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by Jeza

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Storycodes: F/m; bond; cell; prison; cd; M2f; corset; chastity; toys; collar; chain; furniture; hood; gag; cons; X

Here I am, kneeling on the cross on the floor in my new cell, waiting for my mistress. It is 5 minutes until 10 am. I am dressed in a satin black and white maids outfit, a corset that was made for me, I had put it on this morning and tightened it the best I could, my waist is constricted to 30 inches, but the corset can be tightened to reduce my waist to 24 inches. The corset has 8 suspenders to hold up the black seamed stockings that I am wearing, covered by the 4” heels that are locked on with padlocks, the keys are upstairs. I am wearing a stainless steel cock cage, this is small and if I attempt to get an erection quickly become uncomfortable. This has been locked on for the last week on mistress’s instructions, the absence of some relief has been driving me mad.

Around my neck is a 2” stainless steel collar, this is lined as it will remain on for some time. From the back of the collar is a thin but strong chain that is attached to the ceiling. The chain allows me movement around the cell but stops me short of reaching the door. From the back of the collar a heavy chain hangs down my back connected to the self locking cuffs that are separated by 6” of chain. Enough freedom to allow me to wipe my own bottom but the chain from my collar prevents me getting my arms in front, without the keys which are upstairs and unreachable I am stuck until my mistress arrives.

The cell is something I built. It is in the cellar of my large house. I built an L-shaped wall out of breeze-block leaving me with a room 24 foot long and 16 wide with a solid oak door that I got from a reclamation yard along with two 18” long bolts that keep the door locked tight and make a satisfying clunk when driven home.

The floor is concrete, with a plastic coating over it as used on factory floors, it is smooth and washable and when you walk on it in heels there is an erotic clicking of heels. At the far end of the room I have installed a toilet and a sink (cold water only) so that I do not have to leave the cell. 

The extractor fan removes stale air and a vent allows fresh air in, but I deliberately built them with 90 degree bends so no natural light from outside can come in so I have no idea if it is day or night. At the bottom of one wall is a modest electric wall heater, set after several days of testing to a comfortable temperature. 

Against the wall to the right of me is a thin mattress with three metal rings fixed to the wall just above the mattress with further rings at the base and the head of the mattress fixed to the floor. The rings allow me to be secured in any way my mistress wishes.

A few feet further down the wall is a St Andrew’s cross, made to measure for me, with straps for securing my wrists and ankles. Once fastened to the cross I am stretched and vulnerable.

Along the opposite wall are a few more items. A large dildo over 12” long, with a 2 ½” girth, is affixed to the wall so when I kneel before it fills my mouth, just below the dildo is a clip that fastens to the front of my collar, when the clip is closed I can’t get my mouth off the dildo which effectively gags me, my mistress can make me deep throat it until I am choking on it.

To the left of the first dildo is another dildo at the same height, but this one is slightly thinner and contains a tube running down from a container fixed to the wall above it. Mistress can then put fluids into the container and they will trickle down to the dildo and as I am again forced to suck the dildo with another clip holding me in place, I will have to swallow whatever is presented to me.

Alongside this is a ring attached to the wall at neck height, if my collar is attached to the ring then I will be forced to stand in the heels until released. A pair of leg cuffs are attached at the bottom of the wall to stop me squirming around too much. This could also be used with me kneeling with my back to the wall and with a chain from my wrists attached to the ring; the leg cuffs stop me from standing and the chain from the ring can be of different lengths to put me in a more stress-like position.

In the middle of the room is a padded red spanking bench, which has straps for my ankles, knees and thighs, one across my back and a further clip to attach my collar to keep me from lifting my head. A chain hangs from the ceiling just above where my hands will be so they can be lifted and pulled out of the way. I know from experience that once fastened down there is nothing I can do to avoid any punishment or torment my mistress desires to do to me.

In front of the spanking bench is a queening stool. I have to lie on my back with my face on a board, a motor underneath the bench can lift my head to the height my mistress requires to allow her to make me lick her or so she can pee on my face, this is something I have not yet tried.

Further along is a frame on which I get down on all fours. My wrists are fastened to the one end and my ankles the other, an upright from the base attaches to my collar. It quickly becomes an uncomfortable position, but worst of all I am so vulnerable without any real movement, unable to stop Mistress doing whatever she wants.

Just in reach is the feeding stand, this is a bowl placed on a metal stand that I have to kneel at to eat, mistress is supposed to bring food twice per day, it should be human food and warm, but I have no choice as to what it is and must eat all the food and lick the bowl and clean up any spilled food with my mouth. 

Mistress only needs to visit me twice a day to feed me, and once to release one of my hands and give me ten minutes to brush my teeth, wash, and use the electric razor, after which I have to re-cuff my own wrist when the timer goes off. Whenever I hear Mistress approaching I must kneel on my mark, with head down facing away from the door, Mistress could come in, leave the food and exit without me seeing her. I am only allowed to talk when given permission, and this must be “Yes Mistress.” Mistress can also decide on any other rules she wishes, she can feed me when she wants, without access to daylight there is no way of telling what time it is or even what day it is.

On either side of the door are two cupboards. The left hand one contains a vast number of canes, whips, paddles of wood, leather, rubber etc. I do not enjoy the pain, although my mistress does seem to enjoy inflicting it upon me. Most have been collected over the years and never used, but it is an impressive if not frightening display. 

In the right hand cupboard across the top is a row of six hoods, the first has an open mouth and eyes holes, each of the other hoods is more severe, going up to a full isolation hood, that gives no light has a blow up gag and pads over the ears so very little sound can come out, once locked on breathing is difficult through the small air holes, this can be locked in place with four padlocks, even with hands free the wearer cannot loosen or remove this hood.

Below the row of hoods are about a dozen gags, from a small ball gag, through to very large ones, along with a blow up gag, ring gag, spider gag and penis gags of different sizes, some are uncomfortable to wear after a short time, but I will have no choice how mistress uses them.

There are several different blindfolds, leather and cloth, along with a large collection of rope, chain, padlocks and straps.

Right at the bottom of the cupboard are 3 pairs of shoes each of which have lockable ankle straps, they are nearly identical to the 4” heels I am currently wearing but these are with 5”, 6” and impossible to walk in 7” heels. Mistress can decide if she wants me to be more uncomfortable.

The cell is lit by a few dim ceiling lights, these are on permanently giving a low light, but enough so the four CCTV cameras, one at each corner, record me; Mistress can check on me without even coming into the cell. Also mounted to the ceiling are two video cameras which can be operated by remote control to give good quality images of me if she wishes to put my on-line. 

Opposite from the mattress fixed high up on the wall, is a 50” TV, no sound but it is hooked up to a computer and plays a constant stream of femdom and sissy maid videos, showing me how I am supposed to act.

At the end of the cell furthest from the door is a row of 5kg kettlebells, 15 in total, each on its own spot, there is another spot at the other end of the cell, when mistress thinks I need some exercise I have to squat down and lift them one at a time and carry them to the other end of the room, squat down and put it down on the correct spot. It takes almost a minute for each trip and gets harder with each one, with my hands fastened behind me it is difficult to pick up and put down the weights. I have 15 minutes to move them all – otherwise there will be some punishment.

I am going to be here for 28 days; Mistress has already been paid very well, and she enjoys her work. She told me that there would be no mercy, she will do whatever she wants with me. Maybe even getting some of her male friends to come and use me, by the end of the month she says that I will be a perfect slave with no will of my own, there for her use. She has even said that this might be a permanent arrangement and I will spend the rest of my life locked in this cell.

So I am waiting, I think Mistress is descending the cellar stairs, there is no turning back now.


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