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Christle's Capture

by Christle Bonds

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© Copyright 2014 - Christle Bonds - Used by permission

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Chris always had always gone to his local adult bookstore to grab some toys to play with, whether it was for himself or someone else. One day he walked in and noticed there was a theater that had just opened up. Fully equipped with single or buddy booths. He always had a fantasy of being used by a stranger but didn’t know how to go about doing it, so he posted the following on craigslist:

"25 yo submissive Asian crossdresser, 5’10", 160 lbs, semi-passable when fully dressed, heading to the local bookstore at 11pm Friday night. I’ll be wearing black stockings, a garter belt, a leopard print thong, and a black under bust corset under my normal clothes. I’ll have a bag holding extra items to change into. I’ll be ‘browsing’ the toys section… Just grab my ass or crotch and tell me to follow you into your buddy booth. If you like, we can take the party to your place where I can get dressed fully for you to use as you please. I’m into various other kinks including bondage and punishment. – Christle the cum slut"

He had never done anything like this, but just the thought of pleasuring a stranger in a public place made him hard as a rock. He even more so liked the idea of being taken, tied up, abused, and used by a stranger while dressed as a complete slut.

Friday night couldn’t come sooner. That morning before work, he shaved his legs, ass, and balls. He slid on a thong and loved the feeling of something grazing against his ass bud. Next he closed the waist clasp of his garter belt and felt the 6 stocking clasps grazing against his legs. Last, he slid each black back seamed stocking up his legs. He had forgotten how good stockings felt against freshly shaven legs. He couldn’t help but get erections throughout the day; feeling the silk of his thong graze against his sissy clitty, or while daydreaming about taking cock all night, but what got him the most horny was reading through the replies he received from craigslist. One reply stuck out more than the others.

"Hey slut! My friends and I will be around that night at the bookstore, we’re going to fuck the shit out of you whether you want it or not so get that ass prepared!"

It was from a generic email address: [email protected]

Foolishly Chris chose to reply.

"As horny as your message makes me, I wasn’t looking for role play that extreme tonight. But definitely keep in touch, you sound like fun ;)"

Chris clicked send. He refreshed his inbox regularly hoping for a replay, but to his disappointment, nothing.

The end of the workday came about, and he rushed home in anticipation of his evening. The feeling of wearing his sissy under garments all day made him extra horny, and extra excited to play cum slut for the night. 9 pm came and he started to get himself ready for the night. He started by spraying himself with strawberry body wash before putting his under bust corset on. He loved smelling girly. He finally put his corset on, laced it as tight as he could, and couldn’t help but admire how much it emphasized his chest and his sensitive nipples. He looked into the mirror and thought to himself, "Christle, you are one dirty slut!"

He then pulled out a bag with a medium glass butt plug. He lubed it up liberally and began to insert it into his ass. He was still very tight as he didn’t have the opportunity to do this regularly. He worked it in and out for a few minutes before he was loose enough for the plug to slide right in. Next he placed a set of nipple clamps on his nipples. He loved the feeling of his nipples getting tortured. He got together the rest of his play items: a black mini skirt, a silver halter top, a straight black wig, black 5 inch pumps, and an assortment of makeup. Christle was now ready for her evening out.

Christle pulled up to the adult bookstore. "It seems pretty empty today." She thought disappointed. "At the very least, I can grab myself a new toy!"

She tried to rationalize her disappointment. She grabbed her bag, opened the door to her car, and began to walk towards the store. A tall, muscular black man was on his way out of the store. He wore a hoodie and jeans, it standard attire for someone cruising an adult bookstore. As they passed, he grabbed her crotch. She quickly became erect before she could realize what was happening. He turned her around with his arm around her neck. He pulled out a big red ball gag and forced it into her mouth. Before she could protest, she felt the cold steel of cuffs being locked onto her wrists behind her. She saw a white van pull up with two more men coming out before a hood was placed over her head.

"I told you we were going to fuck the shit out of you slut!" One of the men said. "Come on, the rest of the guys are waiting."

"Oh no!" Christle thought. "There’s more?!?!" She thought panicked and moaning into the gag. She struggled and screamed as they forced her into the van.

"Take off her clothes!" The man holding her said. The other two men began tearing off each article of clothing to reveal her intimate garments. "Look what we have here! Our fuck toy comes equipped with nipple clamps and is ready for use!" He said tugging at the clamps and tugging at her butt plug. Christle moaned in pain.

The men had taken out the back seat of the van to create a mobile dungeon. They first forced her to her knees onto a padded area and anchored her cuffed hands to the ground. They then removed the plug from her ass and impaled her on a large dildo installed into the ground. She felt as if she was being torn in half. They placed restraints onto her thighs and ankles and secured them to the ground with chains insuring that she wouldn't be able to escape the rubber dick stretching her cunt. Next they removed the hood. She saw that all the men were now wearing masks to conceal their identities. The black male was already waiting naked on front of her. She saw him stroking raging erection and holding a video camera. He was at least 9 inches long, thick, and uncut. Her clitty became erect again knowing the he would soon be inside her.

"What a whore! Look how hard she is waiting for our cocks! Let's finish up what we started, we need to teach this bitch a lesson for getting too excited." They grabbed a collar and fastened it around her neck. They took the chain and attached it to the ceiling of the van. They stretched her body to the limit without choking her to death. Last they took a string, attached it to the clamps, and tied off the other end to the back door of the van forcing her nipples to be stretched and pulled with each movement of herself or the van. Christle was now totally immobile.

The black man began. "Here's what's going to happen. You now belong to us. We'll be making you our sissy slut for as long as we see fit. You have sisters waiting for you at our dungeon, but more importantly, you have more masters. For your first act of submission, you'll be servicing me with your mouth. If you try and hurt me, I have no problem dumping your body tied up in a forest. Nod if you understand." Christle nodded. She was blindfolded and the ball gag was removed. She stretched her jaw to relive the stress from the huge red gag. "Open up bitch!" She did as was told. She felt a huge cock begin to penetrate her mouth. As an inch entered, she bit down and noticed the taste of rubber. She realized what a mistake she had made.

"Guys, looks like we have a disobedient slave. Show this little bitch what happens to disobedient slaves." The black man said.

"My pleasure." One of the men replied.

Christle heard one of the men exit the car and slam the door closed. She waited blind and anxious for a moment until the other came behind her and began caressing her swollen tender nipples. As he rubbed, squeezed, and tugged, Christle felt as his cock began to swell behind her. He began thrusting and to her surprise, she began grinding on the massive dildo. She heard a knock on the back door of the van, and the caressing stopped. One of the men inside the van knocked to signal back and she began to tremble in fear. The man began to open the door slowly and she realized; her nipple clamps are attached to the door. As he pulled at the door, he also pulled at her burning nipples. After three or four tugs, the man flung the door open and Christle screamed in pain.

As her mouth opened, the black man forced his massive cock into her mouth. Now realizing the consequences of insubordination, she eagerly worked on the cock with her mouth. She licked and sucked as far as she could all the while being choked from the collar, fucked by the dildo, and another man proceeded to pinch and twist her nipples.

After a few minutes of earnest sucking, she felt the man's cock quiver. He reached for the back of her head and forced his long dick down her throat where he came. He pulled out as he was cumming and still had enough seed to spray her face. "I'm going to have a lot of fun with this bitch." He exclaimed as he rubbed his softening cock on her face rubbing around his left over cum.

Before she could swallow the left over cum, a ring gag was forced into her mouth leaving her with the taste of semen. The nipple clamps were put back on except this time, weights were hung in the center of the chain bouncing with each movement of the van pulling at her sore nipples.

"If you think that was it for the punishment, you have another thing coming slut." She then heard the whipping of an object come past her face. "You'll be getting a lash with a cane for each minute past 3 that it takes you to get the remainder of the men here off. There are three left slut."

To her surprise, she felt the dildo being removed from her asshole and her thighs and wrists were being unlocked from the floor making her a bit more mobile. "And one more thing, if you can't get me off again before the three of them get off, I'll have a painful surprise for you".

The man with the massive uncut cock was hard again and he positioned himself underneath Christle. Terrified, she spread her legs as wide as she could before she was forced to sit on his dick. Fortunately having been impaled on the dildo made it a little easier to take the large dick into her cunt although his dick was a bit wider but just as long. She started easing the dick into her cunt, as the first man began thrusting into her mouth.

She found it difficult to pleasure a cock with a ring gag in her mouth let alone having to bounce on another large cock while being choked by a collar. Both fortunately and unfortunately for her, all the men were horny and began using her throat as a fuck toy. The fact remained the same, and her sadistic captors seemed to be intentionally withholding climax. The first took close to 5 minutes. The second finished in 4. The last made her do the majority of the work, and she was relieved as she could focus on the cock she was impaled on. She began grinding and bouncing furiously on the raging erection, choking herself on her collar and the cock already down her throat. She felt the cock starting to pulsate in her asshole. At that moment, the cock in her mouth began pumping furiously and it spray hot sticky cum down her throat. "7 minutes!" he announced. She began to choke, drowning in the amount of cum that was released.

She realized that she never had a chance at winning this task. She felt defeated and floated of into a daze only to be reminded of the last cock inside her with a swift slap on the ass. "You lose bitch." His strong arms pulled her down onto his cock and he came inside of her for the second time within an hour. She had never had sex with a man, the sensation of hot cum filling her cunt was one that embarrassed and excited her.

"Are you ready for your punishment?" The man asked as he pulled his cock out of her cunt, and slid out from under her. She just hung there tired, scared, and ashamed. She could taste the cum as it dripped out of her forced open mouth, and smell it smeared across her face, and feel it stuck to the walls of her cunt. The man who fucked her made his way so they were face to face. He grabbed her under the chin, forced her to look up, and slapped her in the face. "I asked you a question!" He yelled. "When I ask you a question you answer! Fill her ass back up. I want her to feel my babies inside of her. I want her to know who she belongs to!" Her butt plug was forced into her ass. "Now... are you ready for your punishment?"

She nodded. "Yeshhh shur." She spoke through the gag.

"Good. Because we're here"

One of the masked men came and unchained her collar from the ceiling of the car. He tugged and led her out of the car. It was around midnight when she stepped out of the car. She stood there in a black corset, thong, garter, stockings and heels. Her hands were still cuffed behind her back and leather cuffs were still attached to her thighs and ankles, but no longer attached. She was gagged and her nipples were clamped and sore. She was surrounded by 4 large muscular men, 3 of who were masked. All were wearing leather fetish wear. The black unmasked man took the lead for her collar and pulled her close to him. "Now the fun begins." He pressed his body against hers and felt him start to get hard again. "I'm going to put leather cuffs on your wrists and elbows, you'll be uncuffed from these metal cuffs, and recuffed in front of your body. I don't imagine you'll struggle, but if you do, I wouldn't object." She knew objecting meant more punishment. He began his work and locked her wrists together in front of her. "Now for your punishment."

He attached a new chain to her collar, longer and twisted it so the chain was behind her. He threw the chain up, the other end was dangling in front of her. She looked up and saw he threw it over a tree branch. He then lifted her hands up and attached her wrists to the chain. It was comfortable enough that she could pull down a bit and not choke herself, but he wasn't done. One of the other men came and handed him a spreader bar. "Spread your legs." Christle protested so he called two of the men. They pulled her legs apart farther than the bar could even reach. She began to struggle with her arms pulling down which in turn pulled up on the chain attached to her collar.

"I'm glad you did that. Now I'll be attaching the spreader bar to your knees instead of your ankles". He slid the cuffs from her thighs down to just above her knees and locked them to the spreader bar. Now it was either stay on her toes or choke herself. She was terrified.

"Look how hard she is guys! Let's do something about this." One of the men came over, put lube on his hand, pulled her cock out from the side of her thong, and began to jerk her off. In no more than 15 seconds, Christle began to orgasm, and shot what seemed like an endless load of sperm into a jar they had placed in front of her clitty. "We'll save that for later. I know what you're thinking. Most slaves aren't allowed sexual gratification. Not with us. We find that after orgasm, you feel more shame, and sensitivity. We like to fuck your bodies and your minds." They were right. Christle hung there shameful and embarrassed, but every sensation hit her body with a chill.

The black man once again pressed himself against her and move his lips next to her ear. "We've pushed this back far enough. The others are waiting after all." He walked away to address the other men. "As we agreed. You get to cane her for every minute she went past. While you're doing this, I'll be setting up my punishment. Can you hand those to me and we'll get started." The black man was handed a bag of string and clothespins. He opened them and attached one string to each nipple clamp. He then began pinching clothespins around her tits, but made sure to place them around the string. As she was moaning from the pain from the clothespins she heard the sound of wood whistling in the air and then felt the sting from the cane against her bar ass. She yelped in pain.

"There's my one. I wish I had gone for longer!" The first man said.

The black man began talking while working on placing more clothespins. "By my count you'll get 2 from one of my buddies, then 4 from another one." He was almost finished with one string, working on her thighs, clitty, and sack.

She then felt the next man rubbing the cane against her ass. "You'll get 4 from me slut." He swung, each stroke striking a new spot on her ass, leaving a new red welt.

"2 more." The black man started. He had already begun on the other string attached to the clamp on her left nipple. He started stroking her ass. "It's so warm. Probably from the welts." He slid his hand to the crack of her ass, and fucked her a little bit with the plug filling her ass. She started getting hard again. "Are you ready bro?"

"Sure am." The last man replied.

By now Christle was growing weak on the verge of passing out. But passing out meant choking to death, and she was certain that meant nothing to her. She forced herself to stay as alert as possible to try and bear the blows as they came. She tensed up and the first swing came. Christle shrieked, and began to sob. Finally, the last swing. Again she tensed, shrieked and tears came down her cheek.

"There there slut. We're almost done."

One man came behind her and undid her collar but held the chain forcing her to keep her arms above her head. He kept pulling until she was on her toes. He then kept pulling and she was suspended by just her wrists. "All ready Brett." She finally knew her captor's name. Brett looked at her, smiled with a hint of malice, and pulled at the string. Within seconds, all the clothespins zipped off of her, burning each spot in which they were previously attached. She screamed in agony and started tossing against her binds. They let her hang until she calmed down. The weighted nipple clamps remained. Bret walked towards her tired dangling body and she was lowered to her toes. She shook trying to bear some weight on her legs, but had little strength left. "You belong to me." And he yanked the nipple clamps off. Christle was overwhelmed in pain and fatigued from the events of the day, and as the man holding the chain eased off his pull, Christle's body fell limp on the grass.

"Let's get her to the dungeon." Brett said

She was rolled onto her stomach. And her wrists were uncuffed just to be recuffed behind her back. Her elbows followed, then her knees, then her ankles. She was force to her feet and thrown over one of the men's shoulders. With a nice pat on the ass they began their short walk to the dungeon.

To Be Continued.

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