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Sister's Revenge

by Brahmzdog

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© Copyright 2013 - Brahmzdog - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM+/f; captive; bond; gag; cuffs; collar; enslave; hum; bdsm; crop; whip; susp; petgirl; cage; oral; sex; climax; cons/reluct; XX

How did I get here? How did things go so wrong? That’s what I have been asking myself as I silently lay here listening to the party music cranking above my head. It’s not like I have a choice though. You see, I returned home from college three weeks ago for summer break and my little sister, whose 2 years younger than me and now just finished her senior year in high school, has been more miserable to me than ever. So I decided that it was time for a little payback. I took some left over wood and supplies from my dad’s woodworking shop and created my little gift for her. Unfortunately, I am currently strapped to my “gift”, not HER. I am on my knees, bent over forward with my belly on the “table” portion with my thighs wide apart and strapped to the legs of this table with the leather restraints that I had attached to the table legs. My ankles are also strapped to the boards that I attached to the bottom of the table legs keeping my legs well spread. The 4” stiletto heels being the only clothing I have left on my body.

My upper body is lying parallel to the ground, off the end of the little table, and supported by the narrow extension that runs up between my 34D breasts and ends at the base of my throat. The collar locked around my throat and attached to the end of this table extension keeps me from being able to lift my upper body away from the table. That isn’t the only thing though; being quite the little furniture designer, just like dad, I drilled a hole into the end of the extension I’m lying on and inserted my “addition.” I don’t know if it was originally a handle or what, but it was a metal rod that opened into a Y shape with another piece between the ends of the Y. This piece had a rubbery material around it making me think it looked like the handle to a snow shovel. As it is attached now, my chin falls into the opening between the ends of the Y and the rubberized handle is between my teeth, making an effective bit gag. The straps I attached are buckled behind my head making sure I can’t lift my head away from the gag.

Finally, I installed 2 pieces of wood between the end of the table extension, where my collar is attached, and the opposite ends of the boards to which my ankles are attached. It is to these that my arms and wrists are strapped. Since I had included padding on the top of the “table” and “extension” it’s pretty comfortable, except for the drooling around my bit gag and the wicked little Clover Clamps attached to my aching nipples.

You see, in high school my sister, Dawn, was always pestering me and being a general pain in the ass. I was a cheerleader and got good grades. My name is Rebecca. Besides that I had natural blond hair and while petite an only 5’5” tall, I inherited my mother’s chest and by senior year could barely contain them in a 34C bra. Needless to say I got lots of attention from the guys, but only dated a couple and managed to stay focused on my school work. My sister had the same body size I did, but with black hair and, at least in her sophomore year, still had A cup breasts. She also hung out with a wilder group of kids and tended to get into trouble occasionally. She was very smart, but I think because of her friends and attitude, didn’t get nearly as good of grades as I did. For this, our parents were constantly on her back about getting better grades and so she blamed me, calling me “little miss perfect” among other things. And so she took every chance she could get to be mean and bitchy to me in school or out.

Happy to be off to college I really didn’t think much more about it. I was still getting good grades and had made the cheerleading squad. I had lots of friends and even a couple more serious boyfriends. My boobs finally stopped growing and I gave up on the C bras in favor of a D cup. With my tiny frame and narrow waist they look enormous, but I wear extra support bras and got used to the guys staring.

This is also when I discovered, or rather was introduced, to bondage and S & M, though I never really thought of it that way. My last boyfriend, Mike, who is now out of college and dating his high school sweetheart again, was wrestling with me one night and ended up pinning me to the soft grass and then kissing and teasing me. With both of my wrists held firmly above my head in one of his hands, he used his other hand to explore my body while using his lips and tongue to explore my neck, ears and mouth. I tried to wiggle loose, but his ankles were locked over my knees keeping my legs pinned and with him sitting on my stomach, my hands held tightly in his football players grip, I was no match for him. As his free hand explored farther under my blouse I realized that I was getting really turned on by the way he was controlling me.

When he unsnapped the front catch on my bra and let my boobs spring free in the cool night air I thought I would go crazy. Massaging my breasts and then pinching my hard nipples brought a moan from deep in my throat that we both understood. As he brought his lips to my nipples, first licking and then biting them I thought I would explode. He used his legs to pull mine farther apart and the thought of my mini skirt riding up and my little shaved pussy being only covered by the flimsy material of my thong out here in the open court yard brought a spasm through my body. I was on the verge of cumming and he had not even touched my pussy, though I was now hoping that he would. It was then that I realized that it didn’t matter that I wanted him to touch me because I had to wait for him to decide when and if he would. This thought brought me over the edge giving me a small orgasm right then.

Feeling my body shudder under him gave him more confidence that I was enjoying this treatment so he bit down on my rock hard nipple and pulled it away from my body with his teeth causing my orgasm to surge on a little longer. His fingers moved the material of my thong out of the way and began to explore my wet pussy. Alternating between my nipples with his teeth and expertly stroking my pussy and clit he soon brought me to a second orgasm. At this point I didn’t even care that I was exposed and cumming right out in the middle of the school grounds. To this day, I have no idea whether anyone saw our little adventure or not.

Later that night he tied me to my bed using the sash from my robe and a couple scarves and fucked me in that bound and vulnerable position. As the year went by our exploration continued to expand and grow. His family was pretty wealthy and so he always seemed to have enough cash to buy more things. First handcuffs, then rope, leather restraints, (that first set of restraints was now holding my wrists securely to this table leg) collars, and harnesses. Soon we started adding vibrators, ball gag, ring gag and many other new toys. One day while tied up securely, he started spanking me and the incredible orgasm that followed started us with belts, paddles, whips and canes.

Toward the end of the year he showed up one day with a custom made chastity belt. He teased me to the brink of orgasm and then locked it onto me. For two weeks I got hornier and hornier but he wouldn’t release me from it, instead kissing me passionately and pinching my nipples to drive me crazy. After the first week he made me start wearing a corset under my clothes along with the belt. I don’t know what they cost but they had to be expensive. Most of them he could lock on before my first class in the morning, but only after making sure it was really tight, and not removing the lock until late evening. Of course I had to “earn” my freedom from the corset and he would threaten to leave it locked on overnight if I didn’t give him a good enough blow job. Because of this incentive I taught myself to deep throat a man’s cock very well.

After having my pussy locked away for two weeks, wearing tight corsets that crushed my tits and gave me huge cleavage and being teased constantly, the night we spent together with me being bound, whipped and fucked all night was incredible. The first orgasm was so intense I thought I might pass out. I have no idea how many times I came, but the night was incredible.

Then, with no idea what went wrong, he told me he was going to return to his hometown and start seeing his old girlfriend. His dad’s law practice was waiting for him and I had the feeling that maybe his life had been pre-planned for him; except for the last year that he had explored with me. Left with bags full of corsets, whips and all kinds of bondage gear and a broken heart I returned home for the summer.

I realized immediately that my sister hadn’t changed a bit except for her chest growing to match mine. We could have been twins only with one having blond hair and one black. I thought that my being away would have made her happier, but she seemed even more mean and bitchy than ever. So I after the first week I decided that I needed to have a little revenge. I had all the gear I needed and knew how to use everything so I thought that a good whipping would teach her some respect. It only took a couple days to build my little bondage bench and with mom and dad leaving for 3 weeks on vacation I figured I had the perfect opportunity.

A little flirting with a couple guys that I knew used hate my sister and my plan was ready. They asked me if I wasn’t being a little too mean to her, but I assured them that after the way she had treated me, she deserved it. Besides, I would spank her and whip her a little, let her stay tied to the bench for a while and maybe even use the clamps on her nipples for a while, but nothing that would do any permanent damage. They asked if I was going to let her go after that and I told them that I might put the chastity belt on her for a week or so and when she learned to show the proper respect I would let go. Being so close in size I knew it would fit her just like me and once on there was no way to reach around it and get yourself off as I knew oh so well. They asked if she wouldn’t just cut it off and I told them that this thing was stainless steel with a neoprene backing and there was no way to cut it off without professional help. I was confident that she would never go and do that.

Mom and dad left yesterday and I was ready to put my perfect little plan into action. I did my hair and makeup carefully making sure that I was looking hot in my little mini skirt, stilettos and a tight little top that showed some belly. I wanted to be sure the two guys I was counting on for help, Mark and Tony, were motivated to go along with my plan after all. So there we were, a couple hours ago now, waiting upstairs for my sister to get home. I showed the guys how to use the restraints, how to fasten her to the bench and where everything was. Though that part of my plan came later and didn’t include them, they asked so I showed them the chastity belt and how it worked. I showed them how the key, that didn’t even look like a key but more like a pendant complete with a chain to wear it around your neck, worked. They said “wow, you better not lose that key” and I laughed and said there was one spare upstairs in my suitcase, but that yes it would be very bad to lose both of them. This whole conversation is something that I don’t even want to think about now.

So finally she came in, dressed to match her hair, black leather mini skirt, black bustier top that gave her huge cleavage, black stockings complete with garter belt that was obvious due to the length of her skirt and a pair of black boots with heels even higher than mine. My first thought was that she looked like a cross between a hooker and a dominatrix. She gave me a sarcastic comment and started down the hall. I nodded to the guys and the next thing I knew MY wrists were handcuffed behind my back. I opened my mouth to yell at them and before I got out a sound my ball gag was stuffed into my mouth. Still one step ahead of me thanks to the surprise effect, I felt the leather strap tighten around my ankles securing my legs and leaving my dangerous stiletto heels useless.

It was all over in a couple seconds. I was secured, gagged and had one guy holding each arm as my little sister swaggered into view.

“So, you thought you’d teach me a little RESPECT, huh? I guess you didn’t realize that I’ve made a few more friends since you left. And after you pranced around in that little cheerleader skirt of yours teasing every guy in school, it wasn’t hard. So imagine what I thought when these guys came and told me about your plans for me? I asked them if they intended to help you or if they would rather get some payback for all the times you teased them. I guess you know the answer to that.”

With a wicked grin on her face she raised the slave collar towards my neck. It’s called that because it’s made of stainless steel, locks in place and there’s no way it’s intended for anything besides total control. I immediately started struggling as hard as I could. Two things happened at once; first the guys pulled my arms tighter almost lifting me off my feet and my sister grabbed a fist full of my long blond hair and gave it a yank.

“Listen up, bitch,” she yelled into my face “you better start learning that respect we talked about right now, or this is going to get really rough on you. Mom and dad are gone for 3 weeks. Can you imagine what all I could do to you in 3 weeks?”

With that I stopped fighting completely because she was right. She could do anything she wanted to me now that she had me as her captive. One of the guys held my hair out of the way and she locked the collar snugly around my neck.

Her next move really took me by surprise though. She reached up and snapped a dog leash to my collar and then stepped up right in my face. With the advantage of her higher heels I was forced to look up into her eyes, a move that I knew she did on purpose. Looking at me but speaking to the guys she said “now take that strap off her legs. I’m going to make her walk on her own down to the basement with this dog leash attached to her collar like the little bitch that she is!”

I couldn’t believe it, that quickly my little sister had stolen my plan and taken complete control of me. What’s worse is that I could feel a tingling between my legs. It had been over a month since Mike had dominated me and I really missed it. Now here I was being totally dominated and my body was reacting on it’s own. Before I could think any more, Dawn started off towards the basement, clicking along in her heels, leading me behind her like a bitch on a leash.

Down in the basement I was walked over to a support post in the middle of the room, right in front of my little bondage bench, where Dawn tied my leash to the post. I had no choice but to stand up straight with my neck pulled back tightly to the post.

Walking around the bench Dawn said, “so this is where you intended to spank and torture me! And look at all these things you intended to use on my poor defenseless body!!”

The truth is that I hadn’t intended to use all the things I had laid out, I just wanted them there for “effect,” to scare her. My whole collection of belts, paddles, whips, canes and the like was there. Not to mention the gags, restraints, vibrators, nipple clamps, anal plugs and such. Then there was the TENS unit, designed to give shocks using electrodes or the custom dildo, anal plug or nipple clamps. I can attest that my intent worked because I know it was scary knowing I was at her mercy with all these implements of punishment at hand. I tried to shake my head no, but she ignored me.

“I have to say that I am surprised that my little goody two shoes big sister has all these things anyway. I hadn’t pictured you as the kinky type. And I wonder what mom and dad would think knowing where their money has gone? Or learning that their little “perfect” daughter was so perverted?”

“Now here’s the deal, your little plan is shot to hell. Instead, I’m going to teach YOU some respect. First I’m going to have the guys strap you to this little torture bench of yours and I’m going to learn how to use all of these little “toys” you have laid out here. Then I’m going to leave you here to think about what you were going to do to your little sister and now that she turned the tables on you, what I’m going to do with you.”

“I think we better start with a couple rules. From now on you will only answer me, or anyone else ‘yes, Ma’am’ or ‘yes Sir’. Any time you do not do exactly what you are told you will be punished. You will follow instructions immediately. If you try to escape, you don’t even want to think about what I will do to you.”

My leash was untied from the pole and I was stripped naked, except for the heels. The embarrassment that I felt from being naked in front of these 2 guys that I’d known forever was not nearly as much as what I felt from the fact that my pussy was now soaking wet; A fact that my little sister was quick to point out. First I was made to kneel and my ankles and thighs were secured. I guess Dawn was taking no chances with a possible escape. Next the gag was removed from my mouth and Dawn asked me “do you understand the rules I gave you, slut?” Waving my wet thong in front of my face.

“Yes Ma’am,” I whispered.

“Speak up, I can’t hear you!”

“Yes Ma’am,” I said louder this time. I knew I was trapped and so there was just no point in fighting.

I was leaned forward with my mouth over the bit gag before my collar was secured with a padlock to the bench and the straps were buckled over my head. Only then were the handcuffs removed, my blouse removed completely and my arms secured to the bench.

“Well, it looks like you did a great job building this little torture trap of yours. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have you secured on it instead of me. Now, John and Ryan said that you were going to start by spanking me, so I think I’ll start there too.”

Without warning the first slap of the paddle striking my bare ass rang out. The pain was immediate and intense. She wasn’t holding back anything. With no way to move any part of my body or even cry out I had no choice but to lie there quivering in my bonds and take each stroke. After ten strokes, she paused to trade the paddle for a belt. Of course, I had no way of knowing this until it struck my ass with my hair falling down over my face and the tears running from my eyes.

“ooohhh, look at the nice red marks this puts on her ass… I Love it,” she said.

She took her time and tried each implement on my ass. The riding crop. The cat-o-nine tails. The whip. The cane. The various thickness belts. All of them. I know that I’m in for trouble based on how much she liked the welts that the cane made. Somewhere in there she decided to try using some of them on my boobs that were hanging freely. I think she found whipping them with the riding crop particularly fun. Though I can’t see them I’m sure my boobs….. sorry “tits” as she informed me that they would only be referred to as from now on…..are covered with red marks. By the time she finished I was sobbing with a puddle of tears and drool on the floor beneath my face.

“Now let’s see what some of these other things are for,” she said cheerfully.

There are several sets of nipple clamps that were each attached to my poor nipples one set at a time. The pinwheel was run all over my body. A decorative clit clip was attached to my pussy……. Sorry Ma’am, cunt lips….. and left for a while. Again, she commented on how wet my…….cunt was, and what a “perverted slut” I must really be to get so wet from such treatment. Various anal plugs were inserted into my ass including one that has a “tail” on it.

“Oh, we’re gonna have fun with that one, aren’t we bitch?”

I have an idea about what she has in store for me with that one, but I don’t really want to think about it.

I felt the strap behind my head being loosened and then she squatted down in front of me. She used a towel and wiped the tears from my eyes allowing me to see her for the first time since being put on this bench. The image was shocking to me. Before me was the perfect picture of a Dominatrix in her leather skirt, stockings and boots. I know that my heart skipped a beat when I realized that she was not wearing any underwear and that her shaved pussy was wet!!!

A moment later she held a steel hook before my eyes and asked what it was for as none of them could figure it out. I groaned inwardly as I lifted my mouth from the bit to answer her.

“That is an anal hook, Ma’am. The end with the ball is inserted into the…uumm….my….. ass.... and then a leather strap, which is braided into my hair, can be tied to the loop on the other end. When pulled tight, it forces my head back.”

I could see the wicked grin on her face forming, but also a lack of complete understanding. Forced into this submissive position, I did what I would have done months earlier with Mike; I expanded the explanation so that she would understand completely. Regardless of the fact that I knew this knowledge would be used against me.

“For example, if used on me now, as I am secured here to this bench, it would force my head back and face looking forward just as I am now. Talking to you. Ma’am. A ring gag could then be secured in my mouth, forcing it open, and then a man could fuck my mouth and throat, at his leisure.”

“Oh, you are a kinky bitch, aren’t you?”

I don’t think she really expected an answer, but I had been asked a question. “Yes Ma’am,” I replied.

The surprise on her face was evident, but she still asked another question; “has this been done to you before?’

Humiliation burning in my cheeks, I replied “yes Ma’am.”

“And you liked it, didn’t you?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“I think you are going to be in for some really rough use, you kinky slut.”

With my mouth back over the bit, she braided the leather strap into my hair. I knew instantly after explaining, from the look on her face, that she just had to see me in such a position. She squatted before me again so I lifted my head to her. This time I not only noticed her bald pussy, which I am sure was even wetter, but also the way her boobs threatened to spill from her bustier adding to the Dominatrix look.

Holding the hook in front of me she said “ok, so explain this to me one more time. Exactly how this works. How it was used on you before.”

At the time I didn’t even think about why she was asking again, I just answered.

“That is an anal hook, Ma’am. The end with the ball is inserted into my ass and then the leather strap, which is braided into my hair, is tied to the loop on the other end. When pulled tight, it forces my head back. The ring gag is then secured in my mouth, forcing it open, and then a man could fuck my mouth and throat, at his leisure. Mike did this to me several times. He said he liked having my throat available for use without having to even say a word.”

“And you liked this?”

“Yes Ma’am. I got really wet and horny being dominated and used by Mike.”

“I can see that you are dripping wet now… Does that mean that you like being dominated by me? Your little sister?”

After a moment’s hesitation, “honestly, I don’t know Ma’am. But you are dominating me completely and I am very horny right now, so I guess that I do... Ma’am.”

“Do you want to cum?”

With no hesitation this time, “YES Ma’am, very much.”

“So you’re enjoying me whipping and spanking you? Putting clamps on your nipples? Tying you in this position that you just described? And you’re hoping that I’ll let you cum eventually? Is that right?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Is this what Mike did to you?”

“Yes Ma’am”

“And how long would he draw this out? Controlling you? Using you? Before he’d let you cum?”

“Sometimes weeks, Ma’am.” Just hearing myself say this was making me even hornier.

“That’s what you want me to do isn’t it? You want me to draw this out, torturing you, dominating you, making you work for that orgasm that you know will be so incredible?”

At that moment I was so horny I couldn’t even think. Those long days locked in that chastity belt with Mike teasing me flashed through my mind. The silence went on, but this time she didn’t push me. She just waited silently. I knew that if I answered I would be giving her permission to do whatever terrible things she wanted to me, but like a man, at the moment all I could do was think with my cunt. My wet, horny, kinky cunt.

“Yes Ma’am,” I whispered barely audible.

“What was that, I couldn’t hear you?”

Louder and clearer this time, I closed my eyes, cheeks flaming red and repeated “YES Ma’am.”

She let the silence go for a long while. I opened my eyes just in time to see her putting the ring gag up to my mouth. I opened it without a sound. She secured the ring gag behind my head and then stood up.

“Ok, sis I’ll do what you asked.”

Puzzlement went through my head. Why did she call me sis and not bitch or slut, but she wasn’t finished

“All those things that we’ve talked about the last 3 weeks. I’ll do it. I’ll make it happen. I’ll dominate you like you asked me too. Control you completely. Punish you severely. Train you to obey my commands as a slave would her Master.”

Totally lost now, I listened on.

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to continue after mom and dad get back. For the rest of the summer, like you asked me too….. Ok, begged me too the other night, but I’ll try. I’ll do my best to be a mean, nasty controlling Mistress like you asked.”

Only then did I notice Mark coming in closer to me……With a video camera in his hands. I realized then how badly I was screwed. I had just gone on camera and given Dawn the perfect “get out of jail free card” for whatever she did to me. It would all sound like my idea. From here on out she could do whatever she wanted to me and if I ever went to mom or anyone else, she would just pull out the tape and say she was just doing what I wanted her to do. For the next 3 weeks, or maybe even the rest of the summer from the sound of it, I was her slave.

“So I guess we will start now. Like you said, you will only call me Ma’am or Mistress. Right?”

Left with no choice I nodded my head and said “esss a’am”. At least that’s what it sounded like through the ring gag.

“And if you are bad or need training I am to punish you severely, right?”

“ess a’am”

“You will never cum without my express permission and if you do cum without permission, you will confess this to me immediately and beg me to punish you severely, right?”

“ess a’am”

“And you want me to have your nipples, clit or anything else pierced if I feel like it, right?”

This one got my attention and I was going to object when I saw her, standing behind Mark with the camera, tapping the cane against her hand silently. I knew immediately what she was saying. I had better go along and agree on tape or I would pay the price.

“ess a’am”

“And I am to use you or let my friends use you in any way I choose. We are free to fuck you anytime, anywhere, in any way I choose, right?”

My fate was sealed. “ess a’am”

“And you agree that what mom told me is true; that you had the contraceptive insert installed last year so there’s no way you can get pregnant for 4 more years, right?”

Oh my God. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I couldn’t believe mom told her. And I knew what this meant also…..

“ess a’am”

With that she came over, without the cane in her hand, and inserted the lubed up anal hook into my exposed ass. Tugging hard on the strap, she pulled my head back as far as it would go and then tied it off to the hook. Releasing the strap, my head came forward a little, seating the hook deeper into my ass and then that was it. I was secured and completely open.

“Is that right? Are you secured and vulnerable just the way you like to be?”

“ess a’am.” A little more strained now due to the position of my neck.

She walked around my helpless body and looked me over. I was completely exposed and vulnerable. She even reached down and pinched my nipple. Yes it was still rock hard. Walking behind me she ran her fingers along my cunt and then pushed first one and then two inside of me. She finger fucked my wet hole for a minute and then came around in front of me and said,

“You really are a kinky, wet, horny slut, Aren’t you?”

“ess a’am,” I admitted to both her and myself.

She slipped her wet fingers into my mouth and wiped my juices off into my own mouth.

“Well, I guess that about cover’s my insurance policy,” she said with a laugh. “And you listen here, bitch, I own you. Do you understand me? From now on you will be my obedient little slave. You will work hard to please me in any way I demand or else.”

“ess a’am”

“Oh yeah, one more thing. I saw you eyeing my pussy when I squatted down before. Weren’t you?”

“ess a’am”

“And as you could see, dominating you made ME wet too. Now what am I going to do about that? Stick out your tongue, bitch.”

I followed her instructions, sticking it out as far as I could. I didn’t like where this was going. I had never been with a girl before, but what choice did I have?

“Oh Yeah, that will do nicely. Looking at Mark and then back at me she said, we’re gonna do one more piece of tape for my insurance. You know how to respond so do it right.”

She paused for about 10 seconds and then asked “Ok Rebecca, I know I agreed to completely dominate you, but I’m your SISTER. I feel kind of weird about this, but if it’s what you really want. Are you sure that you want me to make you eat my pussy and give me an orgasm?”

Damn, trapped again, “ess a’am”

“I don’t know, I am your sister after all.”

I could see her mouth, but the camera couldn’t. It was all on me. She silently mouthed “beg me to,” with a look on her face that I clearly understood.

“ease,,,,,,eeeasee,,,,ake ee eat orr ussy,,,,,easeeeee”

“Ok, ok. But you forgot to say Mistress so I’m going to have to punish you first. You told me to be very strict and very hard on you, right?”

Closing my eyes, “ess a’am,,,,,,,, ease unish eee,,,,, ard”

So she took the belt to my ass and proceeded to give me 10 HARD strokes. Deciding after the 3rd one that I should count for her whenever possible. So we started over “un a’am…….ou….a’am…here…a’am.” all the way to ten.

After a ten second delay she was again in front of me, only this time bent over with her skirt around her waist. As she pushed her dripping wet pussy against my face she told me, “You better eat it good or we will start over with the cane on your ass, bitch.”

So I licked her as hard as I could. Trying to run my tongue up and down her slit, paying extra attention to her engorged clit. After only a couple minutes I was rewarded for my efforts by receiving a warm gush of fluid from her pussy. Unlike me, apparently she was a girl that squirted when she came.

Obviously happy from her orgasm, Dawn took a seat and said “Well guys, this has worked out even better than I had hoped. I think you deserve a reward. Mark, you’re first. Her mouth already smells like pussy, so why don’t you fuck it like one?”

“I’d love too. I’ve had a hard on for an hour now.”

Mark kneeled in front of me and stuffed his hard cock into my mouth. Wasting no time, he buried his full length between my lips. I could feel his hard member slide into the back of my throat and was happy that I had experience with this. I also had the feeling that I’d be getting a lot more practice.

He fucked my mouth just like it was a pussy and I could feel his balls smacking against my neck with each thrust. In no time I felt him stiffen and had to hold my breath as he shot his load of cum down my throat, his cock buried in my throat and his groin against my face, my nose in his pubic hair.

I barely got a breath before Tony’s cock penetrated my lips. His cock was a little larger than Mark’s and he was going slower also. He liked to bury it in my throat, groin against my face and then hold it there a moment or 2 before pulling back. I think he wanted to hear me choke, but I had more practice than that. So after a couple minutes of that, he reverted to Mark’s style and just fucked my face for all it was worth. After another couple minutes he also unloaded into my mouth, but he pulled out before finishing sending the last shot onto my face. They all seemed to love this and again the camera came out for some filming.

In a surprise action, Dawn kneeled down and licked the cum from my face for the camera. Only to deposit it back onto my tongue for me to “enjoy.”

“I didn’t want you to miss any. I gotta say, I am kind of jealous. Having you eat me out was good, but I prefer a hard cock in my pussy. And seeing you get to enjoy those hard cocks in your mouth makes me jealous. I guess I’ll just punish you later for making me feel that way.”

Though I think both the guys would have fucked her right then, she brushed them away.

“Not right now, I have to get ready for the party so we have to get going. Maybe you’ll get a chance later. And of course, you know where there will be a wet cunt waiting for you later!!!”

“But remember, you don’t say a word to anyone. I decide when the party moves down here.”

I had no idea what kind of party she had in mind, but I’m sure I wouldn’t like it. Or well, maybe I would like it… some…

After she released my hair, removed the hook and removed the ring gag she asked, “SO, what do you say slut?”

“Thank you Sir’s for fucking my mouth. And thank you Mistress for allowing me to please you and these men.”

Pleased with my response, she pushed my mouth back down over the bit gag and secured that strap behind my head.

A couple smacks on the ass and she started to walk away. In what seemed to be a second thought, she walked back to me and pinched my nipples hard, then attached the Clover Clamps.

“I wouldn’t want you to get bored down here alone, so these will give you something to think about,” the mean, wicked grin spreading across her face.

Again she walked away, this time not even looking back. With a click of the switch at the top of the stairs I was left in the dark.

So now I am lying here, secured to this device of my own construction waiting for my Mistress and her friends come down and enjoy me. The music is getting louder. They sound like they are getting drunker…… What did I get myself into?????

Part 2

Probably a couple hours have passed but, I have no way of knowing exactly. My muscles are starting to ache, but nothing like the throbbing in my nipples. Those Clover Clamps are nasty little things that have quite a bite. I’ve never worn them this long before and hope they don’t do permanent damage. The party upstairs is very loud now. I can hear voices but not what they are saying over the drone of the music. The longer I wait the more nervous I become and yet there is still excitement buried down deep. Though not as horny as earlier, I can still feel it coming and going; probably because of the damn clamps.

When the door finally opens the music gets much louder and I can hear voices more clearly along with the sound of shoes on the steps.

“I’m not kidding,” my obviously drunk sister is saying, “the frigid bitch has become a kinky slut and now she wants my help.”

The voices, a couple sounding familiar, don’t seem to believe her at first and then they go silent leaving nothing but the music to reach my ears. Though I can’t see them, I assume that they can now see me. Strapped to the bench, bound tightly with the clamps on my nipples, it’s chain dangling almost to the floor and completely naked.

“Holy Shit!” I hear a familiar voice exclaim.

“See, I told you Danny.” My sister says, clarifying that the voice I just heard was that of Danny Martin, one of her longtime friends.

“And you say she asked you to do this to her?” Another voice.

“Yep. But don’t take my word for it.” With that the TV across the room comes to life and I immediately recognize the exchange that we had earlier tonight. Apparently my sister has already copied it to DVD and is playing it for them now. I can’t see the TV any better than anyone in the room, but just from the conversation I can hear on it, I’m sure they will all be convinced that I asked for Dawn to do this to me. She even edited in the part where I begged her to make me lick her pussy, making it sound like she just turned the camera off and then back on again just to tape that.

“I like to cum,” she’s saying, “but I made her repeat her request to make her eat out my pussy for the camera, so that anyone who asked would know it wasn’t MY idea to have my sister give me oral sex. Hearing it out loud I still wasn’t sure, but then she started to beg, so I went along with her.”

“Ok, so you’re telling the truth. I believe you, but now what?”

“You heard her, she wants me to dominate and abuse her. That’s why she built this little bench to keep herself at my mercy.”

“Well hell then,” the voice of another guy, “let’s give her what she wants.”

“What’s that hanging from her nipples?” This time a female voice I know belongs to her friend Suzie.

“She wanted something to keep her occupied while I was gone so I put her favorite clamps on her nipples.”

“Owww, those gotta hurt,” Suzie again who I can now see kneeling down beside me in her almost Goth looking black mini skirt and fishnet stockings. “I had mine pierced about a year ago and that hurt like hell. I can’t imagine having those on my nipples. Especially for so long.”

“I told you she was kinky. She wants me to have hers pierced along with her clit, but I’m not sure if I’m gonna have it done or not. That seems pretty extreme to me.”

“Dana had it done, her clit that is, and she loves it,” a male voice adds. “She says it makes her horny all the time.”

“Like this slut needs that,” my sister says reaching between my legs where I can feel her running her finger up my soaking wet slit. I hadn’t even realized that it had returned, but now I suddenly feel horny all over again and wonder how many strokes it would take to make me cum.

Before I can think about it too much, I feel Suzie pulling at the chain on my clamps bringing shots of pain to my nipples and then suddenly removing them both together. A scream is torn from my mouth, audible even over the music and bit gag between my teeth. Tears run down my cheeks and blur my vision as the unbearable pain of blood flow returning to my abused nipples makes them hurt like hell.

“THAT, seems to hurt even worse,” someone adds.

“But her cunt is still soaked,” my sister throws out, running her finger up and down my wet slit again several times. “I think the pain turns her on.”

Now she’s wiping my own juices onto my face just under my nose, the strong smell of my wet cunt overpowering me.

Suzie again says “look at all these toys she brought with her. Have you used them all on her yet?”

“Most of them, but not all yet. I tell you what, everyone grab something from the table and come over here.”

“Mark, you have the cat-o-nine tails so use that on her back. Tony, that’s a riding crop. Use that on her tits, she loves it.”

This goes on until everyone has something in their hands.

“Everyone together now…”

The effect is immediate and intense. I feel the belt leaving a searing mark across my ass at the same time the riding crop digs into the tender flesh of my right tit. The cane leaves its mark below the belt near the bottom of my ass cheeks and cat strikes the center of my back. My left tit is also targeted by the thin slapper. Made of thin wood and only about 1/2 inch wide, it’s flexible and gives quite a sting. As tightly as I am bound to the bench there is no way to move and being struck everywhere at one time leaves me squealing into the bit and jerking at my cuffs. Not that it matters as they continue to strike me almost continually. I notice that they move around to different positions and even swap out items. The cane moves from my ass to my tit and the slapper moves to my ass. The cat is replaced by a whip on my back. I hear my sister’s drunken voice “oh, I have an idea,” just before the thin slapper lands directly on my cunt tearing another scream from my gagged mouth. She seems to like that and I feel the continued attack to my cunt setting it on fire.

Dawn is now telling someone “here help me hold her open so I can land this right on her clit.” Hands pull my cunt lips apart and the little slapper lands directly on my swollen clit causing me to jerk and buck even harder. I don’t know how long it continues, but I am on fire everywhere, especially my wet little cunt.

When they finally stop all I can hear is my own roaring heartbeat as the sensations dull. A moment later I feel my cunt being invaded by something hard and cold. This is repeated with something being inserted into my ass and then feeling the clamps being attached to my hard aching nipples; I know what’s coming. A surge of electricity leaps through my dripping wet cunt causing me to buck at my bindings involuntarily. Followed by a jolt to my ass and then my tits I know that they have started playing with the TENS unit. I can hear them laughing and drinking as they stand around watching the electricity surge through my cunt, ass, tits. Cunt, ass, tits, again and again. I’m now bucking wildly and my tits are swinging around causing the clamps to pull at my abused nipples adding to their punishment.

It all stops abruptly and I am left panting and dazed. I don’t remember them pulling the plugs from my cunt and ass or removing the clamps, but this has been done. I can hear them talking and laughing, enjoying their party and their playtoy,,,,,, ME.

My head is lifted from the bit gag and it is removed from the bench as I stretch my aching jaws. The leather strap, still braided into my hair, is again pulled tight and attached to the anal hook. My sister squats down in front of me asking, “don’t you have something to say, slut?”

“Thank you for taking the time to punish me Ma’am. I hope I haven’t been a burden to you and your friends.”

Her drunken smile tells me that I have at least gotten something right.

“Well, you have taken up a lot of our time, bitch. Most of the night is gone and here we are still doing what YOU asked me to do……. And seeing you writhing around naked has made these guys all horny!! Now that’s just not very nice of you. What do you suggest we do about that?”

“Please, Mistress, offer them my cunt and mouth to fuck so they can get relief. After all, it’s my fault that they are so horny. And they worked so hard at punishing my body for me. Please Ma’am, I beg you….. It’s the least I can do.”

“You’re right, it is the least you can do. Being the kinky slut that you are, I have no doubt that you’ve enjoyed everything so now you can make amends to them.”

“Thank you Ma’am, thank you.” I know what I have to say so there was no choice for me. Besides, I am very horny from the night’s treatment and a hard dick in my cunt sounds pretty good right now.

“Is there anything else that you want to say before I strap the ring gag in place?” As she says this she is slowly spreading her legs, bringing her wet pussy into view below the hem of her tiny leather mini skirt.

“Yes Ma’am. Would you please allow me you lick and pleasure your beautiful bare pussy and give you pleasure too? Please? And also if I could pleasure Mistress Suzie’s pussy as well? I would really like to make you both feel good after all the time you spent punishing me. Please?”

“You were right Dawn, she is a kinky little slut isn’t she?!” Suzie chimed in as she steps in front of me. “Actually there’s nothing I would like more than to rub my wet pussy on the face of the girl that used to look down at Dawn and I in school and act like she was better than us. And if you don’t lick it good enough, I’m sure I can find something here to “Motivate” you to do better…..”

“Thank you Ma’am, Thank you. I will do my best, but of course if you decide to punish me for not doing good enough, that is your choice completely.”

While the guys are really horny, I think they like the idea of my sister and Suzie getting more worked up, so I find myself eating Suzie’s wet pussy first. As I work my tongue over her slit and concentrate on her clit I can hear one of the guys start kissing her seductively. I feel my sister sit down on my lower back, I know it was her because I can feel her pussy (now probably as wet as mine) against my skin. She starts spanking me, but not really very hard.

A mouth starts licking and biting at my nipples while he uses his hands to squeeze and fondle them. I’m doing my best to lick Suzie’s pussy with all the distractions when a hard cock thrusts suddenly into my soaking wet cunt. I must have stopped licking because I hear my sister yell “Don’t stop licking her pussy, you slut. Get to work!!!!!” Followed by the sharp sting of the thin slapper on my ass. She must have been holding it in her hand when she sat down.

I dive eagerly back into Suzie’s pussy with my tongue while the assault on my hungry cunt continues along with the magic being done to my tits. I can now hear Dawn kissing the guy who was fucking me as well.

Suzie, finally reaching her climax, pushes her pussy hard into my face leaving me breathless. After what feels like an eternity, Suzie pulls away from my face and with my first breath of air I cum with incredible intensity. All these hours of stimulation give me one of the best orgasms I can ever remember. The convulsing of my cunt must have brought the guy fucking my cunt to orgasm also as I feel his shrinking cock pull out of me.

Suzie is busy still kissing a guy as my sisters wet pussy is pushed into my face. I start to work immediately licking her slit and tongue fucking her. Another hard cock enters my cunt and begins fucking me. Dawn must have been really horny because she cums very quickly and her pussy is immediately replaced by another hard cock pushing into my throat. The two guys find a rhythm burying their cocks into me completely at the same time and then pulling back. With each stroke I feel a groin hit my ass just as one presses into my face making me feel completely stuffed and pinned. They also manage to cum at almost the exact same time dumping their loads of cum into my waiting mouth and cunt.

The next two guys that mount my waiting holes are not quite as in sync as the last two and this time I feel like I’m being pushed back and forth between them. I’m getting pretty hot again too and feel like maybe I’ll get another orgasm soon. Unfortunately, before I can cum, both guys reach their climax. Instead of filling me though, these two pull out and dump their hot, sticky cum onto my ass, back and face.

This process is repeated several times before they step away from me. I think I’ve been fucked by 6 guys and 2 girls. Some of the guys came back for seconds so that they could try both ends of me and Suzie fucked my mouth with a strap on dildo at one point. I have no idea where that came from since it wasn’t part of my collection. I did manage to cum 3 times during my ordeal though.

As they return to their drinks I am left as I was with cum covering my face and back and starting to dry on my skin. My cunt and mouth are sore from all the fucking as is my ass from the pull of the hook. Somewhere in there my “Mistress” decided that I needed the clover clamps re-applied and they’re now swinging slowly from my sore nipples.

I am pulled from my thoughts as I hear my sister’s voice rise above the rest, “Look at what a mess you guys have made of my bitch!! She’s covered with your sticky cum. What am I gonna do with her now?”

“Maybe she needs to be tied in the shower for a while,” someone suggests.

“No, I have a better idea,” Dawn suggests.

The anal hook is removed allowing my head to slump forward, stretching my sore neck. My arms are released and then handcuffed behind my back. I can feel the cum all over my back smearing onto my arms. The clamps are removed from my nipples again pulling a cry from my mouth. My collar is unlocked from the bench and my legs are unstrapped. Two guys then lift me up and stand me on my stilettos which are still strapped to my feet. I need help for a few minutes but can eventually stand. The ring gag is removed but before I can say a word it is replaced by a ball gag.

“Bitches can’t talk, they only whimper and bark. Remember that slut….” She says staring into my eyes.

With my leash re-attached I am led up the stairs and out the back door. It’s the middle of the night and we have a privacy fence, but still I wonder if any neighbors are awake and looking from their second story windows as I am led naked into the back yard. I whimper into my gag and get a stroke across the ass from the riding crop in Suzie’s hand. She’s behind me and I hadn’t even seen her carrying it.

“Shut up, bitch. I don’t want to hear a sound from you,” she says.

Dawn leads me over to a big tree in the back yard and then has one of the guys throw a rope over one of the branches about 12 feet off the ground. My hands are briefly uncuffed and then re-cuffed in front of me. A knot is tied to the chain between the handcuffs and someone pulls the other end of the rope forcing my hands above my head until I am stretched tight. With the rope tied off to another tree I am left helpless in my back yard.

Dawn walks right up to my face and stares at me. “You’re a fucking mess,” she slurs.

I can smell the alcohol on her breath and realize that she must be quite drunk now.

“You know, I never had a puppy. But now you’re My bitch. And when a dog gets all dirty you have to take her out in the yard and hose her off. So now I’m gonna hose you off and get you all cleaned up. Mark, give me the hose.”

The stream of water from the nozzle hits me right in the chest and stings like hell. It’s also very cold and soon I’m shivering from the spray on my nude body. Dawn takes her time spraying down every inch of me. Suzie appears with a wet soapy rag in her hand and starts to scrub my body. The soap smells like dish soap, but at least the water is warm and feels great on my shivering body. She works the soap over every inch of me, including my face, removing the sweat and cum from my skin. She has two of the guys lift me up by my thighs spreading then wide apart in the process and proceeds to soap up my sticky cunt.

When she has finished, Dawn returns with the hose and this time starts on my cunt. Since it is already spread open wide she can hose it out good, taking the soap and cum along with it. The pressure of the water makes me feel like I’m getting an enema to my cunt, but the water seems to run right back out. The guys put me back on my feet and again I am stretched out. Once she has finished spraying me down thoroughly, she comes back over and pinches my nipples, already hard from the water and cool air. Twisting them between her fingers and pulling them hard enough to lift my tits up high, she says “Maybe these would look good with rings in them. And they would be so much fun to play with. Or maybe hang bells on them so that you would jingle when you walk. Kind of like a cow bell,” she says with a snicker.

Releasing my tits she calls to Mark, “let her down. I think My bitch is clean now.”

With the rope untied, she orders me “Get down on your hands and knees, bitch!! Dogs walk on 4 legs, not 2.”

I lower myself to the ground and assume my position as her pet. I can’t move too fast, but there is a little chain between the handcuffs which allows me to scurry along behind her as she tugs on my leash.

“I think there’s something missing,” my new Mistress declares. “I know what it is, puppys have tails….. That’s what’s missing.”

And so my anal plug with the tail on it, appearing from nowhere and already lubricated, is slipped into my tight ass. I can feel my new tail hanging down between my legs and the blush that it brings to my cheeks. Mike bought that for me, but we never used it. I knew as soon as I saw it that it would totally humiliate me to wear it and be treated like his pet. And now here I am, in my own back yard, wearing my new tail, the bitch puppy of my new Master, my sister.

She slipped my stilettos back on and said: “From now on, whenever you are wearing your tail, you will be my puppy. And you will ALWAYS remember that puppies can’t speak, only whimper or bark and puppies always walk on all fours. Now since you’re a smart little puppy, I can ask you simple questions and you will answer with one bark for yes and two barks for no. Understand?”

I nod my head for her and she continues.

“Now, I’m gonna take your gag out and you are gonna be a good little puppy and follow mommies orders orders, right?”

Again, I nod my head knowing that my cheeks are bright red with embarrassment. She removed the ball gag.

“Now tell me again, do you understand the rules, puppy?”


“And do you understand that mommy will have to discipline her little puppy if she is naughty or breaks any rules?”


Her voice now sounded just like she was talking to a puppy. Or maybe to a small child. And this just added to my humiliation.

“Puppies need to have names, but since you don’t have one yet I’ll just call you bitch. That might be the perfect name you anyway but I’ll decide later. Now Heel bitch.”

And so I’m being led around the yard by my Master trying to be her good little puppy named bitch. She makes me sit and shows me just how she wants her puppy to sit when commanded and then come and stay. When I don’t do it right or am not quick enough for her she uses the riding crop to “correct” me.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group is sitting around talking and laughing, watching my sister play with her new puppy.

After another 20 minutes or so, she commands me to “sit” and then explains one last rule to me. Like I needed anything to humiliate me more.

“When puppy’s need to go potty, they go to the door, whimper and wait for their Master to take them out to the back yard. Puppies never go potty inside the house. Ever!! Understand, bitch?”


“Does bitch have to go potty now?”

Oh my god. I can’t believe that I am going to have to squat down and pee in the back yard. I really need to pee since I have been locked up for a long time now, but I hate the thought of doing it. Especially in front of her friends. But I also know that I no longer have any choice, so I better just do it.

“arf” I whisper.

“I can’t hear you bitch, speak up.”

Louder this time “arf”

So with a laugh and a satisfied look on her face, Dawn led me over to the corner of the yard said “This is where you go potty, bitch. Now squat down and take care of your business. And make sure not to get any on your tail.

And so I squat down, trying to stay steady in the soft grass with my stilettos sinking in, with my tail out of the way and let go a strong stream of piss. It seems to take forever since I had to go so bad, but finally I am done and crawl away from my puddle. Dawn seems like an excited kid, praising me and petting my hair.

Back inside and with the handcuffs now removed from my wrists I can crawl around much better now. I still have my collar on, tail in and even the stilettos on because one of the guys said I look sexy crawling around in the heels. They are keeping me busy teaching me new tricks like “sit up and beg”, “roll over” and “fetch” treating me just like a dog. I am corrected with the riding crop or thin slapper when I disobey or fail to meet their expectations and they like to pet my head, back and belly. The guys even pet my cunt on a regular basis which manages to keep me wet and frustrated most of the time. I am also wondering just how much of a slut I must really be, since even this humiliating situation makes me horny and wet.

The frequent petting of my cunt combined with the act of being dominated so completely has me dripping wet again and one of the guys declares that “the bitch is in heat and needs to be bred.” My cunt is again impaled by a hard cock and at this point I am loving it. He’s fucking me hard and it looks like there are going to be other studs that want a chance to “breed the bitch.”

Right then my sister returns from wherever she had gone and goes crazy. “GET OFF OF THE BITCH.”

Everyone stops suddenly and goes quiet including the guy that is fucking me. His cock is still buried in my cunt and I am so close to cumming, but everyone, especially me, is afraid to even breathe.

“There are 2 hot girls here and all you guys can do is play with the fucking dog!!!”

“bitch, come,” she commands.

It takes all the willpower I have to follow her command even though I am terrified not to. My cunt makes a slippery, wet pop as I crawl free of the hard cock that was so wonderfully fucking me. I crawl to my Master and sit at her feet like she taught me, nuzzling against her leg and whimpering.

“QUIET, BITCH,” she commands, silencing me immediately. “You two, go out to the garage and help Suzie. Bitch, HEEL.” And with that she storms out of the room dragging me behind by the leash.

I know she’s drunk and probably now feeling like I am, once again, getting more attention than her. I’m terrified what she might do to punish me, but for now all I can do is hurry to keep up with her as she pulls hard on my leash. Down the steps we go back to the basement and all my (now her) implements of torture. Over to the support post where she commands “Stand puppy.” A command that keeps me in puppy mode, but now standing upright on feet. She quickly ties my collar to the post and then handcuffs my hands behind it.

“I know what you’re doing, you bitch. Trying to take control back from me by using all your charms on the guys.”

I start to open my mouth but she silences me.

“Don’t you even think about it bitch puppy……. Well it’s not going to work. I told you that I would teach you respect and I will. You are going to learn your place and that you are here for MY amusement when and IF I decide to use you. Don’t you think I don’t know that you came tonight…. More than once and WITHOUT permission. You’ll pay for that slut.”

I want to say something. Beg for forgiveness. Confess that I had cum and how many times, just like I am required to do, but I am in puppy mode and all I can do is whimper. Which I do pitifully.

“Oh your cute little whimper isn’t going to get you out of this. No Way.”

She goes behind me and returns to stuff a ball gag into my mouth. Leaving again, she comes with the cane. Without hesitation she starts whipping my tits with it really hard. Between being pissed off and drunk she really lays into my tits. I can see the welts forming on them immediately. And each stroke feels like fire and I start to dance around.

“You better stand still and take your punishment or I’ll double it and then do the same to your ass!!”

That did the trick. I’m terrified to move and stand still taking each stroke across my tits without moving.

Finished, she throws the cane to the floor and again walks behind me. This time she returns with the chastity belt and holds it up in front of me.

“I hope you enjoyed those orgasms because they are the last ones you are going to have for a long, long time…..”

First she locks the belt around my waist and then pulls the crotch strap between my legs. Since this is an expensive belt, designed for long term wear, you can both piss and poop with it locked on. This means that once she fed my tail through the opening, she can lock it on while leaving the anal plug complete with tail installed. With the touch of the belt between my legs and the final “click” my cunt is now locked away until my sister (very pissed off sister) decides to let me loose. And to make matters worse, the contraceptive insert I have keeps me from having periods so there is no limit to how long she can keep me locked away.

“I think that should keep your slutty little cunt under control. Maybe if you’re a really good slave AND puppy I won’t lose BOTH keys.” With that she slipped the key chain over her head and unlocked the handcuffs. Just about to toss them aside she decides “Hey, I have a better idea.”

Carefully stuffing the skin into them, she manages to lock them around the base of my tits. Due to the size of my D-cups she has to work at getting them latched closed, but once she gets the first click, she pushes hard enough to get a couple more. Being squeezed at the base, my tits are standing straight out and looking strained like they might explode. They are also turning red and making the welts from the cane stand out even more. There’s no way I could pull the cuffs over all that flesh so now, just like my cunt, my tits are locked up at my sister’s mercy.

Back on all fours we start up the steps again.

“I have another surprise for you, bitch,” she calls over her shoulder to me.

As I am led into the living room the conversation stops and everyone stares at me. I’m sure they can see the chastity belt that is now locking away my cunt and probably my swollen, welted tits as well.

“Sit,” my Master calls to me and then removes the leash once I have complied.

“Kennel,” she commands.

My lack of understanding is immediately replaced by dread as I see the dog crate now sitting in the corner of the room. Years ago we had a large dog, Rusty, and this was his kennel until he died and it was moved to the garage where it has been ever since. He too was trained to retreat to his “kennel” when commanded and wait for his Master to come shut the door, locking him in; just like I am now trained to do.

With a whimper, I crawl slowly to the kennel…. My kennel…. And wait for my Master to lock me inside. Only now do I understand why Rusty always used to walk so slowly to his kennel.

With a shiny brass padlock in place making sure that I can’t open the door using my hands, Dawn turned to the others “bitch has had a busy day and now it’s time she gets put up for the night. So now, let’s finish this party.”

As she grabs another drink and starts chatting with her friends again, ignoring me just as she would a real puppy once it’s put up for the night, I consider my situation. My kennel is not big enough to stretch out or even to sit up in without bending my head forward. About the only thing I can really do is curl up on the small blanket in here. I guess that’s what a real puppy would do anyway and since I’m in puppy mode I might as well get used to it. A collar is locked around my neck and I have a tail that will not come out until my Master decides it should. My tits are sore and locked in their own little prison, swelled up and very sensitive to touch. The only way I can communicate is to whimper or bark. And my cunt is now locked away and I have no idea when I will get to cum again. I was so close when she came in, but it was not to be. And now sitting here realizing how completely my little sister has taken control of me, my cunt is getting wetter.

to be continued...


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