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The Dinner Party

by Lone_Revenant

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© Copyright 2015 - Lone_Revenant - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; FM+/m; D/s; cd; maid; party; servant; hum; bond; hood; bdsm; crop; spank; oral; anal; urine; climax; denial; collar; cons; XX

Here I am bound bent over a coffee table. I have been this way for hours. Ever since the dinner party turned into a night of entertainment. My Dominus bound me here for her friends to use as they see fit. My lingerie is torn, my ass is red from multiple spankings, I have been fucked so many times by strap-on and the real thing I have lost count. My jaw aches from all the cock and all pussy I have pleased. The whole time I have been locked in my chastity belt. Denied an orgasm or even the right to be turned on by current state. 

My face is covered with the juices of women and men I do not even know. More to the point I never saw their faces. Between the masquerade masks they wore and my blindfold. I have no idea which friends of mine and or my Dominus used me as a sex toy.

But let me start at the beginning, the night began simple enough. Dominus was having a small dinner party with around 10 guests. Some I knew who would be attending included Princess N, Miss Jen, Madame O, Miss Kemba and her new boyfriend. The rest was a mystery to me for sure who would be there. I spent the day dressed appropriately as I prepared the meal and the house.

Since 6 am this morning I have been dressed as a sexy French maid.  My uniform utterly short, so short that anytime I bend over my thong covered ass is clearly visible.  The tops of my fishnet stockings on full display with the garter belt tips teasing everyone. My makeup done, a nice long dark brown wig and breast forms to give me the complete feminine appearance. If not for the sometimes visible chastity belt bulge in my panties. You would never know I was guy.  Even in my ankle breaking 4 inch heels I have been gracefully walking around the house in all day.

My Dominus has been overseeing other details of the night. She has decided tonight will be a masquerade party for her guests. And as laid out on the table at the front door an assortment of masks for them to choose from and semi conceal their identities from each other and myself. Dominus has told me I will know everyone who is there tonight. As she has even invited people she normally would not show me off too. But has decided that tonight she wants everyone to see what a sissy fuck toy I am. She’s promised all her guests a night to remember full of good food, wine and pleasure. With myself being both the servant and entertainment for the night.

As the guest arrive I am not permitted to answer the door or even greet them.  Dominus is taking care of that. As the guests take their place at the dinner table. The table set perfectly, Dominus at the top with Madame to her right, the spot to her left open and the chair removed. It’s a few minutes before I hear the chime of a bell ringing in Dominus hand. My signal to bring the appetizer for the guests. I take a deep breath not knowing who all will be there. I make my way from the kitchen.

As I enter the dining room, I hear audible gasps, giggles and what the fucks, from the room. As some if not all recognize me or realize the maid is in fact a sissy boy. I do not hesitate in serving the appetizer to anyone. As I move from guest to guest conversation continues. I try to recognize some of them by their voice and general appearance. Some I surely do, others I think so and still some I have no clue. In all there are 8 women and 4 men in attendance. The males I think I know two at least of them. The other two I can only guess. As I finish serving the food, I take my place to the left of Dominus, standing at perfect attention. While her and her guests eat and talk.

The conversation is of course about me to start with. They proceed to talk about me if not present. The only time I leave Dominus side is to refill drinks and check on the main course. After the appetizer I clear away the plates. All save Dominus who instructs me to place her left over salad to the side . I do as she commands and go to get the main course.

I return and once again serve everyone their meal. It’s around this time a guest I believe to be Princess N, asks if I am not allowed to join them to eat. Dominus says I am allowed to. If I am hungry. She asks me if I wish to eat, in truth I wish more for a stiff drink but I think if I am allowed to eat I can at least drink a few glasses of wine. I nod that I am.

Dominus tells me to go fetch a bowl and then kneel beside her chair. I do as she commands. All eyes on me as I do. I sit the bowl on the table and kneel. Dominus stands up and places her left over salad in front me then puts the empty bowl in front of me. Filling it with water from a pitcher. She tells me loudly to my hands behind my back. I do and this where the true humiliation begins. I am told to eat and drink like a good pet. I am not allowed to use my hands. So like a little puppy I will eat. Dominus knows I am not fond of salads or healthy food. Yet she did this to show her power over me. As she knows I will eat the salad leftovers. Most of the guest that know me also know how my diet is mainly junk food and me eating healthy is a real test of my devotion. She tells me she expects all of it to be gone by the time they are ready for desert. As she coats the salad in dressing, insuring it will be in messier for me to eat.

I thank her for the salad and water. And begin eating. Still wishing I was lapping up wine not water from the bowl. As she sits down, she remarks good boy. And I hear giggles from the room, and even a camera flash of what I assume is a picture of me being taken eating this way. Eating the salad seems to take me forever. Though when I am done the bowl is spotless.

Shortly after I am told to stand and get desert, I handed a napkin to wipe off my mess, though Madame O remarks I should get used to the feeling. A loud chuckle erupts at this from everyone. As I blush. I know Dominus intends to let her guests have me tonight. In any way they choose.  I clear the table and get desert for them.

Once everyone has eaten. Dominus suggest they go to the living room and tells me to follow. As all the guest find places to sit. I am told to stand in the middle of the room and remove my uniform only. I am to keep on my lingerie. I strip down as told to cheers and laughter. Showing off my black bra filled with falsies. My little black thong and the bulge in front made by my chastity belt. My fishnets stockings covering my smooth legs and showing my off my painted toenails.  Madame O walks over and places a hood over my head. Which only has a mouth opening. My world goes black.

From there I hear furniture being moved and come to find a coffee table is before me. Madame and Dominus have me bend over it and I am tied down to it. My arms and legs bound to each of its. Rope is used to hold me down to it. I cannot move. I am completely vulnerable now.

Dominus tells all her guests I am their plaything for the night. The only rule is my chastity belt stays on. Other than that, they may use me as they see fit. She provides them crops, paddles and lube. It seems some guest have come prepared and brought condoms and strapons.  I hear what I will find out later is a chair being placed inches from my face.

It doesn’t take long before I feel a crop sting my ass. Over and over again, it strikes. When the striker is done, I hear a familiar voice which sends shivers down my spine. “Rusty,” says the voice “I’m gonna fuck you in the ass. You do make a cute girl too bad you have that useless cock”. Instantly I know who it is. Dorothy a former friend and coworker, a lesbian stud. I feel the lube then feel the tip of what I can only assume is her strapon enter me. It feels enormous, much larger than any plug I am use too. She pounds away on me. Hammering me like her life depends on it. She gives me the first of my embarrassing orgasms from being ass fucked that night. My cum is collected in a little bowl beneath my belt.

Next up I feel legs on my back and my face is pushed into a waiting crotch. The voice tells me “Since my girlfriend just fucked your ass, it’s only fair you lick me.” Again I realize who, Melissa, Dorothy’s bi-lover and a former coworker of mine. Melissa clamps my head between her legs as I feel Dorothy once again enter me from behind. Being double teamed by these two is beyond humiliation. As we never quite got along at work. Yet here they are now making me their fuck toy.

Again I’m brought to orgasm as Melissa smothers me with hers and Dorothy pounds me. Once they are sated. I am given little chance to rest as my ass once again is assaulted by a crop.  I know full well who this is. As soon as she speaks Princess N, gives herself away. Telling me how much she enjoys my ass a glowing red.  She goes on forever, I’m sure I will have bruises the next day. When she is done, she moves in front me and presses her wet panty crotch into my face. Telling me how much she enjoyed it but that her and Miss Jen will be getting the pleasure from my pain.  Later I find that after cropping me she and Jen went to a bedroom for their own fun and games.

My torment continues, as the first of the males proceeds to place his hard cock in my mouth. Very inexperienced in this I try my best to please. To make matters worse, I feel a paddle going whack on my ass. It seems as though I’m to suck a cock while getting paddled. The participants never speak thus keep their identities to themselves. I try not to bite or use teeth as I take the paddling and find my mouth full of strange male cum. I am told to swallow as a bit of it dribbles out of my mouth.

Form there I am given a moment of respite as I am untied from the coffee table and placed standing up , my arms attached to a ring in the ceiling. From there I feel hands begin to touch, and grope. My chastity belt fondled by unknown hands, slaps to my ass. Nipples twisted and pinched.  I feel nipple clamps being put on me as my ass begins to be paddled again. I have lost track of how much my ass has taken tonight. The spanker never speaks.

When they are done, the next one unties me and pushes me to the floor. On my back. And with grace she sits on my face, smothered by her sex. I am told to lick as she twists my still sore nipples for encouragement.  Gasping for breath, I lick as best I can between the twists as the lady rides my face to orgasm.  Then with little thought I am brought roughly to my knees as another cock is shoved in my mouth. This male treats me like slut. Holding my head as he forces his cock into my mouth, making me gag on it. He roughly jerks my head back and forth. Basically fucking himself with my mouth. He explodes not long after. I have never been so relieved, I thought for sure I was going to throw up from the forced deep throating.

Finally I am once again put on hands and knees as I a feel a real cock enter me and strapon in my mouth. These guests have decided to change things up. The strapon vibrates as the lady pushes her away in and out of my mouth. Telling what a little whore I am, as her husband takes me from behind. He doesn’t last long. I feel him cum inside his condom, then feel her nails on my back as she orgasms from the vibrating strapon. He pulls out throwing the condom on me. And she collapse in pleasure.

How many more will use me? Is all I can wonder I have lost track of how many might be left. All I know is during each event I heard the sound of smart phone camera flash. So I know there are pictures now of me being a fuck toy. But who has them or how many took them I do not know.

Given a few minutes rest as all the guest compose their selves. I am told to lay flat on my back.  I do so . The voice is familiar but I can’t quite place it. I feel a body hover over me then place itself on my face. What I thought was going to be a licking instead turns into a forced golden shower. As I can do nothing but drink the golden fluid being pissed down my throat. I hear laughter, and moans of some disgust as I am used as a urinal. Then once the lady the finishes and I lick her clean as instructed I am brought to my knees. Apparently one of the males decided he would like to do this as well. Only he stands back a bit. So that his piss covers my hooded face and body. Now a dirty piss soaked slut, I am roughly jerked up by feminine hands.

I hear a voice I know all too well. Madame O, she tells me I am doing well. The night is almost done. And that the last bit of fun is about to be had. Its then I hear the voice of my Dominus. She gathers up all the guests. And my hood is removed from me. I am placed in blinding spotlight of light while all the guest remain in shadows. Before me is the bowl of my cum from being ass fucked. Dominus tells me to lap it up every drop. As I earned those orgasms. I do as told to more laughter and cheers. As I ingest my own cum, knowing once again pictures are being taken.

Once this is done. Dominus comes over to me, and whispers in my ear how proud she is. She tells me to rest there while she sees her guests out. Once she returns she and Madame tell me how everyone thanked them for a good meal and show. And asked when the next dinner party was.

Dominus repeats how proud she is, and how good I was tonight. She tells me to clean up the house and then shower before coming to bed. That she and Madame will most likely be asleep and done with their own pleasure by the time I do. To enter quietly and of course take my place on the doggie bed at the foot of the bed.

An hour or so passes, I hear the moans of Madame and the sounds of pleasure. After I clean up the house and shower myself. I make my way to my bed. A happy sub, who pleased his Dominus by pleasing others. I fall asleep fast tired from the events of tonight. In the morning I am woken by nudge of a foot on my chastity belt. Dominus standing over me. She tells me to follow her. Half-awake I do.

I follow her into the now spotless living room. Seeing Madame O, Princess N and Miss Jenn along with Dominus Roommates. I am told to kneel. Dominus stands behind me. And I feel something cold and thin go around my neck. I feel it tighten. It’s then I realize. Dominus has collared me. A silver band with a Heracles knot charm in front. The collar locked on with the same type of lock as my belt.

I am told how proud she is and told that I am her boy fully from now till she decides otherwise.


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