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It Had To Happen One Day

by John Hammond

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© Copyright 2022 - John Hammond - Used by permission

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For years I have been playing games in my country cottage without getting seen,then one very wet friday afternoon it happened.

On my days off from work I like to dress up in my girly clothes,complete with chastity wear and bondage items with the keys locked away in a time release box.

The lane outside my cottage is known to flood after heavy rain and that night we had consistent downpours, so the corner a few yards down the lane was well under water. When it’s like that most locals know not to use it, only farmers in tractors or people with high clearance SUVs.

There I was standing at the kitchen window doing my washing up of diner things when a dripping wet, muddy female came running up my drive towards the backdoor. Well I had not enough time to duck out of sight so all I could do was face up to this poor lady. Panicking and cold soaking wet covered in mud, what more could I do than let her in to see what had happened.

All I could understand at first was she had slid off the road in the water and was stuck. My first response was to show her the shower room and tell her to get stripped off, warmed up and clean, then I would find out what had happened. Five minutes later when I guessed she would be in the shower I gently knocked on the door and asked if she was ok, then told her I was going to collect her clothes off the floor and get them in the wash. The only reply I got was “ok,” and, “thank you.”

Another ten minutes passed before I heard any movement, her clothes were now in my machine having a good wash the same as she had, the only item I had found in her pocket was a car key for a Mini, so immediately I guessed what had happened. She appeared out of the showerroom wrapped in a nice fluffy towel that would have been hanging on the hook. It just covered the essentials to give her some modesty. I told her to go and sit in the front room by the log burner and I would get her a cup of hot coffee.

Now was the time when I had to face walking in to talk to a stranger, dressed as a female, and all locked up in bondage gear. The expression on her face was a picture, I don't quite know what she thought, but she was very calm and did not freak out. A few seconds later she broke into a beautiful smile and was grinning from ear to ear. I handed her the mug of coffee, sat down on the sofa to try and explain. Before I could start my explanation she held her hand up to stop me and came out with all the ‘thank you’s she could think of.

Well it appeared she had come round the corner, slid off the road into the small drainage ditch and got stuck. She had walked round the back of her car to see if she could possibly reverse out and slid into the ditch herself. The only thing she could do was to scramble out and seek help, that was her side of what happened. She sat there with a questioning look on her face, waiting for my explanation.

Well where to start. Years ago when I was living with my adorable ex-partner, before she moved on to pastures new, we used to have good times with bondage games etc. We would take it in turns to be the dom or the sub. I would tie her up in various positions and tease the hell out of her. Then other times the tables would be turned and she would restrain me. During some of these times, when she was in charge, she would ask me to dress up, so we had accumulated quite a few leather and pvc dresses in my size. Another item she liked me to wear were high heeled shoes or boots. I got quite good at walking in six inch heels, under her strict supervision. Other items she would like me to wear were my chastity belt and bra, she said this gave me ‘the desired look’.

So here I was, sitting on my own sofa telling a complete stranger some of my past life. The next question threw me completely: she asked me to tell her exactly what I was wearing, how it was secured and for how long!

Well, here we go. Starting off with full body-stocking, from my toes to my neck, with an open crotch. At the lower level I had my chastity belt on; it’s one with an internal tube for my cock and gives the flat front appearance. Over the chastity belt a pair of black knickers. Coming higher, I had my chastity bra with breast forms locked inside. Around my neck I had my posture collar on and, to make sure that didn't come off too easily, I had a metal collar locked over it.

Back to ground level, I was wearing my favourite boots, these have a six inch heel with inch and half platform soles, coming to eight inches above my ankles. They are locked on with a leather cuff and padlock stopping me from undoing the zip and laces. Also on my ankles I have metal shackles with about twelve inches of chain, just enough to let me walk around.

I sometimes wear a corset which would also be locked on but I’d left it off for today as I was going to be doing housework. Covering all the undergarments I had my leather mini dress on; this comes just halfway down my thighs so shows quite a lot of leg which, if I don’t say so myself, are quite presentable in stockings. The dress I cannot remove, as the front zip is padlocked to my collar. The belt around my waist is also padlocked. Around my wrists I have some metal cuffs, these are not joined together but can be, with chain and padlocks.

On my head I also wore a black wig in a short bob style, just enough to give the female look. I don’t go into the realms of make-up, not that much of tranny. The only other question she had asked was for how long. Well, I had set my timer box with all the keys in for eight hours which would mean I could not get out before about five o clock.

This brought a bigger smile to her face to which I questioned. Her reply took me totally by surprise, she said that meant she was safe and could ‘play’ with me. Well I was gobsmacked, here a middle aged super looking female sitting in just a towel in front of my fire, getting nicely warm, with me dressed as a tart, suddenly wants to ‘play’?

At this point I was unsure what would happen next. She asked for another coffee. Well, I was not going to refuse so paddled off to the kitchen with her cup to get her a refill. On taking the drink back, she asked if she could see any of my other toys, and to show her the timer box so she could see my setup. So, off to my spare room, where I keep all my toys and female clothes. The first thing she spotted was the timer box attached to the dressing table. She had a quick look at the time left and the clock on the wall and agreed I was locked for quite a few more hours.

I saw her have a little shiver and asked if she was cold,to which her answer was, “no, just a little excited.” I asked why and she confessed it had been years since she and a previous boyfriend had ‘played’ any bondage games.

Well this threw me completely. Where to take it, a stranger, female, only wearing a towel, hinting she had played bondage games. At this point I thought to tread very carefully, and asked if she wanted to try anything.

That big smiley grin came back and she said, “of course.” She had no clothes to wear, her car was stuck, and she had plenty of time…

The first cupboard I opened held my supply of metalwear; cuffs, collars, shackles, fiddle, stocks, etc., all hanging neatly on hooks, most of them with the right key hanging alongside. On the floor of this cupboard was a purple velvet bag, and Miss Nosey wanted to know what was inside the bag. What it was, was my ex’s chastity belt and bra, all cleaned and wrapped in tissue paper. Before I could stop her she had the bag out of the cupboard and rattled towards the dressing table.

Well her face when she got the bag open and undid the tissue. It was a picture, out came the bra first, with the small padlock and keys still in the correct position. Then she found the small package that contained a pair of love eggs, all wrapped up in their own little bag. Then she got to the major item which was the chastity belt itself. She unwrapped it and made quite a study of it, feeling the edges, the lining, the lock then tried to pull it open. Because it was not properly locked, it sprang apart in her hands, the metal locking plate went one way, and the belt jumped about in her hands.

She looked so shocked. Then came the questions I was half hoping for. First, if it was my ex’s; then, what size was she; then a long pause- could she try them on?

The obvious answer was “yes” to the first; “about the same as you,” to the second; and “most certainly, if you feel brave enough to try.”

Just at that moment, my phone decided to ring. I thought it would kill the moment, but I was wrong. As I went to answer, she mouthed that she was going to the loo. On the phone was the local mechanic-come-handyman-come-forge-worker; you name it, he could do it. He was asking if I knew whose Mini was in the ditch.

“Yes, she is here drying off!”

He then offered to recover it and check over. “That would be great,” I said, “I have the key here, I’ll leave it by the front door.”

“Okay, I understand…” He knew of my games but I only had him as safety back up. He’d not seen me all dressed up.

Off the phone I went back to the spare room to find her just undoing the bra, making sure the key fitted. I told her about her car being recovered, for which she was grateful.

“Would you help put these bits on?”

Well, never look a gift horse in the mouth... “Of course!” When the towel came off, there stood a glorious sight. “Wow.” My next action was very bold, but had to be done. Into the drawer, and out with some lubricant cream.

She did not hesitate, rubbed some on the eggs and in they went. I retrieved the parts of the belt, held the waistband open, and in she stepped. Next I carefully reached between her legs and pulled the crotch part though.

Just before I latched all together I asked if she was sure, she grabbed my hands and said, “get on with it!”

Secure she now was, she picked up the bra and slipped it on in true professional style. I could not believe she was so calm. She looked stunning, and almost danced around the room. It was then she got the full benefit of the love eggs, she went to grab her pussy but was met by shiny metal. That same wonderful smile came back and she realised she was stuck without the key. She had been very careful about checking the bra key but never asked about the belt key. I knew where it was: on the same keyring as mine, locked away in the box. It could all have gone wrong at this point, but it didn't.

When she calmed down, she was back to her cheeky mode. She asked if I had any ladies clothes that might fit to cover the metal underwear. So it was on to the next wardrobe. Here I kept most of my dresses and some that were left by my ex - you never know what’s round the corner. At the far end of the cupboard, under wraps, were several items. I pulled them out and selected one I was interested to see if she would wear.

At first she was unsure, but it did not take much to get my way. The dress was just about knee length, very form-fitting; it zipped up the back with some little straps covering across the zip. It had that wonderful smell of polished leather and was quite shiny. Eventually she slipped her arms down the tight sleeves and I pulled it over her shoulders, then it was just a question of starting the zip at the hem and working up. The zip slipped past her thighs well, got a bit tighter over the hips, pulled in nicely at the waist, then up and over the bra to quite a high neck.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Very excited,” she replied.

I then started on the small straps and buckles; five up the back from hem to neck then two on the collar part. My next question caught her by surprise, “are you ready for the extra bits?”

She was not sure what I meant, so I showed her seven small shiny padlocks.

“Where is the key?” she asked.

“In the box.”

She looked at the clock, then at the countdown on the box, and said, “go ahead…”

We were now both locked in dresses for about four hours. I went to the bottom shelf and found some nice strappy high-heeled sandals. I asked her to lift a foot and on went one, then the other, now properly dressed. I told her to go and look in the mirror and I thought, well, to see that body walk out the room to look in the mirror, what a glorious shape and all locked up for hours!


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