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Her Again

by Laurie

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© Copyright 2023 - Laurie - Used by permission

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Alone again today, the desire has been approaching a familiar precipice. As far back as I can remember I have been overwhelmingly attracted to everything feminine. The girls in Catholic school with starched white blouses, the way the fabric of their dark blue uniforms made subtle noises as they moved. I wanted that for me. Today as I contemplate being Laurie for the day I drift off into the reasons and the results of the lifelong desire to approach being feminine.

I’m now 75, quite accomplished in the transformation to an appearance acceptable for her. The devotion of time and careful selection of everything involved is always a welcome chore. A charge of contentment replaces the nervousness that always is present when I at last give in to begin shedding my male image. Procedures learned long ago from trial and failure have been set in motion. I left the guilt and shallow shame in years past when my wife and life’s first love came back to me, accepting, encouraging, and creating a closer loving, inclusive partnership for Laurie.

Her firm insistence that I become all that I have dreamed was, at first the fulfillment of my hidden self. The initial sexual attraction washed over the both of our pent-up self induced chastity like a tidal wave of release. We shopped for Laurie with abandon. Purchased things that either of us would normally be embarrassed to present each other. Her approach was so open and matter of fact on even the most critical intimate issues, dildos, male and female toys, leather and lace. We became familiar repeat customers in person and on-line of the most erotic next adventure items for her “New Girl”. I was dizzy with excitement, constantly accepting more for me as her girl, to be accepting my femininity. My unexplored submissive female emerged. I surrendered as she took charge and intimate encounters became routine. I so anticipated each venture into erotic play, enjoying it all.

I am pondering now as all of today’s items are carefully selected to match my feelings within. Time to be casual, others for full-on fashionable women, or is this day to be again the bound-up, gagged, the captive sissy to be ravished by mistress? So many choices within each category to please the both of us as I willingly become all so comfortable as her girl again.

Full on today with snug panty briefs, stockings, corset, best Aphrodite breasts, pencil skirt and satin blouse. Thirty minutes later I finish the make-up and fluff the salt & pepper wig ready for her to arrive home to her devoted lover. Dinner is prepared, as always, by Laurie.

“Oh yummy! I was wishing you would want something special this evening” she said as I greeted her with a demure yet passionate kiss. “I need to go and get as pretty as you, I have a gift for us.” I am aware what that phrase would bring - Her own heels and outfit mirroring my own, along with, I’m positive, a new toy to unwrap and explore!

The light dinner I had ready was over quickly, dishes away as she indicated no TV this evening. Off to the bedroom where I knew there would be her surprise gift. Holding something behind her with one hand she reached to my skirt, lightly fondling Laurie’s soft boy toy. “Now what I will show you is for the both of us my lovely lady” She produced a long cylinder with a small curved cap with LED lights, open at the other end. “It's a penis pump for MY favorite toy. I will make you so, so horny and hard tonight, my lips just want you babe! Sit now, girl”

“What! You think I need that?”

“Dear you may not need it - I want it! - for us.”

She again fondled me gently, I indeed continued surprised that I was still soft. We mutually explored the contents of the pump box. There was a tight band meant to encircle my balls and scrotum, a soft doughnut-like item to go over the penis meant as a seal to the pump bottom. caution statements as to how much suction etc etc.

“Slip the one over your shaft, let’s see this baby work some magic,” Doing as I was told I remained soft, until the “on” button was activated. Almost instantly I expanded and reached the 6 1/2 inch level and wider than I had ever seen myself through the clear tube. Oh Christ I was throbbing like a teenager, not a 75 year-old in a skirt and heels. She grabbed the tube, activated the suction release and immediately took me into her mouth. Unquestionably the best oral sex she had ever graced me with. She collapsed next to me moaning how fantastic she felt!

We made love before changing from our so feminine outfits, as we snuggled in for the night.

Morning came she fondled me, yet I was still soft, exhausted. “Now I will control when you are going to get hard. That little pump and I are the means and method of your new complete sexual identity. I know you will embrace this, as you’ve so desired to be my woman. I have long thought of how to complete your desired wishes. I always remember how you blurt out in detail your feminine fantasies when you are dressed as my girl."

“So my sweet thing, you do know that the man in you is now mine, to control! Laurie had thought her mistress would always play her dress-up game and then have HIM return. Think deeper, my pretty pet. Think like you have always voiced intimately to me, begging your lover, for what you’ve so desired; what it is, you really wish to be.”

I will do it! Have you stay my girl. I know your deepest desires! You’ll get to know more each day the joy of being my woman. The complete woman I will have you become! OH YES!”

“You’ve dreamed of it, you’ve begged me to do it, you know you want it soooo bad. You want it more than anything, yes? Tell me, TELL ME NOW! You wish to be mine all the time? I can make you! YES, I think I WILL make you be my girl.“

Laurie again affirms with a little sequel, a positive nod as I tweak each pert nipple, allowing the erotic thrill to wash down to her now not so erect little clittie.

“Think my pet, of your breasts, a constant reminder of your transformation. Laced in a corset, oh so tight, so feminine, so restrained. Of course heels and stockings, each day, you're made to be so pretty. Dream it now Laurie, your only wish is being my feminine captive, forever! My Girl, I will play with you all the time, I like this, the way you respond to my so suggestive whispers. You know the feeling, deep in your mind, the sensual thing you really wish to be! You will be My Feminized Husband, kept always, like she so desperately needs and wants to be! You’ll be as girlie as you’ve always dreamed and then some. Are you ready now, completely and surely accepting, to be always my lovely girl-toy!”

“Oh God, I've dreamed for this day so many times! You know me Babe, I say let's DO THIS!”


I had fully known what I agreed to, as each day I enjoyed the erotic sensations of dressing as Laurie. Nails always with bright polish as they grew long, makeup done right, stockings and heels nearly a ritual, as was the ever tightened corset. Oh there were those casual times in jeans or shorts with flats or low heeled sandals. l, lounging on our private patio and yard. The entire experience evolved like an extended vacation in my perceived feminine nirvana.

Like a long vacation about three weeks in I became restless, wanting to return to a more normal routine for us. I missed that guy that shopped with her for groceries or could go to the car wash without the staff admiring my outfit. The somewhat uncomfortable conversation with her ended when I agreed to continue as her one more week - to the end of the month.

I then returned to 100% girl mode every day as she became more amorous to how I accepted the decision. The next evening she insisted on Laurie dressing in one of her more sexual outfits. Tiny pink mini, pink corset, and the CFM pink ankle strap 5” heels. All of the toys were laid out on the bed, white leather girlie cuffs and straps, the spreader bar, white blindfold and the huge red ball gag with the white leather head harness. I was strapped down immobile to the bed, gagged and blindfolded. All the vibrating eggs were used on me as well as the “Dildo Bunnie”. No necessity for the penis pump as I climaxed several times in very snug panty briefs. The frayed nylon rope firmly applied to my captive balls produced each soaked spasm. Despite my desperate pleading through the ball gag she left me there - she just went to the other bedroom I assumed. I thought of forcefully escaping - but then what? I knew she had me in what I wanted!

I startled awake, conscious of her voice. “You like this? HO! Yes you do! I’ve been confidently thinking you’d come around to what I want. I want more than a few weeks of my Laurie.''I nodded and tried to communicate through the gag. Unnah gooodd i dooo it allll! Before she released the first strap a firm slap with the frayed nylon rope across my tender balls was more pleasure for me than punishment. Finally released I was commanded to the shower I so now needed.

The wide swing 50’s skirt with crinoline and tight white angora sweater were on the bed.

I was recommitted to what I promised, knew that I could see it through to whatever her desired finality really was. For the first time in days I welcomed the adhesive breasts once again. An extra pull gave the corset the restrictive shape I so needed. The day was spent in renewed feminine bliss as Laurie was back where she belonged.

At bedtime she produced the pump again. “Time for Laurie’s training dear.”

“Really do I need this?”

“As I said it’s not you that needs it - it’s what I want that matters.” We had been using the pump two or three times a week since I had agreed to her request after the first fantastic introduction. I hesitated since each time it was oral that she insisted be performed for both of us. In the multiple times we used the pump I took notice that I did not achieve full 6+ inches. The fact was I was excited completely yet last time I made it barely to four. As the suction increased something was occurring, now repeatedly. One testicle was actually pulled into the cavity above it. Tonight BOTH disappeared! As she proceeded to fellate me her finger reached to the soft fold of my empty scrotum, touching as if I had there the warm lips of womanly desire. “OH what do you have here? Your little buddies have left and made us - oh babe! My girl has a pussy! I can feel the folds! My girl at last you have a pussy! She fully took all that I could ejaculate while moving her fingers to excite me, stroking the folds. “Oh dear you have developed your pussy slit. I told you the pump would bring results for us both! Soon your clittie will be so small, those balls hidden, gone even without the pump. We each will climax together doing this. Laurie you give THE best head I have ever experienced I want you to experience the joy of your own feminine climax like I have from you! It will come, I promise!”

I showered, dried and used body moisturizer the next morning. Turning to the mirror I noticed my own nipples were swollen and somewhat tender. Yes I’m sure there is a bit of more flesh there as I confidently fondled myself. When attaching the breast forms, clearly they were perched outward more than normal.


I reveled in the idea of being her woman, her lover. The truth then scared me! WHAT? My breasts were clearly larger, developed so much that even casually I could see the outline without the forms. I thought of trying a smaller cup size bra and doing without the forms. The realization finally hit me! My own breasts! Small clittie? - no balls! I confronted her that same day. What have you done honey? What is happening? There are things I need to know.

We embraced wholeheartedly a reassuring feeling that this would be right. She sobbed with her head between my soft warm breasts. “ I kept it from you - what I wanted, I knew it was wrong - not what I am doing, but keeping it from you was wrong. I believed you so wished to be totally happy. I see it when Laurie comes out. There is a released joy that is there. It goes away when you are not her. I want you to be her, be joyously happy with who you are. Our little pump is working wonderfully on your two little buddies, but there is something else.”

“Your morning routine of vitamins - there is one extra I purchased online, it's the reason your erection is getting so much smaller, even with the pump. With those you finally will really have the feeling of a clitoris, feel like I feel. Think please. You have so often wished for this. I will always want you! Whoever you are, Laurie or him.”

My god how! You did this for me? I need time, a time out. I got out of the bed, glancing down suddenly embarrassed not for my prominent breasts, stockings, garters and corset. Embarrassed at my shriveled penis/clit. I’ll be back in a second. In the closet I instinctively selected panties since that is all the Laurie owned. Returning to her. “I - I had to cover up.”

“Sweetheart, you don’t have to hide from me. Come here next to me, be with me please.”

We cuddled and it was me now that teared up. At 75 I had finally achieved my lifelong dream. My mind raced, could I actually handle this? Is all this an erotic dream at last coming true?



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