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Bound and Gagged Gurl

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; mpov; bond; kidnap; gag; rope; hogtie; cd; lingerie; abducted; boxed; sold; nc; X

I take one last look in the mirror before heading out. I see a beautiful passable crossdresser with natural light brown hair and real small breasts. My nipples are showing through my pink silk bow blouse. I make a final adjustment on the pink silk bow and I make a perfect bow. My cock is starting to get hard in my sexy pink satin lacy panties. I start to head for the front door, my sexy pink 4 inch heels clicking as I walk in them. Suddenly a man...a burglar breaks into my home.

He comes up behind me, puts his hand over my mouth and threatens me with a large scary knife "I won't harm you, but if you try to scream for help I will use this knife. Nod if you understand."

I have no choice and believe that he would hurt me with the I nod yes. He removes his hand and gags me with a cloth gag. Then he pushes me onto the couch and ties my hands together behind my back with rope. Then he binds my feet together. "Now be a good lady and stay here while I ransack your place."

As he leaves me, his hand feels my stocking leg for a moment and he is staring at my breasts. He then leaves and heads upstairs...that's when I try to make my escape. I saw how he was looking at me and feared what he might do to me. Once he finds out that I'm a cross dresser he might just let me go...but he might enjoy raping me.

My thoughts are to get to the front door and get outside to find help. I kick off my sexy pink heels, then I stand up. I have to hop to the front door with my feet tied together. It takes time and a lot of effort to hop while tied up. I get to the front door, with my tied hands I reach for the door knob when suddenly the burglar catches me "Where do you think you going, lady."

He picks me up easily and carries me over his shoulder. He takes me upstairs and into my bedroom. My cock is getting very hard in my satin panties but I fear that he will rape me and I definitely do not want a cock anywhere near me. He dumps me onto my bed, with my struggling and his handling of me my skirt has risen and he now has a good view of my garter belt. He whistles at me "Mmmmm...I love a woman that wears sexy lingerie especially garter belts...later you will wear that sexy silk lacy nightgown that is hanging in your bathroom."

He leaves for a moment and I try to get my hands free and it's no use he has tied me tight. He returns with my pink heels "Let's get these sexy heels back on you." He puts my heels back on and he ties a rope around my heels so I can not remove them. He then binds me in a strict hogtie and now I'm totally helpless...a bound and gagged gurl. I struggle some more as he leaves me again only to return a few minutes later.

"I found your sex toys and this sexy device." Oh no...he found my bondage gear and the nasty penis gag...which I was going to return since it's too large...a 3 inch penis gag. He then removes my cloth gag, he is still holding the knife to remind me not to scream. He tries to push the scary penis gag into my mouth but I keep my mouth shut. He pinches my nose and after a minute I need to breathe so I open my mouth for air.

That's when the 3 inch penis gag enters my mouth, it fills my mouth and it's hard to breathe now let alone talk. He pets my hair and I glare at him with my pretty eyes. "I got to admit watching you take that penis gag made my cock very hard, after I'm done stealing your stuff you and I will become very friendly if you know what I mean."

His hand reaches under my skirt, he is feeling my satin panties when he discovers what I am "What the are a dude...although you are a very pretty cross dresser and many men would still want to rape you But don't worry I'm not one of them."

I have a sigh of relief as the only damage will be my stolen possessions. He sits down next to me as I'm still hogtied, he picks up his phone and dials a number "Hey Bill, this is Joe. I'm at this house and I have a bound and gagged tranny...she is very pretty and passable. Send your guys here to pick her up and remember I get 30 percent of the sale. See your guys soon..Bye."

"Mmmmmfffhhh" now I'm struggling and need to escape before it's too late. "Don't worry sweetie these men are professionals and they will handle you well. Surprisingly there is a secret dark market for pretty trannies like yourself. Men pay tens of thousands for a pretty tranny sex slave. That's right you will be auctioned off as a sex slave and become the property of a man. These rich men enjoy raping trannies like yourself."

The guys arrive with a large crate. I'm shaking my head no as they pick me up and place me in the shipping crate. I'm still hog tied with the penis gag in my mouth as I feel myself cumming in my panties. The crate is sealed and so is my fate!


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