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Extreme Equestrienne

by Paul Lovelace

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© Copyright 2015 - Paul Lovelace - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM/fm; therapy; bodymod; surgery; breasts; tv; bond; gag; insert; stretching; pony; anal; cons; X

Chapter 1

Paul had been seeing a councillor for a few months and had grown to trust Mrs Atkins. He had share with her his most personal issues. At 35 he was still a virgin and had become addicted to internet porn and needed some help to change and move on. His most powerful fetishes were older women and having his own body modified. He was sure his TV fetishes were just a fantasy which would be best left in his imagination.

Mrs Atkins had been a councillor for several years and had seen all kinds of people with all kinds of issues. She felt sorry for Paul and wanted to help him, but not to move on from his desires, but to feed them and mould them to her own needs. She knew it was unprofessional, but she suggested Paul be introduced to another of her clients, Grace. She had retired about ten years ago, and at age 70 was still finding it hard to live a quiet contented life. Divorced in her 40s, she had never managed to find a new partner, and had grown used to providing her own pleasure with a huge collection of sex toys and clothing. She had bought a small farmstead when she retired, and took up horse riding which had long been her hobby.

Her horse, duke was a large black stallion, she had been able to afford. Dressing up in tight jodhpurs and riding around a field took on a new dimension when she found she was getting aroused by the rhythmic motion, sliding her nether regions against the pommel of the shiny leather saddle. Despite her embarrassment, she had started bought some dildo panties online, and begun to wear them under the jodhpurs. As long as she didn't actually touch herself while riding, it was just part of her clothing and there was nothing wrong with wearing pleasurable clothing.

Grace had been seeing Mrs Atkins for a long time, on and off since her divorce. She also shared her darkest secrets with her, safe in the knowledge her fantasies would go no further than the four walls of her consulting room. She did not feel able to tell her about her riding, as it was just too embarrassing. Grace had started to orgasm regularly during her morning rides and the feelings were so intense she lost control, writhing around on the saddle. She took her horse out on a particular windy morning. She was riding faster around the paddock when suddenly the wind blew a sheet of corrugated iron off of the roof of the Duke's shelter. The sudden crash shocked Duke and he bolted just as Grace was in the throws of a long hard orgasm. She lost control and was thrown to the ground. Luckily she had her phone and was able to call for help. As she lay on the ground she managed to remove the dildo panties and throw them far enough away that the ambulance crew would not see them.

Recovering in hospital, Grace called Mrs Atkins and arranged to have her regular consultation session in a private room the hospital had kindly made available. Grace felt guilty and had to reveal everything about her riding habits, including the dildo panties. Far from shocked, Mrs Atkins took a very sympathetic view and even encouraged Grace to explore whatever brought her pleasure. The horse would have bolted at the sudden sound, it was not Grace's fault that her mind was distracted.

Mrs Atkins started to hatch a plan which had long been a dream of hers. She had the best interests of her clients at heart, and Grace and Paul were no exception. They just needed help to fulfil their full potential, and if she could help bring this about, and perhaps even get something for herself in return (as well as her counselling fees, so much the better).

Mrs Atkins was also an avid user of fetish sites. She told her husband it was essential to understand and research the fetishes her clients had, in order to help them better. She realised the amazing market for fetish porn and the incredible profits which could be made with the right material. Hopefully with the right coaching, bringing together the sexual frustration of Paul and Grace could be harnessed to made some incredible arousing videos. Although it was against all professional counselling codes, there was so much to be gained by them being brought together.

Her conscious was clear, she would not do anything Paul and Grace didn't consent to, and she would respect their privacy by disguising their faces. All she would need to do was convince them of their true purpose in life. Mrs Atkins knew as a virgin, Paul would be the perfect subject she needed, with a huge untapped pool of lust and fantasy. He would be willing to undergo anything to live out his fantasy of sex with a mature woman. Similarly Grace, at age 70, it was now or never to use the remains of her libido to experience new heights of pleasure she had not experiences for decades.

She started with Paul. He would be transformed in gentle steps to be a submissive she-male. She started by insisting he call her 'mistress' and persuaded him to sign the consent forms at the sexual reassignment clinic. She had seen TV clients before, and the clinic trusted her to make a referral. Paul was now being prepared for the next stage in her total transformation to fetish model. Mrs Atkins was there as he woke up.

"Felling a little Groggy?"

"Yes Mrs Atkins, I mean Mistress, is it all done?"

"Yes Paul, you have been all fixed up, The dressings on your chest will need to stay on for some time though"

Paul reached down to his groin, feeling anxious to check they had read his paperwork which was only to do implants, and not any other permanent changes. He could feel he was wearing what felt like a plastic or latex pair of shorts. He could feel a hard plastic covering over his penis and then Mrs Atkins spoke, "It is OK Paul, everything down there is still intact, we just needed to stop you having selfish pleasure without helping others. With you new life, you will be in a normal relationship, where sex will always involved pleasure for yourself, but also for your partner". As he became more awake, he could slowly feel a full feeling in his rear, as if he needed go to the loo quite urgently.

"I can see you're starting to feel your new friend, Paul. I think it should be a really exciting new way of finding pleasure. You will shortly see what I mean. Your insert will need to be worn permanently, as you have been enhanced. Don't worry, there is no way anyone can tell just by looking at you from outside."

Paul was not wholly convinced, but he was enjoying living out his fantasy and looked forward to touching his new breasts once they were freed from the bandages.

Mrs Atkins explained to Paul he would recover for a few days in the clinic, then she would take him home to her 'studio' where he could start his new life as online fetish model.

"Relax Paul, your face will always be covered, and the fees the viewers will pay will go to offset the cost of your surgery. A win-win idea!

After two weeks, Mrs Atkins checked Paul out of the clinic and drove him to her house, where she had coverted her basement into a sophisticated studio.

Mrs Atkins introduced the idea of 'modelling' to Grace too. She was apprehensive, but the promise of more pleasure and the promise of anonymity convinced her to follow Mrs Atkins advice, which had always been good over the years. Grace would need to consent to having her bust enhanced, so as to help fill out the costumes she would be wearing. Mrs Adkins also exploited the growing equine fantasies Grace was dreaming of as she masturbated herself to sleep each night. Grace had started to insert larger dildos in her rear, and bent over in her bed, imagining being entered from the rear. Soon Grace would be able to live out her fantasies more vividly that she ever imagined.

Grace was booked in for cosmetic surgery to increase her bust size to DD, which was something she was actually quite keen to go along with, as age had not been kind to her chest. At 70 she was frankly sagging and there was lots of loose skin. Implants would make her much more attractive.

Mrs Atkins asked Grace to come to her home instead of her usual consulting rooms, once she was out of hospital and fully recovered. As the weeks went by, waiting for Grace to recover, Mrs Atkins prepared her basement.She source an array of bondage furniture and equipment, as well as several HD video cameras, as well as the bandwidth to stream live feeds to the fetish website she had contracted with. Everything was set, she just needed her content to recoup her costs and hopefully make a tidy profit on top.

Grace arrived punctually, wearing her usual riding outfit of tight jodhpurs and white blouse which was now much more fully filled, and her chest even jiggled as she walked. She rang the doorbell which was quickly answered Mrs Atkins led her to the basement. Although shocked at first, Grace decided to go along with her instructions as she trusted her completely, fulfilling her fantasies could only be a good thing.

She was told to strip naked and then Mrs Atkins applied a tight latex mask to keep her promise of anonymity. Mrs Atkins fetched some leather shorts specially tailored to Grace's shapely rear, which had a circular metal plate with a large opening riveted to it. She was led to a structure which was kind of like a vaulting horse, and she bent over. At this moment Mr Atkins entered the room and helped tie Grace's legs to the rings at the bottom of the vaulting horse. Her large rear was now completely exposed and ready for the modifications planned for her.

"I think she needs a gag for the next procedure" Mrs Atkins said, and her husband response by taking a dildo gag, with a thankfully small shaft and strapped it around Grace's head.

"Grace, you are now going to start on your journey to total fulfilment and pleasure. We need to make sure your rear is ready to take on its new function. I am sure you have realised your true role is to have your rear changed to accommodate appropriately sized dildos. The typical 6 inches cannot satisfy your properly. I have had a perfect copy of Duke made, just for you Grace, aren't you lucky? I will now call you ponygirl, as you will slowly be transformed into a combination of pony and girl"

She signalled to her husband to bring over the leather bound box, which looked like it would house a brass instrument of some kind. Mrs Atkins moved closed to Grace's head and released the catches on the box and opened the lid. The sight of what was inside shocked Grace, and sent her heart racing. It was a full sized copy of what presumably was Duke's penis, in an erect state. She has once seen Duke's erection when he was a little younger. It was maybe two feet long. No one sane would try to insert that Grace thought, and started to shout for help, but the gag stopped her making any real sound.

"Don't worry Grace", Mrs Atkins said as she started to stroke Grace's hair. "We won't even think about inserting it until you are ready, and fully opened. Your rear rosebud has potential you never dreamed of. Getting you prepared will be half the fun! James (MrAtkins name Grace correctly assumed), fetch the enema kit, we need to get her really clean for this."

After the enema, the procedure could start. "James, fetch the stretcher"

The 'stretcher' was a device with a series of metal rods coated in smooth plastic. At one end the rods entered a metal collar which could be expanded by turning four screws. They were ratcheted so they could only turn one way, and the stretcher would slow expand against any pressure from the pony's rear. At the other end, the rods bend inwards at a right angle.

"First ponygirl we need to properly lubricate you, and anaesthetise your opening so that this doesn't hurt you. Your rear hole has been in its unnatural state too long, we need you to open up and release the pleasure"

Mrs Atkins grabbed a large grease gun, but filled with a mixture of lubricant and anaesthetic cream. She attached an 18 inch hose, a modest diameter, no wider than perhaps half a garden hose,and began slowly inserting it into the pony's rear, squeezing out some of the mixture to aid its passage.

"Nearly there pony, and I can start to really lube you up on the way out, just stay in there for me."

Grace was moving her legs, trying to cope with the intruder. "James strap her legs, and tightly" Mrs Atkins commanded her husband, and he quickly moved over with some leather straps to restrain Grace to the legs of the vaulting horse, stopping to gently stroke her legs to calm her a little.

"Right, we're all done in there" Mrs Atkins said as she withdrew the tube and put the grease gun to one side. "James, pass me the stretcher again"

Mrs Atkins introduced the ends of the metal rods carefully into the pony's rear. As the rods taped up to the expansion collar at the top, they naturally had a cone shape. Mrs Atkins started to push and push the rods until their full 12 inches were inside Grace. The rods has some flexibility and could adapt to the shape of the colon. Finally as the expansion ring reached Grace's buttocks, there was an expression of great relief on Mrs Atkin's face. The procedure was going just as she planned.

"Now we just need to insert a plug to keep the rods aligned. It contains a strong magnet which keeps the ends together and stops them splaying out"

Mrs Atkins took the black egg-sized plug and pushed it slowly into the rod-lines opening, "Keep still pony, this is the last boring bit before the thrills start"

Mrs Atkins pushed the end until it was out of reach, then used the handle of a wooden spoon to push the egg right to the end of the rods. The magnet finally met with the right angle ends of the rods and engaged, a firm push to check it was right at the end completed the first stage.

"Well done pony, we are nearly there now," Mrs Atkins said as moved around to Grace's front to stroke her face and hair.

"Now I'm going to expand the collar to stretch your sphincter, very carefully, and read out the size as I go, OK, Grace?" Of course Grace could only respond with a muffled mmph sound through her gag, but Mrs Atkins took that as yes.

"I have some more anaesthetic in a spray can which I can use to help"

Mrs Atkins attached a tube to the aerosol can and returned to the 'action end' of Grace and sprayed inside her new opening. Grace could feel the tight stretch feeling give way to numbness and started to feel elated that this would not be painful, and she would finally be able to take Duke as nature intended . All that riding, and waiting to take his huge member, finally she would be ready. She started to get wet and as she rubbed her muff against the vaulting horse, Mrs Atkins saw what she was doing.

"I told you James, I knew she wouldn't be able to stop herself!" Mrs Atkins said as she bend down and slid the tube of the anaesthetic spray can up to Grace's wet vagina and sprayed her nether regions liberally.

"There that should stop that nonsense, Pony's only have one true pleasure tunnel, and your front one is far too small for any pony. After we are finished preparing your new opening, we will have to fit you with your rings and chastity plate"

Returning to Grace's rear, Mrs Atkins started turning the screws and held a small ruler over the end. The lubricant and anaesthetic were doing there job, so she could turn the screws without much objection from Grace.

"1 inch, 1 and a half inches, two. Right, are you OK Grace?" Mrs Atkins said, massaging Grace's large buttocks with her other hand.

Grace Mmphed and then almost purred which Mrs Atkins knew was a good sign. Grace was enjoying this procedure after all.

"OK, we just need to get you to 3 inches today Grace, slow and steady wins the race." Over the next ten minutes Mrs Atkins slowly expanded Grace's hole to its proper size. "3 inches" Grace announced.

"Right we can now fit the permanent liner," Mrs Atkins took an 18 inch long pipe, similar to a car radiator hose, but much more flexible. The rubber was soft but metal rings moulded into it, gave it a slightly rippled appearance, like an earthworm. At one end, the tube had a flange, designed to be clipped to the metal plate in Grace's shorts.

"I'll just show you the sleeve, Grace, it is a wonderful sight." Mrs Atkins went to Grace's masked face and showed her the glistening black tube. Grace started to get even more aroused, and moisture started to fill the front of her leather shorts.

OK, here goes, Grace covered the sleeve with a thick layer of lubricant and started to feed it into Grace's gaping new hole.

With the lubricant, the liner slid almost effortlessly into Grace. Mrs Atkins then checked the hose had reached the magnetic egg deep inside Grace.

"OK, now I need to remove the stretcher while keeping the liner inside you, which will be a bit tricky," Mrs Atkins said. By pulling the expansion collar up, and pushing the liner's flange down and into Grace's rear, Mrs Atkins then put her hand between the metal rods as they left Grace's much enlarged hole. At last the stretcher was free, and the liner could be pushed to it permanent home, clipped to the metal plate on Grace's leather shorts.

Grace's already generous plump rear now took on a super erotic appearance, further expanded by the liner, with a gaping hole in the middle, this was a bum fetishist's dream thought Mrs Atkins. She had to reach down to her crotch and give herself a gentle rub with the thought of what was to come for Grace's huge new hole.

"Would you like to see what we have done so far?" Mrs Atkins asked Grace

"OK then I will use my phone and you can see it on the tablet. James, get the tablet and hold it for Grace"

Mrs Atkins them took her phone and ran the video chat app on it, while her husband ran the same app on the tablet.

"OK, ready for the craziest video call ever!?"

"Right I'm just use a flashlight to illuminate inside, its kind of dark in there". Mrs Atkins then held the phone in front of Grace's 'black hole". Looking down inside the sleeve, it had curved to follow the shape of Grace's colon, and the egg could only just be seen right at the end. Grace was in awe of what had been done to her, and extremely turned on. Her fantasies were being made to come true.

"OK Grace, we will have to leave you now to let your body fully adjust to its new enhancement We need to work out a way of permanently fixing the sleeve inside your body without those shorts. Your rear is nearly generous enough for a pony, but we might need to have it enhanced. I know a good clinic who could do it surgically, you won't need to sit down like a human any longer, so I think we could make those buttocks really large. I will need to measure you once that is complete, for your latex bodysuit which will really highlightyour new curves'.

"Finally when you are complete pony, we can see how far Duke's replica will go".


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