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Be Careful What You Wish For

by Jeza

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© Copyright 2015 - Jeza - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; cd; tv; basque; lingerie; heels; cuffs; M/m; bond; rope; hood; gag; strappado; bdsm; forced; hogtie; anal; oral; climax; cons/reluct; XX

Author: Please enjoy this new story, this is based on an actual experience, but in actually was much milder than this...

After an exchange of email, Peter and I arranged a meeting at my flat. I told him what I liked and what I preferred to happen in some detail, and with a few changes he agreed.

He arrived at my flat at 8.30pm prompt, texting when he was outside to say he was on the way up so I could open the door for him.

I was already dressed, six inch black court shoes with ankle strap, black seamed stockings, black figure hugging Basque with suspenders, leather mini skirt with a white blouse. A short auburn wig completed the look, along with the minimum of makeup - red lipstick, some eyeliner and false eyelashes. I am a good shape, good long legs (I am six foot without the heels) the Basque pulling in my waist giving me a more feminine appearance, for a 38year male I didn't look half bad. Last thing to do was unlock the door then go into the bedroom and pick up the handcuffs and fasten them on my wrists. With a little trepidation I knelt down facing away from the door put my hands behind me and clicked the handcuffs shut, the key was on the bed beside me with the other items I had made ready for the evening.

I heard the front door of the flat open, then footsteps behind me. The footsteps stopped, my breathing was heavy, trying to keep my head still resisting the urge to turn around and look. Movement behind me as he inspected and touched some of the items on the bed, then he was standing right behind me his feet either side of my legs. “Very nice” he said in a soft voice, with just a hint of menace, I was pretty defenceless in my current position, I didn't speak, just waiting for the next step.

I felt something being pushed over my head, I knew this was the leather hood with open mouth and nose, it was pulled down tight over my head, and I was in darkness. The chin strap was buckled tightly under the chin, opening my mouth was now difficult even without a gag. Strong hands gripped my shoulders and guided me to a standing position. Then I felt something presented to my lips, opening my mouth as best I could a soft rubber ball was pushed firmly inside, he has selected the head harness gag from the ones I had laid out on the bed, then I felt it buckled tightly behind my head drawing the ball into my mouth, the strap over my head was then attached and buckled tight – I had quickly lost the power of speech, and was now firmly in this man's control.

I could only stand there blind and dumb, I could sense him moving then some rope was wrapped tightly around arms just above the elbow, the ropes were pulled tight drawing my elbows towards each other I was not flexible enough to make them meet, but he tried to, the rope was tied off. Next he removed the handcuffs, with my elbows strictly bound I was still helpless, rope was wrapped around my wrists a couple of times then clinched, I knew from experience that this person knew how to tie a knot, there was no way I was going to get loose without assistance.

Then I felt another rope being draped over the back of my neck, hand pushed it under my arm pits and then up to and under the rope at the back of the neck then dropping the ends down my back, I knew this was a shoulder harness – not something we had discussed in our emails, I considered protesting but knew the ball gag would not allow any recognisable speech, and I was too well tied already to do anything about it. The ends of the rope were then wrapped around the elbow rope pulling it tightly upwards, my shoulders were pulled back as the rope dug in, the rope was tied off to the ropes around my wrists just to keep everything tensioned.

Hands again held my shoulders and guided me backwards, without the benefit of sight and with my arm strapped tightly behind my back I was a little unbalanced. After a few steps I was stopped from moving and could hear movement as something else was selected from the bed. My right ankle was grabbed and I felt a leather cuff being fastened to it, my other leg was pushed outwards to the side to spread my legs and a further cuff was fastened to it, I couldn't close my legs, so knew this was the 2ft leg spreader.

I wobbled on the heels, lack of sight and the bondage were taking away my balance. Hands, gripped my arms to hold me steady, once I was again reasonable steady there was movement behind me as rope was attached to my wrist ropes, again this was not part of the 'script' I had constructed for this scenario, then I felt my arms being dragged upwards, he had moved me back under the large eye I had screwed into the ceiling joist, I was being put in a strappedo position even if I hadn't asked for it, the rope was pulling my arms ever upward, my head was going down pain started in my shoulders, I felt the ropes being tied off at my wrists, I was in a very strict position my head was down my arms must have been vertical, I complained into the gag but only garbled and unintelligible sound escaped, I shook my head from side to side trying to indicate that this was too much, in the dark and speechless trying to balance on my heels with my legs spread my shoulders were painful and my lower back started aching from the position.

I could hear movement, but I was firmly fixed in place, concentrating on the pains that were now wracking my shoulders and back, my head was lifted up and I felt something being placed around it. It was a posture collar quite a wide and heavy one, he must have brought it with him, it was fastened around my neck, I had to lift my head to stop it digging into my neck, I could hardly move my head, but he hadn't finished yet. Something was attached to a ring at the front of the collar then I felt pressure pulling my head down, he was attaching the collar to the leg spreader! All movement had now been denied me, I was totally incapacitated.

I heard a voice beside me - “Be careful what you wish for, you stated that you wanted to be tied up and used, even suggesting the bondage position, you said you wanted to be helpless, well now you are! I am going to get something to drink from your kitchen, don't go away!”

I heard him leave the room, pain and discomfort were all I knew, the tight collar was restricting my breathing, I was trying not to panic, new aches started in my calves as the strain of the position started to tell, how long was I going to be left here – I couldn't stand much more.

After what seemed like a hour, but was probably less than 10 minutes I heard him return and move behind me. My leather skirt was lifted to expose my black lacy panties, then these were pulled down over my thighs, because my legs were spread the panties would not go down too far, then I felt the cold touch as the pair of scissors were used to cut them away. My bottom was exposed and defenceless. I heard a jingle sound and waited with some genuine fear as what was to come. Reaching his hands inside my blouse and pushing the top of the Basque to one side he grabbed my right nipple and clamped something to it, the pain was instant, I felt him fiddling with the device and realised that these must be screw clamps, when he was satisfied that this was on tight enough I felt him expose the other nipple and employ the clamp, more pain, for a moment it took my mind off the pain in my shoulders, back and legs. I quick tug on the chain that joined the clamps added to my misery.

I heard him moving about but could not tell what he was doing, anticipation of what might be to come left me sweating, drool from the gag was dripping from my mouth, my body was discovering new places to ache, could it get much worse? After a short while I found out, even in the stringently bound position my body jumped as pain erupted across my bottom, he was striking me with an implement that could only have been a thin cane on my exposed unprotected cheeks, one stinging blow was followed by another, I was not sure how many certainly a dozen, but it seemed like more, my bottom was on fire, my involuntary jerking adding to the pain in my bound limbs. The blows stopped and my backside was glowing, I wanted out but my cries into the gag were not being answered, in my emails I had suggested that I wanted to be totally helpless, but this was way beyond anything I had suggested or wished for even in my wildest fantasies.

I felt something cold being spread around the crack in my bum cheeks, I knew what was coming and was trying to relax, but my muscles were tight. I felt something push against my rear opening, relentless pressure, pain as it was forced home until the muscles allowed it inside me, then a pounding as he rammed himself into me repeatedly, the constant thrusting pulling on all the bondage renewing the pain, I heard him grunt then call out as he came inside me. He withdrew then left the room. I was impossibly tied, pain everywhere and close to collapse, tears were dripping from my eyes.

After a few minutes he returned, presumably he had been to the bathroom to clean himself up. He moved behind me and stroked my sore bottom, even a gentle stroke was painful.

“When we first started emailing you said you'd like to be tied up all night, but I said that I could not stay, however, it looks like I can tonight, so you're going to get your wish!” he smirked. What I thought to myself, he wasn't going to leave me like this overnight – I would surely die! I tried to communicate my fear to him, but little sound escaped and moving even my head was impossible.

“Don't worry, I am not going to leave you like that! I have something else planned!” he said excitedly. Whatever it was it didn't sound good, but at the moment, it must be better that the position I was already in.

I heard him leave the room, leaving me to my agonies, a few minutes later he returned. He untied the rope from my collar, then unbuckled the collar, even this small thing gave me some hope and lessened my discomfort, then I felt the ropes from the ceiling being untied, he held me with one hand as he did so, as I would have surely fallen to the floor. He helped me straight up, new pains but other pains turned to aches. He then removed the leg spreader and I unsteadily moved my feet. Hands pushed down on my shoulders and I knew to kneel down. I sensed him walk around in front of me.

“I am going to remove the gag, do not speak no begging for mercy, no screaming for help, or I'll put you back in that position and go home and leave you, if you understand nod your head!” I nodded meekly, there was little choice. The gag was unbuckled and removed from my mouth, I felt the dribble running down my chin. Something was presented to my lips, it was a water bottle, it was tipped into my mouth, I drank, not realising I was thirsty, then it was removed and he removed the hood, it was wet from my sweat and he had to peel it off, he then dropped it on the floor I felt the ball of the gag being pushed against my lips. I opened my mouth to accept it, fearful of the threat he had made moments before. It was buckled on to my head rendering me speechless again.

Hands grabbed my shoulders and I was assisted to stand, my legs were like rubber, the chain connecting my tortured nipples tapping against my chest. I was turned round and marched unsteadly out of the room, turning into the corridor I saw that we were going into the spare room. Pressure was put on my shoulders and I knelt down, then I was pushed forward, trying to turn my body so my face didn't hit the floor as I fell, but my fall was stopped as he grabbed the elbow ropes adding a new pain, before lowering me the last few inches onto my chest. The clamps on my nipples now trapped between the floor and my chest brought a wave of agony. I tried to turn on my side to relieve the pain, but a hand forced me down.

I felt some rope being attached to my ankles strapping them tightly together,  then my legs were lifted, I cried out into the gag as the weight of my body dug the clamps into my chest, more rope was wrapped around my legs above the knees then clinched tightly before my legs were lowered. My nipples were on fire. I felt him tying some rope to my ankles, I knew this was going to be a hogtie, but he didn't attach the rope to my wrists, he pushed my legs until the heels of my shoes were touching my hands with one hand using the other hand to thread the rope throught the rope as the back of the shoulder harness, he pulled tight, then using both hands pulled the rope tighter again, the ropes dug into my shoulders and my back was arched, he kept the rope taut as he tied it off.

My back was arched and the heels of my shoes were just above my hands, I could touch my shoes but very little else, the knots were well out of reach. My back was aching almost immediately from the arched position, my nipples were burning from the clamps. He pushed me onto my side and said “I suppose I'd better remove these, just to make you a little more comfortable for the night!” with that he whipped off the first clamp, there was a burst of agony as the clamp was removed, I cried into the gag and strained against the stringent ropework until the agony dulled, looking up he was standing over me smiling at my agonies, he reached down and none too gently removed the other clamp, despite being slightly prepared for it this time,  the agony rushed through my tortured nipple causing my to spasm against the ropes, tears ran down my cheeks, with blurry vision I saw him leave the room and close the door.

I looked around me, was there a way out? Lying on my side in a strict hogtie movement was impossible, my hands were starting to loose feeling from the ropes binding them, without assistance there was no way I could escape.

I lay there trying to calm a growing panic, I had never been so strictly tied before, and certainly not left, possibly for the night – what if he just left, it could be days, maybe a week before I was found, I could die here, a slow agonised death. The ropes that held me were almost of some comfort, I had no control over the situation, I had to wait to see what may occur. After a while, possibly an hour or so, the pain from my arched back dulled, but then a new pain in my thighs started, suddenly I had a cramp in my left thigh, there was no way of straightening the leg to relieve the cramp, a fresh hell awaited. The cramp continued for what  seemed like ages, me crying out through the gag, just a muffled pleading, snot running from my nose, drool from the gag, after a while the cramp subsided I was exhausted and drained like I'd been on a 10 mile run after a while I must have fallen into an exhausted sleep.

I jerked awake, unsure of where I was and why I couldn't move, the reality of the situation hit me, arms, legs, back all seemed alive with fresh pain, one part that hurt seem to ease a little to be replaced by another part were fresh pains were starting. A lay awake, not sure how long I had slept, looking towards the window I saw some light in the sky, which at this time in the year meant it was 6 am or so, I strained to hear any movement, any hope of salvation, but the flat was quiet.

I must have fallen asleep again, when I looked it was light outside, could have been 7am or much later, I heard some noises, possibly from the kitchen, then the door opened and he stood there, he was naked, eating a piece of toast watching me, he closed the door again leaving me alone. It was all the more frustrating to know he was there and could have released me if he had wanted.

A while later he return to me. “I trust you have had a comfortable night, now if you don't want to be left there all day you'd better listen. I am going to remove the gag, give you a drink of water, no pleading or winging ok?” he commanded. I nodded my head, there was no resistance left in me.

The water bottle was pushed against my mouth and I drank a little, some seemed to run down my chin, after many hours being gagged my mouth was not working properly. The bottle was removed and I saw he was re-gagging me, this time with the metal spider gag. This was cold against my mouth as he fastened the gag strap behind my head.

He went behind me, I was pulled up, balancing on my knees, then dragged towards the bed. He sat down holding me upright with one hand, then guided my head towards his waiting cock, which had again grown large. He aimed my mouth over the head of his engorged cock, lowering me slowly down onto it. Slowly he pushed my head down so I was taking all 6 or 7 inches in my mouth, I was gagging as it reached the back of my throat, my airway blocked, but could do nothing about it, he held my body by the arms and slowly moved it back and forward, wanking himself off with my mouth, I spent all my time trying to breath as I got the opportunity, my knees, back, and legs were not concerning me now, all I wanted to do was to breath.

Finally with a moan he came, I felt his come go down my throat. He slowly lifted my head and lowered me to the floor. I could have spoken as this point, the spider gag allowed my some speech (although this was a still difficult) but thought the best thing was to keep quiet. He got up and left the room, leaving me lying on my chest, the ropes reminding me that I was still his plaything.

I could hear him moving about, finally after what seemed like hours he returned. He was carrying the pair of handcuffs and the leather hood. He roughly pushed the hood over my head, fastening it tightly so I was again deprived of sight. Then, to my relief I felt the ropes from the chest harness to my ankle slacken as he removed them. He untied my wrists and replaced them with the handcuffs before removing the rope around my elbows, my arms were tingling from the circulation coming back. He untied the rope at my knees and ankles, I just lay there passively knowing sightless I had no defence against him.

“Right I am going now” a voice behind me said, “ the key to the handcuffs is on the middle of the bed in the other room, all you have to do is find it!” with that I heard him leave the room, then the outer door of the flat close. I lay there for a few moments trying to collect myself. I tried to get up, using the bed to get myself to a kneeling position then carefully got unsteadly to my feet.

I knew if the bed was to one side then the door should be in as straight line, with small baby steps on shaky legs I moved forward trying to sense anything after a few short steps my shoulder hit the door frame, leaning against it I baby stepped up the hall. The other bedroom was on the opposite side of the corridor so I had move into the open space until I collided with the opposite wall. I slid along it making contact with the wall until I felt  a doorway, hopefully this was the right one. The door was open, I stepped slowly into what seemed like empty space feeling my way forward, the bed should be a little to the right, inching forward my shin hit the side of the bed, I carefully turned round and sat down.

Feeling behind me with my cuff hands I tried to search as methodically as possible, after searching the area I could reach I leaned back onto the bed then lay on my side, feeling blindly about with my hands, hoping that the key was really there and this wasn't some trick. then I felt my hand brush against something, moving my hands slowly I found the item again, yes it was a key. Next was the problem of inserting into the cuffs, were the keyholes facing in the right direction? After some fumbling, and a little panic, I got the key into the aperture, it turned and to my relief I felt the cuff disengage and my wrist was free!

I pushed myself upright from the bed and started to remove the hood, nervous fingers searching blindly for the chin strap, then it was off, I could see and was totally free I unbuckled the gag and moved my jaw, more aches, in the mirror on the wall I could see myself, redden face, wig still on (at least the clips had worked) marks around my mouth were the gag straps had cut in. On the bed was a note, “if you want to do this again, give me a call” Pete. I crumpled up the note an threw it in the corner.

I was sore and tired, I removed my shoes, giving my feet chance to straighten out as it was now just after 10am, nearly 14 hours of wearing those heels, then  I dragged the covers over me, I soon fell asleep.

I awoke some time later, the bedside clock said 2.43pm, my body ached and I felt like I'd been hit by a truck, I climbed out of bed to fix myself something to eat, picking up the note, straightening it out and leaving it on the bedside table – maybe, just maybe...



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