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Storycodes: Solo-M; tv; fem; cd; chast; corset; stockings; hotel; M+/m; maid; bond; frame; gag; bdsm; crop; punish; photo; blackmail; hum; oral; anal; mast; climax; cons/nc; X

I had responded to an advert on a TV/TS website, under the Events section: “T Girls wanted for hotel meet at the Airport on Sunday arriving at 3pm”

I sent an initial email with a few photos of me dressed, the organiser, Terry told me what would normally happen and who would be attending. He had got 2 other T girls wanting to turn up and 3 other men besides himself. A number of others had expressed interest but hadn't confirmed. He was very interested when I said I'd love to be tied up helpless and used - “the guys would love you” he said.

Sunday morning arrived, and I received a further confirmation email and the room number. I was to arrive in male clothes, if possible by 2.30pm so I could get ready.

I showered, my body was already hairless, I kept it that way permanently using a razor and hair removal cream, put on some moisture cream all over then started to get dressed. I have a black bonded corset fitted with suspenders, it is difficult to lace up tightly by myself but after 30 minutes of struggling and after tying the laces to the door handle managed to get it very tightly fitted. My normal 32” waist seemed to be down to more like 28” giving me a hour glass type figure, I do have some boobs and the tight corset was pushing these upward giving me a little bit of cleavage, looking in the full length mirror I could see my body was definitely a more feminine shape, the corset was making breathing a struggle I was having to take shallow breaths, but knew from experience that I would get used to it over a couple of hours.

Next I added the stockings, this was a difficult part, the corset reduced the amount I could bend my waist, I had to sit on the bath and lift my legs to allow them stockings to go over my feet. These were a brand new pair of 10 denier seamed black stockings costing £14 a pair. Once on an attached to the suspenders I straighten the seams. Again looking in the mirror my legs were now beautifully feminine encased in the sheer nylon. 

Finally I put on the pair of black silk panties, these were a tight fit, as I was already wearing my metal chastity device (this had been on for the last 3 days). The chastity cage was locked on with a padlock, the keys to which were in the post, I'd posted them to myself when I locked the cage on, then when they had arrived gone right back out and posted them again, to further frustrate myself. The cage was not really visible under my trousers, so could be worn for days, however, this chastity cage was a little more restrictive than my previous one, it had blunted spikes on the inside, if I started to get an erection it would quickly become very uncomfortable!

I now put on a pair of jeans,  socks, shirt and pullover before sliding my feet into a pair of slip on shoes. Without physical inspection I was confident that no-one would be able to tell what I was wearing underneath. I picked up the large bag by the front door and my keys and went out to my car. It only took me only 20 minutes to drive to the airport hotel and I arrived at just after 2pm. I parked some distance from the reception doors, waiting a little apprehensive about what I was letting myself in for, but eager to have a new adventure. Waiting impatiently was hard,  I was worried my nerve would fail and I'd drive off home, but finally as the minutes changed to 2.25pm. I got out and locked the car, clutching the bag in one hand and walked into the hotel. Turning left I went up on the lift to the 3rd floor and stepped out onto the landing, I felt that everyone had been watching me walk to the lift, feeling very self concious, but in knew in reality it was just imagination.

318 was just down on the left. I knocked on the door. It was opened almost immediately by a man, 6ft, slim, probably mid to late 30s, dressed in jeans and a T shirt “Hi, you must be Terry” I stammered “You know me as Geri”

“Yes, come on in, I'm just getting everything ready” It was a double room with 2 single beds, on one were some metal lengths of 1” box section, obviously part of a frame, which looked like he was in the middle of  assembling. “perhaps you want to get ready first,” Terry said, “put you bag down and put your things out on the other bed”

I emptied the contents of my bag onto the spare bed, removed my male clothes,  took out the frilly black and white maid's outfit and slipped it over my head, then sat down on the bed and buckled on the 6” heels, fitting the padlocks into the ankle straps so they could not be removed without the keys. I went into the bathroom, taking my wig and makeup. (Terry had been ignoring me as I dressed, bolting together the black metal frame, I wasn't sure quite how it would work, but knew that very shortly I'd find out.)

It took me only about 5 minutes to put on the wig, false eyelashes and make-up, I'd got used to applying make-up, a little foundation, some eye shadow and then bright red lipstick, not applying too much was the trick. I stepped out of the bathroom with some apprehension, the 6” heels had taken some practice to walk in, but found that by locking them on all day on a Sunday whilst at home – the keys in the post and not arrive until the Monday morning, I soon got used to walking in them.

Terry had finished with the frame and was standing looking at me. “Wow, you look very nice, turn around and lets see the back” he instructed. I turned slowly “very nice, very nice indeed” he said. “right come over here and lets get you ready for visitors”

I walked over to the bed, the black frame was now fully assembled, it consisted of a central steel piece about 3 feet long with 2 arms each about 2 foot long coming at right angles at the top and bottom forming an I shape with a further piece sticking straight  upwards about 18” inches. At the top of the upright piece as fitted a large metal ring about 9 or 10” in diameter that split into two, held together by wing nuts. At each corner of the frame were smaller rings. It was pretty obvious that the larger one was for the neck and the others were for the wrists and ankles. The frame was positioned on the bed, 2 large leather straps ran from the top and bottom frame and underneath the bed to hold it firmly on the bed. The frame was positioned with the 'head' end near the bottom of the bed, so the bottom of the frame was in the middle.

“ Right” Terry commanded “ climb on the bed and slip your wrists through the rings at the top and put you neck in the large ring” he parted the large neck ring and I knelt down and pushed my hands through the rings and presented my neck to the centre ring. I had to go down on all fours with my elbows resting on the bed, it suddenly struck me as how exposed and vulnerable I would be in this position. Terry pushed the top half of the ring over the back of my neck and started to screw down the wing nuts, fortunately I felt the rings were padded with rubber to reduce the risk of marking my body, the ring tightened, loose enough to give me a little movement, but I was now attached to the frame, I could see the carpet and the lower wall in front of me and the edge of the bed beneath me but couldn't turn my head much to look at the sides.

Next Terry tightened the wing nuts on the wrist rings, locking my wrists firmly in place, there was almost no movement and I certainly could not pull my wrists out, now I was truly stuck. Then he moved onto the bed behind me and lifted one of my stockinged legs and guided it into the ring at the corner, the ring was quickly tighten followed by the other leg being pushed into position and locked in place. I was now truly helpless, at the mercy of a stranger in a hotel room, locked in position on all fours, very vulnerable, but my cock was starting to harden in its cage, the spikes were making it very uncomfortable.

Terry moved down to my neck, I felt him fiddling with the clamp, first I felt pressure on the back of my neck as it was adjusted, lowering my head, the upright must have some height adjustment. When he was satisfied with the height he adjusted another bolt and lifted my chin up so I was looking at the wall at the end of the bed, he locked my neck in this position, tightening the ring a little more. I was totally immobilised,  not able to move my head or raise myself up. He came round to the bottom of the bed and presented the metal spider gag to my mouth. I had never wore one before, basically this one was a metal ring with struts at 4 points to keep the mouth wide open, and a leather strap to hold it in place, it looked huge.

“Okay, now open up” he smirked He used both hands to insert it into my mouth, he forced my mouth open wider with the device, my teeth against the steel, I felt my jaw would break, it slipped into place, it was so large I couldn't expel it with my toque, I tried to speak “Its too big” I tried to say but the gag was making the words a little garbled. I felt hands at the back of my head fastening the strap, giving it one more tug to wedge it firmly in my mouth.”there all done” he laughed, “this one is any extra big one, as Daryl who is coming is a big boy, and you'll want to please him!”

He moved out of my line of sight, my jaw was painful already from the intruder jammed in there. I tried to protest, but little intelligible noise came out, now I was in real trouble.

“Right, no more noise from you from now on” I heard a voice behind me say “ or it will get a lot more uncomfortable!” I was breathing hard from the restrictions of the corset and the growing panic that now consumed my thoughts, I wanted out, it took me a good minute to get myself under control   try and be calm ready for the next part.

I couldn't see Terry he was off to one side, I heard the tone of an incoming message to a mobile, and him then he said, “we have several men coming, that was another confirming, I was expecting at least one more 'girl' by now, but if she doesn't arrive soon it looks like you will be the main event!”

How many were coming I asked myself? In the emails it was suggested there might be 1 or 2 men who might want to use me, along with other T girls,, but now I had my doubts about being used multiple times, I wasn't in a position to do much about it now.

I heard Terry moving about the room, but could not see him, then I heard the distinctive click as a photo was taken, then another, and another. He moved round and took photos with his phone from the front and the other side, he crouched down to take photos of my mouth around the gag. I again tried to protest “quiet, bitch, you're mine now” he snarled “ I'm going to send these photos out to the men who are coming today so they will know what's available, as you don't seem to get the idea I'm going to punish you for daring to make a noise.”

Terry moved off to the side and was presumably sending photos of me kneeling on all fours and exposed to anyone he wanted. After a couple of minutes I felt him lifting my skirt and rubbing his hand across my satin enclosed bottom. Then without warning I screamed as hard blow from a cane or crop struck both cheeks of my bottom at the same time, then 5 or 6 more in quick succession, my bottom was on fire, the noise I was making was pretty audible in the room, but probably would not have been heard next door. I continued to complain into the gag after he had finished.

“That's for making a noise” he stated, “if you make any more it will be a dozen next time!” I stopped making any noise, my eyes were watering and there was drool running out of gag, I was totally in this man's control and he had just confirmed it.

I heard the camera clicking again, it would appear he was taking photos more photos, no doubt despite the panties my bottom would be marked. I wanted out now, but could so no hope of immediate release.

Just then there was a knock at the door, I heard Terry open and have a brief conversation with someone, a few moments later 2 men stepped in front of me. One was large and black, he must have been well over 6 foot, muscular like a body builder, a tight T shirt over his top showed the muscles. The other was a white male, still quite well built, but just a little smaller than the other. “Very nice” said the black male, “ I love how you've presented this one Terry”. They both walked behind me and I felt hands rubbing up my stockinged thighs, lifting the bottom of my dress up to expose my panties.

“These will have to come off” said one of them, gripping and pulling them down “the way she is fixed we not going to get these out of the way easily, never mind” there was a yank and my panties were ripped from me. “Looks like you have already started Terry, these are some really nice marks across such a cute bum” 

A voice I recognised a Terry said “had to punish the slut for making a noise, now the panties are out of the way I'll take a few more photos”

I heard movement behind me, the clicks of the camera, then a minute later the black male was standing in front of me, naked. I could see the well toned muscles of his chest, but it was lower down that worried me, a semi erect penis was there, probably 10” plus, this I presumed was Daryl,  he stroked this monster with one hand, it rapidly hardening and thickening.

“Now slut” he said in a low voice “I'm going to put this in your mouth and you're going to swallow it all, make it nice and wet, because once I've finished at this end I'll be fucking you with it, meanwhile my mate here is going to fuck you, he has to go first, because when I use your arse it will be too sloppy for him to use after!”

I could do nothing about it as the monstrous member was pushed into the ring in my mouth, god there was no way I could swallow all of it I thought, at the same time I felt something cold being spread around the crack of my arse, then a little pressure as something was forced against the muscles, the penis in my mouth was pushed further inside, all I could see in front of me was his curly black pubic hair, then pain from my rear as something was pushed hard inside, pushing the sphincter muscles apart until finally it was inside, the pain eased a little, I felt someone's body on my back.

In front of my Daryl had been waiting for his mate, now moved his body further, my mouth was filled with the solid penis, I felt it touch the back and sides of my throat, my gag reflex was starting to kick in, the penis filled my throat, I could no longer breath, now in totally panic, I thought I would choke to death at that point, then Daryl's mate started to pound into my arse, Daryl withdrew a little and I gulped air down my throat, then his pushed forward again, he knew he was choking me as I was been fucked, the feeling of being filled at the rear and the mouth at the same time, totally helpless.

I am not sure how long it lasted, Daryl moving his giant member in a little to block my airway then out again, whilst my arse was pound relentlessly, I was gulping in air when I could, finally with a loud grunt the person behind me came and withdrew himself from inside of me.

“Now he's lubed you up, its my turn” said Daryl, pulling his engorged cock out of my mouth, with some difficulty as it had expanded to fill the ring gag. He moved onto the bed behind me, god, I thought this will tear me in half. His mate came round to the front and without ceremony pushed his cock into my mouth. “clean it with your tongue bitch!” he commanded. I had little choice but to use my tongue, I was past tasting anything, Daryl's member had anaesthetised my throat.

Just as a started to lick, I felt a pressure on my rear hole again, despite just being well and truly fucked, there was again more pain as Daryl started to push against me. I knew that I was supposed to relax, but in the position I was in it was extremely difficult. The pressure against the muscle increased, then released as he forced his way inside, pain all around  as he started to pummel my hole, I could feel his member ramming inside me filling me, I couldn't even groan with the other guy's cock in my mouth, the pounding in my arse got harder, the pain wanting to make me scream. The penis was withdrawn from my mouth, my eyes were shut, screwed up tight, as I tried to live through the experience, hopefully it would stop soon.

After what seemed like a hour, Daryl finally came, collapsing onto my back, his not inconsiderable weight almost crushing me, my legs were only holding me up because positioned in the frame I couldn't fall over. He pushed himself off me. My arse hole was on fire, and felt like it had been seriously ripped apart, my jaw was hurting from the gag forcing it open, the metal parts cutting into the corners of my mouth

“God that was a good fuck” Daryl said “did you get plenty of photos?”

Terry responded, “look at these, photos of the slut sucking you, then you fucking her arse, can't wait to get these up on the site!” What site I thought, he couldn't be going to release the photos, could he?

Terry came round in front of me, putting the screen of his camera near my face so I could see, he flicked through the photos, showing me sucking and Daryl and his mate fucking me, some close up some far away. “You see Geri, I've got a web site and I put up photos of the shoots, don't worry I won't use the photos with your face showing – not unless you disobey me. You see you're mine now, you will make yourself available when I want for Daryl and whoever to use you and for some more photo shoots, of course you might say your not going to come when I ask, but whilst you've been fastened there, I have been through your phone, all your contacts have been sent to my phone, work, family, friends, what will they say if they see some of these photos, boy,  are we going to have fun with you!”

I was horrified, not only had I been used and abused, now I was being blackmailed with possible exposure to everyone I knew! I started to protest, but Terry's hand went over my mouth, reducing my outpouring to a mumble.

“I told you to be quiet before or you would be punished, Daryl pass me that head harness from my bag!” he said sternly. With Terry's hand still in place I felt the straps at the back of my neck being released, the metal gag was pulled out of my mouth  and before I could protest a large rubber ball was forced inside by Daryl who held it in place, whilst presumably Terry tighten the straps behind my head, forcing the ball deeper into my mouth, a further strap went over my head and was buckled at the back, finally a strap was tucked under my chin and tighten severely so I was compressing the hard rubber ball. My jaw was already aching from the first gag, this one was not really any smaller, the straps were cutting in to the sides of my mouth, this was worse than the previous gag as it meant I had to breath through me nose.

I could hear Daryl and Terry talking off to one side, but was not sure what they were talking about, they laughed, then Terry came to stand in front of me again. In his hands were a pair of screw nipple clamps with vicious looking clips, they were joined by a chain.

“I did say if you complained you would be punished, well we're going down to the bar to get a drink, you, of course will be remaining here, put to keep you occupied I'm going to put these on you, and Daryl has a treat for you as well”

Terry knelt down on the floor and pulled the top of the maid's dress to one side exposing the top of the corset, he forced one hand inside with the clip on it and found one of my nipples, then he attached the clamp, more pain as it dug into my nipple, then I felt him fiddling with the clamp and the pain increased, he removed his hands then tugged, pain shot through me nipple, he then found the other nipple and attached the clamp to that, pain as he tighten it, it felt like it was being pierced by the clamp. He tugged on the chain again, satisfied that it wasn't going to come off, he stood up and move out of my line of sight.

I felt someone get on the bed behind me, then a pressure on my tortured arse hole, the pressure building as something hard was pushed into it, with the pounding it had got from Daryl it quickly gave way and something solid slid inside. I tried to expel the object but it was obviously some sort of tapered butt plug that my hole had closed around, it would not come out with out assistance.

I heard them laughing then the door opening and closing and I was left alone to my misery.

My jaw was aching from the harness gag, my rectum felt full, stuffed with some sort of butt plug, my neck, wrists and ankles hurt from being confined to the frame, the forced position was  making my back and shoulders hurt, I couldn't move to relief any of the pressure, not sure if and when they might return. I could hear the occasional sound of someone passing in the corridor, but other than that nothing. All I could see was the wall in front of me, unable to turn my head to review my surroundings. I was truly stuck until someone released me.

It seemed like many hours before I heard the door open and someone walk into the room. I couldn't see who or how many.

“Hi Geri” said a new voice “Terry's in the bar but told us to come up and play with you, you look so good, all ready and waiting for us!”

I could feel movement at the side of the bed then someone pulling, none too gently on the plug in my arse, there was some pain as it was forced out.  I felt someone on the bed behind me, then some pressure on my tortured hole, possibly because the plug had stretched my hole, or the violator was not very big it slid in relatively easily. I could feel someone's body lying on my back and breathing in my ear. “Oh yes, Geri, take it slut” as he pumped me. A naked male came in front of me, his erect cock aimed at my face he started wanking himself. The man on top of me was pumping away, breathing heavily whilst his mate wanked himself hard in my face. The man came inside me with a grunt, which made his mate wank more furiously until him came, his cock spitting spunk all over my face, eyes, nose, it was running down my chin.

The man pulled himself out of me and I could hear him moving to one side, the other male had disappeared from sight and I could hear them talking quietly to themselves “god, that was good “ said one “can't wait to try this again” After a few minutes, without comment to me, I heard the room door close, leaving me with a man's spunk dribbling down my face!

It was some time later when I heard the door open again. Terry came to stand before me. “looks like you've been well used!. I love to see that dripping off you face, let me get my phone and take some photos” He clicked away, distance and close up shots of my face, then he moved behind me. I felt the pressure come off my neck as he unscrewed the clamp, and for the first time in several hours I could move my now very sore neck, he removed the nipple clamps, both at the same time, I almost screamed into the gag as the feeling returned, then he came round the front and unscrewed the clamps on each wrist, I was almost free!

“Right kneel up” he commanded, I tried to comply but my arms were like rubber, he had to hold my shoulders to get me kneeling upright, “hands behind your back” still gagged and with my legs fastened to the frame and my arms not working I had little choice. I felt the locking of handcuffs on each wrist, then I felt the clamp being removed from first one ankle then the other. “Right stand up on the floor” Terry commanded, again he had to assist me, my legs were not working properly and their long confinement, I stood on the floor perched on my heels wobbling as the feeling came back to my legs, hands on my shoulders pushed me firmly forwards until I was touching the wall with my head.

“Stand still and don't move” he said. I stood with my head resting against the cool wall, muscles in my legs complaining, but it was better than being in the frame.

I could hear Terry moving about behind me, the clink of metal and figured he was dismantling the frame. It seem to take an age, but I stood there waiting.

Finally I felt something metal being put into my left hand and other hand on my neck forcing me against the wall.

“This is the key to the handcuffs, you will wait until I have left the room before you move from there and release yourself.  You bag is on the bed behind you, I have put out the leather mini skirt and white blouse you have brought. But listen carefully, I have you keys to your car and the locks on your shoes – you will change into the other clothes, re-do your make-up and wait for me to call, in about 10 minutes time. Once I call you will have only 3 minutes to go downstairs, through the hotel lobby and out the front door. I will be in the car park waiting, if you are not properly dressed  or are trying to hide I will simply drive away with your keys. Got it?” the pressure was released on my neck, I nodded. “good” he said.

I heard him collecting his things and leaving the room. Then I turned my head and brought my hands to one side so I could see some of the handcuffs, after a bit of a fiddle I inserted the key and for the first time in several hours was free. I quickly removed the other cuff and the ball gag, my jaw aching from the ball jamming it open.

Checking, around that he had definitely gone with my keys, I removed the maids dress and quickly dressed in the leather mini skirt and blouse, went into the bathroom and applied the red lipstick and straighten the wig. I looked as presentable as I could, but was sure not to convince anyone. Even a female walking through the hotel in six inch heels a leather mini skirt was going to get a few stares, no doubt, I would create a bit of interest, hopefully no one would see I had no panties on. All I had to do was wait. I put everything into the bag and zipped it closed, waiting for the phone call.  I jumped when it rang , I answered it nervously “hello”

“Right down stairs I'll meet you out front in exactly 3 minutes, do not be late!” he barked, and then  ended the call.

I picked up my bag and opened the door, I didn't hesitate as time was now very important to me. I walked to the lift down the empty corridor, concious of my swaying hips caused by walking quickly in the heels. I pressed the button to call the lift, the indicator said it was stopped 2 floors above me. The lift came quickly, the door opened – thank god there was no-one inside. I pressed the button marked lobby, it took only less than 10 seconds for the lift to descend.

The door opened and I stepped quickly out, there was a girl at reception looking directly at me, a middle aged couple standing off to one side, all staring at me, I walked across the lobby towards the door, my face probably the colour of beetroot. Just as I got to the door a man in a business suit entered, he stared looking me up and down, I moved past outside down the stone steps towards the carpark, presuming that all the occupants of the hotel were now watching me. I saw Terry sitting in his car just at the edge of the car park. I walked across and he wound down the driver's window. “2 minutes 22 seconds” he said with a smirk. “your keys are on top of your sun visor, I'll email you in a little while, its been fun!” With that he drove off.

I walked across the car park, moving between the cars as there was several people about, until I reached my car, praying that the keys where there. I opened the door and pulled down the sun visor and the keys thankfully dropped onto the seat.

I drove quickly out of the carpark, feeling that the whole world was watching me, some 2 miles down the road I pulled into a layby and removed my skirt, shoes and wig putting on the jeans and sweat shirt and rubbing off as much of the make up as possible. I drove home, sore but thankful that the experience was behind me.

I got home and had a shower, my tortured hole was sore, my nipples were painful to the touch and various muscles in my body ached. I had a mark around my neck and my wrists and ankles were sore and slightly red. I dried myself and put on my dressing gown. Then went to check my emails.

There was one from Terry with attachments:

“Dear Geri

I have sent you some photos of today, I will be uploading a load to the website later, but I will not use any of them showing your face, yet, I will contact you with instruction, failure to obey will result in me sending them to all your telephone contacts”


There were 10 photos, they showed me strapped to the frame from different angles, some showed my face, including one of me with cum dripping down it. I went to bed that night in terror of exposure, but my cock was painfully hard trapped in the cock cage – I hope the keys arrive in the post tomorrow!


I have some further parts to this if anyone is interested.



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