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Swim Fin

by XVX

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Storycodes: Solo-M; bar; F/m; drug; suit; merman; shock; captive; training; pool; swim; play; trick; F/f; mermaid; enslave; conditioning; pet; sex; cons/reluct; X

Orlando Scot. Future CPA of Gold Coast Accounting. It had a nice ring to it. He looked out his motel room window at the Atlantic ocean. He started his first day on Monday. But this weekend he was going to enjoy the Miami night life. As he did the bar hopping scene taking in everything. It was on his forth bar. He found her. Red hair, curly, shoulder length. Blue dress. A nice tight little plunging neckline number. Matching shoes. As he got closer. He noticed a necklace with a fish fin on it and a blue gem at its center. A swimmer no doubt. It was time to employ the old Scot Irish charm.

Most of the fellows in the bar did try to buy her a drink. She seemed taken with his own red hair. She even combed her fingers through it. He told her he was going to be a CPA. Was from Pittsburg and did a few swim meets. All true. Not the best swimmer on the team mind you. She got chatty about how she was in the Jonas Star aquacade. In Star Land. A local water and amusement park and how she played mermaid in their underwater review. She noted that once you got your fin. The necklace she wore. After three years. With that she got a scholarship and was training to be a emergency room nurse. She loved diving and scuba.

They seemed to hit if off. She invited him to her place for a nightcap and show him some photo of her in various diving locations. They arrived at Sunbelt Apartments. Some converted freezer cold storage warehouse. Taking the freight elevator up because the other elevator was out of order. A number of apartment where still being renovated. Her apartment was still having that moved in look. She showed him some photo of her as a mermaid and even showed him her tail she wore. Her sipped some wine and had a boloney sandwich. It was all she had to eat.

Orlando did not remember falling asleep much less trying to understand why his mouth was dry. He tried to wipe the sleep from his eyes and could not. Slowly he realized that something was very wrong. He was not in her apartment. But in some sort of underground lair? A grotto? No. It was large and had that old wood smell. The lights reflecting of a kiddies pool. One of those above ground things you put together in a afternoon. Maybe forty feet across and four maybe five feet deep. He remembered his neighbors having one. He used it to practice when the local YMCA was closed down. Asbestos and lead made updates impossible and when the pool had a crack. That spelled its end.

The real shocker was what was done to him.

He was in a mermaid tail. But the suit did not stop at the waist. It went all the way up to the neck. His arms were inside the suit. Secured at his sides. But his hands stuck out. If you could call them hands. They had some fin like gloves buckled on so they formed a fluke or fin. Pectoral fin if he remembered correctly. The color of the costume. If you could call it that, was black and white. He was a orca. The pattern was much like that. A quick kick of his tail showed a small cable at the spilt at the end of the tail. The cable snaked into the water. That was not a good sign. He could feel his legs very securely bound inside the tail.

He figured he was in some sort of wet suit. Custom made. He tested his bonds. No good. His hand where meant to stay where they where. Flippers on the side. He could flap and maybe steer with. He could also feel a part where the suit did not cover his ass. So he could use a toilet. A slot at the right spot suggested he could go front and rear. Orlando was not a idiot. He knew this was a long term. What sick fantasy had he been dragged into.?

Right now he was on a elevated platform, Even with the pools edge. The platform went half way around the pool. He was not gagged and his throat was raw, About a quarter way around the platform was a toilet of sorts. It was nearly flush with the platform and had a padded back rest. No tank as a normal toilet would have. He figured he was going to have to lay down for number one and sit upright for number two. To his right on the opposite side of the toilet was something that looked like a candy machine. He could see some food in a clear dispenser. No button or any way to see how it operated.

The light where dim so as his vision adjusted. He could not make out much more than he had. He needed to cut himself out. But everything looked to be well padded and child proofed. He resigned himself and got the his knees sitting upright. What ever she drugged him with still rattling around in his system. He needed to flush it out. The only safe water source was the toilet. Or he hoped so. He tried and failed to stand. The tail would not let him as he discover his toes and ankles would not bend to allow him to do so, So much for bunny hopping.

He knew enough about diving that you needed to stay cool or you overheat. Thus once you put on your diving suit. You got in the water as fast as you could. The temperature around him was cool. Reducing heat stoke. Sliding on his sides hurt his arm on the side he slid with. Pulling on his hand/fin. It felt like he was trying to rip his arm off. Back sliding got no progress. No dorsal fin thank god. But he did feel a hump. That made him slip in every direction but not able to get traction on the smooth surface of the platform.

Damm. He knew what he been reduced to.

The belly crawl. Or humping like a god damm seal. Small movement and slow pacing so not to overheat did the trick. He went to the toilet and found the backrest had a hole in it. He needed water and the pool water was most likely chlorinated. Not very safe to drink. Mostly it was from what people brought in and did in the pool that got you sick. It took awhile to figure out. but pressing on the back rest turned on the water, It came out in a nice steady stream for maybe a few seconds and it emptied into the toilet bowl below. Oddly he had to admire the set up. Weird but some one had thought of everything.

Another more chilling thought. He may not have been the first.

He drank and then did number one. It came out the slot like he thought. He could feel a tube or some thing guiding it. He kept drinking and let the water splash on his face. Then it stopped. Pressing on the back rest again. Nothing. This was not a good sign. Oddly he slapped his tail on the ground in frustration. His voice was not working still. All he could do was huff to make any sound. He heard a door open, big and heavy by the sound of it. It was so far back in the dark he could not have seen it. It was on the far side of the pool. She entered wearing a bathing suit and a towel over her shoulder.

“Now, now. Do not get upset. If you want something in this world you have to work for it.” She cooed.

He just glared unable to say the words he wanted to.

“Yes I know. But I paralyzed your vocal cords. Don’t worry. It only will last a few weeks. Now you need to know some rules. The pool is not your toilet. If you do. It is punishable. You want to eat. You have to swim. The pool is ringed with underwater motion sensors. Five laps to start. No tail standing. You can sit and bend the knees but that is all. But I think you figured that out. On land you move like a seal. But you worked that out too,” She came over and brushed his hair aside. He wanted to bite her but how was that going to help. How was he going to punish him. What more could she do to him.

“I see your thinking.. You wonder how you are going to get out. Well you be a good little merman. And maybe. We will see about having some fun. Now in the water with you.”

He did not move.

“Oh it going to be like that is it.” She took a step back and pulled out her phone. Touched it. An electric shock ran though his body. Oh god oh mighty. Holy hell! Did that hurt!

“Now when I say something you will do it. Understand.”

He nodded and slipped into the water.

It was hard and slow going. The hump was some sort of floatation device that would always make him swim face down. No dead man floating. He followed her instructions on how to swim like a merman or mer-person. Rolling the shoulders and kicking. Five laps felt like five hundred. He learned he needed build up speed and launch out of the water to beach himself on the platform. He belly flopped and it took some wind out of him. He needed to use his hands to help him get all the way up. Steadying himself as he used his tail and humped like motions.

“You will learn. Now rest and eat. I will be back in a few hours…And we will do it all over again.”

The candy machine spit out a good amount of food in a tray. Like a granola or something. He did not care. Hunger was driving him and he wanted to survive. He rested after only managing half his food. He wanted to avoid the cramps.

His face was in the tray when he woke up. It was not a nightmare. He was still held captive by some sick bitch in her merman/mermaid fantasy. He woke up used the toilet as it should be used. Drank. And fell asleep again. No night or day. No way to tell the passing of time. He wonder if anyone had missed him. Or would even care. He was the geek and nerd of his school. Had no friends. He cried himself to sleep.

The door opened and she was back. Again five laps. Rest and eat. Wake up. Five laps. Rest and eat.

Slowly over time he began to pick up speed, aside from constant practice and wanting to get it over with. Sooner the better. Beaching was a little easier with practice. Now it was seven laps. He even took a dip in as a causal swim. He was able to hold his breath for a good three minutes now. His trainer. For that was the only word he had for her now. Was kind and caring. She only wanted the best from him. For him. Something he could never say about anyone else in his life. Sometimes he would find himself dipping his tail in the water. Sitting on the edge of the platform. Moving his flukes in the water. Looking at the swirls it made.

His trainer now would enter the water with him. He could pull her along with good speed but even without a tail. She could swim very well. The she was rubbing him down and tell him how magnificent he looked. The feeling he had. Then she spoke of a reward. A very good one. If he kept up the progress. She touched him ‘there‘. And he knew.

It came a time that she started calling him Servos. He took the name slowly. Orlando's old life was not all that interesting. Servos was a creature of myth and wonder. How could Orlando compete with that.

His voice never seemed to come back. He could huff and try say things. By breathing in a certain way. But even if it did. What would he have to say. His trainer knew him all too well.

Ten laps with out effort now. She spoke to him in kind loving words. Sometimes he would be on the ‘beach.‘ with his head in her lap. She would just pet him and stoke his red hair. Feeling the love and contentment of being a merman. He tried to impress her. When not training he tried to do tricks. He was almost able to breech. Jump out of the water. And back down with a splash. The cable made sure he never jumped out. It never interfered with his training it was for his safety. So his trainer said and he believed her.

Fifteen laps and Servos was the only name he knew. He could stay under water for a good four laps under water. Then two above four under. His tail was not meant for great speed but he did rather well. Or so his trainer told him.

Then one day his trainer came with her arm in a bandage. She told him that another mermaid. A new one. His surprise she was trying to keep from him. Had Bit her.

Servos was furious. He slapped his tail indicating his anger. Why would a mermaid do such a thing. Who ever it was did not know how lucky they where to be a mermaid. To have such a wonderful trainer. If he had the chance. He would teach this mermaid a lesson.

As his training progressed. His trainer spoke of the other mermaid how she would not obey and maybe needed a some to show her how it was done. Twenty laps and Trainer was angry. Not at him. He pleased her very well. The other mermaid. She was the subject of her ire. And now his. He also had a name. Marina. Then she had a bandage on her beautiful face. Marina must pay!

“Servos. Maybe you can help. Maybe she needs a merman who is loyal and strong. Now you must promise not to hurt her.”

He nodded. He would obey. He never broke his promise to his trainer and he never will. She locked a collar on his neck and wondered why. But his trainer knew better. Then she left.

She carried Marina over her shoulder like a wet sack. Plopped her down next to him and secured a five foot cable from his neck to her neck. He slapped his tail down in anger and little aroused.

Marina was suited up very much like him. Arms incased in the suit. Hands as pectoral fins. Her color was more of a bottle nose dolphin. She had red hair like her trainer. He notice she was slightly smaller than he was by about a fin length. There was one addition. A hinged gag, He reasoned it was made so she would not bite but could eat.

He breathily snorted at Marina. She was clearly drugged.

“Now Servos. You Promised. She is not as good as you so you must be very gentile with her. She cannot bite you but can be fed. She cannot be far from you so she must train when you train and feed when you feed. You get the idea.” She paused and rubbed the bandage on her head. “As for… well the other thing. You cannot do that. Unless I say so. You Promised. I would hate to punish you. If I punish you. I punish her. If she disobey. You both get punished. Understand.“

Servos nodded.

“Until she is good as you. You must show her everything. Go slow. Promise me.” He nodded. “That is a very good Servos. Now no accidentally do something either. Let her get used to you.”

Trainer left.

He waited, Marina was going to be a hand full. He made a promise and he was bound to keep it. She was pretty. Very pretty. He let his hand/fins stroked her body . Gently. The curve of her body could be seen through the suit even with her arms at her side. When she woke up she tried speaking and nothing came out. She quickly learned her limitation as she tried to get away.

Her eyes watered and he nodded to the water. She shook her head no. He moved to the edge She knew he could drag her in. He was bigger and more mass. But he wanted her to go in first and she did. He followed. It took a moment of just gentile swimming around the pool. She was graceful and they had to get into a rhythm. She could swim. A lazy coarse of about three laps and she wanted to rest. Together they had to beach themselves. It was comical because the other would succeed and drag the other back in. Then the other would make it and then be dragged back in. It worked best if he went first. Then he could anchor her. They rested.

Training was at seven laps. Servos was wondering why Marina was not fighting him. Not that he did not mind. But Marina seemed to have resigned herself to him because of the leash. There was no where she could go with out him. They had to share everything. Take turns at everything. At ten she was able to read his every emotions and the sneaked little kisses when trainer was not around. They spooned when they slept.

Then Trainer came in. “I think you are the perfect. You each are doing very well. I think I will allow you to mate.” Servos did not have to hear that twice. Marina seemed afraid but he was gentile and did what any sea creature did, they dove into the water and there it became a sea of love

A woman in blue sun dress walked into a open bar. The sea air was refreshing. She had a basket with her swim gear and was going to take a dip later. Business first. She saw a lady with same style of dress with red roses on it. Her favorite color and flower.
“So it is done?” said Lady blue.

“Yes. He is devoted to me.” Answered Lady Red.

“And your sister.”

“She as well. She is broken and will do anything I say. She will sign the papers.”

“Good to hear. What are you going to do with him.”

“Stud farm. I will keep him and her until everything is ready. So how is yours.”

“Let me tell you. He did everything I wanted. Hardly with out complaint. My sister is barely void of anything thinking human. She has fallen in love with him. Each was fed the lie that other was violent and that only they could tame the other. They are inseparable. Quite the mer-couple. She will sign.”

“So now each of us will have fifty percent.”


“What are you going to do with them.”

“I know a few people at Star Land. They will care for them.”

Both chatted for while each sipping drink and imagine what they whew going to each do with their fifty percent. Then after an hour. They left.

But each was thinking the same thing. If it worked once for fifty percent. It could work again for one hundred.


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