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Santas Reindeer

by didmaker

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© Copyright 2013 - didmaker - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; MF/f+; captives; bond; bagged; gag; harness; hood; sleigh; reindeergirls; toys; insert; strapon; bdsm; paddle; crop; tease; torment; oral; anal; sex; climax; cons/reluct; XX

Part 1

Miyuki awoke with a jolt as the thick silk comforter was ripped from her body. Her eyes opened and in the darkness of the room she saw shapes move about. Strong hands gripped her arms and legs and forced her on her back. She opened her mouth to scream, but any sound was cut short by a large rubber ball gag forced into her mouth. She heard a soft female voice in the darkness.

"Flip her, we don't have all night. He is waiting for this one."

Miyuki felt herself being dragged over on the bed as more than one set of hands changed grips on her limbs and forced her over on her stomach. She tried to resist, but the hands holding her were too strong. She whimpered into her gag and felt the straps of it being pulled behind her head and fastened tight, the straps digging into the corners of her mouth.

Suddenly her vision was plunged into deep darkness as some sort of soft cloth bag was pulled down over her head and she felt a drawstring being pulled around her neck, trapping her head inside of the dark bag blocking out all light.

Her hands where then dragged up behind her and she felt something cool and silky being wrapped around her resisting wrists. The soft material was wrapped several times before it was drawn in-between her wrists, cinching the ties.

Someone pulled up the hem of her night gown over her legs and then the tying process was repeated with her ankles and the bindings were thigh and unyielding, but didn’t cut off her circulation. In her sleep addled brain she registered that who ever these people where they at least knew what they where doing. Miyuki wanted to scream, but only faint grunts where possible.

The hands continued to bind her as they wrapped more of the silky material around her knees, cinching the ties tight. Miyuki couldn’t move her legs much and as she tried her to move her arms, the strong hands gripped her arms a second time and pressed her elbows all the way together and they where tied then together with the same strong bindings.

Suddenly the hands withdrew again and Miyuki started to fight the restraints to get free from them. She had to break free and get away before anything else happened. She heard soft laughter fill the room.

"She thinks she can break free."

"Silly slut."

"He will break her for sure."

"Do you think he will let us play with her?"

"Why not? He usually let’s us have a go at the sluts when the round is done."

There was more laughter and snickering as Miyuki writhed on the bed. There had been at least three sets of female voices in the room. Her flimsy nightgown was up around her wais and her panty clad ass was exposed to the chilly night air. She felt the hands return as they started to caress and grope her defenceless body. She was turned on her side and a hand closed around her right tit through the soft thin fabric covering it.

"Well these are nice. Ok, get her ready."

Miyuki felt something coarse being pulled over her feet and then being dragged up her legs. She was then helped up on her knees in her bed and she felt what had to be a sack of some sort being pulled up over her. Strong hands forced her to curl up and the sack was dragged up over her bent down head and tugged closed.

"Ok, pick the slut up and let's go.'

The sack was picked up and Miyuki was tossed around in it as two persons carried it with her inside out of the room. Miyuki could have sworn that she was carried into the large closet opposite the bedroom door, but that was just ludicrous.

She felt tears swell up as the situation became all too real for her. She had been gagged, tied and stuffed in a sack and now she was being taken from her home out into the night and there was no one to help her. Who where her attackers, why had they taken her and who was waiting for her? The world grew silent around her and she could only hear the clicking of high heels as several persons walked around her bound carried form.


After what had felt as an eternity Miyuki’s small cramped world was suddenly plunged into a buzzing chaos of sound. They had apparently arrived somewhere and Miyuki wondered what would happen next, she shivered in fear for her fate. The sack was dropped to the floor and Miyuki hit the floor hard.

She lay still in her sack and tried to listen to the sound around her. She heard voices and laughter as well as moans, whimpers and the occasional muffled scream. The sack was untied and she felt how it was turned over and she was dropped out of it onto the cold floor.

"Master, we have the last one here. She's a real stunner this one."

Miyuki heard a low rumbling laugh ring through the room and then a mans voice.

"You sure, slut? You said the same thing last year you know."

"Yes, master. We double-checked this time."

"Good, lets see her then."

Hands helped Miyuki up on her knees and she felt the drawstring on the hood being pulled loose and suddenly her world was filled with light and colours again as the cloth bag was pulled of her head. Miyuki blinked in the harsh light and tried to focus on the things around her. Shapes and movement started to become clear and as her vision steadied she started to wonder about what she was seeing.

She seemed to be in a large room that looked like a cross between a dungeon, a garage and a stable. She saw a lot of short slender woman running about in the cavernous room and here and there she saw other women in different states of bondage being handled by the short women. All the short slender women were dressed similar in green. They wore high heels, stockings, corsets and a pointed felt hat on their heads, all in the same dark green colour with red and silver markings here and there and not much else.

Miyuki’s eyes shot about, taking it all in and suddenly saw the person standing in front of her. A towering man with a large white beard leered down at her where she kneeled on the floor. Under his white bushy eyebrows a pair of glittering dark eyes fixed her with an unyielding stare.

"Yepp, you got the right one. Miyuki the slave, and a particular good slut this year". The man let out another rumbling laugh.

Miyuki looked closer at him and saw that he had on a pair of red trousers and black boots. On his hand was a large red cloth hat with a white fur brim. His chest was bare and in his hand was one of the most wicked looking whips Miyuki had ever seen. The man smiled with a wicked leering smile at her.

"Welcome slut. You will be pulling my sleigh this night and if you do it well I will reward you."

At the last words he gripped his bulging crotch and let out another laugh. He then turned to one of the slender short women standing by Miyuki.

"Fix her up with the others and hurry up, time is moving."

"Yes master", the woman answered and then barked orders to the other women.

Miyuki’s thought reeled. Santa? No way, this was not real. That man could not be Santa Claus. And what had he meant with pulling his sleigh? Two women helped Miyuki to her feet and then proceeded to untie her legs. Miyuki looked down and saw she had been tied with wide red ribbons and she looked like a Christmas gift in her pink sheer nightgown.

As soon as her legs where untied she pulled her self free from the loose grips of the short women and ran for it. She didn't know where and she didn't care if only she could get away then anywhere was fine by her. She heard running behind her and someone gripped her long black hair from behind and yanked her backwards. Miyuki lost her footing and crashed to the floor, landing on her trussed up arms. She groaned from the impact and was then grabbed by the two women that had helped her earlier.

"Silly slut, there is no getting away from the duty on Masters sleigh this night. You should be honoured that he hand picked you for front position. You are going to be his 'Rudolph' this year."

"Yeah, you'll be the envy of every elf in the mountain". The other woman sighed.

They grabbed Miyuki’s arms and dragged her back across the floor to where she had been previously. They held her fast and a third woman untied her arms. Miyuki tried yet again to break free but the grip would not yield and they attached manacles to her wrist that hung from chains down from the roof.

"Ok, hoist her."

Miyuki saw the chains start to rattle upwards and in no time her arms where dragged up over her until she could barely stand on her toes on the floor.

"Good, hold it there."

Miyuki shrieked into her stifling ball gag as someone ripped her nightgown in two and then ripped the shreds from her body, leaving her only in her panties.

"Nice body, old Nicky sure can pick them."

"Yeah, imagine her on your strap-on later on."

"Mmmmmmm, niiiice."

One of the women stepped in front of Miyuki and reached out a hand to her panties. She stroked the back of her fingers against the front and couldn’t miss a wet patch on the white satin panties.

"Oooh, she is already wet."

The woman looked up into Miyuki’s blushing face.

"Yeah, you’re a submissive little slut alright. Just like all the rest of the reindeers."

The woman then grabbed the front of the panties and ripped them off Miyuki’s trembling body.

"For trying to run you'll get twenty lashes and then we'll see about your costume. Miranda, can you take care of the whipping?"

Another voice behind Miyuki answered a bit too eager for Miyuki’s comfort.

"I'd love to."

Fear gripped Miyuki again as she heard rustling noises behind her and suddenly her world was pain as a whip hit her naked backside without warning. Miyuki kicked and screamed, but the gesture was futile since the first lash was rapidly followed with several more. Miyuki lost count and tears streamed down her face. It felt as if her backside was turned into raw meat and the pain almost blanked her mind. Somewhere far off she heard a soft voice saying

"and twenty, that’s all of them."

Someone took hold of Miyuki’s hair and shook her head to get her attention. She looked around and saw one of the women behind her with a whip in the other hand.

"Now, do try to obey and we won’t have to do this again before the round. After you get back you can get all the whipping you want but Master is on a tight schedule and don't like to be delayed by errant sluts. Ok?"

Miyuki was too shocked to do anything else but nod slowly.

"Good, let's get you into your costume and over to the other sluts by the sleigh."

A low cart was pulled up beside Miyuki and on it was heaps of stuff, some of it she could recognize and some she though she could guess the use for. The women took out two dildos and attached them to a belt with a crotch strap of dark leather. One of the elves, as Miyuki had started to think of them as even if it was ludicrous, took the crotch strap and started to suck on the dildos. She used long sensuous motions and licked the phalluses up and down with a slick glistening tongue between parted red lips as she looked at Miyuki with half closed dreamy eyes. When she finished she moved over to Miyuki and smiled at her.

"You'll repay me for this later, depend on it slut."

Another elf parted Miyuki’s unresisting legs and the two dildos soon found new homes deep inside Miyuki’s pussy and ass. The belt was pulled tight around her slim waist and then the crotch strap was fastened to the belt, making sure that she would not loose her two intruders.

The elf called Miranda was soon back in front of the hanging Miyuki.

"We will let you down now. If you try anything I will whip you again and I won’t stop until you pass out this time. Do you understand slut?"

Miyuki nodded with cold fear gripping her heart. The chains were lowered and the manacles unfastened. Miyuki stood now naked on the floor with nothing more than a ball gag and a crotch strap. Her legs shook and she had trouble holding herself steady.

Two elves came over with a bundle of lycra and as they unfolded it Miyuki saw that is was a body suit of sorts. It was light brown and there were openings where the ass and tits would be.

She was helped into the suit by the two elves that took great delight in fondling and stroking Miyuki’s body as they pulled up the suit over her. No part of her body was spared their questing fingers. She blushed and felt herself get aroused by the light sensual touched from the short women in green.

The lycra body suit hugged he like a second skin and if she didn't know better she would guess it was made for her. In the back where two oval openings through which her ass cheeks was poking. In the front her two tits was pulled out through two slightly to small holes and Miyuki suspected the size difference was intentional. The suit then went up into a high collar covering her slender neck and was laced up behind her.

Miranda stood behind her and reached around, taking a tit in each hand and squeezed them.

"These are so nice; I can't wait to play with them later on."

The hands withdrew and instead a dark brown leather cinchier was drawn around her midriff and buckled tight in the small of her back. The cinchier reached up under her tits with a middle peak reaching up between the twin mounds hanging out in front of her and she felt the leather edge against her naked skin. She looked down and saw several large buckles and straps on the sides of the cinchier.

Next came a pair of thigh high boots in dark brown leather with a five inch stiletto heel and several small straps up the side. Miyuki swayed as they pulled the boot on her and laced them up all the way. She couldn't help to love the feeling of them as they hugged her legs tight.

When the boots where done, Miranda held up another leather contraption in dark brown leather.

"Time to fix your arms, slut, so arms behind you."

Miyuki reluctantly reached behind her with her hands and someone grabbed them and jerked them further and down over her naked ass. Miranda unfolded a single glove and started to pull it up over Miyuki’s hands and arms.

"Clasp your hands together and make one single fist with you fingers."

Miyuki obeyed and her hands were soon trapped in a narrow pouch at the bottom of the glove. Two strap went up over her shoulders and crossed over her tits before they went under her arms and back to the sides of the glove. The elves pulled the straps tight and Miyuki grunted as the straps bit into her body. Several straps locked the glove to the back of the leather cinchier and Miyuki found that her arms were now immobile behind her.

Miranda walked around Miyuki and looked her up and down.

"Very good, you where clearly born to wear this, slut."

Miyuki couldn’t help blushing again.

"Ok, let’s get her hooded and then move her over to the sleigh. Master is almost ready."

Someone unbuckled Miyuki’s ball gag and pried it free from behind her teeth. A string of drooled followed it out and Miyuki moved her aching jaw a bit.

"Open up." Miranda held up a rubber bladder to Miyuki’s face.

"Please, what’s going on? Why am I here? Who are you..."

"Shut it, you'll get your answers soon enough. Now, if you don't want the whip again..."

Miranda waved the bladder in front of Miyuki’s face and Miyuki opened her mouth again. She retched from the pungent smell and taste of rubber as the bladder was pushed in between her lips and came to rest on her tongue. Miranda then pumped a bulb attached to the bladder which started to inflate and fill up Miyuki’s mouth.

Miyuki felt it grow and grow and her cheeks started to bulge under the pressure and she made frantic strained noises as she felt it was about to cut of her airways, but Miranda stopped and prodded Miyuki’s bulging cheeks.

"Hmmm, let's check it."

She reached up, caught one of Miyuki’s exposed nipples between her strong fingers and twisted it savagely. Miyuki jerked backwards and screamed, but all that came out was a low groan.

"Excellent, Master so detests too much protesting from his reindeers."

She detached the pump from the gag and only a short snub was visible of the bladder inside of Miyuki’s mouth.

"Now, the hood. It’s time to make you into a cute little reindeer-slut."

She held up a dark brown leather hood. Another elf gathered up Miyuki’s long black hair and formed a bundle in the back of her head. The hood was then pulled down over her head and all the hair was pushed inside before the back of it was laced up tightly. Miyuki found that only her eyes were free from the encompassing hood. The front was some sort of muzzle that covered her nose and mouth and her ears were crushed inside of the hood although she could still hear.

Miranda held a leash that she clipped to a ring some where in the front of the collar on the hood and gave it a pull.

"Follow me Miyuki, and no tricks. It’s not too late to whip you."

Miyuki followed the short woman in green across the floor towards a large sleigh standing in the middle of the floor further back in the large room. Miyuki saw eight other woman standing by the front of the sleigh. They where all dressed in brown as she was. High boots, body suit and their hands useless behind them in single gloves laced tightly. They had all of them hoods on their heads and they looked a little like reindeers with a wide short muzzle. They had wide pointed hears on the side of their heads and on top where small antlers jutting out. Their eyes conveyed mixed emotions of fear and arousal.

All eight of them stood two by two along a rod sticking out from the front of the sleigh at hip height, one on each side of it. Wide straps fastened them to the rod by the buckles in their waist hugging cinchiers.  Miranda led Miyuki up to the front of the rod and had her stand with her back towards it. A two pronged fork was attached to the rod and the two forks went on either side of Miyuki’s waist. Miranda then used two wide straps to fasten Miyuki's cinchier to the two forks, locking her in place between them.

Miranda then held up two large metallic clamps.

"Well, Miyuki. You are the leading reindeer tonight so Master will steer you where he want to go and the other sluts will follow your lead. But first you need your bells, it just isn't Christmas without the jingling of bells on the reindeers."

She took a step forward and leaned close to Miyuki’s bare tits. She sucked one of Miyuki’s nipples in between her warm soft lips and started to lick and nibble on it. Miyuki felt her nipple grow large and hard under the soft tender teasing. After a while Miranda changed nipple and soon both buds stood right out. Miranda now opened the clamps and held both up with Miyuki’s nipples in-between them. She locked eyes with Miyuki and smiled at the tears forming in Miyuki’s eyes.

"Try to enjoy them, slut."

She then released her grip on the two metallic clamps and the springs pulled them shut around the nipples, trapping them in an unrelenting cold steel grip that made Miyuki whimper. Attached to the clamps where two silver bells that jingled when Miyuki moved. She could here more jingling behind her and as she looked over her shoulder she saw the others unfortunate women being treated much the same way and getting bells attached to their nipples.

Miranda then locked a set of reins to rings fastened to Miyuki’s hood just below the ears and drew the reins back to the seat in the sleigh. Miranda pulled on them and checked that they didn't snag.

"He'll be steering you with the reins so you best keep on your toes if you know what’s good for you. I'll see you when you get back."

Miranda leaned forward and kissed Miyuki’s leather covered cheek. As Miranda then walked off Miyuki could hear heavy steps closing in on her from the other side. Soon the large man was standing in front of her. He had put on a large red coat with white fur trimmings and had a wide black leather belt drawn around his waist. He still held his long whip as he stood there and examined the nine women shackled to the sleigh before him.

"Seasonal greetings to you my precious reindeer sluts. This Christmas night you will pull my sleigh and help me visit all the deserving Masters, Mistresses, sluts and slaves out there. When we are done I will reward each and every one of you for your work and we will have ourselves a little Christmas party with the lovely elfs here."

He was interrupted by a chorus of hoorays and applause from the green dressed women standing around the sleigh.

"But should any of you make trouble during the night then that slut will feel my wrath on returning here. "

He looked each and every one of the nine women in their transfixed eyes as they just stared back at him, mute inside their reindeer hoods.

"You have each and every one been chosen for this because of your primal need to please and because you are submissive little sluts who just can't help being what you are."

He let out a long rumbling laugh.

"You will enjoy this night and you will remember it, oh how you will remember it."

He stepped to the side and walk down the line of reindeers and climbed into the sleigh where some of the elves now placed a large sack, filled with Christmas gifts. He held out the long vicious whip he had carried earlier and swung it over his head, making a klatching sound as the end snapped in the empty air.

"Let’s go!"

Miyuki stood frozen in place, still disbelieving what was happening. She was hoping to wake up soon for this had to be a dream. Not a totally unpleasant one, but still a dream. She heard a swishing sound and she saw like in slow motion how the tip of Santa’s long black whip was snaking through the air and made an impossible curve around her and then the thin end lashed down and impacted over her tits, leaving a quickly fading angry red line and a searing pain. Miyuki howled inside her hood and heard over the sound of her own body how Santa roared at her.

"Move, slut, unless you want more of that!"

Miyuki blinked the tears away and leaned forward, straining against the weight of the sleigh and stumbled a few steps forward in sheer amazement. The load strapped to her waist was far less than it ought to be. She took a few more steps and heard the clicks of her heels being mimicked by eight other sets of high heeled boots. They where moving.

Santa klatched the reins and bellowed, "Now, Donna! Now, Habib! Now, Padua, and Mira! On, Celia! On, Karen! On, Åsa and Sarah! Miyuki, led the way!"

The whip snapped through the air and found Miyuki’s left bare bottom and she started to move faster and faster and the end wall of the cavernous room shimmered in front of her and disappeared. Instead she saw a moonlit snowy landscape and stars on a dark cloud free night sky. She could hear the elves cheering as the nine leather-bound subs where pulling Santa’s sleigh down the hall.

The whip snapped over the women again and again as the large man urged them on. Miyuki stopped thinking on anything else than running and felt it to be the most natural thing in the world. To the side the world was beginning to fade and blur and as she reached the end of the floor she didn’t hesitate as she stepped out over the edge. She ran on the empty air, dragging the sleigh behind her together with her eight sister reindeers.

They left delicate little fiery steps that faded quickly in the night sky behind them as the sleigh took to the air and climbed higher and higher and in the stillness of the night the jingle of bells and the tap of stiletto heels could be heard. Santa was roaring with laughter and delight and swung the whip again and again, snaking it in between his reindeer girls and leaving a red mark on a tit here and an ass cheek there.

As they gained altitude, Miyuki thought she could see another similar sleigh erupt through the rock wall of to the right and she could see a towering red-dressed woman standing in the sleigh, slashing the night air with her whip over nine human shaped beasts pulling it through the air. Miyuki could have sworn they where male, but then they where gone.


They moved through the long night, landing on rooftops, hanging by windows and stopping in back yards all over the world. Where ever they went it was always night and Santa took things from his large sack and entered the homes of the deserving. Miyuki lost count of the stops and she felt as time stood still, yet they didn’t tire of pulling their red jolly Master through the winter night.

Suddenly as they stood on the low garage roof of a suburban home Santa stood beside her, unstrapping her from the front position. Santa picked her up effortlessly and hefted her over his shoulder and klatched her naked behind.

"I need your assistance with a special Christmas wish, sweet slave."

He carried her across the roof and to the second story window on the short side of the door. As they entered Miyuki saw it to be a girls room, possible a young woman's. Santa sat her down on her feet and as her eyes adjusted to the gloom of the room she saw a young woman lying on the floor. Her hands where tied behind her and her legs where bent at the knees and her feet rested against the back of her thighs.

Miyuki could see that she was a redhead even though her head was wrapped in the remains of her night gown. She could here low groaning and whimpers from inside the makeshift hood and she guessed the young woman was gagged under it. Santa winked at Miyuki and took out a large black strap-on that he fastened around Miyuki’s waist.

He then helped Miyuki to lie down on the bed on her back. He then picked up the woman from the floor and whispered something to her as he carried her over to the bed. He held the young captive upright over the large strap-on and spread her legs. Miyuki could see the woman’s pussy and the swollen lips slick with her juices.

Santa lowered her down over the phallus and she shrieked as the large dildo entered her pussy. She bucked and thrashed as Santa lowered her further and further down on the large black rubber monster attached to Miyuki’s groin. She soon rested her body against Miyuki’s and the entire strap-on was inside of her. Santa pulled away the remnants of the night gown from the woman’s head and revealed the freckled face of a twenty something woman with green eyes. Her long red hair dropped down behind her and her eyes darted around the room and soon came down and saw Miyuki under her.

The woman tried to say something but Miyuki could see a pair of panties jutting out of her mouth, held in place by a sash tied around her head.

"Are we ready, sluts?"

The woman mewed in protest and tried to get away but Santa simply laughed and grabbed her hair. He then lifted the woman into the air by her hair alone and started to use it to pump the bound woman up and down on Miyuki’s strap-on. Now and then he would use a short whip to lay down marks on the woman’s nude defenceless body.

The woman screamed into her gag and bucked around, trying to get away. Santa pumped her up and down unrelenting and the whip swished through the night air. Soon the woman started to spasm and she finally came in a torrent of emotions and grunts. Her eyes rolled up and her body went rigid and then slumped down limp. Santa released his grip on her hair and let her drop down on the bed beside Miyuki. She lay panting beside Miyuki and as Santa started to untie her as she lay still on the bed. As he pulled the panties from her slack mouth he laughed again.

"Was it what you wanted, Penny?"

The woman moaned and in a low subdued voice answered the large red clad man.

"Yes, Santa. Thank you."

"Don't thank me, thank my beautiful reindeer."

The woman reached up and laid a hand on Miyuki’s naked breast and jingled the bell.

"Thank you", she whispered.

Santa leaned down and klatched the nude woman’s behind and ordered her up.

"Clean the toy now like a good little slut before your parent comes awake."

"Yes master."

The woman dragged her self up and took the huge dildo in her mouth and sucked it clean. She used her own nightgown to clean it off and when she was done, Miyuki was picked up again and they left the young freshly whipped and fucked woman in her bedroom alone. Santa removed the strap-on and returned Miyuki to her place in the lead of the reindeer team.

He cupped on of her tits and gave it a squeeze.

"There are perks to be the lead reindeer as you now have discovered. I hope you enjoyed it, slave."

He let out another roaring laugh and jumped into the sleigh again. Soon they speed of over the rooftops again, the light clicking of high heels and the jingle of the silver bells sounding through the night.


In another hamlet far from the last and too many stops in-between to remember, the sleigh touched ground behind a small house out in the country. Santa had a bag over his shoulder and with one hand unstrapped Miyuki from the sleigh.

"Another special wish, slave."

He clipped a leash onto Miyuki’s collar and led her over to the backdoor of the house. The door opened before them and they entered the dark and empty house. In the gloom of the kitchen she could see a man standing in just his pyjama bottom. He smiled and greeted Santa. Behind him stood a woman in her late forties, her hands where behind her in a single glove and she was gagged with a large ball gag.

Santa brought Miyuki into the middle of the kitchen and told her to stand still. The men did not speak, she got the feeling all was already agreed upon and the wish was to come true. The other woman was brought over to Miyuki and they stood facing each other. The man took out two sets of nipple clamps and attached the first pair to the older woman’s large hanging tits. She whimpered as the steel bit in hard.

He then removed Miyuki’s bell clamps and attached the new set in their place. They where by far more painful and Miyuki sucked in air as the cold metal almost crushed her already sore nipples. He tied string to the ends of Miyuki’s clamps and fed the ends of the string to a small steel ring hanging down from the ceiling above them. He then pulled the strings down and tied them off to the woman’s matching set of clamps. The two women whimpered from the pain. Next the man took out a red strap-on with a demon face at the tip. He strapped it around Miyuki’s waist and leaned close to Miyuki’s left ear.

"You will fuck this slut and when she cums I will stop."

Miyuki wondered what "stop" meant, but had no way of asking. The man then grabbed one of the woman’s legs and dragged them apart a bit.

"Take it now, slut. Let the reindeer fuck you."

The woman moaned and inched forward towards Miyuki and the rubber toy jutting out in front of her. She shifted her position and impaled her self on the red monster and Miyuki had to move a foot backwards to hold back against the force of the woman’s thrust. When the dildo sank into her pussy the man moved over to the wall and drew on a rope. The ring above them now started to move upwards, dragging the string connecting the nipple clamps with it, pulling it taut.

Both Miyuki and the woman screamed into their gags from the pain and tried desperately to get up higher on their toes. As their tits were dragged skyward the man tied of the rope and picked up a riding crop.

"Now, fuck that slut."

He then raised his arm and let the whip come down hard on Miyuki’s bare ass cheek. Miyuki jerked from the impact and sank down on her heels to keep her balance. The effect was that she dragged on both her own nipples as well as the other woman’s. They both howled in unison and Miyuki rapidly went up on her toes again.

"Fuck her."

Miyuki regained some posture and started to make thrusting motions with her groin. She started to push the phallus deeper inside the groaning woman and then pulled it out again. She tried hard to keep her self as high up on her toes the whole time but failed again and again as the thrustings made her dip down. The woman likewise tried to keep on her toes, but the pushes from Miyuki moved her backwards and pulled Miyuki’s tits harder.

The man circled them the whole time and laid down lash after lash over their tied bodies and Miyuki fucked the woman with the strap-on. The panting breath of the woman became more and more ragged and after several minutes she started to meet Miyuki’s thrusts and grinded her hips. She had closed her eyes and the moans emanating from her gag was a mixture of pleasure and pain as the nipple clamps stretched out hers and Miyuki’s tortured tits as cones before them.

The man stood behind the other woman and laid down swath after swath on her back side as the rhythmic movement became more and more fierce. After a few more minutes of hip grinding and fucking the woman came in a mind ripping wave of orgasms and she fell to the floor, ripping the clamps of her own nipples. She lay on the floor trembling and whimpering as the orgasms ripped her mind to shreds.

Miyuki thankfully sank down on her feet as the nipple clamps no longer was connected to the other tortured creature. She stood transfixed and watched how the woman slowly regained control of her own body. After another minute or so the man reached down and dragged the woman to her knees by her hair.

"Time to thank Santa for your present, slave."

He unbuckled the ball-gag and dragged it free of her mouth. Santa moved forward and pulled a huge dick out of his red pants and offered it to the woman. She eagerly sucked it into her mouth and started to bop her head up and down over it, making slurping sounds as her tongue played along the head and shaft.

After a few minutes Santa gripped the woman’s head and forced her to keep the rhythm before he withdrew himself and came onto her face. The hot white cum splattered over her face and chest and dripped down onto the floor.

Santa stuffed his cock back into the pants, shook the man’s hand and unclipped the nipple clamps on Miyuki. He took the still attached leash and led her out of the dark house again. Back at the sleigh he refastened her to it and then pulled out the bells from his pocket again.

"You will need these."

He chuckled and reattached them on her red battered nipples. Miyuki moaned, but did not resist his large hands.


The night moved in a blur and lasted longer than Miyuki could fathom. She and the eight other reindeers pulling Santa’s sleigh through Christmas night did not get tired and did not retain marks from whips and paddles even if the pain seared deep into their minds as well as the pleasure. Every now and then Miyuki and some other hapless woman, trussed in leather and lycra, would be taken into a dwelling to help with the gifts of the night.

She was whipped and spanked in every part of the world. She was made to race against slaves and sluts, running through the snow in her high heels and bound arms. She was made to fuck countless cunts and asses of every shape and creed.

She was over and over the toy with which a slut or slave was humiliated and punished. She was the object of pleasure and the fulfilment of dark deep urges in the wicked hearts of both doms and subs. She received both pleasure and pain at the hands of countless persons during this long event filled night

But soon or rather a long time later the sun was rising over the world again and Santa whipped his reindeers on towards the mountain in the north, back to the cavernous hall and the elves. Back to just rewards to all the little reindeers for the work done and a party to bring joy to one and all.

Part 2

As Santa's large sleigh with Santa at the reins and the nine women, bound, gagged and dressed as reindeers, entered the cavernous hall again they where greeted by the cheers of the elves again. Several of them ran alongside the sleigh as it slowed down to come to a halt at the far end of the hall.

Miyuki stood up in front, shackled to the fork at the tip of the sleigh, with shaking legs. The last run across the night sky, pulling the sleigh, had been exhausting. She was sweating and she could hear the other captive women behind her breath just as heavily as she was doing. She could also hear the hearty laughter of Santa as he jumped out of the sleigh. He shouted orders to the elves and Miyuki saw then how he walked off and disappeared through a large oak door.

As soon as the door slammed shut the short blond elf Miranda was beside her, unstrapping her from the sleigh.

"Did you have a fun night, slut? Trust me, it gets better."

She unclipped the reins and instead attached a leash to Miyuki’s hood. Miyuki followed the green dressed woman back towards a series of what looked like stalls in a barn. As the walked past them, scantly clad elves were busy unstrapping and leading away the other eight reindeers.

The two other elves that had helped Miyuki earlier that night were waiting for them as they entered on of the stalls. Miranda removed the leash and then closed her hands around Miyuki’s tits, careful not to touch the bells.

"I bet these are tender now?"

She smiled a wicked grin and gripped the bells and yanked on them, hard. Miyuki tried to screamed, but only a muffled groaned escaped her pump gag. Miranda laughed and opened the clamps and removed the bells. Pain surged through the nipples as blood flowed in to the tortured buds.

Miranda removed Miyuki’s hood and Miyuki felt as if she had worn it for weeks. She was sweaty and her hair was a tangled mess. Miranda stroked her cheek with a warm soft hand.

"Don’t you worry, slave. Santa has ordered you to be showered and pampered until he calls for you."

The brown body suit was then unlaced in the neck and drawn down a bit, freeing Miyuki’s neck. A wide leather collar with several d-rings around the outer side was strapped tight around her neck. Miranda took a chain with a clasp that hung down from the ceiling and connected it to the back of the collar.

"Just so you won’t wander off."

Next the single sleeve was removed and as Miyuki’s arms came free they simply fell down and to her sides. They where asleep and she had no control over them. In quick succession they removed the leather cinchier and her high heeled boots.

They then worked as a team to strip Miyuki of the tight brown body suit she had worn all through the night as one of Santa's reindeers. Her body glistened of sweat and a heavy musky smell filled the stall. Miranda stroked the naked shivering body.

"Someone has been cumming and if I'm guessing correct, more than one time, hmmm?"

Miyuki blushed heavily and avoided Miranda’s smiling face. Miranda reached up and opened the valve on the pump gag lodged in Miyuki’s mouth. The air inside escaped with a drawn out hiss and Miyuki felt the rubber bulb quickly deflate. After a few heartbeats Miranda pulled the placid rubber sack out from between Miyuki’s lips, freeing her speech. Miyuki could only croak something unintelligible.

"Thirsty? Here, drink this."

Miranda held up a bottle to Miyuki’s lips, who drank eagerly from the liquid pouring out from the bottle and into her mouth. The cool spring water felt like champagne and Miyuki felt life return to her throat and mouth. Miranda removed the bottle and used a finger to wipe a few spilled drops from Miyuki’s lower lip.


"Yes, thank you."

Miranda gave Miyuki a slap across the face, not so hard as to make her head jerk, but it stung never the less.

"'Thank you' what, slave?"

Miyuki swallowed and looked down.

"Thank you, mistress."

"Try to remember that."

"Yes, mistress."

The other two elves sniggered and unbuckled the crotch strap and Miyuki sighed with relief as the two intruders jammed inside her was pulled out and discarded. It felt empty as they disappeared, they had been in there so long that it felt as if they been inside of her forever.

As she was now naked and only had the collar on the elves took out a water hose. Miranda took a firm hold of it and nodded to another elf by the wall who then turned a knob and sent the water flowing. A spray of cold water hit Miyuki, but she was incapable of shielding her body with her hanging arms. She let out a gasp and tried to shy away, but the chain cut her movement short. Miranda soaked her thoroughly and then had the water turned of again.

The three elves then took up large brushes that they poured soap on and then started to scrub down Miyuki. She felt the stiff bristles of the brushes scrape her skin and it hurt. The three elves took no notice of her groaning and movements. They continued happily to scrub every inch of Miyuki clean. They shampooed her hair and made sure her ass and pussy was cleaned out too.

After a couple of minutes Miranda took up the hose again and another spray of cold water rinsed Miyuki’s shivering body free from soap and shampoo. Miyuki’s teeth were clattering in the cold air in the hall and from the cold water. It felt as if she would never be warm again.

Miranda coiled up the hose and hung in on the wall next to the water knob and then took out a large towel.

"Let's get you dry again."

She started to rub down Miyuki's body with the large soft towel and dried every nook and cranny. As she brushed the towel against Miyuki's tits and pussy, Miyuki couldn't help but sigh. Miranda chuckled and took extra care of these sensitive spots, sending pleasure and warmth through the naked slave’s body.

She then proceeded to use a hairdryer and a brush to take care of Miyuki's long back hair. In no time it shone like silk and hanged in a beautiful black mass again down her back. As she finished she took a pair of handcuffs and drew Miyuki’s hands in front of her and cuffed them.

"Time to get you ready for Santa, slave. He likes his girls heated and wet. And we want to get ours for taking so good care of you."

The short woman then jumped up and stretched up towards a horizontal bar in two chains, much like a trapeze, and grabbed it. She then swung her legs up on either side of Miyuki’s head and crossed her legs on Miyuki’s back, sitting on her shoulders. Miranda’s naked pussy was now in front of Miyuki's face and the elf looked down on her, still holding the trapeze.

"Now, when I cum, Mitzi will stop. Understand, Slave?"

Miyuki just looked up at her and as Miranda shoved her groin forward against Miyuki's face; Miyuki also felt a hard slap on her naked ass. Miranda used her legs to keep Miyuki close and pressed her pussy up against Miyuki's mouth. Another sharp slap across Miyuki's ass made her body jerk.

"Now, get licking, slut. Show me what a good cunt-licker you are."

Miyuki shot out her tongue and started to flick it over Miranda’s soaking wet pussy as a third slap hit her ass. One of the other elves, called Mitzi apparently, was spanking her with a large wooden paddle.

"Yeah, that’s it! Get in deep, slut! Make me cum!"

Miranda grinded her crotch against Miyuki’s face and urged her on. Mitzi kept hitting Miyuki's increasingly red and tender ass with the paddle and finally Miranda gripped Miyuki’s head with one hand and only used the other to support her and forced Miyuki’s face deep into her crotch. Miyuki felt her spasm and Miranda screamed out her ecstasy as flows of juices washed over Miyuki’s face and into her mouth.

After a few moments Miranda regained some composure and swung her legs down from Miyuki's shoulders and dropped down from the trapeze. She took a good grip of Miyuki's long black hair and forced her to bend forward at the waist and used her other hand to grip a tit as it came down and forward and squeezed it.

She planted her lips on Miyuki’s and forced her tongue in between them and found Miyuki's. She gave the cuffed woman a long sensual kiss before she broke off and smiled at her.

"I love the taste of my cum on another woman’s lips, slut."

She then leaned forward and whispered into Miyuki's ear.

"Nothing we do here will mark you in anyway; you will never receive any injuries in this place."

She kissed Miyuki again and then whispered into her other ear.

"But the pleasure and the pain will be real, so very real."

She released her grip and stood back as Mitzi stepped up before Miyuki. She jumped up, grabbed the trapeze and swung her legs over Miyuki's shoulders and dragged the hapless woman forward towards her glistening pussy lips.

"You know the drill, slave. Maple will spank you until I cum so get licking."

Miyuki didn't have time to start until a forceful blow with the wooden paddle landed on her bare ass, already tender and red from the previous spanking. She yelped and was soon silenced by the hot wet flesh of Mitzi's crotch.

Mitzi was, after she came, exchanged for Maple and Miranda took the paddle and it all repeated again. Miyuki felt as if her ass was ready to fall off and she had the taste of three different women in her mouth.


Miranda unhooked the chain leading up in the ceiling and led Miyuki over to a low wooden bench with a padded leather top.

"Since you have been so nice and showing such good tongue skills it just right to give you something back. Kneel, slave."

Miyuki kneeled down by the short end of the bench and was then pressed down forward over it. She found that the bench ended by her collar bones and she felt how Miranda drew wide leather belts under the bench and over her back in several places to keep her down, trapping her cuffed hands under her torso and crushing her tits against the cool leather. Her knees were then fastened to the corresponding legs on the bench and her thighs were forced apart, making both her entrances accessible.

Miranda stepped into view as she was fastening a large strap-on about her slim waist. It was green, ribbed and had a bell-shaped red tip. Miranda stroked her hands up and down the monster and coo-ed.

"Do you like it? It's my favourite. I would recommend that you make it a bit more slippery. You are quite wet already, but this can be a bit nasty when it's dry."

With that remark she squatted down in front of Miyuki and offered the dildo to her mouth. Miyuki looked at it and then reluctantly opened her mouth and took as much as she could of it inside. She tried to coat it in as much spit as possible before Miranda with drew it again.

"Good job, slut. I see this isn't the first time."

Miyuki blushed as the elf walked around her and kneeled down between her spread legs. She felt the tip of the rubber cock stroke her pussy lips before Miranda scooted forward and pressed the phallus in between her red swollen pussy lips. The monster stretched her pussy out and she felt how Miranda gently coaxed it in, deeper and deeper with each scoot.

"Hold on, slut. This is going to be wild!"

And with that Miranda started to fuck her with the strap-on. She went head on into a savage deep thrusting pace that threatened to rip Miyuki in two. Miyuki felt as if the green dildo went deeper with every thrust and that it would rip a whole in her bowels. She grunted in tandem with each thrust deep into her and clenched her teeth.

She felt her own desires and passions swirl faster and faster and a wave was building deep inside her mind. Miranda kept pumping fast and hard and Miyuki's body was too stimulated already to draw the process out too long and she came in a fury of screams and tears with Miranda's green rubber cock deep inside her.

As she hung limp in the straps, crying as the flooding in her mind caused by the crushing orgasmic wave slowly ebbed away again she felt Miranda withdraw from her pussy.

"Wo-ow, that was some orgasm. Let's try for another one. Mitzi, get over here."

Miyuki saw in a daze how Mitzi walked up in front of her and kneeled down. Jutting out from her crotch was a twin to Miranda’s large green strap-on, but this one was red with a white tip. She smiled down at Miyuki and gently prodded her lips with the tip. Miyuki was far too groggy still to put up any resistance and took the rubber cock in her mouth, starting to lube it up.

But Mitzi didn't move it about or withdraw and soon Miyuki felt something press against her anus.

"Now relax, slave. It will only hurt if you try to resist."

Miranda pressed her strap-on’s still glistening wet tip against the wrinkled little sphincter. She pressed forward a little and forced her way forward and Miyuki tried to beg her not to, but the words came out garbled due to the improvised gag in her mouth. She whimpered and tried to relax her muscles as much as possible and she felt how the clock shaped tip slid in behind her sphincter and was followed by the long thick green shaft of the dildo.

"Good girl. Let's see if we can achieve that kind of response again, shall we?"

Tears welled up in Miyuki’s eyes as she tried to plead with the elves even though she had a large rubber cock held in her mouth as a gag. Miranda took no notice of if she did it did not stop her as she started to slowly fuck Miyuki's ass with the green rubber cock that was still slick with juices from Miyuki's orgasm just moments earlier.

She took it slow and gentle and gradually upped the pace. After a few minutes she was pumping long hard strokes deep inside Miyuki, who was screaming and pleading with her lips around Mitzi’s red dildo.

"Maple, start working her pussy now."

The third elf came over and knelt down beside Miyuki and snaked an arm up between her legs from under the bench and jammed her fingers inside Miyuki's still sopping wet pussy. She started to massage Miyuki's g-spot and as she did so she placed her thumb on her clitoris and made circular movements with it. The raw sensation of it gripped Miyuki’s fever addled brain and started to increase the already forming wave of ecstasy in her mind.

At this point Mitzi started to fuck her mouth with the dildo and as the three elves fucked and massaged her body, Miyuki came again and the force was, if possible, stronger than the first and she bucked and writhed in the belts strapping her to the bench and she let out a long wail around the rubber cock filling her mouth.


As Miyuki’s mind found sure footing again and stopped spinning, she found that she was being unstrapped from the bench again. Miranda helped her to sit up on the bench, stroking the hair as Miyuki's body shivered.

"You sure now how to cum, slave. Did you enjoy that?"

Miyuki swallowed and answered in a still shaky low voice.

"Yes mistress, thank you mistress."

"Aw, you are so cute."

Miranda took hold of Miyuki’s hand cuffed hands and brought them up to under her chin where she used a spring clip to attach the connecting chain link of the handcuffs to a d-ring in the front of wide black collar around Miyuki’s neck.

"Now be a good little slave and open your mouth wide."

Miyuki wasn't surprised when a large red ball gag was pushed in behind her teeth as she held her mouth open as wide as she could. The straps were fastened behind her head and Miranda kissed Miyuki on the fore head.

"Almost done, we need one more thing."

Mitzi came over with a large strap-on and gave it to Miranda. It was a slightly smaller version of the ones they had used on Miyuki earlier and it was jet black. Miranda stroked it with one hand with a pondering expression.

"It is a bit dry. Maybe we should put something on it."

She looked Miyuki in the eye.

"Do you now anywhere where I can get this lubed, slave?"

She brightened.

"Maybe here?"

She shoved the dildo into Miyuki's still wet pussy and jerked it in and out a few times with a innocent smile on her lips. As she pulled it out again she looked at the shaft in wonder.

"Wow, that’s much better. It sure is good to have such a horny slut handy."

She turned it around and Miyuki found that the strap-on had a dildo on each side of the crotch strap. Miranda pushed the inner one into Miyuki's pussy and pulled the straps tight about her crotch and waist, sealing the inner dildo inside of her.

"There, much better."

Maple and Mitzi dragged a gyn-chair into the middle of the stall and Miranda climbed into it. She eased into position and placed her feet in the stirrups. Maple held up two vicious looking nipple clamps for Miyuki to see with two long chains attached. As Miyuki’s nipples already were standing out, stiff and ready, she opened the clamps and let them snap down on them. Miyuki closed her eyes and grunted behind her gag, drool slowly running down her cheek.

Mitzi guided Miyuki forward and in between Miranda’s wide spread legs and Maple gave the two chains to Miranda. Miranda pulled on the chains and forced Miyuki to step forward in a effort to lessen the strain on her now pulsating nipples. The pain was intense and non-relenting. Maple helped Miyuki to get the strap-on lined up for Miranda’s waiting pussy.

"Now, do try to make a good job, slave."

Miranda yanked on the clamps and Miyuki stumbled forward, pushing the dildo inside of Miranda. Maple klatched Miyuki’s naked ass and Miyuki started to hump Miranda with the strap-on.

Miyuki could see movement at her side and when she turned her head she saw something swish through the air and a faint sound was soon followed by a red searing pain across her naked back. She saw Mitzi swing a riding crop and the elf paused for a second. A second lash landed on the back of Miyuki's thighs and made her world shimmer in white as Maple swung a riding crop of her own.

The started to direct the tempo of Miyuki's thrusting and Miranda made sure she didn't move too far backwards by means of the clamps.

"Make me cum, slave. Make your mistress cum."

Miyuki fucked Miranda for all she was worth while the pain from the riding crops almost blanked her mind. The pain shut out any other experience and she almost didn't register when Miranda came. Her whole backside was on fire and she felt as if her skin was ripped off of her.

As she stood there with her strap-on inside of Miranda she heard a faint sound of a horn being blown. Miranda dropped the chains and Maple dragged Miyuki backwards so to release Miranda from the black invader.

Miranda jumped down from the chair and smiled at Miyuki.

"That was great, but unfortunately Maple and Mitzi won't have time to try it. Santa wants you."

She clipped a leash to Miyuki's collar and yanked it to get the still stunned woman’s attention.

"Follow me, slut. It's time for your payment from Santa. And you know what? He’s a great tipper."

Miranda laughed and walked towards the large oak door with Miyuki in tow. Miyuki was amazed at how the pain on her back was fading fast. With every step her discomfort lessened.

Part 3

Miranda led Miyuki thru the large oak door with the leash. Miyuki had to walk fast on naked soles across the cold stone floor in the large hall to keep up with the small woman.

On the other side of the door, Miyuki now saw a large room that looked as if someone had combined a dungeon and a bedroom. In the middle of the room was a large bed that could easily accommodate four people. All along the walls where furniture of all sizes and shapes that where clearly intended for a dungeon and several of them now sported women strapped down.

Miyuki had a hard time to take it all in and her focus soon settled on the large bed where Santa laid comfortably on his back while on of the reindeer women, hands tied behind her, legs doubled and bound with her feet against her ass and a large gag holding her mouth wide and silent, was riding his cock. Her head was tilted backwards and she was staring into the ceiling with eyes that were all whites. She was in the throws of a orgasm as Miranda entered with Miyuki with Santa’s hands gripping her midriff and pumping her up and down on his erect cock.

Miranda led Miyuki over to the large bed and tied the leash around on of the large bedposts at the bottom of the bed that looked more like a supporting pillar for the roof than a bedpost. She then kissed Miyuki’s cheek, made her kneel down and whispered to her;

"Have fun, slave. I'll be back when he is done with you."

Miranda then left the room again and left Miyuki kneeling by the bed as the couple on the bed continued to fuck.

Miyuki stared at the bound woman as she bounced up and down, her head lolling to the sides as if she had passed out. Miyuki could hear her grunting and moaning as Santa continued to fuck her.

After a couple of minutes he released his grip of her and let her slump to the side on the bed. She simply sank down and lay still on the large bed. Two elves appeared and dragged the woman off the bed. As Miyuki watched they carried her over to a low saw-horse looking device with a large dildo mounted on top. They carefully positioned the woman's dripping pussy over the large black phallus and then sank her down over it, impaling her on it.

The woman only made feeble protests and as one elf held her upright, the other one used several leather belts to strap the impaled woman down on the saw horse - making escape impossible.

Miyuki heard the bed creak and saw Santa get out of it. He walked around the bed and soon stood in front of her. He looked down on her with a large smile and a twinkle in his eyes.

"Ah, my last reindeer. I hope the elves took good care of you?"

Miyuki stared at him and then nodded.

"Good! Then it's time for you Christmas gift!"

He threw his head backwards and laughed loudly and gripped the leash. He untied it and used it to yank Miyuki up on her feet. He looked down and saw the large black strap-on still jutting out from her crotch.

"I see the girls made good use of your talents, slave. I don't think we will need that now."

Santa gripped the dildo end and unbuckled the straps from around Miyuki’s body. He dragged it out of her pussy and tossed it over his shoulder and it landed on the floor several metres behind him.

"Now, we'll start with some warming up."

He released her hands from the handcuffs and the cuffs soon joined the strap-on on the floor behind him. Hanging from the bed posts was several chains with manacles attached. One from each post were soon encircling Miyuki's wrists and Santa shortened the chains until she stood facing the bed with her arms out and up, stretched taught.

Miyuki felt the gag's strap being unbuckled and the large rubber ball was pulled loose from her aching mouth. Santa leaned forward and spoke into her ear.

"Since you have been such a obedient and accommodating slave and slut this night I think you have earned the right to scream your voice hoarse."

He chuckled and Miyuki heard how he moved behind her. She heard the snap of a whip and moments later the first lash landed across her lower back. It felt as if it cut her skin open and the white hot pain numbed her senses and her mouth simple hung open without a sound.

The next lash crossed the first and Miyuki found her voice. Her sound of her pain rebounded of the walls and as her scream faded the third lash made her scream find new energy.

Miyuki thrashed in the chains and tried to wriggle free, she tried to move out of the way as the whip snapped through the air, but it always found its mark. Tears streamed down her face and her body was aflame with pain and lust. Each lash made her crave more and her pussy throbbed for attention. She had never felt such a deep biting sting from a whip before.

In her mind she saw her backside ripped raw and bleeding as each lash tore her delicate fair skin to shreds. She cried and screamed and her voice got more and more ragged. After what felt as an eternity she simply hung in the chains and her body jerked with each tearing lash from the whip. She could only whimper and the room faded from her mind. The pain and lust was all that engrossed her world.

She faintly registered that she was released from the manacles and that her body dropped forward on the bed where she now laid face down, unmoving. Someone was spreading her legs and she felt a probing finger inside her pussy and then her ass. She moaned as her two holes where probed and as the pain faded she realised her arms where tied behind her.

Miyuki felt her arms tied in a reverse prayer position and that the rope used had been drawn through a loop in the collar to keep her hands up between her shoulder blades. She felt hands on her left leg and as she turned her head too look behind her she saw Santa bend her leg and use rope to tie it in this position, much like the woman before. He looked up and met her eyes with a broad smile.

"Ready for round two?"

Miyuki tried to answer, but the sound coming out was just a croaking sound. She tried again and then simply nodded. Parts of her mind screamed for her to say no, but her lower functions ad needs won the contest and she nodded again; she wanted more.

Santa tied off her leg and then did the same with the right one. He then picked her up and threw her up into the middle of the bed and climbed after.

Miyuki heard footsteps and a tall woman in a red velvet cloak walked up to the bed.

"Well, Nicky. Is this the lead this year? She is cute."

"Sure is, darling. Want to join in? I have seen her do some really talented stuff with her tongue out there tonight."

Miyuki blushed deep red and she felt it spread down her body.

"Oh, she is blushing, how adorable. What’s her name?"


Santa klatched her naked ass.

"Say hello to the wife, slut."

Miyuki managed a hello-sounding croak.

"Awww, she has screamed her self hoarse."

Mrs Claus released the cloak’s tie around her neck and it fell to the floor. The tall woman was nude under and had the body of a runway model. She climbed into bed and sat with her back against the head end of the bed, spreading her legs.

"Come here, slave. Show me what you can do."

Miyuki started to crawl over and she pushed her self forward with her bound legs. When she eventually reached between the woman’s spread legs she was panting from the effort it took. The woman gripped Miyuki long black hair and dragged her up so he had to balance on her knees with the woman holding her straight with her hair.

Mrs Claus reached out and gripped one of Miyuki’s tits and squeezed it.

"These are nice. Nicky, do you have any presents for her tits?"

"Sure do, here."

Something landed on the bed between the woman and Miyuki and the woman picked up a pair of steel clamps with a short connecting chain.

"Hold her."

Santa moved up behind Miyuki and held her firmly as Mrs Claus released her grip on Miyuki’s hair. She then opened on clamp with one hand and with the other she stroked Miyuki’s left nipple.

"Wow, they are rock hard already. She really is a little slut, this one."

She closed the clamp around Miyuki’s nipple and then used the chain to drag Miyuki’s left tit closer to the right one. She opened the right clamp and closed it over the right nipple and then let go. The chain was too short to let Miyuki’s tits swing free so instead they were dragged closer to each other with a constant strain on her nipples. She groaned as her sore stiff nipples where pulled towards each other.

"That’s better. Now show me what your tongue can do, slave."

Santa let go and Miyuki dropped forward, landing with her bodyweight on her clamped nipples. Her scream was muffled by the mattress as her face was buried in the soft material. She felt Mrs Clause yet again grip her hair and dragged her towards the tall woman’s waiting pussy. Miyuki’s face was pressed against the hot damp flesh.

Miyuki stuck out her tongue and probed the woman’s pussy and with encouraging pulls on her hair she started to lick Santa’s wife. As she did so she felt her lower body being lifted and her legs spread out. Something came up against her own pussy and as she sucked on the woman’s clitoris Santa suddenly pushed his cock inside of Miyuki and started to fuck her from behind.

Miyuki’s tits dragged against the mattress, back and forth, as Santa rammed his erect shaft in and out of her sopping wet pussy. She licked and sucked on Mrs Claus pussy and her face was held in place with a tight grip on her long black hair. Mrs Claus had started to moan and as Miyuki’s own body responded to Santa’s pounding of her she herself moaned and grunted with each thrust of the large man.

Time stood still in the large bed and Miyuki was being fucked over and over again while she licked and sucked the pussy before her. She came over and over again and her tortured nipples never ceased to hurt as the movements threatened to tear her nipples off. After several heart stopping orgasms for Miyuki, Mrs Claus suddenly clamped her thighs about Miyuki’s head and pressed her down on the woman’s pussy. She was grunting and thrusting upwards with her hips as she came straight in Miyuki’s face. Miyuki felt her self starting to pass out as the woman’s steely grip about her head tightened during her orgasm, smothering Miyuki with her pussy. The world went black and the last she felt before she sank into the dark was how Santa unloaded his cum deep inside her pussy.


Miyuki gasped as she awoke in her bed. She stared into the ceiling. Just a dream? But it had felt so real? She sat up and found that she was naked. She looked round and on the floor was her pink nightgown, torn to shreds and on top of it was two nipple clamps with silver bells attached. She fell back into the bed and her hands found her pussy and she groaned deeply as she started to finger herself.


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