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The Guiding Hand4: The Sunny Seats

by Andy Latex

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© Copyright 2012 - Andy Latex - Used by permission

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Continued from part three

Part 4: The Sunny Seats.

The next 5 days are a disaster, leaving poor Andy unable to concentrate, sleep or eat. His head and body so full of wild emotions they took up his every waking hour. He can’t believe she expected him to just surrender to her once more, “i will collect you”, what was he a piece of luggage she can pick up any time, to take back to her house. No way…no way?….. Then why did that knot in his stomach not taste of fear, nor sicken like dread… was more like……like Christmas eve….No, no, it was fear and dread he told himself, it must be, it could be nothing else. Could it?.

Then on the next Friday, a package arrived for him. The school secretary gave it to him, it has been registered. The writing, Lady Jane…Andy tingled….Christmas eve?

With the door of his room locked Andy sat in stunned silence, in his trembling hand he held a pair of glossy red latex panties, very small and very sexy. The note contained was clear.

That night belonged to her, the poor confused boy lay awake his mind racing… “I’m not going with her again, no way”, he mumbled to himself, But she is lovely , his mind answered…”No No way, you know if you go with her tomorrow you are willing to be her…. No no way!!!”

But why then, when sleep comes did his hand rest upon those shiny panties which silently hid beneath his pillow….. Christmas eve?.

The next morning, the sun filled the college square, Andys mates were loading up the coach for camp, his bags with them, as was he, laughing and joking.

“Nice one”, a call went up and everyone turned to the sound of the powerful car, but poor Andy felt nothing but the cold sweat on his back. However, turning, he felt his heart leap with relief. The driver was a mature man some 50 years of age.

“Looks like your old mans numbers came up Chris”.

The young man to whom the call was addressed turned and smiled, and with a parting reply of, “Never mind Shipper you can have that one”. ran toward the gold Mercedes.

Now as the second car, drew in there were gasps. For drawing up was a bright red sports car sleek and smooth, but if jaws dropped at the car, moments later they literally fell off . The woman who rose with sleek elegance and grace from the low car, instantly turned heads, She was tall, beautiful and curvaceous. Dressed in a simple black satin blouse, ruffled at the collar and cuffs, tight red leather pants, which seemed to mirror the cars deeply polished paintwork for smoothness and shine and a matching wide, triple buckled belt, sculpting her slim waist, Jane Fullerton-Jones had never looked more stunning and as she approached, her heels crispy on the fine gravel, Andy had never felt so helpless.

“Hello Andrew”, her cut crystal accent, as hypnotic as ever was tinged with a aristocratic haughtiness and as she looked him up and down, reaching out to stroke her fingers through his hair, Andy instantly felt his heart begin to pound. “Hmmm, did you grow your hair just for me”.

The young man stepped back, “I’m not going with you”, he burst without even a greeting. “I can’t”

For a moment she let his heart pound in his chest, just waiting, then, with a tilt of her head and a playful smile she purred, “Yes you are”.

“No No Lady Jane”, Andy stammered, “I am going to camp”.

At that moment Ms Monroe, one of the seniors teachers came over, “Ah Ms Fullerton-Jones, you must be Amandas Auntie”, to Andys shock the two politely shake hands,

“Lady Fullerton-Jones”, Jane breathed, her tone cool and arrogant, emphasising her title.

Ms Monroe, paused and very nearly unwittingly bowed her head. “I received your message just an hour ago Lady Fullerton-Jones and Andys bags have been removed from the coach. It is always nice if the boys can spend time away from college life”.

“Oh I do agree”, Jane half nodded and turned her eyes to the red faced young man beside her. “There is so much fun one can derive from the youth of today”.

“Indeed, Lady Jane. Andys bags are just there”.

“Ah yes, we must not forget those, must we Andrew. After all, what ever would you wear if we did.” For a moment she let her words hang, she knew the young man understood her meaning, then looking across at the two bags, little more than sport bags added, “Do have one of your porters place them in my car. Ms Monroe”.

For a brief moment the teacher seamed stunned by the request, but then with a “Yes Lady Jane”, and a strange almost unthinking half curtsy, turned away.

There was a pause, a silence almost in the bustle of the busy court yard. Andys heart pounded in his chest, he could feel himself tremble. “I want to go to camp”, he whispered , his voice lightly breaking.

But Lady Jane, cool and calm, elegant and beautiful just turned her gaze to him, “Don’t be silly child”, she purred, her eyes deep and green sparkling with mischief and delight. “You know you are going to come with me…… don’t you”.

Slowly she extended her hand, her nails long and red. For a moment Andy held his position and his nerve, but then as she slowly repeated her words, “Don’t you”, his hand, unwilling to obey his own command slipped into hers and was enfolded.

* * *

As the sexy sleek car pulled away, crunching on the gravel drive. Andy gazed out at the envious looks from his friends. Envious? God if they only knew. However their ignorance of the truth was the only good thing he had to cling to. It was Christmas eve and he had given Lady Jane the best gift she could have dreamt of.

The drive back into London took over and hour with Lady Jane, skilfully keeping to the everyday, college, TV, friends. She told him about what she had been up to, how she had gone to visit a close friend in Germany and brought back lots of exciting things and once again as before, bathed in her perfume, he felt himself helplessly relaxing in her charming company. Eventually she pulled the car into a private parking space in the heart of Londons exclusive boutique area and for the first time the subject turned to him.

“Now Andrew I have booked you in with Ana, she is very much looking forward to meeting you. We have discussed what I want and what she thinks would be nice, oh by the way, I am afraid I had to show her your DVDs darling. Just for her references”.

“Who is…..”. Andy whispered, the thought of others knowing his secret, filling him with shame.

“Who is?, Oh did I not explain. Ana owns a very exclusive beauty salon, just round the corner”, she sees her young captives face drop, eyes widen, “As you will be with me for the next few months I want your hair correctly enstyled”.

At the thought of the next few months, the knotted feeling of confusion and disbelief returned to Andys stomach, but he knew his words would be pointless, he had surrendered his right to complain back at college, back when he had stepped into the car and back when he had kept those rubber panties beneath his pillow. Andy had surrendered and now he belonged to her,

But why then did it not feel like of dread.

His hand securely wrapped in hers the pair enter the salon, to Andys horror it is packed. Mirrored walls lined with brilliantly polished pink and white sinks. Facing each sink was a high, leather backed chair containing a woman wrapped in a protective pink gown, her head inside a dryer, or being worked on by one of the pretty young assistants. As Andy and Lady Jane entered, virtually every head turned, each pair of eyes filled with curiosity that betrayed the owners indiscretion concerning the reason for this young mans presence.

“Lady Jane, so nice to see you again”. A woman emerged from the waiting customers, her eyes filled with excitement. Andy guessed the elegant, beauty, with oriental features and dressed in a pure white uniform was Ana ..

“Ana it is always a delight to visit you”, The two greeted with a kiss and exchanged pleasantries ,

“Oh lady Jane those pants are wonderful”, the salon owner purred gazing down at Janes polished leather legs, “Tailored?”.

“Of cause, Ana”, she half turned, giving her friend a brief half glimpse of her bottom and the fine seam which vanished deep within the moulded cleft of her perfect seat-cheeks. “Very”.

“Only you, I think Lady Jane could carry those”.

Jane smiled, “I come here for your charm as much as your skills Ana”

The woman returned her smile, then turning her eyes to the nervous young man who stood behind her added. “But now I see you have a beautiful charm of your own”.

“Ah yes Ana…. this”, she drew Andy before her , “is my Maid, Andrew”.

The words seem to echo round the room, increasing the deep embarrassment Andy already felt at just being in a beauty salon.

Ana took his hand, her eyes all over him, “Oh he is adorable”,

Andy blushed and tried to avoid her intense gaze. But every woman in the salon was now staring at him and wishing it were they who were taking him home with them.

“Now I see him Jane I understand what you meant,” The salon owner purrs, turning him in the light, “he is gorgeous and I think we can perhaps look for something intensely delicate, very very feminine and not a little.. sexy? and maybe a little further than we discussed”.

“The hair, you mean?”, she lightly fluffed her fingers through Andys new mop of longish hair, brushing the fringe from his eyes. “Yes I must admit I was a little surprised myself. However I am certain Ana, your eyes will be perfection as ever. So I will leave him in your hands. Now, Andrew. I have a few items to pickup so I will leave you with Ana and her girls.” she stepped back. For a moment she eyed him up and down, before, with a wicked smile, turned on her heels, leaving Andy to watch her polished heels as they left the room. For a moment there came the sound of traffic as the door opened, but then it died and Andy was alone.

Jumping slightly at the touch of Ana's hand on his arm Andy turned to the smiling woman, who with a light touch drew him toward the empty chair and as he settles in to the supple leather he can feel the other customers eyes turn to him. But their combined gaze holds less embarrassment for him than the looks on the faces of Ana's two young assistants. Both are no more than 20, maybe younger and as they come behind him he can see them in the mirror smiling as they help a white coverall slip about his shoulders.

* * *

Even helped by the two girls it took Ana over two hours to transform his hair and as they worked he sat and watched, with growing disbelief as his average college boy hair was sleeked and smoothed, trimmed and curled, sprayed and transformed into a perfect, sweet, neat, and undeniably sexy loose and wavy bob style. The fringe of which still long enough to trouble his eyes lids and which even without the skill of make up left him with even softer and more feminine features than before.

However as Andy gazed in transfixed disbelief at his new “look”, he suddenly realised something very odd indeed. The knot in his stomach……had gone!.

Indeed Andy was still trying to relocate his sense of dread, when he realises one of the girls, is laying out some frighteningly recognisable items.

“Would you like me to do your make up”, she asks her voice soft and slightly accented to the American. “Or would you like to apply your own?”.

Would he like to apply his own make-up?. It was not the sort of question to ask of a young man and especially not a question he ever imagined hearing from a girl he would have rather have been dating. It took a few moments and after what felt like a life time, poor his voice returned. “I….I …don’t know…I have never really …..would you mind…do…doing it?”

“Not at all”, came the sweet and un-mocking reply.

Blushing deeply now Andy looked beyond the mirrored image, to where every woman in the salon was intent on him, it was if he were a model on display, and not a helplessly silly boy. Not that the boy remained long, for under Lauren’s skilled touch the beautiful young girl, with sparkling doe eyes and full glossy lips, he recalled from 3 months earlier swiftly reappeared before him, but this time, she was more beautiful than before, for this time her stunningly made up eyes, had been highlighted further by delicate feminine brows, plucked into perfect arches by the girls expert hand.

Now that knot returned.

Still lost in the image in the mirror Andy jumped when Lady Janes voice breathed in his ear, “Ah, my gorgeous maid, I have missed you”. She gazed at him in the mirror and smiled, “Mmm and I believe she is even more beautiful than I ever remembered, I will have to thank Lauren personally. Oh and these are lovely.” She took his hand and to Andy's shock he realised whilst he were so intent on Laurens touch, the second girl had been at work on his nails, for they were now longer, perfectly manicured and glossed to match his lips .The look of surprise on Andy's face makes Jane laugh, “Don’t worry, they will not fall off . But just imagine how yours will look once they have grown”.

At that moment Ana appeared, “I hope we have met your desire”.

“Oh thank you Ana, he looks stunning”.

“Not at all, he is such a very beautiful young man, completely feminine, we just had to make him up I hope you don’t mind, I mean it might be a little embarrassing, you know still in his boys school uniform”. With that the woman drew the apron away and suddenly the mixture of the male and feminine became clear once more.

Lady Jane laughed “Of cause not my dear, I was just saying I must thank Lauren and as for the uniform, well we will not be dinning at the Ivy in that, but this will get us sunny seating”. With that she placed a selection of bags on the table and opening one drew out its contents.

For a moment he could not make out what it was, Although what ever the small item was it was clearly made from very smooth, very supple and very shiny rose pink leather. Then, his heart pounding in his throat it rippled out to form a tiny skirt, a very tiny skirt! Andys eyes widened and his lips parted in a silent gasp of shock . “Isn’t I gorgeous but wait…”, she slips the second item of pink leather out. A short, tailored, military style jacket, with ¾ length sleeves, finished with three gold buttons and trimmed with military style black rings and piping at collar and cuffs. Then finally the 3rd bag revealed a pair of polished rose pink, high stiletto heeled sandals. Again trimmed with black piping and detail. Smiling Jane held them before her young mans eyes, turning the dangerously high heels before him, before gazing down to his feet. Andy gasped, they were bare and his toenails glistened with the same shade of rose pink as his lips, “perfect”.

* * *

The warm summer breeze drifted about Andys long naked naturally smooth legs, circled about his ankles, touched his calves, kissed the backs of his knees, caressed his creamy, silken thighs and licked the underside of his pert seat-cheeks as they peaked from beneath the hem of his teeny tiny leather skirt.

Barely dressed in his cute, chic, leather suit and balancing atop dangerously sexy heels, Andy could feel the entire world gazing at him as, hand in hand with his ‘Aunt’Jane he glided through the sunny London street. He could sense people turning to look at them, Not just at he, but at the stunningly beautiful woman who held his hand. Indeed at one busy road junction, looks turned to words as a Truck, baring the words ‘Thames scaffolding’ drew up beside them and a young man in check shirt and cap expressed his appreciation with an old fashioned whistle. It was a gesture which drew a look from Jane which, in turns both turned the young man to stone and also turned him on.

Still glowing red from shame, Andy felt a strange relief when finally they stepped into the elegant and fashionable restaurant. However the very moment the Maitre de, Smiling and charming, greeted them and led them through the calm, aromatic restaurant any hope of relief from being on show swiftly vanished. The sun shine seats’, as they were known, were THE seats to be placed at, they were the ones for the people who wanted to be seen, the fashionable, the beautiful and famous. These were the seats to have and these were the seats, to which they were led.

Again Andy could feel heads turn and again he just wanted to fade away, but Jane, cool and elegant seemed to grow taller and even more elegant under their gaze. She was beautiful, stylish and sexy and she knew it and when they arrived at their seats, she was the last to sit. Placing her bag on the table, Jane crossed her long legs, the smooth leather rubbing sensuously together, extending one foot to touch her companions. For a moment he did not understand her look but then slowly, copied her posture. Crossing his long, long legs and pointing his painted toes. Jane smiled proudly. “You look lovely darling”. She purred, her voice cool and clear.

Andy blushed, and shifted nervously as he felt the tiny skirt rise an inch higher up his thigh.

“Everyone is looking at you”, he half whispered.

Again Jane smiled. “Oh darling, that is sweet of you, But no….. they are looking at you”. She now shifted in her seat, angling her perfect body to him. “They are looking at you Andy and wondering, ‘Who is she?, how old is she?, what is her name?’, they are thinking, ‘she must be a model, perhaps a cover girl?, no with those long legs she must be a catwalk model, perhaps from Paris, Yes she is chic and sexy enough, after all her sleek hair and perfect make up is pure Parisian’. Oh yes darling they are bewitched and none of them, not one would ever believe you are a boy. Would you?”

For a moment Andy was taken by he odd look Jane gave with her last question, but then his blood froze as he realised a young waiter, was hovering at his shoulder. The young man a few years older than Andy smiled and nodded politely “Beauty should have no boundaries and Madams companion is the very, very beautiful.”

For a moment the words barely registered, but then, oddly Andy felt his body warm and his stomach flutter, he glanced up at the smiling woman before him and then, without thought, raised his eyes to the young mans and with a genuine smile whispered. “Thank you”.

For a second then it was the young waiters’ turn to be bewitched and after a pause where his eyes seemed to glaze, he stepped back and in a slightly trembled voice, took their order.

Sitting at the window, Andy pushed his barely touched salad about the plate for what seemed like a lifetime. Never once did he feel eyes drifting from him. As one group left another entered and was swiftly drawn to the young beauty in the window. Strangely however, one pair of eyes, did not induce the same sensation of shame.

The young waiter, who drifted around them, attentive and polite, seemed to have eyes, which at no point, hinted at the quizzical. Instead they held Andys as if they were those of a friend and with each visit to their table Jane could not help but notice his presence drew the first natural smile from Andys rose glossed lips she had seen all day.

“Oh my!”, Something tingled in Jane stomach, something tickled her neck and nibbled her ears, It was a thought about her young Companion she had never imagined before, a thought she had never even given a moment to. A thought which made her glow.

* * *

Finally Andys torment came to an end and as the waiter returned Janes card and payment slip, the pair rose from there seats. For a brief moment Andy steadied himself on the needle fine heels, as he smoothed what there was of his skirt over his thighs. Jane took his hand. It was then as they were moving toward the door an attractive lady stopped them, she was about 30ish with long brown hair and eyes, full lips and dressed in a smart business suit. She introduced herself as Jessica Green and asked if they could spare her a moment of time.

Jane nodded and the three of them moved to a alcove at the side of the restaurant.

“How may we help you?”. Jane asked her voice as cool and rich as ever.

“Firstly may I say, how amazing you look. Your styles are so classic and still so edgey. Your pants are to die for. Wonderful legs. If I may say and i don’t know if you realised you made quite a buzz”.

Jane smiled her thanks. “Very kind of you Ms Green. But I am afraid …”.

The woman understood instantly and reached into her bag, Drawing out a card. “Sorry yes, well, I am a scout for the ‘ Elite model agency’ and wondered, well about your ….you rather stunning companion and whether she has a representative?”.

“Model?!” Andy half gasped in shock, but then he felt a hand rest on his bottom.

“Oh an agent you mean?, well No, we do not Andy, has never modelled and is still attending college” , Lady Jane looks into your eyes, you feel the colour rush to your cheeks, Andy?.

“ Andy…Andy?….. Oh, like the actress, with an ie, yes?”, The woman paused, looking at the blushing young man, who nodded dumbly. “Oh how cute, she was a model as well, very nice lady, But as you have no agent, may I give you my card, my number on the top there, and say, you are a very beautiful young lady Andie and we would very much love to see you”.

As the woman turned away, Jane gazed at the card and made a deliberate gesture of placing carefully in her purse. Then Andy noticed her look passed him and smile. He turned on his heels. Behind him, some 20 feet away, stood the young waiter and in his hand he held a flower. Jane instantly felt her companion shift on his heels, his hand trembling in hers. She smiled as he looked back at her.

“I think it would be very rude not to accept”, she whispered.

There was a pause, not a long one, but enough to make it clear, there was some confusion in Andys mind, but then to Janes delight, and not to say surprise his hand slipped from hers. She watched him move with grace towards the young man and stop before him. She moved slightly so she could see their faces. The pair exchanged words and Andy smiled, moving his weight without effort or thought onto one heel. The flower was accepted and sniffed, more words and smiles and then to Janes amazement Andys hand rose and rested on the young waiters arm. Again a smile and this time there came a tilt of the head. Jane felt her stomach flutter now as nervously the pair moved closer and closer still, hovering a breath away. But then as her heart raced Andy stepped back, his head bowed, eyes lowered and turned away. the flower in his fingers. However he made but 3 steps when he stopped. He seamed to breath, then turned and to the young waiters clear delight stepped back and placed his rose glossed lips to his cheek.

Nothing was mentioned about the kiss on the drive home. There was nothing to say, it was a natural thing, a pleasantry, between two people, nothing more, nothing to make a scene over. Totally natural. Well that was what Jane told herself. As for Andy, he remained quiet and still, until the car had pulled into the tree lined the driveway to the ivy-covered house. The large reception hall of Lady Jane Fullerton-Jones house was just as Andy recalled, polished wood floors and half panelled walls, expensively framed art works and furniture of the highest order, all coming together to create a rich and exclusive ambience, filled with the dark scent of roses. The memories of that weekend wash over him and that tingle deep inside returned.

“Welcome back Andy. The place really has missed its devoted maid”, she purred, taking his hand and leading him into the warmth of the conservatory. He looked out over looked the long wide garden.

“I really was proud to be with you today Andy. You looked utterly enchanting”.

Andy shifted on his heels, “Please Lady Jane. Why do I have to remain like this?”.

Jane smiled, it was an obvious question “Because I want you like this Andy. There is no other reason. You are too beautiful to be a dull boy, too bright to vanish into the crowd. You are gorgeous Andy and that is how you will remain. Do you understand?”. Gently she turned him to face her, her soft hands holding his wrists, but not gripping. “Andy?. I am not going to hurt you. But you will do as you are told”.

Andy lowered his eyes. Janes tone was not cruel, or harsh. Not threatening really, but somehow he knew she would have her way. His stupidity of a few months earlier had locked his prison. His prison of femininity.

“I understand”, he sighed.

Jane smiled and lifted his chin on one elegantly long finger. “Good boy. Now, I haven’t really had a good chance to look at you. Step over there for me darling and let my look at you”.

Without complaint the young man, took and breath and with a naturally feminine and graceful step, walked across the room. The sound of his heels clicking with each neat step. He stopped and turned, lowering his eyes as he felt Jane’s eyes drift over him. She smiled.

“You really are beautiful”, she half whispered to herself, “Really beautiful. Turn round darling”.

Andy obeyed and Janes eyes roamed up his long legs and rested on the neat curve of his leather clad bottom. Again a smile.

“Turn back, come here”. Andy moved smoothly to her, his hips helplessly swaying with each placement of his heels. “You were born in heels”, she purred, reaching out to take his hand and draw him before her. Now she turned her eyes, her clear green eyes to studying his face, she took in his eyes, in there ornate dressing, his round soft rose blush cheeks and finally his lips, wet and full, naturally feminine, glossed and smooth. She smiled as they slowly parted with his nervous breath.

Softly she rushed his hair from his eyes, and raised his chin once more “Don’t be afraid of who you are.”

At that moment, if Andy had been paying attention and not trying to make himself vanish, he would have noticed Janes voice, suddenly soften into an almost maternal tone. However the moment passed in a breath and Jane stepped away.

“Now, much as I really want to get you back into your sexy latex uniform Andrew, I am going to be a good girl, well at least for this evening and let you settle in”.

Taking his hand, she led the young man up stairs, reintroducing him to each room, before guiding him into his bedroom. It was the same room, with the same view, but now, every item of decorating, though elegant, classic and stylish, was clearly hinting toward to feminine. Where there had been whites and beige, there was now warm pinks and soft blues. The bed a mass of frilled satin and lace and the curtains tided with ribbons and bows. Jane felt Andys hand tremble.

“Now”, Jane stepped away and opened one mirrored wardrobe and took out a pair of classic pale denim jeans. “I think you need to slip into these for this evening and…….this, no this”, she held up a white shirt, neat and shiny. For a moment Andys heart rose at the slightly masculine style but as Jane laid it on the bed, the material shimmered and shone as only satin could.

* * *

The evening passed, without too much embarrassment, for the young man. Oh the shirt was satin and felt cool and funny and yes the jeans were tight, very tight, moulding and hugging his bottom and thighs, but at least they were trousers. The only truly feminine item he wore were his heels, which as Jane insisted he would “Never, ever be without”.

They sat in the garden and chatted almost as if there was nothing unusual about the scene, such was Lady Janes charm. She offered him a glass of champagne and was surprised to hear he had never tried it before.

“Really you do surprise me”, she purred. “Life without Champagne, dear, dear. We will have to do something about that”. Standing she moved to where the bottle sat on the piano, then topping up her glass, moved to were he sat.

“Thank you”, he said but as he reached for the glass, Jane drew it away.

She looked at his face, her head on an angle, a smile on her lips. “I think we need to be careful”. With that she raised the glass and to Andys bemusement dipped on long red tipped finger into the golden Champagne, before offering it to his lips. “Gently”, she purred.

Heart racing Andy parted his lips and allowed Jane to slip her finger between. The fizz of the drink instantly tingling on his tongue.

For a moment longer than needed Jane allowed her finger to rest between Andy lips, she turned it slowly, allowing it to become wet with his mouths own moisture, before slowly slipping it free, she smiled at the dumbstruck boy. “A taste for a taste”, she purred and then without breaking his gaze, slid her finger into her own mouth, purring like a kitten.

Andy could feel his heart pounding and he could also feel his boyhood, straining within the tight denim of his feminine jeans.

“You like?” She sighed slipping her wet finger free. Andy nodded, making any sound other than a squeak would have been impossible. “Good, but they do say the best way to taste Champagne is from the lips of a lover.”.

Andy could feel his knees struggling to remain strong, as with a measure movement Jane raised the glass to her lips, before without making another sound, drawing him close and placing her lips upon his. For a brief tantalising moment they hovered close and then became one and as they did, as their glossed lips came together, the champagne in Jane mouth flowed into his.

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