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Caught By His Wife

by sissykelli92

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© Copyright 2023 - sissykelli92 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; F/m; mpov; cd; chastity; caught; hum; outdoors; cuffs; collar; gag; blindfold; costume; maid; buttplug; remote; spank; toys; tease; denial; oral; facial; cons; nc; XX

Trigger warning: assault and humiliation.

This story took place about 5 years ago when I was 25. I had been seeing this guy I had met on Grindr and we were doing discreet meet ups at parking lots in the middle of the night where I'd give him head and he'd cum in my mouth and then we'd both leave.

So this had been going on for about 2 weeks and he asked if I wanted to come over to his house the following weekend. He said his roommate was going out of town and he would have the whole place to himself. I happily agreed. He had been sending me pics of all the bondage gear he had and I was so excited to be completely restrained and at his mercy.

So Friday rolled around; he texted me and said his roommate had left and I was clear to come over. I showed up dressed in a maid outfit, black lace panties, breast forms, a shoulder length black wig, fishnet stockings with attached garter, my 6" platform heels, handcuffs on my wrists that were locked to my collar, a chastity cage on my clit, a remote controlled butt plug in my ass and a ball gag already in my mouth.

He answered the side door and ushered me in before his neighbors saw. around my neck I wore a necklace with two keys, one for my cuffs and one for my cage. He chuckled, taking the keys and putting them in his pocket while telling me I'm a good girl. He had me get on my knees and follow him through the house to the bedroom.

He took out the ball gag and laid his cock on top of my face. I begged him to put it in my mouth. After teasing me a bit he shoved himself in my mouth. I greedily sucked his gorgeous cock, swirling my tongue around the head as I messily slurped him inside of me. After a minute he stopped me, not wanting to cum so early in the night.

He got me on the bed and got the remote to my butt plug out of my bag. He started ramping it up and down teasing me. He laughed as I writhed around on the bed, moaning as he turned the plug up more and more. He put the ball gag back in my mouth saying he didn't want me to bother the neighbors.

He slipped a blindfold over my eyes and started rubbing me all over. He took my panties off and wiped the precum leaking out of my clit and cage on his hand and then rubbed it all over my face. He said he was gonna tie me up and tease me all night long. I was so excited because it had been a while since I had gotten to really play with someone.

He laid me on my back and tied my ankles together, then he tied my knees together looping the ropes above and below my knees so that they hopefully wouldn't slide down. Then he took my ankles and tied them to something in the air. I was blindfolded so I couldn't see what it was but it held my ankles up at about a 45 degree angle.

Then he took my collar and tied something to the back of it. Once again I could not see but It had the effect of making the collar pull back on my neck, causing the collar to choke me. My hand cuffs were to the front of the collar so I was able to pull on them to keep me from being choked. I didn't have to pull very hard but the moderate effort I had to use after a few minutes was killing my arms but when I let them rest it would start choking me again. I assume it was some sort of weight tied to the rope.

So after tying me up like this he started rubbing me all over. Scratching and pulling at my body. He would smack my ass and play with my nipples under my breast forms. He got out a body wand vibrator and started vibrating my cage all while playing with the speed of the plug in my ass. I was begging and pleading for him to let me cum. To please please let me cum. I would do anything. I would make any deal. I would be his slave. He could own me. I'd sell him my soul. I did not care, I just knew I needed to cum. He would not let me though.

This went on for about two hours with a couple breaks in between. He had taken whatever it was on the collar off eventually probably cause I was so mad with arousal I'd forget to pull my hands down and would almost pass out from being choked.

He kept teasing and playing with me. He slid me to the edge of the bed as best he could with my legs still tied up and took the gag out of my mouth. He started fucking my throat while vibrating my cage and the plug at full blast. I was so close to cumming and he told me not to cum as he pulled out and blasted his load all over my face, then shoved it back in my mouth to let the rest of his seed pump slowly out of his balls and into my mouth. He pulled out, put the gag back in my mouth and started teasing me some more as I tried not to cum I heard something from outside the room.

He went to go check. I heard screaming coming from outside. I couldn't tell what they were saying but they seemed upset. Then I heard a door slam and it was quiet. The bedroom door opens again and I hear a female voice say, "he couldn't even cheat on me with a woman? Had to go and fuck some girly little faggot." My blood froze. I had never felt fear like that in my life.

The plug in my ass was still going full speed. I was more horny than I had ever been. I was worried I’d cum in front of her. In my head I had this strange war going on, of fear and at the same time hope that some porno type stuff was about to go down and I’d get to fuck them both… That did not happen.

She started in on me, calling me every name she could think of, she took pictures of me, slapped me, tore my clothes, punched me in the face, stomach and privates. I hear her going through my bag finding my phone and wallet. She takes pictures of my id's and uses my thumb to unlock my phone. I hear her taking more pics and assume it's all the messages I've been sending back and forth with the guy. She confirms this by laughing about the fact that he called her his "roommate". They have been married for 7 years, apparently.

I hear a pocket knife click open, I'm already crying at this point but now I'm screaming through my gag afraid she is gonna use it on me. She reaches out and cuts my legs loose from the rope holding me to the ceiling. My legs drop down to the bed. She leans in and tells me to get the fuck out of her house. I roll off the bed, still blindfolded, and try to use my hands to pull the blindfold off. The best I can do is lift it just a little so I can see a bit. I crawl as best as I can using my hands that are cuffed to my collar and my bound knees.

I made it out of the bedroom. She was kicking me and spitting on me. At one point she just starts throwing things at me and in my way. I'm bawling my eyes out. I just want to leave. The vibrator still going full blast inside of me. I'm leaving a trail of sweat, tears, and precum. She notices I'm leaking and starts a fresh round of yelling at me in disgust that I'm actually still aroused after all this. Unfortunately the humiliation of being degraded for this makes me even hornier. I'm actively moaning and crying while I'm crawling. She starts kicking my plug as I crawl telling me what a worthless loser whore I am. That if this is what gets me off that I'm going to end up dying alone cause no one wants to love a pathetic sissy like me. Guys just wanna fuck me cause I'm easy and once they cum they go back to their wives who they love and take care of.

She’s been filming me and taking more and more pics though this whole scenario. Between the degradation and her kicking the plug with the ball of her foot slamming it into me over and over again like she fucking me with it...I came. I had a mind shattering, body rocking and seizing orgasm. I left a puddle of sissy cum on the floor. The one of the biggest orgasms of my life.

She can't help but laugh at me and begin new insults, taking more videos and pictures. After the waves of orgasm fade away I'm now in the post orgasm regret time. I cannot believe I let myself get in this situation. I'm so embarrassed and I'm crying even more now. Begging her to please let me go.

She grabs my collar and starts pulling on it, dragging me through the house as I try to crawl to keep up and keep from being choked. The post orgasm feeling starts to fade and I start to get horny again. She has not stopped screaming and calling me names the whole time. I can't help but agree with her that I have a problem. Why is this making me horny?

We made it to the front door, she opened the door and pushed me out onto the front porch. I can see her car parked behind my car and his car is nowhere to be seen. He left me here with her.

She walks out the front door, I hear her lock the door, then she tosses my bag on the ground in front of me and my phone and wallet into it. She walks past me to my car and proceeds to slash two of the tires. She then walks back, cuts my legs free and tells me she's leaving and I better not be here when she gets back. She then walks to her car and drives away.

I manage to get off the ground, there I am standing in 6" black platform heels, ripped fishnet stockings, a torn maid outfit, bra and breastforms showing through, no panties, chastity cage cover in drying cum, a still vibrating butt plug, hands cuffed to my collar a ball gag in my mouth my very fucked up black wig, makeup ran down my face, and a blindfold that I still can't get off completely. I manage to pull the blindfold down and over my mouth so I can see. I see my reflection on the window and shutter. I look like a whore after a rough client.

I get my bag and go to my car. She slashed two tires and I only have one spare. I resign myself to the fact that I'm going to have to walk home. I look around the car for anything I can use to cover up or get this collar off. I find a pair of pliers that have a wire cutter. I try to cut through the collar, cuffs, ball gag but the only thing I manage to cut is the flimsy blindfold that is not in the way anymore. I don't have anything to cover up with because the day before I had cleaned my car out and got it detailed.

I try to text him but he doesn't answer. I considered trying a friend to come help but none of my friends know this side of me and I was afraid of having another bad incident in the same night. On the plus side he lived close to me. By foot without all the impediments it was a 45 minute walk. It took me an hour and fifteen minutes to make it home, because I was constantly ducking behind trees or something whenever a car would pass.

I fell down more than once and when I made it home I barely made it into my room before my roommate heard me and came to see why I was making so much noise coming in so late. I closed the door to my bedroom and locked it behind myself. I found my knife in my bedside table and was able to carefully cut the collar off. Then I could take off the ball gag.

As I reached up I stopped myself and instead reached back into the bedside table grabbing my body wand I leaned against the corner of my head pressing onto the buttplug in my ass that had died on the way home. I start bouncing as I use the vibrator on my cage thinking about everything that just happened. I cum again. I reach up and take my ball gag out and start licking my vibrator clean. The post orgasm clarity comes back and I am once again completely ashamed of what has happened. Telling myself I'll never do this again.

I use a safety pin to pick the lock on my handcuffs, finally getting them off. I pull the plug out of my ass and I peel out of the clothes and lay in the bed, dirty, sweaty, still in chastity because I couldn't pick the padlock and covered in mine and his dried cum and her dried spit.

I look at my phone. He had texted me saying we couldn't see each other anymore and that he was sorry for what had happened. I lay there thinking about it all slowly getting horny again, starting to leak again and have to stop myself from asking him to try and get the pics of me his wife took so I can have them for myself.


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