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Bound Maid

by Jeza

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© Copyright 2012 - Jeza - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; M/m; cd; maid; cuffs; hood; gag; bond; rope; tease; oral; climax; true; cons; X

It started with an advert placed in a UK magazine - ‘TV maid seeks dominant male for bondage games’. Now was the moment of truth. I had quite a number of replies and had spoken at length to a few men by email, describing my fantasy, someone was due in 15 minutes.

I had always been interested in bondage and cross dressing, and now as a 40 year old male and single again I had the opportunity to try things that had only been fantasised about. I am slim, 5 foot 9 inches, with long slim legs, whilst not completely feminine once dressed I looked pretty good.

For this situation I was dressed in a tight black boned corset, that had taken me over an hour to put on, pulling tight a bit at a time until my breath was laboured from the constriction, black seamed stockings, black satin panties and a black bra, were then covered over by a satin maids outfit finishing just over 12 inches from the knee. The final bit was to put on the shoes, black 6” court shoes, with padlocks on the buckles, once on they would only come off with the keys. Putting the shoes on was the hardest part, the corset was very constricting and bending was difficult. Finally I stood up and admired myself in the full length bedroom mirror, long stocking covered legs and high heels, I felt so sexy.

Now to prepare myself. I had a large sports bag which I emptied out onto the bed, this contained quite a few lengths of rope, handcuffs, gags and hoods, everything necessary for a good bondage session. Taking a length of white cotton rope I wrapped it around my stocking legs above the knee, clinching tightly before tying if off in front of the knees, I sat on the bed and tied my ankles in the same manner. I stood up to test the bondage, it was tight and I could not stand without holding onto the bed post. Next came the leather hood, this was heavy leather bondage hood with cut out for the nose and an open mouth, once on I pulled the straps at the side tight to give that extra restriction, everything was now dark, my hearing was muffled. I quickly retrieved the ball gag, a large red one, put it in my mouth and pulled the strap tight, it was very effective, I tried shouting and only got a mrrf sound, just as it should be.

I turned round and knelt at the foot of the bed and felt behind me for the final item. A pair of hinged handcuffs. The key was still in the lock with a large plastic tag attached. I locked my left wrist first, clicking the ratchet until it was just getting tight, then for the moment of truth, I took the key out the handcuffs and threw them onto what I hoped was the centre of the bed, took a deep breath and putting my hands behind my back, closed the right cuff until it was tight. Here I was bound, hooded and gagged kneeling on my own bedroom floor waiting for someone to arrive, I could escape if necessary, but would have to find the key on the bed, I knew from experience finding a key whilst sightless was hard - hence the plastic tag.

The appointed time was 8pm, it had been agreed that the front door was unlocked and my ‘master’ would just let himself in and come up stairs and find me…

Waiting, kneeling with the hood on I was able to hear a few muffled sounds, was that a car door closing, was someone here? I knelt there for what seemed like an age, time is difficult to judge with no reference points, I knew it must be past 8pm, but how long did I wait before deciding that he wasn’t coming and struggling to release myself. Then I hear the front door close, I swallowed hard, my breathing was a little laboured from the effects of the tight corset and the ball gag. Now I could hear someone on the stairs and footsteps on the carpet, I was not alone.

The footsteps moved towards me and stopped, no sound for what seemed like ages, I kept perfectly still, then I felt someone move along side me standing only a few inches away, two hands grabbed my upper arms and started to lift me roughly to my feet, I was balancing on the 6” heels swaying, then I felt some rope wrapped around my arms above the elbows, the rope was tightened, pulling my arms towards each other but my elbows would not meet. The elbow rope was clinched, tightening the ropes more, now I was truly stuck for even if the key to the handcuffs could be located, I would not be able to get out of the elbow tie. Then the handcuffs were removed, more rope was placed around my wrists fastening them palm to palm clinching them tightly, I was truly bound and helpless.

A hand on my arm guided me down until I was in a kneeling position, I could hear my master (as he now was) moving around , and realised that he was getting undressed, I heard him move behind me and hands grabbed my shoulders and dragged me round pivoting on my knees so I was facing the end of the bed. I heard my master sit on the end of the bed, then hands went behind my head and undid the buckle of the ball gag, which was removed and presumably dropped onto the bed.

A hand pushed on the back of my head pushing me down until I could feel a pressure on my mouth, I open my mouth and could taste the salty pre-cum on the edge of my master’s penis, this was slowly pushed into my mouth, it was hard not too thick, it slowly worked its way into my mouth, hands held my head as the penis was pushed slowly back and forwards, the thrusts getting deeper and the speed increasing, then it was hitting the back of my throat and I was gagging on it, my head was held tight and I had not the option but to continue allowing my mouth to be fucked, then I could feel the pace slowing as sudden my throat was full of another man’s cum, I had no option but to swallow.

The penis was removed and almost instantly the ball gag was shoved, none too gently into my mouth, the strap was tightened, a notch tighter than before, pushing the ball into my mouth. I could hear my master moving about, presumably getting dressed, after what seemed like an age, but was probably only a couple of minutes, hands went to my arms and lifted me back to my feet. I was then pushed on my chest and fell arms flapping helplessly onto the bed on to my side. My ankles were then grabbed and pulled fully onto the bed, then I heard my master walk around the bed and grab the rope at the elbows dragging me up the bed. I lay there not attempting movement, I had given up control over the situation some time ago and could only wait on events.

I felt some rope being attached to my ankle ropes this was then pulled so my ankles were pulled towards the bottom corner of the bed, then firmly tied off, my master moved around the bed and I felt some more rope attached to the rope above my knees, this was then pulled tight and was tied to the other bottom corner. My master, then moved to the top of the bed and attached another length of rope to my wrists, this was pulled tight pulling my arms towards the top corner of the bed bending my body forwards, the rope was tied off at the bed post, my arms were now stretched behind me not allowing any movement down the bed, with the ropes attached to my ankles and knees stopping me moving further up the bed to relieve the pressure on my arms.

I heard my master walk down stairs, I tugged on the ropes trying to move, but other than my head I had almost no movement, this was the sort of strict bondage I had only every fantasised about. I was completely helpless. I was here at my own request bound by a person who I had not seen or who had not spoken a word to me, I was totally in someone else’s control.

I heard my master downstairs opening a few drawers, looking through my possessions, I was helpless and despite this invasion of my privacy my penis was rock hard, I was desperate for some relief, but this seemed far out of reach, then I heard the footsteps on the stairs again.

A voice spoke, “You are not very good at this are you? When you were sucking my cock I could feel your teeth, you need to learn a lesson.!” The voice was that of a man used to control, someone you would want to obey. “Your lesson is this, I am going to leave you now, you can escape if you can”, he said mockingly, “To be nice to you I am going to leave your front door open and I’ve written a note to your neighbours, I’ll read it for you shall I?” Panic gripped me, I shook my head and shouted into the gag, all that came out was a garbled noooo!

“Okay” he said “Dear neighbour, my front door is open and you will find me restrained on the bed upstairs, you might want to bring a camera! You might want to release me, but you can make whatever use you want of me, I’m all yours!”

At this point I was frantic, screaming into the gag in total panic. “calm down”, the voice commanded, ”there is nothing you can do now but wait, goodbye.” and with that I heard the footsteps move away and go down the stair, I kept still listening for any sounds in case he was just teasing me, but I heard him go out of the front door, I didn’t hear it close, a few moments later I heard a car start!

Again I struggled against the ropes that held me, but everything was tight, there were no knots within reach, now what! I lay there thinking about all the possible scenarios who would find me? what would happen? How would the people next door react? Were they at home or would they come home tonight and find the note or maybe I would be here overnight.

I lay there thinking of the possibilities, despite my panic I was still aroused, even in this situation, none of my family, friends or work colleagues knew my secret, now it was likely everyone would know, but why was I still so turned on?

There was no sense of time, my arms and legs were getting stiff through lack of mobility, I wanted out of the bondage, but knew there was no way I could release myself. I had always wanted to be kept in bondage for long periods, but the reality was not as good as the fantasy.

I could hear movement outside in the street, it was muffled sounding like someone walking past talking, I heard a car pull up and the door shut, but minutes passed and nothing happened. Every sound outside made me alert, but still no-one came. How long had I been here, a hour maybe too, time was impossible to judge, outside I could make out no other sounds, perhaps everyone had gone to bed.

Then I heard a noise, it was definitely on the stairs, someone was moving slowly towards me, I felt rather than heard someone enter the room, felt them standing there watching me, then my arms were being untied from the bed post, the rope attaching my ankles and knees was removed and I was pulled to the bottom of the bed until my feet were touching the floor, I was hauled off the bed to a kneeling position. Kneeling there totally unaware about who was there and what they would do.

The ball gag was removed, I dare not speak, waiting for the person to identify themselves. I felt something pushed against my lips which opened automatically to accept a rapidly hardening penis which was pushed slowly in, “Now lick and suck it you slut!“ The voice was that of my master presumably giving me a second chance. I sucked and licked almost greedily, I had gone from a oral virgin to a slut in a few hours, the penis started to move backwards and forwards, the speed increased until he came down my throat, holding my head with his hands until he had spent his load and I had swallowed it all.

He removed his penis and then I felt the ball gag pressed against my lips, I opened wide, not offering any resistance. He half turned my body and removed the ropes around my elbows, then he started to untie my wrists, loosening the ropes, but stopped part way. I heard him walk off and go down stairs, a few moments later I heard the front door close, I wriggled my wrists until a could loosen the ropes to get my hands out, after all this time I was free. Quickly removing the gag and hood I surveyed the room about me, a few pieces or rope on the bed were all there was to show for him being here.

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