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Training Rose 4: A Particularly Easy Pony to Please

by AngieF

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© Copyright 2013 - AngieF - Used by permission

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Rose has become something of a living legend around Saddleworth so I persuaded her to tell me her story for a small, or actually not so small, fee. I had to edit some of it and change a couple of identities but I hope you enjoy it. Angie. Continued from Part 3

Part 4: A Particularly Easy Pony to Please

"Daddy, what do you mean a I'm a very easy Pony to please!" I demanded as Tom walked away up our driveway towards the road and his parents house barely a mile away.

"Well you are," Daddy replied as he patted my bottom, "But Miss Farque is due any second now." he paused staring up the driveway, "And here she is," he announced as a silver Ford Mondeo Taxi rolled into our drive.

Daddy stepped forward and as the Taxi halted he opened the door, "Ah Miss Farque I'm so glad you could come," he said as she glared at him.

"Miss Graves insisted," she said awkwardly, as she stepped from the car, her long legs now swathed by an ankle length flowing skirt, and her slender torso by a tightly buttoned blouse and a smart short jacket.

"Really?" Daddy observed, "Insisted, encouraged surely," he suggested, "Oh I'm sure you exaggerate," he said, "On my account if you please driver," and then in his usual suave way he guided Miss Farque through our impressive porch, he showed her the washroom, and, as he did so, he turned to me and gave me a huge wink.  That usually meant Daddy planned to take her to bed that evening, so I shook my head, and grinned.

Miss Farque didn't drink alcohol, which meant Daddy's wine cellar was largely irrelevant, fortunately she ate chicken or else Mrs Grimes would almost certainly have throttled her, and she spoke in monosyllables which quite belied her status as a trainee English teacher, and to be honest she was really hard work.

"Have you ever been to Saddleworth Moor?" I asked deviously.

"No," she said, "I understand it is very miserable there." which was absolutely true, and broke the sequence of monosyllables.

"You prefer Iran?" he asked, and she shuffled nervously in her chair.

"No, ah my Father is American," she explained.

"So Miss Grimes tells me," Daddy agreed, "and your mother, is she in the States also?"

I'd swear she jumped six inches, "My mother?" she asked.

"Daddy!" I protested.

"I only asked," Daddy said innocently.

"She is in Pakistan," she said, "I think"

"Miss Graves said she hadn't been in touch for a while," he commented.

"No" she agreed, returning to monosyllables.

"You're not eating Miss Farque," I observed, she looked very uncomfortable.

"I am sorry," she said, "It is all so..." she struggled for the right word, "Opulent." which probably wasn't the right word.

"Not to worry," Daddy said, "Eat up and Georgina can show you around".

"Daddy trains Athletes," I explained ambiguously, "We have some world class equipment," I explained, "Would you like to see?" I asked.

"Just leave the main course if you don't like it," Daddy suggested in exasperation at Miss Farque's slow consumption of Mrs Grimes chicken, "now you do like Sherry Trifle don't you, it's Mrs Grimes speciality." he lied, it came from Asda Walmart, in a box.

"And you, do you train?" Sonia asked me.

"Yes, I train myself and I oversee other Athletes training," I explained, "I'm just finishing a gap year, I'll show you around," I offered," If we've finished the Trifle, before it gets dark," and I smiled my best friendly smile for her, as I thought, "If you don't want to then I'll damned well drag you round." 

I think it was seeing the bronze figurine of a winged Ponygirl  Daddy used as a door stop for the lounge that first made Sonia think, and if it didn't the short trip up our drive along the road a few yards and down the Melton Villa drive in the old Land Rover with spare Tack strewn around and the photos in the lobby and the Tack room at Melton Villa could not have failed to arouse her interest, and may even have aroused her.

"Is this?" she asked hopelessly.

"Yes," I agreed, "There's me on the podium at Harrogate and Mummy at..." I stopped in surprise as Sonia tried to run away, but Daddy had the outside door firmly shut.

"No you cannot," she blustered.

"Young lady, do you really wish to be sent back to Iran?" Daddy asked.

"I have papers," she protested, "I am a Student."

"But you owe three terms tuition fees, don't you?" Daddy said, "Miss Graves told me, fourteen thousand pounds to be paid by September the..."

"But these are prostitutes, prostitutes," she protested.

"Athletes my dear, Aesthetes, perhaps, the female form honed to perfection," Daddy waxed lyrical.

"Yes," I agreed, "And with blinkers and a bridle who will know it's you?"

She sat down, she looked so sad, "I understand you don't have a US passport?" Daddy asked, "May I ask why not?"

"My mother didn't want me to," she said.

"Never mind," I told her, "It's not all bad, through there is the Training room, come and see," I suggested.

I opened the door, the training room was part of the old stables with low ceilings and low door frames which meant you couldn't wear plumes indoors, a contrast to the recently built Tack room and Lobby with their state of the art Light tube technology which brings daylight from the roof through pipes so we didn't need windows . "You bend over the bar like this and," I explained as I demonstrated how I bent over the bar for Tom earlier.

"Mind your dress Georgina!" Daddy suddenly exclaimed, "You'll crumple it."

"Oh all right!" I complained and slipped the dress over my head,  "What?" I asked as Daddy looked his disapproving look as I looked around for a hanger as I stood there in my black panties and black three inch heels until Daddy took it the dress from me from me and placed it carefully over his arm for me so I could bend over the bar again.

"What is the Bar for?" Miss Farque asked nervously, as I bent over the bar again, It fitted between two low walls, and was adjustable, some Training Bars had several different holes this one had an, "Eccentric fitting," what ever that was but you just moved a lever to adjust it then locked it with another lever.

"To get broken in my dear loosened up," Daddy said impatiently, "Now sign the damned forms and lets get started."

"My Solicitor, he also should look at them?" she insisted.

"Oh for gods sake," Daddy exclaimed, "Whose idea was this?"

"Mine I think, sorry," I admitted as I peered back at them.

"The fact is I can pay your outstanding Tuition fees from your appearance fees through the summer recess alone," Daddy suggested, "I haven't had time to think it through completely, but Miss Graves thinks it's a good idea and Georgina thinks you are have real Ponygirl potential."

"And you think I would do this?" she snarled, "You are sick."

"Well I can only apologise," Daddy said, "I thought a degree and a US passport and thirty thousand pounds for fifteen months training was a reasonable deal, but what do I know of the Middle Eastern mind?"

"And what do I have to do, have sex with men?" she asked.

"Only if you're good," I said, "Obviously you need to be broken in, to learn obedience and some advanced Dressage requires you to brace for."

"That's advanced dear," Daddy explained, "I'm sure I can get you a US passport without going beyond basic UK, you could even do it part time should you wish."

"May I have a drink please," Miss Farque asked, her resolve weakening.

"Orange Juice?" I asked.

"Brandy!" she suggested, "I cannot really believe this is happening!"

"I'll fetch some," Daddy agreed, "French?"

"Is that a yes then?" I asked her.

"Well," she said, "I don't know what else I am to do, I owe money, I cannot travel to the USA, I cannot go back to Iran, can you not loan me the money?"

"Oh,that's priceless!" Daddy laughed, "I'm afraid not, this is a business you know," he told her, "but I  just know that we can train you."

"You think so?" she said, she looked at a photo of Mummy tacked up with Daddy leading her out "Me, do that, I do not think so."

Daddy brought the Brandy, "Look come and speak to Evie and Silvana, you'll take their place effectively," he said as he set the glass and miniature bottle of Brandy down, "Now have some Orange juice and keep a clear head."

She jerked her head round, as if in shock, "Take their place?" she asked, "What will they do?"

"Ah, Evie has a job lined up in a real estate agency and I think Silvana wants to start a family," Daddy explained, "but come and ask them yourself".

I don't think Miss Farque was quite ready to meet Evie and Silvana, "I should go home now." she suggested.

"Oh, stay for Coffee, fetch the Bentley Rose," Daddy ordered, a simple enough order, but he said Rose so he meant get Tacked up, everything except my Bridle that is, put something over it, maybe the black leather Minidress and bring the Bentley round, great, it just meant ten minutes sheer panic.

"If you're sure?" I asked, "really sure?"

"Yes, absolutely," Daddy insisted.

I wriggled back into my posh dress, sprinted to the Tack room, grabbed my Tack sprinted to the Trainer's room, grabbed my black leather minidress and black leather thigh boots, threw my clothes in the corner, pulled the Tack on, remembering to get it nice and tight round my crotch  separating my lips, like Daddy likes, tightening the waist belt and the under breast belts, oh it felt so good, and then I slipped my black leather dress on, threw my bridle in a sports holdall, sprinted back to the Tack room, grabbed a complete spare set of Tack and sprinted to the garage, where the Bentley lurked, the outer door was closed, so I dived in pressed the garage door remote and as soon as the door opened enough I started the Bentley and drove very carefully around the quadrangle to the front door.

"Here she is, look after her Rose," Daddy said and he kissed Miss Farque's hand and opened the door so she could climb in.

She seemed surprised to see me in the leather dress, "Shall we?" I asked.

"Yes, thank you." she said as she sat comfortably in the cream leather seats.

I drove very decorously indeed, until we got to the straight bit before the Hump back bridge, that bit where you go down and then pop over the bridge and then up again so not really blind or anything and quite safe, even at 149 mph but Miss Farque completely over reacted.  "Aaaaiiiieeee, she wailed, and she covered her face with her hand.

"I love doing that," I said.

"I nearly wet myself." Miss Farque squealed as she stared at me ashen faced.

"It's like the excitement when you're waiting for the result to be announced at our Events," I told her, "Especially when you're Tacked up like I am, see," I said and raised my skirt.

"Oh my god!" she wailed, "You are beautiful but I am not a Lesbian," Miss Farque insisted, "I am not interested in your advances, I need a US passport yes," she said, "But I am not a Lesbian, sorry."

"So what are you saying?" I asked, and I stared at her, well I stared between glances at the rapidly passing scenery just to make sure we were still on the road.

"I shall do it," she said, "But how do I trust you?"

"Because I keep my promises," I said, well I tried to mostly, and I swung the Bentley round in a skidding U turn at the beginning of the Dual carriageway, and headed back the way we came "Let's surprise Daddy!" I suggested.

She wasn't keen, but the night was cold and dark, and it was better than walking home so when I eased the Bentley into our drive as quietly as a mouse and coasted down to the garage it took surprisingly little effort to persuade Miss Farque to strip completely and dress in the spare Tack, in fact she made very little effort to resist, especially when I slipped off my own dress and put my own bridle on as well.

Her long dark hair set off the red plumes I chose for her much better than my blonde hair set off the blue and she looked stunning, so I made her try high stepping  for a few moments and then we went inside to find Daddy.

We found Daddy in his Study, the door was shut but we could hear him typing on his computer, "Are you ready," I asked Miss Farque, and when she nodded nervously I pushed the door open.

 "Hi Daddy, I brought someone to see you!" I announced as we stepped inside, Miss Farque and I  trotted in together, me in thigh boots, and she in her low heels, well I trotted she bottled it and bolted down the corridor, "Miss Farque" I shouted after her, "You'll get yourself arrested dressed like that!"

"Capital!" Daddy announced.,"Give her a moment,"

She had no sooner got outside the front door than she decided she really did ought to get dressed, so she came inside again, "She's back," I told Daddy as I went to fetch her, "There's no need for that, just ask nicely and we'll get you dressed and get a Taxi." I explained.

"I panicked, I'm sorry," she explained, but this time she followed me into the study covering her sex with her right hand and breasts with her left arm as best she could.

"She wants the US passport up front before she takes you up front Daddy," I warned.

"Ha, very funny," he said, "Fifteen Thousand as a down payment ok?" he asked.

"Cash?" she demanded.

"Oh of course, would you care to count it?" Daddy suggested as he turned around and extracted three books from the shelves behind his desk which he opened to reveal a wad of notes in each, "Three times five thousand?"

"Yes, I believe you," she agreed.

"Good, if you'd like to sign a consent form, three copies please," Daddy suggested.

Miss Farque looked blank.

"Forms, look Consent forms," I took them from Daddy and waved them at her, "Daddy and I will train you, you get 50% of any earnings and a thousand a month and 50% of any transfer fee, not bad for an illegal immigrant,"  I snapped.

"The Fifteen is of course an advance," Daddy suggested, "To settle your debts," he explained, "While for next year we shall of course find a nice little bursary to cover your fees, is that all right?"

"Yes, ok I'll sign" she said, and she took Daddy's gold Parker pen and signed right on the dotted lines.

I quickly counter-signed as witness and placed the forms back on the desk.

Daddy smiled, "We'll register her as Sonia Arabella Princess of Melton, I think." he said

"She's a Ponygirl not an Ocean liner,"I exclaimed, "Sonia Graves will do."

"Sonia Arabella Graves, then," Daddy compromised, "Welcome!"

"Welcome aboard!" I said in turn.

"I know this is a mistake," Sonia said ruefully.

Daddy was like a cat with a new mouse to play with, he loved breaking in new Ponies, "Where are the wrist to ankle cuffs kitten?" he asked

"Under the sink of course," I told him, "Aren't we going next door?"

"No put the bar across the Kitchen doorway would you please?" he said, "She looks much the same length in the leg as your mother."

"We haven't even done an STD test or Aids test!" I cautioned him, "Have you had unprotected sex?" I asked.

"No, not for a long time!" she said.  Poor Daddy he hated condoms, but I found the cuffs and I put the bar across the Kitchen door, it was too high, so I had to clear the cereals off the breakfast bar and then remove the top so we could use one of the many holes in the concrete supports for the bar.

"Can we not start tomorrow." Sonia asked as Daddy made her bend and I took a swab of sweat from her brow to run through out latest electronic Hi Tech Aids and STD detector, and then Daddy was satisfied.

Daddy fastened the cuffs leaving her more or less on tip toe, her wrists cuffed to her ankles and her bottom raised obscenely and then he said, "Warm her up would you Kitten," and off he went to watch TV.

"Daddy!" I hissed as I rushed after him, "I don't know what to do!"

"You're a girl, you know what you like, you have to learn some time!" he said uselessly, I walked quietly back to Sonia, she peered up at me awkwardly and I peered down at her.

"I don't know what to do!" I exclaimed.

"Ohhhhh" Sonia shook with frustration, but Daddy must have done something because next thing Dot, Dorothy Channing, Daddy's head groom appeared.

She was puffing a bit, her ample boson rising and falling under the green quilted jacket she always seemed th wear, "His Lordship said you might need a hand," she said, "Put the kettle on, mine's white two sugars, and don't use de-caff I like my Coffee full strength.

"Ok," I agreed.

"Bit old this one?" Dot enquired, "This the one you spotted?" she asked.

"Yes, Daddy sort of left me to it," I explained.

"Right, you need two whips," Dot explained, "Straight bristles no knots, half a dozen lightly around the buttocks", she said, "left then right using both whips lightly, no marks and then just redden the lips a little like this."

Sonia went from mild disinterest when her buttocks were paddled to sheer terror as Dot began to expertly flail the lips of her sex, "Its like a little bud unfolding look," she said, "You try,"

"No!" Sonia wailed but fascinated I took the whip and tried a swat at her left lip, it made contact and Sonia yelped.

"Keep it even, do you see," Dot said, "That's right three each and now, lets have the crotch belt loose."

Dot peered down with grandmotherly concern, all her fifty seven years etched in deep lines across her chubby face as I undid Sonia's crotch belt, "Well her honey pots bubbling nicely," she observed, "Don't suppose she had an enema, for the tradesman's?"

"No," I confirmed.

"Don't matter, His Lordship likes the full frontal approach," Dot explained and she dipped her index finger into Sonia's sex, "Mmm taste her," she said, "Lovely and clear, she ain't had a bloke for ages,"

I did as Dot said, but, well pussy juice, not something I know anything about, but it wasn't unpleasant,  Dot smiled and explained her modus operandi, "I reckons about three or four minutes when they're nicely cleaned out, whip handle up the tradesmans and another up the front and usually bobs your uncle off they cum." she said illustrating her words with explanatory gestures.

"Please!" Sonia pleaded and Dot did no more that ease the whip handle delicately between Sonia's peach like sex, wobble it around to get it lined up and then she just pushed about seven inches of whip handle straight into Sonia.

"Where's my Coffee?" Dot asked impatiently.

"Noo, you can't leave me!" Sonia protested, as she sort of hung from the bar with the strands of the whip drooping down her back.

"I damned well can," Dot reminded her, "Lets have our Coffee in the Parlour Georgie," Dot insisted, "Bring some biscuits," and she picked up her coffee and we went through to the small servants parlour with its wooden benches and small TV.

I handed Dot the tin of Biscuits, "No Macaroons?" she complained, "Oh well, have a look in the cupboard on the left and give Sonia a couple of wanks as you pass."

"I'm sorry?" I said.

"Pull it out about three inches and back in, wobble it about a bit, see what she likes," Dot said, "Custard Creams will do if there's no Macaroons," she added.

I did as Dot asked, it seemed strange hearing Sonia moan as I moved the whip handle out and then back in her, she sort of whimpered.

"Do you like that," I asked.

"Yes," she whispered, "oh please don't stop."

"I've got to find Dot some biscuits, sorry," I apologised and I went to look for biscuits, "There's Rich Tea and some Chocolate ones," I shouted.

"Never mind," she said, "Bring her off then we can watch that Woss bloke on Telly."

Bring her off, but how.

Daddy that was how, he suddenly appeared immaculate in his Pyjamas, "Excellent prep, just bubbling away," he said, "Put that whip away somewhere would you Kitten?" he said, "Wipe it first."

I pulled the whip from Sonia, watching the black ebony gently emerge  from her pink softness glistening with golden pussy juice.

"Look away Kitten," Daddy ordered and suddenly Sonia gasped, I looked round, Sonia was bent over the bar, naked except for her Tack, and behind her Daddy stood Immaculate in striped Pyjamas with his unseen stiff pink manhood thrust firmly and deeply into Sonia.

"Ohhhhh," Sonia gasped.

"Undo the cuffs Kitten," Daddy ordered, "I think she want's to be my hot water bottle tonight!"

"Uggggh," I shuddered in frustration, it was so awkward when he blurred the lines between Lover and Pony, but after all it was his business and I couldn't do that for him.

I felt terribly and unreasonably jealous.

"Twenty three, twenty four," Daddy counted his thrusts, "Right that's enough now upstairs with you young pony first bedroom on the left." Daddy insisted.

He liked a rest after twenty four thrusts, he was sensitive about his length, so he made up for it with his stamina, "Ask Dot to bring us some Cocoa in twenty minutes would you?" he asked and he took Sonia gently by the arm and led her away.

I let Sonia enjoy her evening.

Tomorrow I would be in charge.

I couldn't sleep, I tried my bed at Melton House, then I went home and finally in desperation I curled up in the mower shed and finally drifted off to sleep.

Dot woke me with a well aimed bucket if ice cold water at five a.m. "Better get an enema and get that lazy cow down here," she said.

There's nothing absolutely nothing more invigorating or horrible than an al fresco cold enema, except an al fresco enema on a cold winters morning perhaps, and the adaptor was already fitted to the hose pipe so I did myself, it was horrible, I needed three fills before I was sure I was clean and then I found a collar and leading rein and went to find Sonia.

I heard snoring as I approached Daddy's room, it wasn't good, Sonia was still in bed with him when she should have been lying on the rug by the bed and cuffed and leashed to a ring bolt or bed leg.

"Sonia," I whispered.

"Bugger off, bring us breakfast about ten," Daddy ordered and he snuggled down with Sonia and went back to sleep.

I went back down stairs, it all seemed a bit pointless trying to train Sonia so in the bright slanting sunlight of the early morning I retrieved my posh frock, discarded my tack and dressed respectably once more I made my way next door to my own bedroom where I undressed once again and slid into my bed, it was still not six o'clock so I slid down under the covers for an extra hours sleep.

Daddy woke me, "Oi!" he said.

"Oi, this is my room," I exclaimed, "Get out."

"No, now this Sonia, it's no name for a Pony Girl is it?" he suggested.

"Nor is Sonia Annabella Princess of Melton," I suggested.

"But how about "Farque of Melton," "Arrabella Farque of Melton," "Farque for short,"

"Daddy," I said, "You're a genius!"

"Just countersign the alterations on the consent forms, would you?" he asked, "and it's lunch time."

I dressed and went downstairs when he had gone, Mrs Grimes had left a salad which I ate quickly, "Will you run into town and pick up the engraving, new tags for Farque and some for your self."

"Can I take the Bentley." I asked innocently.

"No you can damned well run, you're supposed to be in training, or shall I send you back to Bryants?" he said.

I pretended to think about it, "Oh all right!" I agreed, "but its ten miles!"

"Just over fourteen actually," he said, "Athletics kit, Tack might frighten the Locals."

"Daddy!" I protested but it was useless he was laughing.

"Dot will time you so no slouching off to the sweet shop," he warned, "Go on get changed, get on with it!"

It's not all sex and glamour being a Pony girl, you don't get fit and healthy lying by a pool you know but fourteen miles, that's a half marathon and a bit, with no water stops, except the Kings Head pub and the Cafe, and the sweet shop, but I dutifully put my shorts and a sports bra on and a tee shirt, and my trainers, and took a credit card and my phone just in case and Dot recorded the time as I set off.

Three Lorry drivers offered me a lift, usually it's more than that and eventually I got back all horrible and sweaty to find Tom waiting, "Can't stop, must find Dot." I explained as I ran past him.

I found Dot, showered,  I put a nice minidress on and came down stairs to find Tom had gone, "Round next door Miss Georgina." Mrs Grimes said so off I went to find him.

I took the short cut through the hedge and ran up the slope, I found Tom in the training room with Daddy and Sonia, or Farque as we now called her.

"Ah Rose," Daddy said awkwardly,  as I walked in following the sound of his voice, "Tom's not quite ready for you,"

That was an understatement, he was standing with his trousers around his ankles pleasuring Miss Farque who was bent over a training rail.

"Been on the treadmill all afternoon," Daddy said, "Thought she needed a reward."

"Not from my man she doesn't!" I protested as I moved closer and watched Tom's magnificent prick pistoning in and out of her sopping hole.

"I think she's loosening up a bit sir," Tom suggested.

"Yes, well hang on in there a few more minutes would you there's a good chap." Daddy suggested.

"Oh no you don't," I wailed at him, "Your mine now!" but my knees were buckling.

"You need a nice gentle fuck I think Kitten," Daddy said, "let Tom work off his excess energy first then you can get all lovey dovey, Perhaps the Den on the island, I'll have some food sent down."

"He'll need paramedics when I get hold of him." I said but those fourteen miles had taken their toll and I flopped back in my chair and watched Tom in action.

"What do you think Tom," Daddy asked.

"I'm trying not to cum sir," Tom answered, "Hi Georgie,"

"Hi bloody Georgie indeed," I exclaimed, it wouldn't have been so bad but my clit was throbbing and, well I just had to, you know, with my fingers.

"Rose!" Dot shouted, "You naughty pony, you know that's not allowed."

"Sorry Dot," I said withdrawing my finger with an audible plop, "But Tom's busy!"

"You know the rules," she insisted, and she produced a pair of padded handcuffs.

"Hands behind" she said and I had to bear the indignity of having my wrists bound behind me, "Mr Bryce the lawn mower man might still be around if you're desperate," she said, "or maybe you could use the spike?"  The spike, an eight inch cast Iron Dildo on a concrete base in the yard just outside the training room.

She saw the way I looked at her, "Oh spike it is then," she said.

She made me kneel down, get myself positioned and everything, all she did was pull my shorts down, she didn't even spread my pussy to start me sliding down the monstrous iron shaft but as it happened I was so wet it didn't matter anyway!

It's cold and hard and unforgiving, far more manly than any man and you have to do all the work, but its so filling, and fulfilling, and oh my gosh did it hit the spot I needed it so badly, and the whole world and my cares and troubles just dissolved.

"Kitten," Daddy roused me from my ecstasy, "You'd better suck Toms cock if you want a fuck before midnight." he said and there was Tom, his tool all sticky with cum and Farque's love juices standing there flaccid and useless.

"Ok." I said, I was too full to care really but Dot manhandled Tom into position in front of me and Tom let her place his half flaccid penis in my mouth and I began to suck.

"Just look at that recovery!" Daddy marvelled.

"Thob!" I protested, but Tom was getting harder and harder.

"Thob!" I said again, I wanted him hard not a mouthful of cum, but I was too late and he was pumping uncontrollably and I was rubbing up and down on the spike and  Daddy seemed mesmerised.

"Oh Thob," I protested and there were red crocodiles dancing and fluffy bananas and a soft pink Jumbo jet dancing with, "Ohhhhhh Thob," I gasped and my knees buckled and as I sank down I rammed that stupid spike so deep inside me I was sure I had done myself a serious injury.

"Georgina," Daddy exclaimed sternly, "You really should put Tom's needs before your own," he stated firmly, "Poor Tom rather wanted to fuck you you silly Pony, and you brought yourself off instead."

"Sorry Daddy," I said through a mouthful of cum.

"Never mind," he said, "Now get a shower and some minty mouthwash and its an early night for you young lady."

"Yes Daddy," I agreed.

"And take Tom with you," he suggested, "Sonia and I have unfinished business."

"Yes I gathered that." I observed, "She's supposed to be in training."

"Miss Farque has delicate and precise tastes and requirements which I need to understand if I am to train her, delicate precise motions," he waxed lyrical as he was wont to do when seriously infatuated, "A delicate flower needing a particular combination of technique and physical attributes to bring forward that delicious moment of release and abandon."

"Yes Father," I agreed disinterestedly.

He raised his chin, and gave me one of his looks, "A delicate flower, and utterly unlike you Rose, because based on this evenings performance of public masturbation with a cast iron spike I suggest that you have the delicacy of a Cambodian street whore."

"Daddy that's not fair!" I protested.

"Oh for heavens sake Tom, take her away to the Island play her something romantic on your Ipod, take a bottle or two of wine and make love," he made it sound like lerve, " to her will you." Daddy suggested.

"Yes sir," he said, "Would you like that Rose?" he asked, but before I could say "That sounds lovely," Daddy started ranting again.

"Damn it all who's in charge here," he demanded, but he knew very well, "Just forget the wine and the island and well, everything, and take her in the stable with a packet of peanuts and bottle of Cider I think you'll find she's a particularly easy Pony to please."


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