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An Evening Walk

by Cindy

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© Copyright 2011 - Cindy - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; fem; cd; bond; tape; outdoors; toys; oral; sex; cons; X

Early on a Saturday evening Lisa asked if I would dress as she wanted. Assuming she intended me to be en femme which I fully enjoyed I readily agreed. After a shower and shave I went out to find she had my clothes laid out on the bed. There wasn't any great surprise in what she had put out. I put on the all black underwear: garter belt, stockings, thong panties and a bra stuffed with a set of breast forms. The blouse was a sheer white material that would definitely show off my bra but since it was already dark out I wasn't concerned about it. The one new item I dressed in was a white cotton knee length skirt. It wasn't a sheer fabric like the top though I suspected it would hide nothing in strong sunlight which would not be a problem since it was already dark.

I thought I was finished dressing with a wig, light makeup and a pair of low heeled sandals. But Lisa had me pull on a pair of latex gloves. She wrapped my wrists with tape ensuring the gloves could not come off without being cut off. Further taping resulted in my wrists being bound across each other. Lisa said. "Just one more thing."

She brought out a remote control vibrating egg which she inserted in a condom. I had to bend over the bed while she lifted up my skirt, pulled down my panties and stuffed it up my ass. She pulled my panties back up giving my ass a pat, let down my skirt and said, "Now you can feel like a girl inside and out."

Once it was in past my sphincter, the egg was small enough that it didn't hurt at all but I was constantly aware of it intruding inside me and there was no way I could move or position myself to alleviate the feeling of being screwed.

Lisa lead the way down to the front door and turned off the outside lights. I could see that there was a light misting rain and I wondered how Lisa expected me to get about in that. She taped the handle of an umbrella in my right hand but placed a trench coat over my shoulders saying, "You can get to the car like this and just leave the umbrella closed for now."

I went to the car and Lisa opened the door for me and got me settled in and fastened my seat belt. Lisa got in the driver's side and pulled out into the street. She turned up the street that ran perpendicular to ours and drove to the end of it, just a bit more than a quarter mile or so. Stopping there she got out and came around to my side. She opened the door, undid my seat belt and helped me out leaving the coat behind. She pressed the button on the umbrella allowing it to open. It was only a small umbrella which would barely protect my head. I was already excited to be out en femme with my hands bound and now I had the thrill of feeling the rain against my legs. Lisa put her hands on my ass and pulled me close kissing me and forcing her tongue in. She couldn't help but feel my erection straining against my panties. Lisa said, "I'm glad you like this. I'll see you back at the house." and got back in the car.

As she drove off I felt the vibrator start pulsing in my ass. I had to face a long walk on a public road dressed as a girl while I suffered the indignity of having my ass screwed. It was a dark night but there were at least a half dozen street lights I was going to have to walk under. I hoped there wouldn't be anybody sitting out on a front porch but my biggest worry was that a car might come by. If a car came by I could shift the umbrella to hide my face but if somebody stopped to offer a ride I would be in serious trouble. I suspected it didn't matter what I did with the umbrella as I could already feel the rain soaking through the back of my blouse though I'd only walked a few yards. It didn't help that the rain was no longer mist but had become steady.

Walking under the first streetlight I could see that my blouse had become transparent in the rain and my bra was fully visible. Looking a little further down I could see my skirt was fully transparent and it was plastered against my legs showing off my stockings, garter belt and panties for anyone to see. From the feel of things I was sure I was showing the same sights behind except for showing off my thong. By the time I was halfway home I could feel water running down my back, down through my bra and down through my panties. It felt like a small river running between my legs.

Only one car came by; it slowed down but didn't stop. Whoever it was certainly got an eyeful since I had to look like I was dressed in little but bra and panties. I finally reached my street but had to wait for a couple of cars to go by before I dared to cross.

Lisa was standing naked on the front steps. I said, "You look delectable but I'm afraid my cock has disappeared." The torrent of cool rainwater through my panties had resulted in my penis shriveling up to nothing and my balls were trying to disappear.

She said, "Let's see if I can fix that."

She peeled my skirt down and off and then my panties. She knelt in front of me, took my balls in one hand and sucked my cock into her mouth. Her mouth felt so good, smooth and warm. It didn't matter that I was still soaking wet, now half naked and still suffering the pulsing in my ass. As she sucked my cock I quickly got an erection too big for her to hold in her mouth. She stood on the step above mine and wriggled her pussy onto my cock. She did most of the work and wthin a couple of minutes I was cumming and she was moaning loudly. I could only hope she hadn't been loud enough to attract attention from the neighbors.

We finally went in, Lisa cut off my gloves, I stripped, got out the vibrator and we showered together. Shortly we were both in dry nightgowns cuddled in bed and ready for sleep.


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