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Hubby's Surprise

by Jack Rabbit

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© Copyright 2011 - Jack Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/m; FF/m; D/s; cuckold; fem; cd; costume; public; forced; surgery; transform; ts; maid; cons/reluct; X

This story continues from Cuckold & Ken's Birthday Gift

Ken, my once again lover and I decided we would do anything to be together, and divorce wasn't an option, as I promised hubby long ago I never would. To bad for him! Ken and I formed a plan as he drove me home, after he bought me some clothes to wear. If I had a conscious it would have bothered me!

...I remembered from years ago that hubby made a good looking girl for a Halloween party Ken and I forced him to go to once. My sister was a cosmetology student at home, and I offered her my hubby for her final exam. The students were supposed to pick the woman most in need of "help", for lack of a better way to say it, and remake her. The project was supposed to have before and after photos, and detail how the student accomplished the goal.

Hubby would do whatever I would say, even then, and went through the day long ordeal of shaving him completely, gluing false c-cup boobs to his chest, makeup, hair, nails, and something called gaff panties. They were designed to keep his little"package" out of sight, if necessary. He wore a cheerleader outfit to the Halloween party and looked good, not good for a guy, good!

My little sister would come away with a perfect grade and a lack of respect for my temporally effeminate hubby. Lots of pictures documented the transformation, but we weren't done. My sister and I taught him how to walk and try to talk. We also decided he was a natural, except for the voice. He would just have to fake a sore throat, and not forget and embarrass himself. He was supposed to be a girl cheerleader, not a guy in a cheerleader costume.

Ken and I took him to the party as little sister wasn't old enough to drink then. We left him there by himself for at least an hour to fend for himself while we snuck out to the car and had a not so quickie. The car smelled like sex and we didn't get properly back into our costumes before we collected hubby. The best part was hubby said he hated it, but it was obvious to us we could "make" him do this again, and we did.

Another time Ken came up with the idea of dressing hubby up like a woman, and sending him on a three day long train ride. At that point Ken and I just wanted him safely out of the way as I had a kind of modeling job to do*, and hubby seemed to thrive on being made to do things. Hubby was about my size and could wear some of my dresses, and I chose a sweater dress, above the knee, along with the gaff panties, and glue on tits. Hubby looked good enough, but not as good as his cheerleader persona, because I'm not as patient as my little sister with makeup. The sensible heels and neutral stockings I gave him made his freshly shaved legs look good as well. I had been growing his hair longer so I could style his hair in an effeminate way, and skip a wig that can easily fall off. He didn't make a hot woman, but a convincing one, if he didn't talk!

We gave him a small pocketbook with meal tickets, and his return train ticket. Ken took him to the station and he had little choice once he got on the train as he had no I.D. and no money with him. I only wished I was there for hubbies first trip into the woman's bathroom. He never talked about it, but in three days you have to go at least once! Ken and I weren't completely cruel though, we did leave him a mirror and some makeup to keep his look fresh...

Hubby was surprised that Ken offered him the use of his prize Porche, but Ken did point out that he regularly uses me now and that made it OK. Several times Ken swapped the Porche for me for the weekend and at Ken's suggestion he would thrash the fine German sports car on a favorite twisty road of his, picked for more than just the turns. The sex Ken and I had at the time was incredible, he could somehow fuck me until I was too sore to go on, and them roll me over and have my ass. I had never wanted anal sex until it was "thrust" on me once, but from then on it became just one more way I could please a man. Too bad it was neither Ken nor hubby who got my ass first, but a man who was more than twice my age and fortunately not as big as Ken is*.

It came as a shock to hubby when Ken called him and told him of a once in a lifetime chance to surprise me, and hubby agreed to meet Ken even though hubby hadn't been directly involved in our sex since we got back together, after Ken's divorce. In fact, Ken liked it when we found new ways to get rid of hubby for some alone time for us. Hubby also knew that I was busy at work on that Friday night with a quarterly meeting that we all loathed, but were all obligated to attend.

Hubby met Ken at an overlook on the twisty road with Ken in a rented white work van and hubby in Ken's Porche, and they were alone as predicted. Ken told hubby to give him his shoe and cell phone and wallet and to get into the back of the van. Hubby was so conditioned to do as we say, that he couldn't even think of disobedience. When Ken told me all this later, I realized hubby was actually the perfect dog, and I knew I would miss him! In the van hubby was told to lock himself into his dog cage while Ken attended to something. The back of the van held the statue crate that I was shipped to Ken in as well, just in case hubby didn't want to play along with our plan. Hubby must have been shocked when he heard the prized Porche start, and scream off down the embankment and smash through the fence, and flip into the river! Ken got calmly back into the van, removed his latex gloves and threw a drop cloth over the dog cage before he drove away at the legal speed limit. Hubby was full of questions that Ken ignored, and he asked just one of his own, would he do anything for me, anything at all? Ken told me he said yes, and that made things easier for hubby, but wouldn't have stopped us by then if he didn't.

Well, Ken told him, I have some bad news for you, you just died in a terrible car crash back there. You weren't wearing your seat belt, and fell out of the convertible top when my car hit the water. You may have even been on the phone with Deb at the time and stupidly put the car in the wrong gear. Your body won't ever be found and your widow, after a proper grieving period, will remarry and be very satisfied, and richer with your life insurance payout.

"The only question is, what we do with you," he said. "Deb wants to keep you, somehow, and I think you would make a good maid for us. We would have to invest in some "work" in Mexico for you, and obviously a new identy." The "work" part Ken only alluded to, and hubby wanted to know what the other option was. "Well," he said, "right now Deb and I are guilty of insurance fraud, and we don't want to go to jail. So, if you won't cooperate I have no choice but to throw you and your cage off of a bridge and drown you, and fish you out later and dump your body down stream". Ken wouldn't do that, but hubby had to know his new place in life if Ken and I were going to be happy together.

Hubby promised to cooperate with Ken, the thought of dressing and pretending to be a maid must of excited him, and was released from the cage to ride up front with Ken. Ken told him he had to dress up, and hubby wore the dress and other things I sent for him on their road trip. Hubbies male clothes were thrown into a trash bin, eventually they all would be. The two traveled for a day straight as Ken outlined how his new life would go. Hubby would get a new name, cosmetic surgery, and gender reassignment. That included boobs, castration, voice modification, hormone treatment, and permanent makeup. Ken told him he may or may not be a functioning woman when done, but that he and I were willing to take that risk! I'm sure this was more than hubby had in mind, but he promised Ken, and he did like being made to do things. It was just that this one wasn't reversible like all the other things he's been made to do over the years.

They arrived at the border and hubby was smuggled INTO Mexico, possibly a first for an American, Ken thought with a laugh. Ken then went back home like nothing happened, with a load of goods from Mexico for his side business.

I was the perfect actress when the cops told me two days after I filed the missing persons report, that Ken's car was found, and that the rescue people called off the search. The cops wanted to know, as gently as possible, why hubby was driving Ken's car, obviously looking for motive for murder. Ken and I had this all worked out and we both told the cops separately that Ken swapped me for the Porche for several weekends. The shock on my cops face was priceless until I explained I was very good with interior design, and I am, and I was helping our lifelong friend get set up in his new house. Any other suggestion by the cops met with my most innocent of looks, and my asking for them to explain what they meant.

It took months, and one call to "Uncle Don" to get a death certificate, and an insurance payout. Don had sent a hand written note thanking me again for the "things" that I helped him out with several years ago, and that I should call if I had any more problems with the cops or the insurance company. He also told me to enjoy my new life! I believed that was his way of telling me he somehow knew about our scam.

Several months later Ken and I were living together in his new house when he got a call that he had to pick up a suprise for me, down south. I knew I was getting my new maid, Maria, and wondered what she looked like. I knew all my new friends would be jealous, and I thought I might even lend "her" to them once in a while. Ken was serious that I never call her anything else but Maria, ever! Ken had kept up on the progress of Maria and wasn't upset when the Doctor told him she would not be a functioning woman. The full castration was a success, but the Doctor explained that the penis was too small to work with to make a proper vagina. He went on that in even a bikini on the beach nobody would know she didn't have a vagina, just a small urinary exit where a woman's would naturally be. She could be sexually stimulated in any number of ways, the Doctor went on, as the brain will "rewire" itself, and the removal of the testicles will make hormone shots unnecessary at some point in the future. And he told Ken, her testicles were pre-cancerous and would have likely killed her eventually.

Ken and I knew that motivating Maria would be easier before she orgasmed, but were unsure how this would work out if she couldn't come off at all. I knew Ken wouldn't volunteer to have some kind of sex with her, because I suggested years ago that Ken should "take" hubby as I watched, he flatly refused. I had thought hubby was bi-curious back then with his love of cream pie cum, but Ken didn't have any desire to be gay with anybody, especially hubby. I had had some strap on fun with hubby in the two holes he had to offer often enough to know he didn't mind it, but I never told Ken, and apparently neither did hubby.

The Doctor was evidently proud of his teams work, and he told Ken if he wasn't happy with the job, he would refund his money and take back Maria. He didn't say to be sold into prostitution, but Ken didn't ask either!

Ken and his white van met a box truck in the desert and watched about fifty people get out of the back of it. Ken had Maria's new I.D. with him and was disappointed not to see Maria get out. He wondered what went wrong, but was confident nothing could be traced back to him. He always paid in cash, the Doctor only had a cell phone number for a disposable phone that was used for this alone, and nobody involved knew his real name. Several women walked over to Ken's van and the best looking one asked him what he was looking for. Ken said he was tempted to pick this woman up instead and make her our maid, but he was sure I wouldn't like that. Ken asked the woman if anyone else was in the truck and she said only the driver and his "companion". The passenger got out of the cab and the height was about right to be Maria, but nothing else was. In any event she was heading toward Ken's van with a confident sexy walk, and Ken said he couldn't look away the whole time she walked to him. Ken also noticed the way the common dress fit the woman, like it was made for her. Not tight or sexy, just correct for her body.

It was the eyes that gave her away first as she approached the drivers door, and Ken had an ear to ear grin on his face as he told Maria that she looked great. Maria told him she felt great, and asked Ken if he wanted to see her new tits. "Not here", was the best answer he could choke out in responce to the unexpected question. Maria got into the front seat and threw her suitcase into the back of the van. She had some of the medicine she would need short term with her, and some clothes that would fit her new body.

They started to drive home and Maria detailed everything that she had gone through, including the removal of some ribs. She went on how wonderful everybody was at the clinic... Ken just then realized how effeminate Maria's voice was, along with the rest of her.

Maria said later that it was worth everything she went through to see Ken's face at that moment.

(* see Bondage Barbie Deluxe)



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