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Dressed to Thrill

by Ankle Straps

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© Copyright 2010 - Ankle Straps - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/m; lingerie; cd; fem; outdoors; emb; heels; toys; anal; cons/reluct; X

It all started innocently enough. When ever I got together with my play partner/booty call girl Sharon I always insisted she dress for the occasion. Her highest high heels, stockings, garters, half bra or push up bra, choker or collar, gloves and exotic makeup, etc. If I was out at the mall and saw a new hot pair of heels or something else that would go good for fetish play wear, I would buy it and give it to her. I was always the one in charge and allowed her to be the dom once or twice but it didn’t really do that much for me but made her happy.

One night after laying in bed after an incredible orgasm, Sharon said, “You love these fuck me shoes and outfits so much why don’t you buy some for yourself and try them on? You will be amazed at the mental stimulation you get from dressing for sex. Then you will understand how turned on I get when I dress up for you”.

Hmm, I started picturing myself getting dressed up, walking around in stilettos and Sharon commented, “Look, your cock is getting hard thinking about it and you just orgasmed a few minutes ago”.

That got things going and she was right. After buying all of the clothing items, shoes, and fetish accessories I found myself always looking for an excuse to dress up in the privacy of my house or during play at Sharon’s house and my cock would be instantly hard just anticipating putting on slutty outfits before I even slipped a stocking up my leg!

With her help I became an expert at applying makeup, eyelashes, lipstick and all of the accessories that go along with dressing like a true slut. And let me tell you that while making love, feeling my stockings rubbing against hers while I was on top or catching a glimpse of my 6” high heels in the mirror was like magic.

I didn’t catch on in the beginning when she suggested I should try a butt plug while I was dressed at home away from her. “ That way you can evolve at your own pace in privacy and you will know what it feels like for a woman to have something inside of her stimulating her senses”.

I am straight heterosexual, but open minded enough to try something that could possibly give more pleasure during sex so I had no problem with anal play.

She had me start with a small size, then move up to a medium plug after getting used to it. She suggested leaving it in every night for at least an hour and it seemed to work. I really got into the anticipation of the insertion, pushing in the tip and feeling my bottom expand around the ever widening tapered plug until it ‘popped’ past the widest part and closed around the smaller stem. It was even rewarding feeling the base nestled in my crack knowing I had taken it all in.

After I got used to the medium she bought me a pair of latex panties with an attached dildo plug in the rear. No head on it or change in thickness. Just a 6” plug of consistent thickness. I started wearing the latex panties every night around the house after work .

I was progressing quickly as it wasn’t really painful like some other peoples experiences. Some times if I squirmed around into the right position it would rub on my prostate just right and give me a real jolt.

Looking back I see Sharon had a master plan and she was getting me ready for a big evening.

Then she sent this email: Saturday night it is my turn to be in charge. You have progressed well in the last 6 months and you are ready to make your public debut dressed for pleasure. You know how you insist that I arrive at your house dressed for play and ready to go? Now it is your turn. Wear you favorite slut outfit, your erotic makeup and be at my condo at 8p.m. You will receive a package in the mail, DON’T OPEN IT UNTIL I INSTRUCT YOU TO DO SO! DO NOT CALL, OR EMAIL ME BEFORE SAT. NIGHT. Not allowing me to ask her what she has in mind? That bitch, she knows the anticipation will kill me!

At first I was in a panic thinking about going out in public, but calmed down and thought it through.

First of all at that time of the night it would be almost dark. I would be able to walk from my back door to the garage and no one could see over the fence. I would take extra men’s clothes in the car incase of a flat I could change before getting out. I always called from my cell phone upon arriving at the condo gate and Sharon would buzz the gate open and open her garage door where I would pull right in and enter through the back garage door into her condo. That’s when I would normally change into my women’s slut clothes and go up the stairs to her bedroom where she would be waiting in an outfit of her own. Only this time I would already be dressed. What could go wrong? I really would not be out walking around where people could see me. I would only be in my auto.

O.k. I thought, it might be scary but I can do this. And I got instantly hard thinking about it. I am doing it!

Saturday after noon I started getting ready. 2 warm soapy 2 quart enemas followed by all hair removal below my head. I barely have any body hair at all anyway so my skin is exceptionally smooth.

Next I applied extra long, thick false eyelashes with black and white eyeliner on my top lashes and black liner on the bottom lashes. Plenty of silvery white eye shadow like the exotic las Vegas show girls wear. Sexy hot pink lipstick with clear gloss so it would not smear. Then a long black wig with short straight bangs completed my transformation. I looked eroticly, deliciously slutty!!

I can’t really pass as a woman, but I am close. I have nice features and a flat stomach. At night or in my car with lightly tinted windows no one would really know.

Next I laid out my entire outfit and heels on the bed.

I lubed up the plug on my latex panties and slipped them up my leg, pressing the head of the plug against my bottom opening. Pushing harder I slowly guided the entire 6” length in until the panties were tight against my buns, inserted my now hard cock into the front cock sheath and felt the latex squeezing hard on my stiff shaft. For added pleasure I snapped a few rubber bands around my cockshaft right behind the head for a super tight squeezing effect.

Next I wiggled into a black satin full length girdle I got from girdle with 6 garters per leg. Pointing my toes I slid up a pair of black full fashioned seamed stockings and attached all 12 garters and pulled them tight insuring my stockings were pulled tight all of the way to my crotch. The real nylon stockings are the only ones I will wear. They are so slick, being that they are made from real nylon that when I walk and my legs touch they glide over each other. Or the lining of my skirt glides smoothly against my stockings with every step I take making a very erotic feeling.

Hmm, which fuck me heels will I wear ? I went with my black patent leather 6” high heel platform pumps with ankle straps. I love the act of pointing my toes and feeling my feet, slick with real nylon sliding effortlessly down into my high heels and buckling the thin sexy ankle strap around my nylon encased ankle. Who would have guessed that the act of simply putting on a pair of high heels could be so erotic? I even added a silver anklet for effect.

I was feeling especially naughty and decided to go with my black satin DD cup bullet bra. I stuffed my cups extra full to really push those pointed cups out there.

Over my bra I put on a white long sleeve stretch lycra blouse. It really is form fitting and clung to the curves of my bra, really accenting the pointed cups. My cups were so over stuffed the buttons of my blouse were almost popping off. My blouse was stretched to the max with my breasts trying to break out of it!

Next I stepped into my black mini skirt and zipped up the back for a tight fit around my waist. It ended well above my knees and a few inches below my stocking tops. Next I buckled a wide leather belt high up around my waist pulling my blouse tight to my body just under my pointed breasts to further accentuate my bust.

I slowly stood up in my heels and smoothed down my skirt as I walked over to my full length mirror.

Hmm, not bad. Passable enough for where I would be going.

I couldn’t stop admiring my huge exaggerated pointed breasts . They just screamed to anyone looking at me that they were to be used for sex and pleasure. They would know and I would know that I was a true slut being dressed the way I was .

Looking at my figure in the mirror I couldn’t get over how erotic I looked. Balancing on thin stilleto high heels, tight shirt hugging my curves and flat stomach . Wow!

I took my hands and let them wander, over the top, under the bottom and trace circles around my bra. Lightly squeezing my full cups, feeling the lewd protrusions jutting out from my chest. Fingers lightly brushing my slick lycra blouse.

My cock was so hard it is ridiculous so on a whim I decided to take a viagra just to keep me on edge and tease myself a little as a kind of foreplay, never allowing my erection to subside.

I grabbed my mystery package from Sharon, black satin gloves, keys and emergency outfit to change into if need be and walked out my back door to my garage.

It was almost dusk, not dark yet and it was quite a thrill to be walking outside dressed up, even if it was only in my backyard.

I have to step up rather high to get up on the running board of my large suv to get inside of it and noticed that my skirt rode up on my leg allowing my garters and bare upper leg to show. I would have to remember to be careful if I needed to exit my suv while still dressed as I was.


Once on the freeway I noticed I was getting looks from guys driving next to me. They were matching my speed peering over to get a better look at my huge breasts. I looked down and noticed the shoulder seat belt going between my pointed cups, separating them for a really lewd look.

Also my skirt had ridden up my legs a bit and my stocking tops and garters were visible.

Some truckers were looking over even through my lightly tinted windows trying to look at my legs, honking and waving. What perverts!

A cute girl pulled alongside, looked for a few seconds and mouthed the words “nice eyelashes and makeup”.

I smiled to myself and wiggled my ass a little in my seat pressing down at the same time pushing the latex plug further into me thinking to myself ‘I guess I did a good job with my look’!

The viagra was doing it’s job as my cock was rock hard and throbbing, being squeezed by the latex sheath it was encased in.

Finally I arrived at the front gate to Sharon’s condo complex and it was now dark. I called her number from my cell 4 times and no answer. What was going on now? After a 10 minute wait and 1 more try I knew I would have to get out and use the intercom next to the gate. I pulled up and looked around to make sure no one was within sight, opened my door and gingerly stepped out. Pulling down my skirt and nervous as hell I teetered in my heels to the intercom and buzzed.

She answered immediately and with a laugh asked me how I liked standing out for all of the world to see! “You didn’t answer on purpose so I would have to stand out here dressed the way I am under this street light? Open the damn gate!”

From in her condo she hit the button and the gate began to open and I walked back as quickly as my high heels would allow to my suv, opened the door and stepped up on the running board just as a guy in a car pulled up behind me to go through the gate.

Shit I thought just as I felt my miniskirt ride up again. He only saw me from the back but got a nice view of my leg, a seamed stocking and garters along with a 6” stilleto heel disappearing into my vehicle. As I drove through the gate I looked in my mirror and saw him leaning forward and out of his window trying for a better look.

I pulled up to the garage door to find another surprise.

What now?

It was shut with a note taped to it. I pulled up parallel without getting out, snatched it off the door and read: park in front and open your package now. I am waiting for you inside ready to fuck your brains out!

Pulling up in front there wasn’t a spot right by her door so I had to park 2 condos down. Opening the package I found a frilly sweater, keys, a small padlock, a black leather collar 2” wide with the word ‘SLUT’ spelled out in silver metal studs, a pair of handcuffs and leg cuffs with a 12” chain. “Walk to my door and drop the keys through my mail box. Return to your car and lock on your collar. Put on your gloves. Step out and lock on the leg cuffs. Cuff your wrists in front of you and drape the sweater over the cuffs so it looks like you are just carrying the sweater. The front door is unlocked.

WOW! She was really messing with me now and enjoying her little game to get me outside walking around.

O.k, it’s now dark with no one around on her quiet street . I get out and pull down my skirt again and start for her door.

It is surprising how loud stilleto heels can be on a quiet street. I am taking small ladylike steps trying to pull this off but my lewd pointed breasts are jutting out calling attention to me. My taught garters are pulling on my stockings with every step and my cock is ready to explode. The cool night air is blowing up my skirt and against my nyloned thighs. With the viagra it couldn’t go soft if I wanted it to. What a scene I must be.

My heels are going “click click click” down the street and they must be loud as a neighbor looks out through their blinds to see who is walking down the street Thankfully it is dark and they can’t really see too good.

I make my way to her door, drop the keys through the slot and return to my suv.

Nervously I buckle the collar around my neck and lock it on. Next are my satin gloves.

I get out, bend down and lock the cuffs around my ankles, pull my skirt down yet again ( damn these mini skirts!) and lock the handcuffs around my gloved wrists. I grab the sweater and drape it over the handcuffs, grab my car keys and begin my journey.

Now I am taking small careful 12” steps, my platform stilettos clicking, the tight girdle giving me good posture and accenting my butt. My hips are swaying back and forth with my small delicate steps.

My breasts are trying to bust out of my skin tight blouse and I am wearing a collar telling everyone that I am a slut.

My bottom is plugged tight and gripping a dildo and making my steps even more delicate and feminine and my cock is throbbing. I actually like this daring walk to her door.

As I am turning up her walk suddenly a jogger comes out of nowhere from behind me and looks back over his shoulder as he passes and says “WOW! Nice tits” and continues on his way.

HOLY SHIT! That was close. I didn’t even see him coming. Thank god he was running and focused on my breasts and he didn’t notice the leg cuffs. You don’t see slutty pointed bra cups much since the 1950s, I guessed he was shocked. I paused for a minute to let my heart rate slow down a bit.

As I finally approach her door it swings open and Sharon is standing there dressed head to toe in a shear black see through body stocking and wearing Knee length black patent leather boots with a 6” heel with no platform whatsoever. How can she walk in those?

“Who is this gorgeous slut at my door? I know you are a slut because it says so right on your collar and you just announced it to the whole neighborhood by walking down the street wearing it” she says laughing. “I had you drop the keys through the mail slot so you couldn’t chicken out once you put your self in bondage.” She closed the door behind me and snapped a leash to my collar. Next she pulled up my skirt, removed the rubber bands from my aching cock and pulled down my panties.

My cock sprang out jutting upward . Next Sharon snapped a tight cock ring behind my balls and connected a leash onto that. Pulling on both leashes at the same time she guided me to her playroom.

Pulling on my collar leash she bent me over a table and tied off the leash so I could not stand up and I was bent over at the waist. She did the same with my cuffed wrists, pulled straight ahead and tight to the other side of the table. I felt a tug on my balls as she stretched my cock leash tight and tied it off to a hook under the table so I could not pull my waist away from the edge.

She left my ankles cuffed together.

I heard her heels walking behind me and a sound of drawers opening. Then the sound of her heels returned. “Open your mouth slut. You will take this 2” ball behind your teeth and I better not hear a complaint from such a sissy boy dressed the way you are”!

I willingly opened wide as she had to work that big ball back and forth, twisting, turning and pushing until it finally popped in place behind my teeth leaving my mouth jacked wide open and completely muffled. The leather strap was brought behind my head over my hair and pulled as tight as possible, finally buckling it in place on the last available hole.

“Do you know how sexy you look with your hot pink lips wrapped around that ball?”

CRACK! CRACK! I felt 2 stinging swats from a paddle on my tender ass. “ How do you like that, slut”?

MMNNPPFF! was all that escaped around that red ball stuffing my mouth. “That should keep you quiet for what is coming next!” I am thinking, what does she mean what is coming next?

Suddenly she steps into my view wearing a strap on dildo that had to be seen to be believed!

It looked at least 12” long, 2” in diameter with a huge head and veins all along the big shaft!

I was thinking NO! NO! But all that came out of my poor gagged mouth was MMPPFFHH !!!!

“Sounds like you are excited at the chance to see if all of that anal training you did is going to let you accept this big cock. Don’t worry, I will make sure you take it all the way to the balls.”

Stepping behind me again Sharon pulled down my latex panties from the rear and eased out the 6” plug from my bottom letting the whole thing fall around my cuffed ankles.

“ Oh, that 6” plug is nothing, soon you will be begging for a 12” plug when I am done with you. Look at yourself in the mirror. You are bent over with your ass in the air. You are wearing fuck me heels and dressed like a complete nasty slut that is only interested in sex . It says SLUT right on your collar. And you dressed this way willingly!“

“Do you know what happens to someone who wears fuck me heels? They get fucked, hard!“


Sharon picked up a large botle of lube and started dribbling it onto the monster cock jutting out from her thighs and rubbing it up and down the shaft with her hand as she spoke:

“Don’t worry baby, I have the same size dildo inside of me right now attached to the other end of this strap on. After all, I don’t expect you to be able to handle something this size if I can’t.”

Stepping behind me for the final time I felt the head of the dildo against my open gaping hole as she gently pushed forward.

“ Remember when I told you I was going to fuck your brains out when you came over tonight? I bet you thought something else, didn’t you? HERE GOES”!



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