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A Treat for Red

by DonnerTie

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© Copyright 2013 - DonnerTie - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; catsuit; straps; dogsuit; tail; insert; gag; collar; muzzle; petgirl; oral; climax; drug-use; cons/reluct; X

“Bbzzzzzz” the sound of the buzzer echoed through the apartment. Who is it now he thought? Picking up his bowl of cereal he walked over to the CCTV monitor. He could see a rather attractive woman standing by the main entrance. “Bzzz... Bzzzzzz” the droning buzz filled the air again more insistent now. He keyed the mic “I heard you the first time, no need to keep pressing it” he said in annoyance.

A startled voice came back over the intercom “Sorry it’s just…… I have run out and I really need to get some more. A friend said you could help” she replied.

Who was this tramp, did she not know the meaning of low key. Mike didn’t need a problem like her, people might start asking questions. He was just about to tell her to beat it when her voice came back over the intercom. “It’s Stacy remember me, I am friends with Alexis. She usually comes but I ran out this morning. Please can you just open the gate?” Alexis now there was an ass that Mike could never forget. The girl seemed too dumb to be a cop he decided, probably just another University fiend.

“Apartment 14, near the rear” he told her keying open the entrance.

Mike was immediately glad he had gone against his better judgment. His eyes ran up and down her body drinking in her beauty. She was short the top of her head barely coming up to his chin. His suspicions about her being a student proved true. A local UPG hoodie was drawn around the girl’s pert breasts, and small waist. As he stepped aside to let the girl inside, he took note of her firm bottom. A pair of yoga pants accentuated the girls toned legs. While not nearly as large as Alexis ass, Mike appreciated the view nonetheless. He leaned back against the door, in no rush to hasten this beauty to leave. She slowly turned her dark green eyes locking onto his. A few errant strands of her red hair hung down obscuring part of her freckled covered face.

“So Alexi said….” she started.

He had been caught fantasising, broken out of his revere “Right, yeah follow me.” He brushed past the girl walking down the short hallway. “Sorry about the mess I wasn’t really expecting any company.” She remained quiet as he led her around garbage and other random debris that filled the hall and living room. “Just take a seat uhh where ever.” He told her.

Mike watched the girl struggle to step over a pile of his clothes, before brushing off a cushion on the couch to sit on. He grinned sheepishly “The life of a bachelor eh?” She looked up at him with a half-hearted smile. “Right, to business than. Alexi usually picked up a quarter ounce. Now... sorry what was your name again?” he asked.

“It’s Stacy” she replied.

“Well… Stacy, I don’t know you and I usually don’t sell to people I don’t know but you seem like a nice enough girl so a quarter is only going to cost you $150.”

The girl was visibly unsettled. She began to lean forward in her seat. “Alexi said it was only $80!” her voice raising slightly.

“Like I said Alexi is a friend and well you are not. I don’t know you, and that comes with increased risk to me. Which increases the price, now are you here to buy or not?”

Mike watched as the girl opened up her purse and pulled out some crumpled bills and coins. “$92.30, it’s all that I have on me. Honestly, can’t you cut me a break this one time I will make it up to you next time?” She looked at him desperation in her voice.

He chuckled, if this girl thought a pretty face and a pair of puppy dog eyes was going to change his mind. Well she had another thing coming. This wasn’t his first day. Mike knew his trade and knew it well. Slowly he cracked open the wooden box on the table. The girl leaned further forward trying to catch a glimpse at the contents within.

“The price is $150 for a quarter, now I could give you maybe an eighth for what you have. Or you could work for the difference.”

Mike watched as his little display had its desired effects. The sight of so much product displayed, had visibly unnerved the girl. She licked her lips eyes drawn to the box.

“An eighth isn’t enough. I need at least a quarter” Her emphasis on need was quite apparent.

“What do you mean by work?” She bit her lip nervously.

Mike slowly closed the lid of the box, for the first time in minutes she looked up at Mike.

“Oh just a few tricks, nothing you wouldn’t be capable of I am sure. We will have to put that mouth of yours to good use though. But don’t worry there will be a treat for you.” Mike was worried he had overplayed his cards. Maybe she wasn’t as desperate as he had thought. The hot co-ed sitting across from him had clouded his judgement. He could feel his own need growing.

His words seemed to settle the girl. She stared off into the distance as if in deep thought. It was as if a war was being waged inside her mind. Mike knew how desperate she was. Her hand shook he wondered how long it had been since she had gotten her last fix. While on the other hand the revulsion of what he asked of her weighed heavy in the silent air. Mike felt her eyes finally look into his, her battle apparently over.

“$80 and I get a quarter of Heavens Angels” she hesitated. “No touching and I don’t swallow” she said with a resigned look on her face.

Mike was elated and quickly agreed. He felt her eyes on him as he prepared the baggie. After he had carefully weighed it, he held it out for the girl. Her hand reached out to grab the white substance, at the last second Mike snatched it back. “First you need to perform for me Red.” He said with a devious grin.

Her eyes were still on the package in his hands. Reluctantly she stood, working her way around the coffee table, until she stopped in front of him. Mike looked up at the beautiful girl. Even with the sad look on her face she still ravishing. His knees slowly opened, revealing the rather large bulge threatening to escape its confines. “Well look at that he’s waiting for you. Why don’t you get down and play with him Red.” Mike was positively beaming now.

“My name is Stacy, not Red” she said with spite. Slowly almost reluctantly the girl got down on her knees. Her head was now just inches from Mike’s crotch.

“Oh I almost forgot Red, there’s one more condition to the deal. You have to put this on.” Mike held out an object for the girl. Slowly she took it from his hands. A puzzled look crossed her face. “It goes around your neck. It’s a dog collar” he told her.

“Why do you want me to wear a collar?” she asked anger creeping into her voice.

“I told you it’s part of the deal if you don’t want to that’s fine.” Mike made to get up. The girl’s eyes locked onto the package still gripped in his hands.

“No wait stop! I will put it on, see!” she said franticly. Her small hands pushed him back down. She quickly wrapped the red collar around her neck, tightly buckling it in place. The colour matched her hair. Her eyes looked up at his. She really was good at giving those big sad puppy dog eyes he thought.

“Good girl Red. Now why don’t you get to work?”

Trembling fingers moved to pull down his sweatpants, and underwear. Mike watched as the girl was startled by the rather large member that sprung out from where it had been hiding. A stunned look coming over her face, nervously she licked her lips. He wondered if the small girl was up to the task or if she would end up choking on him. With a deep breath she leaned forward. Her small tongue began to tentatively lick at his erect member. “It’s not a damn lolly pop, get your mouth around it Red” he groaned. The girl briefly looked up at him, a sad almost hurt expression on her face. Mike was about to say something more comforting when his train of thought was lost.

The girl spurred on by his rebuke had wrapped her mouth around his hardened cock. He leaned back his head sinking into the chair. The feelings of pleasure that were emanating from her ministrations rocked through him. Slowly he felt inch after inch of his cock slip inside of her heavenly mouth. Her tongue began to dart along his length. Defiantly not her first time he thought, squinting in concentration. Mike found himself looking up at the ceiling his mouth hanging open. With a gasp she let his erect length slide out of her mouth. Mike tried to catch his breath as her head moved back down between his legs.

His respite was short lived. The girl began to bob up and down, slowly building momentum. Each time her mouth sucked around him he would let out a moan of pleasure. Her tongue was like paradise as she licked and slurped him closer to release. The sounds of her ragged breathing filled the air. Again she took him into her mouth but this time Mike thrust forward. He wanted to feel his full length inside her. Mike groaned as he felt his cock touch the back of her throat. His entire length almost slipping inside her mouth. The girl gagged, a coughing fit wracked her slender frame. Her hands pushed against him. With great heaving breaths she was forced to come up for air.

Mike was thankful to be given a reprieve from the building sensation he had been fighting. He looked down at the girl. Kneeling between his legs, she was still gasping for air. Even with her eyes red and the strands of saliva on her face she was still stunning. Mike felt her gaze staring up at him, a pleading look in her eyes. He just shook his head at the girl and gestured for her to finish. The impending feeling started to build again as her lips wrapped around him again. Mike zoned out as he allowed the feelings of bliss to wash away the surroundings. She had fallen back into a rhythm now. Her pace building as her mouth moved up and down. The sounds of her slurping and sucking filled the room. A new feeling almost sent Mike over the edge. Her delicate hands had begun to fondle and massage his balls.

The pressure had built to the point of bursting. Mike couldn’t hold back any long and with hands driven by need he grasped the back of the girls head. She gave out a startled protest muffled by the cock still filling her mouth. With a moan he began to push her head down. Gradually his outstretched member began to disappear. The girl tried to fight him as her mouth was slowly stretched. Her efforts were in vain as Mike felt the tip of his cock press against the back of her throat. Again the girls gag reflex kicked in. A great coughing fit wracked her body. Oblivious to her discomfort Mike continued his assault. Her hands flailed against him in desperation as his cock began to slip down her throat. With a final thrust he let out a satisfying moan.

Her mouth was stretched wide open, and her throat was visibly bulging around the collar. Mike could feel her nose pressed up against his pelvis as his cock was now buried halfway down her throat. The girl instinctively was trying to swallow the blockage. The contractions of her throat around his cock felt like she was milking him. Mike was sent to new heights of pleasure. He couldn’t hold it any longer. With a satisfying groan his release exploded down her throat. Mike's head rolled back as he felt his hot seed pump directly into her belly. Her eyes shot wide in surprise. All she could do was swallow the warm sperm running down her throat.

It was only after he had gone limp that he finally released his grip on her head. His member slowly slid from her mouth. Mike watched as the girl coughed and gasped for air. Her chest was heaving trying to draw lungful’s of air. Finally she was able to catch her breath. She looked like she might be sick. “I told you not to cum inside” she whined pitifully. He looked down at the still kneeling girl. Her eyes were puffy and red. While her lips and chin was still slick with strands of saliva and his cum.

“But then you would have missed out on your treat, and you were so good you I felt you deserved one.”  Mike slowly lifted the package presenting it to the girl. “Oh and here’s your reward” he said. Her eyes lit up she grabbed the baggie. The girl scrambled to her feet and started to walk out of the room.

“Before you go Red, your still wearing my collar.” He called from the chair. Mike watched as her hands reached up to touch the dog collar around her neck. “Don’t worry you can borrow it. But I expect you to be wearing it next time you come.” Mike told her with a firm tone. He had expected for her to reply, to tell him to get bent, or to throw the collar at him. Instead she simply gave one last look before taking flight from the apartment, the package firmly clasped to her breast.

* * *

Mike looked at the girl sitting across from him. He had been worried that she wouldn’t come back. That he had pushed her too far last time. But here she was not even 5 days later, back for more. “Well Red what brings you back again so soon? You didn’t use it all up so soon did you?” he said.

The girl had refused to meet his gaze instead choosing to look around the room. “Look I just need some more okay? I need to get another quarter” her voice cracking with anxiety.

Mike's eyes never leaving the pretty little thing, picked up the wooden box from the side table. The movement drew her eyes and the girl visibly shook in relief at the familiar sight of her desire. With slow deliberate movement Mike got up from his chair and moved to sit beside the girl on the couch. She did not shy away but rather drew closer to him, as the box was still grasped in his hands. “Well I have the goods, but the question is do you have the money this time?” he said.

“I don’t get paid until next Friday, but…” she paused. Her breathing had shortened her eyes fixed on the object in his lap. “I will suck you off again.” The words seemed forced out of her mouth. As if she was disgusted to have uttered them.

Mike sat waiting and watching. He wanted the depravity of her words to sink in. She was desperate he could tell. His fingers slowly played a beat on the boxes lid. “Well before we begin. Why don’t we lighten the mood a little?”

The girl’s eyes widened as Mike proceeded to open one of the bags from the box. Slowly he spread a small amount on the table. She did not hesitate no sooner had he finished was she bent over. It always amazed him at how such a small powdery substance had such control over people. His fingers began to stroke through her wonderfully soft red hair. He sat slowly petting the girl. It was only after the table was clean did the girl sit back up. She rubbed her nose with the back of her hand, wiping away some of the excess white substance. Mike had taken the opportunity to wrap an arm around her.

“Now did you bring what I told you to?” he said. She paused, before letting out a deep sigh. The girl reached into her purse with a nervous hand. Withdrawing, it revealed the red collar he had given her. She hesitated. “Well don’t just sit there put it on like a good girl then.” The first hint of the drug had begun to course through her veins. Eyes closed she started to wrap the collar around her neck. Before she could finish Mike’s hands took the collars buckle. He passed one of the ends through the latch. Strong hands cinching it tightly closed forcing a moan to escape her lips.

He pulled the girl closer to him in a tight embrace. She had begun to shake like a leaf, the effects of the product obviously taking its toll on her. Mike began to run his hand up and down her arm. The girl gave her head a shake, as if waking from a dream. Her fingers began to pull at Mike’s pants waist band.

“That won’t be necessary Red” he said moving her hand away.

Her big green eyes looked up at him. Her head cocked in a puzzled expression. “Don’t you want me to blow you?” She said questioningly.

“Not right now little pup. Tonight you only have to do one thing for me. I want you to wear a pretty little dress for me. Would you like that?”

The girl was in no position to refuse, her mind addled by the drugs. “But first you have to strip for me.”

The girls breathing had shortened. Her pupils were dilated and a sheen of sweat had started to appear on her skin. She remained quiet, lost in her own universe. His strong hands easily lifted her off the couch. She came to rest on shaky legs. With a prod from Mike she managed to step into the around the table into the open. She paused. “Well go on” he said commandingly.

The girl’s movements were robotic, as if she was in a faraway place. Gradually she began to unzip her sweater. The bundle of cloth hit the floor. Eyes clenched shut her hands grasped the bottom of her blouse. With a swift movement she pulled it over her head, revealed beneath were her perky breasts. He watched as slowly her pants were added to the pile on the ground. She now stood only clad in a pair of black satin panties and bra.

“Dance for me girl” he spoke quietly, one hand stroking his length. Gently she began to move. Mike watched as her hips began to slowly rock back and forth. At first she moved awkwardly but the product surging through her helped to remove any inhibition she might have felt. Her hands began to run over her body. It was as if she moved to the sound of music that only she could hear. He licked his lips “Now take it all off.” She did not pause. The rhythm she had built continued to flow through her. Her hands reached behind her back and soon her bra fell to the ground. Mike marvelled at her firm breasts now freed from their confines. The benefits of youth kept her perky breasts in place. Slowly her panties were worked down her legs until she stood before him naked. Panting from the exertion she ceased her movements. A thin strip of hair ran just above the girl’s pussy. Mike was impressed the carpet really did match the drapes.

“Put that on now Red” he said.

The girl picked up the bundle of material that Mike had placed on the table. He watched as she examined the suit, her hands running over the rubbery material. “You want me to wear this?” she said.

Mikes eyes stared into hers “Put it on Red, bad girls who ask too many questions get punished” he told her.

She gulped, her hands pulling down the zipper at the back. She tried to take a tentative step into the suit. The girl almost lost her balance and was forced to take a seat on the hard floor. The material was tight and she had to work the confining rubber gradually inch by inch up her leg. The leg opening was quite narrow and only with considerable effort was she able to make any progress. She let out an exasperated gasp as finally her toes touched the rubbery end. She tried wiggling her toes it was hard as the confining material pressed them together.

Mike sat staring enjoying the girl’s struggles to slip into the outfit. Her other leg proved just as difficult as the first the rubber clinging to her skin. Sweat now covered her body slowly running down her breasts and stomach as her other foot finally slipped into place. The girl had to use both her hands as she squirmed her bottom to slide further inside. The rubber was stretched over her tight ass. Her body was now half clad in the black coloured rubber. Afraid that if she stopped she wouldn’t be able to continue the girl pressed on. Her hands now shimmied the tight suit up and over her stomach. With a grunt she was able to stretch the rubber until both her breasts slipped under the material trapping them within its confines. Her hands now struggled to slide into the rubber arms of the suit. It took considerable effort before her hands rested within the pouches at the end of each sheath.

Mike now took in the sight of rubber clad girl. Still sitting on the ground she was covered from toes to neck in the constricting black material. Her already toned body was further emphasised by the suit. The lines of her calve and thigh muscles were clearly defined against the rubber that enclosed them. The girl’s already small waist had been further compressed. This had forced her take shortened breaths. Each of her ribs was easily visible beneath the black material. While her breasts were pressed tightly against her chest each enclosed in their own rubbery pouch.

Each time she moved in the suit it would cause the material to rub against her sensitive nipples. She tried to move her fingers only to find them useless, trapped by the tight material. “Uhm do you think you can give me a hand. I don’t think I can do up the zipper” she asked him.

Mike walked over to the girl. “You need to roll over” he said.

With some effort she was able to roll over on the floor. Mike reached down pulling the zipper slowly up her back. Her body was now fully entrapped within the rubber suit. He then took a hold of her forearm bending it at the elbow. A strap that she had failed to see was attached to the suits upper arm. He wrapped the strap tightly closed trapping the girl’s wrist pressed against her shoulder. He already had a hold of her second wrist before she realized what was happening.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

Ignoring her Mike finished strapping down her other wrist. He turned to her legs. Her calf was bent back until it rested against her upper thigh. Again another strap attached to the suit was wrapped around her ankle trapping it so that her heel was firmly pressed against her butt cheek. He quickly strapped down her other leg before standing back to admire the rubber clad beauty. The girl had lost the control of her limbs well mostly he thought with a grin. On the ground she was trying to move. A process that proved difficult as with the straps she was only able to flap her elbows and knees around in desperation.

“What did you do why can’t I move my arms!” Panic in her voice.

The girl’s mouth was open as she was about to protest some more when Mike shoved the gag into her mouth. Taken unawares the girl was helpless to resist the O-Ring as her jaws were stretched slowly open. He had to force the metal into her mouth before it finally slid behind her teeth. Her objections now muffled, he tightened the gags straps closed behind her head. Mike gave the girl a pat on the head, “That’s a good girl Red” he said.

She was only able to reply with a muffled groan. The gag forced her jaw wide open stretching her muscles until they threatened to cramp. He didn’t pause for long his hands unbuckling the collar from around the girl’s neck. The next step was the one that he regretted the most. “Sorry girl” he said. She tried to turn her head to look back, but a hand held her hair in a firm grasp. With a quick succession of snips the girl’s locks of hair were cut away. Mike had used a pair of scissors to give her a trim leaving only a couple of inches of her fiery hair. The girl began to sniffle and sob as he finished. He was always amazed how it was the loss of their hair that saddened the girls the most. His hands began to work the rubber hood over her freshly cut hair. The only trace of her hair was a little tuft of her bangs that he left sticking out from under the hood.

Mike next began to work a furry suit over the black rubber that enclosed the girl. Similar to one she wore with some minor differences. For one the material was lycra based which had a little bit more give. Covering the suit was a short layer of soft fur. He first slipped the furry material over her strapped legs. The suits legs were designed to accommodate the girl’s shortened limbs, and each ended in a rubber pad. He had to lift and tug until her stomach and breasts lay beneath the fur. Next each of her arms was slipped into their openings. Just like her legs these were shortened to fit snugly over her folded arms, with a rubber pad for each. Not her arms, her forelegs Mike corrected himself. The girl groaned as Mike zipped up the furry suit. A velcro strip hid the zipper beneath the fur. Mike took a second to run his hands down her back. He loved the feeling of her fur. It was so soft just like a real dog he thought.

“Good girl Red, you have been such a good girl. I just need you to keep it up a little longer, and we will be done” Mike said while running a hand over her head. The girl was only able to whine in response. He grinned, “I will take that as a yes.”

Hands moved down between her splayed legs. An opening in the furry suit revealed a hidden zipper in the rubber beneath. The girl wiggled beneath Mike's grip as her most intimate areas were revealed. He marvelled at the sight of her wet opening, it took all his will power to not take her right there and then. Later he thought consoling himself. The girl gave a yelp and tried to pull away from his grip. Mike had pushed the tip of a lubricant bottle into her asshole. Her efforts to escape were in vain as his one free hand kept her firmly on her belly. Making sure to apply a generous coating of lube he then withdraw the bottle. He spurted an ample amount on her opening before putting the bottle away. His hands began to press the tip of the tail plug against her rosebud. She let out a load groan.

Even with the lube Mike had to battle to slide the plug inside her tight opening. “Stop fighting it girl, it will only hurt more” he grunted through clenched teeth.

She apparently did not heed his advice as each centimetre was a battle of wills. The girl desperately clenched her muscles trying to expel the intruder, while Mike’s muscles strained to push the plug deeper. It was only a matter of time though. Mike had leverage on his side and was able to slowly force the plug past her clutching walls. She let out a pitiful whine in desperation. With a final thrust the last of the plug slipped inside her the flared end coming to rest against her opening. She continued to cry and whine as the large plug stretched her open. Exhausted from the struggle Mike sat down on the floor. He watched the suited girl her chest heaving. Each intake of breath would cause her breast to slowly rise off the ground. It was strangely soothing to watch. Mike idly began to play with her new tail. At over two feet long it was made of a soft rubber material that helped keep its rigid form. Each flick of his hand would cause the plug to vibrate and bounce around inside of her ass. She gave another crying whine.

He slowly got to his feet walking around the bound girl. “Okay Red rest times over. Time to get up girl.”

The girl moaned as he slipped an arm under her chest and stomach. Slowly he lifted until her legs dangled beneath her. He then gently lowered her onto her shortened limbs she came to rest on her hind and fore legs. The suits rubber pads would help to cushion her from the hard wood floor. The girl was unsteady on her new legs, and it took her a considerable amount of effort just to stay standing. Mike kneeled down so that he was now looking into her face. Even without her flowing red curls she was such a cute puppy. He stroked her cheek wiping away a tear from her puffy eyes. “It’s okay girl, almost done now I promise.”

The only response she could provide was a dismal whine. The ring gag while keeping her quiet also prevented her from controlling the drool that now dripped from her open mouth. Mike presented the girl with a new bundle of straps and fur. It was a half mask, designed to fit over her lower face leaving only her eyes exposed. Her nose and mouth disappeared behind a shortened dog’s muzzle. The muzzle was formed permanently open, so that she would still be able to stick her tongue out to drink and eat. An added benefit was it allowed her owner access to her mouth for his or her own pleasure.

He ran two straps around the sides of her head. These were joined by a third that ran from above her new nose over her head to connect with the other straps. The mask was covered in a dark brown fur that covered her cheeks and a small black dog nose tipped the muzzle. Next he tightened the strap beneath her chin. The girl cried out as the ring gag dug into her soft mouth. Mike then pulled the furry hood over her head. Unlike the rubber hood this one had two additions. Two droopy puppy ears that hung down from each side of head. Just like the real thing now whenever the girl moved her head she would be unable to stop the ears from flopping around.

He stepped back staring down, he marvelled at his work. The creature before him could easily be mistaken for a dog at first glance. At least until you looked closer. The furry suit now covered her completely. Dark brown fur ran along her tail and continued over her back and shoulders. The same dark brown fur covered her head and mask. Her underbelly and legs were covered in a soft cream coloured fur. His hand began to stroke her head and neck. The girl shifted under his petting, causing her tail to wag back and forth. “That’s a good puppy Red. Wag your tail for your owner” he felt her shiver beneath his hands. He made sure to give her belly a good rub.

A lusty moan escaped her mouth as he paid particular attention to her breasts. His hand then traveled down her back, until it circled her ass. A tug of her tail caused a growl from his pup. He laughed already getting into her role he thought. Mike reached down until his fingers found the wet spot they had been searching for. He felt the girl brace after the first contact of his fingers. However she was not prepared for his next move. Mike drove three of his fingers deep into her sopping snatch. The girl let out a loud crying whine. Paying no attention to her discomfort he moved to kneel in front of her again. “Such an excited girl you are Red. I think you might be in heat.”

His fingers slipped between her open muzzle sliding past the ring gag. With her mouth stretched open she had little choice but to lap and suck his fingers clean. Only when he was satisfied she had gotten all of her juices did he withdraw his fingers.

He held up the last item for her to be able to see. Her dark green eyes the last human characteristic left to her stared at the collar in his hands. “This is you collar pup, although unfortunately the red doesn’t match your hair anymore”. His hand idly ran through her fur. “You can see I made a small addition though”.

Looking she saw that now attached to her collar was a bone shaped metal tag, etched in large letters was ‘RED’.

“You see you even have your own collar and everything girl, and don’t worry on the back is your owners contact information in case you get lost. Don’t want you getting sent to the pound do we?” Mike chuckled as he began to wrap the girl’s collar around her neck.

Red was unable to resist, her head hung in shame. He buckled it tightly so that the girl would feel its constant presence. With a click Mike snapped a lead onto her collar. He gave a jerk on her leash the girl was forced to look up at him. Big pleading puppy dog eyes the only reminder of who she had been, looked at him.

“It’s not all bad girl. Remember if you’re good maybe I will put a treat in with your food. Now come on I think it’s time for bed, and who knows since you’re in heat maybe we can give you a litter of puppies!” he did not wait for her. She felt her collar begin to constrict her airflow. Red tried her best to keep up with her new owner. On shaky legs she scrambled to avoid the pull of her leash, as she was led down the hall to his bedroom. 

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