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Bride Sold

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2019 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; D/s; sissy; chastity; denial; cd; gown; corset; stockings; gag; collar; leash; sold; M/m; wedding; slave; cons; X

I have been visiting a bondage fetish club and seeing Mistress Deborah, who has been fulfilling my kinky bondage and cross dressing fantasies. My fantasy is to become a bound and gagged sissy bride. I have been seeing Mistress Deborah for several years and we have developed a special connection.

She asked me to marry her but I was to become the bride! I said yes, my cock instantly became very hard in the chastity device that my Mistress Deborah placed me in. My poor cock has been locked away for almost a year and I so badly want to cum and have a full orgasm, but she controls my orgasms now. I now look forward to wearing a beautiful satin bridal gown and to become a subby hubby to my Mistress.

The wedding day has arrived and my Mistress other female slaves dress me and prepare me for my special day. They put me in a tight corset followed by white silk stockings that get attached to the corset. They tie a pretty white satin bow around my locked cock and balls. They giggle as they tease my locked cock! My cock has gotten so hard in the cage and the tiny spikes are torturing my sissy cock. Sissy cum is leaking out as they put me in white lacy satin panties.

Then they show me my bridal gown and I'm stunned at what I see! It's a mermaid style white satin bridal gown! As they put me into the gown I start to have fantasies about my new life with my Mistress and how I will please her with my tongue. Then the white satin gloves and white 5 inch high heels are placed on me. The heels are locked on and I can't remove them.

Then the collar is placed on me and locked! Followed by the leash! A new strange gag is placed in my mouth and my hands are tied together in front. The last thing that they put on me before my pretty long sheer veil is some special ear plug devices. I'm now ready to get married and to make my Mistress a very happy woman. As the female slave grabs my leash and begins to lead me to my love or so I thought, that's when the recording began playing in my ears!

The recording begins and it’s my Mistress Deborah, "Hello my sweet pet. I know you were looking forward to becoming my sissy bride But..." I am now being lead down the aisle by a leash towards the awaiting party and I now become very nervous as I hear the first part of Mistress Deborah recording. "...I found out that I could make a lot of money by selling you to another person.... a Man!". My eyes became very wide as I heard "Man" and then I saw an actual man… my new husband to be waiting for me at the end of the aisle. "Now I know that's not what you really wanted but you did want to become a sissy bondage bride. Now I expect you to adore and obey your new husband. By the way he now has the keys to your collar and your chastity device". As she said that my sissy cock betrayed me and became even harder and was leaking more sissy cum.

I'm now standing next to my husband to be and I can see his huge bulge! The wedding ceremony begins with an actual minister. The short ceremony is nearing over and the minister announces us as husband and sissy wife! My new husband... my Master lifts up my beautiful sheer veil and whispers in my ear... "You are so pretty dressed in that mermaid bridal gown and I can't wait for you to please me from your knees!". I start to cry But I also now want to please my Master!

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