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Girls on Top

by Sandra Steeple-Langford

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© Copyright 2020 - Sandra Steeple-Langford - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; F/f; F/m; tg; cd; sissy; trap; smoking; school; castration; oral; anal; sex; collar; chastity; electro; cons; X

Chapter 1

I don’t know if I am a lesbian or have become one recently but I find myself increasingly attracted to cute shemale traps, not especially real girls, you understand, and increasingly not men either. I find myself scouring the specialist TS clubs looking for small pixie like boy/girls with budding nubile breasts and limp little winkles that love girl’s clothes and look cute in makeup and do not need to wear wigs to have feminine hair. Perhaps I am after a fuckable daughter!

My current girlfriend has a tiny face with short gelled wavy platinum blonde hair with dark roots, wears lots of eye makeup and has cute rosebud lips but insists on wearing sneakers, cargo pants and a sleeveless tee-shirt, instead of proper girly outfits. She looks more like a camp homosexual or tomboy than a girl. However, she does not seem to want advances from homosexual men nor to be attractive to heterosexual men. So, I am her ideal partner and she loves my sexual advances and she really turns me on.

In bed, in the nude, she looks sweet and properly girly, with small pubescent boobs, smooth white skin and a tiny limp cockette, which is hardly more noticeable than a large clittie between her legs.

She loves me to kiss her everywhere on her body and adores me playing with her nipples. However, her cockette never gets hard, despite my advances. To overcome this, I have purchased a g-spot vibrator that is controlled by a mobile app. I make her wear it all the time and, given the right circumstances, I can get her to cum with it from a limp dick. I can get the same response if I use my vibrating dildo on her prostate, I think it is called ‘flaping’ as her cockette flies around dribbling cum as I fuck her. If it is a really good cum, encouraged after much kissing and nipple play, her legs tremble and her body convulses in a most provocative way which turns me on and I enjoy our love-making even more. She is an expert at using her tongue on my clittie and gives me cum after cum that way. Sometimes she uses a vibrator in my pussy at the same time.

Occasionally, I get her to use a hollow vibrating strap-on, but she hates doing that. She says that it is not natural as she is a girl and I tend to agree with her. There is obviously some ‘ambiguity’ left in me, but that is dying fast.

Chapter 2

As I became more personally accepting of the new me and, indeed less frightened about it and more adventurous, I started to dress in a more commanding and less overtly feminine and subservient way.

I almost never now wear skirts or dresses. I always wear powerful padded shoulders. With my extremely high heels and with my hair piled high on top in a severe style, I make sure that I am as tall as the tallest of men in the room.

Whenever possible, I wear boot leg trousers so that my girly shoes are hidden from normal view. The only time I wear skin tight trousers is if I want to add the commanding dominance of mega heeled thigh boots that must be worn outside skin tight leggings.

I do not try to hide my ample bosom but accentuate it with bullet bras under tight tops with high collars worn under waistcoats or fitted jackets. I often wear a tie or cravat to create a foppish male look. However, my extravagant make-up, long polished nails and jewellery leave no one in any doubt about my gender.

If I had wanted to attract real girls, I might have padded a penis bulge in the front of my pants but that is unnecessary with sissy traps, who expect to be fucked with a strap on and need no illusion to attract them. I have a strap-on with a g-spot vibrator pointing in the opposite direction to the main cock so that it is inside me when the dildo is worn. The base of the main cock is made of soft gel-like material that moulds into my open pussy lips so that the powerful vibrator in the main shaft transmits onto my clittie, particularly on the inward thrust.

Indeed, the dildo pussy vibrations can sometimes make me cum by just wearing it, particularly if I look at myself in the mirror and fantasise about it being a real cock shooting spunk into my conquest.

So, you see, my mind is in a mess and I no longer know who or what I am but the amount of sexual pleasure I now experience has multiplied tenfold, so the changes must be for the better.

Chapter 3

The next big change to my life began when I threw out my androgynous girlfriend as she just would not become the proper shemale I really wanted. I had taken her to have nail extensions fitted and she thought they looked great. I then took her to buy some stilettos so that she could wear them with her cargos instead of her sneakers but she rebelled, we had a fight and I finished it there and then. I reluctantly threw her out thinking that there would be others available more attuned to my desires.

That night I went on the prowl wearing my black patent thigh boots over a skin tight patent bodysuit, with cone tits and a zip between the legs from front to back. The neck was accentuated by a neck corset and, with my black hair piled high on top, I was well over six feet tall and looked to be quite Amazonian. With my largest black double vibrator in my bag, I was ready to fuck anything; men, women and anything in between!

I was well known at the club but my new appearance raised many comments; not all good, but I did not care. I felt powerful and really turned on.

I took my drink outside for a ciggie and met someone I had not previously talked to, probably because she moved in the fem-dom set, rather than the cute trap one.

She liked to be called Helen Goodwife and told me she was a pioneer in women’s emancipation. She felt that men being in control of business and politics, was damaging society because of men’s aggressive genes and she was trying to form a group that would pioneer a revolutionary change to that balance.

I tended to agree with her about male aggressiveness and asked what I could do to help. She said that she had started an email campaign to recruit more like-minded girls but was forging ahead on her own and was running a school for correcting male behaviour. She believed that most men needed to be feminised with the best becoming complete girls while a few, handsome and virile specimens, should be kept in a stud with their sole purpose in life being to pleasure women and provide them with the babies they needed to maintain the population.

She let me read her email circular:

Hello from Girls on Top,

As one of the country’s more enlightened wives, this is your chance to cement the advances we girls have recently achieved with female emancipation in politics, the media and the world at large. We now need to put our own houses in order to cement the improvements we have won. 

Have you ever considered the benefits of feminising your man to dilute his macho nature? If not, this is the time for you to take action while the momentum for female advancement is still with us.

Think of the advantages such action will bring to your life as well as to the world at large:

Reason 1. Feminisation makes males more gentle

Psychologically, clothes affect our behaviours. Think of the police officer who becomes assertive and officious in his uniform or the man with a shaven head who is so aggressive. By, as a minimum, changing your man’s under-clothing to something more feminine, growing his hair and, perhaps, colouring it, plus other improvements like eyebrows and pierced ears, your partner will take on a more gentle and submissive manner. As a result, he will begin to have feminine thoughts and his approach to life will become more like yours.

Reason 2. Feminisation improves a male’s hygiene.

Introducing a regime of female hygiene works wonders for any male’s persona and grooming. Shaving of body hair and creaming his skin will result in a smooth nice smelling clean hygienic man that is much better for you to touch. Another benefit comes from making him sit down to pee. You’ll instantly stop those disgusting splashes around the toilet bowl that men make when standing to pee.

Reason 3. Feminisation ensures that a husband remains faithful.

The opportunity for your husband to have an affair or even a one-night stand will be eliminated. What (so-called) man would ever allow any other woman to see that his wife has put him in female lingerie? How would he explain away painted toe nails? You will have eliminated any risk of him ever straying.

Reason 4. Feminisation will create a new friend for you

He will start to enjoy feminine pursuits like shopping for his undies, talking about what fashions suit him and discussing personal feelings rather than football and male pursuits. By learning to sip cocktails with you rather than swilling beer with his friends, you will no longer have to smell his beery breath while he gropes you when he comes home from the pub.

Reason 5. Feminisation makes him respect his wife’s authority

A wife needs to do little more than adopt the above ideas to achieve a more submissive man. So, make him feel even more vulnerable by gradually introducing other feminine garments, particularly those that expose his skin on the shoulders and legs. Consider scooped necklines instead of high-necked t-shirts for example. Also choose soft silky fabrics for his clothes instead of cotton. Get him to wear cut off trousers or super skinny girly trousers that are in attractive colours or are patterned like men wear on the catwalk. Take him to the salon with you to get his hair done. After a few visits, get him to have an asymmetric cut or some blonde streaks. Buy him a clip-on ponytail to wear until his own hair grows. 

He will love you for all these improvements and you will have gained control.

Reason 6. Feminisation increases the sexual energy in the home.

Let’s not forget that feminisation can be a turn on for the husband, as well as for you, if managed correctly. Feminisation generally gives the wife a powerful tool for manipulation. You can teach him to do cunnilingus properly, as two girls would do together, but most husbands cannot or will not do at all. Get him to please you frequently but do not allow him to pleasure himself without your permission. Consider putting him in to a chastity device and keep the key with you. Only let him out as a reward when he has done something especially good to please you. This regime of denial and reward will give you total control and will help you achieve your full feminisation ambitions. Remember, men think through their genitals and talk through their back-sides. You will have total control of the former and the latter tendency will be eliminated by the gradual feminisation of his mind.

Reason 7. Feminisation increases his understanding of real women

By making your husband undergo beauty routines and household tasks, you will have introduced him to the reality of being a girl. He will see women differently and appreciate what we’ve historically had to do for our men. 

With him then fulfilling a more complete female role, you’ll never need to do boring household chores yourself, unless you feel like it.

Reason 8. Feminisation makes him more attractive 

Being a heterosexual woman doesn’t necessarily mean you only want a rough, hairy-bodied man in jeans with a shaved head. Making your husband smooth and fragrant, with pretty clothing in attractive colours, will surely make him more attractive to you. Most women find feminine men attractive and that is why Julian Clary and Boy George have such large female, not male, followings.

Reason 9. Feminisation reduces a male’s aggression and bad habits

Why is it that men fight, drive too fast and think it acceptable to talk over women? All these problems can be eliminated through feminisation but, if a wife wants to be doubly sure that she has achieved a full conversion, some wives feed their husbands HRT. This has many positive additional side effects including eliminating the chance of him getting prostate cancer as he grows older as well as helping him to gain a shapely female profile including pert little breasts which you can enjoy fondling, but can easily be concealed when necessary.

Reason 10. Feminisation is better for him too

Last, but not least, feminisation benefits your man too. There is no longer the need for him to fulfil the role of decider, strongman and fixer of everything. Now he can relax and follow your decisions and undertake work that doesn’t require him to use any thought. This doesn’t mean that he will be absolved of any work in the home that is typically thought of as men’s work. He should be made to continue to do the gardening, decorating and household repairs. The point is that all housework will become more fulfilling for him as he will not have to make any decisions.

Summing it all up

Feminisation of all men is the solution to many of the world’s problems. Closer to home, it’s the perfect answer for household harmony and improving your sex life. However, any wife contemplating a feminisation programme needs to control and encourage that feminisation programme, sometimes in the face of resistance. However, she can be assured that when the process has begun, she will find resistance quickly diminishes. It will be replaced by an eagerness to enjoy all the benefits that we girls take for granted and that men cannot readily understand until they experience them. I believe that the effort will be repaid a hundred-fold as the outcome will always be a better life for both of you, albeit in different ways.


Don’t just read this and have a laugh. Think about it carefully and you will see that I am right. It is the more intelligent women who will understand the points I have made. Even if you decide that my suggestions are not suitable for you, they will be for many others so please pass on this email to your friends. It is only by concerted effort that we, the enlightened women of the world, will succeed in our quest to eliminate war and terrorism and so to create a more feminine and happier world for everyone.

She said that she hoped to persuade most women to have their own husband and boyfriend feminisation programmes but those that were unable to cope or just wanted help, could send their men to her school and others that would be run by like-minded women. She thought that such additional schools would open over time. She added that she had a carefully selected board of directors that raised funds for her school and interviewed and selected the very few men who would enter the stud. Stud members needed to be varied in appearance to be attractive to all types of women but all would need to have large cocks, plenty of staying power and the capacity to perform several times a day, if they were to remain in this select stud. When a stud man became unable to meet the stud requirements, he would be castrated, feminised and turned into household servitude.

Men selected for the immediate feminisation programme would have the option of complete feminisation if they were pretty enough to pass as a girl. If not, they would be fully emasculated and returned to their wives in society to be used to perform the commercial and everyday duties of life as a house husband, from a new feminine perspective. Women would take all the leading roles in politics and business, with some feminised men being in middle-management or political roles

“Wow,” I said, “you have thought this through and have some really good ideas. Your implementation challenge must be massive though.”

She agreed, but added that she had already made a good start and hoped that her email call for support would grow geometrically as more and more like-minded women would pass it on to those in their own address books.

I took out my jewelled iPhone and checked the time. I had been absorbed with Helen for nearly three hours and would be going home to solo masturbation if I did not soon find the new trap I had come out to find. Most would already have been spirited away.

I lit a fresh ciggie and said, “I must go and find someone or my bed or it will be empty tonight.” As I was about to exhale, Helen clamped her mouth to mine and we enjoyed a smokey kiss together, my first ever truly lesbian adventure and it felt surprisingly nice. So, I continued to let it happen until the ciggie was all gone and the kissing had developed into cuddles and caresses that had turned us both on.

I looked deeply into her large almond shaped brown eyes and I knew that I must have her tonight. She had cute firm breasts bubbling out of a sweetheart shaped top to her extremely tight black bandage dress which was tucked amusingly under her ample buttocks. There was a visibly large gold zip that ran down the shaped back from the deep vee below the padded shoulders to the hem of the calf length midi-skirt. She was wearing heavy gold jewellery round her neck, wrists and as earrings.

Her luxuriant long blonde hair fell across her shoulders and framed a beautifully made up face, now sporting smudged lipstick from a tattoo outline. I smiled and moistened a tissue to wipe the mess from her face and took out my phone so I could use the camera to do the same for myself.

Even in her elegant strappy heels, Helen was a good foot shorter than me and only came up to my shoulder as we stood together. I looked down passionately into her eyes and said, “Come home with me darling, I want to ravage you.” “I want you to do that to you too,” she replied,” but I need to go back to the school. If you come with me instead, I can show you what I have achieved.”

I agreed like a flash and we walked off hand in hand with me looking like a tall shemale with a shorter girlfriend, both dressed as dominant glamorous females. I felt comfortable in this temporary drag queen role.

Chapter 4

We rode in convoy to her large and rambling country house that had previously been a private secondary school. Helen lived, appropriately, in the west wing. The east wing had been turned into the stud and the main house, between the wings, comprised the school classrooms and dormitories for those being converted.

Helen’s bedroom was large, femininely decorated and had a massive bed facing a floor to ceiling mirror. There was a sitting area and doors each side of the bed. One led to a large marble bathroom and the other to a dressing room with a dressing table, full length mirrors and an archway into a walk-in closet with shoe racks, hanging wardrobes and floor to ceiling draws for smaller items. It was all fabulous, and I was very jealous.

Helen finished showing me her suite and then sat at her dressing table fixing her makeup. Afterwards, she lit two ciggies, passed one to me and reclined on her chaise longue, looking very wanton and sexy.

I sat beside and facing her so that we could exchange smokey kisses. “Shall I call for some big stiffies from the stud?” Helen whispered. “No way,” I replied, “I want you all to myself and when I have given you some appetiser cums and drunk your juices I will fuck you rigid with my two-way vibrating cock.”

I pulled it out of my bag, opened the fly on my body suit, shoved my end in to my pussy and strapped it firmly on to my clittie before closing the zip so that the cock looked as if it was all mine.

I felt so powerful towering above my beautiful little girl with my big stiff cock sticking out and ready for action. No wonder men are so aggressive!

How should I play it? Her eyes were wide in anticipation. This was my first lesbian experience and I did not know the rules. Was it her first time as well? Did she like to be dominated or just romanced? I certainly looked the part for the former and she had encouraged me, looking like I did, to come home with her. I resolved to take charge of the situation.

“Strip off wench,” I said, “and show me how you masturbate when you cannot find a cock.”

Without a word, she stood before me, unzipped the back of her dress, top to bottom, and let it fall to the floor.

She had no underclothes on at all and had been nude, save for hold-up stockings. Sexy bitch, I thought. I wanted her so much. I had never felt turned on by a woman before. Perhaps it was my decision to parade as a dominant bitch that was rubbing off on me or perhaps it was just something that had always been latent inside me that required a willing beautiful woman to bring it out.

I pushed her backwards, onto the bed before me, and buried my head in her hairless pussy. It was sweet and dripping nectar. My whole body seemed to tingle with the thrill and anticipation of the joys to come. I drank heavily of her juices that flowed abundantly as I licked and sucked her lips and tantalised her clittie.

I gave her three wonderful cums before she said, “please fuck me with your magnificent stiff cock, I need you to fill me up and pound my clittie before I can be complete.”

This was no die-hard lesbian. This was a fully heterosexual woman who needed men but seemed to enjoy women as well. So, the school she had started was not there to persecute men. She was no lesbian man hater, she really did believe in just changing the role of men, not the elimination of them.

From my point of view, I would have preferred to have stripped off my dominating clothes and to have lay nude with her, cuddling and caressing her, but I needed to finish what I had started.

I turned her over and had her kneel on the edge of the bed so I could enter her from behind while being able to cup her beautiful breasts with my soft and delicate hands and tweak her nipples with my long nails.

I turned up the vibrators to maximum and began to thrust long and deep into her. “Hurt me,” she said, “fill me up with your big cock, pound my clittie and squeeze my nipples hard!” I did as she asked and as I pounded her the vibrations and the excitement of the situation built inside me too. If I could have squirted from my artificial cock, I would have done. Instead, my juices flowed down my legs and dropped onto the floor in abundance as I climaxed in a knee trembling convulsion that took her over the top at the same time.

I collapsed on top of her from the exertion but she pushed me away as she said my hard cone tits were digging into her back.

This gave me the excuse to strip off and now, with both of us nude, I joined her on the bed for cuddles and smoky after sex kisses.

“That was wonderful,” she said, “stay the night and I will show you the school tomorrow and see if it impresses you.”

We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Chapter 5

When I awoke, there were five beautiful traps scurrying around tidying up the discarded clothes and laying out breakfast on a table they had brought with them. The boy/girls were dressed as housemaids, but proper ones, not like fetish sissy French maids. They helped Helen and I to put on beautiful semi-transparent peignoirs over our nude bodies and sat us down for fruit juice, croissants and coffee. I could not take my eyes off Helen. She looked so ravishing with her perfect breasts and large erect nipples poking skywards from inside the nylon draping. Despite the frolics of the night before, her makeup was still exceptional, so it was clearly of a semi-permanent type. I asked her about that as we eat and she explained that she had experts at the school who used such techniques to ensure that students would permanently look like girls and could not leave the school and go back to a male life. It was so successful that she had decided to have it done to herself and now she can frolic in bed and only have to touch up her lipstick afterwards. 

After breakfast, the girls cleared away and brought in massage couches, stripped us both and applied perfumed oils all over our bodies. They then wheeled in a trolley of tanks and pipes and proceed to irrigate our bowels, vaginas and bladders to cleanse our insides so that all sexual possibilities would be germ free and we did not have to bother with sordid places like toilets. The evacuation made my stomach so flat that the procedure was visually beneficial as well.

One of the girls then asked if there would be anything else and Helen replied, “we would both like our morning cums now but send in Mandy and Clair to do it please.” The girls cleared away and two of the most beautiful TGs I have ever seen came in. Both had full silicone enhanced breasts bubbling out of low-fronted mini-dresses, perfect surgically improved faces and full round hips and bums. If I had a cock, it would immediately have sprung to attention.

We both lit ciggies and lay back on the bed, side by side, with our legs pulled up so that the TG’s angelic faces could bury themselves in our pussies. I wanted to kiss and caress my girl, Mandy, but judged that this would not be in order. So, I just lay there, smoking and enjoying the expert use of her tongue and the three cums that evolved from it. She then licked me clean and said “thank you Ma’am,” before departing without a further word.

The traps then returned to dress us. I had nothing but the clothes I had been wearing the night before. Helen said that they were most appropriate for a prospective teacher at the school, something that was news to me. She had the traps add a shiny latex academic gown, the girls took down my hair and put in a roll behind my head so I could wear on my head the compulsory mortar-board they gave to me. They then did my makeup in a very severe style which went well with the outfit.

Helen wore a powerful peplum style tight black suit with padded shoulders, black stockings and heels. She also wore a gown and mortar-board but in silk. She looked very like the head-mistress of a school for correction should look.

“It is almost eleven o’clock,” Helen said, “time for my morning rounds so, if you come with me, I will show you what we do here”

Chapter 6

We walked together down the school corridor opening some doors and sometimes going inside for a better understanding of what was going on. The first room was the permanent makeup room where we saw six booths with technicians doing piercing, makeup tattoos permanent nail extensions and eyelash extensions. Evidently, girls were also given a medical eyedrop to paint onto their lashes each day as it had a side effect of making natural lashes grow longer. Inmates’ skins were also treated with some stains that gave natural contour shading so that, after blending makeup had been applied, the face looked more sculptured. Helen added that candidates for full conversion were generally sent out for cosmetic surgery to ensure they were ravishing to look at.

The next room was for deportment in which girls were taught to walk talk and behave like ladies. There were even conversation classes which sometimes used mind control drugs that would help the more rebellious of them to adopt feminine thought patterns. Girls for full conversion were sent out for throat surgery to raise the pitch of their voices. 

There was a hair salon that did all the normal hairdressing things including extensions and transplanting, a library full of feminine books, stories and magazines, several classrooms where girls were taught all sorts of female things from baby care, sewing and hygiene through to dress sense and sexual prowess. All girls had to take high doses of hormones, but on a 28-day cycle, including 5 days off during which they had to wear sanitary towels. All the girls had to understand what it felt like to have a menstrual cycle including the mood swings and menstrual cleanliness.

Next was the correction room where wayward girls could be punished and corrected by pain, vibrator stimulating rewards and the use of drugs and surgery, when necessary. Helen told me that she had to castrate about 10% of the inmates and 5% of the studs. In the latter case, it was usually for having male homosexual relations in the stud, which just could not be tolerated. Once done, a few of the castrati then became in-house skivvies or gardeners or returned to their wives, for example, but others came into line and one was now a beautiful full girl who was living with a real woman who had delivered a beautiful baby girl for them, inseminated by one of the other men in the stud. This sounded like a smart solution and a great success.

If stud babies turned out to be male, they were immediately castrated so that they could never turn into aggressive males and the parents could enjoy the benefits of having the option of a subsequent full conversion or putting an unwanted drone into a work pool.

Next, we went to the east wing and into the stud. There was a central room where scantily dressed men were lounging about, reading and talking. At one side there was a sports bar where they could eat, drink and watch sports on TV. On the other, there was a gym for exercise and a series of anti-rooms, like small hotel suites, where girls could go to be entertained to drinks, dinner and afterwards in bed. Helen told me that all the men were milked once each day and the semen was frozen for use in artificial insemination or just to use in sex games. The studs were expected to be able to perform with women and TGs at least twice during the remainder of the day and night, if they were to retain their place in the stud.

I was enthralled and wanted to try out the facilities, but was told that they were not for the staff and we moved on to the various common rooms and dormitories.

There were evidently 100 girls boarding at the school, in various stages of transition. Helen added that she also took a few day girls for short periods. These were usually the partners of wives or girlfriends where the lady needed help in overcoming resistance with their men so that deep immersion into femininity, and stricter correction was required than could generally be applied at home. It seems that putting such men with others undergoing feminisation makes them more accepting, or even wanting, the inevitable.

The three dorms were similarly arranged but were very different in character. The beds were in a line, separated by dressing tables with stools and wardrobes were placed opposite. In the young traps’ dorm, there was an abundance of dolls and pink fluffy accoutrements which added a young feel to everything. In the full or partial she-male dorm, the atmosphere and decorations were more elegant and in the problem dorm things were less tidy and less feminine. At the end of each dorm there were a series of private bedrooms for the appointed prefects for the dorms. Helen summoned one from the problem dorm and dressed her down about its poor state of appearance. She told her to tell her prefect colleagues that if the dorm had not been improved by the next day, they would all lose her privileges. These included their private rooms, free use of all beauty facilities, the sexual favours of any of the girls they chose and, once a week, sex with a man from the stud, if that was something they desired. Some did not and preferred girls, despite the correction that took place during training. Those benefits would be quite a loss to any sexually active shemale and the threat would surely improve matters in that dorm.

Finally, we went to the three common rooms. These were something to behold. I have never seen so many cute traps in one place, flirting with each other, talking, painting their nails or just relaxing, reading and enjoying life. In the TG room, just like the dorm, the atmosphere was more elegant and grown-up but was largely the same as for the traps but was more sexually intense, with more smoking and drinking. The most visible difference, though, was that everyone there could have had a place on the cover of a fashion magazine and they all knew it and flaunted it to each other and to all visitors. These she-males would make many real girls jealous and would be well placed to steal husbands if they wanted to do so. They had perfect beauty and sexuality, as they had been designed to have. “These are the ruling class I am breeding for my new, female led, society,” Helen said. “They will take all the top jobs and use their beauty to rule the men that have not yet succumbed to feminisation.

The final common room was, again, a different matter. Some girls looked quite good and seemed to be trying hard to be feminine. Others were rebelling, even though some of them had been converted into quite good-looking women. Helen swished her way through the room with a whip and used it liberally. She then summoned one of the teachers and told her to give two of the problem men a good fucking with her big dildo. If they did not cum from the anal after all the training that they had been given, she was ordered to castrate them on the spot. For all other inmates in the room, the hormone dose was to be doubled and the mind training and hypnotism frequency would be increased to twice a day.

The two fellows in question were dragged off to the correction room and tied over frames that exposed their arses. The teacher fitted a milking machine to their breasts which also had a line to their penises. The penis line had a bottle cum catcher. She started the machine which began a fairly violent milking action to the nipples and penises while Helen and the teacher whipped their arses until they were burning red. Isn’t it funny that men’s penises get stiff when they are thrashed? They find this out when they are caned at school and that is why so many of them go to be beaten by dominant prostitutes, because their wives do not want to do it. Silly girls and even sillier wives!

“Would you like to fuck one of them?” Helen said to me, and I agreed with delight. I took my vibrator dildo out, unzipped and strapped it on. I looked for lubrication but Helen said “just spit on it, he is probably a lost cause.”

“Take that you bastard,” I said, “as I thrust into him. Now you know what it feels like for a girl when she is raped. Tell me what you want me to do to you,” I demanded.

“Go fuck yourself,” he replied.

“Stop,” Helen retorted, “I have had enough of this one. Castrate him.”

The teacher stopped her fucking of the other man and I pulled out of mine. A minute went by and the teacher returned with handcuffs and took him off to the medical wing. “The drone squad for him,” Helen said.

She picked up the dildo and thrust it into the other man who immediately said, “fuck me please mistress, make me cum,” and she did.

Chapter 7

Lunch in the refectory was something to behold. I sat beside Helen at the raised top table with the teachers in their gowns either side of us.

The girls on the tables below were dolled up to the nines in their best clothes as all women should be for a formal lunch. The prefects at the end of each table were responsible for ensuring the girls acted in the feminine manner they had been taught and were able to use short crops to punish girls who did not comply so that they would quickly correct any mistakes.

The food was terrible and there was not much of it either. Helen explained that this was deliberate as all the girls were permanently on diets so that the only weight they could gain would be surgically added to their bust, hips and bums. By making the food terrible, girls were not tempted to eat too much and the security staff prevented any food smuggling into the school under the threat of being turned into a drone.

After lunch, we went back to Helen’s apartment. She summoned two studs to give us an after-lunch fuck. We stripped and donned our peignoirs but kept our heels on, or in my case, my boots.

Two muscular well-hung guys arrived, one black and one white. “Can I have the black one,” I said, “he is massive?”

“We can both have them both,” Helen replied.

I fell to my knees ready to suck the magnificent member in front of me but Helen pulled me back to my feet. “Only sissies need to be subservient to cock. That is part of their training,” Helen said, “We are the ruling class. These men are grateful for being able to pleasure a real woman and we only allow them to do it by our own good grace. They will lick you and caress you for the chance of being able to drink your juices and they will not cum until you have had sufficient orgasms and tell them you are ready to take their seed to increase the intensity of your final climax.”

She was right. By the time I gave my man permission to enter me, I had enjoyed five appetiser cums. I had two more g-spot cums and then was ready for my ultimate climax. “Fuck me hard and deep now,” I said, “give me your seed and make me complete.” He fucked and fucked until I could almost stand it no longer. I called out, “now, you bastard, give it to me now!”

He thrust and jerked and his cock pumped what seemed like gallons of semen into me and then pulled out saying,” Did I please you Ma’am?”

I had never been fucked so well nor enjoyed it so much. Helen’s training certainly seemed to be working well.

I had taken longer to finish than Helen who, in the interim, had summoned some traps to clean up the cocks and then to clean up our pussies. Mine was so cute that I wanted to take her home with me, and Helen agreed that I could do so for one night, but only on the condition that I joined her at the school as a permanent new mistress. How could I refuse?

Following afternoon tea and a good fucking by the white guy, I left for home with my new trap girlfriend in tow, to start an exciting new job and lifestyle the very next day! I think I am going to have some cosmetic work done by the school, so I am no less beautiful than the girls I am just about to teach.

Chapter 8

For my first day at the school I chose not to wear trousers. My trap helped me to dress and to choose the clothes. As I felt that my pussy should be available, just in case I needed to use it, I put on a black bullet bra under a sheer black top with a high wing collar and padded shoulders. With it I wore a skin tight leather skirt and no panties. I joined the top to the bottom with a 10-inch-wide elastic belt which emphasised my tiny waist. The belt has a large jewelled clasp at the front that sort of matches the jewels on my highest black stilettos and a pin I attach to my neck corset. The latter looked good in the open neck of the top and made me look very strict. I spent half an hour brushing every last wisp of my luxuriant black hair upwards and lacquering it to my scalp before using a false hair piece to add even more height to the style. To go through the doorway while wearing my heels, which I guess is 6 feet 6 inches high, I had to stoop slightly. With perfect makeup and long red nails, I felt powerful enough to take on any of the reprobates Helen was likely to throw my way, as well as any pussies or cocks that I might get an opportunity to sample.

We arrived on the dot of eight o’clock, as requested, but was disappointed to learn that Helen never appeared before her eleven o’clock rounds.

The lovely trap maid that opened the door seemed to be expecting me and showed me straight to the staff common room, curtseying every time she introduced me to those of the mistresses who were there, most of whom were finishing their breakfasts. Then my trap scurried off to her lessons.

I had not appreciated that this was to be a live-in, 24 hour a day job. I needed to talk to Helen about the practicalities of that.

Lola, one of the mistresses, told me that she would mentor me for the day, as I was to take over from her as mistress of a class that did mental realignment and anal orgasm training. A principal objective was to train the sexual minds of the new girls to be cock-loving and bisexual. A parallel objective was to teach all the scholars how to have anal orgasms without touching their cocks, particularly as their cocks would soon, if not already, be rendered useless by the hormones. What a challenge! Lola said that they used smoking addiction and the link between smoking and sex to help them as well as other mind-bending drugs and electro-therapy.

We went together to her classroom. All the girls stood, curtsied and said good morning Ma’am as she entered. She introduced me as the new mistress to silent amazement as I was a complete unknown, so no one knew how strict I would be.

Lola explained that the girls had already been classified into their potential long-term roles and wore neck collars with a ring to attach a lead, when required. These collars were colour coded. Black was for complete conversion; pink was for teen traps and white was for undecided or likely to be drones.

All the girls wore short skirts and no knickers. Every desk had a PC and Lola told the class to put their g-spot vibrators in their arses, to sit, light a long white ciggie and smoke it while watching training hypnos, 3 for blacks, 4 for whites and 5 for pinks.

We then walked round the class correcting their smoking style and caning any that touched their cocks. I noticed that some of the girls already wore cock cages while others did not need them, as the hormones had already made their cocks small and useless. However, there were a few very large cocks awaiting cages. One of the newer girls had an erection from the visual stimulus on the PC so Lola applied an ice pack to it and fitted a cute plastic cage to match the collar. It was about half the size of the cock before it had been frozen and would be terribly uncomfortable when the ice had worn off. “That’s you fixed,” she said with a smirk.

I looked at one of the videos. It showed a beautiful girl smoking between pictures of the most magnificent cocks I had ever seen. The men were being wanked by long nailed hands until the cum squirted. Every time the cock squirted, the vibrators in the students’ bums hummed to provide pleasure. It then moved onto the next cock and so on for half an hour.

As the videos ended, Lola told the class to move on to the next in the catalogue but, before doing so, the girls needed to apply to their cocks and balls, the electrical connections each had at their desks.

All the videos showed various forms of TGs in anal situations. If the scholar’s cocks became stiff, they received an electric shock. If their eyes strayed away from the desired action to look at any other aspect of the picture, they received a corrective shock. For instance, a picture with the caption “This is a beautiful cock” flashed up along with a girl masturbating a juicy pussy in the corner. If the eyes moved to the girl, a shock was administered but, while they watched the anal action, the vibrators hummed pleasurably.

In the final video there were a series of stills of girls, alternated with men. Each time the student looked at a woman they could look only at her eyes and face. If they looked at her breasts or pussy, they received a shock. They had to press the next button on the computer within a second to discard such a picture of the woman or receive a second shock. When a man came on, they got a shock if they looked at any part of him before looking at his cock. If after five seconds they pressed “like,” they were asked to explore the picture while the vibrator purred. They were then asked to say what they liked about the man and this information was stored as part of their profile.

When all the videos had been run, Lola announced, “After sex ciggies for everyone now, before we move on to anal training.”

The girls then moved to the back of the room with their personal vibrators and, five at a time, used the available couches provided to have anal orgasms while the others watched. Those that did not immediately light up a “having sex ciggie,” or did not cum easily, were whipped and were then sent to the back of the queue so that they could watch how more experienced girls did it.

We broke for morning coffee and Helen came in to see how I had been getting on. As part of my learning process, she said that she wanted me to join her while she interviewed a potential new day girl and her wife. The wife had been having trouble with her DIY conversion.

I went to kiss Helen and she pushed me away telling me that she could not fraternise with staff.

Helen was wearing another of her black power suits with patent court heels and was smoking using a long cigarette holder, when the girls came in. The wife was not bad looking but could certainly have improved on her makeup and dress sense. The other “thing” looked like a no-hoper. She was a proper sissy type in a silly frilly dress, baby jane shoes and a nappy and dummy

“This will not do at all,” Helen said to the sissy. “Strip off completely and let me look at you.” The wife started to help sissy and received a sharp cut from Helen’s crop.

When sissy was nude, we observed her handsome large cock standing up like a lighthouse, no visible titties and a largely unshaven body.

Without any warning Helen swiped her crop across sissy’s cock with tremendous force, then gave sissy a cold bag to hold over the throbbing and now useless appendage. Sissy was whimpering with pain and his wife was horrified but silent. Helen pressed a bell and two mistresses entered with syringes containing high doses of hormones and mind-bending drugs. These were emptied into sissy’s arse cheeks as he bent forward to protect his cock, still covered with the ice pack.

“This one is going to be a challenge,” Helen said to the wife. “I will only take him on if I have total freedom to do whatever is necessary, starting with immediate chemical castration as part of his hormone regime.”

The wife was crying but nodded slowly. She told us that her man had always liked feminine things but had a baby fetish which she hated. The more that she encouraged his feminine ways, the more he had regressed into babyhood, but wanted to maintain his manly shape and persona. Sex between them had ceased as she hated the way he looked and did not want to do the things he demanded. He now relieved himself or asked her to masturbate him, which he demanded morning and night. She had to catch the cum and put it with his milk into his feeding bottle. Evidently, he wanted his wife to take drugs so that she would produce her own milk so that she could feed him from her breasts.

“I need to go now,” Helen said, “so you take wifey to the stud and let her enjoy her first day of sexual freedom before she goes home to start her new life.

She did not say anything about what I should or could not do so I felt that I had total freedom to enjoy myself as well.

Chapter 9

Thinking largely of my own potential enjoyment and what I might do with wifey, I took her first to the makeup room and had the girls give her the works including tattooed brows, lip lines and eyelines, false lashes and long nails plus ear tongue and navel piercings. We then went to the salon and had her hair bleached and styled. When it had all been done, she looked like a fuckable bimbo in bag-lady clothes, but it had enhanced the beauty she had been hiding for many years.

She told me she thought that she looked like a tart. I explained that men would love her looks and they would all have instant erections. She needed to think about her future sex life and the new role her husband would have with her as she led her family in to the future. She had to have more sexual beauty and appetite than the returning shemale husband, if she were to retain her dominant role.

I borrowed a corset, stockings and heels for her to wear and took her to the stud, dressed in just those items.

The new look was working as all the cocks in the room jumped to attention. “You see, I was right,” I said, “they all want you.” She smiled with delight.

I told her to choose her man and she selected a white guy with a cut cock that was so stiff that it was standing firmly against his stomach. “His cock looks so firm and strong,” she said,” I have never seen, let alone sampled, such a magnificent thing.”

We went to a private room and I laid her down and began eating her pussy to get her wet and wanton. At first, she resisted me and said she was not a lesbian but, eventually, she relaxed as the juices flowed. I pulled back for a ciggie and told her man to give her as many cums as he could before he orgasmed.” Yes Ma’am,” he said as he entered her. It was such a sexy sight, I plonked myself in a chair facing them with my legs open wide and started to play with myself while smoking and watching.

I started talking dirty to them, saying what they were doing and what I was doing to myself and how it felt. It seemed to be working. Wifey started to moan and hold her man more tightly, then to kiss him deeply. His long deep slow strokes began to quicken and wifey screamed as she orgasmed.

“Keep going,” I ordered, and the man continued. “Faster,” wifey said and I said “No.” He obeyed me so she thrust upward in a frantic way and squirmed around until she orgasmed again.

“Now, big boy,” I said and he quickened his pace and banged into her with great force, smashing into her clittie with his pelvic bone until she jerked and screamed into a wonderful convulsing orgasm as he filled her with his creamy spunk.

As he pulled out, I took hold of his cock and sucked him clean before doing the same for wifey, but could not get her to orgasm again. I will need to get my tongue pierced, I thought if I am to be the sex goddess I want to be.

I gave wifey a ciggie and told her to do what I had been doing while I got the stud to fuck me. I was dripping wet but he was, understandably, just half hard. “Let me help,” she said and grabbed his cock and began to suck it back to life. “I have never sucked a cock before,” she said but she seemed to know instinctively what to do and was enjoying the new experience and the benefits of her new piercing.

When he was re-fortified, she said, “I have never smoked before either,” but lit up and started to frig her still wet pussy.

“Watch her,” I said to the stud as I spun round so that he could do so when he had entered me.

“You do not have to curb yourself for me,” I said, “just fuck me hard and fast and shoot your load as quickly as you can. I just need to be fucked and full of your seed. I will just come when I feel you shoot as I am on fire”

He did as he was told and I had one toe curling cum that set me up for the rest of the day.

I dismissed the stud and wifey and I enjoyed an after sex ciggie together in each other’s arms.

I ordered some food for us and we lay together, kissing and caressing, until it got dark outside. I, then, took her back to my room for the night.

Chapter 10

Even while we were going there, wifey was all over me, all of the time and it was delightful. However, I wanted more to finish my day on a high. I went to the trap dorm and invited two girls to join us. The girls were nervous about doing so as it was not allowed, but came because a mistress had ordered them to do so. They were exquisite with angelic faces, beautiful nubile breasts and tiny limp cockettes. I explained to wifey about sissy-gasms, as she would have to deal with that when her husband came home after his conversion. She seemed to be excited by the thought and was delighted about the girls’ enthusiasm for sex. Also, she already seemed to have become a smoker and kept delving into my pack and lighting-up.

One of the traps helped wifey to touch up her make-up and showed her some of the tricks of the trade. Wifey, then wanted to explore the traps’ bodies. She examined and touched everywhere but kept fondling their tits and trying unsuccessfully to rub and suck their cockettes into life. She failed at the latter but did make the nubile nipples stand up like top hats, much to her delight.

I let wifey borrow my double ended dildo, which she used with great effect on one trap and enjoyed a cum herself while I relieved myself by peeing in the mouth of the other trap. Wifey thought that potty peeing was a great turn on and followed me on the same potty trap.

I concluded that I had unleashed the sex-pot hidden inside wifey and that she would never be the same ordinary woman again.

She could not stop talking about the traps’ flaping orgasms which flicked cum all over her and the rest of the room. She wanted to know if I were to use the dildo on wifey’s bum, whether she could have an orgasm too, even if she had nothing to flap. I explained that some girls could do so but most could not unless the dildo was in their pussy. I let one of the traps use it on her pussy and she had a wonderful cum after which the four of us slept together in my big bed.

Chapter 11

The next morning, my door flew open and, still with bleary eyes, I was confronted by a furious Helen. “What the hell do you think you have been doing? This is no way for a mistress in my school to behave. You have responsibilities to me, to the cause and to the school, and you have been using this school for your own sexual gratification not to pursue the cause! You are sacked. Get out right now!” she said.

“But,” I responded, but it was too late; she had gone.

I said goodbye to the traps who scurried off to their classes and turned to wifey who said to me, “This is all my fault, what can I do to make amends.”

“Nothing,” I replied, as I put my arms around her and kissed her. She melted into me and returned my kiss. Perhaps we both have some lesbian tendencies, I thought. “Come home and live with me as my bisexual girlfriend,” I said, “and we can enjoy your new sexual freedom together. We can have men, women and TGs, but most of all, we can have each other. What do you think? We can both become hot wives and sexy bitches. When your husband comes home, we can be three girls together, with him doing all the work!”

“That sounds like fun,” she said. We packed up everything and left for our new life together.

The End


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