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Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; fpov; cd; caught; bond; insert; armbinder; corset; boots; chain; gag; bedroom; basement; leather; shave; rom; cons; XX

Chapter 1

After almost ten years of marriage, I thought I knew my husband Rick. I was apparently wrong. One evening I was looking on-line for some gift ideas for my daughter for Christmas. I went into Ebay and was shocked to see a list of previously viewed items. The last three items viewed were a pair of high heeled women's boots, a leather armbinder which is a very severe looking restraint, and a sexy leather corset. Wondering what my husband was up to I clicked on the items. These boots were very sexy, they were made of black patent leather and laced up to the knee. They also had a heel height of 6 inches.

As I looked closer I realized that the item had already sold, and the boot was in a size 13. Then I noticed the name of the buyer it was obvious that my husband had bought them. I had to assume that with a size 13 that he had bought them for himself as these would probably fit his size 10 feet. The next thing I did was check the armbinder and corset which he actually only viewed as he did not make a bid on either of them. I realized that I needed his password to view all of the other items he had purchased through Ebay. After several minutes I found a list of his passwords and logged into his account. I was shocked to see that he had purchased a pair of high heeled pumps with 6-inch heels and a pair of thigh high boots also with 6-inch heels over the last several months. And they were both in a size 13.

The next day while he was doing some errands, I searched the basement, then finally finding his stash in the attic in an old suitcase. Inside I found the 2 pairs of boots and 2 pairs of heels all with extreme heels, I also found a pair of handcuffs, several pairs of both pantyhose and women's panties. Along with this there was also a ball gag, some rope, chains, and a few leather belts and 2 pairs of leather cuffs, one a little larger than the other. I figured these to be wrist and ankle cuffs. There was also a set of 4 locks with 2 keys. The same key opened all of the locks. We had both fooled with bondage on the rare occasion but I never had any idea that he was also into dressing up in high heels and boots. I stuffed everything back in the suitcase wondering what I should do. Should I come right out and ask him about it?
It gnawed at me all night, then I decided that I would need to catch him in the act, and give him a taste of what real bondage would be like. The next morning I went back into the attic and removed one of the locks and the set of keys. I then hurried to the hardware store and found the same set of locks and when I returned home I returned the lock and keys.

Then I went online and ordered an armbinder and leather corset identical to what he had been checking out from a fetish store and had them put a rush on the order. I also added a pair of black knee high boots for me with 5-inch spiked heels and a matching leather corset. Figuring that I could get him into them once he was bound I ordered a 28 inch corset which was a little smaller than the one he had viewed. Then I went to a local department store and picked up a leather skirt in his size and a black lycra bodysuit in a size adult small which would fit him extra tight.

The order arrived 5 days later and I quickly hid the stuff in the spare bedroom with my other things. I had a long blonde wig that I had used years earlier for a Halloween party and dug that out as well. It appeared he was not into the make-up aspect of dressing and I decided he needed it if he was to get the full effect. So I also picked up some false nails and eyelashes and replaced the locks with the new locks, leaving the old keys making sure the locks were all open.

That Saturday I arranged our daughter to spend the day at my sisters for the day at the movies, and a sleepover as well. I told my husband that we would have a lazy weekend alone, then Friday night I told him that I had to work Saturday to finish a project that I had been working on as the client was coming in from out of town. And that I had to accompany my boss for dinner with the client and would not be home till around 8 pm.

The trap was set and at 9 am I left with my daughter to drop her off at my sister’s, then I was to continue onto work at least so my husband thought. I left my car at my sisters and had her give me a ride back home. We sat in the car around the corner and I called him on my cell and asked him to pick up some clothes at the cleaners, explaining that they close at noon and I needed them for Monday. Within five minutes he left the house and I snuck back inside and after checking our bedroom and finding his stash on the bed, I then positioned my vanity mirror at an angle so I could see some of the bed from my hiding spot. Then I hid in my daughter’s bedroom across the hall. About 10 minutes later my husband returned oblivious to the fact that I was now home.

A few minutes later he was obviously getting undressed and I could see him putting on a pair of pantyhose. Then I could see and hear him zipping up a pair of boots and the rustling of chains. The distinct sound of high heels echoing as he moved around on the hardwood floor. As I heard him sit on the bed I could only hope that he was not going to use the handcuffs. If so I would have to move quick as to grab the keys from whereever he had them. They would likely be next to him on the bed. Then I heard him lock two padlocks and the rustle of chains. Assuming he was locking his ankles to the footboard with the cuffs and chains. A few minutes later I heard the boiler fire up and began to creep from my hiding spot. The rugs made it easy to move quietly into the hall with the sound of the boiler helping to hide any noise. From the hall I could see his ankles cuffed and padlocked to chains that were looped around the legs of the bed frame. He was wearing the red knee-high boots with the 6-inch heels. Seeing the handcuffs on the floor I knew his wrists were locked in the cuffs and I had the keys. As I walked by the doorway he did not hear me as I glanced in and saw that he had gagged himself as well with the ball gag.

I walked into the spare bedroom and began pulling the bags from the closet. He obviously heard me and began struggling in his bondage. Picking up a silk scarf and the digital camera, I returned to the other room to find him struggling to get free with the useless keys. His arms were locked over his head in the cuffs to a chain that was wrapped around the center post in the headboard. He had a look of terror in his eyes as I approached the bed and grabbed the keys from his hand.

"Having trouble with the keys sweetie? Why didn't you tell me about all this?"

"You will pay for keeping this a secret and sneaking around."

As I walked towards the footboard, pausing briefly to rub his swollen cock which was hidden beneath the panties and pantyhose, then I took several pictures of him. Wearing just the boots, pantyhose and a pair of tight panties. Then I wrapped the scarf around his eyes and tying it tight behind his head.

"Don't go anywhere now," as I left the room to download the pictures and make several copies of them.

Within 15 minutes I returned to the room wearing my new boots which I am sure he could hear clicking on the hardwood, along with my new corset and a black leather skirt. Covering everything with my long bathrobe. I told him, "No excuses, and do not try to get free or remove your blindfold or gag, otherwise those pictures will be emailed to some of your friends. Do you understand?"

All he did was nod. With the other locks in hand, I released his booted ankles and slipped his boots into the bodysuit then I attached both cuffs to a chain about 5 feet long. His ankles were separated by about a foot and the remaining chain I brought up towards his waist. Then after pulling the bodysuit up over his hips I released his hands and after having him push his arms into the bodysuit and pull it up over his shoulders. Then I reattached them to the chain near his upper thighs.

Then I grabbed the chain at his wrists and said, "Get up, we are going to the basement, and relax. I will help you."

Grabbing one of the other lengths of chain and the remaining locks, we were off to the basement. He was definitely struggling in the boots and the short chain but we managed to get downstairs. Once there I removed his blindfold after a few seconds. He immediately glanced at my boots which were only partially hidden. I then told him to do as I say and the pictures will remain our secret, then I had him nod in agreement. Moving a chair next to him I sat down backwards in the chair and told him to tighten the laces in my corset. Which he eagerly managed even with the cuffed wrists.

Once it was fairly tight I told him to stop and wrap the laces around my waist and tie them off in back. When I got up I asked him if he liked my outfit he nodded right away. Then I hung the extra chain over the main supports and after releasing his hands I cuffed them high over his head to the chain. Then I released one of his ankle cuffs and slipped the loose end of the chain inside a metal pipe about 3 feet long. Then slid the pipe up to his ankle that was still chained.
Slapping his inner thighs a few times and a few moans later his legs were spread wide. I attached the other end of the chain to his other ankle.
Now his arms were pulled tight and his legs were spread wide as he teetered In the towering heeled boots. I then returned upstairs for a plastic baggie and some ice along with a leather cock harness that I had him wear on several occasions. Once I returned pulled the bodysuit to the side and grabbed his panties and dropped in the bag of ice inside, as he shook his head pleading for me not to do it. Within 30 seconds he was totally limp and I removed the ice and locked the cock harness onto his now shrunken cock.

Then I moved behind him and wrapped the leather corset around his waist, "Since you like mine I figured you would like one too."

I chuckled, and began tightening the laces. By the time I had finished he had a hard time catching his breath. Pulling down at the bodysuit I inserted a pair of heavy foam breasts that would stay put beneath the bodysuit and cups of the corset. Lowering his hands I helped him keep his balance and had him swing his legs around until he was facing a support column. I then wrapped a heavy strap around his corseted waist and the column. Then cuffed his hands behind his back. Then I quickly strapped his elbows painfully tight together forcing them to almost touch. Then I grabbed the armbinder and released his wrists and slipped his hands inside and positioned the straps over his shoulders, securing them loosely. Then I began tightening the laces and when I got to his elbows I released the strap. Fifteen minutes later his arms were totally helpless and his elbows almost touching.

Then I released his ankles and sat him in a chair, sitting backwards. Tying his ankles to the legs I sat in front of him and began to shave his face then I began to apply his make-up, a base coat to hide his stubble, eyeliner and false lashes false. I warned him not to say a word as I removed the gag and applied a heavy coat of lipstick on him. I released his ankles and had him step into the leather skirt I had bought him. Finally I attached the wig and walked him over to the mirror.

The look on his face said it all, he looked better than I ever imagined, when I asked him what he thought he said just said, "incredible, I never used makeup as I never wanted to that far. But why are you doing this?"

"I am just giving you the full treatment, your fantasy. I found your stash and found a few items on ebay that you had been looking at. You are to refer to me as Mistress or Mistress Deb for now on, at least when we have our playtime is that understood."

He replied, "Yes Mistress."

Then I told him to open up and I re-gagged him and walked him to were I had the chain hanging. Then I pulled his arms up high behind his back and after some difficulty I managed to slide his bodysuit panties and pantyhose out of the way and inserted a remote control butt plug in his virgin ass. Hunched over with his legs spread wide he could only look at his cuffed boots. He struggled slightly with the heels, but after a sharp smack on the ass he calmed down and regained his balance.

"I hope you're comfortable as it is going to be a long weekend for you." After 20 minutes or so I released his ankles then his arms from the chain. Leaving his arms still encased in the tight armbinder, I sat on the edge of the bed, and pulled up my skirt and said, "Get over here and kneel. Now I am going to remove your gag and you know what to do and it better be good for your sake." I gave him a quick jolt from the remote to get him going. Thinking this is going to get very interesting. Maybe my daughter can have a sleepover once a month.


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