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Call-girl is a Tranny

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2021 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; cd; costume; party; public; bond; collar; cuffs; denial; cons; X

As I stroke my hard 7 inch cock with a silk scarf I receive an email from a very popular senator. I bring myself to orgasm as I feel my large natural breasts. My cum shoots straight up as the silk scarf did its job. Now I read the senator's email, he sent it through my secret call-girl website. On my website I make it very clear that I am a tranny and I have a 7 inch functional cock. I also make it clear that I'm a high class call girl and I'm not cheap. I give basic prices for straight escort services meaning no sex involved and if they want sex that can be negotiated. I have been in the call girl business for over a year and I usually end up on my knees sucking the clients cocks but I rarely allow the client to ass fuck me. I had one experience where a client with a 8 inch cock fucked me and it hurt me like hell. So I now I will not allow any cocks bigger than 8 inches to fuck me.

The senators entail states he wants my call girl services for an entire weekend including attending an elegant formal attire event and to be used as a sex object for another event. This senator is divorced and there are rumors of his wild affairs with women including escorts. He email him back and tell him I can do sex but I need to know his cock size. He left a private number to call him to discuss more details about the events. He has me intrigued and hard since this will be my first formal event that I have ever done.

I dial the number the senator provided me. "Hello this is Amber, how are you senator?"

"I'm good Amber. Let's discuss business and prices. I could not say what I'm about to say in the email…I have a rather small cock…only 4 inches. So any penetration would not hurt you and this secret stays between us. I need you to be eye candy at this formal party where there will be politicians and celebrities. Do you do bondage?"

"Sounds like a fun party. Yes I can do bondage, just no torture or whips and your secret is safe with me. Now this is my price for the whole weekend, bondage, any blowjobs and any anal sex…30,000 dollars. Do we have an agreement?"

"Of course no whips or pain and nothing against your will. You will be my eye candy, my sex object and entertainment for the weekend. How about 50,000 dollars and I will provide everything that you will wear during the weekend. Do we have a deal? My chauffeur will pick you up and help you throughout the weekend."

"Agreed! Sounds like fun, senator. I will not disappoint, and I will be all over you! I will make other women want you."

"That's great, but I don't want you by my side. I want you to be strictly eye candy…someone I can admire from afar and maybe I feel you when no one is looking."

"Ok…I see…I can do that."

After I hang up I begin to imagine sucking the handsome senator's small cock as his huge chauffeur fucks me with his massive cock. Of course I would never really want that to happen…to get fucked by a huge cock.

The next day the chauffeur shows up and it's a large woman and not a man…so much for my fantasy. The chauffeur drives me to the large mansion where the formal event will take place and she shows me my room. She directs me to the bathroom and orders me to undress and place my clothes in the bag provided. She informs me that everything that I will wear tonight is on the bed. I do as ordered, I place all my normal clothes in the bag, hand it to the chauffeur and now I'm naked.

She leaves and I enter the large bedroom and see many items of clothing on the bed. I'm required to wear everything he provided. The first thing I notice is there are no panties, only a pink satin pouch with white lace trim. There is also a ring vibrator that goes around my balls and it will stimulate my balls and cock, but I know it's not enough to bring me to orgasm. I place both items on followed by the pink garter belt, black silk stockings and pink high heels. Next is the pink gown…oh my!

I put the pink gown on and two things that I notice: the high revealing front slit and the see-through material in front. The high slit can reveal my garter belt and pink pouch if I'm not careful how I walk and move in this sexy pink satin sequin gown. The gown also has a small train in back but the see through material shows off my large breasts. I was given a pretty pink silk shawl to cover up. As I look into the mirror, I'm truly eye candy dressed in this sexy pink evening gown.

The chauffeur knocks at my door and leads me down to the main floor. I need to walk down a red carpet area where photographers are taking pictures of many celebrities. I strut down the red carpet with a sexy look and gown when my heel catches the end of my pink gown causing my slit to reveal my pink satin pouch. Photographers quickly take photos of myself in this embarrassing position. My face is red as I know someone must have found out my secret.

The rest of the formal party is uneventful as I'm groped, stared at, given offers. I'm given many compliments about my sexy gown and one old celebrity says he loves my nipples as I try to cover them up with my pink silk shawl. I enjoy the free wine and I start to flirt with some of the famous men in the room. Throughout the whole event the pink satin pouch has been rubbing me good and the vibrator has made me so horny. I'm thinking about the senator's cock. The event is almost over when the chauffeur returns and takes me back to my room. There are new items on the bed for me to wear.

My tranny cock gets excited as I see an actual collar. I quickly undress in front of the chauffeur and put on this sexy pink lingerie outfit. It's s short pink see through nightie with white lace trim, my nipples and sissy pouch are revealed. Next the chauffeur puts the collar on me and the wrist restraints. She then chains my hands together and to the collar. I can no longer move my hands down to cover up or touch myself…I'm so horny and ready to be fucked.

Before the chauffeur leaves me, she tells me that the senator would walk in through the side door. I now wait for the senator to use me as his sex toy…my tranny cock is getting so hard…it needs to be touched! I wait an hour…two hours…three hours…he never shows up to fuck his tranny call girl. I finally fall asleep and I'm woken by the large chauffeur. She unchains me, baths me, feeds me, never allowing me to play with myself…so frustrating.

Now she preps me for the next event…I see a sexy short French maid outfit on the bed. I'm now wearing black garter belt, black fishnets, a very short white petticoat and the same pink satin pouch with white lace trim. The French maid dress is black satin with white lace trim and a white satin apron. The French maid dress is so short that my pink pouch is nearly exposed and I feel so ridiculous in this outfit. I have never degraded myself by wearing something like this.

Next the chauffeur helps me with the 5 inch black heels and the white special gloves. These gloves are white satin with white lace trim but they force my hands into balls making my fingers useless. I can't sneak off into the bathroom and play with my tranny cock. I need someone to suck my cock, I need to be fucked…I'm going crazy! A thought just occurred to me…does he plan to do this to me all weekend? Never touching or fucking me!

As I parade around the main room in this silly French maid outfit I become so horny for the senator. Then this drunk celebrity approaches me, puts his arm around me and kisses me. He is a fat older disgusting man but I kiss him back since I'm so horny. He's the photographer, asks for our picture to be taken, but as the photos are taken he lifts my petticoat higher clearly revealing my pink satin pouch and my wet spot. Then he slaps my ass and tells me, “get back to work sissy!”

The weekend event ends and the chauffeur takes me back home. Not once did anyone fuck me, forced me to suck a cock and never got to play with my tranny cock. This weekend was exciting but very frustrating, although I made good money for the weekend event.

Then I see another email from the senator "Thank you Amber! You were sexy eye candy, a lot of men were talking about you! They loved how you were dressed! I have another offer for you! One million dollars for a month-long stay! You would have to wear a small chastity device with a lock. Oh there is no key to the lock…it would be permanent! I know you probably hated the orgasm denial, this time you will be gang raped!"

As I think about the offer, my now free cock erupted when I thought about being gang raped!


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