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Caught in the Act

by Lynda Christine

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© Copyright 2011 - Lynda Christine - Used by permission

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It isn't everyday that we get an opportunity to find out things about other people that we would never know. It's even more interesting, or scary when you think about it, when they learn something about you that you would rather others NOT find out about. However, sometimes the two of them come crashing together completely accidentally and, well, there is nothing that you can do about it but, well, survive.


I had decided that I needed some Lynda time, especially after working on the road with a second person with me. Normally, I travel alone and stay by myself in hotel rooms, meaning that I can at least slip into Lynda for a few hours. If the hotel has an exterior door for the room, I might even venture out at night, taking a drive or a stroll. Okay, most times, it is a drive. But I have gotten out of my car a couple of times, usually at some highway rest stop or something, when I REALLY need to get out of the car. But I was stressing out and this was my most favorite way to relieve that stress.

So I had spent a few hours getting ready, stripping off my guy side with a razor and scented body wash. A little into the tub and the rest on my scrubby and I was soon in heaven. I made sure I was smooth, which is difficult after 2 weeks of not being able to! Of course, new razor helped in that, and all of the sudden, there I was, ready for my transformation.

First I brought out my lovely Vanity Fair panties. I am sorry girls and boys, but I do NOT like bikini's, thongs or even “hipsters” but rather prefer the full cut nylon panties that they have. And if I can't wear those, well, there is always Secrets in Lace and their vintage inspired panties and the like. This time, I actually pulled out the silky Secrets in Lace black panties with the lace trim along the legs and a lacy demi bra I picked up on sale at Penny's! Then I got my forms and put them into place and I was ready.

I pulled on the stocking over my head since I do not have sufficient hair on my head to just put on an extention. Meaning I am going bald on top. My sides and back are long but I prefer the auburn wig anyways. But first, spend the next 30 minutes working on my make up. Goodness knows, if you don't do it right, you have to work on it again. And I was out of practice and this time, I wanted it as close to decent as I could get it. (Perfect ain't happening, folks!)

Once I got that done, I pulled out my stockings and put them on. Sometimes I go the garterbelt thing and other times, I prefer the thigh high's. This time, it was the thigh highs and my stiletto heels. Now, since I already stand 6'2” tall, you would think low heels, right??? Well, not for this girl! I can not seem to walk in lower than 4 inch heels. I do not know why but it just feels weird and unsteady. But stick my feet into a pair of five or six inch heels and I am walking proud and comfortably! Then I pick out my outfit. I figured a skirt and blouse, seeing as I was going to hang at the house for a while until it got a little darker and then I would head out and take a drive along my favorite area.

You see, I had the hots for this one gal with whom I had known and been friends with for many years. However, she would have been shocked with my desired attire but she would have become yet another friend that I had lost because of my other secret. I had actually lost girlfriends before, first trying to hide all of this and then admitting it to them later. So, I just cooled my heels (pun intended) and avoided the conflict that was sure to arise and just stayed friendly with Martha. But I so loved her sense of style and dress. She even had admitted to me that she preferred “retro” clothing to the styles of today. I know that I had caught sight of her wearing stockings and she even had said that pantyhose had to have been designed by some guy and not some girl because of the way they felt. I didn't know and, well, never really thought about it, personally. (Come to find out, it WAS indeed some guy who invented the first pair. Google it and you will see)

Once I was all dressed I put on my wig and combed it out, making sure that everything looked alright. Then I used my bobbie-pins to hold it in place and was prepared to face the day as Lynda. I went to my kitchen and fixed a light breakfast and turned on the news. After eating, I realized that I had all this time and I REALLY wanted to do something that I had not done in a while. So I went to the closet and pulled out my little black bag.

The phone rang and I decided that I would let the answering machine get it. It picked up and I heard Martha...

“Damn, I was hoping you would be there. Anyway, all my girlfriends have turned me down and, well, I was hoping that you could help me out... I got called away for work and I REALLY need someone to come over and take care of Buster! Can you PLEASE call me as soon as you can. I REALLY need your help!”

Luckily, the phone was right there and I picked up and called into the phone. “Martha, I'm here!”

“Oh, thank goodness. I thought you had said you weren't doing anything this week. So, can you help me out. Only be a couple of days.”

“Sure, Martha. I can do that. And you know that Buster and I get along quite well. So, when you taking off?”

“Tonight. I have my tickets and everything. I will be back on Friday night, so it's just for the next four days. Is that going to be a problem?”

“Nope. I am taking vacation time this week anyway, after that long trip...” We spoke for a few minutes, catching up since we had not seen each other in a while. She told me that she would leave me a key in the mailbox after the mail had come and that she appreciated the help. Of course, I kept quiet about how she could repay it, but she did offer to cook me dinner when she got back. And boy, can she EVER cook.

Oh, and I also knew that a relationship between us was, well, never going to happen. I knew that she was more into girls than guys, so, needless to say, I was never going to get a shot at her, either as Paul nor as Lynda. That didn't mean that I didn't have fantasies of her tying me up and disciplining me seeing as I loved the idea of being tied up. Now I would be able to at least see more than her living room and, oh boy, was I ever excited.

But first, I had to get my fix in for some bondage and so I set up a little session. I got out my penis gag and a blindfold, my leather cuffs and several locks. Then I set to tying myself up, putting the keys in the kitchen on the floor and then went back to my bedroom. I took the ankle cuffs and locked them in place, taking the padlocks and first placing the short piece of chain in them and then locking them on the D rings on my ankle cuffs.

Then I reached into my bag and got a vibrating dildo. This I rolled a condom over and then lubed it up. This was the part that not only was uncomfortable but also created some stress for me. You see, I didn't use a LITTLE one but rather a slightly larger one. It is nine inches long and two inches wide. Thankfully, with the lube and such, it takes a little while to get it inside but once there, well, it doesn't come out so easy. And when it is all the way it, it feels SO good... Once I managed to get it all the way in, I took a short length of rope and created a harness to keep it inside me. I knew that it would move a little but by tying the rope and a leather strap through my crotch, it helped to hold it in place. Then, because I really don't like to mess up my panties, I rolled another condom on. I pulled up my panties, made sure my stockings were all the way up and sat down on my heels.

Then I took a waist belt and placed it around my hips, hooking two chains to the back rings. Then I reached back and took the chains and hooked them to the D rings on my ankle cuffs. Standing up was not not happening. And since I had used the chain connectors that twist in place, it would take a little while to take them off, once I could get to them.

After that, I decided that I should put the gag in my mouth. Luckily I had found a way to make the taste bearable. And since the leather of the gag also bothered me, I used some good old fashioned duct tape to prevent the leather taste from bothering me. The rubbery latex taste of the latex penis was the difficult thing to take for long periods of time and I was planning for a longer session. So I had found some oral sex liquid that you can paint on your cock. Worked wonders.

Then it was time to put my wrists into bondage and blindfold myself. Of course, I had to blindfold myself first. So, time to get that into place and get the last couple of things I would need to bind my wrists. Leather cuffs on the wrists and then the chain to hook them to the sides of the belt. I hooked my left wrist to the belt, then pulled the blindfold down into place, snugging it tight and then locked my right wrist at me side. I was essentially bound and gagged, not getting anywhere fast. I knew it would take a while just to get to the kitchen and, since I really couldn't see where I was going, I was going to have some time to enjoy it all. And that vibrator had new batteries so it wasn't long before I was feeling good and turned on.

All the while, I am feeling like I have been taken by Martha and that she is my Mistress. I was being punished for some stupid thing that I had done and in order to free myself from this punishment I was going to have to manage to NOT cum while travelling to the kitchen to find the locks. The problem is, of course, that there was no way that the vibrator was going to stop and I was already starting to feel it's power. Before I could even get to the hallway, I was lying on my stomach and within moments, I had cum. I was so tired I even felt like I had passed out but knew that I had only slept for a few minutes. Having a vibrator hit you like this one was will keep you going for a while.

I started to crawl as best I could, realizing that the chain holding my wrists was really short. Normally I used a longer chain but I really wanted to try it shorter. I knew that I could reach the locks so that was not an issue. What was the problem is that trying to crawl and the like was more difficult with the shorter wrist movement that these chains caused. And I was starting to get aroused again, with my ass bouncing back and forth while I tried to move, plus the added pressure of my cock rubbing in my cum and inside the panties. And all I could do was imagine that Martha was laughing at her little sissy slave, knowing that there was no escape without the keys and that I was going to be punished for cumming after being told not to! And before long, I was moaning and panting  as I reached a second orgasm, filling the condom with even more cum, and all I could do was pray that the condom didn't break.

After what felt like days, I managed to feel the kitchen floor. I was able to slide around on the floor a little better then, and knowing where I placed the keys, I starting sliding over to there.

I got to where I KNEW I had left the keys and... No keys. I reached around and found the table leg. I reached around the leg and still no keys. I started to panic but realized that maybe I had gotten to the wrong leg. So I slowly worked my way around the entire table and still, no keys! I know my house by heart and I know my kitchen. My keys SHOULD have been there. I moan a little into the gag and think hard.

Now, the thing about the leather gag and the gorilla tape that I use to cover the edge of the leather, as well as the liquid that I used to kill the smell and taste of latex is that it does things to your sense of smell. But at that point, my sense of hearing was kicked into overdrive and suddenly, I hear the click of high heels walking on my vinyl floor!

“Oh my... Lookie what I have found for me tonight!!!”

Part Two

I could actually feel my heart sink!


Martha's girlfriend. Okay, my friend too but not in the same way as Martha! And she is not only the last person I wanted to ever catch me like this but, if I had been thinking clearer and not so desperate for some girl time, I would have remembered that she had the key to my place and was bringing it back to me today! And I had forgotten all about that little detail!

“Paul, sweetie, Martha and I were kind of curious about who used all that pretty underwear and outfits. Do you realize that you are a worse clothes horse than Martha is? And I have to admit that when I saw the corsets as well as that beautiful french maid uniform, I had such high hopes that it would be you that wore them and not some girlfriend we didn't know about. But, right now I want to know why it is that you seem to be squirming so much.” I heard her walk over and I heard her laugh.

“Oh my, I know why you are squirming so much. It must be that cute little vibrator that we saw in the bag. And it is inside you, isn't it?”

I nodded my head.

“Did you cum yet?”

I nodded my head. It wasn't as if I could hide it now, was it?

“Oh dear. More than once, I'll bet, what with the way that you had to move from your bedroom all the way here. And I can hear it humming, too! Fresh batteries sure make things more enjoyable, don't they my little sissy?”

I was lying there, on my side, feeling completely helpless, since I now knew that Elaine had my keys. I also knew that Martha had been snooping in my place with Elaine. Admittedly, I was certainly up to snooping in Martha's place while I was over there. And her place was certainly larger than mine was. So, I could honestly not get too upset with either one of them, for they did the same thing that I had planned on doing. But I sure as hell didn't want to get caught like this!

“Oh, I guess I should tell you that Martha is going to be so pleased when she finds out. You see, I think that she was hoping that it was all your stuff more than I was. I didn't really understand WHY she seemed so confident that it would be you but now that I see you all bound up, by your own hand, no less, I can kind of understand the attraction.”

I heard the click of heels as she moved closer.

“You see, Paul, while I am a strict lesbian, Martha is actually bi. But, for some little strange reason, she can not get all worked up about a guy in the buff. But if he is wearing panties, well...”

Oh my God, I actually have a shot!!!
Of course, that bubble burst a little...

“Of course, that doesn't mean that she wants their cock inside her. Nope. You see, she likes to take boys and turn them into sweet little sissy boys. That means no sex, in the manner in which you might be thinking. Though, come to think of it, seeing as you have that nice vibrator inside you, it might just mean the kind of sex you ARE thinking about!” And I could hear the laugh as well as understand what she meant, even if she didn't swat my ass!

“Of course, we also kind of wondered what you called yourself until we actually found a purse! You have everything in that purse of yours a woman needs to have, INCLUDING I.D.! With the name Lynda on it! So, I would say that you like to call yourself Lynda, don't you? So, I guess we should make you a little LESS comfortable before Martha get's here! But I am wondering just how willing you are to strip off that silly outfit and put on something more appropriate. Like that cute french maid uniform.”

I nodded acceptance. It was not like I was going to be able to deny any of this. I felt a hand on me and then my ankles were released from my waist. Then I realized that Elaine was a whole lot stronger than I would have given her credit for as she helped me to my feet. I halfway expected to have everything else released but that was not to be.

I felt the hem of the skirt lifted up and my panties being pulled down.

“Interesting, Lynda. I see you didn't want to mess these cute panties. And you certainly seem to have been aroused by the vibrator, considering that not only is there a good deal of cum inside this condom but that your cock seems to be a little bit on the hard side.” I felt the condom coming off my cock and something rough being wrapped around it. It felt like a wash cloth or something that was wiping the residual cum off my cock. Then my panties were put back into place. Then I felt a hand on my face as the blindfold was removed, affording me my first look at Elaine.

What I saw standing there was an Elaine that I had never before seen. She had always struck me as the biker chick. Denim and flannel were all I had ever seen her wear. Hell, I don't think I had ever seen her in anything other than sneakers or even work boots. To say that she had every appearance of being a bull dyke would be an understatement. However, the vision I was seeing this time was completely different. In fact, I was mesmerized.

Elaine was wearing nothing that I would have expected. On her feet were stiletto heels as high as mine were. On her legs were stockings whose tops were held up by garters attached to her corset. And this corset was not leather but rather a satin brocade corset in black and red. Her panties were red lace and did everything to make her femininity unquestionable. And the corset did not so much cover but rather accentuate her breasts. Around her neck, she had a red patent leather collar. In her hand, she held another collar and a chain leash that seemed destined for my own neck. In fact, as she walked towards me with them in her hand, I could see that the collar was pink patent leather. And without a single hesitation, she had it placed around my neck and locked in place. And for some reason, I accepted that without a care in the world. Not that I could have done anything about it anyways.

Elaine smiled and tugged on the leash. “Come along, sissy. We might as well get you ready to properly greet Mistress Martha. Because she is just dying to meet Lynda.” I felt myself being led into my bedroom and I watched as Elaine pulled open my closet door and took out the maid uniform and it's petticoat. Then she pulled open a drawer and pulled out the ruffled panties to go with the uniform as well as a corset that I knew was going to be restrictive, as it was my best one for waist nipping.. All I could do was watch as she got things pulled out and then felt her open the locks on my wrists.

“I am going to leave that gag in your mouth. But you need your hands free to change your clothes. So, make sure that you are fully dressed when I get back. Oh, that's right. The corset. So, change into that and I will make sure you are well laced. Then we can get your uniform on and we can be ready for your Mistress.”

I looked at Elaine quizzically. She saw my look and smiled. “Oh yes, Mistress Martha is coming here. We were not sure, completely, that you would do this to yourself. That is why I came over earlier, Lynda. When I saw that you were dressed and bound, I knew I had made the right call and removed my coat and waited. I knew I could take the keys and eventually you would show up. I just didn't think that it would take you so long. Of course, now I know why.”

“She called you to make you feel at ease. She has taken a few days off from work in the hopes that, well, we would find you receptive to an offer, and seeing as you are, well, receptive, I am sure that you will accept the offer. But you need to be dressed properly for Her. So...” She paused and I started to get undressed. I had the blouse and skirt off and folded neatly and then the slip. I started to remove my panties but she stopped me and handed me the ruffled panties to put on. Usually I love the feel of wearing two pairs of panties at one time, as it tends to feel like the panties of old. I took off the bra that I was wearing and since I had used adhesive to hold them in place, I could feel their weight on my chest. Then I was handed a camisole and the petticoat to wear. I put them on and then came to fun part, being laced into my corset!

As I put it around me and hooked the front, Elaine went around in back and started working the laces. It seemed that she had a great deal of practice in the lacing of a corset as quickly and efficiently, I watched and felt my waist being nipped and realized that breathing was getting more difficult. But it wasn't feeling impossible. But when I looked in the mirror, I could tell that I was definitely narrow and that was shocking! Lastly came the uniform in black bridal weight satin and a white apron. Once those were in place, I looked and saw the new, more feminine me.

Then the belt was placed back around my waist and the lock put back in place. Then I felt my wrists being locked behind my back and my elbows being tied behind me as well. This, to say the least, was uncomfortable. Not that I was in any way able to complain other than the moan that escaped my lips as my elbows were brought closer together. Then I looked in the mirror one last time and finally noticed that my collar had writing on it...


I didn't know what the hell to say! All I could do was look at the writing and know that they had me firmly pegged in place. I felt a tug on my leash and was led back into my living room and there, sitting in my chair was Martha...

Before I knew what I was doing, I knelt on the floor before her and watched as Elaine did as well. In fact, both of us were kneeling and looking at the floor. Of course, I was not sure that I was actually seeing this but it certainly looked like she was.

“Well, I see that my trusted slave has taken care of making our trusty little sissy prepared to learn what it is that I want in my little sissy. And Elaine, you may rise so that Lynda can thank you for your help.”

I caught Elaine standing up and realized that Martha was her Mistress. Now she was going to have not only her but me as well. And then it struck me that I was going to have two Mistress' to serve. For some this might have been the ideal fantasy but right now, it was feeling like it would be a living nightmare... Or maybe a very DARK fantasy for me.

“Lynda, as you have by now realized, Elaine is my slave. You will be my slave with whom I will share with Elaine. She has always wanted to try her hand at being a dominatrix and, well, I guess that she can practice on you.”

“You should be aware that you will be calling us both Mistress. Elaine, being my slave, also will call me Mistress. You will be serving both of us and in ways that you might not have ever thought you would. However, this is NOT something that I take lightly and you should not either. When we discovered your little secret of crossdressing, we thought that we could possibly take advantage of it, if for no other reason than we could go out as girlfriends. I always liked having you over and there were times when Elaine was not enough. She knows it as she is not unaware that she does, indeed, come off as a bull. She is, and she is proud of it. But she does tend to hide her feminine side and, well, I am bringing her along that way.”

“When we found your little EXTRA secret, we knew that not only would we be able to take advantage of THAT but that we could have fun with it and even help YOU become more feminine. Of course, for very different reasons.”

I listened to her talk, realizing that I was where I truly wanted to be, on the floor before her, hoping that she would accept me as I was. I was realizing that she not only was accepting it but was accepting everything that I was. And that she was going to make me realize that this was my place in life. What worried me a little, however, was how Elaine was going to fit into all of this.

I was to learn soon enough...





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