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Yeti Or Not

by Coated

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Storycodes: Solo-F; FF; acting; offer; suit; costume; furry; outdoors; woods; lost; Other/f; discovery; mating; sex; climax; kidnap; cons; X

Rita stepped out of the trailer gingerly, slowly feeling her way down the short iron steps to the ground. Her costume was difficult to work with, and she wondered as her enlarged, fur-covered feet barely found traction on the steps if this wasn’t the wildest gig she’d ever taken.

An aspiring actress, Rita had been working in Vancouver for several years, determined to have her “big break”. What she’d found were a series of minor roles that catered to her height. At nearly six feet and with an athletic build, Rita was ideal as a college basketball player or Viking warrior. But these were all background roles, non-speaking parts where she was typed as “the tall one” of a group behind the stars. But she did get such parts regularly, to the point where she was getting noticed. Always she hoped that a casting agent who could think outside the box might offer her a role as the quirky neighbor on some cable sitcom, or the evil “heavy” in an episode of some spy drama. Anything to break the ice!

So it had gone for several years, up and down. Then, the writer’s strike hit, and all work dried up. The rent was due and funds were getting low. Finally her agent called. There was a production house doing a show called Nature’s Mysteries, all about creatures like the Loch Ness Monster and such. They had need for a tall, fit woman to do some second unit work. No lines, just walk around the woods in costume. It sounded like a dud, but the pay rate wasn’t bad and they needed someone the next day. Rita glanced over at the small pile of bills on the counter and told her agent she’d take it.

Next day, before the sun was up, Rita found herself driving into the parking lot of the production house. A petite blonde with a clipboard was waiting for her. “Hi!’ she said with far too much perkiness for the hour. “I’m Kiki! You must be Rita. Thanks so much for doing this on short notice!”

Kiki lead her to their trailer. “So, has anyone told you what we’re doing here? The show is doing an episode on Bigfoot, and they want some footage to run while the presenter does the intro.”

“We’re going to fake a Bigfoot film?” Rita asked, laughing a bit.

Kiki held the door open for Rita to enter, then followed her in. “No, no, it’s not a fake, just some stuff to show what they think it would look like if some of them were walking around. A dramatization. We just have to walk around the woods for a while as they video us picking berries and stuff.”

“Sounds like easy money to me. So, what are we wearing?”

“These.” Kiki went to a shelf and pulled off a fuzzy brown bundle. “These are full-body costumes. Sad to say, we got this job pretty much because we fit the suits. They have built-in shoes so we won’t be walking around the forest barefoot. There’s a zip down the back to get in and out. Here, I’ll help you get into yours.”

She unfolded the bundle to reveal a bodysuit covered in short, fine brown hair. “It’s very form-fitting so you’ll have to take off all your clothes, including your underwear. Jewelry, too.” Rita stripped down as Kiki opened the back zip of the suit and held it open. Rita slipped one leg, then the other into the suit. It was tight but had a bit of stretch and made of some slippery material so it went on easily. Rita wiggled her hips as Kiki worked the suit up over Rita’s hips. It was then that Rita made a discovery. “Uh, I think the lower zip is open.”

Kiki smiled. “There is no lower zip. The suit has an open slit at the crotch. The producers wanted the suits to be anatomically correct, as they put it. There was some talk of having one of us squat and take a tinkle – from behind, of course. Can’t be tugging at zippers, can we?”

Rita blushed at the thought of it. “Uh, I’m not sure how I feel about that.”

“Don’t be worried. With all this hair no one is going to see a thing. OK, arms in.”

Kiki held up the top of the suit and nodded for Rita to slide her arms into the sleeves. Rita’s hands went down and into a pair of attached gloves. Her breasts fell into a pair of fitted pockets or “boob socks” as she liked to call them, allowing them to hang naturally.

Kiki went behind her and worked the suit over Rita’s shoulders, then reached for a bundle flopping at Rita’s throat. “Glad you have short hair, the mask will fit better”, she commented as she pulled the hood and mask over Rita’s head. Like the rest of the suit it fit snugly but had much longer hair which reached her shoulders.

Kiki pulled up the zip but found that it wouldn’t stay. Vexed and short for time, she said, “Hang on a sec” and retrieved a small tube of super glue from a desk drawer. Parting the hair around it she held the zip in place and put a generous drop of glue into it and let it dry a moment. “There, all done. Have a look in the mirror.”

Rita went to the full-length mirror and found a strange creature stating back at her. The painted mask that covered her face gave her a primitive, almost caveman look. She stretched and felt the suit move with her, its hairy coating moving like some shaggy coat.

Kiki meanwhile had stripped and was slipping into her own costume. “Hey, that fits pretty well, doesn’t it? You got the bod for it, that’s for sure.” She slipped the mask of her own suit over her head and shook out the hair, then pulled the zip up with an attached lanyard before stepping over to stand beside Rita. “Look, twinsies!”


Rita looked at the excited state of Kiki’s nipples and smirked. “This isn’t going to be some weird porno, is it?”

Kiki laughed and came over, pressing close. “Only if you want it to be.” Rita felt her momentary contact and caught the twinkle in her eye before Kiki stepped away to retrieve something on the makeup desk. Was she making a pass at her? The thought was not unappealing, and she felt her own nipples harden a bit in response.

“So, we’re going to be Sasquatch Nation?”

Kiki shook her head. “There’s a third actor, a guy named Nicky. He’s out with a cameraman right now getting some solo shots. We’ll do some stuff of our own, then this afternoon we’ll do some group shots.”

“Is he cute?”

“Eh, kinda. He’s really tall and a bit goofy. But, he looks good in the suit.” She gave a saucy wink that got a laugh out of Rita, then handed her a set of fake teeth. “Here, slip these in and bite down.”

Rita looked at the strange device. It was made of soft rubber and shaped something like an athletic mouthpiece. “Will I be able to talk with this thing in?”

“Eh, kinda. But don’t sweat it, this role doesn’t have many lines.”

“True.” Rita put it in her mouth and bit down. Her own teeth slipped into the grooves fitted snugly. “Es wehrd”, she said through her new, larger teeth.

“You’ll get used to it”, Kiki assured her after slipping in her own. “See?”

“I guesh.”

“Okay, come on, they’re waiting for us.”

The two new Sasquatch females left the trailer and made their way over to the camera crew. Introductions were made and some basic instructions given. Kiki seemed to know what they were talking about so Rita just nodded and followed her lead. Then the director and a cameraman headed off into the woods as the A.D. gave the actresses some final instructions.

“Okay, let’s do this!” Kiki said with gusto as the two furry girls walked out into the woods. A few moments later they were deep in the foliage and had lost all sight of the camp. Rita felt a thrill at being out in the wild, her only companion a wild woman like herself. Like herself? She smiled through her new, big teeth at the thought that she was getting into character.

Kiki  pointed ahead. “Okay, the camera crew is setting up in a clearing not far from here. We’ll walk over there and come out of the woods at different places like we’re foraging for food. Do stuff like pick berries, look up in trees, that kinda thing. And, take it slow.”

“Okay.” Rita nodded and began to walk slowly down the narrow path before her. She took her time, trying to acclimate herself to her surroundings. Several minutes passed as she ambled slowly along. She wondered how she should walk. How did a Sasquatch walk? Like a human? Maybe should she try to walk like an ape, her arms hanging in front of her? Maybe some kind of rolling motion, like a drunken sailor would do. For a moment she thought about skipping down the path like a schoolgirl. The thought brought a smile to her face and she thought to share it with Kiki when she turned and discovered she was alone.

Rita looked around for any sign of Kiki but didn’t see her anywhere. “Kiki! Kiki, where are you? Kiki!” She got no reply but the sounds of birds in the trees around her. She called again, “Kiki, where are you? I can’t see you!” The tight mask and fake teeth of her costume made it difficult to shout or be clearly heard. The hairy suit combined with her rising nervousness to make her sweat, but a light breeze kept her comfortable. Rita was beginning to wish she hadn’t taken this role after all.

Suddenly, she heard some movement off to her left, combined with some odd hooting. Rita had a moment of fear that some wild animal had found her. The potential danger made her acutely aware that she was alone, without a weapon and essentially naked. Maybe her Sasquatch getup would scare it away? She didn’t want to wait around to find out. Humming a bit nervously she moved a bit more quickly down the trodden path.

Now the path was getting thin, almost invisible in the thick foliage. So intent was Rita on staying on the path that she didn’t see what was in front of her until she bumped straight into the thick thatch of fur with her face. Jumping back, she looked up wide-eyed at the large, male Sasquatch standing directly in front of her, staring at her with a befuddled expression.

Rita let out a cry of relief. She thought she had found Nicky, the other actor. Now they could get back to the others. She looked up at him and smiled through her fake teeth. “Oh, boy, am I glad to see you! I’ve been walking around for ages. Where’s the rest of the crew?”

The Sasquatch cocked his head slightly in curiosity. Who was this female? She wasn’t a part of his clan, or from the ones living on the other side of the mountains. They had all just gathered for the high summer moot and he hadn’t seen this one there. Perhaps she didn’t go because she was ill? She certainly looked a bit thin. Maybe she was out looking for medicinal herbs. Even if she was a bit small and sickly he thought there was something cute about her. Maybe it was her weirdly blue eyes.

Rita was looking at what she thought to be her coworker with a growing frustration. This guy is a dope! “Nicky, are you paying attention? Nicky? Nicky!?”

The young Sasquatch male was confused. He didn’t understand this female. With her constant calls of “nikki” and “kiki” she sounded more like a bird than one of the Forest People. She also didn’t smell right. She smelled like nothing, like she’d been sitting in the river for a few days. Where was her musk? He leaned over and took in a big sniff. There it was! The female kept squawking like a loon but her scent, though faint, was healthy. Maybe she had been hit on the head and floated down the river from somewhere else? That must be it.

“Hey!” Rita was startled when the sasquatch leaned down and snuffled loudly before straightening up with a weird smile on his face. “Listen, buster”, she said, a bit flustered, “I’m all for method acting and stuff, but…but…oh, wow.” Rita had been distracted by the growing tumescence emerging from the hairy thighs of the giant before her. “That’s…that’s not a part of your costume is it?”

The Sasquatch could see that the strange female was interested in mating, staring as she was at his (for his people) slightly-less-than-average-sized schvantz. The females in his clan were always a bit teasing when he got excited. But this new female almost seemed impressed. He hoped she wasn’t trying to be funny. He could see her nipples were becoming large and hard, which the elders had told him was a good sign.

Without thinking Rita reached out and stroked the sizable member before her. The response was immediate. As her fingers cradled the shaft its owner let out a deep, throaty moan and stood a bit taller. The shaft in Rita’s hand swelled even larger. She was fascinated. This guy was huge! She found herself growing excited despite the thought that the camera crew could be nearby. Heck, they could be shooting the two of them right now. Well, then, she thought, let’s give them a show.

Rita looked up at her companion and tried to smile in a sultry way. Her mask and rubber teeth did little to help in this endeavor, and the face she made had “Nicky” looking slightly alarmed. Any concern he may have had was lessened considerably when she reached out with her other hand and began gently stroking it. Now she was making low cooing sounds that he understood despite their oddness. She was looking for a mate! Knowing this caused his member to jump in Rita’s hands.

Rita was playing it up for all it was worth in hopes the cameras were rolling. “Oh! Will you look at that? My, what a fine, fine specimen you are! So…long…and…thick…” She stroked her hand down his shaft slowly with each word, watching with fascination as it jumped in her hands and feeling a rising heat of her own. “Nicky” sure seemed to be enjoying things, and she took his response for assent. He certainly wasn’t complaining!

That changed when she bent forward and landed a big kiss on his little head. The young (he was only 23, and that’s young for them) Sasquatch hooted loudly and leapt back in a panic. This crazy female was trying to bite him! She looked up at him, saw his panicked look, then made that weird face where her showed her teeth and tittered like a bird. He was certain now she’d hit her head on something. Maybe her clan had been passing through and left her here to get rid of her?

Rita couldn’t help but laugh. “Not into oral, huh? Okay, Nicky, why don’t we try it the old-fashioned way?” She turned her back to him and crouched down, then stuck her behind as high in the air as she could, exposing herself to him. She turned her head enough to catch his eye and sang, “Nicky, come and get it!” Then she wiggled her butt enticingly, hoping she was at the right angle for the camera crew.

“Nicky” didn’t need an interpreter for this invite. He’d seen plenty of the older members of his clan do this pretty much every day of his life. This was the first time a female had given him the invitation, and in no way was he going to refuse it.

Meanwhile, back at the camp, Kiki arrived to see the crew gathered around the table where they had set up the monitors for the trail cameras they had set up. “Hey, guys, has anyone seen the new girl? I lost her on the trail. Did she come back here?”

That got a surprising amount of giggles and snarks from the gathered crowd, who were all watching something on Camera 3. “Come over and see for yourself”, the script girl said with a smile.

Kiki came around and peered at the monitor. She scrunched up her brow in confusion. Was that a dog, or…wait, why is the other dog standing on two legs? Those aren’t dogs, that’s - Kiki brought her hands up to cover her mouth. “Ohmighod, is that…that’s Rita! And, Nicky!! Oh, those crafty little – Oh, wow! Look at it! I never guessed that Nicky was so well-endowed!”

That was when Nicky, who had been using the loo in the camper, came out and walked up behind the crowd, asking, “I’m what now?” Everyone turned and looked silently at him, then slowly turned back to stare at the screen before letting out a collective, “AAAAH!”

Back on the trail, Rita was waiting for the not-so-bright “Nicky” to figure out that Tab A went into Slot B. Wow, you’d almost think he’d never done this before. “Come on, big guy, put it where it belongs!” She felt the tip of his nib rub up against her anus. “No, not that one, this one!” She reached down and parted her nether lips with her fingers, using her palm as a guide. “Go ahead, I’m waiting.” She didn’t have to wait long. After a moment’s pause “Nicky” leaned in and with a single, smooth thrust filled her from root to stem. A bug-eyed Rita stiffened in shock before letting out an animal screech that was both pleasure and pain.

The young Sasquatch hooted himself in response. The female approved! It only added to his glee as waves of pleasure washed over him from his buried staff. This was so much better than playing Slap The Snake with cousin DoDo! He started to rock back and forth like he’d seen the elders do, thrusting his shaft into the female over and over again. The noise she was making seemed different than what the ones at home made, but it was definitely building to a song like theirs.

Rita was overwhelmed. “Nicky” was pounding into her like a champ. She wondered why, with tackle like his, he hadn’t gone into porn. Maybe he had bad teeth or something. She really couldn’t put a lot of thought into it, given the circumstances. Every thought was being pounded into dust. She could hear herself howling and she didn’t care, not about her howls or that she was having sex with a near-stranger, or even that there could be a camera recording the whole thing. They were two animals in the woods, hairy, smelly, howling animals lost in a fog of animal lust, building towards its peak.

When it finally came, when they finally came, their combined howls and screeches could be heard back at the camp by the astonished and terrified crew. “She’s over there!” Kiki shouted, pointing in the direction of the noise, and ran off in that direction with Nicky in hot pursuit. Several other members of the crew grabbed makeshift clubs and followed in a half-assed rescue party, completely unsure how they were going to handle this once they got there.

Rita, totally spent, collapsed on the ground, only to be picked up and held close by her new lover. “Wow”, she finally managed to gasp, “that was fantastic! I hope they got that on camera.” She buried her face in his thick pelt, breathing in his musk with a sigh and deciding she could get used to it.

The Sasquatch, having no idea what she was saying, hooted softly in appreciation. He decided to call his new mate Pretty Bird, as much for her looks as for her size and weird vocalizing. He wondered what his clan would make of the small, strange female, and if his mother would approve.

Their reverie was shattered by the sound of approaching intruders making a racket as they shouted, “Reetah!” over and over. Down the path and coming towards him he could see two more Forest People, a male and another, even smaller female. They were being chased by a pack of the Hairless Ones carrying weapons! Fearing that he and his new mate would be caught up in the fracas, the young Sasquatch embraced her more tightly and fled towards the home of his clan.

When the group of would-be rescuers finally reached the spot where Rita had been she was gone, along with her new, bushy boyfriend. The Assistant Director pulled out his walkie-talkie and called into base. “We’re too late. The Sasquatch has run off with our actress.”

There was a long pause before the radio squawked and the script girl was heard to say in exasperation, “Again!?”



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