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The Guiding Hand

by Andy Latex

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© Copyright 2012 - Andy Latex - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; solo-m; leather; latex; panties; tease; desire; cd; first; caught; cons/reluct; X

For Connor, xx

“Another coffee, young man?” The waitress smiled hovering close with the jug.

“Um no thank you”, the youth smiled. “I’m fine”.

The longer it went on the more of a fool he felt. He had been sitting at the same seat for the past hour gazing out of the window or to the door of the café whenever the tiny bell rang out. But still the smiling face he had longed to see did not appear.

No it was beginning to get to that embarrassing stage.

The only thing that had raised his spirits was when the lady in the plum red satin Mac entered. The sight of her made his stomach flutter. Tall ,slim and immaculate in every detail from her red/brown hair, to the tips of her smoothly polished plum red nails, she was the epitome of the sort of older woman who had always filled his youthful imagination. From one of his college tutors, Ms Cole right up to and including the TV presenter Carol Vorderman, who at 50 was, not to put to fine a point on it, old enough to be his Grandmother. (All be it a young and sexy one) Older women had always held him in their grasp.

However not even she could distract him from the real treat that he had looked forward to for so long.

It had been the invitation Andy had been waiting for, to stay for a few weeks with his new girlfriend Kelly at her Aunts town house in London. He had not spent any real time alone with her since he met her at college, she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, long red hair, that framed a sweetly child like face with big blue eyes and full pink lips. It was a beauty complimented by her slim and athletic, figure, with long legs and a blossoming full bust.

In fact he could hardly believe she would be attracted to him, after all she could have had the pick of any of the more “rugged” boys in college, the football and sporty types. Many had asked her out yet still she insisted she preferred the gentler more sensitive kind of boy and that he was, besides there was no way his slim frame could be called “rugged”.

He looked once more at his watch. She had said 11, meet me at the café on Kingston road at 11. That was what she had said. His watch read 12.30.

At that moment the bell rang and once more he looked up with eager eyes to the door. The 2 work men entered and sat by the far wall. Again Andy's eyes lowered and, as they had done since she had entered, briefly and secretly drifted over the legs of the lady in the plum Mac. For a moment his mind raced, as he realised the Mac had slipped upwards slightly, to reveal even more of her darkly stockinged legs. Whoever it was not the impossibly long silken legs which held his gaze, but for some strange reason, it was the smooth and sleek plum red high heels that cradled her feet.

He gazed thoughtlessly at them for a long moment before realising and snatching his eyes away. However there was something powerful in them that drew his eyes once more to their oddly sensual form. Was it their shape, plain and classic. Was it the colour, plum red with brilliant red soles, or the deep liquid shine, which reflected the light, that made them so captivating. No was it the heels. Andy had never seen such tall slim heels, they were like the sleekest of daggers, smooth and sharp. Weapons with which to pierce a victims resistance.

For a brief moment Andy's heart rose as the door opened and a young woman entered, for a second she looked at him, before waving to the girls behind. He looked down once more at his watch, 12.43.

The glance at his watch once more led his eyes idly lower to the womans heels, her foot had turned and now they seamed to point straight at him, one planted to the floor while the other hung from her crossed leg. The heels glistened in the light and again his young mind tried to imagine how she could walk so elegantly on them.

“They are Louboutin Rolandos’”.

For a moment Andy did not realise the low rich and cultured voice was addressing him, but slowly it dawned on him and with a nervous tremble raise his eyes to the lady in the plum Mac. She did not smile. Instead her exquisitely made up eyes narrowed and looked him up and down.

“I….I am sorry?”. Andy stammered with embarrassment.

“The shoes”, she purred coolly “they are louboutin, you seemed…… interested in them”.

“Um…..N…no I was just”, Andys head filed with words, all of them wrong, “I was just….”.

“Staring”. She added. Her wet, plum red lips curling into a smile, “Staring at my heels”.

“I am sorry, I did not mean to……I I am waiting for my girlfriend….She…we, that is, I….”.

The woman raised a polished fingertip. Cutting him off. She paused….“Andrew?” The young man stopped and stared. “Ye….yes?”.

Suddenly the woman’s face softened, her eyes deep and green widened, “Oh my darling, it is so lovely to meet you”. Andy’s dumb expression must have said all about his confusion, “My name is Jane…Jane Fullerton-Jones”

Instantly Andy’s heart leapt to his throat as he realised the stunning woman sitting before him was Kelly’s Aunt. “Lady Fullerton-Jones?”

“Oh darling it is lovely to meet you”, she said, rising from her seat and elegantly slipping beside him, her hands on his in greeting, as her lips brushed his cheek. “I have waited so long. Kelly was right you are lovely, oh! and it’s Aunt Jane”.


“Call me Aunt Jane darling, the title is so boring, lady this, lady that”.

For a moment the young man was washed away on the tide of the womans beauty and exuberance, then with a smile said, “Hello…Aunt Jane”.

“Wonderful”, the elegant lady purred in her clear and cultured voice, “Wonderful. Just think we have been sitting opposite each other for almost half an hour, isn’t that silly”.

“I did not realise…..Kelly said she would be here at 11”.

Instantly the womans beautiful eyes dimmed slightly. “Oh dear”, she sighed, “That is why I am here”.

Andy lent forward, “She’s all right isn’t she?”

“Oh yes, yes she is fine”, Jane said, patting his hand, “But I am sorry to say she will not be able to join us, this week”.

Andrews face dropped, “But?”

“She received her….what do you call them?…. Mandatory…”

“Mandatory grade level results”.

“That’s them, well she appears to be way off what she needs and has to stay on”.

Andy shook his head, “But she can catch up, we have a 4 week grace before final grading”.

“I am afraid it is not up to her Andrew dear. Her mother and father insist she stay on. But I think that was just an excuse”.

Shaking his head, the young man slumped back in his seat, his dream holiday in ruins. “What do you mean, excuse……. you mean, not to let her see me?”.

“Oh no”, Jane said, once more placing her hand on his, “No no, they would have no problem there. No there problem is, I am afraid, with me”.

“But why? You’re gorge… lov… um great, I mean you’re really nice”.

Jane smiled at his clumsy compliment. “You are sweet. No sadly Kelly's mother and father think I led Kelly astray. They had plans and ideas, but i….. i encouraged her to follow her feeling and dreams and …… well we will leave it at that. I mean it is not as if she has turned out too bad is it”.

Andy laughed, “She is wonderful”.

“Quite right”, Jane raised the remains of her coffee in toast. “Quite right”.

For a moment there followed a pause, a drifting uncertain silence, before Andy spoke again. “Well, I guess I will be making a move”.

Jane, placed her cup down and looked at him in confusion. “Why?”.

“If I move now I can get the train at 3, back to…”

Jane cut him off, “Oh no you are not, you my dear boy are coming with me”.

“But Kelly….. I mean if she, is not coming?”.

“Darling boy, I have been looking forward to meeting you for such a very long time and I am not having Kelly's mother and father ruin that as well”. Her words were sharp, strong and surprisingly loud and for a second Andy felt nervous, but then the beautiful face before him brightened and Jane burst into a heartfelt giggle, “Oh my”, she smiled, “Do forgive me that came out rather loud”.

Andy, that moment of shock passing swiftly, giggled and looked about, adding “It’s OK I don’t think the table in the far corner heard you”.

Again Janes face beamed her delight, “So Andrew Watson of Aldean college, you, my darling boy, are coming home with me and we are going to have fun”.

And with that her hand enfolded his and Andy's face broke into a brilliant smile.


And so they spent the first weekend together, and it was as if he had spent many before that, they got on so well. She took him into town, shopping and then to a museum, all the things she would have done with both he and Kelly. It was clear his host was a very tactile lady, taking any opportunity to come into contact with him, whether by slipping an arm about his waist, gently brushing a hair from his cheek or much to his surprise and quiet delight playfully patting his bottom. Each action though was accompanied by that wide warm smile. In fact it took just a few hours, of that first day and he was hopelessly infatuated by her.

Then in the evening she took him out to supper. This was a little embarrassing, as he had not really the smartest of suits to wear for the expensive restaurant she chose. Not that that stopped his delightful hostess, from complimenting him all evening on his polished well groomed appearance,

"So many, boys these day are all grungy and trampy", she had said, once more patting his hand softly. “no pride in there appearance. But you look really good in your suit Andrew”,

"Th..thank you Lady Fullerton- Jones, but I think he mean, Grungy, ", he giggled. Blushing under the gaze from her green eyes

"Oh do i?” she smiled, "Oh what ever they say, you are not it. In fact my dear I would say you are perfect. Perfectly sweet and charming and every bit as delightful as Kelly said you were ",

Andy suddenly felt his temperature rise as, gently, Jane raised his hand in hers and softly kissed his fingertips.

“Just perfect”. Her eyes held his.


For most of the next day, Lady Fullerton was busy in her private studio and Andy was given the freedom to roam the large house and its garden. She insisted he use the pool and as he lay on his back watching the planes drift silently through the blue sky, he, on more than one occasion, glimpsed her looking out at him from the top floor window. Not that he minded after all it was her house.

Then later after a simple supper they sat and chatted, he told her how he met Kelly and all about his life at college and outside. He told her he was studying art and that he enjoyed it very much, saying he was hoping to find a job within the film and media industries. This delighted his host and she explained she too had taken an art degree and for some time he just listened to her as she told him all about her bridal wear business.

Yes Andy listened and stared, for even then dressed in just a simple pair of pale denim jeans, and a soft pink blouse she was still breathlessly beautiful, for despite her informal dress her face was still a masterpiece of immaculate make up. Pinks and blues now to compliment her outfit, colours which gave her clearly mature features a sexy, even child, like glow.

She was such a good host, very attentive and talkative, a smile never far from her pink lips and a hand never far from his, he was made to feel totally welcome, as indeed he was. Indeed it was this tactile open friendliness which by the end of that first weekend had all but melted his natural shyness away yet he had no idea it had set him on a path he had never imagined..


He had awaken long before the smell of bacon reached him from the kitchen. He lay listening to his stunning host moving about, with the image of her beautiful face and figure burnt into her mind and idly his hand drifted beneath the sheet to rest on his already excited boy hood. Those glossy lips, those sparkling eyes, those long, long legs, that naughty smile and that soft kiss on his fingertips Oh that kiss!. He can not imagine a more beautiful or sexy woman.

“Andrew darling are you awake”, her low, warm voice awakened him from his day dreams and his eyes drifted to the door, around which her beautifully made up face peaked, “Ah good morning darling I hope you slept well”.

“Y..yes lady Jane I did thank you”. He replied politely, nervously drawing his hand away.

“Good, I have made you some breakfast, so come along we have a busy day… oh I’ll just get the curtains”.

He was about to tell her not to bother but the instant she entered the room his voice became lost in his throat. She was wearing a shimmering white blouse, highlighted by black rings about the cuffs and the tightest and shiniest pair of black leather pants imaginable. He watched her move, the glossy material moulded to every contour of her superb legs down to where they straightened out, just below the knee. It was a sight he would never forget and when she bent to collect a discarded sock, the sight of those beautiful buttocks moulded into twin glossy globes robbed him of his breath as well.

“Wake up darling", he jumped, as she gives her bottom a playful wiggle. Oh no! He had been staring!!!, he felt the colour rush to his face,

"Oh I'm.. oh please.. I did not", he stammered.

She smiled. "Don't worry darling, I'll take it as a compliment” she said turning back to him “.....if it is one of course?"

"Oh yes very nice, very...." Again he blushed at his over eagerness, "I mean Yes, sorry".

"You are very sweet, and please call me Auntie Jane", he nodded and smiled “and now my darling Andrew, come along we have lots to do”.

For a moment he just sat and bathed in her lingering perfume, but soon he was dressed and trying his hardest not to stare as she glided atop her high heels about the spacious kitchen. The phone to her ear.

"Darling, I really am so very sorry” she said sitting back before him, crossing her leather clad thighs so the tip of one black toes rested on his leg. “I have been called out until lunch time, silly businesses and all that, so help yourself to lunch and make yourself at home oh and if you want to go out there is a spare key in the second draw of my bedside case...."

“That’s Ok La.. sorry auntie Jane, I’ll be fine, if you don’t mind I’ll have a swim and watch a film?”, he said.

“Of course you may, Oh thank you darling, you are so lovely”, she purrs and with that placed her lips to his cheek. “I’ll miss you. Now I’ll have to change, so I will see you later”.

And so, after watching his now be-suited hostess slip into her scarlet car and disappear out of sight, he first, took a tour of the garden and house, then lay in the warm pool for a hour as the warm morning sun beat down, before finally marvelling at the huge home cinema set up and collection of films.

But soon he decided to pop into the town to the great record stores and was nearly out the door when he remembered the key, so back up to Lady Fullerton-Jones room he went and there he stopped.... dead.

Laying on the dressing table was the outfit she had been wearing not 3 hours before, the black leather pants and that shimmery white blouse, he stared at them....and something drew him closer. He could not resist picking the pants up, they were so smooth and soft and shiny....... Then without thought and on some unknown impulse he stripped to his briefs, then just as quick he stopped, astonished at what had come over him. He was actually going to put them on!!.. but why?… these did not belong to him.... apart from the main point that these was female clothes..... But he could not help but wonder what they must feel like. Quickly, his head spinning with embarrassment and fear, he pulled on his clothes and with trembling hands replaced Janes, as best he could, so as not to give himself away.


He returned to the house at 5pm that evening, at one point he had contemplated going back to college, but that might have caused more bother and besides it was only a silly bit of fun, no one was hurt. However when he entered he was in for a shock. It was not that that Lady Jane was upset, no she greeted him with a smile and a kiss, nor was it that, seated at the breakfast table, sipping coffee was a gorgeous woman dressed in a stylish crimson skirt suit. No the shock was that once again his stunning host was squeezed into those leather pants.

She saw him blush and after a moment introduced the visitor as her good friend and neighbour Jennifer Keely, She was about Lady Jane’s age, with crisp blonde hair, darkly lashed blue eyes and glossy plum lips which seamed to curl into a secret smile when she saw him, slowly she uncrossed her legs and rising atop rapier like heels stepped closer and offered her hand,

“Go…..good evening, Ms Keeley”, the nervous boy said

“Hello Andy, it is so nice to meet you, Jane has told me all about her delightful guest and please call me Auntie Jennifer, just as Kelly does”.

For a moment Andy felt, uncertain but then as her face broke into a wide smile he felt the same warmth as he had the first time he met Jane and in no time all three were sitting, drinking tea and he was telling her all about his day and how Lady Jane had made him so welcome, like one of the family and that he was enjoying his stay very much. In fact Jennifer was so attentive and interested in everything he had to say, from college to how he met Kelly, that he was rather sad when she set down her cup and said she had to leave.

She stood and took his hand, her immaculately manicured fingers folding about his in a soft embrace.

“It has been so nice meeting you Andrew”. She lent close and kissed him on the cheek, Andy felt himself flush, “ and I am sure we will meet again soon”,

“I..I look forward to it Ms….. sorry Auntie Jennifer”.

She smiled and brushed his cheek with one long red nail, “So do I my dear……so do I”.

The young man trembled and as he watched her leave, sat back in the seat. “WOW”

Wow indeed, but Jennifer Keeley would not the last of Janes friends he would meet .


The next morning, after breakfast, together, her host invited him to relax whilst she took a long morning bath. He was just skipping tv channels when he heard her call.

"Andrew darling, be a dear and bring my Estee box from my room".

His heart did not know what to do, skip or stop. He really did not want to go back into her room, but peaking timidly through the open door, and seeing no sign of pants or blouse, he slipped in. The box was on the chest and in no time he was offering it round the bathroom door.

"Its all right darling, you can come in, I'm all bubbles" and she was, up to her chin. "Thank you dear, oh I’ll be about half an hour yet so could he just slip my night gown back into my room, please?", she motioned to the bright red shift on the dresser, his heart found a new beat. Not wanting to draw any suspicion he whipped it up, the satin rippled and folded about his hand, "Thank you darling see you in half an hour".

He stared at the nightdress, laying where he had placed it, the morning sunlight sparkling on its shiny surface

“Half an hour”, He thought. “There’s time”.


“why not?...because she is in the next room?, or because it is wrong?”

“Both”, Andrews head span, as he fought to control this strange desire.

“But why not?”

“It is a night gown…a dress!”

“Then why do you want to?”

“I don’t. I don’t”

He never found the answer and in moments the fine silk was flowing down his naked body in a shiver of cool satin. He panted, it was like being swallowed by some sensual insect, slippery and smooth, yet as the boy struggled to come to terms with all the new sensations filling his body, one important fact escaped him….. The nightdress fitted him perfectly

"Andrew darling", he jumped

"Ye....yes Lady F....Auntie Jane", with panicking fingers he struggled from the shimmering nightdress, fumbling it out on the bed as if he had merely discarded it without a second glance, before quickly falling back into her pants and t shirt. “Y..yes hello”.

“Andrew Darling I’m having such a nice time I shall be another half hour”.

He slumped against the wall, sweat on his brow, “O.. Ok”, with his heart racing with relief and shame, he turned from the bathroom door, but try as he might, as he passed the open bedroom door, he couldn’t resist another glance at that shimmering red nightdress…..But why?.


It took two days for the near horror of the nightdress to pass, but in Janes company it soon drifted from his mind. His host took great pleasure in showing him the sights of London. She took him to a play and bought him gifts and spent far to much money on him, he said she was to generous, but she just smiled, “Don’t be silly darling I like you very much, you are perfectly sweet”. She said kissing him on the cheek.

He like her very much too. However temptation was not far away.

After leaving him to browse a record store for an hour she returned carrying a small labeless bag, its surface a deep glossy red, “Oh darling I’m sorry ..” she said, “…phone call, office…oh you know. Now I’ll meet you after lunch, at 1, sorry sweetheart. Now, please be a dear and drop this home”. she offered him the bag.

“Sure no problem”, he replied lightly.

“It’s a special little treat for myself, so no peaking”, she smiled.

He felt himself tremble at the implication.

“Help yourself to lunch and then the afternoon is all ours and if everything goes to plan, I promise, it will be one to remember”.


He did not mean to lie… indeed he placed the bag in her room and walked away….but he know he would return… he know he would return, because the lunch he made tasted of nothing and was gone in a trice….

He sat for a long time, just looking at the glossy bag, even this was mysterious and told him there was something special inside.

“But special for her, not Me”

“Only a peak. it won’t hurt”.

Nervously he opened the bag, inside, the contents were wrapped in pink tissue.

“Walk away, watch a film”, He told himself.

“But why, why when there is this.. bag”

“So it could be anything, gloves jewellery a set of handkerchiefs” .

“But what is special about that? She said it was special”.

Tentatively he slipped a trembling hand inside, before quickly snatching it out again, he was shocked for what ever it was in the bag it was made of something slippery. Gathering himself he gently drew the contents out and without another thought drew the first layer of tissue away.

“OH!.. ….My ….goodness”, he thought.

He didn’t recall laying them out but soon he was looking down at a pair of very sexy ladies panties fashioned from fine shimmering silk and trimmed with fine french lace, his fingers drifted over them, they felt so nice. He then looked back to the bag and drew out the second tissue wrapped secret. Tentatively so as not to tear it he drew the rustling paper aside. This time he gasped aloud.

Yes, as before, they were panties and, yes they too were sexy and feminine but this time, they did not have the shimmer of silk or satin this time the delicate garment seemed to glisten, almost as if they were made of some rich liquid. It was then as he gazed at them the aroma, freed by the unfolding tissue paper, reach his nose, he breathed and as he did, his eyes widened on the items laid out before him. His heart tripped.

They were rubber!

Andy just stared, His heart pounding, he had never seen anything like it, he just stared or rather that was all he should have done, for then he reached out and stroked the glossy liquid like surface. Andy’s heart raced and In that moment is fate was to be sealed.

This was wrong it could not be more wrong and he knew it.

Then why was it that moments later, his hands were running across buttocks moulded in gleaming rubber. His fingers soft and nervous skimmed over the smooth material which fitted so tightly and smoothly across and between his buttocks.

Was it wrong?

It did not matter, for he was lost in the reflection in the mirror. He turned and stretched, feeling the rubber tighten seeking out the valley between his buttocks His hands smoothed over there surface as if they had become, dewy cherries, juicy and ripe.

However he had failed to notice one vital thing. The panties fitted him perfectly.

Silly boy……TICK….TOCK…time passed lost in his dream of turning and stretching….TICK…TOCK …silly boy, he knew nothing else but this new strange sensation, that hugged and held him…..TICK….TOCK….Silly boy

“Andrew darling”

Andy gasp, his heart stopped, his body froze.

Lady Jane was home!!!,

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