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Dressed for a Trick, or a Treat

by Shawna Summers

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© Copyright 2022 - Shawna Summers - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/m; chastity; buttplug; oral; anal; bond; cd; maid; costume; hum; cons; XX

Continues from

Part 3

It was a tiring weekend, spending most of the time as Don and Chuck's sissy sex slave. The pink plastic chastity cage was a colorful, and frustrating, reminder of what had happened. I was locked into a small chastity cage that wrapped around my cock and balls, and barely allowed my small cock, or clit, as they preferred I call it, to get hard.

I spent some time playing around with the cage and I managed to get myself hard enough that the cage actually hurt. Especially with the plastic piece pulling around my balls, which felt so full. It had only been a few hours since they'd locked me in this thing and I was already so horny that I felt like I was going to explode.

The good news was that I already had my gym excuse, so I didn't really need to worry about anyone seeing it at school. Don and Chuck had gotten me out of gym class so I could wear my butt plug to school all the time… oh! My butt plug!

I decided to try a different approach and greased up and slid my plug in. While it felt nice to be full, it wasn't really scratching my itch. So, I got my dildo and started playing with that. That was much better, but trying to fuck myself with the dildo in a position that was comfortable and allowed me to really feel it was very tough. I tried on my hands and knees, on my side, on my back, on my… you get the idea. It didn't work, well it worked to get me even hornier and more worked up.

I messaged Don and asked him about the cage and when it would be removed. The answer made my heart leap into my throat. He only replied one word: Never. Why that made my clit absolutely throb in my new plastic cage wasn't something I was really ready to think about. The idea of being locked in permanently scared the fucking hell out of me, but it also aroused me to a level I didn't think possible.

I replied back: Please? He just replied: Do as UR told and well C.

Well, fuck. That wasn't the answer I was hoping for, but it gave me a small glimmer of hope. I also saw he'd sent me a video, too. Did I really want to see this? Morbid curiosity got the better of me. I was expecting a porn video, maybe a trans porn video. I was not expecting a video of me tied to the ottoman in their basement. The sight of my body being ravaged by both their cocks at the same time was almost too much. I REALLY wanted to cum now, but I just had to deal with the horniness and frustration.

The next day at school wasn't much better. I was walking around with my clit cage and butt plug in, so I was pretty much steadily dripping precum the whole time. I had to go into the bathroom a few times and wipe the mess out of my underwear.

Late in the afternoon, Chuck waved me into a bathroom. He kept watch while Don motioned for me to drop my pants down. As I did, he laughed at the pink cage.

“Damn bitch, you are all purple and dripping, that's fuckin' funny,” he said and motioned for me to spin around.

I obliged, showing my plugged ass. He said, “Good girl.”

As I pulled my pants back up, I started to ask, “So, the cage…”

He interrupted me before I could even start, “You do what you're told, without argument, without question, and you might be let out long enough to whack off and cum, but your little clitty is staying in that cage until I say otherwise. Got it?”

I looked down, my cheeks flushing red. I wanted to fight, or rail in anger or something, but I didn't know what to do now. They had pics and video of me, and they had the key to this damn cage. I was kinda fucked… no, I was well and truly fucked, or whatever they wanted out of me. Plus with how horny I was, I knew by this weekend I'd do anything they told me to get to cum. Then again, I guess that was the point of the cage.

Needless to say it was a long, frustrating week. I was fucking myself with the dildo like crazy every night and I was just not getting anything close to an orgasm. I was able to make myself dribble more pre-cum, but that was about it. So, Friday when it came time to go to Don's house, I was more than ready. I was also dreading it because I had a feeling things were going to escalate, and probably faster than I was ready for.

I was so worked up, I had already put my outfit on during school, so I just wore it under my boy clothes for the last two periods. I will say, sitting in class and wearing a thong, stockings, skirt, corset and bustier had me even more worked up than usual!

Once in the car, I just slid off my boy clothes and pulled my wig on.

Chuck looked back not long after I was dressed, “Damn girl, you ready to go?”

I felt my cheeks burn as I blushed crimson, embarrassed about what a slut I was prepared to be to get to cum. “Yes, Sir,” I replied simply.

“Good to see you so ready, slut,” Don piped in. “Keep that attitude and we might just let you get a nut.”

I smiled, “Yes, Sir. I'll be good.”

“Yeah? Then get up here and suck Chuck's cock,” he replied.

Oh fuck. Was he serious? It was like 3pm and we were driving through town. Anyone would be able to see me. Well, it's not like they'd know who I was.

“Should I put on make-up first?” I asked, hoping to delay them.

“Why? Slut like you is just going to work it off anyway,” Don laughed.

Well, he was right about that. Having no other real choice, I slid up into the front seat and began massaging Chuck's cock through his pants. I undid his pants and pulled him out, slowly wrapping my lips around his cockhead, trying to make a big show of things for them. I was hoping if I did it nice and slow, we'd get to Don's house and I could at least finish being a slut somewhat privately.

Don wanted to make sure that wasn't happening. He made sure to wave to anyone that would look. Several people in higher vehicles like trucks honked and cheered. On the one hand, my cheeks burned red with shame, but the exhibitionist slut in me was thrilled and my clit was leaking big time into my cage.

Of course, it did occur to me that people could really only see my hair and my ass for the most part, so they just knew Chuck was getting road head from some horny slut.

We arrived at Don's, finally. As we pulled in the driveway, “Alright cunt, you'll have to take his dick out of your mouth long enough to get inside. After that, you can have all the cock you want. In fact, you'll be getting some extra tonight!”

Wait, what did he mean by that? Oh fuck, I was right, this was escalating fast.

I scurried into the house, grabbing my book bag from the back of the car. As we got downstairs, Don grabbed me close, squeezing my ass, “I got a surprise for ya, slut. Go put on what's in the bathroom. And get your make-up on, too. I want you looking good. Well, I mean, I want you looking like a tranny slut, so you know, slut it up.”

I nodded, knowing full well what he meant. I went into the bathroom, somewhat dreading what I was going to find. I found a French maid dress? Okay, I've got to say, I wasn't expecting that. The dress was kind of cute, actually. A bit over the top sexy, but cute, too. It had short, flared sleeves, with a sweetheart neckline. The skirt was pretty short and flared up and out. I realized there were also little gloves, an apron, a choker and headpiece, all in white lace. There was also a new pair of shoes and even a new wig! I was going to be a blonde, and in some black pumps 4” fuck me pumps no less.

I was actually excited about this! It was really cute and sexy, and I couldn't believe I was excited about prancing around in a French maid outfit, but I was. I guess if you're going to be forced to be a sissy slut, you might as well get on board and enjoy what you can.

So, I took my time getting the lingerie on. First there was a new pair of tight black panties. Actually, they were little ruffled panties with an opening in the back? What the hell? Were they ripped?

It took me a moment to realize the hole was quite intentional, and considering that it was going to line right up with my asshole, I could only conclude it was for one reason. Great, now they didn't even have to pull my panties off or down to fuck me up the ass. At least they were cute…

So, I slipped into the frilly satin ruffled panties. It took me a few tries to get the chastity cage adjusted in the panties so everything was comfortable. Well, relatively comfortable anyway.

I took off the fishnets stockings I had been wearing, and switched them out for the black, seamed stockings sitting with the outfit. As nice as the fishnets were, these felt like a slice of heaven going on my legs. I could have just about died from putting these silky garments on. My head actually swam a little from the rush. I was going to have to see about getting another pair of these to wear at home.

I kept my garter belt on and attached the seamed stockings to those garter tabs. It made for a really sexy look. As I checked myself out in the mirror, I started getting turned on, at which point the chastity cage asserted itself rather painfully.

I checked out the dress and decided I should do my make-up before I made my way into the black and white dress. I pulled out the little make-up kit and started putting on the foundation. Luckily I didn't get a lot of facial hair growth yet, so stubble wasn't really a problem. Once I had the foundation blended in nicely, I added some powder. I didn't want to take long, so I hit the high points and any blemishes I had. I then started on the eye shadow. This part was tough, and even with practicing at home, I was still trying to get the brush technique right.

I had discovered that I needed to tap off the excess powder first, then start at the inner part of my eye. >From there it was just smooth, even strokes to get a nice solid color. I'd usually have to reapply powder at least once to cover my whole eyelid. I went with a bright blue color since everything I'd read said that blue eye shadow was kind of the ultimate tramp look. It certainly seemed to scream, “Look at me!”

Once I was done with my eyes, I checked them out and they didn't look half bad. I then went for some mascara. This was the one giving me fits most of the time. It looked so deceptively easy. Just apply the brush to your eyelashes, right? Well, most of the time it seemed like I managed to get the black make-up on my eyelid and then to get it off, I'd screw up my eye shadow. I'd also poked myself in the eye a couple of times. Yeah, that was as fun as you'd think.

So, I took my time and really tried to get a nice even coat on my lashes. It wasn't bad, but I knew it could look better. I figured Don and Chuck didn't really care, they just wanted me done up, so I didn't want to take any longer getting ready. Still, I hated not getting the look right. That seemed like a weird thing to be worried about to me, since most of my make-up was going to be wiped off by sweat, spit, cocks and cum within a few hours, but I still wanted to look good.

Finally I put a little rouge on my cheeks and quickly blended that in. That and the lipstick were the two things I felt really comfortable with. I knew for the lipstick the fire engine red was the only choice. I had started playing with lip liner and lip gloss at home to try different looks, but right now, I just needed to look like a cock-craving whore.

So, I drew and filled in my lips with the brightest red lipstick I had. I smiled and made a kiss to myself in the mirror. I had to say, I looked pretty damn good. The lingerie and the make-up really made me look like a sexy girl.

I was lost briefly in a haze of getting aroused looking at myself, when the chastity cage reasserted itself. I then decided to finish up and meet my fate.

So, I finally grabbed the maid dress, it was much heavier than I expected. I realized there was a bit of flair to the skirt that seemed to be from some built in petticoats. At first I thought this was a cheap costume dress, but I realized this was a pretty serious dress. It was a very soft material, so I was thinking maybe it was satin, like the panties. That would certainly have made sense. Mostly it was done in black, with white lace accents on the sleeves and across the bodice. It had a bit of a neckline, but was still high enough you wouldn't really be able to tell I didn't have any tits. It was a sweetheart neckline, but it did have little puffy sleeves on the shoulders, too. The rest was a shiny black that went down to a flared skirt with more lace accents. It was a really sexy dress and putting it on was a slice of heaven.

The smooth, cool satin-like material sliding over my skin was a strong enough sensation to make me shudder in pleasure. I had to pause for a moment while setting the dress on my shoulders to catch my breath. In fact, if I hadn't been locked in the cage, I probably would have been playing with myself. I do realize that's probably another reason for the cage, but it didn't make me any less horny.

Once I had myself under control, I settled the dress on my shoulders. It really felt nice to wear. Every time I moved, I could feel the satin, well I think it was a satin-like material, but whatever it was it felt amazing, and it rubbed on my skin with each movement. That was going to have me even more out-of-my-mind-horny in no time.

I grabbed my raven-haired wig and slid that onto my head, briefly admiring how feminine and sexy I looked. I pulled out my phone and snapped a quick picture of myself. I don't know why, but I just felt I looked the best I ever had, and I kind of wanted to preserve that. I pulled up the blonde wig as I pulled off the black wig. I settled the blonde onto my head and was surprised what a difference the hair color maid, I mean made.

It took me some fighting, but I was able to get the zipper pulled all the way up in the back, though I thought I was going to dislocate my shoulders trying to do it. How do single girls zip themselves into a back-zip dress? I guess that's why they have girlfriends come help?

I glanced over and saw the little accessories remaining. So, I first tied the white satin apron so it sat across the front of the dress. The little white thing was kind of useless as an actual apron, but it did make for a nice splash against the stark black of the dress.

I wanted to hurry, I figured the guys were probably going to get anxious soon. So, I buckled the lace choker around my neck. I really liked the accent it gave. Also, it kind of made me feel like I was wearing a collar. Wait? Did I really just think that? Did I want to wear a collar? Why did that idea sound so appealing? Did I want to be a slave? Or since I already kind of was, maybe I should get the security of being collared? I'm not sure, but I didn't really have time to dwell on it.

So, I clipped the little maid cap to my blonde wig and took one last look in the mirror. Damn! I looked good! Hell, I was turning me on! I hoped the boys were going to like it.

I slid into the heels and stepped out into the main basement area. I did a little tada as I came around the corner. Both Don and Chuck looked up in surprise.

“Holy shit, bitch, you look sexy as fuck,” Don said.

Chuck nodded and added, “Hell yes!”

“Why don't you clean up around here a little? Let us watch that sexy ass of yours do something useful, I mean besides draining our balls,” Don snorted at his own wit.

So, I set about picking up some of the trash, cleaning up empty beer cans and whatnot. It was actually kind of fun! I really felt like a captive maid who was being forced to clean her owner's dungeon before they used and abused her. Which, once I thought about it, wasn't that far from the truth.

So, I picked up, I vacuumed, and generally cleaned the place up. I did make sure to bend over lots so they could see my stocking tops and up my skirt. It didn't take long before both of them were adjusting their cocks in their pants. I smiled a little knowing the effect I was having and enjoying the attention while at the same time a little resentful that I was basically forced to be here. It was a little weird, but I was so horny at that point, I was just hoping one or both of them was going to fuck me. My cage was absolutely throbbing. I was so excited by the idea.

As I walked by at one point Don pulled me onto the couch and onto his lap. His hands were all over me feeling my ass and tits through the satin. I was moaning like a bitch in heat in no time.

Don whispered in my ear, “Are you horny, my little sissy bitch?”

Why did him calling me names push my buttons so much? I hated it, but my word did it turn me on like nothing else. I nodded and gasped, “Yes, I'm so fucking horny.”

He smacked the meaty part of my ass and thigh that was available. The sting ran through me right to my cage and made me even hornier.

“You mean, 'Yes, Sir', right?”

“Yes, Sir! Sorry, Sir,” I said hurriedly. Fuck! He wanted me to call him Sir now? And that was turning me on. Of course, I'm pretty sure that almost anything would make me even hornier.

“Good little cum dump,” he said loudly. “You'll be calling us both Master Chuck and Master Don from now on? Got me, cock sleeve?”

“Yes, Master. I understand,” I said breathlessly. Help me, even calling him Master was turning me on. I was more than a little scared about how much I was enjoying all this.

“So, you'll be a good little slut for our guests, right?” Don said with a wicked smile.

“G-g-guests?” I stammered.

Don smacked my ass, hard this time. “I'm sorry, you're having guests, Master?”

Don grinned, “No, 'we' are having guests, you brainless bimbo.”

“I'm sorry, Master. I'll be good,” I whispered, biting my lip. What guests? Did I dare ask? Would I get in trouble for that?

“Since you're probably wondering, we have two guys coming who are our regular poker buddies. So, you'd better be ready to serve them like you serve us,” Don chuckled. “Every week.”

Oh hell, my heart sank at the same time my cage throbbed. I was terrified about where this was going, but the idea of being manhandled by more guys turned me on even more. Don's hands on me were not helping either. I was moaning and grinding my plugged ass on his leg.

“Damn bitch, are you humping my leg?” Don laughed.

I nodded, “Yes, Sir. Should I stop?”

“No, go ahead. You like it when I play with you like this?” he asked.

“Oh yes, Sir! It feels so nice, and makes me feel like such a girl,” I moaned.

“You really should have been a girl,” Don noted.

“Yes, Sir, I think so,” I agreed.

“But instead you're just our little sissy play toy,” Don noted.

“Yes, Master. I'm just your little sissy toy,” I breathed heavily.

“Good slut, stop humping, now,” he ordered.

“Oooh,” I moaned softly, but stopped as ordered. I looked pleadingly at Don, “Please? Please can I hump on my plug, Master?”

“No, I like knowing you're all worked up,” Don laughed. “How's your cage?”

“It's so tight on my cock…” I started.

Don jumped in, “Cock? You don't have a cock, sissies have clits. You better call that little nub your clit or I'm gonna beat your ass until you can't sit down.”

“Yes, Master. I'm sorry, my clitty is so hard and the cage is so tight,” I stammered. “Would you please fuck me?”

“Damn, bitch, you really are a horny fucking slut!” Don laughed.

My cheeks flushed with my humiliation. Don said, “But keep up that attitude with our guests and you'll get all the cock you can take. Actually, why don't you warm up sucking on mine. Get on your fucking knees, whore.”

My caged cock… my clit, I mean, throbbed in my cage. Just the idea of sucking his cock had me turned on beyond all belief.

I excitedly and nervously sank to my knees, undoing Don's pants and pulling out his semi-hard cock. I began licking and kissing all around him, stroking him lightly. As I looked at my hand stroking, I kind of wished my nails were painted. I'd have to see if I could get some nail polish for next time. That might be a nice treat for the guys, and me, really.

Don's cock got rock hard and I began really blowing him. He grabbed my shoulders and pushed me back a bit, “Take it easy, cunt. We've got all night. Take your time, enjoy it.”

So, I slowed down and gave him a nice sloppy blow-job for what felt like a long time. I was engrossed in what I was doing that I didn't even hear anyone coming down the steps until Don greeted them.

“Hey Seth, hey Roger, how you guys doing?” Don asked.

I looked up from his cock and glanced to where he was looking. Two guys from our school had come down the stairs and were grinning wildly at Don and me. My cheeks flushed red with shame as I realized I knew them. I had only seen Roger around school, but I sat behind Seth in Math class! I was right, this was spiraling way faster than I was ready for.

“We're fucking great, Don!” Seth answered. “And I, for one, can't wait to get some of that!” Roger nodded his agreement.

“Yeah, she's a pretty sexy piece of ass, and a total fucking slut. She's almost insatiable,” Don laughed.

I looked up at him, trying to plead with my eyes not to go through with this. He laughed, “You ready for poker night, slut?”

I nodded reluctantly.

Don looked sideways, “Is that how you answer?”

My shoulders slumped, then I smiled up, “Yes, Sir! I'm ready!” I tried to keep my voice as high as I could. I'd read if you close your throat up while talking it could help to give a feminine sound. It was sort of the opposite of projecting your voice. I was really worried Seth or Roger would recognize me.

“Good girl,” he patted me on the head and put his cock back in his pants. I was disappointed I didn't get to swallow his cum and my disappointment worried me again. The real shame was, I almost kind of hoped the new guys would recognize me. I had this thrilling and terrifying vision of me on my knees in an empty classroom, feminized and being used by an almost endless line of guys from school. The thrill from the fantasy helped calm my nerves, but it did make me wonder again just how far I would go with all this. Was there a limit to what I'd do? The scary answer, I realized, was that short of anything crippling or permanently damaging, I couldn't think of anything.

Don stood and waved me over, “Come introduce yourself, sissy.”

I walked over to where Seth and Roger stood grinning like guys who just hit the jackpot. I curtseyed slightly and said, “Hello Sirs, welcome. I'm Shawna, I'm Master Don's and Master Chuck's sissy.”

“Damn Don,” said Seth towards Don, “She's fucking hot.”

Roger nodded, “Hell yeah, she's a dude?”

Don laughed, “Oh yeah, and she's a total fucking slut, too.”

“Yeah, I noticed!” Seth added. “When can we get some?”

“Chuck had a good idea, how about we make it fair and make her a part of the prizes for the poker game?” Don asked.

Seth and Roger both nodded in agreement.

Chuck added, “So, we're thinking one hand you get her to sit on your lap and to be your serving girl, two hands and she blows you until you lose and three hands, you get to take her up to the bedroom for an hour once we wrap the game.”

Wait, what? I wanted to ask about this, but I was scared I wouldn't get unlocked. Then I started worrying that each of them would get me for an hour. Holy fuck! Four hours of being fucked? Hopefully they wouldn't all last that long, but then I worried about what they'd make me do if they came before the hour was up.

Then again, that was four more chances to try and get off. Was I really excited about the idea of getting fucked by four different guys for half the night? I was really scaring myself with how slutty I could be.

So the guys got situated at the table to settle in for the game. Don looked at me, “Go grab beers for everyone.”

I went over and took off my heels, then made my way up the stairs to the kitchen. I opened the fridge and grabbed four beers out. I made my way back down, putting my shoes on at the bottom of the steps. I came around and put the beers out for each guy as I went by. Don made sure to pinch my ass as I went by. I just looked back at him and bit my lip. I really wanted one of them to win me quickly!

Seth took the first hand, so I made my way over and he patted his lap for me to sit down. I sat on his lap and he proceeded to run his hands all over me. His hands had me panting, biting my lips and squirming on his lap.

He leaned in close to me, “Like that, slut?”

I leaned against his chest, nodding, “Yes, Sir. Your hands feel so nice.”

“And you're really a sissy?” he asked, sounding unbelieving. “You are super fucking hot.”

“Thank you,” I blushed softly, “I assure you, I'm a sissy.”

“Show me your dick, then,” he ordered.

The game continued as I hiked up my layers of skirts to show my panties and the very noticeable chastity bulge there.

“Damn, you're all locked up, huh?” Seth laughed.

I nodded, my cheeks flushed red with shame.

“Awww, don't be embarrassed, it's a cute little nub,” he said right in my ear. “But it looks tiny, probably better you don't have to worry about it any more. Just focus on real cocks, like this,” he said pushing his hard cock up against my leg. Just feeling it against me made me want to start sucking him off. I was hoping he'd win again, so I could get him in my mouth soon.

He didn't though, Chuck took the next hand. So, I went and sat on his lap. He also teased me, and played with my body while I was on him. All this teasing and touching had my skin feeling like it was on fire where they were touching me. I was so horny, I was about to just throw myself over the table and beg them to fuck me.

Also, while Don had me on his lap, he took the opportunity to give me some “presents”. They were leather cuffs that he wrapped around my wrists and ankles.

“Just in case anyone wants to tie you up while they have you later,” he said menacingly. “I know I'm planning to tie your sissy ass down when I get you.”

I was passed around like that for three more hands, until Roger won a second hand in a row. Finally!

“Alright, two hands! Get on your fucking knees, sissy!” Roger ordered.

I slid down to my knees in front of him, nervous and aroused as I unbuckled his belt and pulled out his cock. He was already pretty hard, and looked to be about as big as Don and Chuck, maybe 9 inches or so.

I pulled him out and began licking up and down, while he made lots of soft moans and groans. The noises he was making made me even hotter. There was just something so erotic about knowing you could have that effect on someone. It made me feel so slutty, and I wanted to feel it even more.

I pulled him all the way out, so I could lick down and tongue his balls. He said, “Holy fuck, that is hot. I want to keep her!”

“Yeah, she's a pretty hot piece of ass,” Don agreed.

I moved up from licking his balls to wrapping my lips around his cockhead. I started taking him in slowly, but he clearly wanted more, so he grabbed the back of my head and jammed my mouth down on his cock. Since I wasn't ready, I gagged something fierce.

“Oh yeah, choke on it, slut!” he held me down as I gagged and retched around his cock, trying my best not to throw up. After a few moments he let me back up and I took a deep breath before diving back down onto his rock hard cock. He was still holding the back of my head, so he quickly pushed me down and I'd come back up. We got into a really nice pace with him sliding most of the way into my throat and the deep gulping sounds that came with it. It was such an erotic sound, it was a little weird that it was coming from my mouth.

“Oh fuck, yeah,” Roger groaned as he kept pushing me down as I came up. Though clearly he wasn't paying a lot of attention to the poker hand since he bet big and lost pretty badly.

He pulled me up off his cock. I was panting, but it wasn't just lack of air, it was also desire. I was kind of cock crazy at that point and with how fired up my libido was, the idea of stopping wasn't really registering.

“All done, slut… for now,” he said and pointed to Chuck. Chuck patted his lap and I went over to sit on his lap. I could feel his semi-hard cock through his pants and I started running my hand over it.

“Damn girl, slow down,” Chuck laughed. “We got all night.”

I leaned in close to him, “I know but I'm so fucking horny, I can't think straight. I just want to cum so badly. I'll do whatever you want.”

“Oh we know that, cutie. You're our bitch, but settle down and just be a good luck charm,” Chuck smiled and winked at me.

I started grinding the plug in my ass against his leg, and he just looked at me sternly. I mouthed, 'Please?' and tried to look as cute and helpless as I could. He just shook his head.

Don took the next round and I moved over to his lap. I bounced around several more times, each time getting hornier than the last. The only thing exciting that happened was when Don had a second round he sent me up for more beers.

As I was walking towards the stairs Don added, “And keep your shoes on, or I'll lock them to your feet next time. Oh, and if you run into the old man, make sure you blow him.”

I looked at Don, wondering if this was his idea of a sick joke? I could see he wasn't even paying attention to me, so I assumed he was quite serious.

I hesitated going up the steps for a few moments, my lust-addled mind trying to come to terms with the idea of blowing his father, when Don added, “Get your ass moving, or I'm going to have you fuck him.”

I scurried up the stairs as quickly as my heels, plug and chastity would let me, hoping that I could grab the beers and get back down quickly without Don's dad seeing me.

I clacked up the steps, each step sounding very loudly to my ears. So, I scurried across the kitchen, and opened the fridge.

I leaned down looking for the beer when I heard a soft voice behind me say, “Damn! That is a nice fucking ass!”

I gasped and almost jumped in surprise, I hadn't even heard him!

“Sorry, didn't mean to startle you,” he smiled, clearly not really meaning it.

“Oh, that's okay, I was just grabbing drinks,” I gestured to the fridge.

“Yeah, we both know why you're here,” he laughed softly. He beckoned me over with his finger. My stomach dropped, but so help me, my clit was as hard as it could be. I was both dreading and excited about blowing him. I was pretty well into a complete haze of cock lust, so this was just another chance.

I approached him slowly, my heels clicking softly on the tiled floor. He just put his hand on my shoulders and pushed me to my knees. That just made my poor locked clit throb! Why did I get off so much on being manhandled?

He pulled his cock out of his boxers and I could smell his musk. It was similar to Don, which I guess made sense. He grabbed my chin, “Look at me with those pretty blue eyes, cunt. Now open wide sissy slut.”

I obediently opened my mouth, sticking out my tongue, running it across his semi-hard cock. It only took a moment though before he was growing in my mouth and he was about as big as Don. Once he was fully hard, he grabbed the back of my head and jammed his cock in me. I gagged, but he slid into my throat cutting off the retching sound and blocking my air.

I started to reach up to push back on him, but he growled, “Get your fucking hands off me, I know you can't breath you fucking bimbo, that's the fucking point! Now, put your hands behind your fucking back and choke on my cock!” He jammed me even further onto his cock, my eyes watering, I crossed my arms behind my back and he pulled me up to let me breathe for a moment before jamming his cock back in.

I was so excited, I actually squirted a bit into my panties. He growled down at me, as I stared up at him, “Yeah, you get off on this shit, don't you, you little whore?” He laughed, “Yeah, times change, but sissies sure don't. Damn, I can't believe some of the nasty shit we used to do my sissy sluts back in the day. We had this one, we'd abuse her, degrade her, fuck her until she couldn't walk, and she got off on every bit of it. You get off on it all, too, don't you?”

I grunted and nodded as best I could with his dick buried balls deep in my throat. He pulled back, and said, “What's that, bitch?”

I blushed and nodded, “Yes, Sir,” I squeaked.

“Louder, cunt.”

“Yes, Sir!” I panted, with as much femme in my voice as I could manage.

He face fucked me like that for a few more minutes before he reached down and physically picked me up. He half-dragged, half-carried me over to the kitchen table. He tossed me over the edge of the table.

He grabbed one of my arms, pulled it behind my back and then pinned me to the table.

I was kind of dreading this, but I was also so worked up I was hoping that being fucked would get me some relief. Don's dad, Max, pulled the plug out of my ass none too gently and then jammed his cock up my ass as hard and fast as he could. Thankfully the plug had me wide open and the lube was smeared all over, so he slid right into the hilt.

I groaned in a mix of pain and arousal. Max laughed as he slapped my ass and proceeded to royally fuck the hell out of me. He was pounding away on me, smacking my ass and calling me names the whole time. I was absolutely loving it and I could feel something building in my balls. It felt a bit like an orgasm, but different. Sadly, Max didn't have the stamina of the younger guys and only took me for a few minutes before he groaned, grabbed my hips and came in my ass.

I was glad on the one hand, I knew I needed to get back down or Don would be mad, but I was more than a little worked up and had hoped to get off a bit. He smacked my ass again and said, “Yeah, bitch. That was a hot fuck, now clean your nasty shithole off my cock.”

He spun me around and shoved his cock into my mouth. The taste of cum, stale sweat and what I guess was my ass filled my mouth as I sucked his cock clean. I didn't even consider protesting, and at this point I was kind of broken to the idea of doing whatever I had to do to get out of this.

He milked the last few drops of cum out as he pushed me off his cock, “Damn sissy, that was fucking awesome. I can't wait to get another shot at you later.”

He buckled his pants back up and walked away. I stood, feeling his cum dripping out of my ass. The funny part was I didn't want to get cum all over my panties and stockings. So, I grabbed my plug and put it back in, then wiped up the trail of semen that was running down my leg.

I realized I'd been gone for a while, so I hurried to grab the beers and a water for me and hurried my way back downstairs. Making my way down the steps in the heels was just hell, especially holding onto all the drinks. I was going to need to get a tray like a cocktail waitress or something.

I finally got back down and handed out the beers. I took a quick sip of my water before Don called over, “What took so long, slut? I figured the old man would flood your sissy mouth in a minute or two.”

I blushed crimson as I walked back over to him. He looked at me and laughed, “Oh, you fucked him, didn't you? Damn, you are a fucking cock-hungry whore!”

I could barely answer, I was so embarrassed, I just meekly said, “Yes, Sir. I am.”

“Well, good news for you, bitch. Seth just got his second hand, and might win this one. So, get over there and work on him, and maybe you'll have your first session of the night.”

I meekly made my way over to Seth who had me sit on his lap. I could feel his cock through his pants, already hard in his pants. Just feeling it had me so worked up, I was throbbing and dripping in my cage.

I started grinding my ass on his cock, and he laughed, “Damn girl, you are hot for it. Why don't you start sucking my dick then.”

So, I slid off his lap, onto my knees on the floor. I worked his cock out of his pants. It was another good size, a bit shorter than the other guys, but much thicker. I began working my tongue around slowly, licking all around as I listened to the hand. When he won his third hand, I looked up at him and took him deep into my mouth. He groaned as he celebrated, watching me work my mouth on him.

Don laughed, “Nice one, man! The big question, do you want her sissy ass now?”

Seth looked down, grunting as I deep throated him, “Nah, I think she's good where she is. Let's play a few more hands. Then maybe we can take a break.”

So, the guys played on while I continued sucking Seth's cock. Chuck took the next hand, but told me to stay where I was for now. Chuck took another hand, so I moved over to start sucking on him. He took another hand, so the guys decided to take a break so Seth and Chuck could use me. Chuck told Seth to go first since he'd already had my ass.

Seth took me by the hand up to the first floor and into a small bedroom not far from the basement steps. I came in aroused beyond all possible belief, but also a bit hesitant about how this was going to happen.

Seth dropped his pants in moments and pushed me to my knees. He looked down grinning away as I slowly worked his cock with my tongue. After just a few moments, he grabbed my head and his cock, jamming his cock into my more than willing mouth.

I choked and gagged as he grunted and said, “Oh yeah, choke on that thick cock. You gonna be a good little bitch for me?”

I continued looking into his eyes, and nodded as he slowly pumped his cock in and out of my lips, slipping into my throat. My eyes were watering and I was sure my make-up was running, but I was hoping that added to the slutty imagery.

Seth reached into a box that was sitting on the bed while I was blowing him, “I wonder what sort of fun toys they left us in here.”

He pulled out a paddle and held it up. My eyes lit up with fear, but my clitty squirted with excitement. Where the hell did Don get that? Seth pulled out a bunch of kinky toys. He smiled as he pulled something out of the box, “Put your hands behind your back, slut.”

I did as ordered and I heard a small click as the leather cuffs Don put on me earlier were locked behind my back. Seth grinned excitedly as he held up a set of leather straps. I couldn't tell what the straps were, but Seth put a part of it in my mouth. I felt a long tube filling my mouth and holding it open. It was some kind of ring gag, but in a tube? He then buckled the rest of the straps around my head and I realized it was a harness gag.

I could feel the tube part slid a few inches into my mouth and was wide open. There was some kind of plug on the outside that kept it closed off. Seth grinned as he pulled the plug and I could feel air coming in.

Just a moment later he pushed his thick cock through the hole and right into my mouth. He then grabbed the back of my head and pushed himself all the way into my throat in one big thrust. My hands flailed uselessly behind my back as Seth growled with power and lust and began royally fucking my face. All I could do was hold on and try to breathe between the thrusts. It took him several minutes of pounding his balls on my chin before he shoved deep into my throat, I could feel his cock and balls pulsing as he groaned through an orgasm, cumming deep in my throat.

He pumped slowly a few times before pulling out and I caught my breath as he milked the last few drops of jizz into the gag. Seth panted as he leaned back and caught his breath. He pulled me forward and pushed my head and shoulders onto the bed. I felt him doing something to my ankle cuffs. A few moments later, he smacked my plugged ass. The head trip of clenching and unclenching the plug really made me feel like I was fucking myself in the ass.

Seth laughed as I moved and could feel a bar holding my ankles several feet wide. I guessed it was some kind of spreader bar. Again, where did Don get all this shit? I didn't have much time to think about it because Seth started laying into my ass with the paddle and his bare hand. He'd switched one then hit with the other. I was squirming and groaning through the tube of the gag, until he said, “I want you quiet, cunt.”

He then pushed the plug back in and my amount of noise was drastically cut down. Seth then really laid into my ass. It felt like my cheeks were on fire and I was squirming, but couldn't escape the intense crack of the leather on my tender ass.

After several minutes of intense paddling, he stopped. He only paused long enough to reach down, pull out my butt plug and ram his cock into my stretched ass.

I groaned with relief as I finally felt like something might quench the fire of horniness I was consumed with. He slid deep in me, and his hips pressing on my ass hit some of the freshly spanked areas, causing a weird surge of pleasure and pain. My clitty squirted and I felt my libido kick into high gear. Seth grabbed my hips and began really plowing my ass. I could feel the pressure building in my ass and my clit as everything built up.

Seth held my hips pulling me deep as he grunted and came deep in my ass. My well-tanned cheeks burned and I squirted again with that weird mix of pleasure and pain, but I couldn't quite get over the edge.

I panted with frustration as he came in me, then pulled out after a few moments. He slid the butt plug back in me and I shuddered with the emptiness followed by the filling of the plug.

Seth stepped around, opened the plug from the gag and ordered me to put my tongue out and lick his cock clean. He then slid his softening cock into my mouth and started pissing in me. The acrid taste quickly filled me up and I swallowed the bitter taste as best I could. He then put the plug back in the open mouth of the gag. He pushed my ass and I flopped onto the bed, collapsing in a well-fucked heap.

“See ya on Monday, slut,” Seth laughed as he stepped out of the bedroom.

Wait… what did he just say? Oh fuck! Did he actually know who I was? I tried to squirm and look back to see, but he was already gone. I had a feeling that I was getting dug in deeper, and there was no way of getting out.

As Chuck came into the bedroom, he smiled at my bound and helpless form making my clitty absolutely throb in its cage. At that moment, I had to wonder, did I really want to get out?


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