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Compost Corner

by Dana

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© Copyright 2012 - Dana - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; cd; outdoors; sbm; collar; cuffs; rope; messy; nettles; denial; cons; X

I had to write with a situation I put myself in recently.

I enjoy cross dressing and getting messy so after reading many of your stories and a few experiments I planned a day were I could get well and truly messy.

The idea of an obstacle course appealed to me so I set out planning around my garden. It is about 1.5 acres and is mainly grass lawns with wooded part at the bottom of the slope where a small stream runs. There are also 2 old sheds which I keep the gardening tools and mowers in. There is a compost heap were all the grass cutting go, as these rot down and being next to the steam become a thick gooey muddy mess. As you walk on it your feet sink in at least to the top of your wellington boots. This is ideal especially with a bit more water added.

To set a course I strung a clothes line from a tree and ran it firstly through a nettle bed which was at least 12 ft across and the nettles were around 4 to 5ft high, then I sent the line under a low branch, only 12" off the ground, then along and through the stream on to the muddy bank and into the compost heap.

Over the compost heap I had erected a frame to support a wheelbarrow to which I locked the wheel to the frame and attached a rope to the handles which went up over a branch, so when I pulled on it the contents of the wheelbarrow would hit me below. I will put my release key high up on this rope so the only way to get free will be to get covered with what's in the barrow.

The morning arrives and I have all day to enjoy myself, I dress in white suspenders, stockings and strappy high heel shoes also matching lacy bra, a short flimsy sleeveless dress and a long blond wig - no panties.

Four more items to wear then I'll be ready, a 2" wide collar padlocked around my neck, a 3 ft leg spreader padlocked to ankle straps, a leather ball stretcher complete with chain and a pair of leather wrist cuffs each with 6" of chain.

Off I walk down the garden, my long legs looking even longer with my high heels, the flimsy white dress flowing in the breeze along with my long blond hair over my shoulders. I felt really good. It's quite warm but the sun is not out, hopefully it will be later, I stand legs either side of the clothes line and pass the legs spreader underneath, so that I have to follow the line, and padlock everything together. The chain 12" from my ball stretcher I also attach with a padlock to the line, then finally padlock my handcuffs on the 6" chains to my collar.

All the keys to my padlocks are in a bag in the shed in a bucket of old engine oil except 3 keys. The first one is for a tin box and is attached high up on the rope to the wheel barrow handles. The tin I have buried 2 ft deep into the compost heap, this is holding the keys to my ankle cuffs and ball stretcher .

The barrow is filled with compost which I added water to make it nice and sloppy, I had to fill the barrow by climbing a ladder with buckets of compost it took 8 loads and the smell was not pleasant.

So off I start waddling along the line towards the nettles, I hadn't realised that the chain to my balls didn't slide along the line very easily and it was caught on twigs, undergrowth, shrubs etc and I had to crouch and jump up and down using the legs spreader to free up the line. I had done about 15 ft and it had taken 15 mins and my balls were already beginning to feel the strain.

The thought of being dressed up all in white and looking very feminine and what was coming next aroused me to the extent that I had become hard and my cock was lifting up my dress at the front and pointing the way forward. I waddled, jumped and hopped into the bed of nettles. They got everywhere, they stung the inside of my legs, my cock, my balls, they pushed up my dress and were dancing all over my crotch and ass. I loved it as the leg spreader went over the nettles they would spring back up and whip me, my balls were taking some punishment as the chain fought it's way through. 20 mins in the nettles my cock was rock hard and I had no way of relieving it.

It was soon to become a problem. I had sent the line under a branch this meant me going on my front flat out and crawling through the mud, stingers and general undergrowth. I slithered along with my hard cock making me go along with my ass in the air. I was getting my dress dirty and I'd ripped my stockings, I'd scratched my cock and struggled to get my chain through. I was stuck under the branch trying to shake the line and pull as hard as my balls would let me. Nothing happened, I was going to stuck there until 6 o'clock when my wife was due home, I know she knows I get up to a few kinky things but would she find this a bit weird.

I twisted and turned and finally got on my back, I could see the problem and I had to back track a couple of feet and untangle some weeds that had got knotted around the line, this took an age but finally got free and got under the branch. It had taken its toll on my balls and I sat there for a while for a bit of relief from the continual tugging but the nettle rash was itchy and painful and was more noticeable whilst I sat there .

Onwards, trying to stand in high heels without using your hands was an effort but managed it using the branch, but the pulling on my balls again seemed more painful than before. I slowly headed towards the stream. My feet started sinking into the mud, only a couple of inches but enough to make it very awkward and as I enter the stream the ground became very slippy. It was only about 10 ft of stream to get through and max 4" deep but it was impossible to stand and if I fell could be dangerous so I decided to sit in the water and shuffle along feet first. I had to dig my feet in and slide my ass along the bed of the stream. The mud and god knows what else was building up in between legs covering my balls and not so hard cock ( cold water ) and forcing its way between my ass cheeks I could see living things in the stream and could see I would have to drag my crotch through a clump of frog spawn before I could get out. I had deliberately sent the line through this part of the stream where a little stagnant pool had formed on the edge of he stream.

I drag myself into the slime, it settled all around my crotch, I'm sure I could feel movement. I sat a while thinking of my situation, sat in a stream in women's clothes, muddy, frog spawn over my balls and cock, in partial bondage, nettle rash playing its part and loving it .

Time to move on. I rolled onto my front on the slimy bank, the frog spawn slithered off me back into the pool - no halm done to the wild life- and struggled back to my feet and proceeded to the compost heap. My feet just sank into the mire at least 6" . The spreader bar was even being pulled into it. I hung onto the framework supporting the wheel barrow and grabbed hold of the rope .

I waited a minute, this was the highlight for me. Should I pull the rope quickly or slowly, slowly I decided letting it slowly run over me. I pulled on the rope, it was so heavy it lifted me out of the mire. It started to tip and the first few dribbles were hitting me on the head. I kept pulling, suddenly it all tipped I dropped to the floor and sat in the compost and immediately the entire contents of the barrow engulfed me. It splattered all over me. My hair was thick with the slimy, smelly goo. I could not see much else as the compost had covered me. I moved and squirmed around in the mess trying to get some erotic pleasure by thrusting my cock in and out of the sloppy mess. It must have been after 20 mins of wallowing when I decided to release myself .

The box was 2ft below me in the compost. The chains to my wrists were only 6" long, long enough for me to bend and contort to enable me to undo my ankles and ball chain ( I had practiced this a few times to get the length of chains right ) but not to reach the tin. So I had to dig face first. It was easy digging I had to form a trench to get my shoulders and head in whilst trying to keep my wig on which was plastered to me now and across my face. I dug down and immersed myself in the mess until I found the tin, lifted it out and then sat in the hole I'd dug. I pulled the mounds of compost onto me so I was covered from my shoulders to my knees .

I thrusted and squirmed till my cock poked its way through the mire and saw daylight .

I sat there wriggling feeling the great sensation of the mess sucking, sliding and generally arousing me. Eventually I started to carry on with my escape.

The key was still attached to the rope, I could see it , but it meant standing up. I managed this and he mess slithered down me as I reached for the key. I got it and undid the box got the keys out and unlocked the leg cuffs and the chain off my balls, this meant rolling around again in the compost with the mess pushing up and around my crotch again. Great.

It was nice to be able to move my legs properly again and trudged into the shed. I still had my shoes on and wig, miracle!

The remaining keys were in the bucket of oil and I had hung the bucket off a roof truss. I had to push the base of the bucket with a broom and let the oil run over me. I had placed an old paddling pool below to catch the oil and keys . It worked perfect I got drenched and the keys landed in the pool. I then lay in the oil and located the keys and undid the remaining restraints.

I had spent over 3 hours playing in the mess and had loved every second .



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