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Dolled Up To Rock and Roll

by Shawna Summers

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© Copyright 2022 - Shawna Summers - Used by permission

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I’ve always been a rocker, not that I don’t love other types of music, too, but there was always something about going to a rock concert that had a special air. A kind of vibe that was hard to describe. Almost like an energy in the crowd connecting them to the band. Of course, I’d been to a number of shows over the years, saw some big bands, some unknowns and saw some great shows, some decent shows and even a few that sucked.

One of the big things that always stood out for me: the ladies. Especially back in the hair metal days of the eighties, there were some ladies who turned up at these shows looking like they were ready to be biker sluts, or even just plain streetwalkers! They were usually very sexy, even if they weren’t pretty, just average, they still looked awesome. The outfits were usually black, short skirts or dresses, lots of cleavage, spike heels and make-up that just screamed ‘look at me!’

The exhibitionist in me loved the idea, and as a crossdresser, the idea of going to a rock show all dolled up was one I fancied for years. The problems were multiple. First, in the hair band days I didn’t have the clothes, or the make-up skills, to pull it off. Once I had all that, we were pretty heavy into the grunge days and I felt like that outfit wouldn’t have the same impact. So, finally we got past that and I had the chance to go see a show, but the person I was supposed to go with had to cancel. No one else was available on short notice, so I decided to just go stag, well maybe… doe?

This seemed like the perfect chance to go to a show dressed. I had been out several times crossdressed, mostly on Halloween, going to drag shows or clubs, but I’d never really been somewhere that wasn’t kind of ‘safe’. So, this was a little scary since I knew there could be some people at a concert that might react badly to me being a dresser. So, I hoped the outfit would be the draw, and I would just be the model for it. Thankfully, I knew a lot of people would be pretty hammered, too, so the likelihood they’d ‘make’ me was pretty low. Still I wanted to look like I was on the prowl!

So, first the prep work, taking a nice bath and making sure to shave all over. I keep myself pretty clean shaven most of the time, but I wanted to make sure I was nice and smooth. I also moisturized and did some of my other skin care regime. Want to look nice and touchable soft. Maybe I’d even get lucky and get touched, or do some touching. I was already getting pretty excited about the thought of being ogled so much, so I knew I was probably going to get pretty slutty at some point, which just got me that much more worked up.

Since I was starting to get excited, I figured I’d better get my clitty tucked first. I got a nice tight pair of bright red panties and slipped them on. I decided to use a bit of tape since I wasn’t sure how well it was going to stay for the whole show. Once I was more under control, I started on my make-up. It’s funny that after all these years of dressing, I still love putting on make-up. There’s something about it that just gets me so ready to go en femme. Even if I’m not dressing fully, maybe just trying on some new clothes, putting on make-up just gets me into that girly headspace.

I knew I needed to go big and bold with this. I’d done super slutty and over the top make-up before, so I knew how to do it. I just wanted to make sure this was something that said ‘sex on heels’ and ‘look at me’. So, first thing, I painted my nails. Needless to say I went with the brightest, hottest red I had, so that the ends of my fingers looked like crimson talons when I was done. I decided to paint my toes, too. I was planning on wearing boots, so they probably wouldn’t be seen, but it gave me something to do while my fingernails dried.

Once my fingers were dry, I started with some foundation. I went with just a light powder since I knew it could get warm in the crowds and I didn’t want my usual liquid foundation melting. Once I had my good base, I moved on to my eyes. I usually did the eye shadow first, then the mascara, since it was a little hard to work around the lashes once those were painted. I wanted to continue my red theme, so I went with a bright red on the inside of the eyes. I did that halfway, then switched to a very dark heavy red on the outside and blended the two to go for that smoky look. I also decided to go with some eyeliner. I’ve never been good at putting on eyeliner, even liquid liner, but I figured if there was a time to break it out, this was it.

I got my eyes lined pretty well, and even went slightly past the end of the eye to give a little flourish at the corner. Hopefully, this would help with an exotic type look. Next heavy on the mascara, I have pretty thin, light eyelashes, so to get any degree of mascara, I usually need a lot, but I went for basically painting it on. My lashes looked dark and full. Paired with the red shadow, I thought it looked damn good.

A little bit of blush on my cheeks to give me some color there and then it was on to my favorite, and hopefully yours, lipstick! Can you guess which color I went with? Yeah, slut red was the theme, so it was no different here. I got my lips painted to the brightest red I could and covered them with a nice bright lip gloss to make them glow that much more.

I looked over my outfit options. I knew I was going to wear my thigh high boots, they were my favorites and they were broken in enough, so I knew I could stand in them for some time. Also, if I needed to spend any time kneeling, they were like having built-in kneepads. I figured I’d go with some fishnets stockings as well since that seemed pretty slutty and rock ‘n’ roll. I had a heavy red PVC corset that completed the red theme for my base. It would also give me some unnatural curves since it squished in my waist and pushed up my chest to make it look like I had tits. I had some D-cup sized falsies that would complete that part.

So, I just needed to decide on my outerwear. I had two main outfits that would really work: a black PVC skirt and top combo or my PVC mini-dress. Both were slutty enough and both worked well, so it was really a toss-up. I finally decided on the combo since vinyl doesn’t breathe real well, and I could get a little more air that way! It could also let me tease the red of the corset showing underneath.

So, I laced myself into the corset. Once I had it on to start, I hooked the laces to my closet door and pulled them a bit tighter. I tied it off with a small bow around the front so there wasn’t a lot of excess hanging down. I slid the fishnets on and hooked them to the garter straps from the corset. I made sure to thread the straps inside the panties so I could take them off to go to the bathroom, or for any other reasons I might need to remove my panties ...

Now, my favorite part, I slid my stockinged feet into the bottom of my thigh high boot, then lined them up and I zipped myself in. I so loved these boots! I was actually dripping into my panties, I was getting so worked up. I hadn’t even gotten to the show and I was already wet. I slid the other boot on, getting even wetter and trying really hard not to play with my clitty. Thankfully, the tuck and tape was keeping me from getting too worked up.

Next I slid on my top and zipped up the skirt, almost ready. I looked over my wigs. I have several colors and I usually prefer my red since it looks pretty natural on my pale skin. My jet black wig is also nice, and very striking, but for something like this, there’s really only one choice… blonde. I have a bright blonde, bimbo looking wig. So, I slid that one on, made sure to secure it really well and brushed it out. I looked over at myself in the mirror. I was getting turned on at the sight of myself! Wow, I looked like a cock-hungry slut, which let’s be honest, that was the look I was going for.

I got so excited looking at myself that my clit just about soaked my panties. I debated putting on my chastity cage, but this outfit was pretty tight and I didn’t want any unsightly bulges. I decided to go the other way. I got out my butt plugs. Then I hiked up my skirt and pulled my thong aside, greasing up my ass and sliding in my smallest plug. Once I had adjusted to that, I slid it back out and slid my medium home. Such an odd sensation to be so full and not able to push the invader back out. I briefly thought about putting my largest plug in, but that one was really big and made it tough to walk. The medium gave me just that extra wiggle that added to the ‘look at me’ factor.

I put in some large dangly hoop earrings to add to the effect. I also put on a leather choker to help hide my Adam’s apple. I debated putting on some leather gloves since I loved wearing opera length gloves, but I wanted to show off my red nails, too. So, I opted for leather gauntlets that gave a long gloved look, but left my fingers open. I snapped a couple pics and emailed them to myself, I was going to have to post this look. I made sure I had my ticket, phone, keys, ID, make-up and lube in my purse. Then I shouldered the black bag and headed out.

Just the drive to the show was thrilling. I had fun exchanging looks with a few other drivers at red lights and got several honks from tractor trailers. Judging by the reactions, the look was working and I was feeling hot. The plug and tuck also had me pretty worked up, so add all that together and this was set to be a fun night.

Thankfully the venue had its own lot, so it wasn’t too far from the show. I briefly thought about parking further just so I could have more time to walk and show off, but figured I’d be able to show off enough at the concert. I had intentionally picked a medium sized venue so there would be a good crowd, but not huge. Large enough to blend in, but small enough to stand out.

Parking and getting out of the car was always one of those moments. I was scared and nervous, but mostly excited. I still had to take a few deep breaths and calm myself to get out of the car. It was a nerve wracking moment. I don’t know why, there was hardly anyone around, and the few around weren’t paying attention to me, but I still felt like the whole world was screaming, “Tranny! Get the freak!” A few more breaths and the nerves wore off. I started thinking about how much I’d be showing off and that got me going again and got me walking.

Strutting on heels is always one of those strange things. It’s an odd mix of getting the right pace, but also getting the heels clicking on the ground so that people know you’re coming. Thankfully it was a bit cool, not cold, just cool enough that you’d need a light jacket, but with the vinyl covering I was plenty warm, though the cold air blowing up my skirt was making the wetness in my panties a little uncomfortable.

As I strutted, I hit the main sidewalk to the venue and started seeing other folks. Some were just hanging out, drinking and waiting to head in. Others were walking towards the show. That’s when I started to get the first looks. A number of guys gave me the up and down look, and I got a couple wolf whistles and comments like, “Looking hot!” Those made me feel really good!

I passed a few girls who also gave me apprising looks, one group kind of looked disgusted and just started whispering to themselves. They had kind of a preppy look so I ignored them, but I also passed a group of three girls who were dressed pretty hot, too. One even commented, “Killer boots!” and I replied, “Thanks! I love your heels!” She had some 5” pumps on, with a little strap so they were cute and sexy. I got a nice smile from all three of them for that. See, not all girls are catty!

I got into the entrance line and they were checking everyone going in for tickets and security. As we waited, a guy behind me kind of leaned in and said in a low voice, “Excuse me, but I just wanted to say hi and tell you that you’re hot as hell.”

I turned slightly and smiled, batting my lashes a bit, “Thank you, I always like to look my best, especially for a show.”

“Well, you’ve already made my night, I’m going to have trouble watching the show, I’m going to be looking for you,” he smiled as looked me up and down.

“Awww, aren’t you sweet,” I smiled more, stretching to show off my cleavage more.

His eyes were naturally drawn down and then he looked back up, “I hope to see you inside,” he smiled.

“Keep an eye out, you might get lucky,” I winked and then turned back to the ticket taker and handed them my ticket. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see him trying to say something more, but the next usher was asking him for his ticket. I went through security and moved into the venue.

I was still getting lots of looks from the guests. Even a few of the ushers and security people were checking me out. I did see one of the security ladies give me an appraising eye, so she might have ‘made’ me, but she didn’t say anything. It’s not like they have a dress code, and I certainly wasn’t the only one there in super sexy clothes. In fact, I passed a brunette who must have been cold since she was only wearing a leather tube top and short shorts. She had some ankle boots on and looked pretty damn good. I gave her a small smile, but she just tossed her hair and looked away. So much for sisterhood, I figured us sexy sluts gotta stick together. Maybe she thought I was after her guy? Eh, whatever ...

There were two main ways into the venue one went through an outdoor concourse with food, vendors, tables, benches and also tents of sponsors and radio stations. The other went inside the venue and had more food and drinks. The inside was the shortest way in, but it was also brightly lit. I figured the less light the less likely to be made, so I stuck to the outdoor concourse.

I could feel more eyes on me and several groups of guys were eyeballing me and the ones who weren’t looking were nudging their friends. I was trying to decide if I wanted to get a drink or go find my seat. The first band had already started and monitors played the show outside, too. The arena was still lightly populated, so it might be a good time to figure out where I was sitting.

As I stood looking at the monitor, a guy came up to me and introduced himself, “Hey, you are just gorgeous.” He was also looking me up and down.

I smiled back, “Thank you, sweetie.” I kind of posed a little, enjoying him looking over me. I could feel my clitty stir and a fresh patch of wetness started in my panties. I kept this up and my pre-cum was going to be running down my thighs.

“Are you here with someone? Can I get you a drink?” he asked hesitantly.

“My friend canceled at the last minute… and I’d love a drink,” I replied.

“I can’t believe anyone would cancel on you. You want a beer?” he asked.

“Lemonade, please,” I smiled and batted my lashes. He looked like he just hit the lottery. His brain took a moment to kick in that he was doing something, then he gestured to a nearby table. “You want to grab a seat? I’ll be right back.”

I sat on the bench and felt a surge as I forgot about my butt plug and sat right on it. I tried to nonchalantly sit so I wasn’t right on the plug. I took stock as it occurred to me I had a guy hitting on me, actually he was the second one so far! I went through my purse as I waited.

Alton came hurrying back, I guess he was worried I’d leave. Thankfully the outdoor vendors weren’t busy, so he was back quickly.

He sat the lemonade in front of me and he put a beer in front of one of the chairs next to the table. I smiled and patted the bench next to me. He smiled bigger and sat down next to me, trying to look me in the eye while ogling me, too. I made a show of inserting the straw and lining it up and taking a sip, then licking my lips when I was done. Did you know lemonade could be erotic? With the right person, just about anything can be!

He looked like he was ready to start drooling. My goodness this was fun!.He coughed and tried to adjust in his seat, “So, your friend couldn’t make it?”

“Yeah, they canceled late, and I couldn’t find someone else. How did you come?” I emphasized the ‘come’. Thankfully I had a pretty femme voice, I usually didn’t sound falsetto or like a lisp, but I could sound very breathy.

He hesitated at my emphasis, “I uhh… well, I came by myself, too.”

“Thank you for the drink,” I smiled, batting my eyelashes again.

He was clearly flustered, he wanted to throw me over the table and start fucking me right there, but he was trying to be a gentleman, “Yeah, you’re welcome. Any excuse to get closer to you.”

“Well, then why don’t you get closer?” I winked.

He took the hint and slid over, right next to me. He put one arm around my shoulders and I responded by resting my hand on his knee and running it up to his thigh. He grunted slightly. “You okay?” I asked, near his ear.

“I am amazing, as are you. I just… uh… a little uncomfortable,” he stammered.

He was being very sweet, so I decided to move this up. I slid my hand up his thigh to rub his cock through his jeans. “Is this what’s making you so uncomfortable? It seems awfully… hard.” I was pouring it on.

“Oh fuck,” was about all he could manage, as I rubbed more.

“Well, certainly not here,” I all but purred, rubbing him more.

“Goddam you are fucking hot!” was his reply.

“You have no idea, honey,” I replied. “Anywhere we can go for privacy?”

“Holy shit! Really?”

“Well, if I blow you out here, we’ll probably get thrown out, and maybe arrested,” I smiled.

“Well, yeah, I mean, there’s a place right around the corner…” he stammered.

I stroked his rapidly hardening cock and said, “Sounds good, show me.”

He stood and took me by the hand, I tottered after him on my heels. He was clearly a man on a mission now. He led me towards an area at the back of the concourse that was a one person bathroom. Not exactly glamorous, but I didn’t really care. I was getting cock crazy, and I needed some. He closed the door and pulled me in, he went to kiss me, but I warned him, “You’re going to have my lipstick all over you.”

“I can wipe it off,” he smiled back.

“Sure,” I grinned rubbing his cock again, “but wouldn’t it look better on here?”

He smiled and pulled me back to the stall. He unbuckled his pants while I reached into his underwear and pulled him out. I ran my hands over him, stroking his cock and balls lightly as I sank to my knees. I looked up at him and smiled as I ran my tongue over his head. He looked down, biting his lip as I wrapped my lips around him and started sucking him slowly and softly at first, but quickly getting faster and faster as he steadied himself by holding my shoulders. I figured he was pretty worked up and wouldn’t be too long. After a few minutes I knew I was right and he started breathing heavily and started thrusting his hips. He finally grunted and I was rewarded with a mouthful of salty cum. I kept sucking for a few more moments, milking him fully while I just kept moaning and muttering. Then I swallowed down my treat.

He stood there panting for a few moments while I wiped my mouth clean of any drool or jizz that I missed. I stood and went over to the mirror to reapply my make-up. Thankfully, I just needed to redo the lipstick and gloss. While I was doing that he just kept muttering, “Holy shit” and “Goddamn that was awesome” over and over. As I put my make-up back in my bag, I started to head out.

“Hey, are you leaving?” he asked.

“Yup, I’m off to the show. Thanks for the treat, have a good night,” I smiled and headed back out into the cool night. I was worried if we were in there too long security would come and check, but I didn’t see anyone around, so I headed over to the venue to see if I could find my seat.

I had a few more guys check me out and a few tried to approach me. I gave them nice smiles, but kept on my way. The opening act had finished and the second band was about to play, so I wanted to see some of the show. I settled in and I knew the seat next to me should be open, so I was curious to see who would be on the other side. It was only a few minutes before a group of guys sat down. The one closest to me was busy talking to his group, so he didn’t see me at first. Only after he sat, did he look my way. At first he just gave me a polite nod, then he actually spotted me and his eyes popped open.

“Damn, hello. How are you, gorgeous?” he asked suddenly, drinking me in.

“I’m great, how are you?” I replied smiling.

“I’m a lot better now that I’m next to you,” he grinned like he just got a surprise present.

“Awww, thank you. Glad to make your night,” I replied.

“Hey, a drink, a show and a very sexy lady, there’s only a few ways this could get better!” he said.

“Oh, and what ways could it get better?” I asked coyly.

“Well,” he replied. “We could get to know each other better.”

“What more did you want to know?”

“I’m wondering if you feel as good as you look?” he tried.

“Oh, you want to feel me?” I asked, batting my lashes.

“I want to do a lot more than feel you, but that’s probably a nice place to start,” he said.

“Mmmmm,” I purred. “What else do you want to do?”

He arched his eyebrows, then leaned in to whisper in my ear, “I want to bend you over and fuck you until we’re both screaming.”

I smiled and nodded, “We might get in trouble doing that here…” I started but then the band came on and the music started. I tried to yell my response, but he couldn’t really hear me.

So, we settled in to watch the show. Of course, everyone was on their feet and with the sexual tension we now had, I could feel him watching me as much as the band. Several of the guys around us were checking me out, many not too discreetly.

During a break in one of the songs, he leaned in to me, “Sorry what were you saying before?”

I smiled back coyly, “Saying about what?”

He frowned and shook his head, then laughed, “About me fucking your brains out.”

“Ohhhh, right, that. I was saying we can’t do that here, but if you know a quiet place we could go…”

He smiled and raised his eyebrows, “For you, I can come up with something!”

I leaned in, “I do have to warn you, I’m on my period.” He looked down for a moment, until I added, “But my mouth and ass are still available… if you’re interested.”

His eyebrows really shot up then, and any response was eaten up as the music resumed. As the music went on, I made sure to brush up against him and rub my ass on him a few times. He responded by grinding on me, grabbing my ass and even coping a few feels on my tits. Needless to say, all this attention had me really worked up and I grabbed his arm and nodded towards the exit. He nodded enthusiastically; I didn’t have to ask twice!

We headed out of the main part of the arena, and he guided me back to an area that was used for some of the sponsors. He guided me into one of the tents and he pulled the flap shut. There were several chairs and couches in something that must have been a VIP area, or something for before the show. It was deserted now and I pulled him over to one of the couches. He kissed me as we sat down. His hands were all over me, one playing with my tits, the other squeezing my ass. As he started nibbling on my ear and neck, I slid my hands in and I was rubbing his chest and really playing with his hardening member.

I got his pants undone and got his throbbing cock in my hands, stroking it and teasing it, moaning as he played with me and kept nibbling on me. I slid down and got my mouth around his head, getting on all fours on the couch, he kept playing with my back and ass while I started licking slowly teasingly around the head. He muttered, “Oh yeah, come on, baby.”

I flicked my tongue over the tip, tasting his pre-cum and looking up, “Come on? Did you want something?”

 He lifted up my skirt and smacked my ass, “Yeah, I want you to suck my cock.” I moaned as the spank shook my body and my plug. So, he smacked me again.

“Are you going to spank me if I don’t?” I asked, out of breath.

He smacked me again and I shuddered more, “Why, you like it?”

“Fuck yes, I love it. All sluts, like getting smacked while sucking cock, right?”

He smacked my other cheek and I shuddered more, “Well then get sucking, bitch. Or else I’ll stop.”

With that I took his cock into my mouth and started working it, getting it nice and wet. For his part, he kept smacking my ass cheeks and when he realized I enjoyed the dirty talk he got into it, “Oh yeah, you’re a nasty little slut aren’t you.”

I nodded as he smacked me again, “Oh yes, I’m a dirty, nasty little cock-sucking slut.”

He seemed to like that, since he smacked both cheeks at once. I groaned as he asked, “What else do you like? You like being called names, huh?”

I nodded as I took him deep in my mouth, working on getting him into my throat. I gagged the first time, “Oh yeah, gag on that cock, take it deep like a whore. Suck it like a two dollar whore.” He smacked my ass some more. Then he moved one of his hands to my ass and felt the base of the plug. “Oh, what has our dirty slut got here?”

“My little toy,” I gasped as I quickly resumed sucking him, taking him deep in my throat.

“So, you’re a little ass-slut, too. Huh? You like getting fucked in the ass?” I nodded, and he smacked my ass again, “What’s that?”

I gasped as I slid him out of my throat, “Yes, I love getting fucked in the ass.”

“Good, because I’m going to fuck your tight hole,” with that, he turned me around, slid my panties aside and pulled out my plug. He lined up and thrust most of the way in with one stroke.

“Oh fuck me,” I moaned. He took that as encouragement and started sliding back and forth, getting balls deep in my ass in a few strokes. He then started slowly, but once I was pushing back on him, he began fucking me hard.

“Oh shit, yeah,” he kept grunting as he was pounding away on me. After a few minutes, he picked up the pace and began really going at my hole. I was moaning and groaning, his cock rubbing against my prostate, I wasn’t sure if I was going to cum, but I was really close. As he began stroking deep, I could feel him growing in me and then he pulled back on my hips, driving himself deep in me. I could feel his cock pulsing in my ass, as jets of cum shot deep into me. I shuddered as a mini-orgasm overtook me. It was an odd sensation and I didn’t really cum, but it still felt really good.

He leaned on me for a moment before pulling out. I could feel some cum trickling out as well, but he quickly replaced my plug. It slid right in with his cum as lube and how open I was, “I thought you might want to keep some of that in.”

I smiled back, “Yes, but feeling it trickle out just makes me remember being well fucked, though it does tend to mess up my stockings! You want me to clean you?”

He looked puzzled, so I turned and took his softening cock in my mouth and gently licked and sucked it clean of any lube and jizz. “Damn girl, you keep that up I might have to take you a second time!”

I looked up, “Ohhh, promise?”

He smiled slightly, “Maybe, but probably not. Not with several beers in me.”

“Damn,” I said, finishing licking him clean, “I would have loved to swallow another load.”

He thought then said, “Well…”

I looked up, “Well what?”

“I don’t know,” he replied coyly. Oh, he was teasing me! Yeah, that was fun, too!

“Come on, you can tell me,” I batted my lashes.

“Well, I do have three friends back in the hall. Johnny is too wasted to do anything, but the other two…” he trailed off.

“If they want to take a load off, send them my way. Will I be okay to stay here for a few minutes?” I asked

“Yeah, it’s good. I know this group, and I’m pretty sure they’ll want to cum,” he turned and headed out.

“Mmmmm, I hope so,” I purred and stood. They didn’t have a mirror in the tent, obviously. I debated going to find the bathroom I used for my blow job earlier, but I wasn’t sure how long before his friends would get here. I wasn’t moving real fast since my legs were still a bit wobbly from getting fucked.

So, I opted to use my compact mirror and fix my make-up as best I could. I’m sure it didn’t look great, but I had a feeling the guy wouldn’t care much. The lipstick was the main thing I wanted back on! I also tried taking a selfie, but the light was pretty low, so I didn’t think it would turn out.

I was just starting to wonder if he was coming, when I heard quiet footsteps and low voices. I briefly hoped it wasn’t security! I stood leaning on the couch to really show off my boots and legs, making sure to thrust out my tits, too.

The tent opened and both guys entered. Oh, wow! Cock sandwich, thank you! They both stopped and their eyes bugged out and their mouths fell open.

“Holy shit,” the dark haired one said.

“Holy shit, he wasn’t kidding,” the other with the light blonde hair said.

I smiled and stretched, “Were you boys looking for me?”

“Hell yes! We didn’t believe him, but damn you are fucking hot,” the dark haired one.

“Thank you,” I purred, “Did he tell you how hot I am?”

The lighter haired one said, “He said you were a dirty, nasty little cock-sucking slut who was on the rag but still wanted some more cock.”

I nodded, “That sounds about right.”

“And there’s no charge or nothing?” from the darker one.

I shook my head, “My only fee is one load of cum each, and I just happen to have two holes available for deposits.” I licked my lips.

The darker one shook his head like he was stunned. The fairer one walked over, undoing his pants on the way. His friend didn’t want to be left behind and followed suit. I was on my knees before they were all way over and quickly had two cocks, one in each hand. I took turns licking and sucking their heads, flicking my tongue, leaving lots of lipstick kisses across both, alternating sucking one and stroking the other. There are few things hotter than having two cocks at the same time!

The darker one reached down to hike up my skirt and play with my ass, teasing my plug. I moaned around his friend’s pole, stroking him harder. We played for a few minutes before he said, “I want to fuck her ass.”

His friend nodded, “Good, ‘cause I want this whore’s mouth to stay wrapped around my dick.”

The darker one moved behind me and kept teasing my plug. The fairer one said, “Damn, bitch. What kind of slut goes around dressed like a hooker with a plug up her ass?”

I smiled around his cockhead, “The dirty, nasty, kind of slut who likes it hard and rough.”

“You like it rough, do you cunt?” he growled. I nodded and as an answer I grabbed one of his hands and put it on the back of my head. He grinned, “Oh yeah, like getting face fucked, huh?” I love that really! Just that the whole breathing thing tends to get in the way.

As his friend popped out my plug and lined himself up with my ass, he gripped the back of my head and started slowly sliding his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. I gagged the first couple times, but that just got him harder, “Oh yeah, gag on it you little cum dump,” He pulled out, let me spit and then shoved his cock right back in. I was getting so turned on, I almost forgot his friend, until he slid all the way on the first thrust. I moaned around his cock buried in my throat and they both took over, fucking me hard and fast.

They quickly found a rhythm and I was getting happily spit-roasted. Both of them were pounding away at my holes, driving their cocks deep into me, I could feel their balls slapping into me. The guy on my mouth was using my mouth like a pussy, just fucking away, occasionally letting me breath and spit out before picking the pace back up and choking me with his cock!

It was taking all the restraint I had not to reach down and start playing with my clit. Thankfully, I could feel the guy in my ass speeding up and I figured he was close. A few moments later he drove hard into me and I could feel him pulling on my hips, driving hard into me and I could feel his cock pulsing as he unloaded into me. His friend must have gotten excited seeing his friend filling me since he also sped up and slammed his cock into my throat cumming straight down my throat! That was a pretty wild sensation! Definitely very submissive.

Thankfully, he pulled back after a few moments and I was able to catch my breath! His friend also plopped out of my ass. I reached back to put my plug back in since the cum was almost pouring out of my ass now! Both of the guys seemed very out of breath, too, but they soon cleaned up and headed out, saying things like, “Damn! You are one seriously hot fucking bitch!”

I lay on the couch for a few minutes before I put myself back together. I made my way out of the tent back to the bathroom where I had my first encounter. Thankfully it was open. I went in to clean up, I looked like I'd just been well-used! I cleaned up my make-up and reapplied it so I at least looked like I’d been living it up at a concert instead of slutting it up.

I made my way back into the venue, still giving lots of winks and getting lots of long looks, whistles and comments. This made me feel horny again, so I was wiggling and bouncing on my heels all I could. As I made my way back to the seats, an official looking guy started approaching me. I panicked for a moment thinking security had busted me, but I could see the three guys back at their seats with their fourth friend nearly passed out, too. Unless, they hadn’t seen the guys and just me? Ah, whatever, I decided to put on my best smile and see if I could flirt my way out.

I smiled brightly as he approached, realizing he was pretty tall. I’m not super tall, only 5’ 5”, but in 5” heels I’m on an even plane with a lot of guys. The fact that I was looking up to see this guy meant he was well over 6’. He was pretty direct, “You want to come backstage?”

“I… what?” I asked, a little thrown since this wasn’t the way I expected this conversation to go!

He held up a backstage pass, “You want to come backstage?” He briefly explained that the bassist from the band on stage right now saw me in the crowd and wanted to invite me backstage. Holy shit!

I was torn, on the one hand this sounds like a chance of a lifetime, on the other, if he thought I was really a girl it could go bad, quickly. I leaned in close to the guy’s ear so I didn’t have to yell, “Does he know I’m a tranny?”

I wasn’t sure what to think since he had almost no reaction and shrugged, “Don’t know, don’t care. He asked me to invite you backstage, that’s what I’m doing.”

I took a breath, “Would you mind telling him for me, so I can quickly leave if he’s upset?”

The guy smiled a bit, “Yeah, babe. I can do that.” He looked me up and down, “If it makes you feel better, I didn’t know. Now that you say it, I do see it, but until I was looking for it…” he just shook his head.

“Thanks, let’s go then!” I smiled and winked.

He smiled back and handed me the pass which I put around my neck. I followed him towards the side of the stage. As we got closer, the crowd pressed in. I grabbed his arm by the elbow, so I could keep up. He smiled slightly at me and guided me through the security doors.

It was a beehive of activity backstage. The band was just wrapping up their set, so all kinds of things were going on. The headliner was getting ready to go on, too. So, there was a ton of stuff going on with getting them ready and lots of equipment and people moving about. With all that, almost no one paid either of us any attention. I did get a few quick looks from some of the guys, but they were pros and quickly went back to what they were doing.

The security guy led me to a small area that had a number of people lounging around; including several scantily clad or sexily dressed girls. Ah, so I wasn’t the only one pulled in from the crowd. I realized they must do this sort of thing all the time. I wonder how many times they've got girls like me! I laughed a little to myself.

The security guy leaned in close, “I’ll let him know… and your secret is safe with me.”

He winked and I smiled back, “Thanks, sweetie.” I winked back.

I looked around the area, guessing it was supposed to be a Green Room type area. I saw some drinks off to the side, so I figured that was a good place to start. They had some munchy type food, but I was already pretty full with two loads in me and I wanted to save room for more. I really can be a nasty slut sometimes!

I grabbed a bottle of water and then made my way over to lean against the wall. There weren’t many seats, and they were already taken. I looked over the other girls, and they were the same sort of girls that inspired me tonight. They looked great, dressed to kill and looked ready to rock and roll. Though two were clearly already pretty drunk, the rest looked like they were bored. That changed in a few moments as the band triumphantly entered. We all cheered and clapped as they came in. They came in like rock stars. Throwing their hands in the air, high fiving each other and everyone else, and yelling things like, “Kick ass show!” and “We killed it!”

It was all a little gratuitous, but I guess that’s part of the rock star persona. So I just laughed along and enjoyed it. The bassist caught my eye and he smiled. He walked over; I took a sip and put the water bottle away. I smiled as he came over.

“So Danny tells me you’re…” he trailed off and nodded towards me.

I guessed Danny was the security guy. He had been wearing a name tag, but I was so thrown off, I hadn’t thought to check it. I smiled big and nodded back, “Yup, I sure am, but I’m all girl right now.”

He grinned, “Well, damn you are fucking hot, even now, I probably never would have guessed.”

“Thank you, that means a lot to a girl like me!” I batted my lashes, glad I’d put the mascara back on!

“So, does everything work?” he asked unsure how to broach the topic I guess.

I nodded, “It does, but everything is tucked away, so like I said, I’m all girl right now.”

“Awesome, you want to come back to my dressing room?”

I nodded and bit my lips, “Oh fuck yeah.”

I took his arm and he steered me out of the room. I realized the other band members all had girls. Some had already headed out, the rest were sitting on the chairs and couches getting cozy. There was a very heavy feel of sex in the air.

We worked our way through several corridors, seeing a few people on the way. Most of them gave us knowing looks. Well, at least everyone knew why I was there. He led me into a small dressing room and when we got in, he squeezed up behind me and started kissing the back of my neck. That’s one of my hot buttons and always gets me going.

I started grinding my ass back and could feel his cock through his pants. He was already pretty hard and from the feel, fairly large, too. He was practically growling as he nibbled my neck, running his hands over my tits. He turned me around to kiss me deep and hard. My knees actually buckled a little bit, thankfully he was holding me pretty tight otherwise I might have fallen down. He broke the kiss and started biting the side of my neck. I ran my hands over his chest and down his stomach to run them over his dick. We stayed like that for a few minutes, moving between him kissing me and nibbling on me while I gently rubbed his cock through his tight leather pants.

After several minutes I felt his hands on my shoulders and I sank to my knees, looking up at him as I did. He pulled his very hard cock out and I licked my lips. It was pretty large, at least ten inches and thick. Sucking this one was going to be a challenge!

I wrapped my hands around his shaft, stroking it softly while my other hand teased his balls. I looked up at him as I licked the pre-cum off the tip and then licked all over. I tongued down to his balls and gently sucked one then the other. I kept stroking as I licked and sucked on his balls. I must have gotten him quite worked up since he reached down and pulled my head back up so my mouth was by his cock head again. I wrapped my lips around it, running my tongue all over and then slowly taking it inch by inch down. I went as far as I could each time, taking more and getting it wetter each time.

It took a while and a lot of spit, but I finally got him in my throat and took him all the way down. I deep throated him several times, each time holding him down and milking him with my throat. The moaning and groaning told me I must have been doing a good job.

After several minutes of deep throating him, he put his hands on the back of my head and began controlling the action. He would push me down to deep throat, holding me there for a few moments before pulling back to slowly pump in and out, fucking my mouth. I could feel the spit running down my chin, dripping all over my tits. I’m sure I looked like a well-used whore.

He was biting his lip as he picked up the pace and before long was fucking my mouth hard and fast. Then he pulled out and stroked his cock, holding my head right next to it, cumming all over me. I closed my eyes and could feel the warm sticky splatter as he covered my eyes, then my nose before shooting a few times into my open mouth and then milking the last bits onto my tongue.

“Fuck yeah, that was hot as hell. You really are all girl, damn,” he muttered. I started to reach up to the cum dripping down. “Hang on,” he said. “Mind if I get a pic? You look fucking awesome!”

I nodded slightly, then held out my cum coated tongue to show off. I could hear a few clicks and my clit throbbed in my panties. I don’t know if I could get much more worked up. A rock star just gave me a facial and wanted some pics! “Fuckin’ A, you are super-hot!”

I wiggled my tongue again, then pulled it in and made a big show of swallowing his load. I scooped the rest off my eyes and nose as best I could, licking it off my finger, making a show of the whole thing. “Damn girl, you keep that up and I’m going to have to coat your face again!”

I smiled up, “Ohhh, promise?”

He grinned down, “Maybe, though I had other plans for you.”

I looked up and raised my eyes, “Oh really? I hope they’re fun.”

He smiled and pulled my arm up. I stood a bit shakily and he walked over to a cushioned chair. He sat down and pulled me on top of him. I straddled him and smiled down. I then started grinding around, giving him a bit of a lap dance, playing with my hair and tits. I was having fun and I guessed from his hardening cock, he was enjoying the show!

“You need anything to get ready?” he whispered in my ear.

I nodded my head, “I have a toy in me, but once that’s out, I’m lubed up and ready to go.”

He raised his eyes, “You’ve got a dildo in you now?”

I shook my head, “No, a butt plug.”

He nodded, “Stand up, let me see.”

I stood and took a few steps away, turning I hiked up my skirt and bent over slightly. I slid my panties to the side and the pink base of the plug was very obvious against my ass.

“You are fucking hot, fuck yourself with it.”

I reached down and began sliding the plug in and out, moaning since the flared part was pretty big. I heard him step up behind me, “Take it out.”

I slid the plug out and he moved me slightly over to the dressing table, bending me over and sliding his cock right into me. I moaned as he slowly fed it into me, letting me feel all of it before he started with a nice slow pace, rubbing my back and ass as he did. After a few minutes, he pulled out and grabbed my arm, pulling me with him. We went back over to the chair, and he sat down, pulling me on top of him. I looked down as he held himself near my ass, and I slid down onto him, moaning with every inch.

I needed to be on top more often, this was even better! I was feeling every inch and sliding up and down on him. I grabbed his shoulders for support as I really began driving down, fucking him as hard as I could, and stopping now and then to grind down and milk him with my ass. It was moments like this I wished I had real tits since flopping them out and having them sucked on would be just amazing. As it was, I was already approaching a mini-orgasm and I was pretty sure I was full out going to cum soon.

As the mini-orgasm hit me, I ground down and shook, panting and gasping the whole time. He held me as I shuddered. After I opened my eyes and came back down, I started sliding up and down slowly again.

“That was pretty fucking hot, did you cum?” he asked softly.

“I’m not sure what that was, kind of a mini-orgasm. It feels great, but nothing comes out. Well, nothing but a dribble anyway,” I explained, finding a nice steady pace.

He put his hands on my hips, raising me up a little so he could get a better angle to drive up into me. With me coming down and him driving up, we soon had a pretty frantic pace and were fucking like animals. He furthered this by growling in my ear. I couldn’t take much more and I could feel something building up.

The other band must have gone on stage since we could hear loud music starting up. It was probably a good thing because I was panting and gasping really loud and was probably going to cum hard. He seemed to be enjoying me getting off, “You like that, baby?”

“Oh fuck yes, your big cock feels so good,” I moaned.

“Oh yeah, my little tranny slut gonna cum all over herself?” he teased.

I nodded, “Oh yes, I’m going to cum like I don’t know what.”

“Fucking hot, I want to see you cum, scream if you want, I fuckin’ love it!”

That was all I needed and I started getting really vocal, yelling and cursing as I felt it build up. He picked up the pace and I thought I was going to lose my mind. I could feel it building. It felt like a small wave starting in my toes, which was getting bigger and bigger. It slowly made its way up my legs to my ass, then it shot up to my fingers, going down my arms to my chest and up to my brain before coming back down my spine to my hips and my clit. Finally I screamed and had what felt like an earth-shattering orgasm. I’m not sure if I screamed, or it was just blood vessels in my head exploding, but as I came and started clenching and shuddering, I could feel my lover tense up and he growled as he came inside me, too.

I collapsed on top of him, out of breath and afraid I was going to pass out from the intensity. After a few moments, he caught his breath, “You okay?”

I nodded, but couldn’t actually form any words, I mumbled something that I hoped sounded like, “Yeah.”

To his credit, he just held me for a few moments until he started slipping out of my ass. Then he lifted me up and I moved over onto the arm of the chair. I had the presence of mind to slip my plug back in to keep from making too much of a mess. My panties were soaked with my cum, but there wasn’t too much to do about that right now.

After a few minutes, I was able to stand and moved over to the dressing table where he was sitting. I smiled as he pulled me onto his lap, “That was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen,” he told me.

“That was pretty intense, I’ve never cum like that before,” I told him.

“Well, next time I’m in town, you’re welcome to cum like that on me again and I’ll cum on you again,” he smiled.

“That sounds like a date!” I smiled looking forward to the next tour. Of course, there were a lot more shows coming through the area before then, so I wondered what would be the next best show to get all dolled up for!


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