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“Come on Six wake up,”

Sarah lazily open her eyes.

“Get up girl.”

Sarah. A.K.A Six was never in the mood to wake up. But she struggled to sit up. In her sleep should could imagine being away from this place. This nightmare.

She inhaled deeply to help clear out the cobwebs. Her bindings and harness had the same leather mixed with sweat smell that it had with every morning.

The leather encircled her body. Supporting her breasts and also supporting the damm arm binder. A leather single sleeve that pulled her arms painfully behind her into a single limb. She bit down on her bit. On reflex she tried to spit the thing out of her mouth. The gap in her teeth and head harness made the steel bit, Like that of a horse. Impossible to remove.

‘Six’ struggled to her feet. In reality her feet where not feet. They where horses hooves. Oh, she had feet once. If these heelless boots ever got taken off. They where laced on tight and locked on.  They made her feet look like a horses hoof. Worse. The hobble made of short chain. Extending from one ’hoof’ to the other ‘hoof,’ made standing or even walking harder. She had to use the wall to help brace her as she stood.

She saw the reigns hooked to the wall that lead to her mouth. She gave it gentile tug. They did not fall off. That got the last stable boy fired. This time they held. She knew they would. But she tried every morning.

Her fate was to be a pony girl in some ones hell spawned ranch. Where she was and how she got here was still a mystery. But she had been trying to keep track of the days she had been here. She lost track after a week. Her next best guess was more than a month.

“Get up Six we have to start working off those demerit you keep piling up.”

Her groom. Jimmy. Looked at a clipboard that hung on the wall.

“Fighting with Dawnstar. Again. What is with you two?”

Six just let out small grunt. Talking was big no-no. You could grunt and whinny like a pony. Anything more got you whipped.

Sarah did not like the whip and been keeping her demerits at a level so she would not be whipped. Whipping was a direct punishment and did not  take any demerits off. In fact it could add more.

Getting demerits was easy. All you had to do was screw up. In small ways of course.

Sarah was determined to get out of this hell. And she figured they would not kill her. They had gone to far too much trouble to kidnap her and bring her here. So at the time. She figured what was the worst they could do. Getting demerits was her way of rebelling.

On the other side of the coin you could earn credit for good behavior and going along with the program. Credit allowed you to get a blanket. Ribbons in the hair and tail. Sleep without a bit in your mouth. Treats. Hand and arms buckled to your sides in some pony hoof gloves instead of this damnable arm binder. Or even a day off. The ultimate was mating with one of the stud ponies. One of the male ponies on this ranch.

Sarah shrugged and gave a small smile through what ever was allowed through the bit. She hated the name Six. You had to earn a name like Dawnstar did.

Dawnstar was a suck up. An ass kisser. And delighted in showing off her ‘freedoms‘.

On day one she was given a briefing.. Once a year their was a pony show. If prospective owner saw what they liked. You could be purchased and taken away.  That was  the only way out. Or the only way they let you out. What ever your owner did with you was none of their business.

To her. It just seemed you where going from one hell to another.

Jimmy checked to see her bit and bridle were secure. The harness fit snugly and her tail was secured on the harness above her ass.  Taken a dump on your tail got you demerits. So you learn how to use a toilet by pushing the tail aside. It was harder than it looked.

Her hair was combed to look like a flowing mane with it short on the sides of her head. Nearly a Mohawk.

Jimmy brush her tail briefly. Then brushed and stroked her head.

“Six. Please do not get into trouble today.” He whispered softly. “ I am asking you nicely. Just work off your demerits.”

She liked Jimmy. Her first groom. Kyle was mean and would berate and use the buggy whip on her at a the slightest  infraction. So when he screwed up and did not properly secure her reigns. She made sure the stable master caught him.

Jimmy had worked his way up from stable hand to groom. Jimmy was unfortunately given Sarah as his first assignment, he hung up her chart. “Got to see the vet today so where going to have a late start. Just behave for today. Please?”

Jimmy was almost begging her to behave. He never, if unless he had to. Use the whip. Even then it seemed his heart was not into it.

Six nodded. She knew if she misbehaved too much Jimmy would be replaced. She could end up with some one worse than Kyle. So she had show some progress. Sort of one step forward and two step back plan. Today she would behave. Up to a point.

Seeing the vet was one of the few times her arms where allowed out of the arm binder. How ever they quickly had her on a table with arms and legs spread eagled.

She did not fight them. No use in getting more demerits today.

The vet was actually a real doctor. Examined her and was concerned that she had not progressed enough to allow her to not wear the arm binder anymore. If she continued to wear it. Her arms may become strained and become atrophied. The muscle tissue would deteriorate. Possibly even having them amputated.

That was a shock to Sarah. Jimmy tried to find a way to get around the problem. But the vet said that only Six’s cooperation would get her our of the arm binder.

Sarah was not sure about giving in. But the threat of losing her arms. Did give her pause. Maybe she could behave long enough to get her arms some what free.

Once she was harnessed up and arms back in the binder. She was lead to her cart and made ready to work. To help burn off some demerit. She had five pound weight attached to each leg and a ten pound belt. Jimmy secretly loosen the arm binder just a bit.

“Six. Just do your work and please do not get into any fights today. If all goes well you might break even.”

Work consisted of building a wall. You hauled stones to the work site. A male pony would load and unload the carts. Stable hands worked the stones breaking big ones into little ones. Jimmy used to do that before he became a groom. He was sunburned, tanned and well muscled. It was hard work breaking rocks. Six wondered if grooms were as much a prisoner as she was.

Male ponies had the same hoofed hands. However they where not strapped to their sides. They had to really work to get the stone out. Place them on the wall where they where instructed. It was hard work and they all had well defined muscles and toned bodies. 

This is where Six had trouble. All the male ponies would unload Dawnstar's wagon first even if she was behind Six in line.

To make matter worse there stable masters all around watching. Just waiting to see if Six screwed up Or picked a fight.

Dawnstar had favored status and could fill her quota by mid day. Six with the added weight on herself and having to wait more than she thought she should. Was back in her stall by sun down. She just made her quota.

Jimmy was with her every step of the way. He wiped her down and pointed above. Then pressed his finger to his lips. Yes they could listen in. Not that Sarah had much to say . She ate her meal. Drank her water. Took a dump in toilet and called it a day.

Morning was the same routine. No vet visit today so it was more time to work. Jimmy asked and Sarah/Six nodded. Yes she would wear the extra weights to possibly get credits. She did not want her arms to be cut off.

The day after that. Dawnstar tried to trip her up. Still having the hobble and arms lashed behind her. She would be hard pressed to stand up if she fell. Six just managed to avoid falling. Jimmy caught her and intervened before Six could retaliate. Dawnstar groom. Michael was a bastard and pretty much let Dawnstar have her way.

There were at least a dozen pony girls and same number of pony boys on this ’ranch’. Thankfully Sarah did not have to pull a plow as it was summer. The fall and spring you pulled a plow if you where not building the wall.

It was a joyous day when her hobble was removed. She had gotten out of the dog house just enough to have  her legs not fettered so strictly.

The danger was she wanted to kick Dawnstar in the teeth so badly that it took Jimmy most of the day to keep her in line.

“Keep your eyes on the prize.” He whispered to her.

Still wanting the extra weight that would hopefully earn her credit and get the arm binder off. She hauled stone and was in her stall at sundown. Bone tired all she could think of was sleep. Jimmy wiped her down. Made sure she ate all her grains and veggies.  Then bedded her down for the night.

Morning came and she got up ready for work. But it was raining. Normally that would mean no work and she could sleep the day away. But when Jimmy showed up she thought that was not going to happen.

“Going to the blacksmith today. Maybe you can run the wheel.”

The wheel was a giant hamster wheel the turned a crank that powered the bellows for the forge. The wheel was easy work. If you could get it.

The blacksmith was also the leather worker and he looked like he could bend a person in half, much less red hot steel. He kept the cart and all the ponies equipment in good shape. Darn it.

Sarah/Six plodded along behind Jimmy. It felt odd not to have the extra weights she had been using for the past few days. But now she was hoping to earn extra credit.  As long as she did not screw up. The next thing was to get her arms out of this arm binder. If she was ever to have any hope of escape. She needed her arms.

At the blacksmith shop the one thing she did not need was to see Dawnstar.

She was getting an upgrade. Of a sort.

Through the spokes of the wheel of Six/Sarah watched as she was fitted with a new head harness. Aside from adding horse like leather ears. The head harness had cable on the back of the head that went down the back of the body harness and connected to her horse tail. By bobbing the head and moving it side to side. She could wag her tail or by lowering her head. Raise her tail allowing it to get out of the way when needing to use the toilet.

Sarah had to move and contort her body so her tail fell to the side or have Jimmy move it for her.

The horse tail was part of chastity belt and did not stick up your ass as she once thought it did. But shitting on your tail earned you a whipping and demerits.

Dawnstar was grinning and to Six. Taunting her. It was one more reason to get her arms free and beat the snot out of Dawnstar.

Two days went by. Six was ignoring Dawnstar as much as possible. Dawnstar knew she was in charge. So to speak. The other fillies wanted to be on Dawnstar's side and it galled Six the way they seemed to want to do things for her. Be near her. Six was the rebel who did her job and went home. Dawnstar now had three other ponies under her sway. Sunshine. Ten and Nightstar. Worse. Kyle had gotten his job back as a groom and was given  Ten. Kyle naturally blamed Six for his downfall. Ten wanting to prove herself to Dawnstar so that she was worthy of being in Dawnstar's ‘stable‘. She was willing to do just about anything to get at Six. She knew Kyle would conveniently turn his back or distract a stable master so Ten could get in a kick or some other indignity to Six.

This little pony gang did all they could to get at Six. Jimmy was just as exhausted as she was by the end of the day.

It was maybe four days later she went to the blacksmith and got her hooves on her hands. Arms now freed of that restrictive arm binder and secured to her sides. She wanted to enjoy the freedom before going all hog wild on Dawnstar. Oh her arms might be back in the arm binder but it would be worth it.

She figured two days before she would make her move on Dawnstar but it was the day after she got her hand hooves that Jimmy looked at her chart.

“You been a good girl Six. But I know you are planning something. So we are going to try something new.” Jimmy then lead in another pony girl. She had not seen her before.

“Six. This is Seven and she is new. “

Seven eyes were bloodshot. Most from all the crying she had been doing. Tears where still streaking down her face.

He hooked Seven lead to her neck collar. “Here's what is going to happen.  If you get out of line. Seven pays for it. No matter the infraction. You might not care what happens to you. But I do. You may not care about your own ass. But now some else butt is on the line. You're going to show her the ropes as it where. No talking. But you know that. Or should by now,”

Seven was maybe her late teens or early twenties and was a good six inches shorter than  Six. She looked up at her with those tear stained brown eyes. The bit in her mouth and arms in binder. Red hair combed into the mane. Matching tail hair attached to her chastity belt. She was not hobbled but was having trouble getting used to the hoof boots. It took time to get used to them and find your balance. She wobbled and rested against  Six to stay upright.

Six felt this was unfair. Now she had to go along or Seven would be punished. Jimmy may be right. Six couldn't care less what happened to her. But Seven was now her responsibility. The poor girl did not ask for this but now was trapped like she was.

Six sighed. She had to get Seven on track and fast. So her planned rebelling and smashing Dawnstar perfect teeth in was going to be on hold.

Six grunted and nudged Seven off of her. She stood tall and erect. Trying to show Seven how to stand in the hooves.

Seven faltered a number of times but she got the message.

“You have the day off Six. Get to know Seven and help her. I know you can do it.” Jimmy closed the door and left the two of them alone.

It was like learning how to be a pony girl all over again. How to use the toilet and not get your tail caught in it. The drinking fountain and how to drink with out choking on your bit.

Six knew they did something to your teeth so the bit settled in the back of your jaw and came out the corners of your mouth. Eating was a chore but you were on a veggie diet anyway. The head harness kept the damm thing in. They control your direction like a real horse.

Seven tried to talk and Six grunted loudly to mask it. She pointed above as best she could. Talking was punishable by lashing and demerits. A double whammy.

Seven was literally a millstone around Six’s neck. The new girl could not be more than eight feet from her. Seven was bound to Six. By her lead and Six was tied off at her lead to the ring on the wall.

So the day past with  no Dawnstar and no work. On the whole that was not a bad day.

Next day was the same routine as always. The exception was Seven was like a little foal hugging her mother. Worse she was slowing Six down. That was complicated by Dawnstar.

She thought that having your own ‘foal’ should have been her reward. But Six could not explain it was far from it.

Seven tried to help with the cart but if she pulled on her reigns she only succeed in choking Six. So all Seven could do was plod along the side of her..

Six tried to make Seven be on her right side. That way Dawnstar and her little pony gang  could not get to her easily as they passed.

The trouble was Ten. She saw an opportunity and took it. Seven was on her left about to go to her right  Ten swerved right into Seven and knocked her down.

Kyle. Ten’s groom said nothing.

“Kyle. Get your pony under control.” shouted Jimmy.

“I didn’t see anything..”

Then Ten kicked Seven in the stomach. Six knew the hooves hurt. The hoof boots did have metal horse shoe on the bottom.

Six whinnied for Seven to get up and Ten kicked her again.  Jimmy was getting out of the cart. Kyle seemed to be keeping an eye out for stable masters.

That was the final straw for Six. She brought up her left hoof and drove it into Ten’s right knee. She thought she heard a snap and Ten went down crying in pain.

“WHAT THE HELL,” yelled Kyle.

“I did not see anything” Jimmy replied mockingly going to Sevens side and trying to get her up right.

“I’m going to report this.”

“Go ahead.” yelled Jimmy.

The next day was a somber one as Jimmy came to Sarah/Six’s stall. Seven was half asleep and needed to lean against Six to stand up.

“Well you did it this time. Ten is laid up. Knee is cracked. But it will mend. So they won't put her down.”

That statement sent a shudder through Six. She never even thought that you could be put down. That a human pony life could be taken. It never occurred to her that they would kill you.

“I pleaded your case. But you should know that disfiguring another Pony is about the worst thing you could do Six. I tried to say that you acted like a mother protecting her foal. Which you were.“

Jimmy took in a long breath. “So Your going to get twenty demits. Hobbled and the put back in the arm binder. Plus Seven get twenty lashes. Ten demerits and hobbled. .

Seven whinnied/cried in protest Six did as well.

“I told you anything you do. Seven pays for it.”

Six shook her head no. She smashed Ten's knee cap. Seven did not deserve this. Twenty lashes. Six had gotten five once and they hurt. Hurt really bad. Twenty.  Good god, would Seven survive?

“Your lucky that Seven is under probation  and did not get twenty demerits as well. Kyle got a slap on the wrist. Tens kneecap being blown out was punishment enough. So she is on light duty. I hate to say it. But you really did it this time. If you screw up one more time. I am gone.”

No. Not Jimmy too. This was all wrong. Seven was looking at her. Those eyes seemed to tell her all she needed to know.

‘-Why. What have you done to me Six? Why did you do it?-’ Seven would seem to say. If she could say it.

“Come on Six. We need to go to the blacksmith and the corral.”

At first she did not come when Jimmy untied her reigns and gave a gentile tug.


A second tug and she relented with Seven right beside her.

She could feel the fear from Seven. This was Dawnstar fault. Some how some way she was going to make her pay.

At the blacksmith. The arm binder was put back on. Six lamented losing the ability to use her arms. Then she and Seven where hobbled.

Six knew how to walk hobbled but Seven was tripping over herself.

Lashes where differing from a whipping in the way they where administered. Whipping was done with a buggy whip on the spot. Stinging your back and butt. Lashes where done at the corral and everyone was brought in to see. A cruel reminder how twisted this place could be. It was also to keep any thought of rebelling down.

The traditional lashing was a whip but the whip never touched you. Would not want to mar that pretty skin. Instead it was much worse.

Seven was unhooked from Six’s collar. Hooves/feet where held apart in a spreader bar. That bar was anchored to the floor. Two poles with phallic like device one going to your ass and other up your cunt where inserted. You became a human tripod unable to move forward or back. Side to side.

Six whinnied to Seven who began to sob.

All of the other ponies. Both male and female. Gathered in a circle. Stable masters. Grooms. Stable hands. All came to watch the show.

The lashes where done internal. A electrical shock going from your front intruder to your rear intruder was sound activated. The moment the device heard the crack of the whip you got shocked.  Male ponies got it in the balls.

You might some how fall to you knees but the lashes would keep coming and the count would stop until you got  to your hooves again and the count would continue.

Six hoped and prayed that Seven would mange to keep standing.

If you spoke a word. Another lash was added. Whinnies and crying where allowed.

Six tried to give encouragement, hoof stomping. Whinnied like cries. She found herself straining at the bit so hard that Jimmy had to reign her in. She could taste blood in her mouth.

They would make her watch. Jimmy had to make her watch.  She could see Dawnstar to her right along with Ten in a wheel chair like cart. Dawnstar was grinning.

Dawnstar pawed the ground at every lash that Seven got. Six was told that if you look hard enough You could see a person ass light up. Thankfully she was in front of Seven and not behind like some others.

At ten stokes they paused. Where they going to grant mercy but Ten herself let out a whinny. She wanted Seven. and by proxy. Six to suffer.

At fifteen Seven was beginning to weaken. Five more she said to herself . Just five more. She grunted coming very close to speaking. If she said one word. Or anything sounding like one word. Seven would get more lashes. Not her.

Six was crying  Dawnstar seemed to laughing as was Ten.

Six knew she was going to get Dawnstar and then as the last lash hit Seven. She had it. It was crazy and something Dawnstar would never see coming.

Her one hope was to make sure Dawnstar stayed here. The only way to the leave this place was the Parade. The show where one pony girl was bought by an new owner. She knew that was Dawnstar's ultimate goal. Six was going make sure she never reached it.

Seven was not wanting to be near Six. But that was not going to happen because she was leashed to Six by a long lead. Six tried to convey how sorry she was but Seven was not having any of it. Both ponies in an arm binder. Hobbled and today looked to be a hot one.

Six tried every to communicate to Seven but it was only falling on deaf ears. Allowed vocals where nicker, whinny, snort, blow, scream, and squeal. There where some variations but Seven was not going to receptive to anything Six had to say.

So Six was just going to have to show her.

It began when Jimmy showed up. Six was already up and waiting for him. This stunned Jimmy because six was not a early riser.  She wiggle her hobble hooves and thrust out her chest.

“You want the weights?”

She nodded affinitive.


However this is where her plan backfired. Jimmy put the weights on Seven . Not her.

“She pays for it.” said Jimmy. “I warned you.”

Six grunted. Okay . So Seven can work off her demerits faster. She could live with that.

Seven was still attached to her collar. Worse. The weight and hobble only slowed Seven more slowing down Six more. The heat was unbearable but she figure she had put a dent in Seven demerits.

Dawnstar had enough credit to take the day off and not work. So she stayed in her air-conditioned stall. The bitch.

Jimmy was wiping her down and making sure both got sunburn crème and plenty of water.

“Six. I got word form the stable masters.  Seven is going to be given a groom. Its Kyle.”

Six looked at Seven. She was half asleep. Seven did not know Kyle as she did.

“Also. You did all the work and Seven tagged along. You knocked off two demerit. Seven did not get any removed.”

Six was livid. How could she make this right. There had to be away. Now for her plan to work she was going to have to throw Seven to the wolves.

Then a crazy idea jumped into her head. Cripple Seven.  One hoof raised up and Jimmy looked at her wide eyed.


She couldn’t do it. Seven did not deserve this and Six was just going to have to make it right. First thing first. Get Dawnstar.

Her hoof settled back to the ground slowly.

“Seven goes to Kyle in the morning. Just be supportive. Stay out of trouble. Both of you.”

Six had a plan. But she needed time to set this up.

To be continued…




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