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Three Steps Part 2

by Dark Marcy

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© Copyright 2012 - Dark Marcy - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/ff; ponygirl; leather; bond; boots; chain; corset; armbinder; bit gag; training; bdsm; crop; cart; toys; tease; denial; cons; X

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Part Two

“Right, shall we begin the training?” he said.

Adam stepped into her line of sight. Keeping his eyes on her, he reached up to where her reigns were loosely knotted around the tether and undid them.

"Don't move." he said as he stepped around behind her, passing the reigns over her head so that they once more hung against her buttocks, their pendulum tapping a constant reminder of her captivity. Jennifer heard a quiet clicking noise as Adam unlocked the chain from between her legs, removing the padlocks from the rings on the back of her high heels, but leaving the boots themselves secured.

His hand gripped her left arm and turned her slowly around, Jennifer was suddenly aware that they were in the room alone, all the other staff must have crept away whilst she was tethered. He reached up to her bit and unclipped the vibrator remote from the side.

"Just a little time to get acclimatised." said Adam, turning the remote over in his fingers.

Her muscles tensed around the vibrator, expecting a thrill of movement, but none came. Jennifer gave him a puzzled look, but he turned away on his heel, walking out through the far door which led back onto the courtyard, and pulling it closed behind him.

She was alone in the room.

Jennifer looked around, at the racks of leatherwear, the padlocks and reigns, the whips and chains arrayed neatly upon the walls. She pondered for a moment on what had brought her here, what had motivated her to allow herself to be chained, bound and left helpless as she now was. Submission. It was there, at the back of her mind, below the vertiginous feelings of fear and anticipation, of helplessness. A calm sensation, knowing that she had surrendered all control of herself to the one man she loved. She had submitted to his will, there were no more decisions for her to make, it was fearful, which was why it turned her on so, but it was narcotic, calming and soothing her regular life away from her.

A slight ache in her right calf brought Jennifer's attention back to the present. The heels were starting to make their presence known. Perhaps a little walk, she thought. The tack room was large enough for it to take a full minute to walk around its interior, fettered as she was. What Jennifer really wanted was to get off her feet for a moment, but looking around she couldn't see anything that might offer her a momentary perch, and sitting on the floor was a one-way manoeuvre with her arms strapped behind her, she would never be able to get back on top of those heels.

After a moment's consideration, she decided that simply raising one foot from the floor was all she could do to alleviate the ache. She balanced precariously on one heel, and then, when the left foot began to ache, on the other. The corset, too, was beginning to bother her. Shallow breaths had been very exciting when she and Adam had used corsets during their lovemaking, but now the thing was proving to be a damned nuisance. Her short, panting breaths made the saliva pool in the bottom of her mouth, and her normal swallowing reflex was rendered virtually useless by the bit. She found that she was able to swallow slightly by gripping the bit hard between her teeth and flexing her tongue and throat together, but this was proving quite ineffectual, and already she had drooled twice onto the front of her corset. This added a further annoyance, the drool on her chin was wet and uncomfortable, and she had no way of wiping it off.

Jennifer let out a brief growl of frustration, licked the bottom of the bit with her tongue and rolled it between her teeth, it didn't move far. Acclimatised, she thought, that's why he's left me here, to think about what I'm about to undergo. So this was what she now did. Jennifer realised that in truth she had no idea what was about to happen to her. She had guessed that there might be whips, or spurs, possibly. But what were they going to make her do? What did training constitute? Would she enjoy it, and was she supposed to, really?

She took a deep breath, but didn't. The corset creaked, but didn't give an inch, and Jennifer released the tiny breath that she had managed to take. How long had it been since he left? She guessed that she had been bound like this for nearly an hour now. An hour since those last padlocks had snicked closed on the harness around her head. More, then, since the corset had been strapped around her. She lifted her feet in turn to alleviate the ache in her calves. It didn't help much, the relief was temporary and incomplete, but it was, she thought, all she had. It was less than a couple of hours since her heels had been locked on, and already they were her primary complaint. What if they leave them on all weekend? she thought with a tremor, what if they leave me in here all afternoon?

Jennifer was desperately in need of a rest, now. She needed to get off her feet just for a moment, swallow normally. Her lips felt dry and sticky. She stuck her tongue out around the bit as far as it would go, but there was no way it would reach her lips. She curled her bottom lip inward, trying to get her tongue just to touch it. Her arms writhed in their binder behind her back, her fingers flexed. The need to simply touch her lower lip briefly consumed her. She took a couple of steps forward, as though she could somehow walk closer to her lips, bring her tongue up to them. Her tongue began to ache with its continued reaching and probing, and she was forced to relax and admit defeat. Jennifer shook her head furiously, the reigns behind her back flapped against her bare ass, and the assorted padlocks around her head and body jingled in time with the sudden movement.

On the other side of the room to her was the door through which Adam had left. She walked over to it and listened to the outside world. No sound. The suspense was torture, and she realised that as she had stood and pondered her predicament, she was becoming increasingly aroused and could do nothing about it. She needed to see Adam again, and get him to use the vibrator on her, let her come. Brief quivers ran through her lower body, each tremor originating in her sex. The muscles in her hips felt watery, but Jennifer knew that they were waiting to thrust her to orgasm as soon as she could persuade Adam. To do that, she had to find him again, he would understand.

The door.

It wasn't locked, and Jennifer was pretty sure she could operate a handle with her elbow. But then the handle wasn't going to be an issue, because as she slowly pressed the first handle down, she noticed that there was another handle about three feet above it, small and round. Jennifer rested her forehead against the door, and then gave it a brief kick, which hurt her toes.

"Fucking door." she said, but it sounded like "uki aw."

Why hadn't he come back? What was he preparing for her outside?

She turned around and rested her back, or rather her elbows, against the door. There was a thought at the back of her mind, the woman stablehand had said if she needed attention, all she need do was whinny.



She breathed in until the corset stopped her.


On the far side of the tack room, another door opened, and a stablehand came in.

"What is it, girl? he said, walking across the room to her.

He picked the reigns from behind her back and lifted them over her head, and stood holding them in front of her.

"Why have they left you in here like this?" he said. The intonation in his voice told Jennifer that he wasn't really talking to her, these were all rhetorical questions, and she couldn't have answered anyway.

The stablehand gave a brief tug on her reigns and led her over to the tether post.

"You shouldn't be left to wander around like this." he told her.

He was a little shorter than her, and so he held the reigns close to her face and tilted her head down to face his.

"Your lips look dry, I'd better get you a drink."

He wound her reigns into the tether on the post, rather too close to the post for her comfort. She could smell the preservative used in the wood.

Jennifer could hear him moving around in the little room beyond the door from which he had entered, and when he stepped into her line of vision again, he was holding a bottle of water. The bottle was upside down, and screwed onto the neck was a metal tube with a large ball-bearing in the end, the kind used on a pet feeder, but much larger. He held the end of the metal tube near her mouth.

"Go on, then," he told her. "Drink."

Jennifer put her mouth around the end of the tube, but no water ran into her mouth. She pushed her tongue forward until it touched the ball-bearing, and a thin trickle of water ran into her mouth. Swallowing was still difficult, and she drooled more than she drank because she was unable to close her mouth, but the water was cold, and it moistened her lips again. The stablehand noticed the trickles of water running down her chin, across her chest and across the boning of her corset, and pulled a handkerchief from his pocket. With a workmanlike detachment he wiped her chin, and ran the handkerchief down the front of her corset, along the leather panel between her breasts, and then, over her breasts. She looked at his eyes, but the stablehand was just doing his job, detached and apparently uninterested. The gently brush of the fabric across her breast, the cool cotton dragging slowly across her erect nipple. She shuddered with pleasure, pulled back, but the reigns held her to the post. Her left foot went back, braced against the floor, pulled. No movement, no give at all.

He noticed her panic and looked up at her.

"Easy, easy." he said, gripping her reigns with his right hand and pulling her head down.

She tugged and twisted to get out of his grip.

"Calm down girl, steady, it's alright." he said in a soothing voice.

But Jennifer had panicked, and the sense of being bound, powerless in front of this stranger was too much. She tugged and pulled against the harness, formless yowls of panic coming from her gagged mouth. She furiously shook her head, trying to throw the bit free, but all she did was rattle the padlocks against their buckles. She heaved against the armbinder, her biceps straining, feeling the bands of leather wrapped around her upper arms, her forearms wriggled uselessly inside the tight black tube enclosing them.


Jennifer jumped, but stopped struggling instantly. For a moment, she recognised the sound of a whip, but couldn't tell whether it had touched her or not. Her buttocks were tensed against the oncoming sting. A moment passed... and another, no pain. The woman who had helped to bind her earlier stepped into view in front of her, she was carrying a bullwhip. That would have hurt, Jennifer thought.

"She hasn't become used to being handled." the woman said to the stablehand, "she's a new arrival, here for training."

"I see, sorry Anne, I didn't know." he replied.

"You can go, Stephen." the woman, Anne, said sharply.

"Sure.." he half turned, then added. "There's a lot I should be getting on with as it is."

"Thank you, Stephen."

He gave Anne a sour look, which she didn't notice, and walked out, pulling the door closed behind him.

Anne reached forward and untied Jennifer's reigns from the post. She led her to the middle of the floor and then let her reigns drop.

"You must become used to being handled by the staff here." she said.

Jennifer looked at the floor. Anne stepped forward and nudged Jennifer's right foot with her own, Jennifer spread her legs slightly, until she was standing with her feet perhaps two feet apart.

"I don't want you to move," Anne said. "Until I say that you may."

Anne reached out and placed her right hand carefully over Jennifer's left breast. Jennifer tensed, and pulled her legs closer together. Immediately, Anne stepped behind her, and brought the whip around in a wide arc.


Jennifer stumbled forward, the stinging in her left thigh almost unbearable, she screeched around the bit. Her left leg felt watery and unstable.

"DO NOT MOVE!" Anne shouted at her.

Jennifer righted herself, her left thigh twitched in pain, but she stood just as Anne had placed her a moment earlier.

"Good girl." Anne said. "Now."

Anne was still behind her, and took the opportunity to run the handle of the whip along the inside of her right thigh, Jennifer felt her muscles bunch and tense involuntarily, but she didn't move. The handle of the whip rested against the leather strap across her vagina, the very end of it touching the bottom of the vibrator which Jennifer had all but forgotten was there. She was suddenly very aware of it again. Anne let the whip drop a couple of inches, then lifted it sharply and tapped the bottom of the vibrator, nudging it further into her. A minute tremor of orgasm ran through Jennifer's body, she exhaled sharply, her breath quivering, but she didn't move.

"Very good." said Anne, stepping in front of her, playfully swinging the handle of the whip in a circle. "It seems that you can be trained after all."

Anne's hand passed across Jennifer's breasts, just close enough to catch the end of her nipples. Another quiver of sensation, Jennifer closed her teeth tightly around the bit, breathing as deeply as she could, quick breaths, panting with the effort of self-restraint. Now Anne's hand was massaging the front of her sex, rubbing back and forth across the wide panel of leather to which the vibrator was attached. As the leather moved, so did the vibrator, seeming to squirm inside her. Jennifer closed her eyes, bit hard upon the bar in her mouth, tried to breathe through her nose and calm herself down, she was nearly at orgasm. This stranger was about to give her an orgasm, and if she moved...

As Anne's hand moved back and forth, Jennifer's view of the world narrowed, all she could think about was the building sensation inside her. She couldn't move, but she knew that the moment she orgasmed her legs would give way, she would moan and buck, and then Anne would whip her again, and this time she might not stop at just one. That damned hand. Her fingers splayed inside the armbinder, her biceps tensed and she gasped ragged breaths in the corset. All thoughts of swallowing abandoned, a steady line of drool fell from her mouth and puddled on the floor. Jennifer closed her eyes and moaned, if she could have closed her mouth, she knew that she would be biting her bottom lip right now. Her body made involuntary movements, her hips began to sway back and forth with the motion of Anne's hand, matching its rhythm. And then it was gone. Jennifer's eyes snapped open, Anne was standing perhaps a couple of yards away, grinning at her.

"You're welcome." she said, smiling puckishly.

There was a clatter on the other side of the room, and Jennifer turned to look. Someone had opened the far door. It was the divided stable-type, the two halves were banging arrhythmically against the wall.

"Bring her outside." It was a man's voice, it might have been Adam's.

"Come on then." said Anne, chirpily. She reached forward and scooped up Jennifer's reigns in one hand, with a quick tug, she indicated that Jennifer was to follow her. Jennifer's progress was a little awkward, the heels were still hurting her, and her left leg still seemed unsubstantial. Her step faltered each time it throbbed where the whip had caught her. She was led outside. The ground beneath her feet changed, she could no longer hear the distinctive 'pock' noises of heels on concrete. The sound was subdued by a slightly more pliant surface, hard packed bare earth.

The sun was shining, it was early afternoon. She could feel the intense warmth on her face and the tops of her arms, which were bare from shoulder to just above the elbow. Looking around, Jennifer saw that they were in a fenced off area, a corral, on the far side of the stable block. Over on the right she could see one wing of the manor house, ancient and grandiose. In the middle distance were fields, dotted here and there with livestock, but not so many to suggest that this was ever a working farm.

Running in front of her, parallel to the stable block, was a wide lane. On her left this ran around the corner of the stables and vanished from sight, but to her right it curved away, heading out in between the fields, where it finally disappeared over a hilltop perhaps a couple of miles away.

In the corral itself were two other people. Anne stood beside her, holding her reigns but apparently paying no attention to her. Adam was standing against the wall of the stables, one leg crooked across the other, the toes of the one foot pointing at the ground, he was wearing a pair of jeans and a canvassy cotton shirt. He looked comfortable. Jennifer wriggled her fingers and lifted her feet off the floor one at a time, she was not. Adam pushed away from the wall with his hands and came over to where she was standing.

"You look stunning." He said. His eyes were intense, soaking her in, taking all they could from the moment and storing it away for the precious thing it was.

"You've done a very good job." this was addressed to Anne, who nodded to recognise the compliment.

"We're going to begin your training now." He stood in front of her, "You have to learn how to act as a Ponygirl, and forget all your normal rules of behaviour. I've talked this over with Anne, and she thinks the best way to start this all off is for you to copy a Pony we already have trained, to learn by example, as it were. I just wanted to tell you, Jen, if at any point you want to stop all this..." he leaned close to her ear. "Tough."

Jennifer grinned around the bit. Yes, she was uncomfortable; her arms ached, her calves ached and the leather corset was beginning to make her sweat in the sun. In many ways this was unbearable and she couldn't wait for it to end. But then, all her bonds, the straps and padlocks, all the keys were his, and so for the moment he controlled her completely. She adored him for it. A rattling noise, coming from somewhere on the right, caught Jennifer's attention. Adam followed her gaze, stared down the road for a moment, and then turned his attention back to her.

"Looks like they're here."

He took her reigns and led her over to the centre of the corral.

"Turn around." he commanded. Jennifer about-faced.

"In a minute, we're going to bring another girl in. She and her owner have been coming here for quite a few years now, so she's very well trained. I want you to watch everything that she does, and remember it, because you'll soon be doing the same. If you do well..." he reached into his pocket and pulled out the vibrator remote. "...and if you don't..." he twisted to look back over his left shoulder. Anne stood in the background, watching them, the whip trailing lazily on the ground.

"We can't have you wandering around whilst your attention should be focused on your training, so if you wouldn't mind putting your legs together."

Jennifer shifted her weight and moved her feet together.

From his pocket, Adam produced a short metal bar about three inches in length, with a clip on either end. He hunkered down and felt around her heels for the small metal ring at the back of each shoe, to each of these he clipped one end of the bar, effectively locking her feet together. When he stood, he had hold of her reigns, and pulled her head slightly forward to meet his. He planted a gentle kiss upon her parted lips, his tongue darted into her mouth for only a second, just enough for her to sense it. Just enough, she thought, for him to taste the leather of the bit in her mouth.

Again he left her, heels locked together this time, standing bolt upright, and capable of moving only an inch at a time if she had to. She tried to lift her feet, to see if her technique of alleviating the strain of the heels was of any use to her, but the balance was too precarious, the movement too limited. She stood, and shifted her weight. Adam had left the reigns hanging down in front of her, the two thick pieces of thong resting against her bared breasts. If she nodded up and down, the thong stroked her nipples, but only just. She nodded some more, then tried moving her head from side to side to produce a little more sensation. A brief thought crossed her mind of how strange she must look, furiously nodding and shaking her head as the reigns feebly flapped at her breasts. It was more than torture, so many ways of turning her on, arousing her to the verge of climax, and no method of release... in any sense of the word. She stopped nodding.

It's no good teasing yourself, she thought unhappily.

The rattling noise she had heard earlier was louder now, only a few yards away. When Jennifer looked toward the noise, she saw a pony and cart emerge from around the side of stable block. The girl's harness was simpler than hers, a one-piece made of red leather, but with no corset and her breasts were left covered. Her arms were behind her in a simple mono-glove which was laced tight and strapped around her upper torso. There were clearly padlocks dotted here and there around the outfit, and Jennifer thought she picked out two on the girl's ankles, locking the heels on just as hers were. Two shafts were clipped to either side of the girl's waist, and these led to a fairly inelegant two-wheeled cart, which contained a blond haired man who looked to be in his mid-thirties. He held the girl's reigns loosely, letting her decide where to go. A riding crop was stowed beside the seat, sticking into the air like a radio antenna.

Jennifer admired the girl's movement, her slightly syncopated walking style, each leg lifted slightly higher than necessary between steps, but somehow unhindered by pulling this cart in high-heels. As the cart moved closer, Anne stepped over to the fence and opened a gate halfway along to allow the pony and trap to enter. It was only once they were inside the corral and heading towards her that Jennifer noticed one final peculiarity about the girl's outfit. She was blindfolded. Above the bit, attached to the harness and therefore just as locked on as the rest of the girl's clothing was a shaped and padded leather blindfold. She couldn't see where she was going.

The driver had the reigns in a more proper grip by now, and he brought the cart around in a wide arc, passing Jennifer to the right and heading around behind her, then bringing the trap across in front of her within a couple of yards.

"Whoa." he said, and flicked the reigns. The cart stopped.

"Down." The girl knelt so that the cart tilted forward, whereupon the driver hopped out.

"Stand." She did so.

The driver stepped around in front of his pony and unclipped the shafts from her harness. When he let go, the cart rolled away and tilted back until the shafts were pointing diagonally into the air. The driver left his pony where she was and returned to the cart to retrieve his riding crop. This done, he stepped toward Jennifer.

"Hello, Jen." he said. He knew her name, but she had no idea who he was.

"This," he said, lifting his ponygirl's reigns and leading her to stand directly opposite Jennifer, "is Destiny.

"Make a leg, Destiny."

The ponygirl bowed from the waist and put her right leg forward, then stood upright.

"I hope you're paying attention." He directed this comment to Jennifer. "Are you paying attention, girl?"

Jennifer nodded.

"Good. Make a leg, Jen."

Jennifer tried to move her leg, but her feet were still chained together. Hoping that it would suffice, she instead crooked her right knee forward and bowed as far down as the corset would allow her to keep her balance.

"Splendid, splendid." said the driver, "I didn't notice your hobble, but that will do nicely. When we take the hobble off, I shall expect you to bow deeper, but for now, that will do nicely. The first thing you should know is how we phrase your commands. When you are not pulling a cart, an owner will append your name to a command, if he or she intends only you to obey it. If it is left unqualified, every pony within earshot must obey. It's a little like an S and M version of 'Simon says...', but it helps avoid confusion. Of course, when you are tethered to a cart, it should be fairly obvious who the commands are intended for, so the rule doesn't apply there"

He ran his hand over the back of his neck, the sun was becoming blisteringly hot. Jennifer squinted against the light.

"What should we teach you first, I wonder?"

He turned towards Destiny and tapped his lips with the end of the riding crop. Jennifer looked towards the girl. Blinded as she was, Destiny just looked straight forward, apparently undistracted by noises. Pulling the cart was clearly more effort that had been apparent, Destiny was breathing quite deeply, trying to catch her breath. Jennifer ran her eyes up and down the bound woman. The riding crop caught her completely off guard, slashing at her right buttock and causing her to gasp, she looked at the driver, wondering what she had done.

"When you are in the company of owners, you will look nowhere but directly ahead."

Jennifer looked forward whilst her mind sampled the stinging sensation in her behind. One on her thigh, one on the opposite buttock, nothing she couldn't cope with. She stared directly forward, and secretly revelled in the sensation of fear that the thought of moving her head generated. One part of her mind, the primal brain, wanted to avoid the pain at all costs; was afraid of the man with the whip and wanted to stay on his good side. The rest of her, sophisticated, civilised, could look at those emotions and savour them. Around the edge of her right blinker, she could just make out Adam. He watched her, smiling. She didn't dare turn her head to look directly at him.

The driver passed across her field of vision, leading Destiny away across the corral. When he returned, alone, he took up Jennifer's reigns close to her chin and turned her head to the left. She could see Destiny standing about twenty yards away on the other side of the corral, motionless save for occasionally shifting her feet.

"Every girl here has a call." the driver told her. "When you hear it, you must come immediately. Any delay and you will be punished. Now watch." He pursued his lips and whistled three short, sharp notes, two low, one high. Instantly, Destiny's head snapped around, facing in their direction, the direction the sound had come from. She stood listening, attentive. The driver repeated the call, and with tentative steps Destiny advanced toward them, feeling the way with her leading foot, uncertain of what lay before her.

He whistled again. The same tune, but twice without pausing. Destiny's step changed immediately, and she walked without hesitation straight at them. When she came within arms reach, the driver caught her reigns and gave them a gentle pull to halt her.

"Good girl. Well done." he stroked Destiny's hair and she nuzzled his hand, kissing it gently.

"Stand." he commanded, and Destiny stood upright, feet together and her back straight, staring directly ahead.

"Now, Jennifer, you have to learn your call." he turned away, looking toward the stable block. "Adam, how do you call her?"

Adam whistled three notes, different from the driver's, one low, two high, the first note held for longer than the last two.

"When you hear that, you move towards it. Look only toward the sound, you are not going sightseeing, do you understand?"

Jennifer nodded.

"If it's repeated twice without pauses, you know that you must come quickly. Destiny knows that the path is clear if I whistle like that. Your owner may have some additional rules of his own, but they're the basic rules for calling you."

Adam whistled again, and Jennifer looked at him. She looked down at her feet, at the hobble between them, and then back up.

CRACK! Another stinging blow on her ass, and then... CRACK!

The driver grabbed her reigns and pulled her head to face his.

"When you hear your call, you MOVE. I thought you understood that. Stand."

Jennifer looked at him, puzzled.

Stand where?

CRACK! Jennifer cried out, the third blow, on exactly the same spot, her eyes began to water.


Jennifer looked dead ahead, pulled her back straight. Her legs tremored as the stinging sensation thrummed through them, making it ever harder to stand upright in the heels. The trainer tapped the bottom of her chin with his crop

"Head up, look at the horizon."

Adam whistled again, and this time, Jennifer moved toward him. Tiny, shuffling movements, an inch at a time, but it was as much as the hobble would allow. He was standing easily twenty yards away, it would take her forever to get to him, but she didn't want to feel the bite of that riding crop again. He whistled one more, twice, no pauses.


She shuffled as fast as she could, the hobble clicking and clinking between her feet. She grunted occasionally with the effort of taking these diminutive steps. Her shoulders worked back and forth, balancing her as best they could.

Her reigns were suddenly pulled taught. The trainer pulled her head around to face him.

"Just our little joke." the trainer told her. "Stand, Jen."

Jennifer stood and stared ahead. Adam was clearly visible, now. He stood in the middle distance, grinning and chatting with Anne, clearly enjoying the show. The trainer was standing next to her holding the reigns, looking over behind her.

He whistled for Destiny, and the ponygirl walked steadily over to them.

"High knee, Destiny." he said.

Destiny lifted her right leg into the air until it was at right angles to her body, crooked at the knee. She stood on one leg, quivering ever so slightly with the effort of balancing.

"And step." he continued.

Destiny began to walk on the spot, raising her legs one at a time to the same high position she had held motionless a moment before.

"Back, Destiny."

The ponygirl took simple, heel-to-toe steps backwards.

"To me, Destiny." he said finally. Destiny quickly covered the five or so yards to where he stood.

The trainer folded his riding crop under his arm and turned to face Jennifer, he had a slight smile on his face. He ducked down and unclipped the hobble from between Jennifer's heels. Then took Destiny's reigns into his hand, reached out and gathered Jennifer's reigns into the same hand. He tugged once, and said "Walk on." The girls followed him across the corral.

Destiny was using the same peculiar step as she had when pulling the trap, lifting each leg slightly higher than necessary in a dance-like imitation of a trot. When Jennifer tried to copy this, she found herself stumbling in the heels, their trainer was leading them too fast, but Destiny seemed to be having no trouble. With a shudder, Jennifer realised that she had turned her head to watch Destiny’s step, she looked at the trainer, who was looking directly at her.

"STAND!" he shouted.

Both of them stopped immediately and stood to attention, looking dead ahead into the middle distance. Jennifer tensed her buttocks, waiting for the first blow. Jennifer saw Adam make his excuses to Anne and walk towards them. As he came nearby he turned to the trainer.

"Something wrong, Michael?" He asked.

"She keeps looking around, I've already told her once, but it didn't seem to do any good."

"She'll learn the rules soon enough. Give me the crop, Michael."

Adam took the crop from Michael and flexed it between his hands.

"You may think, Jen, that because I love you I will hesitate to punish you when you fail in your training."

Adam walked slowly around her, once he passed out of sight around her blinder, he began swishing the crop back and forth.

"This is not so. If you are to stay here, you must learn to do exactly as you are told, unquestioning and obeisant. When you disobey, or when you fail..."

CRACK. Jennifer jumped in surprise, but it wasn't a heavy blow.

CRACK. The second one stung a little.

CRACK. She gasped around the bit, and involuntarily began to step forward, away from the whip.

"Stand!" shouted Adam. Instinctively Jennifer straightened her back and placed her feet together.

CRACK. Jennifer gulped and rolled the bit between her teeth.

CRACK. She cried out with the pain. Every instinct she had was telling her to run away, but she felt the compulsion to obey, the fear of more punishment.

CRACK. A tiny inarticulate whimper escaped her mouth, followed by a line of drool which ran down her chin and spattered against the corset on its way to the ground.

"Back, Jen." said Adam in a measured but disapproving tone of voice.

Her buttocks were on fire, but the message to obey was writ large across her mind now. Almost without thinking, Jennifer lifted her left foot and placed it heel to toe behind her right, stepping slowly backwards.

"Good." said Adam. "Make a leg, Jen."

She angled her right leg forward and bowed as deep as she could from the waist, the corset creaked under the strain, and she found that in the bowed position she could breathe even less than when she was standing upright. The muscles in her ass ached and protested.

"Down." he said. Jennifer carefully knelt upon the bare earth.

CRACK! This whiplash didn't touch Jennifer, however. It was a vicious blow across Destiny's exposed ass, and it was followed by two more. Destiny whimpered slightly at the third blow.

"Are you excluded from obeying?" Michael shouted at her.

Destiny shook her head until her bridle rattled.

"High knee, Destiny."

The girl raised her right leg.

Michael left her like that, balanced upon one high-heeled shoe, muscles trembling with the effort.

"The last part of your training for today is simple cart-work. Stand, Jen." said Adam. "Michael, would you fetch the trap for me?"

As Jennifer struggled to get to her feet, Michael nodded to Adam and stepped away across the corral to fetch the trap he had unharnessed from Destiny. He wheeled the trap over until it was behind Jennifer and stood holding it with the shafts parallel to the ground. Adam moved over to the trap and opened the first of the karabiner type clips on the right-hand shaft.

"Back, Jen."

In three short steps, Jennifer was between the shafts. She felt a light tug at her waist as Adam attached the first of the shafts to her corset. He walked around and attached the left hand shaft to her, gathering her reigns into his hand as he did so. It was a strange feeling, the shafts on either side of her prevented any movement about her axis. If Jennifer needed to turn around, it would be a complicated side-stepping manoeuvre.

"Down." Jennifer knelt, and felt the trap move slightly as Adam climbed into the seat.

"Stand, Jen."

With the cart attached to her, standing was even more of a complicated manoeuvre. The extra weight and different centre of gravity made balancing more of a challenge, less instinctive. She put her right foot out in front of her and tested her balance slightly on the one heel. With a strong thrust and a jerk forward, Jennifer stood upright, the cart rolled backward slightly, nearly pulling her off her feet, but she took a step backwards with it and adjusted her balance just enough.

Adam's weight on the cart was more apparent to her than she would have expected. As he shifted in his seat she could feel a change in the pressure on the tethers at her waist. The cart itself was by no means stationary, rolling gently forward or back for no immediately apparent reason, and Jennifer found her self standing with her legs braced slightly against the ground to stop these random movements unbalancing her.

"Good girl." said Adam. "A couple of last things. Your commands with the reigns are as follows."

He pulled on the right hand side of the reign, the bit moved in her mouth and pressed against her right cheek, her head turned around to follow it. The pull changed and Jennifer found her head pulled over to the left.

"They are, obviously, your directions." said Adam. "This is the command to slow down, or to halt if it persists."

He drew back on the reigns until her head was nearly facing the sky, she shook her head against the pull, but he gave a sharp tug which underlined just who was in charge here.

"And this is your command to walk on or increase your speed, but we will normally say something to that effect anyway."

Adam flicked the reigns lightly, making the bit rattle between her parted lips.

"Walk on, Jen." Adam flicked the reigns again, and Jennifer took a deep breath.

The corset creaked unforgivingly.

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