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Bound by Love

by DarkStar

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© Copyright 2002 - DarkStar - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; cd; lingerie; pantyhose; costume; bond; chairtie; bfold; rope; gag; stuck; climax; cons/reluct; X


I stood in our bedroom, naked, staring at the clothing my wife had laid out for me. I had to do it; I had to put it on. We had made a bet, after all, and I had to go through with it.

This all started about a week before. We were spending a quiet night at home watching a cheesy movie on cable. It was a comedy about a group of students on a college campus. The plot involved something about pranks and at one point this pretty blonde cheerleader had been “kidnapped” and left blindfolded, gagged and tied to a chair in a dorm room. She didn’t even struggle; she just sat there making little whimpering sounds through her gag.

“That’s so pathetic,” I said to my wife. “I could get out of that chair in minutes. I wouldn’t even need to untie the knots. Hell, even you could get out of that if you wanted to.”

My wife turned to me with a gleam in her eye and said, “Oh yeah? You think so, huh? I’ll make you a bet. I’ll tie you to a chair exactly like she is and give you an hour. If you escape I’ll be your slave for a weekend, but if you can’t you’ll have to be mine.”

I thought about it for a minute. My wife didn’t mind when I wanted to play bondage games with her but she didn’t enjoy it as much as I did. So we only played about once a month. She’d let me tie her up for a while and torment her, or we’d play out some scenario. The thought of having her at my mercy for an entire three-day weekend was overwhelming, though, so I agreed.

I spent the next week in anticipation, planning out how I would keep my wife tied and what she would wear. I’ve always enjoyed a classic “damsel in distress” and usually preferred to tie my wife up while dressed in sexy outfits. My wife spent the week shopping and though I wasn’t allowed to see what she bought I wasn’t worried.

Saturday came around and we had a light breakfast before I showered and shaved. My wife joined me in the shower to shave my legs. When I asked her why she gave me an enigmatic smile but didn’t say anything. When we were done she led me into our bedroom, telling me that she had laid out some clothes for me to wear for the contest.

It was a cheerleader costume from some place called Center High School. It was burgundy with a gray design in the center of the top and inside the pleats of the skirt. It was cute and would have looked sexy on my wife but I wasn’t going to wear it. “No way,” I told my wife. “There’s no way I’m going to wear that.”

“But you have to,” she said. “I said I’d tie you exactly as the girl in the movie. She was wearing her cheerleader outfit so you have to too.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“Honey,” she said, looking at me with a very serious expression on her face, “if you ever want to tie me up again you’ll put it on and go through with the bet. Now get dressed. I’ve got to get everything ready.” She looked at me for a moment longer before leaving the room.

I thought for a moment about how much I loved her and how she’d let me play even when it wasn’t her favorite thing to do. “Okay,” I said to myself with an evil grin. “But you have no idea what I’m going to do to you for this.”

I sat down and pulled on the black lace briefs. They were comfortable, actually, more comfortable that I would have expected. I pulled the black lace bra and, after adjusting it for comfort, slipped in the pairs of rolled up socks that would provide my “breasts.” They didn’t really look like breasts but they would do. Next came the shiny nylon pantyhose in a light tan color. I loved the way they hugged my legs and pressed against my raging erection. The cropped top was snug against my chest right under the bra. You almost had to be a contortionist to zip it up but I managed. The skirt was short, almost too short, but it fit well and swished enticingly when I moved. I finished the outfit off with a pair of white canvas sneakers.

I checked myself out in our full-length mirror when I was done and I have to say I liked what I saw. I had never worn women’s clothing before. I was amazed at how comfortable, how natural it all felt. Finally I was ready. I went to the kitchen where my wife was waiting for me.

She whistled when she saw me, looking me up and down. “My, my,” she said. “Don’t you look cute.” She pulled a chair out from the table and set it in the middle of the room. With a huge grin she said, “Have a seat.”

Our kitchen chairs were simple wooden ones with no arms and a narrow back. I sat down and crossed my wrists behind the chair back. “First things first,” she said as she tied a long strip of cloth over my eyes. “The girl in the movie was blindfolded when she was tied up so you should be too. I won’t gag you until I’m done with everything else, though, so you can tell me if it’s too tight. Okay?” I nodded. I wanted to get into the spirit of the thing and since the girl had been gagged as well as blindfolded I had decided to speak only if I had to. When she was satisfied that I couldn’t see my wife began to tie me up.

It was an interesting experience, I have to tell you, not being able to see what she was doing. I felt the rope being wrapped around my wrists, the knot tied off just out of my reach. My wife held my hands steady for a moment but I couldn’t see what she was doing and I wasn’t about to ask her. Next she tied my ankles and knees together. These ropes weren’t cinched as I usually did when I tied her up. I thought to myself, “Man, this is going to be easy.”

Another rope was wrapped four times around my waist to pin me to the chair. This rope also pinned my bound wrists against the chair back, which I didn’t think was fair. I didn’t say anything, though, because we never saw the cheerleader’s hands in the movie so I couldn’t say she wasn’t tied that way. The final rope was used to hold my lap down to the chair. I knew my wife was having fun when she pulled this rope tightly across my still raging erection. After going around and checking all my bonds she stood back and said, “Is everything okay? Are you comfortable?” Again I just nodded. “Okay,” she said. “Here comes the gag.” She peeled a strip of duct tape off the roll and had me pucker up before she placed it over my mouth. Smoothing it down she said, “I’m going to start the timer now. You have one hour. Have fun.” The only thing I could hear after that was the sound of the kitchen timer and my own grunts as I tested my bonds.

I sat there for a few minutes just feeling what it was like to be tied up. I had always been the one doing the tying before, never the one being bound. It was actually rather stimulating. Nothing was too tight; my limbs weren’t going to sleep. I let my mind drift for a few minutes. I imagined that I really was a cheerleader who had been kidnapped. My heart began to race as I imagined my captors coming back for me at any minute. I just had to escape. I was really getting into this.

The only part of my body I could move was my legs but it didn’t help; I couldn’t do anything with them. I started sliding my legs together, trying to loosen the ropes around them. This had no effect on the ropes but it did cause my dick to be stimulated by the ropes pressing against it. I was really enjoying the feel of my nylon-clad legs rubbing against each other but I had to stop before I came.

Next I tried to reach the knots around my wrists. I managed to grasp an end of a rope. I started pulling on it but I couldn’t seem to pull the knot to where I could undo it. I have no idea how long I kept at it. Eventually I had to give up. Now I was beginning to get worried. I shouldn’t have said anything; should never have made that bet. I remembered that movie and how simply that girl had been tied. I really though it would have been easy to escape. I know my wife didn’t use any more rope or tie me differently than that girl had been but unlike in the movie, I was tied for real.

There was nothing else to do but struggle. I tried yanking my body forward, hoping to loosen the ropes around my waist. They didn’t budge. In fact the feel of the ropes was exactly the same. They were still tight and I still wasn’t going anywhere. I began to struggle even harder than before. I grunted with the effort and whimpered with fear. I don’t know how long I went at it, trying to get just one rope loose. Eventually I realized that my struggles had taken on a different tone. I was still pulling against my bonds but I wasn’t trying to get free. I was getting even more aroused than I had ever been.

My dick was throbbing. The feel of my clothing and the pressure of the ropes were really turning me on. I passed a point of no return; I couldn’t have stopped if I wanted to. Every muscle in my body tensed as I came. It seemed to last forever. Sadly, though, the feeling was gone before I wanted. I sat there, just breathing, trying to regain my composure.

I had become so engrossed in my fantasy that I was startled when my wife spoke. I could tell she was trying hard not to laugh. “I was wondering how long that would take. It won’t help, you know. You still have 20 minutes.” She went on to tell me what she had planned. “I know you’ve always secretly wanted to be a damsel in distress. I’m going to make that dream come true for you. I’m going to keep you in women’s clothes for the whole weekend. I’m going to tie you up whenever I want and however I want. You’re going to be mine to play with and there’s nothing you can do about it. Oh, and by the way,” she added with a smile in her voice, “I put some superglue on the knots. You said you could get free without untying them and I wanted to see if you really could.”

I was stunned. My wife was right, I realized. In my fascination I had always wondered what it would be like to be the damsel. Now I was going to find out. I didn’t even try to get free after that. I couldn’t have if I wanted to. I continued to struggle but it was all for effect; my heart wasn’t in it. I really wanted her to dress me up like a doll and tie me. In losing I had won. I was truly bound for love.


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