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Cross-dresser Tease

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; cd; kidnap; bond; strappado; chastity; nc; XX

I'm in my late 20s, an attractive, single, straight male with a steady girlfriend. I'm not so tall, only standing at 5 foot and 6 inches, yet I'm very slim with a slim waistline. I have an active sex life with my girlfriend and I do enjoy watching porn, especially bondage films. I enjoy seeing the classic damsel in distress where the woman is bound and gagged struggling to get untied.

But I also enjoy cross dressing and wearing lovely feminine clothing: lacy panties, nightgowns, stockings, skirts, silk blouses, sexy costumes and high heels. I'm very passable as a crossdresser and I do enjoy working as a waitress/hostess at a special night. The nightgown is very popular with gay men and crossdressers. I enjoy dressing up and teasing the men, especially when I know they will never have me. The teasing and sexy posing for the men will get me bigger tips. But one night my teasing will lead me to peril and where I become the damsel in distress!

On this night I decided to wear a black, tight, pencil skirt that goes just below the knee and there are also side buttons the length of the skirt. I also have a sexy, cream, lacy, silk half-slip and the side buttons cover my sexy slip. My cream, silk, bell-sleeve blouse is so sexy, the sleeves flow so nicely whenever I walk or move. I'm also wearing some sexy, black 2 inch heels that are sensible since I will be on my feet for more than 4 hours. My 7 inch cock, when erect, is covered in pink, satin, lacy panties and is tucked away. Although most of my customers know that I'm a crossdresser, yet they always hit on me and make offers for me.

Mr. Blackstone has been after me for many months, I always tease him and let him think that I might want to go out with him. He is a rich, tall, older foreigner who would love to get his paws all over me. On this night I was really turning him on with my new, sexy, silk blouse and tight, pencil skirt.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him. He is strong and I could not get out of his grip. I could feel his manhood as I struggled in his lap. He said "I would love to see those sweet, cherry lips sucking my huge cock! I will pay you a thousand dollars and we can do it in the back alley." I got one arm free and slapped him hard.

"I'm not a cheap back alley whore, and I would never be caught with a disgusting man like you!" He released me, did not say a word and walked out in shame from the nightclub.

After four hours of working my feet were killing me and I was looking forward to going home. I had forgotten about the incident with Mr. Blackstone, when he appeared. We were in an empty parking lot with no one around us.

"Hello slut, someone who teases men will soon pay for it."

Suddenly two other men appeared, they grabbed me, drugged me and whisked me away into their van. The drug was making me weak, dizzy and unable to fight back as Mr. Blackstone began to undo the buttons on my skirt revealing my sexy, cream-silk, lacy half-slip. He stared at my sexy legs and lingerie and whistled at me. Before I totally black out he says "Soon you will be wishing to have taken my blowjob offer."

When I finally wake up I find myself in a basement. There are a few mirrors in the room. I see myself in a tight strappado position, my arms are pulled back as I am bent over. My arms are secured to a ceiling beam above me and a spreader bar is keeping my legs spread. I'm still wearing my sexy black skirt and silk bell-sleeve blouse with ruffles.

But my heels have changed to a pair of 5 inch black patent ankle strap high heels! My feet hurt from wearing those ridiculous high heels and my arms and shoulders hurt from the strict bondage position. I can still see how sexy I look in my outfit especially how the bell sleeve ruffles move. All the buttons on my skirt have been undone and my sexy lacy slip is showing. Then I see that my sexy pink satin lacy panties are now around one of my ankles and my cock feels different. I know I'm in trouble and I need to escape. I try desperately to untie my wrists, but it's useless and all I can do is thrash.

Mr. Blackstone walks into the room holding a knife and something else. I try to plead with him, beg him to let me go and I even offer to give him a blowjob for free. He says "Too late for that, time to prepare you for the many, many guests. Soon there will be a line of men waiting to use you." He then shoves the object that he was holding into my mouth, a large ring gag that forces my mouth open.

I'm so scared now as I thrash more trying to get my hands untied as he cuts my skirt open revealing all of my silk slip. But soon my silk slip is also cut off leaving me now in my stockings, garter belt, pink satin panties and my sexy ruffle silk blouse!

"When tonight is over you will have cum dripping from your mouth, cum in your hair and all over your pretty face."

He tears off my last line of defense, my pretty satin panties and that's when I see it! My cock has been placed in a chastity device, but I can see a lot of my pre-cum dripping! I try to get away in my 5 inch high heels but it's useless as I am secured to the ceiling beam. I'm trying to speak and say please don't do this but my words are muffled from the ring gag. I can only watch in horror as I see the first customer and his erection!


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