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From Dom to Sub

by Lily

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© Copyright 2014 - Lily - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; cd; dress; heels; corset; M/m; D/s; bond; gag; force; torment; toys; insert; oral; climax; chast; drug; kidnap; cons/reluct; X

Twenty minutes to go. A few days ago I had posted an ad online looking for someone to come to my place so that I could, to quote my ad, “get treated like a tranny slut by a true Dom of a man.” I kept the ad low-key and photo-less to ensure none of my colleagues from work saw it of course, but more importantly, I was a Domme in my own spare time and did not want to tarnish my reputation.

All the way from childhood I had been a crossdresser. When I went to college and got my own place I finally was able to buy my own clothing (rather than steal my sisters) and make-up. I taught myself to walk, talk and look like a woman from online tutorials and lots of practice. When I was broke and searching for a job after college I ran across personal ads from men looking to meet with other crossdressers so that they could chat and learn from each other. After a few disastrous meeting I learned that almost none of the people posted these ads knew anything about crossdress; most could scarcely apply some mascara and had no more clothes than panties and bra. I got the bright idea to offer my services as a more experienced gurl to them. For a small cost I would teach them about make-up application, walking in heels and how to dress. After a time I started getting questions about different services. Not sex, but men were looking for a more forceful experience, forced fem I later learned it was called. For someone who just loved to dress like myself it was curious, but I was happy to oblige for a price, and so my Domme persona, ‘Miss Ruby’ was born.

Flash forward two years, and I was a 25 year old with my own condo, car, and more bondage and sex gear than you could shake a stick at; all paid for by men looking for a Domme crossdresser. I kept a small part time job to fill days I was not busy, and to keep a respectable front for my few friends. Of course, being a Domme all the time could be tiring, hence the ad I posted. Lots of men responded to it, but only one seemed legit, and attractive enough, for me to risk it. A buff, professional looking man contacted me, and after a few days chatting online, we set a date for him to come over.

The night of I prepared myself. No latex or thigh high boots tonight though, tonight I was to be the demure sex-kitten. I started by waxing my legs and nether-regions. Once I was properly smooth, I bathed and laid out my clothing. The first garment I put on was my black and pink accented silk corset. Lacing it up alone was always tough, but practice got the job done soon enough, and I soon had a beautiful hourglass figure, at least 4 inches smaller than my normal trim waist. Black silk panties followed, as well as my stockings. Sliding them up my shaven legs and clipping on the garters attached to my corset felt exquisite; it was all I could do to not jerk off then and there.

Opening the closet I kept some of my bondage gear it I pulled out a pair of nipple clamps and put them on. I bit my lip as their metal teeth bit into my flesh; I loved the feeling perhaps more than anything. My C cup breastforms were next. I applied glue to their back and stuck them on my pulsing chest. The weight of the forms bouncing up and down would push and pull on my tender nipples, and any massaging that was done to them would be orgasmic. I slipped on my dress next. A white number with poufy sleeves and a flouncy upper knee length skirt, it was a sexy contrast to my black stockings and undergarments.

My last item to put on was my heels, 5-inch high black leather pumps, shined to a gleam by my last slave who was here yesterday. I then went about putting on my make-up. Dark smoky eyes and pouty red lips were the thing for the night, a true slutty look. A shoulder length, blonde wig finished the outfit. I check myself out in a mirror and could feel my cock growing as I admired myself; I was hot.

With 20 minutes to go I just sat and watched some TV show, heart pounding away in anticipation. With a sudden knock on the door I was snapped out of my distracted state; he was here. I stepped to the door as fast as my heels and corset allowed and looked out the peephole. Outside the door was the man; at least 6’3 tall with a chiseled jaw and piercing eyes; I could see his muscles straining against his tight black dress shirt.

I opened the door and greeted him with as sultry a voice as I could muster. “Good to finally meet you.”

He could scarcely reply as he eyed me up and down hungrily. With a grin, he responded. “The very same back. You look stunning, but lets not stand on ceremony, your ad was fairly specific.”

My heart pounded away like a jackhammer. Yes, a slut; I was to Domme-ey.

“Yes, please come in sir.” Trying to sound a bit more like a bimbo.

He came into the house and closed the door, following behind me where I could feel his eyes staring at my ass as I swung it back and forth. Leading him onto the living room I gestured to a chair.

“Please make yourself comfortable. Would you like a drink before we… get started?”

“Please.” He quickly moved past me to the chair, and I turned and went into the kitchen. I pulled a bottle of wine out of the fridge and brought it and two glasses back into the living room, and nearly dropped them as I did. The man had taken his shirt off and was sitting in a chair with his pants undone, cock out. Even from this far and while it was half-flaccid I could see it was big; bigger than my average six by far.

“We’ll drink later, get over here.”

I obediently placed the wine down and sashayed over towards him. As I neared I dropped to my knees and began to rub my hands up and down his rapidly growing member. With my own cock throbbing I began to lick his shaft and balls, and could hear him give a moan of pleasure. With his cock fully hard (and at least nine inches) I started to suck him off. Working up and down his cock I could feel my gag reflex trigger as I got low. Ignoring it I kept going, working my mouth and tongue as hard as I could. I brought my hands up and began to caress his chest; he held a hand and squeezed as he let out another moan.

He began to move about in his seat as he neared climax and I prepared to swallow it down. As he came so much happened I could barely keep track. When he shot his load into my mouth I felt cold metal surround my wrists and the unmistakable click of handcuffs locking. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and quickly moved out of his chair, pinning me to the ground, kneeling on my arms and chest. The weight of him combined with my corset scarcely left me any breath, but I managed to squeak out a “what the fu-“ before he slapped me across the face.

“Shut your mouth bitch.” Before I could recover he got off my chest and quickly rolled me over onto my front before putting a heavy knee on my back. “Move and I’ll break your damn back.”

I was about to protest when from behind me the man stuffed a gag in my mouth and quickly tied it tight. The plastic filled my mouth and the man quickly grabbed a bulb attached to the gag and pumped the size of it up. I could feel him grabbing my ankles and locking them together as well. He got off me and pulled my leg and arm cuffs together, then connecting the two with another lock. In less than a minute I had been hogtied and gagged by a total stranger.

“There, now you sit still slut while I look around the place.”

The man walked off into the rest of my house to do who-knows-what. He must be a robber I thought to myself. I tried to test my bonds but the metal cuffs were too much, I would never get out without him unlocking me. With my mouth filled and my corset on I could barely think much about escape anyways as I struggled to breathe. My nipple clamps were sending me wild all along, and my cock as still rock hard. This guy could be about to kill me and I was horny as fuck!

After a while the man came back in and knelt down next to me. “Hello there Miss Ruby.”
How the fuck did he know my Domme name!? I began to shout at him through my gag and only got another slap for my efforts.

“Yes I know who you are. You act the Domme as Miss Ruby when you are not temp office worker Ben Welk. Well slut, you are in a bind now. You think you are a Domme, huh?”

He reached under my dress and gave my hard cock as squeeze. I could feel cold metal against my skin, and then cold air as he cut my panties off with scissors.

“You don’t seem like a Domme to me slut. Just like any other crossdresser you want to be fucked good and proper by a real man. Well that is what you are going to get. I am going to untie you now. If you run or attack me, you will regret it.”

He moved out of my field of view and after a few seconds of waiting my arms and legs fell free.

“Stay down. You are to crawl over to your bedroom, nice and slow. Let me see your ass nice and high girly.”

I could feel my face burn red in shame. This fucker thought I wanted this. When I found the chance I’d tie him down and show him what a Domme could do. He would be screaming for help within a minute. Rather than risk him kill me, I’d do as he said; he would probably just fuck me, rob me, and leave. I’d find him. I got onto my knees and began to crawl forwards, the man moving along beside me. He slapped my ass hard with a crop, causing me to scream into my gag and fall down.

“Not even used to your own gear slut? Get moving, and shake your ass.”

Eyes burning I got back up and moved along, yelping into my gag as he struck me along the way. As I crawled into my room I could see some of my bondage gear set up; how long had I been tied down?

“Ok slut, on your feet, and do not move once you are up.”

I wobbled to my feet and looked at him. The grin on his damn face was so wide the top of his head might fall off. He said, “You look angry slut. Well don’t protest, I doubt I’d hear you through that gag. Now, see that seat there? Go sit, it’s all lubed up and ready.”

I turned to see that he had seat up one of my toys, a sex stool. It was a pink, rubber inflatable seat with a 7-inch dildo sticking out the top. It could vibrate with several levels of intensity; I had subs use it from time to time, but had never myself. Nervously I moved over to the seat and positioned myself above it. I looked back at him one last time and the look on his face told me that sitting was my only option. Slowly lowering myself down I could feel the cold rubber against my anus, wet from the lube. Closing my eyes, I began to bring myself down slowly, moaning as it penetrated my hole. Without realizing it he had moved behind me, and he pressed down on my shoulders, impaling me quickly on the dildo. Even though my gag he could hear that scream. Again before I could react he grabbed my knees and brought them down so I was kneeling astride the seat. Metal clanked behind me and my ankles were quickly locked into what felt like a spreader bar. My arms were brought behind me and locked together again just as swiftly. Tape was wrapped around my thighs and calves next, ensuring I would not be able to stand.

“There you go slut. Nice and comfy?”

He moved in front of me and grinned, admiring his handiwork. I was a blonde tranny slut, impaled on a dildo, gagged, in a flouncy white dress. Despite the obvious threat I was facing my hard cock was now sticking out, making a tent in the front of my dress.

“Your cock is rock hard whore. You love it. I’ll tell you what though, prove you are not a slut and I’ll let you go. I’ll be back tomorrow morning; you stay on there in the meantime. If you come, you are mine. If you don’t I’ll let you go. Sound good slut?”

I nodded. If he thought I would give up torturing him beyond what he thought possible was worth one orgasm, he was wrong.

“Good. Have fun slut.” He walked behind me and placed a blindfold on me, leaving me in total darkness. I could hear him walk away and towards my door, where I heard it slam shut and lock. I immediately began to test my bondage. The spreader bar and cuffs were far too much to handle, but the tape was possible to loosen. If I could get that broken, I could stand up and get free. Before I could start working on it, the dildo came to life. It had a random setting! It would cycle through its different levels as long as it was plugged in. It must have started on it’s highest as I nearly came right then and there as it shook me. As it shifted to a lower gear I began to move my legs.

The only way to break the tape was to move up and down until it stretched out, thus making me bounce on the dildo as I did so. I started slow, I could not let myself climax. Bouncing up and down on the dildo made my breasts bounce along with them, tugging on the nipple clamps. The pain ran through my body, quickly intermingling with the pleasure from the dildo.

Up and down, up and down I went, moaning all along as I kept myself on the edge of climax. I began to feel the tape loosen, and sped up my pace. The pain from my nipples and the pleasure of the dildo was sending waves of ecstasy up and down me. I went fast and faster, breast bouncing up and down, my mind lost in the overwhelming feeling of being penetrated while bound all but inescapably. Before I could stop myself I came hard. I moaned hard into my gag as waves of pleasure coursed me and my cock shot forth its load. The orgasm lasted longer than any I had had in years, and I was shaking like a leaf in the wind when I regained my senses.

“Just like I thought. A slut.” Came the mans voice from in front of me.

He had not left!

“That took you about 5 minutes from when I ‘left’ you dumb whore. I knew you were just another cock hungry tranny.”

He ripped my blindfold off and stared down at me, a look on his face beyond terrifying. Behind him sat a large bag, what he must have left outside the house and grabbed when he went to the door. Before I could protest further he brought from behind his back an ice pack, which he wrapped around my penis. The cold made me scream into the gag, eliciting smirk from my captor. When he removed the ice he quickly went to his bag and brought over a chastity cage, something I had used on subs countless times. He maneuvered my shrunken member into the metal cage and quickly locked it shut.

“Say goodbye to your clit slut. That is its new name, a clit. Your pussy is what that toy of yours is fucking right now.”

As he brought up the seat it sprang to life as if on cue and began to vibrate again. I whimpered as I could feel my cock (like I would ever call it clit) grow to the confines of its prison. As it pressed against the metal I moaned hard; how the hell had my subs not used the safeword on this thing! This was agony!

“Now I can’t just call you slut from now on can I. You are my new slave you dumb little bimbo, even if you don’t realize yet or a month from now. Miss Ruby is no name for a submissive little sissy like you. You like the colour red though? How about… Scarlett. Do you like your new name?”

I shouted back ‘fuck you’ through my gag, only managing to mumble incoherently.

“I don’t think that was a yes.” He responded with that same sickening smirk. “You will get used to your new name, believe me. Within a month I will have you begging to let me fuck you and pleading to allow you to come.”

As I began to scream back at him he stuck me with a needle in the upper arm. The fucker had drugged me! As my vision began to fade and the vibration of the dildo dulled, I heard him say one last thing.

“You’ll make a fine slave Scarlett, give it time.”

To be continued…


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