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The Forced French Maid Doll

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2019 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; domme; fantasy; drug; cd; fem; maid; sexdoll; chastity; gag; bond; sold; tease; cons/nc; X

I have always had bondage and kinky fantasies that include french maids, high heels, forced fantasies, abduction fantasies, forced doll fantasies. So I contacted an experienced Mistress that would make my fantasies come true. Her price was very cheap considering my fantasy details.

I was instructed to meet her at her dungeon. I met her at the door and she was so elegant and sexy. She was a tall blonde nearly 5 foot 10 inches and she was dressed in a sexy cheongsam red satin dress with a slit down the side. I stared at her sexy legs that were encased in silk stockings and I followed her legs down to her high heeled boots.

She offered me a drink, as I drank I reminded her of my bondage fantasies. I told her that I was really interested in meeting a submissive woman that would become of sex doll, my french maid sex slave. She said "Oh, that's interesting". "I thought you wanted to become the forced sex doll?". As I tried to explain the misunderstand I began to feel weak and sleepy. I then realized I have been drugged. Before I passed out, my Mistress informed me that I was to become a french maid sex doll and that I would be sold for alot of money!

When I woke up I realized that I could not move nor could I talk. There was a penis gag in my mouth that I was now forced to bite and suck on! When I looked down at myself I saw that I was dressed in a short sexy black satin french maid outfit with a fluffy petticoat. When I looked around the room I noticed other dolls dressed in sexy outfits all secured in large doll boxes! That's when I realized I'm the Sex Doll!

I tried to get loose but it was no use and I noticed something odd about my cock. Then suddenly a man walked into the fetish doll store and he was looking at me! In my head I was screaming "Get the fuck away from me!". He was looking at me like I was a pretty Barbie doll to play with.... which I was! Then he touched my stocking leg and that made me struggle. He noticed the panic in my eyes... "Don't worry my pretty doll, I will buy you and take care of you". I tried to scream "NO!".

Then he began to read the details about myself from the doll box. "Hmmmm... it says you are virgin... both holes". He was licking his lips and staring at me like I was a woman! "I'm a Man" I tried to scream but nothing came out. Then he continued reading.... "Locked chastity device". That's why my cock felt weird.... He lifted up my petticoat and began to manhandle my now locked cock and balls. It was disgusting as another man played with my manhood! Then the last thing he read scared me.... "it says you will obey every command". I thought there is no way I will obey him.

He then placed myself the doll box into the shopping cart. I also placed other items.... some bondage gear, silky lingerie, high heels and even an elegant satin bridal gown.

When he got to the cashier, the cashier told him more details about his new sex doll! I was crying as I knew I was being bought by a man to be used as a French maid sex doll! The cashier told him about the special collar that will make a dumb bimbo and I would obey all his kinky commands. He bought the collar! She also told him about the key to my chastity device which was free..... he declined the key! I was crying more as I realized I will never cum again like a man!

I was now heading out the door to become his french maid sex doll..... he whispered into my ear "I can't wait to fuck your virgin hole and for my sex doll to give me a proper blowjob". My bondage fantasy became a nightmare for me as I was to be used by a man!



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