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by Tony-B

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© Copyright 2011 - Tony-B - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM; M2f; bodymod; surgery; transform; implants; bond; gag; sold; slave; mast; climax; cons/nc; X

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“Hi. ….. My name is Sascha. It is now, but once it was Steve….. Steve Landers. You might have heard of me, it was in all the papers after I disappeared……”

I once made the mistake of telling my girlfriend that I wished I had been born a girl.

I thought we had a great relationship, and the sex was pretty good. But the one thing I envied her for was that it was real easy for her to get her orgasm, while I had to work pretty hard to get mine.

I mean, she could just lie there, and let me do all the work. She always managed to get off several times, while I only managed once. I was so concerned, I even visited my doctor who told me it was completely normal, and that women who were biologically receptive could often have multiple orgasms in a single session. I was concerned that maybe there was something wrong with my prostrate or something and wanted the doctor to check it out.

Anyway, one time during sex, I confessed to my girl Jo Anne, that I envied her ability to orgasm so freely, that I wished I had been born a girl.

Her mood suddenly changed – she got real serious and stared into my eyes. After a short pause, she said, “If you’re serious I can make that happen for you.”

I got a silly grin on my face and replied “Not right now”, and continued pumping away.

I thought no more of it. For me, it was just sex talk in bed, but she seemed to take it seriously. She brought it up again a couple of weeks later.

As we lay in the afterglow of her multiple orgasm to my one, she whispered, “You remember when you said you wished you’d been born a girl?”

“Yes”, I said dreamily. I was still coming down from the orgasm.

She said offhandedly, “If you were serious, I can make that happen for you…..”

Startled, I replied, “What do you mean?”

“Well, I know this doctor who can do it for you.”

“What do you mean”, I said again.

“I mean, he can make you into a girl”, she said.

Incredulously, “You can’t be serious”, I said.

She turned to face me…..

“Yes, I am”, she said. “If you’re serious, he can make you into a girl….. You could have tits and everything, and even a pussy so you could have multiple orgasms yourself.”

“I’d be a silly looking girl”, I said. “I don’t look anything like a girl!”

“He could change all that”, she said. “He could give you a complete body makeover, and you’d look like a completely different person.”

She had my attention as she continued. I propped myself up on one elbow and looked directly into her eyes…..

“He’s very good”, she said. “He’s a really good plastic surgeon, and can do total body modifications.”

“You mean he could make me into a complete woman”, I asked.

“Yes….. He does it several times a year, on the Q.T. of course. Nobody has to know.”

I’d heard about sex change operations, but didn’t know much about them.

“How do you know so much about it”, I asked.

“Well, before I met you, I had him do my boobies. ….. The boobs you love to play with are really man-made. Or doctor made, if you prefer.”

“Your tits are perfect. I can’t believe you…..”

“I know”, she said. “They were a bit flat before, and he perked them up. And he made them a size bigger in the process.”

A pause…..

“I can’t imagine you as flat-chested”, I said.

It was true….. She had the greatest set of knockers I had ever played with!

Then she said, “He could do the same for you. He could give you the best looking tits for your size that you’ve ever seen. Dolly Parton size if you want…..”

I don’t know, I guess I was flabbergasted by the idea…..

“And what about…..”, I started.

“He could do the same for that, too”, she said. “He could make you a complete pussy. And it would be fully functional and orgasmic. If you really want to be a girl, you could. Or, if you just wanted tits, he could do that, too. Of course you couldn’t have children, but you could fuck your brains out and never get pregnant.”

“I don’t know”, I submitted. “What about you?”

“It would be a win-win for you”, she said. “You wouldn’t have to give me up, we’d just have to change our style a little bit. And I’d be willing, if you are…..”

And that’s how I got introduced to Doctor Peters at the Women’s Clinic in San Francisco.

* * * * *

After the initial interview, there were the counseling sessions – six of them, altogether, where Dr. Peters determined whether I would be a good candidate for sex-change surgery. He prodded and poked me everywhere, examined my most private parts, and told me that I'd have to be trained to be a woman, much like girls are trained to be girls, then women, all their lives. It was going to involve hypnosis, drugs, and crash course training in being a girl. He promised, that in the end, I would be completely satisfied with the results.

I was concerned that the radical surgery he was describing was going to be painful.

“Not at all”, he promised. “You won’t feel a thing until it’s all over. You’ll be asleep during the entire procedure.”

“Then I’m going to crash and burn”, I joked.

“Not at all. When you wake up, you can start a new life, totally unencumbered as a woman, and do whatever you want.”

We finally got down to it…..

“How much is this all going to cost – Out the door”, I asked as I held my breath?

“Total cost, out the door”, he said, mimicking my choice of words, “……is going to be $87,450.00, but you won’t have to pay a cent of that - none of it.”

“How are you going to work that”, I asked.

“By Subscription”, he replied. “We’ll tape the procedure and sell copies. There are doctors all around the world that will buy a copy of the tape for training purposes, and others who will buy a copy of the tape just out of curiosity. After our bill is paid, we will send money to you – sort of an annuity for life, as long as you live.”

As an afterthought, he added, “Then there is also Medicare, Insurance, and kind hearted perverts who just want to see us cut off your dick.” He smiled. …..

* * * * *

I became aware of the darkness all around me, and that it was time to wake up.

I heard a voice in the background say, “She’s struggling to wake up. Give her a popper to help her along.”

It was quiet again, then I heard a small crack as if someone had broken a toothpick or a match close to my face, followed by an acrid smell. I struggled to open my eyes, as I came out of sleep into consciousness.

I became aware of two men standing by the side of my bed, talking.

“I particularly like what you did with her tits”, one said. “How did you get them so pointy?”

“We used a new process called Plasti-Gel”, one of the men said. The voice sounded vaguely familiar…..

“It comes as a liquid foam. You inject it under the skin, roughly in the volume you want, put the breasts into a mold of the shape you want, then expose it to ultraviolet light for a couple of hours. The ultraviolet stiffens the Gel into the permanent shape, while maintaining the softness of real breasts. It’s an amazing product and will be a boon on the reconstruction market. You can do anything with it; all you need is a mold and some ultraviolet light. You could put tits on her back if you wanted to”

There was a brief chuckle from the first man while he thought about it…..

“After curing, the gel will hold its shape forever. She’ll never need to wear a bra, and they’ll always stick out like that. In this girl’s case, the new owner wanted pointy-shaped tits, so we used cone-shaped molds to form the Gel into the shape we wanted. We simply let her tits dangle into the molds until the Gel set up, sort of like glue.”

“And how about her other parts”, the first one asked.

“We used a similar technique for the vagina and external parts. After cutting off the penis, we simply formed the foam gel into a shape around a tube of skin taken from her back, adjusted her internal organs a bit, and forced the tube into place in her abdomen. We turned on the ultraviolet light, and let her set up. It turned out exactly to your specifications. She can take a dick up to twelve inches long and two inches wide, full length, and take it all. It’s going to be tight the first couple of times, but she’ll loosen up as she goes. She’ll be like a virgin the first time. I’m sure her new owner will be pleased.”

“He’d better be”, the first man said. “Otherwise she’ll have a one-way ticket into the brothel at the mines. Is she going to bleed?”

“You mean like menstruation, or like a busted hymen the first time”, the Doctor asked?

“Like a virgin”, the mystery man replied.

“No, we didn’t provide that”, the Doctor said matter of factly. “But if you want it…..”

His voice trailed off at the offfer.

As I struggled for consciousness, I suddenly realized that I was tied to the bed. My ankles were pulled apart, spreading my legs, and each wrist was secured to the side of the bed with a leather strap. Additionally, there was a large rubber ball in my mouth, held in place by a strap going around my head.

Not only had I been sex-changed, I had been tied down afterward in a most open and embarrassing position. Perhaps it was just being tied down and fully exposed, but I felt a rush of embarrassment as both men looked at my naked body.

I looked around the room, and couldn’t see Jo Ann anywhere. She had promised that she’d be there when I woke up from my drug-induced sleep.

Doctor Peters was there, I recognized him by his voice. He was one of the two men talking, and he noticed I was conscious and looking around the room.

“If you’re looking for Jo Ann”, he asked, “Don’t. She’s not here. She’s not coming.”

I turned my face toward him, and tried to ask what happened by my confused facial expression.

“She sold you to us for fifty-thousand dollars. She’s probably on the Riviera enjoying the sunshine, or she’s off looking for her next victim. She is our best procuress, and makes her living by seducing young men and bringing them here. Three or four a year. After their surgery, they’re sold as sex slaves around the world. You brought a good price; we doubled our money overnight, and didn’t even have to wait until after the surgery. There’s a good market for virgin male sex slaves!”

I realized that I had been betrayed, and started to struggle against my bonds, but the straps held tight, I couldn’t move. I tried to protest, but the rubber ball kept me quiet.

The other man – not the doctor – said, “Don’t struggle honey, you’ll only hurt yourself. This is going to happen to you, so make up your mind and accept it. You’re going to be a sex slave for a very rich man.”

It was no consolation, I didn’t WANT to be a sex slave…..

Picking up his previous conversation, he turned to Doctor Peters and asked, “What about the other?”

“Oh, it’ll work fine”, the doctor said. “She’s going to have lots of orgasms. It’s what she wanted, and it’s what I gave her. She’s so sensitive that she can be forced into orgasm in a matter of minutes of being rubbed on her love button. It’s like an on/off switch!”

Damn it, I didn’t WANT that….. I wanted to have more orgasms while I had sex with Jo Ann. It wasn’t all clear in my mind, but I didn’t want to be a sex slave for some man who had “bought” me!

I threw my head back against the pillow in despair, and I noticed a woman hanging upside down from the ceiling above me! She was looking right back at me. It took me a minute to assess what I was seeing, and came to the conclusion that it was a full-length mirror hanging from the ceiling, over my bed. What I was seeing was a full-length reflection of myself, naked, tied to the bed and gagged. For some reason, I began to cry.

“None of that, dear”, Doctor Peters said as he slapped my face…. “If you cry, I’ll have to put you to sleep again, and you’ll miss the pleasure of discovering that you’re a woman!”

I tried to stop, but a tear rolled down my cheek as I tried to grab my breath and hold it…..

Dr. Peters was talking again to the mystery man who was standing at the side of the bed.

“Go ahead. You can touch her”, he said. “Rub her clit and see how quickly she cums…..”

Oh, God, he was going to touch me. He was going to touch me, and I couldn’t do a thing about it!

This wasn’t what I had bargained for.

His hand approached my crotch. I tried to squirm away, but couldn’t. I realized he was going to have his way with me. I tried to scream in protest, but little more than muffled sounds escaped from between my gagged lips.

I closed my eyes and screwed up my face in anticipation of this strange hand exploring my nether parts.

“… and we stretched her anus for those who want to use the back door”, I heard Doctor Peters say……

I felt the mystery mans fingers spreading my labia and searching for my clitoris. I wasn’t thinking straight, but I knew that he was going to touch me – and I didn’t know what else he might be planning on doing. I only knew that I was going to be violated!

“Just press on it, and hold it; sort of like an elevator button”, I heard Dr. Peters say. “You don’t have to be rough with it, just the pressure is enough to make her cum in less than a minute.”

I heard mystery man chuckle to himself as he found what he was seeking. He touched it, then rolled it between thumb and forefinger, and almost immediately brought me off. – What Dr. Peters had said was true….. I was nearly miraculously orgasmic. I was HOT! I might not like the idea, but this proved to me that any man could bring me off just by touching me. I wondered what it was going to feel like when they actually fucked me? The realization that I was going to be a sex slave flashed through my mind as a finality – a done deal as if I had already been used. – nothing more than a walking pussy for some rich mine owner in South America – or maybe even worse.

Mystery man, satisfied that I was orgasmic, removed his fingers from what I had anticipated would be my most private parts.

“She’s going to be a screamer”, Doctor Peters said. “You should probably keep her gagged during the trip, just in case. How would you like her prepared for transportation?”

“The usual - hands tied behind her back and elbows pulled together tightly”, mystery man replied. This had probably all been gone over before…..

“Tie her legs together at the ankles and knees, bend her knees up to her chest, and force her into the box we provided.”

“Do you want her drugged”, Doctor asked…..

“No”, mystery man replied. “I want her to realize what’s going to happen to her so she’ll be properly terrified when she reaches her new home.”

“I can give you an auto-fuck machine in the box if you like”, Doctor said. “It will give her quite a workout and she’ll be well broken in by the time she gets to her destination.”

“No”, mystery man repeated. “I don’t want to take a chance that she’ll be totally exhausted from cumming before she even gets there….. After all, she’s going to have to take care of a lot of men, and many who are anxiously waiting for her to arrive, if you know what I mean!”

I felt another tear roll down my cheek, and looked up at my reflection….. I realized that I was actually pretty, with red lips, cropped curly hair, and those pointy tits hanging down; well, pointing up….. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all…..

“All right then, we’re done here”, Doctor Peters said. “We’ll have her ready for loading on your plane as diplomatic cargo in an hour. Have a good trip home, and come back again next time you need a woman – any type, any color, we cater to all, and can make her anything you want!”



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