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Wishful Pony

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2015 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; machine/f; ponygirl; harness; bitgag; boots; hood; computer; program; bond; outdoors; barn; walker; training; stuck; enslave; cons; X

Why? Jane asked herself for the twentieth time, why did she have to go and tell him about her wish to be someone’s pony. She knew it was hard to handle but he had seemed so interested in the pictures that “accidently” popped up when he used her lap top to show her something. Then they had talked at length about the rigorous training needed to maintain ones posture and the need to be strong to pull the carts and even about the plugs and harnesses used on people to give them the feeling of being a real pony. But after dinner they had been sitting watching a show and she had brought up the subject again and explained her need to be under someone’s control and her desire to be used as a pony.

He had seemed uncomfortable and when he was leaving he smiled shyly and said good bye flatly like he was not coming back. Jane had been a submissive as long as she could remember and after serving a good master for three years he had loaned her to his friend Jim. Jim needed a second pony to pull his cart at the next convention so for the next few months she was trained and kept as a pony full time. Jane was never allowed any human comforts and was always kept in her stall stringently bound in her pony suit. The large plug with its flowing tail and the steel bit firmly attached to the head harness were her normal and permanent attire.

Jane had even become so used to the pony boots she asked to wear them continuously and by the end of the fourth month she was as well trained as his regular ponies. Jane could prance for hours at the end of the walker’s line never losing pace or posture. Returning to her master she told him of her adventures and asked if he would continue her training but he refused saying he had no interest in having a pony. Jane fought her feeling for her current master but returned to Jim and spent two years as a full time pony.

For the full two years she had worn the pony “outfit” consisting of her pony boots, bit gag harness and large plug tail. After the first few months of training Jim had locked her into the body harness made of very thick leather that once it had been strapped onto her covered her torso almost completely in leather. It had a wide belt that was more of a corset than a belt fitting just under her ribs down to the wide leather strap that covered her pussy and ran up between her ass cheeks keeping the plug tightly inside her.

When it was all tightened up it pulled her waist in by over six inches making her gasp for two weeks before she adapted to it. The chest harness part was connected to the belt by small metal rings and was cut to show her wonderfully full breasts by being tightened around the bases until they bulged like balloons. The remaining straps encircled her chest and shoulders almost covering her completely in leather and making it possible to attach many different carts and trailers to her waist and shoulders by the multiple d-rings and straps permanently attached.

When her owner locked her into the body harness he also changed her boots, strapping crotch high leather pony boots onto her. He locked them along with the leather pony gloves that kept her hands in tight fists inside the hooved gloves. Jane spent three months sealed in the leather before Jim decided she needed to learn how to function in an arm sleeve. Jane spent the next year and a half dressed as a pony with her arms encased tightly behind her. Jane’s every need was seen to from her regular washings and doctors (vet) visits to her evacuations and feeding.

She wanted for nothing and performed brilliantly at every event and even though she would on special occasions get her bit removed and be allowed to service her owner’s cock she was never allowed to feel anything inside her pussy or be permitted to climax again. Jane was happier than she had ever been and even when her nipples had been pierced making huge holes in them and small locks with bells attached to them were installed she never whined or fought her owner. Even now four years later she still wore the locks and bells and constantly wore the pony boots.

When her owner suddenly died she was given her freedom and a large settlement and had to figure out how to make it on her own. The first year in her new home she had spent still encased in all her harnesses and pony boots and stayed in her barn, only entering her house to evacuate and feed herself. During her first year alone she had learned how to encase her arms in the arm sleeve and remove it when needed. It wasn’t as tight as she had grown to love but it made her feel safe and secure as she stood each night in her stall blindfolded with her reins attached to a timed locking device that kept her standing all night limiting her movements until the timer released her.

Then she was allowed access to the large pasture where she could roam around blindly practicing her prancing until midday. Another timer would turn on the machine that would help her remove the arm sleeve ringing a bell so she could come into the barn and use it. If she missed the midday alarm she would be trapped in her arm sleeve until the evening bell rang giving her a second chance to free herself and go inside to clean and feed herself before returning to the barn for the night.

This routine continued until she decided she needed a walker machine installed and needed to have workers present for a week. Forcing her to sleep inside and limiting her pony play to her just being able to wear her body harness under her loose clothes while they were working and sleeping in her boots and head harness at night. Now she was wearing her body harness everyday along with her boots and head harness and kept herself plugged constantly never feeling really ok without it.

As another year had passed she had found herself missing being under someone else’s control and had begun to revert to her old ways of locking herself up for days at a time in her pony gear while she was worked out vigorously by the walker for hours leaving her to think about nothing but prancing being almost like mediation to her. Jane had met Larry at the grocery store on a day she had happened to wear her pony gear, including her tail and boots under her clothes.

The two had hit it off wonderfully and soon saw each other regularly for several months before last night’s fiasco, now Jane knew she needed to be punished for her infraction of telling him her needs. Like her needs mattered to anyone and decided if he hadn’t called by tomorrow noon she would start her punishment and make it last for ten days.

Ten days was the maximum time she could set her timers and walker for and had done it several times in the past. Jane sat looking at her newest hood/mask she was unsure if she could feed herself and decided to test it just to make sure before she locked herself down. The hood was shaped like a beautiful horses head, the dark eyes had tinted lenses that would make seeing anything clearly difficult unless it was in bright light.

The inside was designed to be formed to the wearers head and face by using a vacuum cleaner attached to it to suck the internal hood to her face. This made the hood move with every shake of her own head and pulling her long black hair through the small openings making it look like she had a wonderfully long flowing mane. The thing she liked best was that before it was vacuumed sealed she could use any gag she wanted and had already tried it with her head harness from when she was a true pony girl and it worked perfectly. So she inserted the bit into her mouth and strapped the harness tightly around her head before pulling the hood over her face. Jane tightened the straps around her neck and head and the attached the vacuum to it and vacuumed her head inside the hood.

Once the hood was sealed onto her Jane went to her trough and dipped the nose of the hood into the water and sucked in then lifted her head up and could feel the water running into her mouth. It took several of these motions to quench her thirst but she found out she could indeed feed herself while she was secured inside it and pranced back to the house making her bells ring with each step. Since Jane was already in her boots and hood she wrestled the body harness onto herself and pulled all the straps tight then locked them all before tightening the straps around her breasts forcing them to bulge and begin to turn purple.

Once the harness was on Jane slipped her hands into the hooved gloves and using the nose of the hood pushed on the straps around her wrists as she pulled her hand away tightening each snugly. They were difficult to get out of but they made her feel complete so it was worth it to her to wear them. Now fully fettered Jane slid into her bed and drifted off to sleep relishing the new hood and hoping he calls her tomorrow as he had been doing for the last month or so.

Jane awoke the next morning fully rested and content to stay in her pony gear. Jane had things to get ready and needed to be able to answer the phone if he called so reluctantly she wrestled her hands out of the hooves and released the vacuum on her head and removed the hood. Smiling as she set it aside knowing she had found her favorite head piece and loved how it she knew it made her look like a true pony. The hood gave her the anonymity of not being human allowing her and whomever she served to stop seeing her as a human. The body harness and boots were staying on along with her bit harness and bells as she moved around the house getting things ready she listened to the bells jingling.

The bells and the steel of her horse shoes clopping on the floors made her feel very aroused and comfortable. During one of her trips to the barn to fill the trough with her mixture of water and nutrients she would need she set up the times and training routines. These routines are how she would spend her days and most of her nights performing for the computer. Jane was giving the computer control over her and able to punish her for any infractions by shocking her with the electro stim unit.

Jane had stated using this and letting the computer punish her last year. She had built an impressive program for her on and off cycles and could now set her computer to control every hour of the day even giving it several options to punish her for no infractions at all. One of the punishments she liked the most was when the computer would leave her attached to the walker for the entire day. It would not allow her to sit and only allowed short breaks after her exercise time had been extended.

These random acts of cruelty made her feel she was no longer in control of her body like she had felt before her owner had died and were very special to her. Having filled her trough and set up her gear Jane returned to the house and flushed out her bowels before cinching the crotch strap tight and locking it closed. All her keys for release were already locked inside the time safe that the computer controlled. Once she activated the program it would lock the safe only allowing her access once she had completed the training program correctly.

It was past one o’clock when she decided she had waited long enough for him to call and began attaching the stim pads to her body and the control units to her harness. Jane slipped her head into the horse hood and strapped it tightly before vacuuming the internal mask tightly to her face and closing the valve sealing it. Sliding the vacuum hose along the small ports she pulled her hair out leaving her with a long black mane flowing down her back. Now all she had left to do was slip her arms into the arm sleeve and she was ready to go and start her punishment.

As she walked to where the arm sleeve hung waiting for her to trap herself into it she noticed her hobble chains and quickly locked them around her ankles limiting her stride to about half her normal gait. Feeling even more self-detesting she decided she needed more pain to make it a true punishment and slipped a very effective clamp behind the locks on each nipple. These clamps had been used by her owner numerous times when he had punished her and could not be shaken loose. The clamps would become quite painful after just a few hours making her wish she had not used them very quickly.

The muffled moan could barely be heard from the open mouth of the hood as the clamps bit down and Jane stood moaning until the pain faded slightly. Jane had noticed her neck below the hood and didn’t like the skin showing between the black leather of her body harness and hood. Jane grabbed her posture collar wrapping it around her neck and pulling the straps tight making sure it was under the hood and harness before locking it closed. Her head and neck were now one unit and limited her ability to move her head. Then she backed up to the arm sleeve and wiggled her arms deep into it until she was finally able to work the straps across her shoulders.

Jane’s arms were not crushed together like she would have liked them to be but until the computer lowered the two small arms that she had designed to hook the straps. Once hooked it would allowing her to work them off of her shoulders and slide the sleeve off until then she would not be able to remove her arms from the thick leather they were now encased in.

Jane was now fully bound and ready to begin her punishment for saying too much and pranced up the short trail to the barn having closed the back door with her hip sealing her fate since the door locked automatically when closed. The house was the only other place she might have been able to release herself without the computers help so she pranced towards the barn. Jane found the hobble chains were keeping her from raising her knees as high as normal and forced her to change her stride to a quick trot. As she grunted and whined under the hood her nipples bounced slightly atop her bulging breasts and the locked on bells jingled and tugged her nipples with each step.

Jane was panting hard learning that tightening the waist belt the two notches tighter had made much more of a difference in the compression she felt than she thought it would have. The tighter belt was making her work harder to get enough air into her lungs and making her breasts heave harder against the leather pinching their bases. Jane stopped when she entered the barn letting her eyes adjust and get used to the darker barn through the lenses and to catch her breath. She walked carefully to the walker only seeing it clearly when she got within a few feet and found the arm she would be attached to. Walking to the end and stood next to the open latch hanging in front of her.

Normally it took no effort to loop the reins from her mouth to the hook but since she could not bend her neck and the nose of the horse head mask hung lower than normal she was having difficulties hooking the reins. Jane grunted and twisted her body even trying to reach her bound arms around her body to help get the correct angle to hook herself to the walker. Finally Jane jerked her head backwards as she twisted and felt the thick leather strap fall into the open hook. Breathing a sigh of relief Jane stood panting as she waited for her new owner to count down and begin her training. Jane stood twisting her head trying to adjust her neck in the collar that felt like it was getting tighter when the bell rang closing the hook.

Jane felt the jerk of the machine beginning to pull her gently forward making her follow behind it. Jane knew that was the last time it would be gentle when it started and started getting into her rhythm. She didn’t know how long she would be led around in circles but was sure it wouldn’t be less than two hours before she got a short rest period before being forced to walk again. Jane had set the machine to run her exercise program for ten hours before opening the hook allowing her to enter her stall and reattach her reins to the hook there and rest for the night.

She had entered no time for evacuation or lying down pushing her limits making her stay standing the entire ten days. She had slept standing many times learning how to prop herself up and napping quickly in short spurts. Jane also knew that by the third or fourth day she would be exhausted and unable to do anything about it. Jane continued to walk in large circles as the heat of the day increased making her body sweat and soon her leather was covered by it making it shine. Jane continued to try and keep up with the arm dragging her all while raising her knees as high as possible.

Jane’s shoulders started to ache and her breasts and nipples throbbed but Jane ignored them. Jane pranced for four hours before the computer stopped her walker and allowed her to rest. Jane stood gasping not knowing how long she had been walking but figured it was longer than two hours and moaned through her hood as the pain in her breasts eased slightly. Jane was still gasping and flexing her arms inside the leather holding them close together behind her back when she was almost pulled off her feet when the arm started moving again.

Grunting Jane knew it was going to be a long day as she was towed along for another four hours leaving her really gasping from her efforts to keep up. Jane was wishing she had continued her training as she stood panting and moaning feeling the blood rushing into her head and making her light headed. Jane was given a longer break this time and had caught her breath when the machine pulled her again. Jane was pulled in her circles again for another four hours making her total time being drug by her reins twelve with only thirty minutes of break time making her extremely tired and glad when she saw the hook open.

Jane dropped to her knees squealing when she felt her head being pulled back harshly and her knees were held a few inches off the ground, Jane quickly pulled her hooved feet back under her and stood back on her sore toes. Rubbing her shoulder against the hook unlocking her from the arm Jane drug herself towards her stall concentrating on where she was going. The small light bulb over the stall door was guiding her to it as she thought about why she couldn’t kneel while she was still attached to the arm.

As she shuffled slowly she began getting shocks in her ass making her squeal and as the intensity increased she picked up the pace, hearing her owner yelling at her to hurry up as he smacked her ass with his whip and trotted into her stall. Jane quickly slung her reins over the hook and watched it close just as her breasts started getting shocked. The punishment continued for twenty minutes after the hook closed making her whine and twist pulling on the reins until they stopped leaving her panting again.

Jane bent forward to get a drink and found she could not get the nose of the hood low enough to reach the water and struggled against the hook and suddenly thought of the reason. Not only were the reins shorter on her new hood the nose of the horse head was longer and pointed towards the floor keeping her from reaching the much needed water. Jane groaned as she realized she would only be able to get a drink in between sessions with the walker meaning each time she would be late meaning more punishment. This thought made Jane smile, it was accidental punishment for her own stupidity and even though she would go thirsty tonight she liked the idea. When she realized she would not be able to kneel when she slept either she groaned again knowing she would have slept better if she could have knelt.

Jane spent the next four days being drug around in large circles, by the end of the fourth day Jane was exhausted. Her breasts were hurting along with her pointed toes and shoulders making her wish she had only set it for five days instead of ten. During the fifth day Jane was half way through her second five hour walk when her training kicked in. She could hear her owner encouraging her to try harder and popping her ass with the whip and started picking up her knees higher. Jane was standing straighter and kept pace with the machine while controlling her breathing and felt much better as her owner kept encouraging her.

Jane was walked for a total of twenty hours before the machine stopped. Still living in her memories Jane trotted briskly to her stable and was able to satisfy her thirst and stomach grumblings completely before she started getting shocked. Jane waited for the shocks to start and remained perfectly still while she dreamed about her owner whipping her before finally hooking her reins over the hook and stopping the shocks.

While Jane punished herself Larry had been trying to reach her. He had spent two days debating if he should tell her about his past and take a chance on falling for another woman who said she loved being controlled. Taking the chance of her leaving him when it got too serious and deciding he would ask her to complete some tests before allowing her deeper into his life.

Now Larry was desperate, where had she gone, her car was still in the drive but the house was locked up tight and he could not reach her. Larry had been stopping by everyday checking the house then on the fifth night since she had gone missing he stopped by much later. Seeing no lights and receiving no answer to his calls he was about to leave when he saw a small light coming from the barn and headed towards it.

Arriving just as Jane was making her last rotation on the machine he stopped and stared at the incredibly beautiful pony walking proudly. Larry couldn’t believe his eyes when she stopped unhooked herself and trotted in perfect form to the stall and stood dipping her nose in the water. He continued to watch as she attached herself to the hook in front of her and continued to stand unable to do anything else.

The barn was dark other than the one small light over her stall door so he carefully walked in the shadows to the stall and studied her outfit. He could tell the leather was tight around her body and even though the armsleeve was loose he also knew she could not remove it without some help. The high boots framed her legs perfectly down to her pointed toes buried deep in the hooves at the bottom of the boots. The horse head hood was incredible giving her the perfect image of a pony with its head held low to its chest and a beautiful black mane cascading down its neck.

Larry noticed the darken lens over her eyes and knew her vision would be limited in the low light so he moved closer and watched her stand motionless in her stall for an hour. Tearing himself away he found a chair and sat down to think about what he should do and try to figure out how she had gotten herself into her outfit and how she planned to get out of it. Larry wandered around the barn looking in each room and stall until he found the large tack room and saw a laptop running on the work bench and sat down to study it.

Larry was very adept in computers and quickly figured out Jane was using a simple security program and modules to control the walker, hooks etc. As he studied the program he found pages of operations and the random settings and was impressed at how well it could be used to control her. Larry wondered how many weeks she had worked on the settings to get it right and began to think maybe she would be tough enough.

Larry found the log and learned it had been set to its maximum of ten days with a possible random factor of two days plus or minus. Larry also found she had started the day after their last date meaning she had been trussed up for five days and exercised a minimum of ten hours a day up to twenty four. The punishment parts had been triggered by an alarm being sent and would continue until the sensor that had been tripped was closed, and she had been punished a lot.

Larry continued to study the program for a couple more hours when he heard Jane stirring next door and looked at the program and could see it was now starting her exercise and was set for ten hours straight. Larry read it would only give her a thirty minute break then ten more hours and thought “Wow, if she can take that I need no more convincing she wants to be controlled”. Larry watched her drink again and trot proudly out to the machine and attach herself to it and begin her days work out.

Larry watched her prance for a couple of hours, Jane was led around she could hear her owner whenever she faltered and would straighten up and prance as high as her hobbles allowed ignoring her aching body and relishing the pain from her nipples. The pain had now become her only stimulation and her mind was in her special place thinking about when she was owned and how much she had missed it. Larry made a few changes in her programming to keep her occupied for the next ten days as he prepared her training and her new pony suit.

Larry had it specially made for Kim and before she had ever tried it on she had changed her mind about being a pony and left him. Now Jane would learn to live in it instead since she had already shown him she truly wanted what she asked for. Jane continued to prance in her small world no longer worrying about schedules, bills or decisions only pleasing her now imaginary owner. The program had changed keeping her prancing for eight hours at a time with a ten minute break for twenty four hours. Then giving her four hours to rest and drink.

Jane had no more cares for when her punishment would end, to her she was back at his ranch and during the time she was slowly walking in circles she relived the days she had loved so much. Larry had returned to his small apartment and quickly packed his gear and clothes. Larry made arrangements to have the rest of his furnishings and things brought later and returned to her house and finished stowing his gear.

Jane had been circling for three more days by the time he returned to the barn and found her just as he had left her. Larry watched her noticing her legs were not going as high and her breathing had become much more ragged. Since she was still keeping up with the long arm he let her continue and went back to the house and dug around finding her stash of bondage gear and clothes. During his search he found her note books she had been writing in since her owner’s death. Carrying them, some clothes and things out to the barn then restocking the fridge so he could make less trips to the house. As Larry sat and watched Jane he began reading her diaries and in a few hours had learned everything she wanted and held close to her heart.

Larry finished reading the note books by Jane’s fifteenth day on the walker, her steps were now just keeping her from being pulled down. Jane’s arms had stopped struggling the day before and now she was grunting with each step. Larry stopped the machine leaving her attached to the hook and carefully walked up behind her as she stood gasping through her nose. Jane was leaning on the hook still holding her to the arm when Larry slowly started pulling the laces of the armsleeve.

Larry drew her elbows closer together and continued to pull until they were crushed tightly. Jane was so exhausted and her arms were so numb that she didn’t notice the sleeve getting tighter. Once Larry was done he reached down and shortened the chain between her ankles leaving her only a few inches between them. He stood so close to her he could smell her sweat and the other fluids she had been unable to clean for the last fifteen days. Looking at her breasts closely he even reached up and touched them to check their temperature. Finding them warm even though they were still a ruddy brownish red he knew she had no danger off permanent damage.

Jane felt something on her breast but remained silent as she stood panting. She had begun to lose her train of thought and now wanted out of her predicament. The aches were now very painful, her face felt like it was being rubbed by sand paper and her feet hurt just standing.

Jane tried to lift her foot to ease the pain and felt the chain pull taunt before it left the ground and tried to look down as she pulled and twisted her hooved feet thinking the chain had gotten tangled. As Jane fought the chain Larry released the hook and she began shuffling to her stall whining and grunting while she fought the short chain. The trip to the stall took much longer and Jane was being shocked and was squealing inside the hood as she tried to hurry up and get to her stall.

Larry had added some nourishment to her water before refilling the trough and stayed out of sight until she reached the trough and took several drinks before locking her reins to the hook above it. Jane stood whining until the shocks stopped letting her get some needed rest. Larry let her rest for twelve hours even releasing her reins so she could feed herself more. Jane felt much better when she was released and instead of heading to the walker she went to the tack room.

Jane tried to see how much longer she would be punished but the dark lenses wouldn’t let her see the screen so she stood fighting the armsleeve and shorter chain as her mind cleared. Jane figured out something was different and began searching the barn by turning her body and gazing into the darkness and whining. Larry stayed out of sight watching in amazement as Jane searched the barn while she struggled in her bonds stopping her search only to take in some more water then turn and head towards the house.

Jane was hoping the door would be open since the “tangled” chain made the short trip take three times longer and she was exhausted and extremely thirsty from the hot sun by the time she reached the house. Arriving at the door Jane found the door closed and renewed her struggles in the tight armsleeve. Finally sitting in a chair on the deck and started weeping thinking something had gone terribly wrong with her computer and she was helpless to free herself.

Jane started thinking about how long it would take for someone to find her body and what would be said about her pony attire. Larry watched her sit and struggle until she leaned back and sat panting. Unknown to him she was weeping, the tears actually making her face feel much better and trying to figure out why her arms were now crushed together behind her. Jane also wondered why she couldn’t untangle the chain between her ankles.

Larry let her rest while he got the short riding whip and walked up behind her and yelled “Did I give you permission to sit!” Jane jumped to her pointed toes and stood at attention. Larry walked around her inspecting her secured body and Jane stood frozen waiting until Larry walked in front of her. She could just see a figure in front of her and in her fatigued state she believed it was her owner and felt a surge of relief knowing she was no longer alone.

Larry continued to circle her for a few minutes before swatting her ass with the whip making Jane jump forward with a yelp as she heard him yell “Giddy up!”. Jane began trying to prance but the short chain kept her from lifting her knees high enough so each step she took Larry whipped her and yelled “Knees higher!” Jane was struggling with each step desperately trying to lift her legs higher and whining as she was unable to. Jane continued receiving more lashes even though she desperately wanted to prove to her owner that she could perform better.

Larry marched her to the barn whipping her the entire way only diverting at the last moment towards the concrete pad just outside the door. Larry tied her reigns to the metal loop in the wall leaving Jane struggling to stand still. Jane was gasping and covered in sweat as she stood on the open pad knowing this was the wash bay for horses. Jane hoped she would be scrubbed hard before being put away for the night like she used to be after a hard day’s workout. Larry stared at the whelps on her ass and upper thighs as he took the water hose and turned the pressure up to maximum. Larry sprayed the sweat covered woman with the powerful spray making her squeal as the cold water hit her hot body.

Jane twisted and pulled at the reigns holding her to the wall as the cold water stung her body taking several minutes before she calmed down and began to enjoy the refreshing sensation of the water. Larry washed Jane’s sweat covered body for thirty minutes making sure she was totally clean before turning off the water. Taking the reins Larry led her out in to the sun and retied the reigns to a fence post so she could dry in the hot sun. As Jane’s head cleared she realized she was not dreaming about her owner anymore and that someone had tightened her armsleeve and cleaned her roughly. Jane realized she was completely helpless with an unknown person controlling her.

Jane struggled violently against the armsleeve and reins holding her in place. Larry watched her renewed struggles and guessed she had figured out she wasn’t alone and smiled as she fought until she tired herself out and stood panting. Jane was desperately trying to look around to see who was holding her trapped as their pony. Jane watched the sun set in front of her and when it had dropped out of sight felt her reins being untied and the whip begin to sting her ass again.

Jane was forced to move into the barn and up to the hook in her stall. Her reins were attached to the hook she was told to drink and quickly started dipping her nose and leaning her head back several times sating her thirst. Standing still until the reins were locked into the hook and she was left alone for the night.

Larry continued her training for the next ten days, the only change for Jane was when Larry lengthened the chain between her ankles. By the second day Jane was prancing and following his direction perfectly and for the remaining three days he put her through every test and training maneuver he could come up with. Jane had gone into full pony mode and no longer cared who had her reins or if she would ever be released from the restraints she had put herself in. Her only thought was pleasing her new owner by being the best pony ever.

On the final day of the thirty she had been in training Jane had been getting weaker and finally collapsed during a particularly hard day of training. The limited nutrients and extreme training finally caught up with her and she lay on the ground barely able to hear her owner telling her to get up. Larry carried the weak woman into the house and while running a hot bath he loosened the arm sleeve and unlocked all the straps. Carefully he loosened them getting several moans as he continued removing the leather encasing her body. When Jane was undressed with only the bit and head harness remaining Larry picked her up and lay her in the hot water. Larry left her in the hot water to go and get her some food and several bottles of special water he had prepared for her.

Jane awoke fully and saw the tray of food in front of her. Unsure how or even where she was she let her overwhelming thirst and hunger lead her to reach out for a bottle of water. Realizing that she was no longer in her pony outfit she reached out with a trembling hand and took another bottle of water and tried to drink it. Jane couldn’t stop letting most of it drain down her chin since the bit was still strapped in her mouth but still felt more refreshed with each gulp.

Jane’s arms were too weak to reach the straps for the harness surrounding her head so she lay letting the hot water ease her sore body wondering what had happened. When she finally heard the door open and saw Larry walk in the bathroom smiling warmly at her. Larry reached behind her head and removed the harness eliciting a deep moan as Jane let the bit be pulled out of her mouth. Larry started feeding the weakened woman and explaining to her what her choices were.

Larry explained that this could be the last time she would be allowed to bathe and eat like a person if she chose to continue to be his pony. If she declined being used as his new pony they would not be able to see each other again and he would leave her the way he found her. After feeding her and explaining her options and his requirements Larry told her to call him when she had made a choice and to take her time to choose since the decision would be permanent.

Jane let him strap the head harness back on setting the bit deep into her mouth and watched him leave her alone in the steaming water. Jane soaked until the water cooled and forced herself to stand and dry herself off. Jane’s mind was confused, she had wanted someone to be her owner again and now she had found that someone. Being trained as hard as she had been made her doubt that she could please him even though she knew she wanted to try. Jane dragged herself to her bed and slept deeply until the next afternoon.

Jane awoke feeling more sore than the day before and groaned as she eased herself to the bathroom and relieved herself. Jane whined around the bit still in her mouth from the pain of using her bowels again. Running another bath she soaked for several hours before eating another light meal and seeing the leather suit lying on the couch. After reinstalling the bit back into her mouth she picked up the suit realizing quickly it was a full body horse suit including rings to attach the saddle lying under it.

She squealed as she swung it around and held it up to her body. Larry was sitting in his empty apartment waiting on her call and wondered if she had found the suit yet. Larry was beginning to worry about if she was going to call him back or not and wondering if he had pushed her too hard. Jane sat on the couch stroking the leather wondering how it would feel to have it laced tightly on her body. The attached hooves at the end of the sleeves making her smile as did the saddle that looked like it would be laced on like a corset and another small corset under that.

Jane went to her room and found her thigh high boots and slipped her legs into them lacing and buckling them tightly before locking the buckles and placing the keys on the table. After another hour had passed Jane stood in front of the mirror looking at the exceedingly tight body harness and tall collar she had locked on herself. All the straps had been locked and the keys left on the table, the plugs in her pussy and ass seated deeply into her making her smile around the bit now locked on as well.

Jane finished preparing her hooved gloves before pulling the hood over her head and pulling the straps tight and locking them. She used the vacuum to seal the inner panel to her face and head and created her mane. Using the nose of the mask to help wrap the strap around her wrist and her free hand to lock it closed before dialing his number and lying the phone on the table. Jane slipped her hand into the remaining glove and pulled the strap tight sealing herself inside her pony outfit. Larry answered the phone and heard nothing but her panting breaths on the other end as she forced her arms into the arm sleeve.

Jane stood stomping her hooved foot on the floor rattling the chain between her ankles before walking out to the barn and hooking her reins to the walker. With the hooved gloves Jane knew she could not remove the armsleeve even if she had programmed the arms to lower. Jane waited for it to start dragging her around in circles having set the program to run continuously until someone turned it off. Desperately wanting it to be Larry and hoping he would show up and accept her as his new pony. Larry got the call and headed to her house finding the leather suit was now hanging neatly on a coat hanger on the back of the closet door with a note attached to it. The note read.

“Please use me as you see fit, I will not complain and do not want any choices in how your new pony is treated and hope I can please you with my efforts to be the best pony possible.”

Larry smiled and carried the suit and saddle to the barn and found her being drug around by the walker and admired her toned body encircled by the leather straps of her body harness. Larry noticed the series of locks along the straps and wondered how the harness would feel to her under the heavy leather suit. Larry stood and watched Jane prance for the next hour as the sweat glistened in the dimming light. Larry never let her know he was there and returned to the house to eat dinner and go to bed. Larry left Jane to be forced to prance around in circles all night and wonder if he was coming to help her or not while he dreamed of how he was going to use his new pony.

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