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Black Saturday

by Flintstone

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© Copyright 2016 - Flintstone - Used by permission

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Black Saturday (or an adventure of the guy who likes dressing like a Goth Girl)

So, let’s talk about Saturday night. Actually, this starts a little sooner than that. On Sunday last week, my wife found out that her Godfather had passed away and was on her way to Dayton, Ohio starting Wednesday to Sunday night. My daughter was to go to a sleepover birthday party on Saturday night and so, I had the house to myself. I thought this might be one of the rare times that my alter ego Elizabeth would get to come out without anyone knowing.

Lizzie is a bit of a mix. She is a lot like me in that she is shy and doesn’t take to making friends too well. She, like me, is always willing to help but she would need to be asked. She doesn’t like to get into other people’s business. She is the creation that came from a dominatrix who would dress me in women’s clothing; more like school girl clothing though there was a sexy side to it with garter belts, high heels, and long stockings. Also, the false boobs were a turn on for me as well.

After doing this a few times, Lizzie made her name stand out and became the focal point for the play dates with the Domina. As well, she started to grow on me in life as well. The biggest difference is that Lizzie likes to try things and to take part of things that I thought were taboo or embarrassing. She drank more than I did, smoked cigarettes from time to time (though keeping it very discrete and in the closet), and would occasionally smoke weed from time to time (she really enjoyed her trip to Colorado last year!) She likes to dress sexy and tried many new things to orgasm to; whether using a great deal of vibration, electricity, or forced orgasm (actually, one of the many things I am jealous about women is that they are able to have multiple orgasms).

She, like me, didn’t like men but like me, liked to see women wearing strap on dildos and the like playing the male role. She, like me, also liked anal play. She is more willing to suck on the plastic penis than I am. Most of all, she liked not having control which is also a major turn on for me and probably why I saw the dominatrix in the first place (and still do to this day.)

Anyway, after dropping off my daughter on Saturday night, I went back to the house and went to work to make myself “beautiful”. Actually, this is a major chore in its own right. I am 6 foot 5 inches and weigh about 280 pounds. I also have somewhat of a gut as middle age is starting to take hold (I’m 45). To help with this, I had recently bought a steel boned corset and had tried wearing it a couple of times. It certainly helped with the shape. I found my clothes in my secret stash in the garage. I would be going with a “Goth” look tonight. I have always found that look to be bold and I was a little afraid but Lizzie wanted to give it a go. And who am I to argue.

So, the first thing that was done was to paint my nails black. This is the start of Lizzie Goth! After the polish dried, I found my black sports bra and put in my two fake breasties in. I then put on a black muscle type shirt that wears a bit tight on which put the breasts tighter to my body. Then came the corset. After about 20 minutes fighting with it to make it as tight as I could, I could still breath but with a little difficulty. I tied it in the back with a double knot. Then I put on some black panties which trapped my penis in its net of flowery silk.

I put on my black garter belt and some fishnet stockings. The fishnets were not too big and so I was able to do this without having to shave too much (which was going to be impossible this night). I attached the garters to the stockings which was a bit of a challenge because the corset wouldn’t let me bend. My original intention was to wear a black PVC mini skirt as the weather had been warm. But, the temperature really cooled down on Saturday and so I needed something a little more covering for my legs. I had a longer wet look type skirt which went down to my knees or a pair of black wet look pants with tie downs on the back of the legs. I ended up going with the skirt as the pants kept falling down.

Then came some makeup. I put on a very light color foundation on my face which made it considerably lighter and then followed that with some powder foundation which made it even lighter than that. I didn’t want to look like a clown but a paler look was what I was going for. I then put a great deal of mascara on my eyelashes which plumped them up (unfortunately also making the bottom of my eye black which I had to redo the foundation on.) I then put a thick line of eyeliner on (almost making me look like a raccoon, but not quite) followed by some black eyeshadow for the lids (which also had a few gold sparkles in it).

Then the biggest question came up. I had bought some black lipstick for this but I wasn’t sure that this was going to be necessary. I also knew that I would have to keep reapplying it. Figuring that this was a special occasion, I put it on and you know what, it didn’t look too bad. This was surprising as black lipstick was popular at one point, but I don’t think so now. I had seen this on others and thought that the person wearing it had to be crazy. Well, we’ll see about that…

I put on my fishnet gloves with no fingers on them (almost like a gauntlet), put on a spiked choker collar (which was a little too snug), and finally, put on my black six inch heels with the two inch platform on it. I’m sure I was a sight to see. I know I am not going to fool anybody; I’m too big. But, if I knew it was me and I could imagine, I really didn’t care too much. I found a black handbag, put in a pack of cigarettes, a lighter, car keys, driver’s license, a credit card, and the tube of black lipstick.

I went outside to the backyard where darkness was happening and lit up a cigarette. Hopefully, no one was looking out their windows. I don’t even like to smoke if there was a possibility that one of my neighbors could see me. I finished it and went back inside and reapplied the lipstick. The biggest challenge of the night was going to happen. How was I going to get to the car in the driveway from the front door without anybody seeing me, particularly the neighborhood kids?

I went out and ran right back in when I saw a neighbor’s garage open up. After five minutes, I tried again, going as fast as I could in those heels into the car. I thought I saw the neighbor go inside their house but I wasn’t too sure. I had got in and started the car. I found another challenge. I had never driven a car with a corset on which makes the body harder to move. I also found driving with heels and a platform was a challenge that I would have to get used to. Still, I was very nervous; so much so that I wondered why I was getting warm and realized almost 10 minutes into my trip that I didn’t turn on the air conditioner.

I drove to Houston and to the Montrose area of the town which is the “freer thinkers” are. Around the area, I saw a lot of people which made me very nervous. I thought about going to a clothing shop where I had bought most of my things at. One of the ladies there had actually wanted me to see me in drag. I went into the parking lot and stayed there for a moment sic’ing myself out. As I about to get out, a couple was getting into the car next to me and that frightened me. I started the car and drove out.

But, I couldn’t drive away. I drove around the neighborhood for the next 15 minutes thinking should I or shouldn’t I. This was Lizzie and me fighting with each other. Knowing that I wasn’t going to get another chance at this for a while, and also realizing that what was the worst that could happen, they would only laugh at me. I drove back and this time got out of the car and went to the door. But it was locked. I didn’t realize that it was 10 minutes past nine o clock or 10 minutes too late. I did however see the lady through the window and a few other coworkers there. She gave me a smile and said “yes, you finally did it”. I smiled back. She even noticed the makeup. I was tickled. I don’t know if they thought that a crazy guy was at the door and they wanted to humor me or if they were really happy. But I really didn’t care too much. I was very embarrassed but strangely, very exhilarated. I wanted to do this again, and so I got back into the car, found a parking lot, parked the car, and walked around a VERY LITTLE bit. I also took the time to smoke another cigarette. As it turns out, the time it takes to smoke one is about five minutes which was all I needed to be out here. As I was finishing up, a group of younger ladies (probably no older than 30) walked into the parking lot and started giggling as I went into the car, very red faced.

I drove back to my house but again got out, this time on a vacant street away from the highway, smoked another cigarette (I am starting to like a bad habit) and walked around a bit. The temperature was starting to get colder but there was one thing that I had wanted to do. There is a park / nature preserve not too far from where I live. There is a concrete path that goes around the park. My guess is that no one would have been out there as it was dark and getting cold. I wanted to see how far I could go in heels, skirt, and a corset. I drove to the area, parked the car, took my little handbag, and started walking on the pavement. You finally find out how many curves a place has when you walk in high heels. But I had to stay on the path as the ground was too soft and I would have certainly fallen over.

What seemed to be like four miles (in truth, probably no more than half a mile), I needed to sit down. I found a bench, took out another cigarette, and sat noticing the sky, the half-moon, and the noises that you hear when you are by yourself. It was a symphony for the imagination and here I was, dressed like a goth prostitute, smoking and looking like I was going to look for a trick, and actually enjoying myself. As I finished my cigarette, I started to walk back. It had gotten colder and the wind had picked up. Walking against the wind was not a fun thing to do and since I’m not used to heels, the steps were very small and I could see myself falling over. And yet, I was getting excited. A bulge was starting to build between my legs and if anyone couldn’t tell that I was a male over the dress, this would have made it a certainty. It took me longer to get to the car but fortunately, no one was around and I took off for home.

I, again, had the same problem getting back into the house as I did to get into the car without being noticed. But, it was passed 11:30 and most had gone to bed. And honestly, I was a lot less self-conscious about it. I had grown a little more comfortable with Lizzie in public. Still, no one noticed and I came in. I fixed myself up, put another touch up of black lipstick and came in. I felt like playing and so I brought out my wand massager with a sleeve attachment which I put my penis into. I also put on a yellow ball gag which I thought would match well with the black lips. I would turn it on and off for 15 seconds at a time making myself very horny. Actually, I was proud of myself for not going over the top with this.

After about 20 minutes of this “agony”, I went dangerous. I found a plastic bag, put it over my head, and locked my spike collar around it. Then I turned up the wand to as high as it would go. What seemed like an eternity but probably was no more than 20 seconds, I came like I had never came before. I pulled off the bag as fast as I could and laid there for a few minutes. I took off the gag which at this point had a lot of the lipstick on it and cleaned up. Fortunately, nothing went to places it wasn’t supposed to go.

I was still in full Goth mode except for the collar which I took off with the bag. I went back outside, smoked a final cigarette that night (I finished the pack that weekend, something I never do), and went back inside. I took off the makeup (though I was kind of digging it after a while), and toyed with the idea of wearing the clothing to bed including the corset. But, I was starting to feel uncomfortable and I think I pulled something with the orgasm so I took everything off, put it in its place, and went to bed naked for the first time in a long time (something I don’t do with my wife at home but something I used to do quite a lot).

Sunday came and went and everybody was home. I do love my wife and daughter but I know in my wife’s case, she would not approve of this. She is very traditional and that is sometimes hard for me since I like to be the submissive one. I think that is one of a dozen reasons why I enjoy dressing up.

Monday came and I got off of work early. I drove to the shop again hoping to see the workers from Saturday night and to either apologize or thank them or something like that (I really wasn’t sure). Unfortunately, the folks that worked Saturday were not there and it would be a while before I could go back up that way. I was in normal clothes at that point. I bought some stockings and went on home. Still, I would like to do another trip as Lizzie again though probably not as a Goth (though I really like the black lipstick) but a more traditional outfit as it would probably be done during daytime. I have different shades of makeup and a red mini skirt and as the weather warms up, I would have more options. I am beginning to get excited!

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