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The Clothes Make The Woman 4: The Transformation

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2013 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

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Part 4: The Transformation

I realised Samantha was much happier now than she ever was as Sam, and I accepted the responsibility to supervise her transformation as far as I was willing to let it go. There was no reason not to get her breasts done, or the hypnosis with how happy she was in the body suit, and we scheduled both things to be done at the same time. The chemical castration patches were the easiest thing of the three to arrange, but would have to wait until her surgery was complete, and she was fully recovered. Samantha came up with the money for the procedure, and I was surprised that she could as I thought her business was just getting by financially.

She had always been able to come up with her half of the household budget, but I assumed she wasn't doing all that well because she never discussed money with me. It was a mystery that I needed to solve, and I knew I would never be in complete control of Samantha unless I controlled her money as well. Some may find that cold and cruel, or even selfish, but I was doing this for Samantha and she needed control whether she realised it or not. I also knew that she would be a much more dedicated servant if she had to rely on me to provide for her every need, especially when the novelty of being my maid and chef wore off as it eventually had to. I also had to ensure she was in the proper mindset before I started bringing any lovers home, or find someplace to deposit her until they left like my mentor Beth.

I pointed out to her that she may have problems doing her banking in person after her breasts are done, and she smiled at the thought. I suggested she give me power of attorney over her affairs, and she agreed without too much thought. She told me where everything was and explained that the business didn't make as much as it once did with her competition these days, and the money I saw in her various accounts was just for daily operations. It was still a lot of money!

I told her if she has that much competition that she could sell her business to one of her competitors and let me pay her way. I knew with the money she has on hand we could almost do it, but she may have to find some part time work if things got tough. We discussed who to sell the business to, and only one name came up that could make a serious offer, but Samantha said he was an ass to deal with, and the two had a less than friendly relationship. We went to the lawyers office to draw up the legal papers, and then to the bank with Samantha dressed as Sam for one of the last times. We explained to both that he expected to be traveling for his business out of the country, and I could need to do some banking in his name at any time, and that I was welcome and authorized full access to his accounts.

Once home from the bank Samantha couldn't get dressed up fast enough, and I had a creative idea to explain things to our friends and neighbors if they should notice her. I suggested we tell them a version the same thing we told the lawyers, that Sam wastraveling for his business out of the country, but that his sister Samantha would be staying with me in his absence to keep me from getting lonely. I thought it was a great idea and would explain their similar appearance, and the fact that Sam had no siblings was unknown to them. Samantha agreed, and to keep the illusion with our neighbors of Sam traveling for his business, I made a big show of taking him dressed as a guy for the last time to the airport with his few remaining guy clothes in his large suitcase, even though our real destination was the special hospital. He also had a small travel bag and suit holder that contained the clothes Samantha would wear home when her breasts were done, but unknown to either Samantha or our neighbors, the large suitcase would never be returning home again. I intended this trip for Sam to be his last, as I far preferred Samantha's service over his companionship, and as a bonus, Samantha had a lifetime commitment to me.

With Samantha off getting her work done, I was able to contact Jack, the guy she suggested could afford to buy her business. I made an appointment to see him, after I did some homework on the man, and I found that he had a lot of seemingly disassociated businesses that for the most part turned a respectable profit. A kind of small scale conglomerate corporation, and I laughed at the concept until I thought of Honda. They made everything from lawnmowers to corporate jets, and nobody in the business world laughed at Honda's success. Jack was a former athlete who had a career ending injury in college, but had maintained his competitive drive in the business world and had done quite well for himself. I found a picture of him from a recent charity event and he was an imposing figure, over six feet tall and either very muscular, or fat, as the picture wasn't all that clear. I had guessed fat.

Since I was selling, and the business in question had no physical address or assets to be inspected, I agreed to fly down to meet Jack at one of his hotels to discuss things. He had received my initial call with some reservation, but I explained that Sam had a kind of breakdown and wanted to sell the business to focus on his health, and had authorised me to make the deal. He asked if Sam would recover from what he had, and I assured him that Sam would be just fine, and was looking to hire on somebody to run the business in his absence if we couldn't strike a deal. I made the appointment and delivered the implied message I intended, that I was a motivated seller that still had options.

I flew down with an overnight bag just in case, but I only intended to be with Jack for a fewhours, and didn't even rent a room. I knew Jack was a physical guy, and I wore a white above the knee dress that fit me well, with what I thought would be just the right combination of reserved exposure, or what I like to call "business sexy". Jack walked toward me in greeting and started to say "Mrs...", but I stopped him and asked him to call me Jessica instead. He said he liked that and to call him Jack as well. We shook hands, and my little hand disappeared into his massive paw that was surprisingly gentle for it's size. I named him in my head just like I do with all my business associates, "Jack the gentle giant", but I didn't miss the way he looked me over either.

Jack was quite pleasant, but I could see his staff was unnerved to have him there, and our service was exactingly perfect in every detail. We exchanged pleasantries, and I came to the conclusion that there was no current Mrs. Jack, but I knew that there had been at least two ex-wives in his past. Almost twenty years my senior, and not at all fat, and I could also tell he liked being seen with me. Whether it was because he liked the way I looked, or because I was the wife of a business rival he had bested, I don't know.We had a light lunch and by the time Jack had finished his first drink he made his first low ball offer. I laughed and counter offered with hard numbers to back my position, and Jack was surprised that I wasn't intimidated by him as we continued our negotiations...

I found Jack's power and confidence intoxicating, and his stare was one of interest. Whether it was the pheromones, or the second drink I was working on, I decided I needed a man, and that Jack would do quite nicely. If I read Jack as well as I thought I did, Sam's wife would be like the cherry on top of the desert he wanted. I smiled at Jack the gentle giant and looked at him eye to eye, and I told him that I obviously have something he wants, and the only real question left to answer is how he can get it in a way that I find agreeable.

"When we first met", Jack said with a big warm smile, "I had no idea that Sam was such a lucky guy".

"Not as lucky as you are right now", I countered. "And I don't think it's ordinarily a good idea to mix business and pleasure", I continued with my best come hither smile, "so I hope we can wrap the business part of this up quickly." There was my offer to the gentle giant, a proverbial short stick and a desirable juicy carrot almost within his reach. I could also tell by his expression that he just loved carrots!

"I can't think anymore", he told me,and it was obvious that I had him very flustered. I told him I thought we were close in our numbers, and that the only sticking point was the non competition clause that would be unenforceable in today's courts anyway. We agreed on a number, not as good as I thought it could be, but truth be told I could hardly think either. I had no interest in any business competition with Jack, and Samantha would do whatever I told her to do, and we agreed to hammer out those details at a later date. We shook hands on the deal, with my tiny hand again enveloped in his massive one, and I asked him what the city looked like from the top of his hotel.

"Let me show you", was the answer I had hoped for. And in short order I was following him to the elevators with the key card for the top penthouse suite in his hand. The room was the entire top corner of the building, and it was so much more than I expected I was literally overwhelmed...

Our passions built quickly, and our clothes flew in every direction as it became clear that I would miss my flight in willing exchange for the experience of a lifetime. In the morning we resumed our earlier passions, and our discussions already revolved around the future, presumably our future. There was nothing that could compare to Jack the gentle giant, and instead of following my mentors example of having a variety of skilled lovers, I had chosen a single lover without equal. I explained about Samantha, and while Jack was initially amused, he thought of several useful ways to use her in his various business ventures. We discussed some options for that, and the one we settled on for now would have Samantha doing much the same things she had become accustomed to, but for a different proverbial master.


I caught a flight after one more romp with Jack, easily making up for my many months of enforced celibacy, and not the least bit sorry for my actions either. I picked Samantha up from the hospital a day later, and her breasts looked magnificent. Her dress threatened to burst it's buttons with her new D cups pushing on them, and I realised we would have to spend some money on new clothes for her, and that gave me some ideas. Where her large breasts were an overt sign of her new femininity, the hypnosis was more subtle, and she listened to her recordings every other day to reinforce her lessons at the hospital.

She walked in a more feminine way, as well as the way she flicked the hair out of her face, and a hundred other things that I never noticed before. The best part was she didn't even realise she was doing it, and I got an education on the subtle differences between the sexes that I never had thought about before. I noticed guys checking her out in the shopping mall, and following her with their eyes, and while that built her confidence it just wouldn't do in my company. I also didn't want to think about where all that attention could lead to, as I had no intention of loosing her and all my hard work to some guy.

I went back to work and as far as our neighbors were concerned, Samantha was the spitting image of her traveling brother. She picked up on her housework, and in no time things were back to normal in my house. I also told Samantha truthfully that I was unable to work out a complete deal with Jack, and that was my justification for flying down to "negotiate" with him on three separate occasions. It was obvious to Samantha that those negotiations were stressful to me, due to the exhausted condition I always returned home in the next day.

Her chemical castration patches, had her properly submissive and motivated, and there was no more need or ability for any milking either. We still had some problems with her heightened emotions, but I had consulted with a female urologist, (fortunately one without any penis sympathy at all), and I knew what we had to do next. Those annoying man bits would have to go!

When I took her out shopping for new dresses, I specifically went to women's work clothes stores for most of them. We had found a series of grey maid's uniforms that fit her well, and I credit Jack's hotel for the inspiration. She still wanted to have sexy underthings, and some nice dresses, but I was careful what I bought for her so she wouldn't show me up when we were out.


I had told Samantha after my last visit to Jack for negotiations that I had hammered out the best deal I could, and we would get a fair price for the business IF she agreed to become paid consultant with a five year binding contract, and an option for five more if the business didn't turn an agreed upon profit. I explained this was for non-competition reasons, and if she were an employee of Jack's and didn't perform to his liking, he could terminate the contract and she would have to return the money plus interest, plus any losses Jack could justify in court. I explained that all Jack was really buying was her customer list, and her good will in promoting his business interests was critical to the deal.

Samantha signed the contract that Jack's lawyers provided, and I had Beth notarize it to make it legal. Her proverbial carrot was not having to work on a computer ever again, allowing her instead to focus on being the woman of her dreams. The stick was very short, just one little signature away. Again I wasn't being cruel, but giving Samantha the structure she needed in a setting that would free from me from the daily responsibility of providing that structure. I had also learned from my earlier mistakes that Samantha does best when only presented with one choice.

I told Samantha I had a wonderful surprise for her that we could now afford with her signature on the contract, and the sale of the business to Jack. I explained that I had found a discrete doctor that would make it so she never had to wear her castrating patches again, and make it so she could shop for all her things at regular stores as well. I told her to imagine herself wearing thin thongs just like mine, with nothing at all to get in the way.

"How" was her excited question, and I told her about the doctor I had found who was willing to do the job, and I explained the technical details just as she explained them to me. I knew how Samantha was presented this offer was critical, but I had wanted her annoying man bits gone ever since I first caught her in my clothes, and this would do it. Without them she would be permanently meek and mild, but it wasn't as if I were ever going to let her use those non-functional man bits for their intended purpose either.

If Samantha didn't realise the one way trip she was on earlier, she did now, and all she asked was what day her appointment was for...

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