testosterone, they have a tendency to fight.” She stopped looking at us then continued. “We have to castrate them as soon as they arrive. Most of them are operated on under anaesthetic, but there have been a few, very few who were extremely violent towards women, and they had the pleasure of suffering for their crimes.”

We stood silent for a while, taking in all that we had been told, then Erin asked, “Hasn’t anyone tried to alter the bioprobes?”

Ra’tha gave a sad smile and replied, “Our scientists did look into it, and discovered that the problem was the genetic coding of the probes but,” she stopped then rushed on, “we were afraid of changing anything in case it caused us harm.” She sighed. “Personally, I did some research many years ago into the scientist who first developed the probes as she was my ancestor, and I have come to the conclusion that she didn’t like men.” Abruptly, she stood up. “Right, enough chat. Time for your bits to be refitted and get you settled for the night.

Our training continued, but this time we were joined by our Mistresses. We had to learn to follow the reins and various commands, and our Mistresses had to learn how to handle the reins and guide us safely. We were also introduced to a piece of equipment designed mainly for disciplinary use. It was a form fitting metal helmet, lined with a soft rubbery material, and had form fitting earplugs and goggles that limited vision to straight ahead. The person controlling the pony could render the pony, blind, deaf or both, depending on circumstances. The helmet also incorporated a bit that could not be removed. Ra’tha took time to explain that the helmet was usually used as a form of punishment or discipline. It was also explained that even though we were well behaved and a pleasure to train, we still had to be introduced to the helmet so we knew what it felt like. The first time I found myself standing in darkness and silence was frightening, but Mistress stayed with me, stroking me and keeping physical contact with me until I settled.

Once we had become used to the helmets, we were often taken out in public. There are no cities as such, as the population were able to live in what was more a rural setting with numerous places where people could meet and socialise. These places had areas for stabling ponies if that was how someone chose to come. However, often when people met, they would have their ponies with them so the helmet’s functions would often be used. It was pointed out that we were considered sufficiently trustworthy to keep anything we heard to ourselves, and I was glad when we were allowed to go out without the helmet.

We had been training for what must have been several months when one evening, Sha’lla, Raven’s owner, commented that as they were almost finished giving their reports, it would soon be time to take us home where we would become pets instead of ponies.

“Aren’t you wanting to take part in the parade then?” asked Ra’tha.

“Well, yes,” was the reply, “but Raven has been kept as a pony for some time, so I think she would like a change.”

“Mistress, what parade?” asked Raven and Erin almost simultaneously.

Ra’tha laughed and then went on to explain that every two years there was a large social event where those who had Oashak Tai and wished to show them off, took part in a parade. I was watching my Mistress and asked, “Mistress, would you like to take part in this parade?”

“Of course pet,” was her reply, “but like Raven and Erin, you must want to be free of these restraints.”

Erin Raven and I looked at each other and it was Erin turned to our Mistresses and spoke. “Would you like to take part in this parade?”

All three agreed that they would like to take part. Am’da went on to explain that none of them had ever taken part as until now they had never had anyone to pull a buggy.

Again, the three of us looked at each other and this time I answered. “Mistress, my ladies, we would be delighted to be your ponies for the parade.”

There was a great deal of laughter and hugs before Ra’tha interrupted.

“You would have to remain in pony tack for a whole year, but if you three agree to stay as ponies until after the parade, there is something I would like to try.”

An I’sharan year was the equivalent to just over 18 earth months, but I thought, What’s 18 months to an indefinitely long and healthy life? Later, I found that Erin and Raven had thought the same.

Our Mistresses were told to go away and return the next day and we three had our bits refitted then we were settled down for the night.

Next morning we were taken back into the exercise area where Ra’tha was waiting.

“I’ve been waiting to try this for some time,'' she said, and with a flourish pointed to something behind us. We turned and stood amazed. Standing there was what could only be described as a chariot. It resembled a chariot depicted in drawings of ancient Rome, and Ra’tha admitted that was where the idea had come from.

“I had seen some of these in various drawings so had this made.”

Looking closely, I could see that there were a number of differences to take account of I’sharan technology as well as its intended use. It was obvious that it had been designed to be pulled by three pony girls and we were soon harnessed into the chariot, reins attached and then with Ra’tha standing on the platform, we started to learn how to pull the contraption. It wasn’t as simple as we had thought. We had to learn to operate as a team and maintain the same step to keep in line so we all maintained the same constant pull. The first attempt at turning rapidly became a shambles, and provoked howls of laughter from the other trainers who were watching.

However, Ra’tha took things slowly and we learned how to pull as a team. Turning became a matter of the outside pony increasing her stride while the inside pony either took very small steps or if it was a tight turn, stepping in place. Our owners were amazed at the sight of this triple chariot and were shocked when Ra’tha told them that they would have to learn how to handle a three pony team.

Over the next few months, we all learned how to work, initially at a slow walk then gradually working up to a full gallop. The pony on the extreme left was classed as the lead pony and the other two had to take guidance from the lead. After experimenting, the best lead was Raven, with me in the middle and Erin on my right. At the same time, our owners also chopped and changed until the best person to control us turned out to be Sam’tha with Mistress Am’da and Mistress Sha’lla standing on either side of her.

Once we had become proficient, we then started all over again while wearing the discipline helmets. The idea was that when we paraded, we would be identical rather than three ponies, one with blonde hair, one with black hair and one with red hair. At first, it felt strange that the only sound we could hear was Mistress Sa’mtha’s voice but we quickly became used to our situation. Because we were in serious training, for the entire time, the only time we had our bits removed, was when we were fitted with the discipline helmets. When they were removed, our ordinary bits were refitted. This was frustrating as I wanted to talk over how we were doing with Erin and Raven. Ra’tha must have sensed how we felt because one night, as we were being settled down for the night, she said,

“Did any of you ever see a team of horses or some other animals being worked as a team?”

When we all signified that we had, she continued,

“Do you think that when they were being trained, they stood around and discussed things with each other at night?”

I was still frustrated but could accept it.

Eventually, the day of the parade arrived. We had all been woken up early, fed and given a light workout to loosen up. We were then each dressed in an identical tight fitting black leather catsuit. Our discipline hoods were fitted and then our harnesses which were of white leather. There was a large floor to ceiling mirror in the stable and we could see ourselves. Three identical pony girls. I thought we looked magnificent, but that changed when our owners arrived. All three were wearing identical long white dresses with gold trim. They had gold sandals with a small heel and all had their hair up and braided with gold ribbon.

We were harnessed up, our owners took their places and through our earbuds we heard, “Now ponies, Kala!”, our reins were shaken and we were off. We headed toward the centre of the exercise area as one of the dimensional gates opened and through it we went to find ourselves entering a large plaza. Sam’tha’s voice came to us,

“I’m going to let you hear the reaction as you come into view, but I’ll have to revert back otherwise you won’t be able to hear me.”

With that, our hearing was restored to normal and as we turned to enter the main plaza, we heard a thunderous cheer. Before it became distracting, Sam’tha had turned the sound off, but she said,

“Yes, that’s us they’re cheering. We’re so proud of you three.”

We paraded for some time before eventually being taken back through a gate to our stable. By this time it was early evening and Ra’tha and some of the others were waiting to get us out of our harness and get us fed. Our Mistresses came, hugged and kissed us, but had to leave as they were the guests of honour at the banquet that night. After so long, it felt strange to be out of harness. In fact, apart from our collars, we were free of any restraints.

That night, we settled down with our collars locked to a chain attached to the rear wall of our stalls, but none of us could sleep. Because of the way we were restrained, the top part of our stall doors were left open, and although none of us could reach the doors, we were still able to talk to each other. Eventually, one of the trainers came by, laughed at us and told us to try and sleep, which we eventually did. Next day, we were all taken by our owners to their homes where we officially became Oashak Ver, intelligent pets.

That wasn’t the end of our time as human ponies though. Although we were pets, we would often find ourselves in harness taking our owners around visiting their friends. Am’da, Sam’tha and Sha’lla remained close friends and often visited each other, so we three pets were able to keep in touch as well. In addition, Ra’tha kept bringing the six of us together as she wanted to keep us used to pulling as a team. Two years after our first parade, Ra’tha asked if we were all willing to repeat the experience. We all agreed but Sam’tha said that we should do something different, but she couldn’t decide what. It was Erin who came up with the idea and told Ra’tha who then put it to our owners. At first, Am’da and Sha’lla were hesitant but they eventually agreed.

The day of the parade arrived and we three ponies were led in to be harnessed to our Roman chariot. We were again in our black outfits and discipline hoods, but with full hearing and sight enabled. Sam’tha was dressed as a warrior princess in a long white gown with a metal breastplate and an ornate helmet, but I was shocked when I saw that Am’da and Sha’lla were naked! Their hands were chained behind their backs, their ankles shackled in a hobble chain allowing them a step of about 15 inches and metal collars were locked round their necks. Each was secured to the rear of the chariot by a 6 foot long chain attached to their collars, and they were also gagged.

We three ponies were allowed to hear and see as we entered the arena. There was a loud cheer as it was announced, “Here comes our very own warrior queen, entering her palace in triumph with her two new slaves.”

There was much cheering and clapping as we paraded round the arena. We were halted in the middle of the arena while a number of speeches were made and our chariot display was given an award for our presentation. We then left the arena, through a gate and back into Ra’tha’s stable. Our discipline hoods were removed and ordinary bits fitted, which is what we expected, as we were still in pony tack, but what wasn’t expected was that as we were placed in our stalls, Am’da and Sha’lla were also placed in stalls, still chained and gagged, and then their collars linked via long chains to the rear wall of their stalls. We were fed, with our Mistresses being fed using the same type of feeding tubes we used when we had our bits fitted, then we were left for the night.

It was only when Ra’tha returned the next morning that we found out what was going on. She was rather upset and very apologetic as she explained that someone in Central government had requested Sam’tha come and explain an apparent anomaly in her report, so she had left straight after the banquet. Because of the speed of her departure, she had been unable to come through to the stable, so we were all victims of I’sharan law. As we had all voluntarily allowed ourselves to be shackled and turned into ponies or slaves, it was only the person we had submitted to who could order our release, and she had to do so while physically there. As a result, Erin, Raven and I spent the next ten days as ponies, and Am’da and Sha’lla as chained and gagged slaves. Erin said that her Mistress worried that her friends – and us – would take some kind of revenge one day!

The years come and go, and life continues in a comfortable and relaxed fashion. I discovered that there is another level of Oashak Mel. It’s called Talitha, which means ‘Free Companion.’ We can, with our owner’s permission, travel freely around the world, and there is no requirement for us to be shackled in public. Raven, Erin and I are able to visit one another and even go out together for a meal. However, it doesn’t stop us being ‘reverted’ to pet or pony status if our Mistresses wish it. Mistress Am’da still likes to see me bound and helpless, so I still spend most of my time in her home in some form of restraint. I think she’s working her way through the notes I read that day in her house, but so far she hasn’t got round to burying me, at least, not yet! Despite the freedom we now have, we are still owned property, a fact we three never forget.

We sometimes meet with others who have come from Earth, and had a surprise when one day, we met one of the girls that Erin had been chasing when she was captured. Sheena, as a reward for her behaviour, had recently been elevated to Talitha standard. As she explained when we asked her, “Once I had accepted that I wasn’t going to escape or even have a say in what happened to me, I sank into a depression. However, my owner spent time with me, talking to me, comforting me and eventually I realised that even as an animal, I was being treated with a level of kindness I had never received before, even as a child. Once that had sunk in I started to behave myself and even started to enjoy being taken out by my Mistress. Eventually, I was assessed by someone and became Oashak Ver then last month, Talitha.”

When she tried to say sorry to Erin, she was told, “If it hadn’t been for you and your two friends, I wouldn’t be enjoying life as I am now.”

Sheena told us about her two friends. One was now a pet, and happy with her owner, but the other one, who had been the ringleader, had proved to be unstable and vicious. She was still a pony, and the only time she behaved was when she was in a discipline helmet, which she now wore most of the time.

I also met another person from Earth, but she didn’t fit any of the Oashak categories. She was a Japanese girl called Ichika, and although she was only just under four foot tall, she was perfectly formed and very beautiful. I met her when Mistress and I visited an old friend and she asked if we wanted to see her baby. The baby was Ichika, who was kept strapped down in a cot, wearing a diaper and was fed with a bottle. Her health was maintained by the bioprobes we all had, and she looked very content. I was asked if I wanted to feed her and when I agreed, was given her bottle. I removed her pacifier, which turned out to be a large gag. I fed her then asked if she was allowed to talk, which she said she was. Her mistress had always wanted a baby, but without the responsibilities of looking after an infant. Ichika fitted the bill and had been kept as her baby for a number of years.

“I do get out,” she said. “I’m often taken out in a pram, or left in a playpen.”

I asked her how she felt being kept as a baby and was told that at intervals, she is allowed out dressed and treated as an adult. The only requirement is that she has to always address her mistress as ‘Chkta’ (which is I’sharan for mummy).

“I like this life,” she told me. “Often I don’t even have to think, just lie and be pampered.”

I have often wondered what it would be like, being kept strapped down and treated as a baby, complete with diaper, but I lack the courage to ask Mistress, in case she likes me that way!

I once asked Mistress, about all the disappearances from Earth, if they were trying to be secretive, but she just smiled and said, “Everything was taken care of.”

A number of us have been asked to record our experiences of being brought to another world and finding ourselves being treated as intelligent animals. The various reports will be edited to resemble stories and using means I know nothing about, will be ‘inserted’ into various websites. I wonder if the authorities will notice! Oh yes, I almost forgot. After many years as a pet I still don’t know how the various shackles and chains lock and release. Maybe it’s something beyond my mere human brain to comprehend.

Anyway, when you read this, will you dismiss it as a fanciful story from a girl with an overactive imagination, or will you look up at the night sky and wonder, what if…?


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