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Her Mistress's Toy

by herlittlelezpet

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© Copyright 2010 - herlittlelezpet - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; group; bond; cd; fem; maid; bdsm; chast; cons; X

bobbie enters Mistress's domain, there she is surprised as Mistress has decided it is time to introduce bobbie to some of her closest Domme friends and with the little slut bobbie scheduled for the evenings entertainment! she performs her usual ritual, going and removing her boy clothes. she is dressed in her waist cinch, stockings and new corset. she crawls on her hands and knees to where her Mistress is perched on Her chair. she kneels at Her feet. she looks deeply into her Mistress's eyes, she kisses Mistress's collar, it is then placed around her neck and locked, as all of Mistress's guests watch. she has now given up total control to her Mistress. she is allowed to kiss Mistress's leather booted feet, up Mistress's booted legs to the knees and then back down, drowning in the seductive scent and taste of leather as she performs her task. her heart is starting to race and every inch of her skin starts to tingle with erotic sensations. Mistress then restrains bobbie's little clitty in its cage and grins wickedly as the lock clicks home!

Mistress attaches a leash to bobbie's locked sex and then proceeds to lead the little slut, crawling on hands and knees, around by her little restrained little clitty to each of Mistress's guests where she is allowed to pay homage to Their encased feet. One by one she kisses Their feet, she feels Their hands gently rubbing her head and Their nails toy with her nipples, which is sending shivers down her hot little slutty body and causing them to stand to attention and harden.

Afterward she is lead to the kitchen where she pours and serves wine to Madame and Her guests. bobbie is terribly excited and terribly scared at the same time. What has Mistress planned for Her submissive little sissy slut?! she is sure she will soon find out! bobbie is then told to stand, she told to put on a cute little pair of high heels with straps around the ankles. Cuffs are then strapped to her wrists and ankles. A wig is added to enhance the little sluts appearance. she is then blindfolded and a penis gag is strapped into her mouth. Mistress whispers in her ear telling her that she will get use to have that phallic symbol in her mouth, a low moan escapes from under the gag. she is then left just standing in the middle of the room wondering what is to happen next.

she hears the conversation of Mistress and Her friends as they just seem to be socializing, totally ignoring the little sissy slut patiently standing in the middle of the room. she is just a toy to be used for Their pleasure. she hears more wine being poured and then some laughter as They start to vocalize Their intentions for play. bobbie starts to feel small tugs on her leash, not meant to move her, just to tease and agonize. Clamps with bells are then added to her erect little nipples and around her encased little clitty. she is told to get down on her hands and kneels and to crawl around, she is to sway as to make the bells on her nipples and clitty jingle, a bit difficult being blindfolded, but little tugs on her leash keep her moving in the middle of the room. she feels slaps on her bottom if the bells are not ringing to the satisfaction of the group. First gentle just to get the blood flowing then harder and harder! After awhile no matter how much the bells ring her bottom is abused. her tormentors are laughing and truly enjoying the little sluts predicament.

she's told to stand and starts to feel her tender little nipples pinched and smacked, she moans and withers with excited sensual pain, wanting and not wanting the agony to stop. she is getting lost in her own feelings of ecstasy and truly loving it. suddenly all stops and the clamps removed, the blood rushes back and she cries into her filled mouth. Once again nothing is happening, bobbie is just left to feel the sensations in her hard sore nipples and hot tingling bottom. Again she feels clamps added to her excited, hard, tender, sore nipples, a small chain connects them and soon she is being lead around the room, however this time by her nipples. The little slut must walk properly in her heels. Poor little slut is again feeling agony on her now tender nipples as they are being stretched and abused, but enjoying it!

she is this time lead back to Mistress's door frame and attached, fully spread eagled. Again just left to her own internal sensations as the group takes an other break from her torment. she can hear the conversation, laughter and the sound of more wine being poured. Poor little slut just left to her own imagination of what is to follow!

After what seems like eternity to the little sissy, nails start to rake her body, around her poor hard tender nipples, up and down her thighs, around her confined little clitty. Little tugs on the chains clipped to her nipples and sex, soon she feels a smack on her bottom, then one on her spread exposed inner thighs. Soon little smacks to her exposed balls. Then the vibrator is on her nipples, little clitty, then hard against her tight little pussy. she gyrates her pussy on the vibrator, oh the sensation that it sends throughout her body, more and more she gyrates, all the time she is being smacked, much harder now, on her now red bottom, tender thighs, hard sensitive nipples, again and again by many hands. The little slut is in pure sensual heaven and losing herself in the joy of the moment, never wanting it to end!

Soon it all stops, the clamps are removed and again the agony of the blood rushing back, to her oh so abused nipples. She feels Mistress rubbing and pinching them as the little slut is being released from her bondage. Her torment is over, now it is time to be the little slutty sissy maid. her makeup is applied and maid uniform put on. Mistress has planned some food and refreshments for her guests to be served after playtime. bobbie must now be a good little sissy maid and serve her tormentors. she fixes up plates as instructed and serves the wine. her leash is still dangling between her legs in case she needs to be lead somewhere. As the group eats and drinks bobbie is kneeling at her Mistress's side. As the meal ends and everyone is seated in the main room, bobbie is again lead to each of the guest where she kisses and massages Their feet and thanks them for such a sensual evening.

As the guests leave bobbie's last duties are to cleanup. Finally she kneels at her Mistress's feet and gently kisses her feet, ankles and toes. she thanks Mistress and is truly grateful to be in her domain and honored to have been able to serve her guests. Mistress unlocks the collar and cuffs on bobbie's wrists and ankles. She has the key to release her little clitty in her hand and starts towards the lock holding in her sex.

With a smile on Her face and a gleam in Her eye, Mistress stops and puts the key back into the box with the rest of the locks still keeping bobbie's little clitty encased. She informs bobbie that She has decided to leave it on, for bobbie to see and feel it, to remind her of the evening that has passed. She will email bobbie when to return to have it unlocked.

bobbie is left to drive home feeling her sex restrained not knowing when release will come. As Mistress stated it reminds her of the evening that has just passed. This poor little sissy slut also realizes that even without the collar she belongs to her Mistress.



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