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Storycodes: M/f; date; forest; stables; drug; kidnap; strip; boots; chastity; corset; toys; insert; gloves; cuffs; bond; bitgag; harness; collar; piercing; shave; hood; ponygirl; force; cons/nc; X

It was a good day... School was getting out, she was so tired of the strict Catholic School, it was all girls, and she had no interest in them. She had a boyfriend who went to a public school, he was a regular guy, and that's what she loved, none of these prissy sex-deprived, God-following boys. He held a decent 'B' average, wasn't expecting to go to any fancy schools, and was fairly popular and well known, not as much as the head of the football team, but for just another head in the crowd, pretty popular. She, however, was a quote-unquote prissy little school-girl, because she went to a private school. Though her boyfriend, James, didn't mind, he found the outfit sexy as hell, and she'd wear the cliché' bikini-style white undies to tease him when they made love. They had have sex before, to spite her parents, and it was usually wild, because he held more erotic interests then just bland banging, and she was willing to try new things, so it was a good mix.

They had met up later that day, she had to do some homework, and a few chores, nothing he was interested in hanging around for, and he had to wrap up a few special things he had planned for her, that he's been setting up for months now. He had bought a stable, in the woods, and it was a fairly decent size, though it was intended only for two or three horses, but it came fully stocked with all the supplies, he just had to sneak ways of getting her sizes, for the gear he had to buy her was all custom-fit, like any personal gear. 

"Hey hey babe, lookin' great!" he smiles wide as he opens her door to his truck, a good lift kit would mean he had to help her in, and a powerful system awaited them on the inside. She smiled herself, and thanked him while taking the hand up, changing and adjusting her outfit appropriately, for she couldn't wrinkle the classic blue-and-green plaid  school uniform. He hopped up his own side, and started the strong engine up, taking off fairly quickly like the usual, and blazed past his house. She looked over to him, "James? Where we going?"

He looks over slowly, and then snapped back to the road, of course he had to keep his eyes on the road, "Ah, just a little scenic drive Sallem, we haven't done it in the forest lately, have we?" giving a playful wink to her. She shakes her head, the smile turning into a sheepish grin, and a  light flush to her cheeks."True true my dear, sounds good, did you bring protection?" perking her brow, this was important, no matter how wild the sex, a condom was the most important, because if she pregnant, she would be dead meat. He gives a few nods, and speeds down the road which soon changed to a dirt road that continued into the real meat of the forest, and he slowly pulls up to the stable. It was somewhat nice, freshly painted, and such, well stocked of course, and in the middle of no-where really. He looks over to her and nods to the stable, "Like it? I found it last week, and been studying the habits of the dude that owns it, we've got plenty of time." She giggles and looks it over with great interest.

They both hop out, and he let her lead, pulling out a clothe and a bottle of chloroform he had picked up while he was waiting for her to get done with her chores. She had opened the door, and that's when he pounced. He dropped the bottle into a pile of hay, and swung up behind her, his right arm hooks the clothe over her nose and mouth, while the left captured her free arm behind her. She thrashed and flailed, but he had the upper hand, and she quickly was drained, and was soon dropping to the floor and in his arms. He tugged her fully inside, and dropped her to a big pack of hay, moving off to pick up the equipment that was hidden away in the section over, coming back and started from her feet up. 

Working quickly, stripping off her shoes, and the knee-high socks, grunting as he wriggled and even lubed up her newly bared legs a bit with some baby powder, to get the heavy boots on. Which would for her to walk on her toes, they had no heels, and the base were hooves, they strapped up high on her thighs, and had enough room to bend at the knee, further locking it around the upper thighs as well. He jerked down her skirt, admiring the pink satin panties with the white trim, his favourite pair, and he knew she wore it just for him, and he left them on for now, and worked up to unbutton her shirt. Removing it, tossing it to the side, and unclasped her bra to toss away as well, and admiring over his work for a brief moment, then he continued on, reaching back for the chastity belt, and giving the crotch of the undies a stiff series of rubs to really dig the scent into the material. Then, sadly, he had to remove them, and replacing it with the chastity belt of almost all metal. Rather than being a high-cut thong, it was split with chains so he could fit a tail, but it locked tightly above her hip bones, and the crotch had a fairly thick glass plug. It pushed inside, and helped move the chastity belt with the body, while keeping her aroused slightly when she moved. 

He patted her bolt-locked crotch and moved up further, that chastity belt would be nearly impossible to remove without the key, which was circular in its physical form, so the lock couldn't be picked. Moving up further, leaning back, he grabbed a pole that held all the cuffs and bracers, sliding on the upper-arm braces, and buckling them tightly into place. The lining was rough to prevent slippage, each had a snap attached to it, so that could lock to the wrist cuffs D ring. He finished buckling them on tightly, and then began working on the wrist cuffs that had the same lining, and soon it was followed with gloves that would allow her to spread her fingers, but the fingers and gloves were covered to make it look like a fingerless glove, and specially made to push her fingers into a shape to the hooves that were attached as well. The extended hooks he slid up her wrists and pushed them under the wrist cuffs, and then pulled them taut so the hoof-gloves couldn't be removed.

After he finished with the hoof-gloves, and wrist cuffs, he positioned a corset on her chest and rolled her over so he could lace it up. It would push up her bare chest, which held a moderate 36 C cup size breast, and it shaped them so they were symmetrical. He pulled the laces tight, and the spines were curved so she had to arch her back, causing her ass and breasts to be over accentuated, giving her a better posture as well. Finally, he pulled out the head gear, which he started with the bit gag, and wrapped the buckle on the backside of her head, and under her jaw to make sure she had to keep it bitten down on. He then began buckling the bridle around her head as well, across the forehead, a strap from the forehead and down the middle of her head from front to back. That proudly displayed a mane while the rest of the headset would lock behind her head and had a good set of blinders that he positioned appropriately.

He picked up one of the last pieces, a thick, spined, posture collar that would lock on the back of her neck, and forced her neck to extend a bit and straighten up as well. The chloroform had began to lose its potency at this point, fully geared up, and finishing with clipping her wrist cuffs to the upper arm buckles. He listens to her muffled groaning, she tried grabbing out the gag, and finding her arms up in a begging manner, stuck in gloves, and she screamed out in surprise while looking down her body as much as she could. 

He patted her head gently, and smiled at her, pulling a big pin out of his pocket, and the other hand reached over to hold her harness."Shh, shh, shhhh, Sallem it's okay." he cooed down at her. He kissed her gently, while she tried flailing and soon he just sat down on her chest and wedged her head between her legs, holding her still while he pushed the pin into her nasal septum."This is going to really hurt, but just be a good pony, and you'll be fine... " he jabbed it through the soft flesh, sending her squealing and screaming in pain as he pierced her nose in such a brutal manner. He used his shirt to keep it clean of blood, and applied a lot of pressure until finally she stopped bleeding, and he pulled the spike out, stroking her cheek while she cried hard and trembled.

He cooed quietly as he dug into his pocket and pulled out a nose ring, a capture ring that would close to be a full, permanent circle. He looped that through her feeble bodies nose, and sealed it off by screwing both ends into a little ball that centered. He brushed the mane as he stood up, and pulled her to her foot hooves to let her trying to get used to it. "Mmhm, now that's a sexy bitch!" he exclaims with some gusto. She whimpers and screams gently, he carefully adds a light chain to the nose ring, and hooks that to the post between the two  stable doors he had laid her between. She trembles even more with the added weight to her fresh piercing, and testing the links holding her hooves up like she was begging, rubbing her hoof over the bit gag which had caused her to drool steadily. 

He wandered off for a moment, leaving her there in much dismay, confusion, and even a slight arousal, but she hardly noticed it through the pain and confusion. She could hear him coming back, the sounds of different pitches of metal jingling, and she looked dramatically back to spy him, the blinders were a pain in the ass to look around with. "I nearly forgot, not a pony without a tail!"

She grunted and babbled something incoherent over the gag, in which he delivered a very hard slap to her bared ass, also interjecting, "Ponies. Don't. Talk!" She whimpered after the smack, and jumped up when it hit, trembling even more as she felt a cold finger prodding around. He whispered quietly from a knelt position, "Let's hear you whinny while I set this up."

She shook her head, learning very fast not to speak, a large hand-mark was beaming bright red, and she would give a squealing-grunt as James slammed his  middle finger up her ass and wiggled it around. "I can put the plug in with lube, or without, now whinny, bitch." She gave a weak whinny, but it seemed to please him for now.

He had used a good amount of lube to get his finger up there, so it wasn't entirely painful, just unsuspecting of it. He took his finger back, and began lubing up the plug that represented a horse tail. And he would guide it to her ass, spreading the cheeks with one hand, and pressing it right to her pucker. "You will want to relax, this is thicker than my cock, and we both know how much you love big fat meat up your ass, right?" He continued to gently push and prod, giving her a moment to decide whether she would relax, if she even knew how to, and then just rammed it past her sphincter hard. The cold metal plug was shaped with a flare that would lock in her ass quite nicely, though it was expensive as hell to get made, and it would take a careful, steady hand to remove it slowly, yanking it would only hurt the poor bitch that was stuffed with it.

She hand begun to pant, being all stuffed and blocked in each orifice. He stood up, gripping her accented breast to begin molesting them, teasing at the nipples, he needed them hard for the next portion. "Eh hehe, this turns ya on almost as much as it does me, huh?" Leaning down to give the nipple a soft, slow lick, and it drew a louder whimper when they both started to rouse to diamond hard. She spied the gleam of the spike once again, and she reared back away from him, shaking her head and mumbling a 'Nnnn!' which would serve her hard nipple twisting. "Do I need to beat the speech out of you? Yer a pony now, bitch, ponies don't talk like humans!" he growled and shouted at her, she settled down a little, but screamed out once again loudly as holes were jabbed through her nipples in the same brutal manner as her nose. This time he suckled on each one to cleanse them.

"Now then, next up... " The unmistakable sound of a shaver. "Ponies hair is to be kept short, and groomed, long hair is messy and can get in the way.." Repeating this to himself as he worked, as if he was reading it out of some unofficial manual. He unlatched the mane, and let the front-to-back strap hang over as he began shaving. He went from front to back, and worked over and over her head several times to get it all shaved off. The beautiful lengths of hair was covering the floor, and what she was left with was embarrassing as hell. A layer of quarter-inch length fuzz that matched her mane, and he patted the nearly bald held as if admiring it.

"Now then, this part will be a bit scary, but it's necessary.." he said it as if she hadn't just been kidnapped, molested, brutalized, and forced into pony gear, he was rather good at acting non-nonchalant. She felt the cool material being pulled over her head, and soon she was in darkness, shrieking as her head had become enveloped with a tight rubber hood, and he fit in on with a bit of stretching. He zipped it down her  neck and hid the flap under the collar, of course moving the headgear out of the way beforehand. Her only exposed head was her mouth biting the bit, and her nose, a little of her chin as well. Cheeks, forehead, ears, eyes, and all of her scalp were covered in the matching-black rubber hood. She was thrashing once again, and he hugged her tight to try calming her down, shhing in her blocked ears. She took a while to calm down, and he finished piercing her nipples with barbells that had little bells hanging off them, and then had reattached the head harness with some skill, of course with the mane as well, patting her rump to show he was nearly done.

Speaking into her ear with a loud voice so she could hear, "I hope you ate dinner, because you're not leaving tonight, we have a lot of work to do tomorrow." She gave a pathetic whimper, and a quiet whinny to see if he'd leave her alone, she mumbled once again something incoherent, and she was met with more punishment. A hard yank to the anal plug tail, which caused her to jerk back, and strain her painful new nose piercing. "This is the last time I'll fucking tell you not to talk, next time it'll be lashes." She gave an understanding whinny, though he hadn't taught her any appropriate pony language, he was just using this for now to hold off the training until tomorrow and later on. She leaned against the post that held her captured nose ring and chain, crying hard and shaking from the pain.

"Do I need to get the whip tonight? Hmm?" She neighed and shook her head, never knowing her boyfriend was a secret Dominant, and he smiled, even though she couldn't see it, apparently she was learning fast, and that was good. He began to speak directly to her muffled ear, "Alright, well, it's getting late, and I'mma wrap this up for now." He unlocked her nose chain from the post and her nose ring, switching it out for a five-foot light-weight chain, that could easily be broken if her hands were free, and connected that where the old one was. Unlatching her wrist cuffs from the upper-arm cuffs, and helped her into a stall to lay down on a bed of hay. He draped a heavy blanket over her mostly-nude body. The barn was a moderately warm temperature, and was good at keeping the warmth in, compared to the outside which was growing quite cold. "Good night my little pony... "

She couldn't hear him walking away, but the definition clunk of the barn door bar that laid across the outside, and she lay there stretching out in her  new home. Feeling over her new piercing with her desensitizing hoof-hands, whimpering to herself as she fought trying not to drool, which was inevitable. She heard his truck start up, the loud booming of his system fading into the distance, and soon there was just bitter silence of the growing night. What he had in store for her, she couldn't even begin to fathom, the next days and weeks would be hell for her, she surely wasn't excited about tomorrow either...


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