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The Choice

by Jeza

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© Copyright 2013 - Jeza - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; cuffs; rope; gag; fem; cd; stockings; heels; maid; corset; cuffs; susp; punish; denial; cons/reluct; X


Bianca was relishing the moment, "So you want to come back to me after all you’ve done?"

Jeremy looked a the floor and said, "Yes, I know I’ve hurt you, but it was a big mistake for me to leave"

"So its nothing to do with me coming into money? Especially as that little bitch has gone off will all of yours? I could have you back, but it will be on my terms, you have to agree to them, now, this moment, otherwise you can leave and never come here again!"

"What are your terms?" he mumbled.

"That’s for me to know and you to find out "she snapped back. "If you are in agreement, go upstairs to our bedroom, the handcuffs and other items are in the bedside cabinet where you left them, take all your clothes off and fasten yourself up on the bed, or you can just leave by the front door, your choice."

"Okay then" he said dejectedly and left the room and went up the stairs.

This has all started some 8 months before, when Jeremy had fallen for a girl at the office, 10 years younger than him, he had fallen head over heels for her, and within a couple of weeks he had left Bianca and moved in with her. He then found she wasn’t quite so cute after all, one way or another she fleeced him of everything he had, he started making mistakes at work, the last one which cost the company a good size order saw him fired, he was left basically destitute.

Bianca gave him 5 minutes and went up stairs to the bedroom, as instructed Jeremy was on the bed, he was naked face down on the bed, his hands cuffed behind his back, his legs tied at the knees and ankles with lengths of white rope, a large red ball gag in this mouth. Bianca checked the ropes, they were clinched tight, she clicked the ratchet on the handcuffs tightening them, then went to the bedside cabinet and found a further length of rope. She folded this in the middle making a loop then presenting it to the chain joining the handcuffs pushed the two tail ends of the rope through the loop capturing the handcuff chain, pulling the rope tight she then lifted up Jeremy’s legs and brought them up to his wrists, she tied the rope to the ankle rope, with the knots out of reach of his hands. He was now in a strict hogtie, the handcuffs cutting into his wrists, she would have preferred to have his wrists tied with rope, but she wanted him to fasten himself up, giving him back to her.

"Good now you are taken care off, I am going out shopping, I have a whole list of things to buy, some off them you will enjoy, some of them less so, not that you’ll have a choice." She took off her skirt and top and went to the wardrobe for something else to wear.

Standing in front of the wardrobe mirror she looked at her 5ft 9" figure, ‘not too bad for 40’ she thought, her 36C breasts were still firm, her legs were good, somewhat muscular from years of step aerobics 3 times per week, her bottom was certainly pert. Her upper arms were certainly not flabby, her auburn hair was cut to just touching her shoulders, she still got admiring glances from men, there was plenty of life left.

Dressing in black stockings, a black pencil figure hugging skirt and a white blouse, she put on 4 inch black court shoes, not ideal for shopping but she felt good. Bianca could see Jeremy lying on the bed watching all this, his penis was very hard.

"Your’re not getting any of this, not for a while anyway, you’ll have to prove yourself first!" she then left the room.

Jeremy was cramped in the hogtie, the handcuffs were too firm for long term use and were cutting into his wrists, he had little movement. The knots on his legs were out of reach of his probing fingers he wasn’t going to release himself from this position, hopefully she wouldn’t leave him here too long, in the past she just left him for 20 minutes or so whilst she was downstairs. He heard her moving around downstairs and the front door open and close, the reality of his fate was starting to dawn on him.

Jeremy wriggled around on the bed, movement was very limited, and all he did was grind the steel of the handcuffs into the flesh of his wrists, the ball gag stopped him making any more noise then aagh, he was truly stuffed. He could hear the odd car go past the house as he lay there, his erection started to droop. He fell asleep. Pain woke him, his right leg had cramped, trying to stretch it was almost impossible, he got a little relief only at the expense of digging the handcuffs into his wrists. The bedside clock showed 4.20pm, he had been there some 4 hours, she had to be back soon. He lay there sensitive to every sound outside, hoping that the next car that drove up would be hers and she would release him.

Time past, at 6pm he was starting to get worried, there was a wet patch by his head were he had drooled from the ball gag, his mouth ached and the straps were cutting into the corner of his mouth, his shoulders, arms and legs were protesting at their confinement, finally he heard a car pull into the drive and after a little time someone open the front door. He heard her moving about, going back out to the car a couple of times, then the front door closing. He was now anticipating his release, but all he could hear was her moving around downstairs, he grunted into the gag to try and attract attention but any noise he made wouldn’t have travelled beyond the room.

Finally, after what seem like an hour, but was probably only 15 minutes she came up stairs. She was still dressed in the skirt, blouse and high heels and came over to the bed. "See you haven’t gone anywhere whilst I’ve been gone" she said mockingly. Her standing over him started his passions to arise again, showing in his hardening penis. "You are obviously enjoying this too much! You shouldn’t be, but I’m going to be kind and release you, let you have a shower, you will find a razor in the bathroom, I want you to shave your legs, I want them nice and smooth. - You’ve got 15 minutes then I want you back in this room kneeling at the foot of the bed!"

She undid the ropes from his wrists to his ankles and he was able to straighten out his legs for the first time in over 6 hours, it felt good, she removed the handcuffs and then turned and left the room and went downstairs. He had difficulty removing the ropes, his arms seemed tired sluggish to move, he remove the ball gag and worked his jaw around to get out the stiffness, his body felt like he had just run a marathon. He moved slowly to the bathroom and ran the shower, he found the razor and tried to shave his legs as instructed, it was more difficult than he imagined, he was not a hairy person, but he took a while and he knicked himself several times. The hot water in the shower felt good, removing some of the stiffness. Finally after he felt he could run his hands up and down his legs without any trace of a hair he dried himself and went back to the bedroom.

Bianca was standing there waiting, on the bed were various items of clothing and some leather cuffs. "I said 15 minutes, you’ve been nearly 20, this is not a good start, get on your knees!" she snapped. Jeremy meekly obeyed, keeping his head down towards the floor in a submissive posture.

"I have been out today and spent nearly £4000.00 on equipment and clothes for you, you should be very grateful. Now, don’t say anything I’m going to give you my rules:

You should only speak when asked a direct question and always answer "Yes mistress" You must do exactly as you are told, any hesitation or non-compliance will be punished. You will be my slave until I decide you have redeemed yourself. You are not allowed to cum, you can only cum when I say. You will wear what I give you, not that you have a choice, I have cut up the clothes you came in today and I binned all your others when you left 8 months ago. I am allowed to do whatever I want to you, short of actually damaging you permanently.

Do you agree?"

"Yes mistress" he replied, his cock was again growing hard at the thought of what was to come.

"Right we will start be getting you dressed as a proper slave. On the bed is a corset, satin maid’s outfit, including a mop cap, suspender belt, black seamed stockings, panties, a bra with inserts, a choker collar and in the box you will find a pair of 6" high heels, size 10 with straps and padlocks. I want you to put them all on, they should all be the correct size, get the corset as tight as you can, fasten the padlocks on the shoes, when you have finished, put the leather cuffs on your ankles and wrists, the ankle cuffs are joined by a 18" chain, the wrist cuffs by a 8" chain, fasten you hands in front of you, then come down stairs. I’ll leave you now and go and make myself some dinner, if you get this right, I might allow you to eat some of it, do you understand."

"yes mistress" he replied stunned by her statement and surprised at his own acceptance, although they had tried bondage, and some role playing he had never dressed in women’s clothing before. Bianca left the room and went down stairs, Jeremy got up off the floor and surveyed the items on the bed, he picked up a few of the items and examined them more closely. The items were of good quality, and they looked the right size for him. Despite being 44 years old, his body was still slim, still had the same 32" waist he had when he was 20. At 6ft he was slim, not athletic, almost skinny, he never seem to put on weight and ate what he liked. His body was not quite feminine but it was a reasonable shape.

He thought to himself he’d better start with the corset. He picked it up it was panelled and had heavy ribbing, which appeared to be metal strips, it was covered in black satin with black lace around the bottom and top. At the back there were hook and eye fasterners all the way up its length with a criss cross of ribbons used to tighten it.

He put it around his body, but could seem to engage the hook and eyes at the back, he solved this by turning it round so the fastenings were at the front, then when you had got the all fastened (they were 30 of them) he turned it on his body. It was already a tight fit, but the restriction was minimal. It covered his chest down to the bottom of his stomach. By looking in the mirror he could see the ribbons, he pulled on the loose ends and the corset tightened not a lot, by pulling some of the ribbons further up he got it tighter, hopefully this would be enough. He leaned towards the bed to pick up the bra, and found it was very difficult to bend his waist at all, bending his knees slight was the only way to reach down to the items on the bed. He put the bra on with the inserts, fastening the hooks and eyes with some difficulty, next came the satin black panties, he was surprised how good they felt against his skin, his cock began to harden and was soon bulging out of the top.

He picked up the black suspender belt and fastened it around his waist, then the stockings, he sat on the bed and had some difficulty reaching his feet, the restrictive corset prevented him bending, it took him several attempts before he manage to roll the stockings over each foot and pull them up his legs. He stood up and adjusted the stockings so the seams were straight and finally after must fiddling managed to get the suspender belt fastenings attached to the stockings. Looking in the mirror he saw a dramatic change, his body was now shapely, this was getting him very turned on.

He lifted up the maid’s dress from the bed, black satin with white lacing around all the edges, short sleeves, he realised you would have to put it on over the head as it wouldn’t go past his thighs easily, once on he manage to do up the zip at the back to the back of his neck. Then he put on the white mop cap, there was nothing to hold it on with so he placed it as best he could. The black satin choker collar was a inch wide with Velcro fastening at the back, he tightened it, loving the feeling of restriction around his neck. This just left the shoes.

He sat down on the bed and picked them up. ‘I don’t think I’ll be able to walk in these’ he thought to himself. He put them on this feet, his stocking feet slipped easily into them, the size was good, then he tried standing, it was difficult just to balance, perhaps he would find it easier with the straps on, the only way to hold the straps on was with the padlocks, in for a penny…. He pulled the straps through the buckles so they were tight, then inserted the small brass padlock, click, then the other shoe. These were not coming off without the keys or a hacksaw he mused to himself.

Finally he picked up the ankle cuffs, the black leather encircled each ankle to be locked on with a further brass padlock. He applied the wrist cuffs next, they fitted snugly, once he had the padlocks in place he was very sure escape was probably impossible, but then he was enjoying this. He tried to stand again in the heels, with his hands cuffed it was difficult to raise himself off the bed, trying a few small steps he managed to keep himself up right, walking precariously across the bedroom to the door and out onto the landing. The only was to get down stairs was one foot at a time, the ankle chain limiting his movements, holding onto the banister with both hands to stop him plunging head long down the stairs. It took a minute with great care to negotiate the stairs, then walking down the hall into the kitchen, twice having to steady himself against the walls.

As he entered the kitchen Bianca was just finishing the cooking at the stove, the smells of the food were really magnificent, reminding him that he had not eaten for quite some time.

"You look quite good " she said almost laughing, "well turn around lets see the back." He turned inellegently around almost stumbling and falling in the process. "Not bad you may make a reasonable woman" she declared, "You’ll get used to the shoes after a while." He reddened at the embarrassment went to speak a protest but suddenly remembered his place and kept silent.

Bianca placed a chicken stir fir onto 2 plates. She took hers over to the table and sat down. "You can eat your food standing up!" she declared, "get a fork from the drawer and get on with it, you’ve got jobs to do when you’ve finished."

He walked awkwardly to the drawer and collected a fork and started to eat his food, He used the fork with difficulty having to raise both hands to his mouth because of the chain connecting them, it was slow progress. Bianca looked at him an amused smile on her face. Jeremy had only half eaten his dinner be the time she had finished her food, leaving the table she said, "Right leave the rest of that, put it in the bin and get the washing up and drying done, if you can’t eat in the time I eat my then you’ve have to go without!" She left the room.

"Yes mistress" was his muted response. Still at least he had had some food. Jeremy went about the washing up, the wrist chains made even this simple task difficult, the 6 inch heels made him too tall to reach the bottom of the sink without bending forward, movements were slow and awkward, it would take some getting used to. He finished and dried up the dishes, putting the plates in the lower kitchen cupboard was difficult, he had to bend down on one knee arising with difficulty. The backs of his calves were starting to ache from standing in the heels, despite this moving in the short satin skirt and the rustle of his stockings was still turning him on.

He was interrupted from his thoughts by Bianca’s return to the kitchen, "In the cupboard you will find an upright vacuum cleaner, I want to see you marching up and down all the floors in the house, don’t miss anything - that will help you learn to walk properly, now snap to it"

"Yes mistress" he responded, her voice was stern and cold, for the first time he felt some doubt as the situation he had got himself into. It seemed that it wasn’t going to be bondage with sex, Bianca’s attitude to him seems to be different, more uncaring.

Jeremy busied himself with the vacuum, it was hard to walk in the heels, his legs and feet ached after only 10 minutes of vacuuming, but he decided not to complain, perhaps she would treat him better if he showed willing, she just wanted to make him suffer a little before taking him back properly. He noticed Bianca checking up on him every now and again, so he made sure he did the best he could. It took him half an hour to complete the vacuuming. As he put the vacuum away Bianca appeared next to him. "Right that will do for today – time to get you ready for your bed!" she declared, "go to the loo and brush your teeth, and hurry up about it"

Jeremy climbed up the stairs, still unsteady on the 6" heels. ‘what did she mean by getting me ready for my bed?’ He thought to himself. The day had not gone quite as expected, perhaps now there might be some fun. He quickly used the toilet and brushed his teeth, looking in the mirror at the figure before him, despite some slight embarrassment at the clothing, he liked the feel of the nylons on his legs and the restriction of the corset.

Bianca appeared at the bathroom door way, "Right follow me!" she commanded, and went downstairs, he followed her uncertainly, she was moving effortlessly in her 4" heels, he was half-staggering along behind. She opened the hall door that led onto the adjoining garage and stepped down the one step to the concrete floor, switching on the light he could see that the garage was almost empty, apart from a mattress in one of the corners. "You didn’t think I’ll let you sleep with me did you?" She laughed, Jeremy involuntarily took a step back. Saying, "You’re not getting away now" she grabbed his cuffed wrists and pulled him towards the mattress in the corner. Jeremy now saw that there were a number of solid looking eye bolts fitted into the brick work, some at low level some higher up.

She pulled him down and ordered him to lie down on the bed on his back, lifting his hands above his head and producing a large padlock from under the mattress she padlocked his wrist chain to a eye bolt in the wall about a foot off the ground. She then went to his feet and pulled a length of chain out from under the mattress, she produced two more padlocks, one she used to attached the chain to the middle of his leg chain, the other she took across to the wall and attached the chain to another eye bolt stretching his legs out.

Jeremy was on his back unable to move, he protested " I can’t sleep like this!"

Bianca turned and smiled, "This is probably the most comfortable position you will be in for some time, get used to it, your training starts tomorrow, also because you insist on talking without permission a further punishment is in order." She walked over to a small chest and pulled out a leather item. "Open wide and lift you head up so I can buckle this on." There was a leather strap with a metal ring, approx 2" in diameter which was presented to his mouth. Having no way of stopping her, Jeremy opened his mouth and she pushed it in, quickly buckling it behind his head, the ring was stretching his jaw, he tried to protest but only a mumbled complaint came out. With that she left switching out the light, leaving him in total darkness.

Jeremy struggled to get comfortable, fortunately, it was Summer so the unheated garage was not cold. Stretched out as he was there was limited movement, he tried but couldn’t manage to turnover onto his side, the constant pull on his legs and arms reminding him how helpless he was, his feet ached from the constant arch they were forced into by the 6" heels, but there was little he could do about them, or anything else at this time. He lay there thinking, what did she mean by training, and she’d said that there was £4000 of equipment, what was that all about? Despite his position and the uncertainty, Jeremy finally fell asleep.

He awoke with a start, not understanding why he couldn’t move his arms and legs, then the reality of the situation came back to him. His jaw ached from the ring gag and he was uncomfortable on the mattress, but there was little movement in any direction. He waited in the dark listening for any sounds. After some time he could see a little light around the garage door frame and he heard several neigbours’ cars start up and pull away, but there was no sign of Bianca. He was frustrated, despite or because of the restraints his cock began to get hard, pushing its way out of the top of the panties, but there was no way he could reach it, or stimulate it in any way, he squirmed about but this only added to his frustration.

Finally, the door opened and Bianca appeared. She was dressed in a thin dressing gown and he realised she was probably naked underneath, she knelt down besides his head, she had a bunch of keys in her hand. "I am going to remove your wrist cuffs and I want you to remove your dress and corset, then use these handcuffs, you will put them with your hands in front of you, you’re legs are still chained so don’t try anything" The padlocks on the cuffs were quickly removed and Jeremy was able to move his arms, they were stiff and awkward, he made to undo the ring gag, Bianca slapped his hands away. "Leave that in!" she snapped, "Put the handcuffs on get your clothes off!"

Taking his clothes off whilst sitting down was difficult, removing the corset was a mission by itself. She stood their watching his struggles. Finally, he picked up the handcuffs and enclosed them around his wrists. She checked them clicking the ratchet one notch tighter. She then removed the padlocks on his ankles and then the padlocks holding the heels in place. "Take the shoes and the rest of your clothes off, place them neatly on the mattress and go an take a shower, you have 10 minutes" she commanded.

The relief at getting the shoes off was immense, he had been wearing them for probably 18 hours, he quickly removed the stockings, suspender belt and panties and put all the clothes in a neat pile on the bed and went upstairs to the bathroom. He quickly used the loo and showered hampered by the handcuffs, he felt immediately better for the hot water running over his body, as he was drying himself Bianca came into the bathroom. "Right down stairs, back into the garage" she commanded. He was hungry but it didn’t look like he was going to get any food at the moment, so he went along with it.

He followed Bianca back down to the garage, "Stand just there" she pointed to a spot on the floor, where he noticed were two eye bolts fastened into the concrete floor about 3 feet apart. "lift you hands above your head and reach for that roof beam", looking up he saw some hooks fitted into the beam above his head. Bianca produced a length of white cotton rope and wrapped it around his right wrist, she then dragged a small step stool over in front of him and stood on it, she then used the rope to attach his wrist to the eye bolt in the roof beam, stretching his arms up. She got down and tied a length of rope around each ankle, she pulled each one outward and he quickly got the idea of spreading his legs, within at few seconds his legs were spread apart, his bare feet on the cold concrete, the rope to his right wrist stopped him overbalancing.

Bianca moved the step stool to his left and reached up and unlocked his left wrist from the handcuffs, with one hand free he was still not in a position to escape, so he allowed her to tie a piece of rope around his wrist, this was pushed through another eye hook in the roof beam stretching him out more, he lifted his heels off the ground to try and relieve the strain his arms, Bianca used this to pull his arm tighter, then moved onto the right wrist and tightened up that rope. Jeremy couldn’t get his heels down on the floor, he was stretched. He heard her leave the garage shutting the door heavily behind her.

Jeremy surveyed his situation, it wasn’t good, the ropes were stretching his body, the concrete floor was cold under his feet, and after only a few minutes his shoulders began to hurt, if he tried to put his heels down his shoulders hurt more, but his calves muscles were starting to hurt from the position, he couldn’t get any relief. He couldn’t help thinking how vulnerable he was in this position. Despite this his cock started to swell, he didn’t know what it was despite the discomfort he was still feeling horny.

It must have been ½ a hour before Bianca returned, she walked in front of him. She was dressed to kill as the saying goes. Black 4 inch court shoes, black sheer seamed stockings and a black dress that ended 6 inches above her knees and showed off her cleavage, looking at her made him even more lustful.

"You like?" she asked, and reached out to stroke his erection, he nodded in agreement, the touch of her fingers bringing him close to the edge. "Pity you’re not go to get near me today" smiling as she spoke – "I have further shopping to do and to collect some of my purchases from yesterday, should be gone for the entire day, but don’t worry, you’ll not be alone, Zoe is coming over shortly, you remember my sister don’t you? She never liked you, and after you dumping me she now positively hates you – when I told her about this she had a few suggestions, although you will not be too keen on most of them! Have fun, see you in a few hours – if you survive that is!"

Bianca turned and left the garage. Jeremy groaned into the gag, things had just got very bad, Zoe was not the nice one of the family, she had a reputation as being a hard nosed bitch, and had left a trail of emotionally shattered men behind her, now he was being left under her control. He struggled at the ropes, but there was not give, after a few minutes he gave up, all he was doing was adding to the aches and wearing himself out. He heard the front door close and the car start up as Bianca drove away. Maybe she was kidding about Zoe, he thought, just trying to wind him up.

Sometime later he heard a car pull up and a key in the front door, he heard the door from the house open and there was Zoe. She was 4 years younger than Bianca, 5ft 6" busty with a curvy figure.

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